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Ancestors of Dorothy Frances Bradford

      2142. Robert Blott306, born Abt. 1582 in Bedfordshire, England; died March 27, 1665 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He was the son of 4284. Robert Blott?. He married 2143. Susan Selbee August 31, 1609 in Harrold, Bedford, England.

      2143. Susan Selbee306, born Abt. 1586 in Essex, England; died January 20, 1658/59 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

More About Robert Blott:
Record Change: June 14, 2003

More About Susan Selbee:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Robert Blott and Susan Selbee is:
  1071 i.   Joanna Blott, born 1620 in England; died June 18, 1670 in Connecticut; married Daniel Lovett September 07, 1644 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

      2512. Alexander McCulloch307,308, born Bef. 1620 in Scotland; died June 03, 1675 in Scotland. He was the son of 5024. John McCulloch and 5025. Elizabeth McCulloch. He married 2513. Anna Fergusson.

      2513. Anna Fergusson309,310, born Bet. 1600 - 1626 in Scotland; died Aft. 1699 in Scotland.

Notes for Alexander McCulloch:
From WFT-9, 2400: "In 1640, Sir Alexander McCulloch succeeded to a few burdened acres. At some period after 1625, Charles I made Alexander a Baronet of Nova Scotia. Before 1675, Alexander and his son, Sir Godfrey, perpetrated cruelties against the widow of Gordon of Cardoness at bush O'Bield. After 'invading her ain hoose, did first beat her almost to death with the stilt wherewith she walked and then dragged her out of her hoose and left her upon the dunghill, which shortly thereafter was the cause of her death.' The McCullochs were convicted and sentenced to a fine and imprisonment; this sentence was rescinded the next day."

Cause of death: Drowning.

More About Alexander McCulloch:
Record Change: June 14, 2003

  Notes for Anna Fergusson:
Anna Ferguson is believed to be of the Kilkrerran family.

More About Anna Fergusson:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Alexander McCulloch and Anna Fergusson is:
  1256 i.   Sr. John McCulloch, born Abt. 1644 in Scotland; died Bet. 1661 - 1734; married Katherine Ross.

      2522. John May311, born August 25, 1610 in Barnstaple, Devon, England; died in Y. He was the son of 5044. John Maye and 5045. Elizabeth Partridge.

More About John May:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of John May is:
  1261 i.   Pauline May, born May 07, 1634 in Swimbridge, Devon, England; died in Y; married Henry Ward.

      2524. Phillip Westacott311, born June 03, 1610 in Landkey, Devon, England; died in Y. He was the son of 5048. Jr. John Westacott and 5049. Clace?. He married 2525. Dorothie Sleeper.

      2525. Dorothie Sleeper311, born September 1612 in Goodleigh, Devon, England; died in Y. She was the daughter of 5051. Joane.

More About Phillip Westacott:
Record Change: June 14, 2003

More About Dorothie Sleeper:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Phillip Westacott and Dorothie Sleeper is:
  1262 i.   John Westacott, born February 07, 1642/43 in Landkey, Devon, England; died in Y; married Joane Southwood.

      2526. Hugh Southwood311, born February 03, 1612/13 in Landkey, Devon, England; died in Y. He was the son of 5052. Roger Southwood. He married 2527. Dorothy.

      2527. Dorothy311, born Abt. 1620 in Landkey, Devon, England; died in Y.

More About Hugh Southwood:
Record Change: June 14, 2003

More About Dorothy:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Hugh Southwood and Dorothy is:
  1263 i.   Joane Southwood, born October 04, 1648 in Landkey, Devon, England; died in Y; married John Westacott.

      2528. Jan Joosten Van Metern312,313,314, born Abt. 1625 in Thierlewoodt, Gelderland, Holland; died Bef. June 13, 1706 in Long Island, New York. He was the son of 5056. Melchior Van Meteren and 5057. Arience Anneken. He married 2529. Macyke Hendricksen Abt. 1645 in Gelderland, Holland.

      2529. Macyke Hendricksen315, born 1623 in Mappelen, Dreuth, Holland; died Abt. 1683. She was the daughter of 5058. Hendricks Of Laeckervelt and 5059. Anne Jan Jans.

Notes for Jan Joosten Van Metern:
He was appointed to a committee to superintend the enclosing of the village of Nieuw Dorp. Jan Joosten, his wife and five children, whose ages ranged from two and a half to fifteen years of age, arrived in the ship [IT:Fox:IT]. In a list of the inhabitants of Ulster County, New York, who subscribed to the oath of allegiance, due to a change in the sovereignty of the country, the name of Jan Joosten appears among them. With the regaining of the country by the English, the inhabitants were again required to swear allegiance to their new overlords; Jan Joosten once more performed this act of fealty. On 7th June, 1663, the Minnisink Indians made an attack on the village of Wyltwick and its vicinity, raiding and burning the settlement and carrying away women and children in captivity for 3 months. Among them were Jan's wife and 2 of his children including Joost Jans.

More About Jan Joosten Van Metern:
Emigration: April 12, 1662, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Oath of allegiance: Abt. October 21, 1664, Ulster County, New York
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Resided: 1661, Nieuw Dorp, Ulster County, New York

More About Macyke Hendricksen:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Jan Van Metern and Macyke Hendricksen is:
  1264 i.   Joost Jan(Sen) Van Metern, born Abt. 1651 in Gelderland, Holland; died January 13, 1705/06 in New York; married Sarah Du Bois December 12, 1682 in Kingston Or New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

      2530. Louis Du Bois316,317,318,319,320, born October 28, 1627 in La Basse, Artois, France321,322; died June 23, 1696 in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. He was the son of 5060. Chretien Du Bois and 5061. Cornelia. He married 2531. Catherine Blanchan October 10, 1655 in Mannheim, Lower Palatinate, Germany.

      2531. Catherine Blanchan323,324,325, born Abt. 1629 in Artois, France; died 1705 in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. She was the daughter of 5062. Matthew Blanchan and 5063. Madelaine Brissen Jorisse.

Notes for Louis Du Bois:
Or born 10 Oct 1626. "Within three months of arriving, Louis DuBois received grants of land in Wiltwyck (now known as Knigston) and proceeded north to settle there." In May, 1677, Louis DuBois and his associates obtained, by purchase, the title from the Indians to all the lands from the Shawanguank mountain, to the Hudson river, which were more particularly described in the patent subsequently given by Governor Andros September 29th of the same year. The Patentees as named in said Patent were Louis DuBois, Christian Doyau, Abraham Hasbrouck, Andre LeFebvre, jean Hasbrouck, Pierre Doyau, Louis Beviere, Anthoine Crespel, Abraham DuBois, Hugue Frere, Isaac DuBois and Simon LeFebvre. These men and their families removed to their patent lands and there founded the village of New Paltz in the spring of the subsequent year. Here in 1683 they organized the French Reformed church, electing Louis DuBois as elder and Hugo Frere deacon. They adopted the confession of faith framed by the first Synod of the Reformed church of France in the year 1559 and the other formularies of the French Reformed church. These continued in use in the church and its school until the change from the French to the Dutch language was made, when the Heidelberg catechism took their place and the French church was merged into the Reformed Dutch church. Within three months of arriving in New Netherlands, Louis DuBois received grants of land in Wiltwyck (now known as Kingston) and proceeded north to settle there. Fate would have it that within two months of their arrival in Wiltwyck they were caught up in the Esopus Wars between the Dutch and Esopus Indians. In 1663 the Esopus Indians rose up again against the Dutch at Wiltwyck and captured hostages of women and children and carried them off to the south. Louis' wife and three of his children were among those taken. (See Catherine Blanchan entry for more on this incident). Louis DuBois joined a party of Dutch established to rescue the captives. It was on this raid down to what is now the Wurtsboro area that Louis first saw the land of the Wallkill Valley, what is now New Paltz, and determined to establish a Huguenot Settlement on this land. Louis was one of the founders, and the first elder, of the Reformed Dutch Church at New Paltz. As the Huguenot with the longest tenure with the Dutch, he became the acknowledged leader of the group and headed the party in their negotiations first with the Indians and then with the new English Government that had taken over the colony in 1664. DuBois was in the first court of Sessions in Kingston. He was a leader in demanding of the English Government under the Duke of York, an assembly and taxation by consent and was put out of commission for his daring. Louis DuBois moved to the new settlement and resided there until 1686, when he returned to Kingston to live.

More About Louis Du Bois:
Immigration: Abt. 1660, Mannheim, Germany
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Resided: May 1677, New Paltz, Ulster County, New York326

  Notes for Catherine Blanchan:
On 7 June, 1663, Louis du Bois headed an expedition against the Minnisink Indians. This was latter known as the Eusopus War. "It was organized at the time the settlement was attacked by the Minnisinks, who burned Hurley, killed and injured some of the settlers, and carried away as prisoners, the wife of Louis du Bois, his three children, and at least two of Jan Joosten van Meterens'. These were taken to the fastnesses of the Catskill Mountains and there remained in captivity for months, but were rescued on the eve of torture by du Bois and Captain Martin Kreiger's company of Manhattan soldiers; the trainband finally rounded up the Indians and defeated them on September 3, 1663. In connection with this tragic experience the following statement is quoted: "About ten weeks after the capture of the women and children, the Indians decided to celebrate their own escape from pursuit by burning some of their victims and the ones selected were Catherine du Bois, and her baby Sara, who afterward married her companion in captivity, John Van Metre. A cubical pile of logs was arranged and the mother and child placed thereon; when the Indians were about to apply the torch, Catherine began to sing the 137th Psalm as a death chant. The Indians withheld the fire and gave her respite while they listened; when she had finished they demanded more, and before she had finished the last one her husband and the Dutch soldiers from New Amsterdam arrived and surrounded the savages, killed and captured some, and otherwise inflicted terrible punishment upon them, and released the prisoners." "Some time after her husband's death, and when she was about 63 years of age, Louis' widow married Jean Cottin, a very worthy Huguenot, who kept a store at Kingston and had been previously the schoolmaster at New Paltz. In the year 1703 we find recorded in the church book at Kingston the following interesting entry in the list of baptisms, under date of September 5th: "Rachel - after profession of her faith she received the sacrament of holy baptism, aged 17 years. Besides the points required of her in the formula of baptism she also promised the congregation to serve her mistress Catharine Cottyn faithfully and diligently until the death of her mistress and after that to serve her master Jan Cottyn and after that she shall be at liberty and free." The old Dutch dominie, who recorded all this in the church book, performed a valuable deed for history and for the descendants of Louis DuBois, the Patentee. Usually the church record contained simply the name of the child baptized, the parents, and sponsors; but here we have the evidence that the woman who, in her early married years, saved her life by singing a psalm, while the savages were preparing to burn her at the stake, now in her old age manumitted her negro woman. This is perhaps the very first recorded instance in this country of the freeing of a slave." From [IT:History of New Paltz:IT] by Ralph Le Fevre.

More About Catherine Blanchan:
Death2 (conflicting): October 18, 1718, Kingston, Ulster County, New York327
Record Change: June 14, 2003

Marriage Notes for Louis Du Bois and Catherine Blanchan:
The wedding was at the French Protestant Church at Mannheim.
Child of Louis Du Bois and Catherine Blanchan is:
  1265 i.   Sarah Du Bois, born September 14, 1662; died 1726 in Salem, Salem County, New Jersey; married Joost Jan(Sen) Van Metern December 12, 1682 in Kingston Or New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

      2536. Edward Strode328,329, born 1629; died October 28, 1703 in Downside, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. He was the son of 5072. William Strode and 5073. Joan Barnard. He married 2537. Joan Gunning 1657 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

      2537. Joan Gunning330,331, born 1638 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; died April 01, 1679 in Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England. She was the daughter of 5074. John Gunning and 5075. Elizabeth Barker.

Notes for Edward Strode:

More About Edward Strode:
Christening: April 02, 1629, Downside, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Record Change: July 04, 2003

  Notes for Joan Gunning:
Or born 1639.

More About Joan Gunning:
Record Change: June 14, 2003
Child of Edward Strode and Joan Gunning is:
  1268 i.   Edward Strode, born 1670 in Downside, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England; died Abt. July 1697 in On A Ship, On The Way To America; married Susannah Hatchett? November 04, 1690 in Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England.

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