Unsolved Marbury Mysteries

Gilbert Marburie arrives in Elizabeth City, VA in 1623/24 on the Southampton.


Captain Anthony Marbury is living in the Barbados between 1629 and 1638.


Richard Marbery arrives in Virginia in 1643.


Francis Maybury arrives in Virginia between 1672 and 1679?


Are Anne Marbury Hutchinson and Katherine Marbury Scott of New England related to the Marbury family of Prince George's Co., MD?


Francis Marbury purchased land in Charles Co., MD in 1690.


Leonard Marbury, Sr. is born in Prince George's Co., MD - the son of Francis Marbury and Mary Green.


Francis, Lenard and Thomas Marbury are named as "brothers" in a three-lives-lease in Loudoun Co., VA in 1753.


Horatio Marbury was the Secretary of State of Georgia until 1811.


Francis Marberry and wife Tabitha sold their lands in Rowan County, NC in 1795.


My great-great grandfather Francis Marberry was born on May 7, 1781 in North Carolina, how does he fit into the Marbury/Marberry picture?


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