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Descendants of Edward Campbell

Generation No. 1

1. EDWARD2 CAMPBELL (ALEXANDER OR JOHN1) was born 1757 in Kintyre, Argylshire, Scotland, and died February 1837 in Coon Hill Cemetery, Chumuckla, Florida. He married MARY MCLELLAN 1777 in Highlands of Scotland, daughter of JOHN MCLELLAN and UNKNOWN.

Notes for E

      Tradition tells us that Edward Campbell was a Highlander Scot from Argyll, Scotland. From old files found in the Judicial Center Building in Pensacola, Florida, our ancestor, Edward Campbell, was born about 1757, near Kintyre, in the Highlands of Scotland. He came to America with his wife, Mary McLellan, born circa 1759 in Isle of Islay, Scotland, and their six children, three boys, Charles, Duncan, and Daniel, and three girls, Mary, Christian, and one female child who died young.
      Knowing the history of Scotland during the 18th Century will aid us in understanding why Edward Campbell left his family and his homeland. Like many before him, the harsh treatment of the Scots after the Battle of Culloden caused many Highlanders to leave in great numbers. In 1745, Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart, under the cloak of secrecy left Italy for Scotland in a valiant effort to regain the throne of his father, the rightful King, King James Francis Stuart, who lived in exile for many years. It was a foolish plight bound for failure because there wasn't sufficient resources or backing for such an undertaking. Of course, Bonnie Prince Charles hoped after a few victories the French would support his efforts, but in this belief he was sadly mistaken. On a cold rainy day on April 16, 1746 at Drummossie Moor, about one mile from Culloden House, Bonnie Prince Charles and his Highlanders was soundly defeated by the son of King George of Hanover. George, the Duke of Cumberland, swore to give no quarter, and kept that promise.
      As a result of the ill-fated battle, the way of life changed forever in Scotland. In spit of the fact. the Campbell Chief, the Duke of Argyll, remained loyal to Crown of England, as did many Highlanders, and the Campbells fought beside the Duke of Cumberland, the great strife which affected Scotland after that fateful day affected all who were of Scottish birth. In the Cumberland's vengence to crush the Highlander's spirit, many men were slaughtered to near annilation, and what few where left alive were imprisoned and sent to work as slaves on the plantation in the Bahamas. At the same time, the Englishmen came pouring into the Highlands to the lay claim to forfeited lands. Highland families were forcibly removed from their homes to wander like gypsies about the country. Women and children died of deprivation and starvation.
      The price of loosing this battle between Kings left lasting scars on all of Scotland. To aid his suffering kinsmen, the Duke of Argyll made arrangements to help many clansmen go abroad to a land which was said to be rich and bountiful. To stake out a claim for the Scots in this new land. Edward Campbell was one of these Scots who stood ready to take his family on this perilous journey across the sea. He left from the Port of Greenock (across from Glasgow, Scotland) with his wife, Mary MacLellan and their six children. They arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in circa 1788 and settled for a short time in Saint Bartholomew Parish, South Carolina. In the first census of the United States in 1790 they can be found in the Charleston District. Edward Campbell (sometimes spelled Cambel) appears with three free whites male, age sixteen years and upward; two females; and seventeen slaves. In the later half of the 1790's, Edward and his family moved from Saint Bartholomew Parish to the upper reaches of the Old Marion District of South Carolina, on the northern side of the Little Pee Dee River. This is in between the Kintyre Church area and Hamer, in the now dead village of Harleesville, which is now part of Dillon County, South Carolina. They and the seventeen slaves were listed in the United States census in the 1800 and 1810 there.
      Edward's wife, Mary MacLellan, died circa 1816-1819 in the old Carmichael Township of Marion County on the northeast side of the Little Pee Dee River, between Little Rock and Hamer, in the present Dillon County, South Carolina. She is buried in the old McDuffie Cemetery. The last record of Edward to be found in Marion County was when he sold his land to Neil McCormage of Robeson County, North Carolina. According to the a message I received from Marty Grant, who is also connected the Campbells living in Dillon, South Carolina, " this was the last deed of Edward Campbell in this area and it was witnessed by Duncan and Daniel Campbell." These were more than likely his sons.
      According to Mr. W. W Sellers, of Marion County, South Carolina, who wrote 'A History of Marion County, South Carolina and it's People' in 1901, he makes reference to Edward Campbell. He quotes on page 320:
      "Edward Campbell was the first of the family of that name that settled north of Little Pee Dee. He came from Scotland with a family of children and settled       near where Hamer Station, where the Florence Railroad is located; the land on which he lived is now owned by Neill McDuffie. He was a sturdy old             Scotchman; his wife was Mary MacLellan, and others of her name and quite a colony came across the ocean with old Edward, some settling in Marion       County, South Carolina. Old Edward, after living here many years, went West, and all his family went with him except his son, Duncan Campbell, who had       married and settled on the Little Pee Dee, and lived near Hayes Swamp; he came from Scotland with his father, Edward. Duncan owned a large body of land       and he married Margaret MacEachern. They raised a family of three sons and five daughters."
      Around 1819-1820, Edward Campbell left South Carolina with his son Charles, and Charles' wife, Nancy MacEachern, and his daughters, Mary, Mary's husband John MacColl, and Christian who was still unmarried. They came with small group of Scot pioneers, and traveled through Pensacola, up the Escambia River on the east bank, near where Campbell's Creek flows into Chumuckla. They settled on the east and west banks of the Escambia River. Some of Edward's descendants still live in and around Chumcuckla, Jay,Florida, which is now part of Santa Rosa County, Florida, and Pensacola, Florida, a part of Escambia County, Florida.
      There was no Federal Census taken in Florida until 1830, but there was information gathered about these early Scot settlers who migrated to the Panhandle region ofWest Florida. In 1820, the Spanish government who still maintained a fort in Pensacola, becames alarmed at seeing these foreigners within their mists. The Spanish Governor sent an officer out to get a count of how many citizens were there, how much livestock they owned, and how much land was under cultivation. Upon the realization these foreigners posed no threat to them, and that they actually benefited from the Scots' presence since they brought farm produce and meats to the market place in Old Pensacola to sell, the Spanish people come to accept them. No longer was they totally dependent on shipment of goods from Spain. Although a formal treatywas madewith Spain in 1819 which provided for a cession of Florida, by Spain to the United States, it wasn't until July of 1821 before the area was actually turned over to the United States. So the first Federal Census taken in Florida was taken in 1830. There has been a census taken at the beginning of the each decade, listing only heads of families by name up to 1850. Beginning in 1850, each census had the name, sex, age, parents, and the place of birth or each family member.
      When Edward Campbell and his family settled in this region, this area was all part of Escambia County, Florida. In the late 1842, this large area was divided into three counties; thus Escambia County, Walton County, and Santa Rosa County was created. This can make searching for early ancestors who settled in this area very difficult. Added to this, the public records for Santa Rosa County, Florida were destroyed by a Courthouse fire in 1867. Public records before 1869 are contained in Judicial Center Building in Pensacola, Florida. Two such packets were found on Edward Campbell. Some of the records deal with the legal dispute Edward had with his youngest son, Daniel Campbell, before his death, and the administration of his estate after his death in 1837. Any public record for Santa Rosa County for the period preceding the late 1840's will be found in Escambia County, not Santa Rosa County.
      According to the book "Campbell and McCall Family History," published by Rachel Campbell, she states that sometime between 1829-1830 that Edward Campbell asked his friend and kinsman, John McArthur, to write a message to his youngest son, Daniel Campbell, who still resided in South Carolina, requesting Daniel to come to Florida to help him with the plantation. In 1829, his oldest son, Charles died, and Edward probably did need assistance afterwards. Edward said he would reward Daniel for his troubles. About 1830 Daniel Campbell did come to Florida, bringingt his three young daughters, Mary Ann, Flora Jane and Marth Christian with him, but no wife. He lived with his father for two years until the dispute over several slaves. In anger, Edward brought a suit against his son, Daniel, but he died in 1837 before the suit was settled.

Inventory of Appraisement of the
Estate of Edward Campbell, Deceased
Made the First Day of July 1837

1 Horse, Bridle and Saddle                        $80.00
1 Rifle Gun                              10.00
1 Cart                                    12.00
4 Chears ($1.00 each)                        4.00
1 Lot of augers, axes, handsaw and draw knife            9.00     
1 Lot of Sundry articles                        6.00
1 Bed and Bed Clothes                        15.00
1 Lot Farming Tools                        4.00
1 Grindstone                              7.00
1 Road Wagon                              75.00
9 Heads of stock cattle more or less at $9.00 per head      81.00
40 Heads of hogs more or less at $2.00 each            40.00
2 Yoke of work steers at $60.00 each                  120.00
1 Negro man named Samuel about 40 years of age 500.00
1 Negro woman named Amy about 40 years of age
and her child                              650.00
1 Negro girl named Basby about 18 year of age            600.00
1 Negro girl named Fendes about 16 years of age      700.00
1 Negro girl named Masiah about 14 years of age      450.00
1 Negro boy named Cubet about 11 years of age            475.00
1 Negro girl named Lisa about 8 years of age            450. 00
1 Negro girl named Reavy about 7 years of age            300.00
1 Negro boy name Solloman about 4 years of age      200.00
1 Negro boy name Moses about 7 years of age            300.00

Total Estimated Value                        5,123.00

A Report of Claims to Land in West Florida,

Founded on habitation and cultivation,
between February 22, 1819 and July 17, 1821,
Reported in obedience to an act of Congress approved May 26, 1824

CAMPBELL, Charles      10 or 12      Escambia      1819      1824
CAMPBELL, Daniel D.      3 or 4      Escambia      1820      1821
CAMPBELL, Edward      16 or 18      Escambia      1819      1821


[NA:HF, 25 Cong., 3 sess.:DS]
[Referred January 21, 1839]
To the Honorable Congress of the United States--

We whose names are undersigned, Citizens of the Western District of Florida, would respectfully represent to your Honorable body that whereas Government is instituted to promote the happiness of the people, in the accomplishment of which object it is necessary that wrongs should be redressed & rights enforced--and whereas it is the bounden duty of all good Government to develope the resources of the country under its controul, particularly where those resources may be of general benefit to the people--We therefore, a portion of your constituents, who have at all times & under all circumstances faithfully fullfilled all our duties which have devolved upon us as good & faithful Citizens, respectfully present to your Honorable body the following statement of facts which we earnestly urge you to take into serious consideration-- Yellow River, a tributary stream of Blackwater Bay, rises in the state of Alabama & pursuing a southerly course through West Florida, discharges its waters into Blackwater Bay, an arm of & conjoining the Bay of Escambia, about twenty miles east of the City of Pensacola-- About twenty miles of this River in Walton County, Florida, is skirted on either side by a body of rich & valuable land, which is now settled by about forty families & is capable of supporting a much larger population-- Many streams valuable for affording mill-seats & the large quantities of excellent timber of various kinds which skirt their borders, are tributary to this River; but the navigation which is naturally good for plying steamboars & other craft of the same draft of water, is at this time so obstructed for about fifty miles by hugh piles of drift wood which have become so matted together as to form rafts of considerable extent in different parts of the River, that its navigation unless cleared out is altogether impracticable-- Were these rafts however, removed, this River would be navigable for all boats necessary to be used here, from the settlements on its borders to Pensacola--& the lands & fine timber skirting its margins & its tributary streams would be greatly enhanced in value-- The people in this section of the country are now compelled, in the absence of water communication, to transport their produce over land for forty miles before they reach navigable water which may float their produce to the nearest market and if they continue on by land, the distance is lengthened to sixty miles in extent, is incurred-- all these inconveniences & disadvantages may be remedied by the removal of the rafts of wood in Yellow River, which we are assured may be accomplished by the expenditure of about six thousand Dollars--

The right of petitioning for a redress of grievances is guarantied to us by the constitution under which we live, and the relative duty of hearing & carefully considering our petitions must devolve upon your Honorable body-- And it is with confidence that we appeal to your Honorable body to do what may be in your power to remove the grievance under which we labour & remedy the evils of which we complain-- Whilst other portions of our Territory have been nurtured & sustained by your fostering care & protection, we have been utterly neglected & have silently borne the wrongs of which we now complain; but we feel convinced that when they are made known to in a respectfull manner, by a faithfull & unobtrusive people, they will be immediately redressed-- We therefore humbly pray that your Honorable body will take this matter into serious consideration & that you will make the necessary appropriation to remove all obstructions to the navigation of Yellow River up to the Settlements on its borders which is, by the river, about one hundred miles above its disemboguement into Blackwater Bay & as in duty bound your petitioners will ever pray

Daniel D. Campbell listed above, I believe to be the Daniel Campbell who settled in the Walton County, Florida. He was born much earlier in time than Edward's son and he was living in Florida by 1819. I don't know if he was closely related to Edward Campbell, but since they were living in the same area they could be cousins.
The link with John McArthur. He appears to have settled in the Florida about the same time as Edward and his family. John McArthur's son, Augus, married, Mary McLellan, this could be a cousin of Edward's wife, Mary McLellan. The Campbells, McArthurs, and McLellan were all be found in the earlier records of Northwest Florida. Below is some information on John McArthur and his family, and the McLellans who settled in West Florida.

Santa Rosa County, Florida 1st Voters Registration: February 18, 1842

Election Inspectors: Neill McMILLAN, William L. WILLIAMS, Peter L. WILKINSON
Election Clerk: Angus McMILLAN

PRECINCT No. 4 (Cold Water)
Election Inspectors: Jeremiah LAVELL, B.W. THOMPSON, Henry YOUNG
Election Clerk: Nathan C. COBB
McLELLAN, Malcomb

1850 Federal Census, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 31 Oct 1850; 2nd Div; Geo. D. Fisher,
Ass't Marshall Page 472

356 356 McArthur John 65 M W Millright Scotland
" Catherine 62 F W NC(12)
" James 29 M W Carpenter Ala
" Columbus 26 M W Laborer Fla
" Margaret J 21 F W "

365 365 McArthur Augus 34 M W Miller SC
" Mary 32 F W "
" Daniel 9 M W Fla(11)
" Margaret 6 F W "
" John 3 M W "

EMMETT CEMETERY, Old Berrydale Community, Santa Rosa County, Florida
      "The Emmett cemetery is sometimes referred to as the Lewis cemetery."
Recent documentation has properly confirmed that the old family cemetery was originally established by John and Catharine McArthur on land they had settled in 1838. It now is known that these Florida Pioneers, who first settled in Florida in 1822, were buried in this family cemetery. Their eldest daughter Diana and her husband Meredith Hobbs, and grandson Daniel C. McArthur, and his wife, as well as granddaughter Margaret McArthur Emmett, and her husband, now are known to have been buried in the cemetery. None of these early graves have headstones and none has previously been properly documented. Headstones for these unmarked graves will be placed by family members utilizing the documentation listed beside the names of those family members. The old family cemetery became known as Emmett Cemetery in 1900; so named by Robert A. Emmett in memory of his wife Margaret McArthur Emmett. The couple had previously joined the old McArthur land containing the family cemetery to their adjacent 160 acre Homestead. Although the Cemeteryhas been inactive and neglected for many years, the Emmett Cemetery Association desires to honor the established name. Descendants from each family will serve as Cemetery Trustees.

McARTHUR, John, b. Scotland 1785 - d. March 11, 1858 [Florida Patriarch of Clan McArthur]
McARTHUR, Catharine, b. N.C. 1788 - d. March 25, 1866 [Florida Matriarch of Clan McArthur]
McARTHUR, Angus, b. S.C. 1816 - d. 1879 [Eldest son of John & Catharine McArthur, father of Margaret McArthur Emmett, and Daniel C. McArthur, & et. al.]
McARTHUR, Mary McLellan, b. S. C. 1818 - d. 1869 [lst wife of Angus McArthur, Mother of Margaret McArthur Emmett, and Daniel C. McArthur, & et. al.]
McARTHUR, Daniel C., Recent CSA Headstone* b. Aug. 27, 1841 - d. May 9, 1904, CSA "Pvt. Co. G. lst Fla. Inf." [WPA: CSA Veteran, Buried: Emmett Cemetery] [Son of Angus & Mary McArthur]\\
McARTHUR, Jane, b. 1850 - d. 1910 [ Wife of Daniel C. McArthur]

A Special Note from a Bob Campbell:
      I was looking over the notes on old Edward on Ancestry that you have done and things are looking great--good job, and a lot of work I'm sure. One thing I thought I would bring to your attention as it is easy to forget--John McArthur was Edward's next door neighbor on the 1810 Census of Marion Dist of SC and Duncan was only 2 doors away. Robert McColl wasn't far down the road either. Just thought you may be interested. Keep it up.

Keep up the good work Cuz.

Scottish Research:
Argyll Estate 1779
This is an index of names that appear in "The Inhabitants of Argyll Estate 1779", by Eric R. Creegan. The book attempts to list all of the inhabitants on the Duke of Argyll's estates in 1779. The census was taken on his instructions. Please note that not all the estate census survived. Females are often listed by their maiden names. The book itself is available on microfilm through the LDS church's Family History Centers. The film number is 0844784. The use of this index will allow the reader to determine wether it is worth the money ($5.75 in Canada ) to order the film. The residents of the Duke of Argyll's Kintyre estates were not included. Remember that spellings of last names varied over time and the enumerator's grasp of spelling. People are listed by page number they appear on. Use the Place Name index to cross reference.


Alexander 7, 20, 23, 31, 37, 59, 85, 88, 92, 93, 94, 96, 112, 122
Allan 54, 123
Angus 26, 62, 78, 88, 90, 92, 112
Ann 11, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 31, 38, 49, 58, 64
Archibald 13, 15, 16, 21, 23, 26, 31, 37, 60, 63, 64, 67, 77, 87, 88, 89, 90, 92, 94, 95, 100, 104, 111, 120, 122
Betty 9, 15, 16, 19, 20
Catherine 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 31, 38, 41, 42, 52, 56, 62, 87
Charles 19, 43
Christian 7, 9
Christy 88
Colin 15, 19, 22, 83, 88, 112
Donald 22, 24, 35, 38, 62, 63, 64, 67, 78, 82, 84, 85, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 96, 104, 105, 112, 120, 121
Dugald 68, 87, 91, 92, 100, 112
Duncan 7, 11, 15, 16, 19, 21, 23, 37, 44, 59, 63, 67, 92, 96, 103, 104, 111, 120, 121
Effie 37
Flory 35, 38, 54, 58, 59, 60, 64
George 9
Hector 59, 87, 105
Hugh 59, 65, 87, 96, 100, 104, 112
Isobel 22
** Iver 9, 24, 91
James 15, 21, 22, 96, 112, 120
Janet 23, 29, 44, 62
Jean 9, 22, 54
Jessie 63
John 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 31, 36, 37, 38, 54, 58, 62, 63, 65, 69, 82, 85, 87, 90, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 100, 103, 104, 109, 112, 114, 120, 121, 122, 123
Lachlan 99
Lilly 20
Malcolm 13, 23, 44, 97, 100. 105
Margaret 9, 21, 22, 38, 59
Marion 36, 37, 38, 59, 60, 61
Martha 5
Mary 9, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 31, 39, 57, 58, 60, 64
Mr. 82, 85, 86
Mrs. 44, 63, 69, 83, 85, 86, 88, 92, 95, 96
Mungo 87
Murdoch 59, 60
Nanny 20
Neil 21, 22, 38, 77, 89, 93, 96, 104, 105
Nelly 63
Patrick 100
Peggy 15, 23
Peter 79, 122, 123
Robert 20, 44, 79, 87, 122, 123
Roderick 85
Ronald 60
Sandy 104, 106
Sarah 10, 13
Silvester 15
Widow 77, 104
William 19, 20

** Iver Campbell listed on the 1779 Argyll Estate Census may have been our ancestor, Edward Campbell.
I wrote a letter to Duncan Beaton, the Scottish Contributing Editor for "The Clan Campbell Society Journal" who resides in Scotland and was familiar with this area and its history. After requesting information about Edward Campbell, born in 1757 in Argyll, Scotland, and if he could possibly provide me with any information on my ancestor. He wrote back to me of his findings. He stated, " Edward was not a common Scottish name, and most likely Edward would have been named Iver, Ivor or Evor ( Norse for Edward) at birth. After checking with some of the resources located in Argyll, Scotland he wrote that although he didn't find any Edward Campbell living in Argylle, but he did locate an Iver Campbell living near Knapdale. This is located north of Kintyre. Iver Campbell was listed above on the 1779 Argyll Estate Census was living with his wife, and no children were in the household. This would fit in with my research for the time frame. Also he mentioned there were McLellans living in the vicinity. Since Edward's wife was Mary McLellan, it is very possible this Iver Campbell was our ancestor.
Upon further study, I also learned that in early history, Knapdale, was under the domain of Clan MacMillan. There has also been some speculation that Edward or Iver Campbell's parents or grandparents may have been members of the Clan McMillan. For this reason I have added this information so that this can be studied more thoroughly at a later date. Also, his youngest son, Daniel Campbell, married Christian McMillan, so this may prove to be another family connection with the McMillan family. There's a good chance these familiew were well acquainted before they migrated to American.

Daniel D. Campbell
In Walton County, Florida which borders Santa Rosa County, Florida, there lived a man by the name of Daniel Campbell. I've added his biograpy because he was living very close to our ancestor. It was stated that he came to Florida from North Carolina, but it has also been suggested the Edward Campbell had family members that were also living in North Carolina. So I've added this for further investigation.

Biography of Daniel Campbell
One Daniel Campbell was born on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in the year 1725; married Effie McInn in 1752. He moved to America, bringing his family, in time to serve as an American soldier during the Revolutionary War. He died on his birthday -- December 12, 1843 -- at the age of 118 years. His wife died the day previous to his death, and they were both buried the same day at the Sam Clary Cemetery,
near Magnolia settlement. He and his wife had 94 years of married life together.
They had six children. His son Peter Campbell married Christian McCaskill. To this union was born seven children:
Margaret, Katie, Alexandria, Daniel, Sallie, and Allen.
The following item appeared in the "Pensacola Gazette" edition of:
December 10, 1842.
      "There now resides in Walton County, about 75 miles from this place (Pensacola), a man and wife whose united ages total 228
years. The old gentleman is Daniel Campbell. He was united to his present wife 94 years ago, on the Isle of Scotland. He emigrated to
this country several years prior to the Revolutionary War, and was himself about 50 years old when the War broke out. There were no neutrals then, and as Mr. Campbell left his native country in consequence of the political troubles of 1745, he was prepared to take part with the Colonists against the House of Hanover. "He served thru nearly all of the Revolutionary War . . . He is now 117 and his wife is 112 years old."
Allen Campbell married Amelia Clary, about (?) 1846. To them was born: Peter, Eliza, "Babe", Florida, William Allen (Bud), Rachel, Nancy, Richard (Dick), Clem, Mandy, and Daniel. Allen Campbell died in 1911, at the age of 85, near Laurel Hill and was buried in the Sam Clary (Old Cedar Grove) Cemetery. His wife died      when Daniel was a baby; she was buried in the Sam Clary Cemetery.
Peter married Catherine George Children: Margaret, Leila, Alice, Pearl and Sumpter.
Eliza married John Harrison. Children: Will, Bud, Amelia, Hugh, Ethel Lou, and Allen.
"Babe" married Sam Fowler. Children: Angus, Allen, Zonie, Pearlie, and Nancy.
Florida married Monroe Richbourg. children: Will Allen.
William Allen (Bud) married Sarah Richbourg. Children: Fannie Lou, Alexandria, Margaret, Frank, Nell and Raleigh.
Rachel married James L. Richbourg. Children: Jeff, Allen, Kate, Richard and Pasco.
Nancy married J A Gaskin. Children: Allen and Alexandria.
Richard (Dick) married Annie Steele. Children: James and Amelia.
Clem married John Steele. Children: Phillip, Joseph, Naoma, Esther, Eunice, Ridley, Johnnie, Snowie, Bennie, and Rena.
Mandy married John Moore. Children: Cora, Allen, Lillian, Jimmie, Nancy, Birdie and Robert.
Daniel married Lizzie Steele. Children: Cortez, Allie Lee, Marie, Laurez, Allison and Ruth.

United in Marriage in Charleston County, South Carolina

* Campbell, David Erving (Rev.) & Girardeau, Maria (Mrs.) [nee Pinckney] 17 Nov 1827 Married at Walterboro, Rev. David Erving CAMPBELL, to Mrs. Maria Pinkey [sic] GIRARDEAU.
(Source: Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827-1845, Issue_17 Nov 1827, Brent Holcomb)

* Campbell, William (Rt. Hon. Lord) & Izard, Sarah 17 Apr 1763 On Sunday last, the Right Hon. Lord William CAMPBELL, fourth son to his present Grace the Duke of Argyle, and commander of his Majesty's ship Nightingale, was married to Miss Sarah IZARD, daughter of the late Ralph IZARD, Esq., a young lady esteemed one of the most considerable fortunes in the province.
(Source: Marriage Notices in The South-Carolina Gazette and Its Successors (1732-1801), Issue_23 Apr 1763 [Saturday], Brent Holcomb)

* Campbell, William & Driggers, Elizabeth 23 Nov 1874 Married on Nov. 23rd 1874, by the Rev. L. CANNON, Mr. William CAMPBELL to Miss Elizabeth DRIGGERS, all of Goose Creek Parish, Charleston County, SC. (Source: Marriage and Death Notices From the Southern Christian Advocate 1867-1878, Issue_23/30 Dec 1874, Brent Holcomb)

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10. Census of Escambia River, 1820; Edward Campbell was listed as living in the Northwest Florida during 1820 while the Spanish still maintained a fort in Pensacola.
11. Judicial Center in Pensacola, Florida, Escambia County, Record shows Edward Campbell sued his son, Daniel Campbell, in a dispute about some slaves he owned.
12. !830 Escambia County, Florida Federal Census.
13. US Genweb for Florida, Walton County, Biography of Daniel Campbell.

Notes for M
According to the Church of the Later Day Saints, Mary McLellan was born about 1759 on the Isle of Islay, Scotland. She married Edward Campbell sometime around 1779. Their first child, Charles Campbell was born in 1780 , and they had five more children, Duncan, Mary, Daniel, Christian and another female child that died young, before they migrated to Charleston, South Carolina. We know that they were living there when the first census was taken in 1790. Shortly after this the moved to the upper reaches of the Little Pee Dee River, a part of the old Marion District of South Carolina.. Mary died in this area sometime around 1816 and she was buried in the McDuffie Cemetery. We know that her husband, Edward Campbell sold his land in South Carolina after his wife's death and that he migrated to northwest Florida sometime around 1819, along with several of his grown children. He settled in Escambia County, Florida along the Escambia River, along with some other Scot settlers.. In 1842, this became part of Santa Rosa County. There were some McLellan listed on the 1850 Federal Census for Santa Rosa County, Florida and I think they might be related to Mary McLellan. I've also been contacted by another McLellan researcher who said that Mary McLellan father was John McLellan, and that she had several brothers. I have listed them, but I have been able to verify these records. But according to the book by W.W. Sellers, he stated the Edward Campbell brough a large number of his wife's clan, the McLellans with him, so perhaps her father migrated with them. I have listed McLellan living in the South Carolina and Florida region in my notes to see if they are family members

Excerpt from W.W. Sellers' "History of Marion County"
transcribed and contributed to Marion County SCGenWeb

Alexander McLellan and his brother, Malcolm, came to this country from Scotland, in the close of the eighteenth century, and settled on the lands on which some of their descendants now live and own. Alexander was married in Scotland, to Mary McKinnon, and lived there for some time after his marriage, and several children were born to them there, who died in infancy; one a lad, named John, died after he settled here. Of the children to reach maturity, there were four sons, Daniel, Duncan, Archie K., and Colin and one daughter Flora.

There was another family of McLellans in the county. The first of them known to the writer was Rev. Archie McLellan, and a blacksmith; he lived on the south side of Catfish, on Pigeon Bay; he was a local Methodist preacher; he married a Miss Buie; had and raised a considerable family of several sons and daughters. He also had two orphan nephews, son of a deceased brother whom he raised - their names were John and Angus McLellan. [Sons and daughters mentioned by Mr. Sellers: Peter, Enos, Elizabeth and a daughter who married a Mr. Moore.]
--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)

In the except by W. W. Sellers, I believe that Alexander and his brother, Malcolm McLellan was members of Mary McLellan family. I also think they migrated to America with her and her husband, Edward Campbell around 1788.

Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 28 Oct 1850
265 265 McLELLAND Neil 56 M W School Teacher SC

266 266 McLELLAND Duncan 23 M W Farmer "

392 393 McLelland John 35 M W Laborer Ga
" Elizabeth 25 F W Ala
268 268 McLELLAND John 28 M W Tradesman SC

269 269 McLELLAND Malcomb 31 M W Blacksmith SC

Complete survey by: Linda Christenburg Moody Brown

13.Malcom R. McLellan (Son of Mary T. & M.R. McLellan) Oct. 6, 1889 - June 21, 1962
14.Seavy L. McLellan (Son of " " " .) May 7, 1913 - June 5, 1914
15.Sarah C. McLellan (Daughter of " " " ) Aug. 6 1914 - Dec. 7, 1915
16.Infant Son McLellan (Son of " " " " ) Jan 29, 1916 - Jan 30, 1916
17.Infant Son McLellan (Son of " " " ) Jan 29, 1916 - Feb. 2, 1916
11.Cora Lee McLellan July 25, 1887 - Oct. 9, 1928
12. James McLellan
13.Emma Louise McLellan June 29, 1911 - July 4, 1912
14.Infant McLellan April 4, 1913 - April 18, 1913
15.Julia Wright McLellan May 6, 1915 - Sept 21, 1915
16.Infant McLellan (twins) Born & Died April 3, 1917
17.Ellen McLellan Jan. 25, 1924 - Jan. 10 1925
17.Evelyn Fay McLellan (Dau of M.R. & Hattie Lee McLellan)Nov. 29, 1925 - Oct. 17, 1927
18.Malcom Robert McLellan May 10, 1880 - June 1, 1945
19. Hattie Carter McLellan Oct. 24, 1905 - Mar. 6, 1985
1. Infant McLellan No dates
2. Sgt. T.A. McLellan Sept. 20, 1895 - July 31, 1945
3. Bessie McLellan Smith Feb. 8, 1901 - April 10, 1938
4. Martin Breaely McLellan (Son of T.R & A.M. McLellan) May 6, 1885 - May 11, 1885
5. Flora Amanda McLellan July 10, 1847 - June 3, 1922
6. T.R. McLellan Feb. 26, 1836 - April 9, 1895
7. Sadie McLellan Aug. 30, 1904
8. Ann Carmichael McLellan Sept. 27, 1870 - April 10, 1961
9. Alexander McLellan Oct. 26, 1867 - Jan 4, 1904
10.Cordellia McIntyre McLellan (Wife of M.R. McLellan) July 28, 1876 - Jan. 24, 1924
11.This grave has two small granite stones with the Letter "C " one at the foot and one at the head.
12.Infant Daughter McLellan Oct. 20, 1901 - Oct. 30, 1901
13.Harriet D. McLellan Carmichael May 19, 1870 - Aug. 15, 1957
18.Archie Leon McLellan Dec. 23, 1910 - June 2, 1912
19.Ethel Pearl McLellan (Daughter of A.K. & Isla McLellan) Sept. 13, 1912 - May 4 , 1914
20.Lilla Lee McLellan Jan. 10, 1922 - Dec. 15, 1922
21.James M. McLellan Oct. 3, 1916 - Nov. 1, 1959
22.Archie K. McLellan Sept. 17, 1875 - Jan. 6, 1937
23.Isla Bird Faulk McLellan (Wife of Archie K. McLellan) Dec. 22, 1879 - Feb. 8, 1951
20.Henslee Clifford McLellan Jan 23, 1909 - July 21, 1972
Infant Son of Alton & Eloise McLellan Nov. 25, 1954
20.Alton McLellan (Husband of Eloise Bracey McLellan) 1921 - 2000

GRAVES MOVED FROM THE Lock – McDaniel – McDuffie – McLellan Cemetery
In the middle 1990’s (14) graves where moved from the Lock – McDaniel- McDuffie- McLellan Cemetery to the Kentyre Cemetery. Those graves are located on Row M numbers 19 thru 23 and Row N numbers 10 thru 18. Names are….Martha R. McDuffie, Flora J. McDuffie, Catherine C. McDuffie, Daniel McDuffie, Duncan McDuffie…………Neill McDuffie, Mary A. McDuffie, N.D. McEachern, Mary M. McDuffie, Alexander D. McDuffie, Sallie McDuffie, Geogre A. McDuffie, James D. McDuffie, Nancy McDuffie.

Since there are a lot of McLellans that are buried in Kentyre Cemetery, I believe that some of these may be family member of Mary McLellan who married Edward Campbell about 1779 in Scotland. Any possible connection may be found at a later date.

Note per per Debbie McLellan on the the McLellan:

Mary McLellan born 1759 Isle of Islay Scotland,was the daughter of John McLellan and Unknown? her brothers and sisters were Archie he married Christian Buie, Donald he married Mary MacArthur, Angus, Malcolm he married Flora, Daniel married Margaret McGoogan, Alexander married Mary McKinnon, andJohn McLellan.This is how I tie in Malcolm and Flora had Catherine and Neil McLellan, Neil was born 1790 in Scotland he had three children, Malcolm, John, and Angus. John was born in 1820 in Marion County...he married Mary unknown? They had John William McLellan born 1848 in Marion that married Loucinda, they had John William McLellan born 1869 in marion, S.C. , Neil McLellan, Lillie, Anne, Jesse, Enos......all of these were born in Marion
County S.C., now This last J.W. McLellan was my grandfather he married awoman named Janie in the late 1800's they had three children, Leila, Dora, and Lawrence, Lawrence died at the age of nine.Then Janie died before 1900 he married Arrie Lucy Turbeville in 1905, she had two children before the marriage , Herbert and Effie, then they together had Maxcy, Willie ( my dad), Bettie, Isabelle, Eva Dell, Blanche, also Effie grandmas daughter had married and had a son but she died right after that and grandma and pa raised him as theirs his name was Joseph Rogers. now from what I understand and from a book called 101 cemeteries in Marion, and Dillon Counties Mary ( the Isle of Islay one) Edward was buried in the McDuffie McLellan cemetery in Dillon, but am checking to verify this .........well thats about all if you need to know something else let me know ok..Thanks debbie

1830 Federal Census of Escambia Co. (east of Escambia River), Western Florida Territory
(Area of present-day Santa Rosa County, Florida)

**CAMPBELL, E. ?(Mrs.) c, e, o, s

In the 1830 Federal Census for Escambia County, Florida, Western Florida Territory, there was listed a Mrs. E. Campbell listed as the head of the household, and I believe this person to be the wife of the deceased Charles Campbell. The E. could be the middle initial for Edward, as that was his father's name. Charles Campbell died the summer of 1829, prior to the census. According to the census, there were 1 free white male, 10-15 years, 1 free white male 20-30 years, 1 free white female, 5-10 years, and 1 free white female, 30-40 years living in the home.

In the 1850 Federal Census for Santa Rosa County Florida, Nancy McEachern appears as a 50-year-old white female from Scotland, and the wife of Elijah Gaylor of Georgia, a farmer with 100 acres of land.

**Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 30 Oct 1850; 2nd Div; Geo. D. Fisher,
Ass't Marshall 240 Page 471

341 341 Gaylor Elijah 50 M W Farmer 100 Ga
" Nancy 50 F W Scotland

McDuffie-McLellan Cemetery, Dillon County, S.C.

From Hwy. 301, turn right on SC 40. Proceed for 1-1/4 miles, turn right on SC 198. Take S.C. 44 for 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on the right. Survey and directions, 1983

3rd Row

Flora Jane McLellan
Nov. 11, 1844 - Feb. 28, 1916

Sarah McLellan
June 25, 1838 - May 27, 1914

Robert Lot McLellan
Dec. 11, 1855 - Jan. 10, 1879

A.K. McLellan
April 9, 1807 - Jan. 21, 1887

Harriet McLellan
Wife of A.K. McLellan
Died July 7, 1874 in the 62nd year of her age

W.B. McLellan
Aug. 21, 1844 - Sept. 10, 1872

Duncan McLellan
Died May 25, 1872 in the 68th year of his age

Daniel Colin
Son of M.B. and Frances McLellan
b. Nov. 27, 1868
d. Dec. 30, 1868

Daniel B. McLellan
July 11, 1846 - Sept. 29, 1868

Daniel McLellan
Died May 18, 1861 in the 60th year of his age

Wife of Colin McLellan
b. June 25, 1805
d. January 1873

Colin McLellan
Died Feb. 14, 1859 in the 48th year of his age

William Henry McLellan, Jr.
Son of William Henry McLellan, Sr. and Blanche Melvin McLellan
b. June 30, 1925
d. Sept. 19, 1951

**Alexander McLellan
A Native of Scotland
Died Aug. 17, 1839 in the 77th year of his age

Mary McLellan
A Native of Scotland
Died in the 42nd year of her age

**Malcolm McLellan
a Native of Scotland
Born in the year 1751 and Died of Apoplexy in the
72nd year of his age

I believe this was Mary McLellan, grave site, the wife of Edward Campbell. She was a Native of Scotland and she died when she was about forty years old. I think Alexander McLelland and Malcolm was possibly her brother who also traveled with Edward Campbell and his wife Mary McLellan.

1. "Campbell and McCall Family History," written by Rachel Campbell, published in 1983.
2. "The History of Marion County, and It's People,"written by W.W. Sellers, published 1901.
3. Kentyre Cemetery located in Dillon County, South Carolina listed at Rootsweb Site for South Carolina.
4. Notes on the McLellan Family sent to me by Debbie McLellan, date June 10, 2002.

      Children of E
2. i.   CHARLES3 CAMPBELL, b. 1780, Highlands of Scotland; d. 1829, Escambia County, in 1840 became a part of Santa Rosa County, Florida.
3. ii.   DUNCAN CAMPBELL, b. 1782, Highlands of Scotland; d. September 02, 1839, McDuffy Cemetery, Dillon County, South Carolina.
4. iii.   MARY CAMPBELL, b. 1784, Highlands of Scotland; d. March 21, 1859, Dansborough, Alabama, Choctaw County, Tinker Place Cemetery.
5. iv.   DANIEL CAMPBELL, b. 1786, Highlands of Scotland; d. May 15, 1850, Coon Hill Cemetery Chumuckla,Santa Rosa County, Florida.
v.   CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL, b. 1787, Highlands of Scotland; d. 1857, Buried Coon Hill Cemetery, Chumuckla, Santa Rosa County, Florida; m. JAMES SPILLMAN, March 04, 1830, Escambia County, Florida.
Notes for C
      Christian Campbell, the youngest daughter to survive infancy of Edward Campbell and Mary McLellan came to America as a infant. When her father, Edward Campbell, made his journey west to Florida, Christian was still unmarried. Later. she married James Spillman but there was no children born of this union. John Spillman was listed on some of the early Florida Census. Christian Campbell Spillman was also involved in the Court Case when her father sued his son, Daniel Campbell, over some slaves he owned. Her father died in 1837 before the suit was settled. When Daniel tried to be appointed as executor of the estate of Edward Campbell, she once more intervined, letting the courts know that he should not be appointed since the majority of her father estates was the slaves, and it was still being haggled over in the courts on how this would be proceed.

Santa Rosa County, Florida
Reconstructed Tract Book
RANGE 30W & 31W
This Tract Book was reconstructed by Duke Vickrey from the General Land Office Automated Records - Florida (Release 2).

SECTION 30* - T3N R30W
SW/SE 30 3N 30W SPILLMAN CHRISTIAN 9991 C 1852/09/01

Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 7 Dec 1850; 2nd Div; Geo. D. Fisher,
Ass't Marshall 245 Page 481
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

447 448 Spellman Mrs 60 F W 200 Scotland(12)
Page 41
Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 7 Dec 1850; 2nd Div; Geo. D. Fisher,
Ass't Marshall Page 482
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
448 449 Campbell Mrs 42 F W NC
" Charles 18 M W Laborer Fla(11)
" John 16 M W " " (11)
" William 15 M W " " (11)
" Daniel 14 M W " (11)
" Margaret 12 F W " (11)
" Sarah 10 F W " (11)
" Malcolm 8 M W " (11

1. Santa Rosa County, Florida: Reconstructed Tract Book: RANGE 30W & 31W, his Tract Book was reconstructed by Duke Vickrey from the General Land Office Automated Records - Florida (Release 2).
2. Santa Rosa Co., Fla. 7 Dec 1850; 2nd Div; Geo. D. Fisher, Ass't Marshall 245 Page 48, proof of residency.

vi.   UNKNOWN CAMPBELL, b. 1787.

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