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El arbol genealogico de la familia Marti Oliver:
Index of Individuals

Aguilar Jimenez

Aguilar Jimenez, Miguel Cecilio(d. date unknown)

Aguilar Osuna

Aguilar Osuna, Francisco
Aguilar Osuna, Maria Victoria

Alcaime Diaz

Alcaime Diaz, Ana

Aldas Oliver

Aldas Oliver, Cristobal
Aldas Oliver, Maria Del Carmen
Aldas Oliver, Maria Eloisa


Aldas, Cristobal

Alles Alles

Alles Alles, Bartolome(d. date unknown)

Alles Cardona

Alles Cardona, Bartolome(d. date unknown)

Alles Marti

Alles Marti, Maria(d. date unknown)
Alles Marti, Maria

Alles Pons

Alles Pons, Bartolome(d. date unknown)
Alles Pons, Catalina(d. date unknown)
Alles Pons, Damian(d. date unknown)
Alles Pons, Juana(b. Abt. 1890, d. 13 November 1938)
Alles Pons, Maria(d. date unknown)
Alles Pons, Miguel(d. date unknown)
Alles Pons, Pedro(d. date unknown)

Alles Salord

Alles Salord, Antonio(d. date unknown)
Alles Salord, Eulalia(d. date unknown)

Alles Torrent

Alles Torrent, Juan(b. Abt. 1839, d. 8 August 1894)

Anglada Bosch

Anglada Bosch, Juan




Antonio(d. date unknown)

Bagur Piris

Bagur Piris, Juana(d. date unknown)

Bagur Triay

Bagur Triay, Jose

Benejam Coll

Benejam Coll, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Calafat Torres

Calafat Torres, Esperanza(d. date unknown)

Camps Fuxa

Camps Fuxa, Francisco(b. 7 July 1892, d. 20 May 1980)
Camps Fuxa, Margarita(b. Abt. 1886, d. 21 February 1973)

Camps Janer

Camps Janer, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Camps Mercadal

Camps Mercadal, Damian(d. date unknown)

Camps Servera

Camps Servera, Catalina
Camps Servera, Maria de la Esperanza

Camut Oliver

Camut Oliver, Desideria


Camut, Desiderio(d. date unknown)

Caronla Lopez

Caronla Lopez, Carmen

Carretero Julia

Carretero Julia, Rafael(d. date unknown)

Carretero Pons

Carretero Pons, Magdalena(d. date unknown)

Castro Martin

Castro Martin, Juana(d. date unknown)

Cirerol Mir

Cirerol Mir, Juan

Claveria Aunfat

Claveria Aunfat, Tomİs

Coll Alles

Coll Alles, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Coll Febrer

Coll Febrer, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Diaz Ruiz

Diaz Ruiz, Leonor


Dolores(d. date unknown)

Esbert Carreras

Esbert Carreras, Joana(d. date unknown)

Febrer Fortuny

Febrer Fortuny, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Febrer Rotger

Febrer Rotger, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Fernandez Borrego

Fernandez Borrego, Eloisa

Florit Alles

Florit Alles, Francisca

Florit Febrer

Florit Febrer, Camilo

Florit Fedelich

Florit Fedelich, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Florit Florit

Florit Florit, Jose(d. date unknown)

Florit Marti

Florit Marti, Carmen
Florit Marti, Eulalia
Florit Marti, Francisca
Florit Marti, Francisco
Florit Marti, Jose
Florit Marti, Patricia

Florit Vinent

Florit Vinent, Rafaela(d. date unknown)

Fullana Bagur

Fullana Bagur, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Fullana Janer

Fullana Janer, Francisca(d. date unknown)

Fuster Mir

Fuster Mir, Vicente

Fuxa Calafat

Fuxa Calafat, Maria De La Esperanza(d. date unknown)

Fuxa Carreras

Fuxa Carreras, Victoria(b. 25 May 1934, d. 8 November 1996)

Fuxa Jover

Fuxa Jover, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Galmes Bagur

Galmes Bagur, Juan(b. Abt. 1835, d. 22 September 1903)
Galmes Bagur, Lorenzo(d. date unknown)

Galmes Camps

Galmes Camps, Damian
Galmes Camps, Lorenzo(b. 12 December 1911, d. 25 December 1997)
Galmes Camps, Maria de la Asuncion(b. 15 March 1914, d. 25 December 1951)
Galmes Camps, Maria de la Esperanza(b. 18 January 1922, d. 17 November 2000)

Galmes Carretero

Galmes Carretero, Agueda(b. 12 December 1902, d. 2 November 1983)
Galmes Carretero, Juan(b. 9 March 1905, d. 24 December 1979)

Galmes Galmes

Galmes Galmes, Arturo(b. Abt. 1880, d. 25 June 1886)
Galmes Galmes, Juan(d. date unknown)
Galmes Galmes, Lorenzo(d. date unknown)

Galmes Mascaro

Galmes Mascaro, Juan(d. date unknown)

Galmes Olmos

Galmes Olmos, Jose LuIs
Galmes Olmos, Lorenzo

Galmes Riudavets

Galmes Riudavets, Agueda(b. 26 February 1898, d. 7 December 1921)
Galmes Riudavets, Maria(b. 21 February 1905, d. 17 October 1925)

Galmes Simo

Galmes Simo, Agueda(b. Abt. 1841, d. 5 November 1890)
Galmes Simo, Francisco(b. Abt. 1847, d. Abt. 1853)
Galmes Simo, Jaime Juan(b. 8 November 1837, d. 4 February 1910)
Galmes Simo, Juana(d. date unknown)
Galmes Simo, Lorenzo(b. Abt. 1839, d. Abt. 1923)
Galmes Simo, Vicente(b. Abt. 1850, d. date unknown)

Galmes Sintes

Galmes Sintes, Agueda
Galmes Sintes, Maria Del Pilar(b. 2 November 1920, d. 24 July 1970)

Galmes Vidal

Galmes Vidal, Lorenzo(b. Abt. 1816, d. 7 March 1872)

Galmes Villalonga

Galmes Villalonga, Agueda(d. date unknown)
Galmes Villalonga, Catalina(b. Abt. 1877, d. 8 May 1932)
Galmes Villalonga, Jacinta(b. 16 August 1890, d. Abt. 1973)
Galmes Villalonga, Jaime(b. 23 December 1884, d. Abt. 1967)
Galmes Villalonga, Juana(d. date unknown)
Galmes Villalonga, Lorenzo(b. Abt. 1881, d. 14 January 1939)
Galmes Villalonga, Maria(d. date unknown)


Galmes, Jaime(d. date unknown)

Garzon Ruebararo

Garzon Ruebararo, Juan Jose


Genoveva(d. date unknown)

Gimenez Rueda

Gimenez Rueda, Antonia

Gomila Fullana

Gomila Fullana, Joan(d. date unknown)

Gomila Marti

Gomila Marti, Cristobal
Gomila Marti, Cristobal
Gomila Marti, Jesus(b. 28 August 1948, d. 24 October 1989)
Gomila Marti, Juan
Gomila Marti, Juan Angel
Gomila Marti, Juana
Gomila Marti, Margarita
Gomila Marti, Margarita
Gomila Marti, Maria Asuncion
Gomila Marti, Sebastian

Gomila Mercadal

Gomila Mercadal, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Gomila Olives

Gomila Olives, Juan(b. 22 February 1906, d. 26 September 1992)

Gomila Pelegri

Gomila Pelegri, Juan(d. date unknown)

Gomila Pons

Gomila Pons, FermIn
Gomila Pons, Sebastian(d. date unknown)


Guasp, Cristina

Hernandez Servera

Hernandez Servera, Carmen

Janer Pons

Janer Pons, Ana
Janer Pons, Eulalia(d. date unknown)
Janer Pons, Onofre(d. date unknown)

Jimenez Fernandez

Jimenez Fernandez, Rosa(d. date unknown)


Jimenez, Luisa(d. date unknown)

Juaneda Taltavull

Juaneda Taltavull, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Lopez-Camara Lopez-Cuervo

Lopez-Camara Lopez-Cuervo, Jose Antonio

Lopez-Camara Villegas

Lopez-Camara Villegas, Pedro

Lorite Aguilar

Lorite Aguilar, Jose(d. date unknown)

Lorite Rodriguez

Lorite Rodriguez, Andrİbs
Lorite Rodriguez, Fermina
Lorite Rodriguez, Luciano
Lorite Rodriguez, Manuel
Lorite Rodriguez, Pilar(b. Abt. 1912, d. 29 July 1939)

Marques Anglada

Marques Anglada, Martina(d. date unknown)

Marti Alles

Marti Alles, Antonio(d. date unknown)
Marti Alles, Antonio(b. 5 May 1926, d. 23 February 1996)
Marti Alles, Bartolome(d. date unknown)
Marti Alles, Bartolome(b. Abt. 1915, d. 16 October 1959)
Marti Alles, Cristobal(b. Abt. 1883, d. 25 May 1944)
Marti Alles, Cristobal(b. 28 October 1916, d. 13 August 1991)
Marti Alles, Damian
Marti Alles, Eulalia(b. 5 August 1913, d. 13 December 1992)
Marti Alles, Jaime(b. 17 October 1930, d. 28 September 2001) Includes Notes
Marti Alles, Jose(d. date unknown)
Marti Alles, Jose(b. 4 June 1914, d. 14 September 1953)
Marti Alles, Juan(d. date unknown)
Marti Alles, Juan(b. 21 October 1922, d. 26 August 1997)
Marti Alles, Juana
Marti Alles, Maria

Marti Benejam

Marti Benejam, Jeroni
Marti Benejam, Joan
Marti Benejam, Rafael

Marti Coll

Marti Coll, Jose(b. Abt. 1905, d. Abt. 1936)
Marti Coll, Juana

Marti Febrer

Marti Febrer, Juan

Marti Fuxa

Marti Fuxa, Cristobal(b. Abt. 1958, d. 3 November 1998)
Marti Fuxa, Josefa
Marti Fuxa, Victoria

Marti Janer

Marti Janer, Ana
Marti Janer, Bartolome
Marti Janer, Gabriel
Marti Janer, Jose
Marti Janer, Maria
Marti Janer, Onofre(b. 27 September 1905, d. 13 August 1998)

Marti Marquİbs

Marti Marquİbs, Bartolome

Marti Marques

Marti Marques, Basilio
Marti Marques, Catalina
Marti Marques, Domingo
Marti Marques, Francisco
Marti Marques, Jeronimo(d. date unknown)
Marti Marques, Joan
Marti Marques, Jose(d. date unknown)
Marti Marques, Maria
Marti Marques, Martin
Marti Marques, Martina

Marti Mir

Marti Mir, Bartolome
Marti Mir, Catalina
Marti Mir, Eulalia(b. 1 October 1940, d. 8 September 1980)
Marti Mir, Gabriel
Marti Mir, Ignacio
Marti Mir, Jesus
Marti Mir, Jose
Marti Mir, Juana
Marti Mir, Onofre
Marti Mir, Pedro

Marti Oliver

Marti Oliver, Cristobal
Marti Oliver, Jose Luis

Marti Pons

Marti Pons, Antonia Trinidad
Marti Pons, Antonio
Marti Pons, Aurora
Marti Pons, Cristobal
Marti Pons, Eulalia
Marti Pons, Francisco
Marti Pons, Francisco
Marti Pons, Jeronimo
Marti Pons, Jeronimo
Marti Pons, Jose
Marti Pons, Juana
Marti Pons, Juana
Marti Pons, Lorenzo
Marti Pons, Maria
Marti Pons, Maria

Marti Puyuelo

Marti Puyuelo, Cristobal
Marti Puyuelo, Damian
Marti Puyuelo, Guillermo
Marti Puyuelo, Juana

Marti Salom

Marti Salom, Jaime(d. date unknown)
Marti Salom, Maria(d. date unknown)

Marti Segui

Marti Segui, Ana
Marti Segui, Cristobal
Marti Segui, Juan(d. date unknown)
Marti Segui, Juana(b. Abt. 1819, d. 17 January 1893)
Marti Segui, Juana
Marti Segui, Margarita(b. Abt. 1831, d. Abt. 1902)

Marti Torres

Marti Torres, Jose(d. date unknown)
Marti Torres, Juana(d. date unknown)

Marti Vinent

Marti Vinent, Cristobal
Marti Vinent, Juana
Marti Vinent, Margarita
Marti Vinent, Maria
Marti Vinent, Miguel


Marti, Victoria Maria

Mercadal Coll

Mercadal Coll, Margarita(d. date unknown)

Mercadal Galmes

Mercadal Galmes, Catalina
Mercadal Galmes, Juan(b. 12 February 1902, d. 14 June 1979)

Mercadal Gomila

Mercadal Gomila, Juan(d. date unknown)

Mercadal Juaneda

Mercadal Juaneda, Juan(b. Abt. 1871, d. 3 April 1958)

Mir Pons

Mir Pons, Catalina

Miranda Rodriguez

Miranda Rodriguez, Amparo

Morera Servera

Morera Servera, Maria(d. date unknown)

Muİloz Caİladas

Muİloz Caİladas, Victoria

Oliver Domenech

Oliver Domenech, Jose Maria(d. date unknown)

Oliver Fernandez

Oliver Fernandez, Eloisa
Oliver Fernandez, Jesus
Oliver Fernandez, Jose Maria(b. 8 May 1932, d. 21 March 1956)

Oliver Galmes

Oliver Galmes, Daniel
Oliver Galmes, Jose Maria(b. Abt. 1949, d. 28 January 1952)
Oliver Galmes, Lorenzo

Oliver Guasp

Oliver Guasp, Luis Jesus
Oliver Guasp, Maria Jesus

Oliver Lorite

Oliver Lorite, Dolores
Oliver Lorite, Josefa

Oliver Muİloz

Oliver Muİloz, Daniel
Oliver Muİloz, Maria Victoria

Oliver Osuna

Oliver Osuna, Concepcion(b. 23 October 1909, d. 19 November 1996)
Oliver Osuna, Daniel(b. 26 September 1905, d. 11 November 2001)
Oliver Osuna, Dolores(b. 21 November 1907, d. 25 March 1983)
Oliver Osuna, Jose(b. 30 September 1910, d. 15 September 1952)

Oliver Paris

Oliver Paris, Antonia(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, Daniel(b. Abt. 1879, d. 8 February 1936)
Oliver Paris, Emilio(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, Jesus(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, Jos Marßa(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, Moises(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, RamPn(d. date unknown)
Oliver Paris, Servando(d. date unknown)


Oliver, Genoveva
Oliver, Marßa Del Carmen
Oliver, Servando

Olives Marti

Olives Marti, Juan(d. date unknown)

Olives Segui

Olives Segui, Margarita(d. date unknown)

Olmos Rodrigo

Olmos Rodrigo, Maria Teresa

Osuna Jimnez

Osuna Jimnez, Antonio
Osuna Jimnez, Dolores
Osuna Jimnez, Jos
Osuna Jimnez, Lußs
Osuna Jimnez, Marßa
Osuna Jimnez, Rosa
Osuna Jimnez, Rosa

Osuna Rueda

Osuna Rueda, Francisco(b. Abt. 1858, d. 16 April 1922)
Osuna Rueda, Juan De Dios(d. date unknown)

Osuna SİLnchez

Osuna SİLnchez, Ana MarİUa(d. date unknown)
Osuna SİLnchez, Antonio(d. date unknown)
Osuna SİLnchez, Francisca(b. Abt. 1885, d. 23 December 1967)
Osuna SİLnchez, Francisco(d. date unknown)
Osuna SİLnchez, Juan de Diİds(d. date unknown)

Osuna SİLnz

Osuna SİLnz, Carmela
Osuna SİLnz, Dolores
Osuna SİLnz, Francisco
Osuna SİLnz, Juan de Diİds(b. Abt. 1923, d. 14 April 1981)
Osuna SİLnz, MarİUa

Osuna Sanchez

Osuna Sanchez, Maria De La Dolores(b. 16 November 1886, d. 13 November 1911)

Palliser Segui

Palliser Segui, Maria(d. date unknown)

Paris Polaino

Paris Polaino, Concepcion(d. date unknown)

Pascual Fiol

Pascual Fiol, Juana

Pascual Fullana

Pascual Fullana, Agueda(d. date unknown)

Pascual Petrus

Pascual Petrus, Jos(d. date unknown)

Pascual Vidal

Pascual Vidal, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Pelegri Pomar

Pelegri Pomar, Jaime(d. date unknown)
Pelegri Pomar, Nicolas(d. date unknown)

Pelegri Vinent

Pelegri Vinent, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Piris Alzina

Piris Alzina, Joana(d. date unknown)

Pons Alzina

Pons Alzina, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Pons Carreras

Pons Carreras, Juan(d. date unknown)

Pons Castell

Pons Castell, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Pons Fanals

Pons Fanals, Miquel(d. date unknown)

Pons Ferrer

Pons Ferrer, Maria(d. date unknown)

Pons Fuxa

Pons Fuxa, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Pons Galmes

Pons Galmes, Juana
Pons Galmes, Maria

Pons Gomila

Pons Gomila, Eulalia(d. date unknown)
Pons Gomila, Juana(d. date unknown)

Pons Massanet

Pons Massanet, Juana(d. date unknown)

Pons Palliser

Pons Palliser, Juana(d. date unknown)

Pons Piris

Pons Piris, Juan(b. Abt. 1889, d. Abt. 1968)

Pons Pons

Pons Pons, Antonia
Pons Pons, Juan(d. date unknown)
Pons Pons, Juana(d. date unknown)
Pons Pons, Margarita(d. date unknown)

Pons Pont

Pons Pont, Margarita(d. date unknown)

Pons Riudavets

Pons Riudavets, Joan(d. date unknown)

Pons Salord

Pons Salord, Ana(d. date unknown)

Pons Verger

Pons Verger, Antonia(d. date unknown)

Pons Villalonga

Pons Villalonga, Antonia

Pons Vinent

Pons Vinent, Lorenzo(d. date unknown)

Ponsoda Castro

Ponsoda Castro, Agustin(d. date unknown)

Ponsoda Galmes

Ponsoda Galmes, Agustin
Ponsoda Galmes, Amparo Consuelo
Ponsoda Galmes, Juana Rosa
Ponsoda Galmes, Maria

Ponsoda Pelegri

Ponsoda Pelegri, Jose(d. date unknown)

Puyuelo Mont

Puyuelo Mont, Felisa

Ramis Boscana

Ramis Boscana, Ramon

Real Ferrer

Real Ferrer, Rafael(d. date unknown)

Real Galmes

Real Galmes, Antonia Luisa
Real Galmes, Isidoro
Real Galmes, Jacinto
Real Galmes, Lorenzo
Real Galmes, Luis(b. 11 October 1905, d. date unknown)
Real Galmes, Rafael

Real Peris

Real Peris, Luis(d. date unknown)

Riudavets Mascaro

Riudavets Mascaro, Jaime(d. date unknown)

Riudavets Morera

Riudavets Morera, Rafaela(d. date unknown)

Rodriguez de Noguera

Rodriguez de Noguera, Juana(d. date unknown)

Rodriguez Duran

Rodriguez Duran, Alonso

Rosello Rosello

Rosello Rosello, Miquel(b. Abt. 1913, d. Abt. 2000)


Rotger, Alejandro

Sabater Miserol

Sabater Miserol, Teresa

Salom Salom

Salom Salom, Benita(d. date unknown)

Salord Florit

Salord Florit, Magdelena(d. date unknown)

Sanchez Jimenez

Sanchez Jimenez, Dolores(d. date unknown)

Sanchez Loaisa

Sanchez Loaisa, Virginia(d. 22 August 1921)


Sanz, Carmen(d. date unknown)

Segui Ametller

Segui Ametller, Bernardo(d. date unknown)

Segui Fabregues

Segui Fabregues, Angela(d. date unknown)

Segui Ferrer

Segui Ferrer, Juan(d. date unknown)

Segui Fullana

Segui Fullana, Bernardo(d. date unknown)

Segui Pons

Segui Pons, Magdalena

Servera Coll

Servera Coll, Margarita(d. Abt. October 1969)
Servera Coll, Sebastian(d. date unknown)

Servera Galmes

Servera Galmes, Agueda
Servera Galmes, Lorenzo
Servera Galmes, Maria Del Carmen
Servera Galmes, Sebastian(b. 17 May 1905, d. date unknown)

Servera Pelegri

Servera Pelegri, Catalina(b. 1 April 1894, d. date unknown)
Servera Pelegri, Margarita
Servera Pelegri, Martin(b. 16 March 1912, d. 7 March 1993)

Servera Triay

Servera Triay, Martin(d. date unknown)
Servera Triay, Sebastian(d. date unknown)
Servera Triay, Sebastian(d. date unknown)

Simo Pons

Simo Pons, Agueda(b. Abt. 1810, d. 11 November 1893)
Simo Pons, Vicente(b. Abt. 1804, d. 24 September 1892)

Simo Riera

Simo Riera, Jaime(d. date unknown)

Sintes Caules

Sintes Caules, Juan(d. date unknown)

Sintes Pascual

Sintes Pascual, Jose(b. 28 January 1894, d. date unknown)
Sintes Pascual, Maria(b. Abt. 1890, d. 27 July 1966)

Sintes Pons

Sintes Pons, Jose(d. date unknown)

Subirats Marco

Subirats Marco, Monserrat

Tapia Lopez

Tapia Lopez, Antonio

Torrent Valls

Torrent Valls, Juana(d. date unknown)

Triay Galmes

Triay Galmes, Catalina(d. date unknown)
Triay Galmes, Catalina(d. date unknown)

Triay Pons

Triay Pons, Catalina(d. date unknown)


Vidal, Agueda(d. date unknown)

Villalonga Andreu

Villalonga Andreu, Gabriel(d. date unknown)
Villalonga Andreu, Lorenzo(d. date unknown)

Villalonga Esbert

Villalonga Esbert, Cristobal(d. date unknown)
Villalonga Esbert, Gabriel(d. date unknown)

Villalonga Marti

Villalonga Marti, Angela(b. 19 July 1898, d. date unknown)
Villalonga Marti, Jaime(b. Abt. 1855, d. 23 August 1902)
Villalonga Marti, Lorenzo(b. 21 December 1894, d. date unknown)
Villalonga Marti, Maria(b. 13 January 1892, d. date unknown)

Villalonga Pascual

Villalonga Pascual, Maria(d. date unknown)

Villalonga Serrano

Villalonga Serrano, Cristobal(d. date unknown)

Villalonga Triay

Villalonga Triay, Maria(d. date unknown)

Villancos Lozano

Villancos Lozano, Maria

Villegas Civantos

Villegas Civantos, Jose Antonio(d. Abt. 1936)

Villegas Miranda

Villegas Miranda, Daniel
Villegas Miranda, Jose Joaqußn
Villegas Miranda, Pablo

Villegas Oliver

Villegas Oliver, Concepcion
Villegas Oliver, Jose Maria

Vinent Galmes

Vinent Galmes, Esperanza
Vinent Galmes, Federico

Vinent Mir

Vinent Mir, Francisco

Vinent Pons

Vinent Pons, Magdalena(d. date unknown)

Vinent Riudavets

Vinent Riudavets, Margarita

Vinent Sintes

Vinent Sintes, Antonia(d. date unknown)
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