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"The Underwood/Goodwin/Coleman Family Page"

Updated February 21, 2012

Angela Underwood
278 Main St #F402
West Haven, Connecticut 06516
United States

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Our family history is dedicated to all the Underwood, Goodwin and Coleman families and their associated families. I became interested in my families history in 1998. Alot of the interest was sparked, due in part. When I looked at some of the genealogy questions and couldn't answer any of those questions, past my grandparents. I thought that was bad, enough. So here I am doing research on my family and hoping they'll learn from what I have researched.

Joe Underwood, was born abt: 1819 in South Carolina. He married a Fannie(maiden name unknown), born abt: 1822 in North Carolina. So it's unknown as to there actual time frame, coming into Alabama. They were probably bought in as slaves; both he and his wife. There's also a granddaughter (Ellen Williams) b: abt 1864 in Alabama, living with them during that time. I'm still trying to establish the link between he and 2nd great grandfather-Tom Underwood; or should I say trying to find a household where Tom could've been with him. To establish actual, father and son link. But I'm sure with the evidence before me; Tom's daughter being named Fannie. Which he named I'm assuming after his mother. Most of our families naming patterns are repetitive. Also, according to the 1880 census; it has Joe's father-being from AFRICA and his mom from-North Carolina. Fannie's father was listed as being from-North Carolina; doesn't list where her mother was born. Which I've used to find and track other members of my family.

Tom Underwood b: May 1845 d: unknown, married Clarissa Baldwin b: Oct 1860 d: unknown. During the 1880 census-there known as; Toney and Clary respectively. On the 1900 census as-Tony and Clara and on the 1910 census as-Tone and Clarie. Wow, what confusion I said to myself. But non-the-less still our gggrandparents. There children were: Riley b: 10 Jan 1880 d: 9 Oct 1970, Dock b: abt 1881, Melvina b: Nov 1884(Ben Jackson), Fannie Mae(Mitchell Pearson) b: abt 5 November 1879 died: 5 April 1968, Frank b: 10 March 1883(my ggrandfather) and Walter(Sweet) b: 3 September 1885.

Clarissa Baldwins parents were: Paschal Baldwin and Melvina(maiden name unknown). Her siblings were: Patsy, Anna, Thomas, Ellen and Henry. There were more siblings, but these are the ones I've found so far.

Frank Underwood b: 10 March 1883 d: 7 March 1954 in Thompson, AL, he married Anna(Pearly) Rouse on 28 Dec 1908 in Union Springs, AL. Anna born abt: July 1892. They had only one child, before she died suddenly from measles. There child was: Mckinley Underwood b: 3 Oct 1908 in Union Springs, AL(is my granddad). These are my great grandparents. Frank married his second wife-Lucindy or Lucinda Lumpkin born: 15 Dec 1892 died: 14 August 1979 in Alabama. Her sister Mary Lumpkin married Franks brother Walter Underwood and isn't that ironic.

Mckinley Underwood Sr b: 3 Oct 1908 in Union Springs, AL d: 25 Sept 1989 in Youngstown, Ohio, married Essie Mae Lee(Feagin)b: 10 May 1915 in Union Springs, AL d: 9 Oct 1976 in Dayton, Ohio. Feagin is grandma Essie's adoptive name, due in part, her father adopted the name, from his step-father-Bob Feagin. Mckinley and Essie had 17 children born to there union, of which only 14 survived to adulthood.

Carter Coleman was born abt: 1816 somewhere in Georgia. He married one Adeline Skinner/DeVaughn, born abt: 1830 in Virginia. These are my 4th great grandparents(paternal side). Still trying to pinpoint exact places for both Carter & Adeline as to the city/counties to which they were born. They settled later in the Alabama area; there in the census for that area starting in 1870. There children were: Lizzett(3rd great-grandmother) she married Russell Goodwin Sr; Henrietta(Monroe Battle), Lola(Jim Goodwin Sr), Nancy(Fred Bryars), Edward, Peter(Leanna Carlisle), Johnson(Della) and Clinton. Adeline was also, known by the last names of: Skinner & DeVaughn; as per her children's death certifica

Family Photos

  • Angela Underwood-Radziszewski (39 KB)
    Taken of me on the job; at the Navy Subase 2005.
  • Father & Daughter Moments (52 KB)
    Kenny and his daughter Hana Marie out together for one of them father daughter moments. Enjoying each other.
  • Dessie Goodwin (28 KB)
    Dessie Goodwin is the daughter of James(Jim) Goodwin and Lola Coleman. Granddaughter to Carter Coleman and Adeline(DeVaughn)Skinner and William Goodwin.
  • DJ & Leslie Underwood (44 KB)
    Out at the Park enjoying themselves; family time together.
  • Goodwin Kin (36 KB)
    This is a photo of some our Goodwin kin; from California. I believe dated, from the 60's.
  • Dad in Newfoundland (45 KB)
    Dad(Rev Mckinley Underwood Jr) undercover daddy with his friend in Newfoundland in 1955. Cool daddio!!
  • Shamichael & Hana (28 KB)
    My nephew Mike with his cousin Hana who was in from Japan.
  • A Goodwin Kin (41 KB)
    My cousin Marzelle; daughter of the late Ruth Goodwin and Charlie Foster. And granddaughter of the late James Goodwin and Lola Coleman.
  • Our Doggy (42 KB)
    His name was Two Scent cause any time someone moved or visited he'd go to barking and getting excited. Thus the name two-scent always had to put his two-scents in. Here in France.
  • Underwood Siblings (39 KB)
    DJ, Meme and Kenny in for that infamous photo together. We are Family!!
  • Granny's Baby (38 KB)
    This is my grandson Izayah Nickolas Clark: son of Robert James Clark and Keyla Marie Underwood.
  • Dad's in Gainesville Florida (52 KB)
    Dad(Rev Mckinley Underwood Jr) seated left on the couch with family on our visit back in 2003....Christmas time. Family time!!
  • Mixxed Bag of Nuts!! (38 KB)
    Aunt Verlene Hale, Latecia Ann Hale, Mckinley Underwood; visiting family in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • The Underwood Clan (55 KB)
    Taken back when we had our 1998 Family Reunion in Louisville, Ky.
  • Cousin in Florida (42 KB)
    Shamichael and his 1st cousin Keyla Marie at there great grandad place in Gainesville, Florida.
  • On our way Out!! (45 KB)
    Mike with the girls and heading out on there continued journey. Next stop Florida.
  • The Mckinley Underwood Jr: Sons (1 KB)
    These are my brothers: sons of Mckinley Underwood Jr & Betty Jean Canada.
  • Mack Jr and his brood (43 KB)
    Here we are with dad when we were stationed in Madrid, Spain at one of the hotels before we got base housing.
  • DJ's 2nd Grade School Picture Limestone Maine (56 KB)
    Taken of DJ's 2nd grade school picture in Limestone, Maine.
  • Hattie Marie Martin's Account of her family Prt 1 (168 KB)
    This is an account of the Ivey, Goodwin and Martin families as told by Hattie Marie Martin; daughter of Osborne(Pig) Martin.
  • Clovertown Church of God Days 1988 or 89!! (47 KB)
    Pictured here are the women of the clovertown Church of God in there women in white Sunday attire. My mom Betty is 2nd to last lady on right and my daugheter(Keyla Marie) in front with Sis. Edna Whitney.
  • DJ's School Photo (53 KB)
    DJ with his classmates at Harrison Elementary in Limestone, Maine.
  • Part 2 of Hattie Martin's Account of her Family (207 KB)
    this is the 2nd page of Osborne Martin's; daughter's(Hattie Marie) account of her family. They came from Virginia and Georgia areas; parts unknown at this time. She also talked of accounts that Her great grandfather Joe Ivey(was born a slave) and her great great grandfather Pat Ivey had owned land there in Union Springs, Alabama.
  • Singing Group (40 KB)
    Dad with his harmonising buddies while they were stationed in Newfoundland in the mid 50's.
  • Youngstown Ohio Visit (49 KB)
    Uncle Lee, Aunt Jaquetta, Aunt Viv, Meme, Israel, Aunt Verl, Kenny, Hana, Maria; visiting family in Ohio.
  • Stephen & Misty Underwood Children (1 KB)
    My nephew and neices(Es'stephian, Noah and Nitifia Underwood).
  • Grandpa Mckinley Underwood Sr (57 KB)
    Taken at the Clovertown Church of God homecomings in the 70's.
  • James and Son (94 KB)
    James Pedraza with his new born Semaj Pedraza III.
  • Track Dads in the Shape Internationals!! (45 KB)
    Dad the running man; competing in the Shape International in France.
  • The Underwood Cousin's (773 KB)
    Taken about the time of my Aunt Bettie's funeral; at her home afterwards.
  • Uncle Lee Hale & Izayah Nickolas Clark (1442 KB)
    Taken outside Uncle Lee & Aunt Verlene's home in; Youngstown, Ohio.
  • Uncle Norman Underwood & ggreat neice Antavia (941 KB)
    At the church in Youngstown, Ohio; after Aunt Bettie's funeral services concluded.....
  • Rueben Underwood (24 KB)
    Rueben during his high school years with his best bud(Maurice Hollingsworth); sadly missed though.
  • The Mckinley Underwood Sr; Grandchildren (835 KB)
    At Uncle Jimmie & Aunt Bettie's home in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • Shamichael Underwood (67 KB)
    Him at 11mths ain't he a cutie!!
  • Miltary Days: Rev Mckinley Underwood Jr (43 KB)
    This is my dad in Madrid, Spain at Marelejas housing units.
  • Visit to DJ & Leslie in Louisville, Ky (46 KB)
    My brother Kenny Underwood and his sister Meme and his girls Hana and Maria from Japan. Visiting family in Kentucky.
  • Mother and Son (37 KB)
    Meme and her son Shamichael Underwood at my brother's house in Louisville, Ky.
  • Back in the Day:When!! (41 KB)
    Nicky, DJ, Mom(Betty Canada) holding Keyla, Dad and Steve sitting on the floor. Harlan, Ky days when times were rough but we pulled through as a family.
  • Kenny & Mizuho Underwood (44 KB)
    My brother Kenny and wife Mizuho who were in from Japan visiting last summer 2009. Aren't they a lovely couple.
  • Visit to Chattanooga Tennessee (48 KB)
    At family in Tennessee Meme and family.
  • Aunt Josephine Williams (39 KB)
    Aunt Jo with her neices: Wanda Canada, with, Aunt Jo holding Felecia Joy.
  • Navy Days!! (33 KB)
    Me BM3 Markes sitting out on the deck of the ship(USS McKee) on our way out to Hawaii to do OPS!!
  • The Gangs all Here (28 KB)
    Bob Caruso, Meme holding my grandson Semaj Pedraza III at Meme's house in Lansdale, Pa.
  • Wanda Canada White (73 KB)
    My cousin Wanda Canada White; wasn't she gorgeous.
  • New Addition to the Mack III Family (1 KB)
    My new neice Hikari Yvette Underwood....ain't it something they gave her my middle name....Thanks ya'll.
  • Foursome!! (37 KB)
    Israel, Izayah, Keyla with lil man Semaj looking on at them.
  • Youngstown Ohio Visit 2 (37 KB)
    Kenny with cousin Sonja Underwood and Meme looking on.
  • At Aunt Louise Canada Home in Tennessee (35 KB)
    My brother and family visiting Aunt Louise Canada in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Grandbaby!! (76 KB)
    My grandson Semaj Pedraza just weeks after he was born in Seversville, Pa.
  • Shamichael at 24mths Old!! (30 KB)
    My nephew Mike, Mike as we call him; in his younger days.
  • At Uncle Lee & Aunt Verl's in Ohio (50 KB)
    Kenny and family visiting Uncle Lee & Verlene Hale in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • Mckinley Underwood Jr Boys!! (41 KB)
    Mckinley III, Dyrol, Rueben, Stephen and Nicholas at Steve's 1988 graduation from Harlan High School in Harlan, Ky....sons of Rev Mckinley Jr and Betty Jean Canada Underwood. Love this picture!!
  • At the Mall (50 KB)
    Keyla holding her son-Izayah with Mizuho holding her daughter-Hana in Florida.
  • Underwood Girls!! (45 KB)
    Angie, Meme, Tonja, Mizuho and Keminia at dad's in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Mom & Dad (31 KB)
    My mom and dad holding Israel at there place in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Uncle Lawrence (54 KB)
    Uncle Lawrence Underwood who recieved a visit from his nephew Mckinley III and his girls-Hana and Maria in from Japan.
  • Sr. Underwood Clan (58 KB)
    Taken of the whole Underwood Sr. kids when my dad returned from his tour oversees. There were 17 children born to Rev. Mckinley Underwood Sr & his wife-Essie Mae Feagin(Lee).

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