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Ancestors of Matthew James Martin

      108. Abner Moses918,919,920,921, born Abt. 1789 in Hartford, East Hartland, CT922,923; died in Platteville, Grant, WI923. He was the son of 216. Abner Moses and 217. Rahama Johnson. He married 109. Abigail Jones Abt. 1813 in Ohio924.

      109. Abigail Jones925, born December 20, 1791 in Conneticut925,926; died Bef. 1870927.

More About Abner Moses and Abigail Jones:
Marriage: Abt. 1813, Ohio928
Children of Abner Moses and Abigail Jones are:
  i.   Wilbur Moses929
  ii.   Selden Moses929, born Abt. 1812 in Orangeville, Trumbull, Ohio 930
  iii.   Polly Moses931, born October 25, 1815.
  iv.   Jesse Moses931, born Abt. 1818 in Ohio932
  54 v.   Alfred William Moses, born Abt. 1824 in Ohio; died February 26, 1894 in Ellenboro, Grant, WI; married Polly B. Curley October 23, 1855 in Grant Co., Wis..
  vi.   Albert Moses933, born 1825 in Orangeville, Trumbull, Ohio 934
  vii.   Mary Moses935, born June 06, 1829; married Samuel H. Spencer October 07, 1847 in Trumball, Ohio.
  More About Samuel Spencer and Mary Moses:
Marriage: October 07, 1847, Trumball, Ohio

  viii.   Cordellia Moses935, born Abt. 1837 in Ohio936; married Fordyce L. Richards November 05, 1850 in Grant Co., Wis. Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin937.
  More About Fordyce Richards and Cordellia Moses:
Marriage: November 05, 1850, Grant Co., Wis. Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin937

  ix.   John Moses938,939, born 1822 in Orangeville, Trumbull, Ohio 940; married Julia Ann Spargo December 08, 1842 in Grant Co., Wis.941; born Abt. 1821 in Ohio942.
  Notes for John Moses:
-----Original Message-----
From: Lester LeMay []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 3:31 PM
To: Ken Martin
Subject: Re: Moses

Ken, The divorce proceedings for John and Julia mention an
Albert Moses who seems to be a brother to John. That's all
I have on it, but would be happy to share any information I
come across. Their son Edgar went on to found a large
family in Montana and I have a lot on those descendents on
my website. They would be most interested in your research
also so I'm forwarding this answer to one of them.
Hope we can collaborate and get more information

  More About John Moses:
Ancestral File Number: 1LJM-QVP943,944
Divorced: Abt. April 1848, Grant Co., Wi.945

  More About Julia Ann Spargo:
Ancestral File Number: 1LJM-QWW946,947

  More About John Moses and Julia Spargo:
Marriage 1: December 08, 1842, Grant Co., Wis.948
Marriage 2: December 08, 1942, Grant Co., Wi949

      110. William Curley950,951,952,953, born October 21, 1781 in Pennsylvania954; died Bet. 1870 - 1878 in Probably Readstown, Vernon, Wi.955. He married 111. Catherine Striker Abt. 1814 in Pa. Or N.y.956,957.

      111. Catherine Striker958,959, born July 12, 1792 in Readington, Somerset, NJ959; died Aft. 1878 in Probably Fayette959,960. She was the daughter of 222. Jacob Stryker and 223. Hannah Labertuse.

More About Catherine Striker:
Ancestral File Number: 13M6-D7J961
Record Change: August 19, 2001962

More About William Curley and Catherine Striker:
Marriage: Abt. 1814, Pa. Or N.y.963,964
Children of William Curley and Catherine Striker are:
  i.   Joseph M. Curley965,966, born July 11, 1815 in Sparta, Livingston Co., N. Y.966,967; died Abt. 1891 in Winona, MN967; married Delia Bowen February 28, 1841 in Crawford County, Wis.967; born December 14, 1812 in Coventry, Kent, RI; died May 17, 1895 in Britt, Hancock, IA.
  More About Joseph M. Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6G4968

  More About Joseph Curley and Delia Bowen:
Marriage: February 28, 1841, Crawford County, Wis.969

  ii.   Hannah Curley970,971, born October 20, 1816 in Stuben Co., NY972; died February 22, 1886 in Randalia, Fayette Co, Iowa972; married William Wallace Barstow November 09, 1833 in Johnston, Trumbull, Ohio972; born October 23, 1816 in Salisbury, Herkimer, NY973; died February 24, 1896 in Randalia, Fayette, IA973.
  More About Hannah Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6HB974
Record Change: August 19, 2001975

  More About William Wallace Barstow:
Record Change: August 19, 2001975

  More About William Barstow and Hannah Curley:
Marriage 1: November 09, 1833, Johnston, Trumbull, Ohio976
Marriage 2: November 09, 1833, Johnston, Trumbull, OH976

  iii.   Mary Curley977,978, born September 21, 1818 in Sparta, N. Y.978,979; died January 30, 1901 in Oronoco, Olmsted, MN; married Peter Isaac Trueaxe November 29, 1842 in Johnson, Trumbull, OH980; born May 14, 1798 in Erie county, New York; died September 11, 1887 in Clifton, Lyon, Minnesota.
  More About Mary Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6JJ981

  More About Peter Trueaxe and Mary Curley:
Marriage: November 29, 1842, Johnson, Trumbull, OH982

  iv.   Jacob Curley983,984, born July 02, 1820 in Sparta, N. Y.985; died December 22, 1908 in Fairfield, Illinois986; married Anna S. Olmsted September 24, 1840 in LaGrange Co., Indiana986; born Abt. 1819 in Mercer county, Pennsylvania986; died August 27, 1892 in Fairfield, Bureau, Illinois987.
  More About Jacob Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6KQ988

  More About Jacob Curley and Anna Olmsted:
Marriage: September 24, 1840, LaGrange Co., Indiana989

  v.   Alvira Curley990,991, born May 01, 1822 in Sparta, Livingston Co, N. Y.991,992; died March 21, 1907 in Liberty Pole, Vernon Co., Wisconsin992; married George W. Pike 1846 in Prarie du Chien, Crawford Co., Wis.992; born December 12, 1812 in Massachusetts; died July 30, 1854 in Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin.
  More About Alvira Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6LX993

  More About George Pike and Alvira Curley:
Marriage: 1846, Prarie du Chien, Crawford Co., Wis.994

  vi.   Christine Curley995,996, born October 08, 1823 in Sparta, N. Y.996; died November 15, 1901 in Burrton, Ks.996; married Leicester Day December 31, 1844 in Johnston, Ohio997; born April 04, 1823 in Marlborough, Windham, Vermont997; died August 04, 1897 in Burrton, Harvey, Kansas.
  More About Christine Curley:
Ancestral File Number: CNKD-L8998

  More About Leicester Day:
Military service: US Civil War, Union Army, Wisconsin 7th Infantry, Company F

  More About Leicester Day and Christine Curley:
Marriage: December 31, 1844, Johnston, Ohio999

  vii.   Barney Curley1000,1001, born July 20, 1825 in Sparta, N. Y.1001
  More About Barney Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6M51001

  55 viii.   Polly B. Curley, born December 01, 1827 in Albany/Sparta, Ontario Co., N. Y.; died July 08, 1916 in Hixon, Clark, WI; married Alfred William Moses October 23, 1855 in Grant Co., Wis..
  ix.   William Howell Curley1002,1003,1004, born April 08, 1829 in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York1005; died December 1903 in Prairie City, Jasper, IA; married (1) Mary Elizabeth DeWolf December 16, 1858 in Grant Co., Wis.1006; born July 13, 1842 in Kinsmen, Trumbull, OH1007; died April 27, 1873 in Prairie City, Jasper, IA; married (2) Judith Irene Wilson June 07, 1877 in Farmington, IL; born January 12, 1844 in Farmington, IL; died January 12, 1915 in Prairie City, Jasper, IA.
  More About William Howell Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6PK1008
Military service: Curley William I 24 Wisconsin Infantry. Private Private Union

  More About William Curley and Mary DeWolf:
Marriage: December 16, 1858, Grant Co., Wis.1009

  x.   George Curley1010,1011, born July 08, 1830 in Johnston, Ohio1012; died August 19, 1907 in Reedstown, Wi.1012
  More About George Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6QR1013

  xi.   Vincent Curley1014,1015,1016, born May 13, 1832 in Johnston, Ohio1017; died April 02, 1909 in Clarence, Cedar Co., Iowa1017,1018; married Mary Cruise October 12, 1860 in Cedar County, Iowa1019; born January 07, 1839 in Licking, OH1020; died March 24, 1917 in Clarence , Cedar, IA1020.
  Notes for Vincent Curley:

Subj: Census
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 7:20:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Lorraine Albrecht" <>
To: <>
Sent from the Internet (Details)

It was the 1885 and 1900 census extractions I follows:

1885 Cedar County, Dayton Twsp
p.185 Dwelling and family # 25-28 Blacksmith
Vincent Curley 51 b. OH
Mary 45 b. OH
Martha 21 b. Cedar Co., IA
Lydia 18 b. Cedar Co., IA
Frank 14 b. Cedar Co., IA

1900 Cedar County, Dayton Twsp
# 191--193 Curley Vincent b. May 1833 67 Yrs married 39 Yrs.
Blacksmith b. OH F. PA M. NJ
Own home Mortgaged
Mary wife b. Jan. 1839 60 Yrs married 39 Yrs.
6 children 3 living b. NY F. PA M. PA
Lyda daughter b. June 1866 33 Yrs single b.
Yock, Frank grand-son b. Oct. 1886 13 Yrs b. IA
F. Ger. M. IA

Here's another tid-bit....from the Clarence Sun... April 1, 1900 Frank Curley was an arrival from his home in Kingsley, Plymouth County on Monday morning, being called here by the serious condition of his father, Vince Curley.

He was living at Clarence in 1900.

What information have you turned up on the family?


  More About Vincent Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6R01021
Occupation: Abt. 1885, Blacksmith
Residence: April 01, 1900, Clarence, Iowa

  More About Mary Cruise:
Burial: Dimond Cemetery, Town of Hale, Iowa

  More About Vincent Curley and Mary Cruise:
Marriage: October 12, 1860, Cedar County, Iowa1022

  xii.   Philo Phylitus Curley1023,1024,1025, born January 22, 1835 in Johnston, Ohio1026; died October 01, 1935 in Bassettville, Decatur Co., Kansas1026; married (1) Eva Unknown; born Abt. 1853 in Wisconsin; married (2) Harriet Brandes September 26, 1858 in Crawford County, Wis.1026; born December 21, 1839 in Wi.; died July 28, 1867 in Prairie du Chien, Crawford, WI; married (3) Mary Duncan August 29, 1869 in Grant Co., Wis.1027; born February 03, 1852 in Ellenboro, Grant, WI; died February 17, 1932 in Bassettville, Decatur, KS.
  More About Philo Phylitus Curley:
Military service: US Civil War, Union Army, Wisconsin 25th Infantry, Company A

  More About Philo Curley and Mary Duncan:
Marriage: August 29, 1869, Grant Co., Wis.1027

  xiii.   Laura Jeanette Curley1028,1029, born April 24, 1839 in Johnston, Trumbull, OH1030; died July 22, 1868 in Readstown, Vernon, WI1030; married Nelson Dudley Hale June 21, 1857 in Readstown, Vernon, WI1030; born February 05, 1834 in Chautaugua, Chautauqua, NY; died February 24, 1911 in Wessington Springs, Jerauld, SD.
  More About Laura Jeanette Curley:
Ancestral File Number: 1ZVL-6TD1031

  More About Nelson Hale and Laura Curley:
Marriage: June 21, 1857, Readstown, Vernon, WI1032

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