Sarah Hamilton Redmon

Sarah's full name was Sarah Louisa Saphronia Elizabeth Hamilton. She was called "Fronie". She was born on March 7, 1869 to George W. Hamilton (born about 1828 GA) and Sarah Louisa Shelton (born about 1839 NC- believed buried in Timpson Cemetery, also known as Lovell Cemetery, in Rabun County GA). Fronie died January 30, 1945 and is buried at Toxaway Baptist Church in Transylvania County NC. Fronie's grandparents were John Hamilton (born about 1801 to 1803 SC) who married Edy unknown (born about 1805 to 1808 GA) and David L. Shelton (born 1818) who married Drucilla Burrell. The parents of Drucilla Burrell have not been determined by myself at this time. She married David L. Shelton on March 7, 1838 in Union County GA. David L. Shelton was the son of William Shelton SR who was born about 1780 in NC. William Shelton SR married first Mary Bates in Greenville county SC and had children Nancy Shelton, Ellis Shelton, William Shelton JR, Joel Shelton, and Sarah Shelton. William Shelton SR married second Lydia Parker and had children David L. Shelton, James Madison Shelton, Chastain Shelton, Jackson Shelton, Elias C. Shelton, Samuel Pierson Carson Shelton, Elizabeth Shelton, and at least two more males. William Shelton SR is said to be the son of John Shelton who was the son of David Shelton who died in 1801 in Caswell County NC.

David L. Shelton and Drucilla Burrell had children; Louisa Shelton born 1839 married George Hamilton, Isabella Shelton born 1842 married John Shelton, Emmily Shelton born 1844, Stephen Elias Shelton born 1845, Elizabeth Shelton born 1848 married Mr. McDowell, Nellie Shelton born 1853 married James C. Shook, Mary Shelton born 1855, Zeb Vance Shelton born 1859 married Nancy Jane Long, and Nancy Kizziah Shelton born 1861.

The parents of John Hamilton and the parents of Edy have not been determined by anyone that I know of at this time. According to the 1850 Rabun County GA census 509th Tallulah District house # 61, the children of John (age 47 born SC) and Edy (age 45 born GA) Hamilton were; Martha Hamilton age 21 born GA, George Hamilton age 19 born GA, Mary Hamilton age 17 born GA, Elizabeth Hamilton age 15 born GA, Jane Hamilton age 12 born GA, Darcus Hamilton age 9 female born GA, Sarah Hamilton age 7 born GA, John Hamilton age 4 born GA, and James Hamilton age 2 born GA. In the 1860 Rabun County GA census Tallulah District house # 352 were John Hamilton farmer age 59 born SC, Edy age 52 born GA, Nancy (?Jane?) Hamilton age 22, Darcus Hamilton age 20, Sarah Hamilton age 18, and John Hamilton age 12. Nothing is known by me about the daughters of John and Edy except the possibility that Mary Hamilton married William Lail. There is a recorded marriage in Rabun County in the 1850's between Mary Hamilton and William Lail. Of the three sons listed above (George, John and James),nothing is known of James. I descend from George and he will be included in the next paragraph. John born 1847 has descendants today in Rabun and Towns Counties GA and elsewhere. I only know of two sons of John Hamilton (born 1847) and they are George Alexander Hamilton (1876-1944) and William Oscar Hamilton(born 1880). George Alexander Hamilton (1876-1944) married first Ellen Jones and had children Milford Joshua Hamilton (who married Deffie Runion and had children; Milford Joshua Hamilton JR, R.A. Hamilton, Willard Buren Hamilton, Levis Wayne Hamilton, and Jessie Jean Hamilton), Effie Hamilton (born 1908 and married Hubert Haney and had children Hubert Haney JR, James Haney and Brady Haney) and Fred Hamilton (born 1910 and married Susie Martin and had children Elen Hamilton, Lexie Hamilton, Lessie Hamilton, Dorothy Hamilton, Birdie Hamilton and Terrell Hamilton). Some of these family members are buried at Timpson Cemetery (also known as the Lovell Cemetery in Rabun County GA). George Alexander Hamilton married second Hattie Shook and had children Cordell Hamilton, Bud Hamilton, Ruth Hamilton, Thelma "Doll" Hamilton (who married a Shook), Edith Hamilton (who married a Solsbee), and a female Hamilton (who married a Nicholson). William Oscar Hamilton (born 1880) married Mattie Moreland and had children Oscar Ledford G. Hamilton (who married Lou Ellen Martin and had child Leonard Garland Hamilton), Miles Hamilton (who married Marie Wheeler and had children Lois Hamilton, Jerry Hamilton, Scott Hamilton, and Joyce Hamilton), Elsie L. C. Hamilton (who married Mack Eades and had children Ransford Eades, Gene Eades, Benny Roy Eades, and Doris Eades), Velma Hamilton (who married Gerald Allen Pallesen and had children Reginald Allen Pallesen, Gregory Allen Pallesen, Russell Nels Pallesen, and June Marjorie Pallesen), and Stella Hamilton (who married Rex M. Davenport and had daughter Rexie Davenport).

George W. Hamilton (born about 1828) and his wife Sarah Shelton were living in Rabun County GA in 1860 according to the census there and had child John D.A. Hamilton age 1. No record has been found yet of this family in 1870. They are in Transylvania County NC in 1880. The 1880 Transylvania county NC census lists George Hamilton age 52, Sarah Hamilton age 40, John Hamilton age 21, Stephen Hamilton age 18, Wesley Hamilton age 15, Saphria Hamilton age 9, Martha Hamilton age 7, James R. Hamilton age 5, Thomas F. Hamilton age 3, and Rebecca Scott (or possibly Shelton?) white female age 75 widow born NC, father born NC, and mother born NC. I will now add a little more detail on the 7 children listed above.

John David "Davey" Hamilton born 1859 married Margaret Owen on April 3, 1884 by J. A. Marshall minister at Tennessee Gap. Davey was 23. Margaret was 18. Witnesses were A.S. Brown and Z. V. Shelton. David and Margaret Owen Hamilton had 2 daughters. Stephen C. Elias Hamilton born 1861 married Arkansas "Cannie"Massingale first and had children Lilly Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, and Gus Hamilton. Second, he married Elizabeth Mathis and had children Early Filmore Hamilton, Ernest Hamilton, Pearly Hamilton and Mary Hamilton. George Wesley Hamilton was born January 04, 1863. He died March 07, 1944 and is buried at Oconee Memorial Gardens in Seneca, SC. He married Louise Jane Massingale. Sarah Louisa Saphronia Elizabeth Hamilton was born March 07, 1869 and will be included in latter paragraphs. James Robert Vance Hamilton was born May 19, 1871 in Jackson County NC and died August 29, 1947 in Cherokee County NC and is buried in Liberty Cemetery in NC. He married Rebecca Arlesia Lowe on November 26, 1985 in Towns County GA. Martha Elenor Isabell Edrew "Sillar" Jane Hamilton was born April 09, 1872 and died November 15, 1958 and is buried in Massingale Cemetery Epperson TN Monroe County. She married John Marion Massingale on July 28, 1891 in Canada Township NC. Thomas Filmore Hamilton was born in 1873 in Jackson County NC. He married a Lowe woman and went west and had daughters. He returned here and died in 1958 and is buried in Massingale Cemetery Epperson TN Monroe County. I expect each of these families will have their own articles submitted in this heritage book.

My great-grandmother, Bertha Roxanna, was born to Fronie Hamilton on April 12, 1896 in Jackson County NC. Two different family members, one a grand daughter of Fronie and one a great nephew of Fronie (neither of which stayed in contact with the other) named the father of Bertha Roxanna as Hamp Crawford. The great nephew said her father was Hamp Crawford, the brother of Henry of Haywood County. This great nephew, a grandson of Elias Hamilton (Fronie's brother) told me that Fronie took Hamp to court for "Breach of Trust" but I have found no documentation of this. However, it is my understanding that some of Jackson County NC's records were lost due to fire. While I do not have actual documented proof that Hamp Crawford was Bertha's father, I will include his ancestors here in case proof is ever obtained by anyone.

Hamp (Hamilton Elsbury) Crawford was born March 4, 1870 and died September 30, 1954. He is buried at Sols Creek Cemetery Jackson County NC. He married Elsa Massingale, the daughter of Bob and Millie Wilson Massingale. Hamp was the son of Dr.Rudison H. and Samantha Ensley Crawford. Dr. Rudison H. Crawford was born December 12, 1847 and died June 19, 1906. He was the son of James R. and Anna Messer Crawford. Samantha Ensley (born January 15, 1848 Haywood County NC and died July 7, 1906 in Jackson County NC) was the daughter of Wilson Coleman Ensley(born March 30, 1824 in McMinn County, TN and died February 27, 1901 in Jackson County NC) and Polly Parris (born May 16, 1829 NC and died July 17, 1906 in Jackson County NC). Wilson Ensley and Polly Parris were married on July 20, 1845 in NC. James R. Crawford (born 1793 and the son of Samuel Crawford and Mary Briscoe) married on March 5, 1823 in Haywood County NC to Annie Messer (born 1804 and the daughter of Solomon Messer born 1765 and Rachel). Wilson Coleman Ensley was the son of William Ensley (born 1797 Burke County NC and died 1880 Jackson County NC and who was the son of Andrew Ensley born 1774 Guilford County NC) and Judith Lackey (born 1779 NC and died 1855 in Jackson County NC). Polly Parris was the daughter of James Parris (born 1805 NC and died 1847 in Haywood County NC and who was the son of David Marion Parris born November 20, 1779 Louisa County VA and Mary Marr born October 27, 1783) and Amy McIntyre (born 1808 Rutherford County NC and died 1890 Jackson County NC and was the daughter of James McIntire and Lucretia.

By 1902 Fronie Hamilton had met John Redmon (a.k.a. John Redden) thru her niece Lilly Hamilton Foster or Forrester. Lilly was the daughter of Fronie's brother Elias Hamilton. Lilly was married to Jess Foster (Forrester) and Jess Foster (Forrester) was good friends with John Redmon (Redden). On August 15, 1903, Fronie and John Redmon's son, Verner, was born in the Keowee area of SC near the NC line. When Verner was about 4 years old, Fronie and John went to Tellico Plains TN and so did some of her brothers and her sister, Drucilla Massingale. John Redmon Redden was born November 23, 1868 and died June 28, 1962 and was the son of Levi M. Reddin and Sarah Owen. Levi and Sarah Owen Reddin had eight children; Mary Redden who was born 1870 and married Mr. Pettet and had children Frank Pettet and Carol Pettet, Etta Redden who married Leander Justice, James Redden who was called "Jim", Simon Redden who was born 1883, Tom Redden, Sue "Susie" Redden who was born 1889 and married Mr. Duncan, John Milford Redden who was born November 23, 1868, and Ruth Redden who was born October 11, 1892 and died July 5, 1966 and married Benjamin Harrison Moore and had child Mark Redden Moore. Ruth is buried at Old Campground Cemetery in Hendersonville, NC. In photo below is, front row: Levi, Sally, John, Mary, Etta, and Tom. Back row: Missouri, Jim, Simon, Lula, Susie, and Ruth.

John Redmon (Redden) was married the first time to Dillie Sintell in Hendersonville NC and had five children. The youngest child told me that his father left the family when he was only a baby and never returned. John Redmon (Redden) and Fronie Hamilton had three children; Verner Elise Redmon, Roshie Redmon, and infant daughter Redmon who was a twin to Roshie. (See later paragraphs for info on these children). John Redmon (Redden) left this family one month before the twins were born. The story goes that he left to take a dried up milk cow to town to trade for a good milk cow but he never returned. John actually went back to Hendersonville, NC and married Martha Ellen Watts. They moved to Rabun County GA and had three children; Leona Redden (born September 11, 1911 in Hendersonville NC and who married Paul Queen and had children Vassie Mae Queen, Paul Queen JR, Hudson Queen, Catharine Queen, Barbara Queen, Calvin Queen, Charles Queen, Martha Queen, Juanita Queen, Chester Queen, and Patsy Queen), Lester Redden (born about 1914 and married Cory Speed and had children Martha Redden, Mary Redden and Irene Redden), and Sara Redden (born April 2, 1920 in Rabun County GA and had children Bonnie Louise Bingham, Billy McCoy, and Clarence Junior Queen). John Milford Redden, Martha Ellen Watts Redden, and Lester Redden are all buried at Head of Tennessee Baptist Church in Rabun County GA. Sarah Redden and Leona Redden Queen and families still live in Rabun County GA.

Verner Elise Redmon, son of John Redmon (Redden) and Fronie Hamilton was born August 15, 1903. He married first to Kelly Morgan May and had 2 daughters; Lee Redmon (born August 15, 1928 and married Maurice Henry Yagel and had children Terry Maurice Yagel born 1950 and Gary Dale Yagel born 1953), and Dicie Viola Redmon (born November 11, 1932 and married David Cornett and had children Carol Cornett, Michael Cornett, Anthony Cornett, Troy Cornett, and Dennis Cornett). Dicie Viola Redmon Cornett married second John Lewis Rider. Terry Maurice Yagel married Marjorie Mc Corquodale and has children Terri Lynn Yagel (who married Jonathan Skerret and has child Cassidy Skerret) and Amy Loraine Yagel (who married Brandon Cox of the US Navy). Gary Dale Yagel married Janelle Miller. Verner Elise Redmon married second Mamie Hinkle and had son David Olin Redmon (born December 26, 1953 in Jeffersonville, IN and married on July 4, 1992 to Victoria Joanna Naumann).

Roshie Redmon and her infant twin, daughters of John Redmon (Redden) and Fronie Hamilton, were born April 12, 1908. Roshie married Frank Revis and lived in Brevard, NC. Roshie and Frank Revis had no children. Infant daughter Redmon is buried at Ironsburg Cemetery near Epperson, TN.

A little while after John Redmon (Redden) left Tellico Plains, TN (in 1908), Fronie and her three children went to Hightower GA and lived with her father, George Hamilton. Then she moved to Transylvania County NC in the White Water area and stayed with her brother Elias Hamilton and family. She moved again to Liberty SC where both she and her daughter, Bertha age 14, were shown on the 1910 census as mill workers. In Liberty, they were living with Fronie's brother, Wesley Hamilton, and his family.

Bertha Roxanna (Crawford), daughter of Hamp Crawford and Fronie Hamilton, went by the surname Redmon. Bertha Roxanna Redmon married Elisha Franklin Moore (born June 20, 1878 SC and died April 6, 1957 and buried at Fall Creek Baptist Church in Pickens County SC). Elisha Franklin Moore was the son of Leander Franklin Moore (born about 1857 and died 1942 and was son of James A. Moore 1833-1904 and Melvina Murphree born 1836 SC) and Mary Jane Holden (born about 1860 and died about 1887 and was daughter of Isaac Holden born 1827 SC and Jane "Jennie" Nicholson 1830 SC-1900). Leander Franklin Moore and Mary Jane Holden Moore had three sons: Elisha Franklin Moore, Isaac Moore, and Christopher Columbus Moore. Mary Jane died at the age of 27 in childbirth. The baby girl died also.

James A. Moore was the son of Daniel Moore (born 1790 SC and was the son of Bert Moore of Halifax County VA and Ms. Bruce, the daughter of James Bruce born Scotland) and Nancy Whitmire (born 1810 SC and the daughter of Christopher Whitmire born December 24, 1774 and Ms. Mauldin). Christopher Whitmire died November 25, 1842 in Rossman NC and was the son of Michael Whitmire born 1745 in Germany.

Melvina Murphree was the daughter of Caleb Murphree (born 1817 SC and died 1863 and was the son of Isaac Murphree born 1798 and Grace or Susanna Rice). Isaac Murphree was the son of Moses Murphree (born 1760 NC and died 1846 SC and was the son of Daniel Murphree and Sarah Dempsey) and Elizabeth. Grace or Susanna Rice was the daughter of Isaac Rice SR (born 1768 NC and died 1856 SC) and Elizabeth Kennemur (born 1776 and was the daughter of John Kennemur and Elizabeth Lesley). John Kennemur was the son of Jacob Genheimer (born October 21, 1714 in Germany and was the son of Hans Stephen Genheimur born 1678 in Germany and Catharina Volcher born 1685 in Germany) and Barbara Becker.

Isaac Holden born 1827 was the son of John Holden (born 1788and died 1852) and Mary Alexander.

Jane "Jennie" Nicholson was the daughter of Ira Nicholson (born 1793 Greenville District SC and died January 24, 1840 in Rabun County GA and was the son of William Nicholson born December 16, 1766 VA and Martha Richardson born 1763 SC) and Jane Palmer born 1793. William Nicholson born 1766 married in 1785 and died on March 20, 1820 in Pendleton District SC. He was the son of John Nicholson (born 1720 and died Sept 18, 1777 and was the son of John Nicholson born 1675 in Surry MD) and Elizabeth Andrews. John Nicholson and Elizabeth Andrews married July 5, 1763. Elizabeth Andrews was the daughter of John Andrews of Sessex County. Martha Richardson born 1763 SC was the daughter of William Richardson and Mary. Martha Richardson died July 2, 1846 in Pickens SC. Jane Palmer was born June 7, 1793 in Pendleton District SC and died January 24, 1843 in Rabun county GA. Both Jane Palmer and Ira Nicholson are buried in Rabun County GA. Jane Palmer was the daughter of Solomon Palmour and Sarah Weaver. Both Solomon Palmour and Sarah Weaver Palmour are buried in Dawson County GA. Solomon Palmour was the son of Solomon Palmer. The Dawson County Heritage Book has extensive information on the Solomon Palmour family.

Bertha Roxanna Redmon and Elisha Franklin Moore had ten children; Mary Jane Elizabeth Moore (1915-1991 who married James Ernest Crenshaw SR, the son of Bush Whitner Crenshaw and Mary Etta Alexander of SC), Walter Lee Moore (1917-1973 who married Alma Lee Bowen), Gladys Drucilla Moore (1919-deceased and who married Henry Smith), Ella Mae Moore (1921-1985 who married Oder Tindle Weaver), Stanley Verner Moore (1923-1971 who married Mary "Bertie" Webb), Della Gertrude Moore (1925- who married Melvin Motte), Ralph Christopher Moore (1929- who married Bobbie Jean Lollis), Ray Davis Moore (1931-1980 who married Barbara Ann Gray), Roy Moore (1933-1963 who died unmarried), and Edna Vernell Moore (1936- who married Bill Eugene McKinley).

Mary Jane Elizabeth Moore (1915-1991, a daughter of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore) and James Ernest Crenshaw SR had seven children; James Ernest Crenshaw JR (who was born 1939 and married Brenda Joyce Springfield and had children Connie Rene Crenshaw and Michael Allen Crenshaw), Elbert Clifton Crenshaw (who was born 1941 and married Kathy Doris Masters and had children Brian Crenshaw and Stephanie Crenshaw), Jefferson Cecil Crenshaw (who was born 1941 and is unmarried), Edward Earl Crenshaw (who was born 1943 and married Mary Solesbee and had children James Edward Crenshaw, Kenneth Lee Crenshaw, and Rita Faye Crenshaw), Bertha Elizabeth Crenshaw (who was born 1944 and married Frank Pruitt and had children Billy Pruitt, Julie Pruitt, and Amy Pruitt), Eula Mae Crenshaw (who was born 1945 and had children William Dale Cole, Timmothy Ralph Cole, and Theresa Etta Cole), and Frank Whitner Crenshaw (who was born in 1947 and died in 1963).

James Ernest Crenshaw JR and Brenda Joyce Springfield Crenshaw Jones are my parents. Mama, Brenda, was born 1946 and is one of three children born to Kathleen Adair and Walter Andrew Springfield. ( I will not list my maternal ancestors here but some of the names are Thomas Springfield (born 1756), William Pritchett SR (who died 1795 in VA), Malessa Evaline Hall (born 1821 and married Thomas Young Springfield), Charles King (1695-1768), John Langston (born 1710),Thomas Bennett (born 1459), John Maugham (born 1674), Mary "Polly" Beatty (born 1713), Merritt Celey (of VA who married in 1778), William Adair ( born 1793), Richard Durham (born 1778), James Arrowood (of Maryland), Mary Jane Bates (born 1838), William Biggerstaff (born 1675), Jean Loucadou (born 1738), Garrett VanSant (born 1726), Mary Scruggs (born 1804), Richard Roberts (father of Mary Roberts and husband of Nancy Blackwell), Benjamin Davis (born 1760 and died in Jefferson County GA), Robert Daniel (born 1646), and John Raven (born 1650)). I, Connie Rene Crenshaw, was born 1964 and married in 1987 to Jeffery Paul Martin born 1964. We have four children; Amanda Adair Martin, Hunter Emory Martin, Kristy Frances Martin, and Coleman James Martin. My brother, Michael Allen Crenshaw, was born in 1968 and died in 1989.

Walter Lee Moore (1917-1973, son of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore) and Alma Lee Bowen had seven children; Lester Moore (born 1939 who married Sarah King Wright), Curtis Leon Moore (born 1941 who married Patsy Allsep and had children Cynthia Moore and Anthony Moore), Marvin Freddie Moore (born 1943), Daisy Ruth Moore (born 1946 and died 1988 and married Paul William Snider JR and had child Gloria Jane Snider), Grover Don Moore (born 1949), Eunice Ann Moore (born 1951), and Alfred Dale Moore (born 1954).

Gladys Drucilla Moore was born in 1919 and was a daughter of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore. She married Henry Smith and had children Harold Smith and Arthur Smith.

Ella Mae Moore (1921-1985, daughter of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore) and Oder Tindle Weaver had child Larry "Dusk" Weaver who married Wanda Gale Purcell and had children Forest W. Weaver and Wendy Weaver.

Stanley Verner Moore (1923-1971, son of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore) and Mary "Bertie" Webb had ten children; Verner Ralph Moore was born in 1946 and married Linda Carol Mooney and had children Roy Verner Moore (married Terri Cox and has child Amber Lynn Moore) and Scott Ralph Moore (married Phillys Loving), Shirley Della Moore was born in 1947 and married Clifford Lindley and had children Don Stanley Moore, Steve Gene Moore, Sherry Lynn Lindley (who married Charles Huff), James Donald Lindley, David Verner Lindley, Sally Rene Lindley (who has daughter Jessica Rene Lindley), Arthur Gene Moore was born in 1948 and married Bonnie Louise Williams and had no children, Betty Mae Moore was born in 1950 and married Donald Lindley and had children Mary Robin Lindley (who married Clark Reeves) and Angela Gail Lindley (who died in auto accident at age 2), Linda Bertie Moore was born 1953 and has no children, James Lewis Moore who was born in 1955 and married Vickie Lynn McLendon and has no children, Donald Joe "Cotton" Moore who was born in 1956 and married first Paula Lewis and had child Gene Tyler Moore and married second Cheryl Smith and had children Staci Jo Moore and Donnie Moore, Jerry Alvin Moore was born 1958 and married Donna Dean and had children Jerry Alvin Moore and Johnny Allen Moore (was twin to Jerry and lived two days) and Mary Marie Moore, Jeff Paul Moore was born in 1959 and is unmarried, Mildred Frances Moore was born in 1961 and married Gary Lee McClelland and has child Paul David McClelland.

Della Gertrude Moore (born 1925) was the daughter of Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore. She married Melvin Mott and has a daughter Patricia Mott.

Ralph Christopher Moore was born 1929 to Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore. He married Bobbie Lollis and had daughters; Brenda Moore, Wanda Moore, Deborah Moore, Faye Moore, and son Timmy Moore (adopted child of Eula Mae Crenshaw).

Ray Davis Moore was born in 1931 to Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore. He married Barbara Gray and had son Ray Davis Moore, JR.

Roy Moore was born 1933 to Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore and died unmarried in 1963 from automobile wreck. Also killed in the wreck was Frank Crenshaw, nephew of Roy, and Robert Ramsey, first husband of Bertha Elizabeth Crenshaw, Roy's niece. They are all three buried at Faith Temple Baptist Church in Taylors, SC.

Edna Vernell Moore was born 1936 to Bertha and Elisha Franklin Moore. She married Bill Eugene McKinney. They have a son William Gregory McKinney who married Deryl Ferguson and has a son Daniel Gregory McKinney.

Now for more info on my direct ancestors thru my grandfather James Ernest Crenshaw SR. James E. Crenshaw SR was born October 9, 1916 in Oconee County SC. He died November 7, 1992 in Greenville County SC and is buried at Faith Temple Baptist Church in Greenville County. His wife, Mary Jane Elizabeth Moore Crenshaw, was born March 11, 1915 in Oconee/Pickens county SC and died August 24, 1991 in Greenville County SC and is also buried at Faith Temple Baptist Church. Bush Whitner Crenshaw, father of James Ernest Crenshaw SR, was born 1894 and died 1969 and is buried at Fall Creek Baptist Church. Bush Crenshaw's wife, Mary Etta Alexander was born January 1, 1891 and died 1937 and is also buried at Fall Creek Baptist Church. Bush and Mary Etta were married on December 3, 1915 and they had 7 children; James Ernest Crenshaw SR, Leland Elbert Crenshaw (born July 22, 1922 and married Mamie Ruth Bradley and had children Mary Ruth Crenshaw and Linda Kay Crenshaw), Margie Crenshaw (born June 14, 1924 and married Arthur Towe and had child Arthur Towe JR), Esther Pauline Crenshaw (born March 29, 1926 and married Miles Hartsell Alexander and adopted siblings Martha Elaine Alexander and Jimmy Leonard Alexander), Sally Mae Crenshaw (married Laman Hurt), Lila Ruth Crenshaw (born April 1, 1933 and married Doug Leon Crow and had children Michael Leon Crow and Dennis Wayne Crow), and an infant daughter Viola Crenshaw.

Bush Whitner Crenshaw was the son of Jefferson Davis Crenshaw (born August 30, 1861 and died June 21, 1945 and was the son of William Crenshaw and Elizabeth "Betsy" Grant) and Malisse Holden (born August 15, 1863 and died November 15, 1939 and was the daughter of Joshua Holden and Keziah Alexander). William Crenshaw was born about 1807 in VA and is considered by some researchers to be the son of Anderson Crenshaw and Susannah Martin. Anderson Crenshaw was the son of Jesse Crenshaw and Elizabeth Jolly. Elizabeth "Betsy" Grant was born 1817 and was the daughter of James Grant (born 1778 SC and died 1852) and Sally Grice (born 1803 SC). James Grant was the son of Daniel Grant SR. Sally Grice was the daughter of John Grist and Rachel McHam. Joshua Holden was born 1818 and was the son of James Holden born 1792 NC and Sarah unknown born 1795 SC. Some sources say that James Holden born 1792 was the son of Joshua Holden SR. Keziah Alexander was born 1825 and was the daughter of Thomas S. Alexander and Keziah Watson. Thomas S. Alexander was the son of Daniel Alexander born 1760 VA and died October 29, 1850 Pickens County SC and his wife Mary unknown. Keziah Watson was the daughter of Thomas Watson (born about 1760 in Richmond County GA and died in Pendleton District SC and was the son of Thomas Watson who died before November 15, 1783 in Columbia County GA and his wife Margaret "Peggy") and Elizabeth Coates ( died May 1845 in Pickens District SC and was the daughter of James Coates who died before October 15, 1783 in Richmond County GA and his wife Mary).

Mary Etta Alexander (1891-1937) was the daughter of James Franklin Alexander (born December 18, 1868 and died February 15, 1951 and was the son of Jacob B. Alexander and Charlotte Lucinda Hall) and Sarah Jane Smith (born May 5, 1871 and died September 1, 1931 and was the daughter of William Newton Smith and Rebecca Alexander). Jacob B. Alexander was born April 25, 1845 SC and died February 13, 1917 and was the son of Daniel D. Alexander (born August 29, 1803 and died November 10, 1853 and was the son of Micajah Alexander and Elizabeth Lewis) and Lavina Rice (born October 10, 1805 SC and died January 2, 1880 SC and was the daughter of Isaac Rice SR and Elizabeth L. Kennemur). See previous paragraphs on Rice/Kennemur families. Micajah Alexander was born 1784 in VA and died 1879 and was the son of Daniel Alexander born 1760 VA. See previous paragraphs. Elizabeth Lewis was born 1783 NC and died 1840 SC and was the daughter of David Lewis ( born March 21, 1747 NC and died June 23, 1822 SC and was the son of John Lewis and Priscilla Brooks) and Ann Beeson (born May 2, 1749 and died December 7, 1812 and was the daughter of Benjamin Beeson and Elizabeth Hunter). John Lewis was born 1720 and died 1802 in NC and was the son of David Lewis (born 1694 in England or Wales and died 1773 in Cartaret County NC and was the son of John Lewis born 1668 in Wales) and Mary Crawford (daughter of John Crawford). Priscilla Brooks was born 1725 and was the daughter of Jacob Brooks (born November 21, 1702 VA and died 1774 and was the son of William Brooks of England and his wife Sarah) and Rosanna Warren Shepherd. Benjamin Beeson was born January 14, 1713 or 1714 in Randolph County NC and died June 14, 1794 in Randolph County NC and was the son of Richard Beeson (born October 1684 in NC and died January 1777 and was the son of Edward Beeson and Rachel Pennington) and Charity Grubb (born September 29, 1687 at Grubb Landing in Delaware and died November 1761 and was the daughter of John Grubb and Frances Vane, both born England). I have ancestors of Rachel Pennington back to early 1400's and Grubb ancestors back to early 1500's. Elizabeth Hunter was born about 1718 in Randolph County NC and died in 1794 and was the daughter of Jacob Hunter (born 1667 in Chowan County NC and died 1734) and Sarah Hill (born 1696).

Charlotte Lucinda Hall was born April 24, 1842 in Gordon County GA and died June 24 1917 SC and was the daughter of Thomas Hall (born 1800 and died 1888 GA and was the son of Jesse Hall and Hannah Kelley) and Mary "Polly" Evans (born 1805 and died 1887 GA). Jesse Hall was born 1755 in Pittsylvania County VA and died April 1833 and was the son of John Hall. Hannah Kelley was born about 1765 and was the daughter of John Kelley. Jesse Hall and Hannah Kelley married August 16, 1783 or 1785 in Rutherford County NC.

Rebecca Alexander, wife of William Newton Smith, was born February 14, 1838 and died May 1, 1918 SC and was the daughter of Elisha M. Alexander (born 1819 and died 1892 and the son of Elisha Alexander and Nancy Grogan) and Sarah G. Hix (born 1825 and died March 20 1888 in Pickens County SC and the daughter of William Hix and Airy Watson). Nancy Grogan was the daughter of Thomas Grogan.

There is much more research to be done to piece together the lives of Sarah Louisa Saphronia Elizabeth Hamilton Redmon and her siblings. I have searched for a tradition which carries so many first names but have found nothing. And I do not know how many years "Fronie" lived in Jackson County NC. We know that Fronie's parents were in Jackson County NC by 1871and that Fronie's child, Bertha, was born in Jackson county NC in 1896. I have included most of my known paternal ancestors (and some maternal surnames) with the hopes of locating more cousins. Please write me if you find a connection. And please use the ancestry information in this writing only as a guide-line for your research. While I hope there are no mistakes, I am sure there are some. Send any corrections or additions to Rene Martin, 569 Bagwell Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534.

Sources: Hamilton info from family members, census records and various other records. Redmon info from children of John Redmon (Redden) and census records. Redden info from Cheri Wilson, Grand Prairie, TX. Shelton info from Beau Hudgins, Ashville, NC, and census records. Crawford info from Elizabeth Barton, Brevard, NC. Moore info and ancestors from family members and Margaret Coker, Anderson, SC. Holden info from census records and family members. Nicholson info from book "The Nicholson and related Families" by William C. Whitten, JR and Mrs. Curren D. (Era) Davis. Palmer/Palmour info from article in Dawson County GA Heritage Book. Crenshaw info from family members. Alexander info from "Alexander Families of Upper SC" by Whitehurst, Rich and Alexander. Hall info from Millie Woodward, Tryon, NC.

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