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Descendants of Joseph Hull

Generation No. 1

1. REV JOSEPH1 HULL was born 1596 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England1. He married (1) JOANNA COFFIN. She was born Abt. 1600 in Crewkerne, SOM, Eng, and died Bef. 16332. He married (2) AGNES Bef. 16332. She was born 1608 in prob. England2.

Notes for R
!B&M: Rick Ingersoll 8 May 96 (Clapp 18)

Accessed December 23, 2002
Immigrant Ships
Transcribers Guild
accessed August 16, 2004

The Rev. Hull Company

Weymouth, England to Boston, MA
20 March 1635

This could be the ship Blessing of Ipswich England
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From Vol. I, History of Weymouth Massachusetts in four volumes [1923]
published by the WEYMOUTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Wright and Potter Printing
Company, Boston.


During the summer of 1634, according to a record in the Town Records of
Dorchester, "there went out to New England 20 ships, with 2000
planters." (See the Western Antiquary, Vol.6, p.88.)
In 1635 Weymouth was numbered among the towns of the Massachusetts Bay
Colony. The Gorges' claim had now become of no weight, and the Gorges
party had transferred this interest to the Province of Maine. Weymouth
began to take a prominent part in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

In 1635 there came a large addition to the population of Weymouth. This
was the Hull Company, already mentioned and a statement made where their
names can be found, but it seems best that the list should be given.
They came from Weymouth in England, but some of them were from other
towns in Dorset and in counties near by.

We now find that the influence of Boston is felt as the center of the
Bay State Colony, for permission had to be given to Hull and his company
to settle in Wessagusset. Thus on July 8, 1635, the General Court of
Boston passed an order giving permission to the Rev. Joseph Hull, with
twenty-one families numbering about one hundred persons, to settle at

The people of this company became prominent in the affairs of Weymouth,
and some of their descendants hold that position to-day. In 1870 Mr. H.
G. Somerby, who had been making investigations in England, discovered a
list of the Hull passengers and sent it to Mr. William L. Appleton of
Boston, with the following letter:

LONDON, September, 1870.
My DEAR MR. APPLETON: - Amongst a bundle of miscellaneous manuscripts
just turned up in the Public Record Officer I find with other documents
relating to New England, the following list of passengers which I have
the pleasure of sending to you for publication in the Register.

I remain, yours very truly,

Mr. Appleton gave the list to the Register and it was published in the
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. XXV, pages 13, 14
and 15, January, 1871.

Weymouth, ye 20 of March, 1633

1 Joseph Hull of Somerset, minister, aged 40 years.
2 Agnes Hull, his wife, aged 25 years. Second wife of Mr. Hull
3 Joane Hull, his daughter, aged 15 years.
4 Joseph Hull, his son, aged 13 years.
5 Tristram, his son, aged 11 years.
6 Elizabeth, his daughter, aged 7 years.
7 Temperance, his daughter, aged 9 years.
8 Gressell, his daughter, aged 5 years.
9 Dorothy, his daughter, aged 3 years.
10 Judith French, his servant, aged 20 years.
11 John Wood, his servant, aged 20 years.
12 Robert Dabyn, his servant, aged 28 years.

Rev. Joseph Hull was for a time the minister of the town, and as the
town was incorporated in 1635, that year was important in the history of
the town, and it began then to have representatives to the General
Court, and became a part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

In the year 1635 and 1636 commissioners were appointed to set the
boundary lines between Mount Wollaston and Weymouth, and the Fore River
and Smelt Brook formed a part of that line, also the boundary between
Weymouth and Bare Cove, now Hingham, and part of that line was Back
River and Fresh River, and on a line with Plymouth Colony.

In September, 1635, Wessagusset was incorporated as a town under the
name "Weymouth," and the first men to go as deputies to the General
Court were William Reade, John Bursley and John Upham.

Accessed December 23, 2002
Immigrant Ships
Transcribers Guild
The Rev. Hull Company
accessed August 16, 2004

Information on the Hull Family generously contributed by Ruth Miller a direct descendant and member of ISTG

The Rev. Joseph Hull was born in 1596 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England.
He was educated at St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, receiving his B.A. Degree.

On 6 May 1635 he arrived at Boston, MA along with 104 others who would
later be referred to as "Hulls Colony". Joseph Hull married twice and
had a total of twenty-one children.

1595 - 1665

More About R
Date born 2: April 25, 1594, Eng
Education: St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, receiving his B.A. Degree.3
Occupation: Reverend4,5

Notes for J
!B&M: Rick Ingersoll 8 May 96 (Clapp 18)

More About J
Marriage: Bef. 16336
Children of J
  i.   JOANNA2 HULL, b. 1618, Crewkerne, Somerset, England7; m. JOHN BURSLEY, Abt. November 28, 1639, Sandwich, , Mass.8; b. 1589, Crewkerne, SOM, Eng; d. Bef. August 21, 1660, Barnstable, , Mass.9.
  Notes for JOANNA HULL:
******************* See BURSLEY Family for continuation of this line ******************

!B&M: Rick Ingersoll 8 May 96 (Clapp 18)
MARR: Marshall Johnson 16 Feb 96 p3 (Clapp 17)

  More About JOANNA HULL:
Date born 2: 1620, Crewkerne, SOM, Eng10

  Notes for JOHN BURSLEY:
!B&M: Rick Ingersoll 8 May 96 (Clapp 18)
MARR: Marshall Johnson 16 Feb 96 p3 (Clapp 17)
MARR: Joy Jones 20 Oct 92 (Clapp 01)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- database [Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, vols. 1-3. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.] states:

ORIGIN: Unknown
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: No evidence of church membership for John Bursley, but on 22 July
1643 "Mestresse Bursly" joined the Barnstable church [NEHGR 9:280].
FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 (as "Mr. John Burslin") and admitted 18 May 1631 (as "Mr.
Jo: Burslyn") [MBCR 1:79, 366].
OFFICES: Weymouth deputy to General Court, 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:174]; on 8 September 1636
the General Court ordered that "whereas the town of Waimoth hath sent 3 deputies to this Court,
being a very small town, at the request of the said deputies two of them were dismissed by the Court,
viz: Mr. Bursley & John Upham" [MBCR 1:179]; committee to make colony rate [MBCR 1:175];
committee to survey colony boundary, 20 November 1637 [MBCR 1:211]; with Richard Collicott
fined 6s. 8d. "for absence when the Court sat in the afternoon, being jurymen" [MBCR 1:232].
Dorchester committee to assess 30 for the captain of the train band, 2 June 1634 [DTR 7].
Barnstable constable, 4 June 1645 [PCR 2:83]. Plymouth grand jury, 1 June 1647 [PCR 2:116].
ESTATE: "John Busley, gent.," was one of the group of New England men on both the first and
second patents for Agamenticus [York] granted by the Council for New England, 2 December 1631
and 2 March 1631/2 [Council NE 101, 105]. There is no evidence that he ever resided on or took
advantage of this grant.
"Mr. John Bursleye's inventory" was taken 21 August 1660 and totalled 115 5s., with no real
estate included [MD 17:159; PCPR 2:2:63].
The following record, although ostensibly for a Thomas Bursley, must be for John, for it comes at
the right time, it takes place in Barnstable, and the widow's names is Joanna: "Mr. Hinckley is
appointed by the Court to treat with Joanna, the wife of Mr. Thomas Bursley, late deceased,
concerning the disposing of some part of his estate unto his children, that so what is done on that
behalf may be entered on the Court records," 2 October 1660 [PCR 3:201].

ASSOCIATIONS: In both the 1628 assessment for the removal of THOMAS MORTON and the 1631
patent for Agamenticus, Bursley is associated with WILLIAM JEFFREY.

COMMENTS: Charles Francis Adams marshalled the evidence in favor of the position that John
Bursley was part of the company of ROBERT GORGES which arrived in New England in the fall of
1623 and settled at the location that was to become Weymouth [MHSP 1:16:197]. One of the most
important pieces of evidence in this argument is the list of those who contributed to the expenses
involved in deporting THOMAS MORTON in 1628, which included an entry for "Mr. Jeffrey and
Mr. Burslem, 2" [Bradford LB 43].
The identity of the John Bursley of Weymouth with the man of the same name in Barnstable is
based on the marriage of Bursley to the daughter of Reverend Joseph Hull, at about the time the
latter moved from Weymouth to Barnstable, and the disappearance of John Bursley from
Weymouth about the time of this marriage. Both Pope and GDMNH have separate entries for the
activities of this man in the two towns. That this same man was patentee of York is based on the
continued association with WILLIAM JEFFREY, and with the Gorges family.
The John Bursley who resided in Exeter, Hampton and Kittery was a different man, since he was of
a lower social stratum, and there were chronological conflicts between him and the Barnstable man
[GDMNH 122-23; Granberry 186].
On 14 May 1634 the General Court ordered that Wessaguscus [i.e., Weymouth] should bear the
charges for "Thomas Lane, late servant to John Burslyn, [who], by the providence of God, is fallen
lame & impotent, & hath since remained at Dorchester" [MBCR 1:121]. This record, and the service
of John Bursley on the Dorchester committee to make a rate for the pay of the captain of the train
band, have led some writers to state that Bursley lived for a time at Dorchester. However, since
Weymouth was in these early years an appendage of Dorchester for church and military matters
[GMN 1:29], the appearance of Bursley in association with Dorchester does not require that he ever
lived there.

  More About JOHN BURSLEY:
Date born 2: Abt. 1600, based on his appearance at Weymouth in 162311
Immigrated: 162312
Residence 1: 1623, Weymouth, , Mass.13
Residence 2: 1639, Barnstable, , Mass.14

Marriage: Abt. November 28, 1639, Sandwich, , Mass.15

  ii.   JOSEPH HULL, b. 162016.
  iii.   TRISTRAM HULL, b. 162217.
  iv.   TEMPERANCE HULL, b. 162418.
  v.   ELIZABETH HULL, b. 162619.
  vi.   GRESSELL HULL, b. 162820.
  vii.   DOROTHY HULL, b. 163021.

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