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Descendants of Francis Barnes

Generation No. 1

1. FRANCIS1 BARNES was born 1738 in Belfast, Ireland, and died 1821 in Gallatin Co., Ky (now called Trimble Co., KY/buried in the Corn Creek area?. He married (2) JANE MCGANNON Abt. 1780.

Notes for F
Francis emigrated from Belfast, Ireland to Culpeper Co., Virginia.
Note: Francis may have had a brother Leonard. Leonard's will dated 1805 list children: Henry, Rawleigh, Clara, Judith, Polly, Catherine & Tomson.

Source of this information came from Charles Franklin Barnes in Hanover, Jefferson County Indiana. He cites his source as follows: "information on Francis Sr. came from two sources. One was my Aunt Sadie's notes about old John Barnes (Sarah Law) records that referred to him as coming from Culpeper Co., Virginia. I think the birth and death dates came from Robert Barnes of Salida, Colorado or from Zella Detweiler of Colorado Springs, (now deceased)."
In an email that followed this, he stated that the birth and death dates are as follows: birth dates is a calculation from other documents, so is just a guess. Year of death was taken from date that his will was probated.
(This source is filed under Charles Barnes' name)
Note from Charles Franklin Barnes: There was a Reuben Barnes b. 1770 m. Nancy ? living in Trigg Co., KY in the 1820 and 1850 Census. Could this be another child of Francis?? This needs more research.
Will of Francis Barnes dated 14 Feb 1815. Copy given by Charles Franklin Barnes who received a transcribed copy from Zella Detweiler (now deceased).

Will Book B, pg. 270
Gallatin County Kentucky

In the name of God, A Men. I- Francis Barnes Sr. of Gallatin County and State of Kentucky, being through the mercy of God in my perfect senses and calling to mind, that it is appointed for all men, once to die, I do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and firstlly; I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave it to me and for my body, I recommend to the Earth to be burried in a Christian like and decent manner; and touching such wordly Estate wherewith, it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form to wit: I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife, Jane Barnes, all my Estate, personal and real during her natural life, either for her to sell my land and personal property and live on the proceeds of it or keep it and do which she pleases and at her death, it is my will and desire that my Estate may be divided amongst my children in the following manner, that is to say, to my son Leonard Barnes, three fourths part and the other one fourth to be equally divided among my other children, and now having gone through what I have designed, I constitute this, my last Will and Testament to be taken in its plain and obuvious meaning, without regard to form or mode or technical terms in Law. I hereby revoke, disown all and former Wills, Testaments and bequeaths whatsoever.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fourteenth day of February in the year of our Lord 1815.
Francis XX Barnes, Sr. (seal)

Signed, sealed, delivered in presence of
Darby McGamen
Daniel Farley
Jesse Farling

Gallatin County Court, June 11, 1821
Last Will and Testament of Francis Barnes, deceased presented in Court, proven by oaths of Dan Farley and Jesse Farley and ordered to be recorded.
T.H. Butler, Clk.
(This document is file under sources name: Charles Barnes)
Will of Francis Barns, Sr.
dated 1815; Gallatin Co. KY
Will Book B, page 270
typed copy from Patricia "Pat" Dunn
thru email dated: 15 Nov 1998

Gallatin County, Kentucky
Will Book B, page 270
In the name of God Amen. I Francis Barns Sr of Gallatin County and State of Kentucky being thro, the mercy of God i my perfect Senses, & calling to mind that is appointed for all men come to die, I do make, & ordain this my Last will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I Give, and recommend my Soul into the hand of almighty who gave it me & for my Body I recommend to the Earth to be burried (sic) in a Christianlike and decent manner, and as to willing Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life, I Give, devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner, & form to wit I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Jane Barns all my Estate, Personal & Real during her natural Life either for her to Sell my Land and Personal Property and live on the proceds (sic) of it, or keep it whole which she pleases, and at her death it is my will & desire that my Estate may be divided amongst my children in the following manner, that is to say to my Son Lenard Barns three fourth parts, & the other one fourth part to be equally divided amongst my other children and now having gone through what I decreed, I consititute this my Last Will & Testament to be taken in its plain and ____ in meaning without paying regard to form or mode, or Technical Terms in Law, & hereby revoke and disannul all and former Wills, Testaments and bequeath whatsoever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fourteenth day day (sic) of February in the Year of our Lord Eighteen hundred & fifteen.

                        Francis X Barns Sr. Seal
Signed, Sealed & delivered in
Presents of Darby McGannin
      his                  his
Daniel X Farley      Jesse X Harting
      mark                  mark

Gallatin County Court June 11th 1821
This Last Will & Testament of Francis Barns and presented in Court proved by the oaths of Daniel Farley & Jesse Harting & Ordered to be Recorded
                        SEAL P. Butler Clk.
To save space and time, the following is info taken from microfilm by Paula Moler, who did a lookup for me. (need to email her and get film #), and I am putting it under the oldest Barnes of this line in Gallatin Co., Ky.

Gallatin County Tax List 1799 to 1810.

1799-no Barnes
1800-no Barnes
1801-Barns, Shadrick 209 acres, Gallatin, Corn Creek water course
Barns, Bengimin
Barns, Francis 100 acres, Gallatin, Corn Creek

1802-Barns, Shadrack Acres - 209 County - Gallatin water course - Corn Creek
name entered under - Pope and Pattin surveyed under - same
patented under - same white male over 21 - 1
white males over 16 - 0 blacks above (?) - 1 total blacks - 9
horses -4
Barns, Bingaman white male over 21 - 1 horses - 1
Barns, Francis Acres - 100 Gallatin Corn Creek
white male over 21 - 1 white male over 16 - 1 horses - 9

1803-Barnes, John
Barnes, Francis
Barnes, Bingaman
Barnes, Shadrick

1804-Barnes, Francis
Barnes, Francis, Jr (no info given)
Barnes, John
Barnes, Bingaman
Barnes, Shadrick

1805-Barnes, Francis
Barnes, Francis, Jr.
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, Shadrack

1806-Barnes, Bingamin
Barnes, Shadrack
Barnes, Frances

1807-Barnes, Bingamin
Barnes, Shadrack
Barnes, Frances

1808-Barnes, Frances, Sr.
Barnes, Shadrick
Barnes, Frances, Jr. 140 acres Gallatin Corn Creek
Barnes, Craven (no info given)
Barnes, Bengamin

1809-Barnes, Francis
Barnes, Shadrick
Barnes, Craven

1810-Barnz, Franciz, Sr
Barnz, Franciz, Jr.
Barnz, Shadrick
Barnz, Bingaman
Barnz, Craven

Paula wrote: If there is no info listed on down, the first listing where info is given remains the same through all the years. Note - in the early tax lists there is no valuation given (I don't know how they valued the land for tax purposes).
(This source is filed under "Barnes Email")
Info from Patricia "Pat" Dunn:(2/7/1999)
VIRGINIA COLONIAL MILITIA - 1651-1776 Ed. William Armstrong Crozier -
Genealogical Publishing Co.,, Inc. 1965

p. 34      Francis Barnes, soldier in 1758 under General Forbes, Culpeper Co.,
Jan 17 1780.

Library. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1978

p. 19      Barnes, Francis, French & Indian Bounty Warrant, in Virginia
Historical Society Library 1,293 2 vol.

The above references were found at the Eugene Oregon FHL
Info from Patricia "Pat" Dunn:(7 Feb 1999)
VIRGINIA 1769-1792 by Robertson

p. 60-61 Francis Barnes signs a petition for reimbursement of expenses in
laying off a town - I believe it is now Lexington. No date given, but I
would judge it to be about 1780-1781.

The above references came from:Patricia Cox, 310 Urban St., Danville, IN
46122. Pat is Editor of County Seat Scraps, Hendricks County, IN, a
publication by the County Seat Genealogical Society
info from Patricia "Pat" Dunn: (7 Feb 1999)
Gallatin Co. KY 1810 Census
194 BARNES, Bingman            12010 12010 0
Francis 00101 00001 0
            Francis, Jr. 10010 00100 0
Here are some miscellaneous things that I have copied from books and
Misc. info from Patricia "Pat" Dunn: (7 Feb 1999)
1790 Virginia Census
                              whites            blacks
Princess Anne County - 1783
      Barns, Francis                  5            2
      Barns, Joshua                  7
      Shipp, William, Senr.            6            3
Richmond County - 1783
      Mozingo, Edward Senr.            7
      Mozingo, Edward Junr.            3
Orange County - 1782
      Mozingo, Spence                  6
Orange County - 1785
      Mozingo, Spence                   7      2 other buildings

I don't believe these are any of ours (direct).

I copied this from The Richmond Standard - Volume II No. 44, p. 1 July 3,
1880, Located at the Virginia State Library.
Info from Patricia "Pat" Dunn: (7 Feb 1999)
>Apr 15 1807
>BARNES, Francis 97 gallatin Corn Creak John Roberds
>      Shaderick 209 gallatin Ditto John Roberds
>       Bingaman - - -            -
>Total count of the Gallatin County Court 653
>Percival Butler Clerk of the said County Court do Certify that the
foregoing list is a true Copy of the Original delivered into my Office.
>Given under my hand this 22 day of August 1807
>P Butler.

      Children of F
2. i.   SHADRICK2 BARNES, b. February 06, 1764, Culpeper Co., VA; d. December 31, 1844, Jefferson Co. IN.
3. ii.   BENJAMIN BARNES, b. February 01, 1766, Culpeper Co.,Virgina; d. December 07, 1833, Trimble County Kentucky.
      Children of FRANCIS BARNES and JANE MCGANNON are:
4. iii.   JOHN2 BARNES, b. September 09, 1781; d. March 24, 1873, buried in family cem. East of Saluda in Jeff.Co.,IN.
5. iv.   LEONARD BARNES, b. 1783.
v.   MARY BARNES, b. 1784; m. JOSIAH H. WILLIAMS, October 08, 1799.

vi.   ELIZABETH BARNES, b. 1787; m. ?? STAPLES.

6. vii.   FRANCIS BARNES , JR., b. 1789, (Settled on Coffie Creek near Deputy, IN); d. September 01, 1852.

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