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Maggs, A Brief Family History:
Index of Individuals


?, Audrey
?, Betty(d. date unknown)
?, Frances
?, Jane(b. Abt. 1812, d. date unknown)
?, Jane(b. Abt. 1828, d. 20 Apr 1908)
?, Mary(d. date unknown)
?, Mary(d. date unknown)
?, Mary Ann(b. Abt. 1805, d. date unknown)
?, Maud(b. Abt. 1883, d. 27 Mar 1954)
?, Sarah(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)
?, Susan(d. date unknown)


Ayres, Daisy Lena(b. 16 Jan 1902, d. Apr 1982) Includes Notes
Ayres, William(d. date unknown)


Baker, Ian
Baker, Mervyn (Bob)(d. 01 Oct 1997)
Baker, Michael John
Baker, Paul


Bidmead, Brian
Bidmead, Richard
Bidmead, Robert


Champion, Martha(d. date unknown)


Charlton, Corinna


Dean, Barbara


Giddings, Angus(b. Abt. 1841, d. date unknown)
Giddings, Emily(b. Abt. 1869, d. 31 May 1932)
Giddings, Frederick(b. Abt. 1872, d. 11 Apr 1943)
Giddings, James(b. Abt. 1834, d. 27 Nov 1905)
Giddings, John(b. Abt. 1835, d. date unknown)
Giddings, Noah(b. Abt. 1841, d. 12 Dec 1916)
Giddings, Samuel(b. Abt. 1802, d. date unknown)
Giddings, Sarah(b. Abt. 1849, d. date unknown)


Gillett, Dorothy Edna Kate
Gillett, George(d. date unknown)


Gruchy, Elizabeth May
Gruchy, Eric(d. date unknown)


Hamlin, Daniel(d. date unknown)
Hamlin, Mary Ann(b. Abt. 1811, d. date unknown)


Haskett, Edward(d. date unknown)
Haskett, Sarah(b. Abt. 1868, d. date unknown)


Hatchman, Eliza(b. Abt. 1836, d. date unknown)
Hatchman, John(d. date unknown)
Hatchman, John(b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown)
Hatchman, Sarah A(b. Abt. 1846, d. date unknown)
Hatchman, Sarah A.(b. Abt. 1869, d. date unknown)
Hatchman, Thomas(b. Abt. 1843, d. date unknown)


Hayter, Elizabeth(b. Aft. 1823, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hayter, John(d. date unknown)
Hayter, Sarah Marie(b. 19 Jan 1847, d. date unknown)
Hayter, Selina Adelaide(b. 28 Jul 1842, d. 12 Jan 1923) Includes Notes


Hicks, David Jonathon
Hicks, James Timothy
Hicks, Michael John
Hicks, Peter


Hillier, Henry


Holloway, Kathleen Nellie(b. 20 Nov 1903, d. 05 Dec 1988) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Lacey, Brian
Lacey, Denise Includes Pictures


Legg, Andy Includes Pictures
Legg, Charlotte


Leversuch, Martha Jane(d. date unknown)


Macklin, Charles(d. date unknown)
Macklin, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Maggs, Alan William
Maggs, Albert(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Albert G(b. Abt. 1866, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Albert J(b. Abt. 1894, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Ann(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Beatrice A(b. Abt. 1892, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Brett Includes Pictures
Maggs, Christian(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Maggs, David John Includes Pictures
Maggs, Denis John Includes Pictures
Maggs, Edith(b. Abt. 1887, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Edward James Hayter(b. 15 Sep 1864, d. date unknown) Includes Pictures
Maggs, Edward John(b. 17 Mar 1897, d. Abt. 1954) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Maggs, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Maggs, Elizabeth(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Ernest J(b. Abt. 1899, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Francis William(b. Abt. 1900, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Frederick James(b. Abt. 1898, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Hezekiah(b. Abt. 1811, d. 28 Apr 1873) Includes Pictures
Maggs, Hezekiah(b. Abt. 1835, d. 01 Oct 1872) Includes Notes
Maggs, Isaac(b. Abt. 1782, d. 13 Oct 1863)
Maggs, Jacob(d. date unknown)
Maggs, James(b. 05 Jan 1842, d. 03 Mar 1870)
Maggs, James(b. 19 Feb 1870, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Jane(b. Abt. 1851, d. date unknown)
Maggs, John(b. Abt. 1869, d. date unknown)
Maggs, John(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Lewis
Maggs, Margaret
Maggs, Mary(b. 07 May 1837, d. 31 May 1921)
Maggs, Mary(b. Abt. 1903, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Mary Jane(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Mary Jane(b. Abt. 1889, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Mercy(b. Jun 1847, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Robert(b. Abt. 1905, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Sam
Maggs, Sarah(b. Abt. 1808, d. date unknown)
Maggs, Sarah(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Maggs, William(b. Abt. 1902, d. date unknown)
Maggs, William(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Mags, William(b. Abt. 1758, d. date unknown)


Maidment, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Martin, Elizabeth Rose(b. 07 Jul 1921, d. 1992) Includes Notes


Morris, Lucy


Moss, Carl
Moss, Marc Aaron


Oram, Clara(b. Abt. 1842, d. date unknown)
Oram, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Oram, Eliza Jane(b. 04 Sep 1874, d. date unknown)
Oram, Emily(b. Abt. 1855, d. date unknown)
Oram, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Oram, Julia(b. Abt. 1857, d. date unknown)
Oram, Justina(b. Abt. 1861, d. date unknown)
Oram, Matilda(b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown)
Oram, Matthew(d. date unknown)
Oram, Sarah(b. Abt. 1859, d. date unknown)
Oram, William(b. Abt. 1812, d. date unknown)


Pearson, Linda
Pearson, Peter


Penford, Zebbie


Pennells, Thomas(b. 1859, d. Abt. 1881)


Perrett, Anna
Perrett, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1878, d. date unknown)
Perrett, Eric Anthony
Perrett, Frederick(b. Bet. Mar 1883 - Mar 1884, d. date unknown)
Perrett, John(d. date unknown)
Perrett, John(b. Abt. 1873, d. date unknown)
Perrett, John(b. 15 Jul 1899, d. 05 Feb 1958) Includes Notes
Perrett, Katherine(b. Bet. Mar 1885 - Mar 1886, d. date unknown)
Perrett, Laura Lucille
Perrett, Martha(b. 31 Dec 1879, d. date unknown)
Perrett, Miriam
Perrett, Nancy Ruth
Perrett, Olga Eome
Perrett, Ralph Anthony(b. 23 Jan 1926, d. 01 Oct 1981)
Perrett, Sarah(b. Bet. Mar 1884 - Mar 1885, d. date unknown)
Perrett, Simeon(b. 23 Sep 1849, d. 09 Apr 1908) Includes Notes
Perrett, Thomas(b. Abt. 1876, d. date unknown)
Perrett, Wendy Elizabeth


Pow, Barbara Ann Includes Pictures
Pow, Beryl Includes Pictures
Pow, Sidney Edmund William(b. 21 Dec 1910, d. 01 Oct 1977) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Sheppard, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Shergold, George(b. Bef. 1823, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Shergold, John(d. date unknown)


Strong, Ann(b. Abt. 1786, d. date unknown)
Strong, James(d. date unknown)


Waite, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
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