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The MacKerchers of Florida, Michigan, NC, VA, MD and AZ

Updated June 27, 2011

John Cameron MacKercher

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My family research began in earnest when my wife and I journeyed to Scotland in 1984. We visited Glen Lyon, the parish of Fortingall, Meggernie Castle, Kerrowmore cemetery in the Glen and the surrounding area. This is where my grandfather, Farquhar McKercher lived before emigrating to the U.S. in 1871. We talked to the local historian, visited the library in nearby Aberfeldy, and met two others who bear our name. Following this visit, we intensified our efforts by using the genealogical resources of the Church of the Latter Day Saints where we truly hit paydirt. We have also corresponded with the McKerchers, McKerchars and Mackerchers who still reside in Scotland's Perthshire as well as those in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Zealand and Australia. We returned to Scotland in 1994 for more research. Currently we have identified the origins of our family to my great-great grandparents, Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan who were married in Glen Lyon in 1786. We know .. from family lore .. that before Glen Lyon, our family had previously lived in Inverey nearby to Braemar, Aberdeenshire.

We would be especially interested in contact by anyone who can
trace their ancestors back to: Malcolm McKercher, born January
2,1787; Duncan McKercher, born October 6, 1790; John McKercher, born May 15, 1792; William McKercher, October 29,1794. All were born at Meggernie in Glen Lyon, Scotland to Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan. Malcolm married Christian and Duncan married Jean McCallum. The same is true for Duncan McKerchar, born September 30, 1837, to Farquhar McKerchar and Elizabeth McKenzie at Meggernie. He married A. Gourlay, an English lady. All these folks are from the Fortingall Parish in Perthshire.

Those who can trace their ancestors to Graves and Maria Armstrong, once of Dublin, Ireland in the late 1800s with a son
John Farquhar Armstrong and two spinster daughters Ronald and
Bessie. All migrated to British Columbia and are related to us McKerchers and we would be pleased to learn about them. John was an analytical chemist married to Ethel. They had a son Norman and daughter Azila who was a schoolteacher.

We were delighted to hear on October 11, 2004 from Frances Fogarty of London England. Frances is a descendant of Malcolm McKerchar and Christina McArthur. Malcolm was brother to my great-grandfather, Farquhar. Frances' email is now a part of our family's web site. Hopefully some of the names will help spark some additional contacts who can add to our knowledge of our Scottish roots.

A new file NEVER FORGET YOUR MATERNAL ANCESTORS has been added below among the Related Files Section. It's a true but almost unbelievable genealogical experience associated with an orphaned baby who never knew she descended from Kings, Crusaders and patriots from near the beginning of our nation's existence.

We have considerable new information on the McKenzies, Brooks, Clarks, Robinsons, Bements and Beaumonts,Tinklers, Nelsons and Crowleys.

Family Photos

  • Moar Farm of Glen Lyon (88 KB)
    The Farquhar McKerchars occupied this home on the banks of the Lyon River at the base of the Grampian Mountains from 1858 to 1868. It is an 11 room house which is still in use. Photo was taken in 1994.
  • Scott MacKercher (115 KB)
    Scott MacKerCher at the entrance to Meggernie Castile during his visit to Scotland in 1994. He is the son of John and Leah MacKercher. Note the capital C in Scott's spelling of the name. Some time ago, this sixth generation MacKercher tired of having people mispronounce or give up altogether in trying. He capitalized the C and zip .. the problem was solved. He is a 6th generation MacKercher and lives in Weeki Wachee, Florida.
  • Meggernie Castle 1997 (124 KB)
    This is a view of Meggernie Castle as it appears from the Lyon River. The photo was taken by Jay MacKercher on his 1997 visit to Scotland
  • Jay MacKercher & the tower (73 KB)
    Jay MacKercher is the first member of our family in at least a 140 years to have been invited to visit the interior of Meggernie Castle. He is pictured here in the base of the Castle's tower which was built in 1585 by "Mad Colin" Campbell. In 1673 Robert Campbell embarked on a plan to enlarge Meggernie Castle. In 1692, Captain Robert Campbell, while at Meggernie, planned the infamous massacre of the MacIan MacDonald clan at Glencoe. This photo was taken in 1997, while the U. S. Navy guided missile frigate ship ESTOCIN Jay commanded was visiting Edinburgh. Jay, John Cameron, Jr., is the son of John and Leah MacKercher and a 6th generation MacKercher.
  • Ermina Brooks McKercher circa 1900 (27 KB)
    Ermina Brooks McKercher (1852-1933), a lifelong resident of Michigan, was the wife of Farquhar Lorraine MacKercher and the mother of Maude, Pearl, Frederick and Donald
  • A map of Glen Lyon, Loch Tay and the Highlands (1444 KB)
    Glen Lyon and Loch Tay contained many of the McKercher families from the mid 1600s through the mid i800s. Looking to the East, you find Aberfeldy. The Wade Bridge on Aberfeldy's northern boundary crosses Tay River. By taking a left on B840 and going West to Coshieville,go left again toward Weems and Menzies Csstle. Going on to Fortigall, take the north fork directly into Glen Lyon. You will see the Roman Bridge to your left nearby. Pay attention to the names you will see. Many mark the homes of ancestors you can match them to. The bridge at Balgie has several interesting sites including the Kerrowmore cemetery, Meggernie Castle and continuing on to Moar Farm. The Balgie bridge road leads up and through the Grampian Mountains. You will see Ben Lawers peak to your left and end up at Loch Tay. By turning right you will go to Killin at the west end of the Loch. Again you will be where many McKerchers preceded us.
  • Kerrowmore Cemetery and the Macs (138 KB)
    John and Scott MacKercher standing at the markers of Catherine McKerchar (1828-1853) and her younger sister Mary (1834-1836). They were the daughters of the elder Farquhar and Elizabeth McKerchar. Both markers had fallen face down. Scott insisted on turning them over to identify the deceased. They were his great-great aunts. This cemetery is located slightly to the east of the Bridge of Balgie which stands at the eastern boundary of Meggernie estate. The cemetery, according to local legend, was dedicated by St. Adamnan to St. Brandon. St. Adamnan conducted pilgrimages in Scotland in the late 600s.
  • This Yew Tree stands in Fortingall churchyard. (77 KB)
    Identified as the oldest living tree in Northern Europe, this Yew Tree is the subject of the scholarly research of Barry Dunsmore who details a fascinating monograph on this unique tree's importance in history. You will find his website at
  • The Farquhar McKercher family circa1899 (906 KB)
    L to R are Ester Clark, mother of Ermina who is at her right. Maude McKercher Smith, Farquhar's eldest daughter, is faced toward her husband B.D. Smith. Farquhar is seated and Pearl McKercher is strumming her guitar. Standing to the left are Donald Farquhar McKercher and his older brother Fred. The unidentified man to the right was a visitor.
  • The John Cameron MacKercher family (45 KB)
    Top row of MacKerchers, left to right, Rob Roy, John C, Jr., Scott M, and Duncan J; ladies left to right, Jamie Ann and Leah M.; seated; John C. MacKercher, Sr.
  • Donald and Ann Barrie MacKercher's family (766 KB)
    This early 1960s' photo includes standing l to r son Robert; daughter Janice Ann, Ann being held by brother Donald; and sitting son Brian, daughter Margaret, Barbara holding her sister, Mary and son Patrick.
  • Elizabeth Trebilcott & Aaron Maxim's wedding photo (111 KB)
    The Maxims were wed at Little Corona Del Mar, California on September 24, 1999. Aaron was clad in the full Scottish dress of the Black Watch while Elizabeth wore her Farquharson tartan pinned to her back by the Farquharson standard at each shoulder. Mrs. Maxim is the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan of Glen Lyon, Scotland.
  • Donald Farquhar MacKercher (1890 - 1965) (242 KB)
    Donald was born in Cedar Spings, Michigan to Farquhar Lorraine McKercher and Ermina Brooks McKercher. He was married to Lucille Tinkler who bore him two sons, Donald Douglas and John Cameron. His grand children include Don, Jr. and Ann Barrie MacKercher, Donald III, Janice, Robert, Barbara, Brian, Patrick, Margaret,Ann and Mary. Leah Mathews MacKercher gave her husband, John, Jamie, John Jr.,Scott,Rob Roy and Duncan.
  • Farquhar Lorraine McKercher (1844-1903) (209 KB)
    Farquhar was born in Glen Lyon at Meggernie Castle, the youngest son of Farquhar McKerchar and Elizabeth McKenzie. After migrating to the U. S., he married Ermina Brooks of Cedar Springs, Michigan. Their four children included Maude, Pearl, Fred and Donald.
  • Donald and Lucille MacKercher circa early 1920s (120 KB)
    At the time of this photo, Don and Lucille lived in Belding, Michigan where Don owned and operated a Huppmobile automobile agency. Later, he opened an additional Pontiac automobile agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • The Pride and Joy of the Brian and Mary MacKercher (596 KB)
    Left to right are Brian, Mark, Benjamin with their sister Lizzie. This MacKercher family resides in Manassas, Virginia. Mark is an honors student and senior at the University of Virginia. Brian, Jr. has recently graduated from high school where Ben is attending. Elizabeth or Lizzie is in grammar school. These young folks are in the seventh generation of the Duncan and Catherine McKercher of Glen Lyon, Scotland.
  • The Rob Roy MacKerher Family of Davidson,NC (141 KB)
    left to right: Cynthia McComas MacKercher, Donald, Kristin, Rob, Jr. and Rob Roy. Rob, Sr. is the son of John and Leah MacKercher. Left to right: Cynthia McComas MacKercher, Donald, Kristin, Rob, Jr. and Rob Roy, Sr. "Cindy" is a member of the McComas clan.
  • The Fred MacKercher Family (94 KB)
    Taken at a family reunion near Cedar Springs, Michigan in 1955,these MacKerchers include: standing left to right, Bob, Phyllis, Marjorie, Fred and Rex; Scott(in front of Bob) and seated Leona with Rexann on her lap and Robert "Mickey" kneeling. Fred was the eldest son of Farquhar and Ermina McKercher.
  • Rob, Frances, Tansey and Fionnuare (1432 KB)
    This is the Robert MacKercher, Jr family. They live near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tansey Cosset and Rob's lovely daughters are .. now 11 and 6 years young, are Frances and Fionnuare. Rob operates special type of farm. He raises certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, sprouts and flowers. You might google him and learn more about what he's been doing in this respect for several years. His daughters are the 8th generation of MacKerchers since Farquhar and Catharine McLellan married way back in 1783. They are also direct descendants of the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne I.
  • Maria McKerchar Armstrong and her daughter Bessie (66 KB)
    This photo was taken in September 1926 in Burchard's Gardens located in Victoria, British Columbia. Maria is seated at the right. She was 84 and Bessie was 48. Maria was the youngest daughter of Farquhar and Elizabeth McKenzie McKerchar. After marrying Graves Armstrong, she moved to Dublin, Ireland where her parents and older sisters Annie and Ronald McKerchar McTavish eventually joined her. During WWI, the widowed Maria and her two unwed daughters emigrated to Canada where they joined John Armstrong, Maria's only son.
  • The Don and Mary (nee MacKercher) family (587 KB)
    Mary is a 5th generation MacKercher since the marriage of Duncan McKercher of Meggernie and Catherine MacKenzie of Appin. She and Don Alati and their children live in Michigan. Standing left to right behind Mary and Don are Jefferey, Lauren and Jim Thomas, Mary's children and 6th generation McKerchers, then Katy and Daniel Alatis. The MacKercher family and Farquharson Clan are delighted to have them in the family.
  • This is Farquhar McKerchar and his daughter Annie (12 KB)
    This photo of the elder Farquhar McKerchar (1798-1886) and his daughter Annie (1831-1917) was taken in 1881 in Dublin, Ireland. Formerly these life-long residents of Glen Lyon in Scotland's Perthshire emigrated to Ireland in 1868. This is the same gentleman who posed for the John Millais photo also shown in this collection.
  • Joan and Donald MacKercher (116 KB)
    Don is the eldest of Donald Douglas MacKercher and his wife Ann nee Barry) and a 6th generation MacKercher. He is also the Family Sept Chief for the MacKerchers of Michigan. Don is a retired police officer who earned a distinguished reputation in Southfield, Michigan for assuring law enforcement in that community. Joan is retired as a Chief of nurses in the hospital operating room. Joan and Don attended high school together and cherish their togetherness as all of us share with them.
  • Don, Annes & Mary MacKercher (109 KB)
    This was taken of the MacKerchers during a visit to Fairfax, Virginia in the mid 1970s. They are left to right: Anne(1959-); Ann (1920-1987), Donald (1915-1986) and Mary (1960-). Anne and Mary are the great-great-great granddaughters of Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan of Glen Lyon. Ann Barrie is of the Barrie Sept of the Farquharson Clan and Donald is the son of Donald and Lucille MacKercher.
  • Rob Roy MacKercher, Jr., a 7th Generation Scot (180 KB)
    Rob attends college, is a hunter, fisherman, golfer and a true Farquharson. He's a 7th generation member of our sept and proud of it.
  • Janice Ann MacKercher (1941-1978) (32 KB)
    Janice was the daughter of Donald and Ann Barrie MacKercher; the wife of Donald Beaver; the mother of Mary Ann Beaver; and the grandmother of Joshua James Mora and Kari Lyn Mora.
  • Remember Rob Roy, Jr. -- the canoer? (1523 KB)
    Being the Farquharson he is, Rob has his own manner of showing of the Clan.
  • Barbara Ellen MacKercher Cole of Milford, Michigan (21 KB)
    Barbara is the daughter of Donald MacKercher and Ann Barrie MacKercher. Born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area, she is married to Richard Cole. She is the mother of Elizabeth Trebilcott and Michael Trebilcott and is the great-great-great granddaughter of Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan of Meggernie in Glen Lyon, Scotland
  • Donald F. MacKercher 1890 -1965 (65 KB)
    Donald F. MacKercher was born near Cedar Springs on July 4, 1890. He was the husband of Lucille Tinkler whom he married November 12, 1913. He lived as he died -- a gentleman, a loving husband and a devoted father.
  • Meet the Joseph Wesley Family of Troy, Michigan (293 KB)
    L to Right John, Jamie, Joe, Ian and Sean -- all of whom are true green and white boosters of Michnigan State University
  • Farquhar McKerchar of Glen Lyon, Scotland (48 KB)
    This portrait of Farquhar was painted by Sir John Millais. a noted English artist, while he was a student of the Royal Academy of Art. Farquhar, at the time, was steward or factor for the Meggernie Estate. He wore his Farquharson tartan pants and hunting coat with matching hat. And, of course, he carried his shotgun.
  • The Donald and John MacKercher families 1985. (73 KB)
    Taken at the wedding of Brian and Mary MacKercher in Richmond, Virginia. In the front row behind Donald MacKercher,seated, are l to r: Kari,Lori(between and behind) Staci, Kathy, Janet, Barbara, LTjg Brian MacKercher, Mary MacKercher, the bride, Pat holding baby Andrea,John Sr. father, Duncan, Leah mother, Rob kneeling; second row l to r: Scott Donald, Ann, Ann (mother), Robert, Donald, jr.(between Scot and Ann), third row l to r: Jamie, Elizabeth, Robert McKenna, Cynthia, John Jr.(leaning on wall); 4th row l to r: Scott(in front of column), Rob, Jeff holding Katy, Peggy, Bob Austin holding Chris, and Mary.
  • Duncan James MacKercher of Alexandria, Virginia (60 KB)
    Duncan, son of John and Leah MacKercher, is the great-great-great grandson and namesake of Duncan McKercher of Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland. He also is the youngest son of the youngest son of the youngest son of the youngest son of the youngest son going back to Farquhar McKerchar (1798-1886) of Glen Lyon.
  • John Cameron and Leah Mathews MacKercher's wedding (35 KB)
    Jack and Lee's wedding day on Saturday, June 2, 1951 in Newaygo, Michigan at St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church. John is the youngest son of Donald and Lucille MacKercher.
  • Donald F. MacKercher and Lucille M. MacKercher (88 KB)
    Donald Farquhar MacKercher (1890-1965) and Lucille Tinkler MacKercher (1893-1960) lived throughout their lives in Michigan. They were married in 1913 and had two sons .. Donald Douglas (1915-1986 and John Cameron (1929- )
  • Annie & her mother Elizabeth McKenzie McKerchar (7 KB)
    Annie & Elizabeth "Betsy" (1799-1874) McKerchar taken in London in mid-1860s. Annie was the daughter of the elder Farquhar and Elizabeth McKerchar.
  • Navy Captain Jay MacKercher in Command (137 KB)
    Serving as Commanding Officer of one of the world's most powerful missile surface ships, Jay MacKercher stands on the signal bridge of USS SAN JACINTO (CG-56), an Aegis class cruiser. In the background is USS HARRY S. TRUMAN, a nuclear powered attack aircraft carrier. Both ships were assigned to the Truman Battle Group and were pling the eastern waters of the Mediterranean Sea during their operations in Iraqi Freedom. The San Jac as her crew calls the ship fired more Tomahawk missiles against Iraqi targets than any other ship in the Atlantic Fleet.
  • Maude and younger sister Pearl McKercher (11 KB)
    Maude McKercher Smith (1879-1966) and Pearl McKercher Moll (1881-1975)at Hess Lake, Michigan. They were the daughters of Farquhar and Ermina McKercher.
  • San Jac air expresses a Tomahawk to Iraq (168 KB)
    This Tomahawk surface to surface missile was launched from USS SAN JACINTO on March 24, 2003 against an Iraqi military target. The ship was positioned in the Red Sea at the time with Jay MacKercher in command. Our national colors and the state flag of Texas fly from the ship during any action. The missile cruiser is named after the battle of San Jacinto in which Sam Houston and his Texans routed Mexican General Santa Ana and his forces in 1836.
  • Lee, Cliff and Lillian Snyder and Scott (173 KB)
    Lillian and Cliff live in Wheaton, Illinois. She is a cousin from our Gordon family once of Cedar Springs. Michigan. Lillian is a member of Persons with Parkinsons Advisory Council. Discovering her disease 12 years ago, she began a painting career. She has become a talented artist as you can see if you visit her site at You cannot help but be impressed by the talent revealed in the display of 7 of her paintings.
  • Farquhar Lorraine McKercher in Liverpool (19 KB)
    Farquhar Lorraine McKercher (1844-1903) in Liverpool in 1871 prior to emigrating to the United States. He was the youngest son of the elder Farquhar and Elizabeth McKerchar of Glen Lyon.
  • A later photo of Ronald McKerchar McTavish. (172 KB)
    This lady moved to Dublin, Ireland in her later years to be near here parents. She died in 1905
  • Captain and Mrs. John C. MacKercher (337 KB)
    This photo of Jack and Lee MacKercher, now retired from the U. S. Navy was taken in the early 1970s when the Captain was serving as Military Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Birch Tree was painted by Lillian Snyder (729 KB)
    After encountering the challenge of Parkinson's disease, our cousin Lillian undertook oil painting as a challenge to the disease and an outlet for her determination to continue a future of creativity and productivity. See more in the related links concerning her artistic endeavors.
  • The Dugald Campbell Family (59 KB)
    The Dugald Campbell Family descended from Malcolm McKerchar and Christina McArthur. Standing, L to R: Annie, Catherine Sitting: L to R John, Dugald and Robert
  • A postcard of Glen Lyon and the Lyon River (141 KB)
    This is the view of the Lyon River east of the Bridge of Balgie. The photo dates to the late 1800s.
  • Sixth and Seventh Generational Descendants (1761 KB)
    Mary Ann, center, is the daughter of Janice and Donald Beaver and a 6th generation descendent of Duncan McKercher and Catherine McClellan of Glen Lyon. She is flanked by her son Joshua Mora and daughter Kari Mora who bring us to the seventh generation of our Scot ancestors.
  • A postcard of Glen Lyon and the Lyon River (141 KB)
    This is the view of the Lyon River east of the Bridge of Balgie. The photo dates to the late 1800s.
  • Lots of Michigan Macs (88 KB)
    A gathering of MacKerchers, Austins and McKennas in Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Kristin MacKercher drops her first 6 point buck! (77 KB)
    Kristin shot her first deer on her first day of hunting. The kill was made in Alabama only minutes after Kristin entered the area. This lovely beauty is 22,a recent graduate of the University of Alabama and a member of Chi Omega sorority. She is the daughter of Rob Roy MacKercher and Cynthia nee McComas MacKercher, both of whom reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kristin is a marketing manager with a large hotel chain. She is the first MacKercher lady in our chain of generations to achieve the status of Deer Slayer. She is the among the sixth generation of McKerchers who derived from Duncan McKercher and Catherine McLellan of Glen Lyon's Meggernie estate. Her two brothers, Rob, Jr. and Donald are experienced hunters with 8 kills between them.
  • Stopping a Edinburgh lassie dead in her tracks (52 KB)
    Scott and his mother Lee MacKercher were exiting the castle gate when unbeknownst to them, I caught this lassie stop dead in her tracks to catch a more detailed look at the curly haired Scot-American.
  • These names, dates and locales are from my notes (68 KB)
    I have included several of my notes taken which identify McKercher families and where they lived in the 1600 -1800 hundreds. Many other such relate notes located in a section below.
  • Inroducing Robert and Ann McKenna's family (565 KB)
    Seated in the front our Mike and Jennifer with Meghan and John in the back. They are 7th generation descendants of Duncan and Catherine McKerchar of Glen Lyon.
  • Margaret MacKercher (67 KB)
    Margaret MacKercher is Fred MacKercher's first wife.She bore his first and only daughter, Ellen.
  • Meggernie Castle of Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotlan (29 KB)
    An early photo with color added of Meggernie Castle built in the 14th century and a central focus in 3 or probably 4 generations of our McKercher family.
  • Don and Ann's MacKs of Michigan (396 KB)
    Sitting L to R Brian, Peggy, Mary and Don Standing L to R Bob Ann and Pat - all 5th Generation MacKerchers
  • Frederick Rex MacKercher, SR. (13 KB)
    Fred MacKercher (1884-1970) son of Farquhar and Ermina McKercher, brother of Maude, Pearl and Don, and husband of Marjorie and father of F. Rex, Jr. and Robert.
  • More 6th generation MacKerchers (275 KB)
    Brian and Mary MacKercher present their members of the Clan Farquharson. L to Right Brian Mark and Ben with Lizzie front and center. Mark graduated as valedictorian of his Warrenton High School and is attending the University of Virginia on scholarship.
  • Ronald McKercher McTavish (20 KB)
    Ronald McKercher McTavish (1829-1907) daughter of Farquhar and Elizabeth McKerchar and sister of Farquhar McKercher.
  • Dr. George and Laurelynne Harris of Michigan (696 KB)
    Laurelynne Harris, nee Daniels, is a sixth generation descendant of Duncan and Catherine McKercher of Glen Lyon in Perthshire. She is the daughter of Bertrade, nee Smith, and Lawrence Daniels both of whom were teachers in North Olmsted, Ohio. Bertrade was the daughter of Maude and Bertram D. Smith. Maude McKercher was a third generation McKercher and first daughter of Farquhar McKercher and Ermina Brooks. Dr. George specializes in radiology and has practiced in Bay City, Saginaw and northern Michigan. Laurelynne is a retired teacher and both are U. of Michigan alumni as were the Daniels.
  • Dr. John McKenzie (7 KB)
    John McKenzie was the younger brother of Elizabeth McKercher. He was physcian to the Czar of Russia and in 1860 when returning to Russia from a visit to Scotland, he and his family were lost at sea with the sinking of the S.S. Edinburgh.
  • The Arizonian MacKerchers (45 KB)
    Andrea, Patrick,Jr and Ashley,7th generations removed from Duncan and Catherine McKercher are the children of Patrick MacKercher. All are attending college and Patrick, Jr. is preparing for a firefighting career. He and Ashley are twins.
  • Margaret and Ellen MacKercher (420 KB)
    Ellen is Margaret and Fred MacKercher's daughter
  • Gallin Cottage at Meggernie (72 KB)
    This home which dates back at least to the mid-18th century was the home of Farquhar & Betsy McKerchar from the late 1820s until about 1858. It is the home normally occupied by the steward or factor of the Meggerine Estate. This photo was taken in 1994.
  • Daughter of Malcolm & Christie McKercherThey (26 KB)
    Janet was born in Glen Lyon on March 20, 1824 .. the second of five children. Her elder sister was Catrine born on October 13, 1819 and younger brother, Donald on April 1, 1826; sister Elizabeth born in 1830; and Archibald born on August 12, 1832. Janet married Robert McNaughton also of Glen Lyon. They settled on a farm near Oban. Both Janet and Robert are buried in the Glen's Kerrowmore Cemetery. Frances Fogarty descends from this family. She now resides in London, England
  • Margaret and Ellen MacKercher (478 KB)
    Ellen was the daughter of Fred and Margaret MacKercher
  • The Lyon River (140 KB)
    This photo depicts the salmon-laden Lyon River as it courses through the Meggernie estate and amidst the Grampian Mountains of Perthshire. It was taken in 1997 by Jay MacKercher.
  • Roman bridge in Glen Lyon (243 KB)
    This Roman bridge is in clear view to the north as you drive the east-west road through Glen Lyon. The photo was provided by Laurelynne and George Harris. The waterfall behind the bridge contributes to the Lyon River.
  • This is the Fred and Margaret MacKercher Family (1467 KB)
    Herein are four generations of the Fred MacKercher and Margaret Eletha (nee Pontius)MacKercher. Margaret and her daughter Ellen also appear as do Ellen and her daughter Margaret followed by Margaret (Been) Reed, seated and daughters Joan (Been)Burton Paine, Margaret (Been) Reed, Virginia (Bean) Sriver and son Hewlett Boyd Bean, Jr. Next are the fourth generation ladies Jo Ellen Reed (Margaret and Jim Reeds daughter, Ellen Jean Burton, Joan's daughter with Sue Ann Reed, the Reeds daughter and Mary JoeBurton also Joan's daughter. Finally we have Margaret Elle Reed and her cousin, Bob MacKercher, grandson of Fred and Margorie MacKercher.
  • SS Cuba originally USS Santiago de Cuba (6 KB)
    In 1871, SS Cuba carried Farquhar L. McKercher from Liverpool to New York City where arrived on February 23, 1871
  • Ermina Brooks MacKercher (426 KB)
    Ermina was married to Farquhar MacKercher, our grandfather and she was our grandmother. She was a native Michigander born in 1852. She bore her first husband, Mr. Thompson, four children and Farquhar four children including Maude, Pearl, Fred and Donald. Ermina spent most of her life on the family farm which is situated on Algoma Road nearby to Cedar Springs. Ermina died in 1933 and rests into eternity down the hill at the cemetery with her husband, Farquhar.
  • Nellie nee Nelson Tinkler, my maternal grandmother (182 KB)
    An orphan at three weeks never knew she was a bloodline descendant of Kings, Crusaders and American patriots. See her story Never Forget Your Maternal Ancestors in the Related Files Section
  • Meet Mr. and Mrs, Dan Tanner (40 KB)
    Dan and Ashley are newlyweds and we welcome them into Clan Farquharson. Ashley is the daughter of Patrick MacKercher. Mrs. Danner is a 7th generation descendant of Glen Lyon's Duncan McKercher and his wife Catherine McLellan
  • Another 7th Generation MacKercher weighs in (40 KB)
    Meet Desmond Bruce Avis born in Michigan on April 26th 2007. He is the son of Kathy MacKercher and Jim Avis. All are doing fine. Desmond Jr. weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. - 19" long and growning.

Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees


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  • Jean and Doug discuss our names' pronunciations (2 KB)
    Two long time pals who are students of and experts in Scotland, its ways, Gaelic and our family give us further insight into how our names can be pronounced. All I can add is when in Glen Lyon the localpostman pronounced it Mc-Care'-ah-Cur.
    Who, what and where was involved in the development of our surname, be it MacKercher .. McKerchar .. or M'Kerricher?
  • It's a Small World and Bob Rowe proved it! (6 KB)
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  • Douglas MacKercher of Ottawa, Canada offers lore (3 KB)
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  • E-mail exchange with Barry Dunford of Camserney (5 KB)
    Barry is the author of, a fascinating website with detailed insights into such diverse subjects as Pontius Pilate, Jesus, the Druids and other diverse historical subjects woven together by the Yew Tree.
  • A History of Clan Farquharson (4 KB)
    We, the MacKerchers once of Glen Lyon, are of the Clan Farquharson. Others of our name may belong to the Lamont Clan.
  • From Braemar to Glen Lyon .. when and why? (3 KB)
    Our MacKerchers originated in Inverey nearby to Aberdeenshire's Braemar, then moved on to Perthshire's Glen Lyon. But when and why? A blend of Scottish history and family lore offer a reasonable context in which these answers can be found.
  • Frances Fogarty email of October 11, 2004 (1 KB)
    Frances is a descendant of Malcolm McKerchar and Christina McArthur. She shares her lineage as it reaches back to Duncan and Katherin McKerchar of Glen Lyon, Perthshire.
  • Email Exchange of Global Macs, Mcs Kercher/ars (1 KB)
    Over the years, this site has generated a considerable exchange of emails. Some seeking information or assistance .. some offering information or assistance. Take note please. There are 121 pages of text including some unrelated chatter, but there's also the hope you may strike genealogical gold. Good luck and enjoy. Here is the most recent exchange I've had with David McKercher who is a descendant of Duncan McKercher and was born in 1807 in Glen Lyon of Perthshire. Hi David, My family tree is included on the family website at under the section FAMILY MAKER REPORTS & TREES, however it refers only to my specific ancestors. Wouldn't it be great if someone had made a full family tree starting back in Aberdeenshire or wherever the family originated! But that would a gigantic undertaking which most likely why it's never been done. I urge you to go the RELATED FILES section of the web site above and open up the EMAIL EXCHANGE OF GLOBAL MACS, MCS KERCHER/AR. It's got lots of names and contacts and I recall their are references to McKerchers in Athol, Ontario. I read the info from Alex Fraser .. especially the $10 per hour. That is very reasonable. The gal I got is first two hours free and $40 an hour thereafter. I think the best thing for you to do is to determine where you can mine the best information. This appears to be Athol. for the descendants of Duncan. Ancestor information would be in Scotland. I did a bit of research before I selected a geneologist. I knew the info I wanted would be derived from a particular area in Mass. I called the city hall of interest and spoke to the town clerk. She told me all records prior to 1850 had burned in a fire. I asked her for the name of a local genealogist which she provided plus the lady's phone number and address. I called her told her precisely what I was looking for and asked her price. I was a bit sho
  • Glen Lyon's Meggernie Castle.. a look back (25 KB)
    Glen Lyon of Perthshire burnishes the Highland image in our minds of what Scotland was .. yet still is.
  • Never forget your maternal ancestor's heritage (19 KB)
    You may be astounded to learn that you descend from Kings and counts .. even some no-accounts, but be prepared as I was not to learn that my orphaned grandmother was a direct blood line descendant of Charlemagne I, Holy Emperor of the Roman Empire.
  • Looking for Mc/Macs in New York State .. try this (1 KB)
    Hi Jack: I am like you! I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and have lots of visitors on and off. A new group is coming in at the end of the month. So have had to arrange there stays to coincide with my time off or at least my time in Las Vegas. I am a corporate trainer and retired High School Math teacher. This training job I have had for the last couple of years has kept off the genealogy. Various groups have invited me to talk about these Scots, Including lately the Utah Genealogical Society and have turned down most because of my job. Any ways, the Fuenty Acres seemed to be the name of the farm in Gallin, parish Fortingall, Perthshire. The 1851 census states that Farquhar Mckercher's occupation is famer of Fuenty Acres. It is an odd name and yesterday I went to our local Morman Library and asked if they had any reference to this term. We could find none! So I have no idea where it came from. My source of the 1851 Census was which probably won't open since its a subscribtion based. I down loaded it at the Morman Library. I tried different spellings for Gallin. The Glenlyon History Society gave different spellings over the years: 2001--Gallin, 1867---Guallan, 1783 --Geallin and 1610 Ghealduy(?). I have tried searhing all of these but found no other reference to Fuenty Acres. I have been searching my brain and think there is a farm in the Caledonia, N.Y. area name Fuenty Acres -- but need to do more research on it! It seems to me that Fercher b. abt 1750 could be your Farquhar's father. For Farquhar to land in New York City and travel to Michigan he would have had to travel through the York-Caledonia area of New York State. I find no record of Fercher's birth in Scotland. I would be honored to have you use my work. I would appreciate a footnote referencing me/and or my work with the Caledonia Highlanders. I have had many people copy a lot#

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