The purpose of this report is to show the movements of the Marbury family from Maryland to Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and as they spread out throughout the south. I have included some of the events of the American Revolution to help the reader to better understand how these events may have caused the Marburys to react and relocate. Unless specifically noted, relationships are not proven.


1660-1663 - Francis Marbury is born in England.


1690 - November 28, Francis Marbury buys 200 acres on Piscattaway Creek, Charles Co., MD

Bef. 1698 - Francis Marbury marries Mary Greene.

1700/1 - January 31, Leonard Marbury, Sr. is born to Francis & Mary in Prince George's Co., MD

1720-1732 - Leonard Marbury, Sr. marries Penelope - probably in Prince George's Co., MD

1734 - Mr. Francis Marbury dies in Prince George's County, MD

1736 - January 1 - Leonard Marbury, Sr. and wife Penelope sell lands in Prince George's Co., MD

1747 - Sept. 11, Special Petition of Leonard Marbury of Prince Georges Co., MD - "Little Troy"

1750 - Sept. 8 - Leonard Marbury, Sr. and wife Penelope sell lands in Prince George's Co., MD


1753 - May 1 - Francis, Thomas and Leonard Marbury, "brothers", lease lands in Fairfax County, VA

1758 - May 1 - Renew lease in Francis Marbury's name only, this land became Loudoun Co., VA in 1757

1759 - Francis Marbury is Constable in Loudoun Co., VA

1759 - April 4 - Leonard Marberry is born in Maryland

1759 - 1765 - Francis Marbury on Tithable lists in Loudoun Co., VA

1762 - 1773 - Thomas Marbury is listed on the Tithable Lists in Loudoun Co., VA (1771-73 Shelburne Parish)

1760 - Eleanor Marbury Obituary says she was born in Rowan Co., NC. (probable error in obituary)

1764 - March 12 - Francis Marbury sells lease in Loudoun Co., VA

1764 - June 15 - Leonard Marbury, Jr. witnesses the will of Elizabeth Hanson, Charles Co., MD.

1765 - Court cases in Loudoun Co., VA involving Leonard Marbury, Francis Marbury named

1766 - Sept. 9 - Leonard Marbury in prison for upwards of 20 days in Loudoun Co., Virginia.


1767 - Luke Marberry born in North Carolina

1769 - John Marberry born in North Carolina

1772 - Leonard Marbury is a Deputy Surveyor in Georgia

1774 - Francis Marbury is a road hand in Anson Co., North Carolina

1774 - Richard Worrell and wife to Francis Marbury, Anson Co., NC

1775 - Francis Marbury and wife to Henry Wade, Anson Co., NC

1776 - Summer - Capt. Leonard Marbury, Jr. participates in the destruction of the Indian towns of Estatowie and Tugalow in Georgia.

1776 - Leonard Marbury, Jr. buys land between Little and Big Kiokees, Georgia

1777 - Eleanor Marberry states that she "lived in the state of GA about 1777"

1777 - Luke Marberry states "in the year 1777 or about that time he lived with his father in GA"

1777 - 1779 - Luke & Eleanor Marberry were "well acquainted with Leonard who resided in GA, above Augusta on the Savannah River

1777 - 1779 - John Marberry says he was in a battle with Leonard Marberry across the Savannah River

1778 - December 29 - Savannah, GA is taken by the British under Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell.

1779 - Jan. 26 - After Battle of Burke Co. Jail, GA - Patriots retreat & join Cols. Elbert, Hammond and Marbury.

1779 - January 29 - British capture Augusta, Georgia.

1779 - February 10 - Col. Leonard Marbury captures prisoners at Middleton's Ferry (Luke saw Leonard here)

1779 - During the Battle of Kettle Creek, GA - A small party of Whig horsemen under Col. Leonard Marbury in Wilkes Co., GA plundered families who had taken oaths of loyalty to the King.

1779 - March 3 - Leonard Marbury, Jr. participates in the Battle of Briar Creek, Georgia.

1779 - Late March - Col. Leonard Marbury, Jr. is captured with 25 of his men in Burke Co., GA.

1779 - October - Col. Leonard Marbury, Jr. at the Seige of Savannah as a volunteer aid to Gen. Howe.

1779 - Col. Leonard Marbury is at the attempt to retake Savannah - An American-French loss.

1779 - By the end of the year - British troops had seized all of Georgia except Wilkes Co..

Luke says his brother Leonard departed again with the American Army and was not seen by him again until he saw him in North Carolina, where his father had moved. Eleanor also recollects Leonard's return home from the war to North Carolina with military clothing onů..

1780 - Feb. 2 - Col. Leonard Marbury, Jr. marries Ann Somerville in Augusta, GA.

1780 - May 12 - Charleston, South Carolina is captured by the British.

1780 - July 6 - Leonard Marbury, "rebel officer" is named in the British Disqualifying Act.

1780 - August 16 - British Gen. Cornwallis defeats Gen. Gates at Camden, SC.

1780 - South Carolina and Georgia are overrun by the British.

1780 - December 5 - Leonard Marberry marries Mary Rounsaval in Rowan Co., NC.

1781 - Leonard Marbury, Jr. petitions for lands in Maryland - has been driven from his lands in Georgia.

1781 - May 7, My great-great grandfather , Francis Marberry is born in North Carolina - John L. Marberry


When Col. Leonard Marbury was driven from Georgia by the British and sought asylum in Maryland did Francis Marbery move back to North Carolina? Where did the Leonard Marbury, Sr. family go? Did Thomas Marbury, Sr. also move to North Carolina at this time?

1783 - February 11 - The Revolutionary War is "formally ended".

1783 - March 5 - Tabitha Marbury marries Thomas Biles in Rowan Co., NC.

1785 - Thomas Marbury & wife, Jane of South Carolina sell lands in Washington Co., GA

1786 - Francis Marbury & his wife Tabitha "of Roan Co., NC" sell lands on Little Kiokee Creek, GA

1787 - October 4 - Eleanor G. Marberry marries John Moore in Rowan Co., NC.

1788 - July 21 & Sept. 26 - Thomas Marbury witnesses deeds for Leonard & Ann Marbury in Edgefield Co., South Carolina.

1789 - Francis Marbury purchases 200 acres of land in Rowan Co., North Carolina.

1790 - February 26 - Thomas Marbury buys 100 acres of land in Edgefield, SC.

1790 - Thomas Marbury is listed in the Edgefield District, South Carolina Census

1790 - Francis "Marbery" is listed in the Census of the Salisbury District of Rowan Co., NC

1792 - 1795 - Isaac Marbury marries Rebecca Biles in Rowan Co., NC.

1793 - December 28 - Luke Marberry marries Elizabeth Bullen in Rowan Co., NC.

1794 - Leonard Marbury, Sr. dies on the "Kiokas" in GA - "he left 3 sons and 3 daughters".

1795 - Francis Marbury, planter & Tabitha "Marberry", his wife, sell Rowan Co., NC lands

1796 - September 22 - Col. Leonard Marbury, Jr. dies in New Orleans, LA.

1797 - Thomas & Tabitha (Marbury) Biles move from Rowan Co., NC to Montgomery Co., NC.

1800 - Montgomery Co., NC ? Probable year of death of Francis Marbery of the 1790 Rowan Census.

1800 - Rowan County, NC records refer to Francis Marbury's Ext. (Est.?), others mentioned are Luke Marbrough, John Moore, Chas. Moore, Hu. Horah (also says Francis Marbrys est.)

1800 - Montgomery Co., NC Census, Tabitha Marbury, over 45 & 1 male 16 - 26

1800 - John Marbury, Leonard Marbury and Luke Marbury on previous census page in Montgomery Co., NC in separate households

1801 - Horatio Marbury & Wm. Crawford write the "Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia"

1799 - 1811 - Horatio Marbury is the Secretary of State of Georgia.

1808 - April 30 - John Marberry purchases land in Buncombe Co., NC.

1804 - July 1 - On a list of letters remaining in Augusta Post Office - Thomas "Marberry".

1810 - "Tabatha Marbery" in Census of Montgomery Co., NC, over 45 with 5 slaves

1816 - Thomas Marbury, Jr. dies in Edgefield Co., South Carolina.

1820 - Horatio Marbury dies in Jefferson Co., GA

1824 - Thomas Marbury, Sr. dies in Edgefield Co., South Carolina.


Bef. 1813 - Francis and Nancy Marberry are married. Francis was born 1781 in North Carolina.

1823 - June 12, John Monroe Marberry, Sr. is born in Robertson Co., Tennessee to Francis & Nancy.

1850 - John Monroe Marberry is living in St. Tamany Parish, Louisiana.

1859 - February 11, John M. Marberry patents lands in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

1860 - John Monroe Marberry is living in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

1860 - June 1, John M. Marberry purchases Public Lands in Livingston Parish, LA (now Tangipahoa Par.)

1861 - September 7, John M. Marberry enlists in Confederate Army in Humphreys Co., Tennessee.

1862 - February 16, John M. Marberry is captured with the surrender of Fort Donelson, TN.

1862 - 1864, John M. Marberry is paroled and captured two more times before being imprisoned in December, 1864 at the Union Prison Camp Douglas in Chicago, IL.

1865 - June 19, discharged from Camp Douglas Prison Camp, Chicago, IL - Civil War is over.

1869 - December 30, John M. Marberry marries Hester Gould Morrisset in Humphreys Co., TN

1871 - January 30, John M. Marberry purchases 160 acres on Trace Creek at Tennessee River, Humphreys Co., TN.

1875 - September 28, John M. and brother Francis M. Marberry divide lands on Trace Creek.

1875 - September 29, John Monroe Marberry, Jr. is born to John M. & Hester Marberry in Humphreys Co..

1891 - June 19, John Monroe Marberry, Sr. dies in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

1898 - August 25, John Monroe Marberry, Jr. marries Ida Irene Stewart in Humpheys Co., TN.

1901 - 1902, John M. Marberry, Jr. serves in the Phillipines during the Spanish-American War.

1911 - John M. Marberry, Jr. and family move from Johnsonville, Humphreys Co., TN.

1915 - March 13, William Marshall Marberry, Sr. is born in Gibson Co., TN to John & Ida Marberry.

1944 - April 23, William M. Marberry, Sr. & Janet Pauline Greenhalgh are married in Winnebago Co., IL.

1947 - January 13, John Lee Marberry is born to William and Janet Marberry in Winnebago Co., IL.



Compiled by John L. Marberry, Box 304, LaFox, IL 60147