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Ancestors of George David MacKenzie

      224. George Gillespie, born 1700 in Ayrshire, Scotland; died in America. He married 225. Elizabeth Duvall.

      225. Elizabeth Duvall, born Abt. 1700 in Ayrshire, Scotland; died in America.
Children of George Gillespie and Elizabeth Duvall are:
  112 i.   Colonel George Gillespie, born 1735 in Northern Ireland; died 14 December 1793 in Old Washington, Rhea County, Tenn; married (1) Martha; married (2) Elizabeth Young 1753; married (3) Anna Elizabeth Allen 1766.
  ii.   David Gillespie, born Abt. 1737 in Ireland.

      230. Stephen Lewis He married 231. Elizabeth Offutt.

      231. Elizabeth Offutt
Child of Stephen Lewis and Elizabeth Offutt is:
  115 i.   Jane Lewis, married William Neilson

      236. James Roddye
Child of James Roddye is:
  118 i.   Col. James Roddye, born Abt. 1742 in NC; died Abt. 1822 in Jefferson Co., TN; married (1) Catherine Chase; married (2) Lydia Russell 1774 in Kentucky.

      238. Capt. George Russell, born Abt. 1720 in Virginia (either Loudoun or Fairfax Co.); died Bef. April 1794 in German Creek, Grainger Co., Tn (probably killed by Indians). He married 239. Elizabeth Bean Abt. 1750 in Virginia.

      239. Elizabeth Bean, born 1723 in St. Stephens Parish,Northumberland Co, VA.; died Abt. 1800 in German Creek, Grainger Co., Tn. She was the daughter of 478. William Bean and 479. Margaret Hatton.
Children of Capt. Russell and Elizabeth Bean are:
  119 i.   Lydia Russell, born 1764; died 1825 in Rhea Co., Tennessee; married Col. James Roddye 1774 in Kentucky.
  ii.   Capt. William Russell
  iii.   George Russell, Jr.
  iv.   Sarah Russell, born 1760 in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia; married Isaac Lane
  v.   Mary Russell, married Noah Jarnigan
  vi.   Elizabeth Russell, married John Horner
  vii.   Jamina Russell, married George Horner
  viii.   Lewis Russell, married Esther Horner 21 October 1802.

      244. John Thurman, born Abt. 1732 in Anson Co., N.C.; died 1774 in Anson Co., N.C.. He was the son of 488. John Thurmond. He married 245. Mary.

      245. Mary, born Abt. 1734 in Anson Co., N.C.; died in Chesterfield, Chester Co., S.C..
Children of John Thurman and Mary are:
  122 i.   Philip Thurman, born 15 November 1757 in Anson County, N.C.; died 02 September 1840 in Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., Tenn; married Keziah 10 July 1783 in Anson Co., N.C.
  ii.   Benjamin Thurman, born 1755 in Halifax Co., Virginia; died 1840 in Dekalb County, Georgia; married Julia Shumate; born Bet. 1760 - 1765 in Anderson Co., S.C.; died 1846.

      248. William Collier, born Abt. 1710 in England; died Bef. 1800. He married 249. Rebecca Rothchild Abt. 1736.

      249. Rebecca Rothchild, born Abt. 1716 in England.
Children of William Collier and Rebecca Rothchild are:
  124 i.   John Jeremiah Collier, born Abt. 1755 in Scotland; died Bef. 1831 in GA, AL. or FL; married Sarah Ann Wood Abt. 1781 in Randolph or Wilkes Co., N.C.
  ii.   Mollie Collier, born Abt. 1740 in Scotland; died 07 January 1823 in Wilkes Co., N.C; married Aaron Felts Abt. 1760 in Virginia; born 1735 in Scotland; died Bef. 1820 in Wilkes Co., N.C..
  iii.   Jessie Collier, born Abt. 1745 in Scotland; died in Sussex Co., VA.
  iv.   Thomas Collier, born Abt. 1748 in Scotland; died Bef. 1820 in Kershaw Co., S.C.
  v.   William Collier, Jr., born Abt. 1750 in Scotland; died Bef. 1820 in Probably Newberry Co., S.C.
  vi.   Elizabeth Collier, born Abt. 1778 in Virginia; died 1832 in Moore Co.,.

      250. William Wood, born 1737 in Maryland/Virginia; died 26 April 1804 in Randolph Co., N.C.. He married 251. Martha Kendrick.

      251. Martha Kendrick, born 07 January 1747 in Maryland/Virginia; died 14 February 1831 in Randolph Co., N.C..
Children of William Wood and Martha Kendrick are:
  125 i.   Sarah Ann Wood, born 25 January 1765 in Rowan Co., N.C.; died Bef. 1833 in Randolph Co., N.C; married John Jeremiah Collier Abt. 1781 in Randolph or Wilkes Co., N.C.
  ii.   William Kendrick Wood, born 27 April 1775; died 03 April 1844; married Rachel Robbins
  iii.   Jones Kendrick Wood, born 28 April 1793 in Randolph Co., N.C.; died 05 September 1880 in Randolph Co., N.C; married Ruth Dunn Loflin 03 May 1812; born 28 April 1793; died 28 March 1869 in Randolph Co., N.C..
  iv.   Mary Wood
  v.   Disey Wood, born 11 December 1767; died 31 May 1837; married Whitlock Arnold
  vi.   Burrell Wood, married Margaret Burkhead; born 04 April 1770; died 01 May 1847.
  vii.   Penuel Wood, born 22 January 1772; died 08 January 1841 in Randolph Co., N.C; married (1) Sarah Kimball; married (2) Mary Lucas Linden
  viii.   Nancy Wood, born August 1777.
  ix.   Dorcas Wood, born 16 December 1778; married (1) William Lee; married (2) Harris Kimball; married (3) Henry Cross
  x.   Patsey Wood, born 1780.
  xi.   Elizabeth Wood, born 15 November 1783; died 29 September 1845; married Ransom Harris 09 January 1804 in Randolph Co., N.C; born 17 August 1783 in Davidson Co., N.C.; died 03 July 1841.
  xii.   Rebecca Wood, born 06 September 1773; married Clement Arnold
  xiii.   Martha Wood, born 02 June 1782 in Randolph Co., N.C.; died 05 January 1856; married Hezekiah Nailor

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