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Descendants of William Mabe

Updated February 12, 2011

James Edward Mabe

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William Mabe was born in Bridstow, Herefordshire, England. He came to America as a bonded passenger in 1720. On February 1, 1738 he received a land grant from King George II. The grant, located in Hanover County, Virginia, was for 204 acres. To keep the land he had to improve five acres per year.

William was married to Elizabeth and they had five sons, John, Charles, Robert, Phillip, and William. They are all mentioned in his will which was probated in 1762. Each son inherited 40 acres. His descendants have fought and/or died in every major conflict in the nationís history. Today, the majority of his descendants live in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California, and some in Florida.

I created this web-page to give folks an opportunity to exchange information about his descendants. Even though researchers have put in many hours researching and crosschecking facts do not hesitate to interject your thoughts or ideas. In other words, do not assume everything in the reports is gospel. I know there are errors in the report.

Even though there are over 3,300 families in the book, there are still a lot of Mabe or Mabe-related families not accounted for in the book. Let me know if your family line is not in the report and I will add it.

The main report is in book format and has eight generations of William Mabe's Descendants. By using the Table of Contents, the back button on your browser, and the Index feature you should be able to navigate through the report easily. I included the Descendants of Abraham Mabe and other Mabe families in the report I have no idea where their families fit. I have sections about John Mabe's Revoluntionary War pension, Wills, deeds, the Civil War, and a bibliography. The bibliography lists the sources that I used to compile the information. One of the major sources was a book written about the Mabe family that Virgina King and Georgia Thomas wrote a number of years ago. Sorry to say that book is out of print. Other contributers are Mary Jo Loyd and Mary Kay Mabe (Wythe County Mabes), Stan Cornelius (Family of Winefred Mabe), Clifford Sands (Family of James Isaac Mabe), Barbara Cheek, Billie Edwards, Darrel Warren Mabe, Darrel Lee Mabe, George Norman Mabe, Pamela Hill, and many others that have sent me their family history.

I did not footnote each item because I did not want to overburden the report. I'll send source information to anyone that wants it.



Family Photos

  • Children of William Gilbert Mabe (36 KB)
    This picture was taken in 1954 or 1956 at either Gilbert's or his wife's, Bertha, funeral. On the back row from left to right are Georgie Mabe Cook (1919-1977), Nell Mabe Boudrie (1915-1984), Bertha 'Dood' Mabe Marlow (1925-1993). On the bottom from left to right are Chelcie Mabe Rayburn (1902-1979), Maude Mabe Marlow (1914-1988), Bessie Mabe Riddle (1904-1978), and James Tip Mabe (1911-1987).
  • Willie Herman Tickle (24 KB)
    Willie (1920-2007) was the grandson of Maude Liller Mabe and a World War II vet. This is what his daughter, Angela, said about her father "He was a sharp shooter. He was in Co. B 351st infantry, the 88th regiment divison, a unit called the"Blue Devils". He lived in Graham & was a retired supervisor of a hosiery mill. In his younger days he farmed tobacco and was an automobile and small engine mechanic. In his off time he hunted with beagles and was treasurer of the Alamance County Beagle Club. He loved God and his family." He was a man who had his priorities in the right order.
  • Dizzanna Hurst Mabe (26 KB)
    Dizanna (1836-1920) was the wife of James Mabe (1836-1862). James died of disease while serving for the Union Army during the Civil War. Dizanna received a pension based on that service. In 1870 and 1880 she lived in Tennessee. Sometime between 1880 and 1900 she moved to Missouri where she died at her daughter Mary Jane's house. Carol gave me permission to display the foto.
  • Wiley Phillippi and children (1180 KB)
    Wiley is the husband of Grace Mabe. The picture was taken in about 1905. The children are Rosa Lee and Ernest.
  • Carrie Elizabeth Mabe Tinker (29 KB)
    Carrie (1858-1913) was the daughter of James Mabe and Dizanna Hurst Mabe. Carrie married James Marion Tinker in 1881. They had 10 children. Carol gave me permission to display the foto.
  • Sylvester Whited and Famly (200 KB)
    This photo was sent to me by cousin Mary Lou. Here is what she wrote in the EMAIL that accompanied the picture. "I tried to get my photo (1870's I think) of my Sylvester Whitted's Family (brother to your Reuben) scanned onto a floppy disk. I do not think I tried to send it to you. So I will try now. His wife is Jane Wells also of Claiborne & Union County, TN. The children I know of this couple are listed below. The oldest son in the picture is John W. Whitted ... my g-grandfather. The eldest daughter (Cordelia) is not in the picture, I imagine she is already married."
  • Martha Jane 'Bram' Mabe (58 KB)
    Martha Jane (1852-1921) was the daughter of William Maston and Lucretia Martin and the wife of John Anderson Mabe (1850-1931). They were married in 1873 in Stokes County, NC and produced 8 children from the marriage. Karen gave me permission to post this photo.
  • War of 1812 Pension Application (346 KB)
    This is a copy of Abner Mabe's application. In the application he spelled his last name Mayab. It gives his description. He was 98 years old when he applied in 1889. Two months later he wrote a followup. He wanted to know what was the delay. He said he was old and infirm and couldn't wait much longer. His claim was rejected because they could not locate his unit.
  • Mary Jane Augusta 'Pagie' Mabe (68 KB)
    Pagie Mabe (1887-1975) was the daughter of John Anderson and Martha Jane Mabe Mabe. She married John Robert Mabe, Jr. (1877-1958) on 1903 in Stokes County, NC. They had 8 children. Karen gave me permission to post this photo.
  • Matilda Whited Cook and Children (552 KB)
    This a picture of my grandmother Matilda Cook and her son Ulys and daughter Becky.
  • Bastardly Bond (188 KB)
    This is the bond that Jesse Lawson posted to cover the baby that Catherine Mabe bore out of wedlock. I posted this so folks could see what a bond looks like. This was a form document where they filled in the blanks. Most are handwritten and some what difficult to read.
  • William Gilbert Mabe (29 KB)
    Gilbert (1873-1956) was my dad's uncle. His parents were Samuel Nelson and Martha Jane Brewer Mabe. He married Bertha Eldridge (1880-1954) on 1896 in Lee County, VA. His grandaughter Geneva gave me this picture.
  • Matilda Whited Cook and Sisters (352 KB)
    This picture of my grandmother, Matilda, and her sisters, Minnie and Evaline, was taken at their parents' gravesite in the Fairlawn Cemetery in Elk City, Oklahoma.
  • 5 Generations of Family of Susan Martin Mabe (34 KB)
    Susan Martin Mabe (1847-1936) was the wife of William Mabe (1839-1916). Below the picture are the names of the family. Son, Samuel Jackson Mabe (1869-1952), Sam's daughter Minnie Lee Mabe Greenwood (1892-1980), Minnie's son Joe Greewood (1909-1982). No dates for Calvin. Calvin her g-g-g grandson gave me permission to post this picture.
  • William Gilbert Mabe and Wanda Jean Mabe Weiler (51 KB)
    This picture was taken in Chelcie Mabe Rayburn's yard and must have been taken shortly before Gilbert died. Gilbert is my great-uncle and was the son of Samuel Nelson Mabe and Martha Jane Brewer Mabe. He was born July 2, 1873 and died January 25, 1956.
  • 5 Generations of Samuel Jackson Mabe Family (34 KB)
    Seated are Samuel Jackson Mabe and his wife Sarah Alice Plaster Mabe. Back row right couple is Sam and Sarah's daughter Minnie Lee Mabe Greenwood and her husband Robert Henry Greenwood. Back row middle couple is Robert and Minnie's son Joseph Roscoe Greenwood and his wife Sallie May Plaster Greenwood. Back row left couple is Joe and May's son Calvin Herbert Greenwood and wife Ruby Estelle Hunt Greenwood. Child is Calvin and Ruby's son Donald Herbert Greenwood. Calvin his g-g grandson gave me permission to post this picture.
  • Dan Mabe and wife Jane (197 KB)
    Picture is Daniel Chester Mabe and his wife Jane. Dan is my great-uncle, the son of Samuel Nelson Mabe and Martha Jane Brewer Mabe. He was born on Dec 31, 1870 and died Septemmber 22, 1955.
  • Paul Rayburn (29 KB)
    Paul Rayburn was born in Missouri in 1901 and died in Tennessee in 1997. He married Chelcie Mabe in the 1930s in Monroe, Michigan. He and Chelcie sold my mother and father the land on which my Dad build our house.
  • Robert Mabe (298 KB)
    Robert Mabe, the son of James Franklin Mabe and Elizabeth Barnard Mabe, was born on August 14, 1902 and died on July 19, 1919. He was electrocuted.
  • James Samuel Welch (165 KB)
    Sam Welch was uncle. He married my father's sister Laura Mabe. Sam was born May 31, 1883 and died December 29, 1945.
  • Samuel Henry Mabe (283 KB)
    My uncle Samuel was nicknamed Nick. He was born May 22, 1899 and died of suicide on August 16, 1941.
  • Amanda Mabe Gibson (286 KB)
    My Aunt Mandy with her dog. I don't know the identity of the man in the picture with her.
  • My Mother, Bessie Cook Mabe, and brothers (448 KB)
    This picture was probably taken in 1914 or 1915. Standing is my uncle Ulys Cook. Sitting is my uncle Ted Cook. My mother is standing by the chair. The picure was damaged and you cannot see my Aunt Becky who is on the right of the picture.
  • Nealie, Jeannette, and Birdie Welch (227 KB)
    These young girls are my first cousins. Their mother was my Aunt Laura Mabe Welch and their father was James Samuel Welch. Another daughter, Ethyl, died in her early 20s. This picture was taken in 1930s. Nealie and Birdie passed way recently. Jeanette is still alive.
  • James Monroe Bolden and His Wife Susan Alice Mabe (53 KB)
    James was born 1872 and died in 1943. Susan was born 1868 and died 1951. They were married on 1889 in Stokes County, North Carolina. They had 9 children. They are both buried in the Smyrna Cemetery in Stokes.
  • Samuel Charles 'Sam Rabbit' Mabe (147 KB)
    Sam was born in Claiborne County, TN in 1907. His grandson Robert Lindsay sent this picture. This is what he had to say about his nickname. 'My Grandfather Sam (Rabbit) Mabe got the nickname when he was a young man growing up he was always hunting rabbits. Rabbit was his favorite wild game he enjoyed eating. He loved to hunt, when I was young he wanted to take me fishing along Ball Creek. I thought he was going crazy when he grabbed his 22 rifle. He would walk the bank of Ball Creek and when he saw a fish he would shoot it and it was my job to go down the bank and retreive the fish.'
  • Martha Lawson Mabe (26 KB)
    Martha, born about 1819 and died after 1900, was the wife of Beasley Mabe. They lived all their lives in Stokes County and had 15 children. Doug Mabe gave me permission to post this picture. According to Doug her nickname was Blind Mammy.
  • Rebecca Lane 'Becky' Mabe (103 KB)
    Becky was the daughter of Beasley and Martha Lawson Mabe. She was born 1861 and died 1935. She married Caleb Wesley 'Colap' Hicks in 1881. They had three children. Doug Mabe gave me permission to post the picture.
  • William Robert Mabe and His Sons (88 KB)
    From left to right William Terry (1883-1967) called Will); William Robert (1860-1927) called Bob); Jake Marshall (1885-1985); Frank Wyatt (1891-1959); Jessie Newton (1885-1980); Louis Edward (1889-1977). Barbara gave me permission to post this picture
  • Myself, niece Patrica Berry, and nephew Mike Berry (147 KB)
    This picture was taken in the Great Smokey Mountains in 1949. I'm in the middle.
  • George and his brother Samuel Henry Mabe (585 KB)
    My father and Uncle Nick. This picture was probably taken in the mid 1930s in Michigan.
  • Six Mabe Brothers (552 KB)
    This picture was taken in the 1907-1914 timeframe. The men on the back row are my grandfather, John Wesley Mabe, and his five brothers. John is the first one standing on the left, his brother James Franklin is standing next to him. To James's left are: (I don't know which is which) Gilbert, Dan, Samuel, and Tom. I don't know who the boys in the front are, possibly some of their sons? Possible sons could be George, William, and Samuel for John, William and Robert for James, Olineal for Gilbert. Samuel and Dan didn't have any children and Tom's sons would have been too young for this picture.
  • Family of Hardy Chapman (166 KB)
    This picure was sent to me by Martha Coleman. Standing, left to right George C. Chapman b. Dec 21, 1863 d. ? Hardy T. Chapman b. Abt. 1825 d. ? William B. Chapman b. June 8, 1852 d. ? Seated, left to right Frances Elizabeth Chapman b. Sept 1, 1855 d. Aug 29, 1932 Elizabeth (Mabe) Chapman b. Abt. 1825 d. ? Susan (unknown) Chapman b. ? d. ? She does not know when the picure was taken. Possibly about 1880. The Elizabeth in the picture is the receiver of the letters that is also on my webpage.
  • Bessie Cook Flutz Mabe (67 KB)
    My mother at 16.
  • Bessie Cook Fultz Mabe on Horseback (196 KB)
    My mother used to ride her horse or mule to the mailbox to retreive the mail.
  • Document on Reuben Whited Grist Mill (406 KB)
    Received from Elk City Old Town Museum.
  • Alfred Holland (65 KB)
    This picture was taken from a newspaper article about Alfred. Alfred won the Silver Star in WWII. He was killed in action on April 17, 1945 in Italy. He was the son of Fred and Sallie Mabe Holland.
  • Becky Lane Mabe Hicks (103 KB)
    The photos is of Rebecca Lane Mabe, daughter of Beasley and Martha. She married Caleb Hicks. The two ladies that sent me the picture would like to hear from all that are related to her. You can contact them at:,,
  • Uncle Ulys Cook (180 KB)
    Uncle Ulys was a vet of WWI. I think he stayed state-side and did not see any action. In this picture he seems prepared to do battle.
  • My cousin, Nelia Welch Harper, and her children (139 KB)
    My cousin, Nelia (age 30), and her children, Wanda (age 10), John (age 6), Eddie (age 3), and Linda Sue (age 18 months). Picture was probably taken in 1953.
  • William Jasper Whited and Family (235 KB)
    On the right standing is William Jasper Whited. William is the son of Reuben Whited. Seated in front of him is his wife Mary Elizabeth Miller. The young boy is his son, Pleasant. Standing on the left is his father-in-law John Miller. Seated in front of John is his daughter Ola. This picture came from Mary Jane Whited Smith, Pleasant's daughter. The date of the picture is probably between 1903-1905.
  • Possible Picture of Reuben and Rebecca Whited (207 KB)
    This is a tin type that Mary Jane Smith has. It could possibly be Reuben and Rebecca Hurst Whited. Reuben is the son of Wiley Whited. Please send me an email if you can confirm whether this is Reuben or not. Sorry for the quality.
  • Louetta Ash Mabe (11 KB)
    This one is of Louetta and two daughters, Zelma and Bertha. I'm not certain who the man is but may have been Zelma's husband
  • Louetta Ash Mabe (15 KB)
    This photo is one taken at an Ash reunion in 1960 which shows Louetta with six of her brothers and sisters.
  • Louetta Ash Mabe (11 KB)
    Louetta (left) and Loretta Medlock's Grandmother, Sarah Sullivan - this photo was taken prior to 1945.
  • Johann Sebastian Graff (160 KB)
    Tombstone of my gggggggfather John Graves.
  • Whited Grist Mill (203 KB)
    This is a photo of the front view of the Whited Grist Mill. It's located in Elk City, Oklahoma and is part of their Histrocial Park.
  • Ercil Mabe Shaking Hands With Harry Truman (169 KB)
    Darrell Warren Mabe sent me this picture. Ercil, the son of John Warren and Nancy Wilmoth Mabe, lost his leg in an accident in 1946 and was at Walter Reed Hospital receiving skin grafts when the picture was taken. Ercil was a veteran of WWII. He served in the 101st Airborne Div. (Gliders). Notice Harry's signature on the picture.
  • Grave of Nellie Sharp Hurst (98 KB)
    This a photo of my great-great grandmother Nellie Hurst. She is buried in a family cemetery in Union County, Tennessee near Maynardville.
  • Grave of Squire Caldwell Hurst (109 KB)
    This a photo of the grave of my great great grandfather Squire Hurst. He is buried next his wife Nellie in a family cemetery near Maynardville, Union County, Tennessee.
  • Matilda Whited Cook with her brothers and sisters (718 KB)
    This picture was taken in the 1920s in Oklahoma in front a big farm house. Under the picture are the names of the Whited family.
  • Zach and President Bush (242 KB)
    Barbara Claxton sent the picture to me and this is what she said in the EMAIL: "Did I send you this pic of gdson with Pres Bush? He visited Alamogordo Oct 28, and ole Zach caught his eye. Zach wasn't too happy about being picked up. Zach is my only gdchild. Hope you get a smile out of your little Mabe cousin. Barbara". I know she is proud of her baby. Not too many people come face to face with the President in their lifetime. As many of you probably know Barbara has been researching the roots of Thomas Mabe.
  • George Mabe's WWI Draft Registration Card (78 KB)
    A copy of my father's World War I draft registration card.
  • William Preston "Jack" Cook (299 KB)
    My grandfather, Jack Cook, with his two daughter-in-Laws, Bertie Cook Cook and Georgia Mabe Cook.
  • Isaac Haynes: Civil War Soldier (275 KB)
    This is a picture of Isaac Campbell Haynes the son of Carlisle Haynes who is my great-great grandfather. He served as a private in Company H of the 9th Tennessee Calvary. Isaac was born in 1832 in Grainger County, TN and died in Union County, TN in 1900. Dorothy, my cousin, sent it to me. Thanks Dorothy.
  • Ulys Cook (236 KB)
    Picture of my Uncle Ulys when he was in his teens, taken in the mid 1910s.
  • Maxine Fultz Berry (208 KB)
    Picture of my oldest sister, Maxine, The picture was taken when she 5 or 6 years old.
  • Uncle Ted Cook (131 KB)
    This is a picture of my Uncle Ted Cook in his Army uniform. He served during WWII. He was in his early 30s when he was called up.
  • Bessie Cook Fultz Mabe Wedding Picture (464 KB)
    This picture was taken on the day my mother married Ernie Fultz. My mother, age 17, is seated on the ground next to Ernie. Above Ernie is her sister, Becky. Ernie died in 1932 leaving mama with two girls, Maxine and Annalee, to raise.
  • Uncle Ulys Cook and Friends (153 KB)
    This picture was taken probably in 1918. Uncle Ulys joined the Army and was assigned to the Calvary. That was when they had real horses instead of the helicoptors they have today. He is the one seated in the middle of the picture. In later years, he told me that he regretted that he did not stay in the Army.
  • Uncle Ulys Cook, Great-Aunt Mary Cook, and my Mama (95 KB)
    This was taken in the 1963 in the front yard of my parents' home. From left to right are Uncle Ulys Cook, their Aunt Mary Cook, and my mother, Bessie Cook Mabe. I don't think Aunt Mary ever married. She lived until her early ninties.
  • Rueben and Rebecca Hurst Whited (409 KB)
    This picture is of my great-grandparents. Reuben owned and operated a grist mill in Elk City, OK from 1903 to his death in 1915. The grist mill is the one that I have posted on this website. The picture came from Debbie Barker, a great-granddaughter of Reuben, whose father has the original. Using this picture as a comparison Mary Jane Smith and I cannot decide whether the couple pictured in the tin-type 'Possible Picture of Reuben and Rebecca Whited' that I have posted on this site are one and the same. Please EMAIL me at my posted address and offer your thoughts.
  • Eliza Barnard Mabe (716 KB)
    My grandmother, Eliza. She died at the age of 90 years old in 1955. This picture was taken in the 1940s. I do not know the man that is in the picture with her.
  • Amanda Mabe Gibson (142 KB)
    My Aunt Mandy. This picture was taken in my parent's front yard. My sister Betty Jo is in the picture with her. She came to live with us after her husband Tom died.
  • George Mabe and Bessie Cook Mabe with two daughter (308 KB)
    This is a picture of my mother and father. The picture must have been taken in 1942 or 1943. From right to left are my two sisters, Wanda Jean and Mary Elizabeth.
  • George Mabe and Bessie Cook Mabe (332 KB)
    This picture was taken in their front living room. Daddy was in his late 60s and Mama in her early 50s. It was taken the night of my sister's graduation.
  • William 'Jack' Cook Family (286 KB)
    This was taken in early 1940s in Monroe Michigan. From left to right is my mother Bessie Cook Mabe, her brothers Ted and Ulys Cook, and my grandfather and their father William Preston Cook.
  • Family of John Wesley Maib (123 KB)
    Kevin Maib sent this photo to me. John Wesley was born in Clay County, Missouri. He was the son of Morris and Mary Hixson Maib. The identity of each member is hand-scibed above the photo.
  • Five Generations (81 KB)
    This photo was taken at my sister Maxine's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Seated is my mother, Bessie, who is holding her great-great-grandchild. Standing from left to right is her great-grandchild Lora, daughter Maxine, and grandson Mike.
  • John Wesley Mabe (135 KB)
    This is a picture of my grandfather John Wesley Mabe. He was born in 1864 and died 1914 and is buried in Lone Mountain, Tennessee
  • Elizabeth Mabe, Reece Lawson, and Child (97 KB)
    The picture is Elizabeth Mary Mabe, husband Reece L. Lawson and their youngest child Herbert "Happy" Sanders Lawson.
  • Nellie Sharp Hurst (127 KB)
    This is a picture of my great-great grandmother. She was born in Tennessee on May 17, 1818 and died on July 14, 1908. She married Squire Caldwell Hurst February 27, 1840. They had 8 children.
  • Family of Ed Mayabb in Oklahoma (83 KB)
    This photo was taken July 3, 1901 in Oklahoma Territory. Pictured first row, (bottom) from left: Jim McMahan; Pearl McMahan Halley; Sug McMahan Hancock; Myrtle McMahan Clark; Kate Mayabb, Clarinda (Durinda/ Rinda Brasswell) Mayabb; Orlena Gooch; Harvey Mayabb; and Zella Mayabb. It is believed that Clarenda is the daughter of Samuel Brasswell and Phoebe Tabor. Second row, from left: Clarence Mayabb; Ed Mayabb; Willie Gooch; Charles Mayabb; Joe McMahan; Will Mayabb; and Allie Mayabb.Photo is courtesy of Kaye Smith
  • William Clay Mabe (443 KB)
    My Dad's brother. He was born on July 04, 1896 and died on September 21, 1931. He was deformed at birth. He was missing most of his fingers and toes and was blind in one eye. Even with this deformities he was still very active.
  • Burk Lawson and his wife, Mazzie Mabe Lawson (87 KB)
    Janet Peters sent in this picture of Burk and Mazzie.
  • Nancy Mabe Dale (220 KB)
    Nancy was born in 1844 to Edmon and Elizbeth Epperson Mabe. She married Jerimiah Dale in 1867. They had 7 children. They moved to Collin County, Texas in the late 1880s. She died there in 1919. This picture was contributed by her great-great-great grandaughter Sarah.
  • Arthur and Dorothy Lawson (134 KB)
    Pictured are Dorothy Lawson and her husband and first cousin Arthur Lawson. Dorothy was the daughter of William Lawson and Arthur was the son of John Henry Lawson. William and John were brothers and their father was Reece Lawson who married Mary Elizabeth Mabe. The foto was contributed by Janet Peters.
  • John Leroy Dale Family (171 KB)
    John Leroy Dale was the son of Jerimiah Dale and Nancy Mabe Dale. John was born in 1868 and died in 1942. The picture was probably taken in or about 1900. From left to right are: John, sons George and Wallace, wife, Ida Mae Abell, and baby son, Jesse. The picture is from their great-great granddaughter Sarah.
  • Beatrice Mabe Hembree (317 KB)
    This is a picture of my half-sister Beatrice. She died in 1942 before I was born. Her mother was Freeda Lawson. My dad and Freeda were divorced by the time she was three. Freeda later married Chester Williams.I assume the man in the picture is her husband, Madison Perry Hembree. Please contact me if anyone has information about her family.
  • Joseph Dale Family (304 KB)
    Joseph Dale was the son of Jerimiah and Nancy Mabe Dale. He was born about 1871 died in California in 1961. This picture was taken in or about 1900. Joseph is in left hand part of the picture. To his left are Oma and Luther. To their left are his wife, Sarah A. Renfro, with daughter Ester seated on her lap. Sarah, Jerimiah and Nancy's great-great-great grandaughter, sent the picture to me.
  • George Mabe and cousin Chelcie Mabe Rayburn (244 KB)
    My father, George, as a young man. Chelcie Mabe is on his left. Chelcie was the oldest daughter of William Gilbert Mabe. She was born on May 23, 1902 and died March 9, 1979
  • George Edward Dale Family (216 KB)
    This foto was taken about 1918 and in it are George Dale (1894-1980), his wife Olllie (1893-1989) and their infant daughter Idris. George is the grandson of Jeremiah and Nancy Mabe Dale. George's granddaughter, Sarah, sent me the picture.
  • Rev War Marker for John Mabe (80 KB)
    This marker was put on John Mabe's grave to commenerate his service during the Rev War. His grave is located on his family homestead in Stokes County, North Carolina. Barbara Cheek sent me the photo. Barbara, thanks for sharing.
  • Tombstone of Jerimiah and Nancy Mabe Dale (282 KB)
    This the tombstone my great-great aunt and her husband. They are buried in the Thompson Cemetery in Collin County, Texas.
  • Earlie Thomas Mabe Family (534 KB)
    Here is an image of Martha Mozelle Mabe and Earlie Thomas Mabe(my grandparents) and their children- left is Bobby Wayne Mabe, middle is Mary Jo Mabe, and on the right is Virginia Ann Mabe(my mother). Thanks, Lynn Kuehl
  • Children of William Gilbert Mabe (40 KB)
    This photo was taken in 1909 or 1910. The children in the picture are Authenel, Chelcie, Bessie, and Elden. Unfortunately, Authenel and Elden did not live a long life. They will killed while riding in a wagon by a train on June 01, 1918 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Authenel was 18 and Eldon was 11. Geneva, the granddaughter of William Gilbert, sent me this picture.

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