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Mathes Family in America

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES2 MATHEWS , SR. (ALEXANDER A. MATHEWS1 MATHES , SR.) was born September 20, 1737 in Augusta Co., VA, and died Bef. June 27, 1812 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He married SARAH NETHERTON August 12, 1758 in Augusta County, Virginia, daughter of HENRY NETHERTON and SARAH.

Notes for J
Revolutionary War service of James Mathews, Sr.: he served as 1st lieutenant of Continental Troops, member of General Sullivan's Brigade, he lived in Shenandoah County, Virginia, during the American Revolution.
He was listed in 1810 Census, Jefferson County, KY, page 1035.

Notes for S
Netherton traces back to the Mayflower. Had family of seven.

      Children of J
9. i.   REBECCA3 MATHES, b. September 16, 1766, Augusta Co., VA; d. Abt. 1845, Harrison County, IN.
10. ii.   JAMES MATHEWS , JR., b. June 06, 1768, Augusta County, Virginia; d. July 09, 1826, Jefferson County, KY.
11. iii.   HENRY MATHES, b. January 13, 1772, Shenandoah, Co., VA; d. Aft. July 03, 1826, Jefferson Co., KY.
iv.   SARAH MATHES, b. December 03, 1775, Dunmore, Shenandoah County, VA; m. PRESLEY JETT, August 23, 1798, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

12. v.   JEREMIAH JACKSON MATHES , SR., b. November 02, 1777, Dunmore,Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. September 05, 1856, Morgan County, Indiana.

3. ALEXANDER2 MATHES , JR. (ALEXANDER A. MATHEWS1) was born March 12, 1740 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died July 1806 in Washington County, TN. He married ANN LEITH March 21, 1769 in VA.

Notes for A
"Tradition says when 4 brothers struck out into wilderness, they adopted the MATHES spelling of their name so that they would always know each other." Alexander Mathes and Samuel Doak,Jr....starting out from their Virginia homes .... walked through Virginia and Maryland using the same packhorse, the 'flea-bitten-grey' referred to by ROOSEVELT in "The Winning of the West" Alexander was a surveyor and cival engineer and brought with him his surveyors instruments. They located land on the Hominy Branch of the Little Limestone, in what was then the state of N. C., now Washington Co., TN. Salem, a Presbyterian church was founded there by Doak in 1780; also Martin Academy, now known as Washington College, near Jonesboro, TN. Alexander had a part in these enterprises, was one of the original elders in Salem Church, and served as ruling elder until his death in 1806. A Salem Church building was erected in 1897 and in this building was placed a memorial window to the first 3 MATHES' who served as elders, giving the dates of service of each in succession, from father to son, the service extending for one hundred and two years, and the name of each being Alexander Mathes. Alexander Mathes is one of the most honored names in the community. He gave 50 acres of land for establishment of Washington College, see "Tenessee Cousins".
Alexander Mathes II has the following record of Revolutionary War Service: Order Book 1, pg. 39, Records of Shenandoah, Co., VA.:
"At a Court held for the County of Dunmore Aug. 26, 1777, Alexander Mathews came into and took the oath of Captain of Militia." His name is included in "A list of ancestors whose records of service during the Revolution have recently been established, showing state from which soldier served." D.A.R. Magazine May 1937, pg. 475. His name is also mentioned in "Revolutionary War Records" by
G.M. Brumbaugh, Washington, D.C., 1936.
"At the second session of the Territorial Assembly held at Knoxville, TN, June 29, 1795, Governor Sevier presented a bill to establish Washington College in Washington Co. at Salem.... The incorporators were Samual Doak, President, Rev. Charles Cummins, Edward Crawford, John Coson, James Balch, Robert Henderson, Gidion Blackburn, Judge Joseph Anderson, Gen. John Savier, Cols. Landon Carter, Danl. Kennedy, Majors Leroy Taylor, John Tipton, Wm. Cocke, Arch. Roane, Jos. Hamilton, John Rhea, Samual Mitchell, Jesse Payne, Jas. Aiken, Wm. Chas. Cole Claiborne, Esquires,Drs. Wm. Chester; Messrs. David Deaderick, John Waddle, Jr., Alexander Mathes, John Nelson and John McAllister."
The will of Alexander Mathes II, dated June 3, 1806, is of record in Will Book 1, pg. 70. Washington, Co., TN Records.
Buried Old Salem Cemetary, Washington Co., TN.
Also listed in:
History of Tennessee, by Goodspeed, pg. 1277-78
Tennessee Cousins, by Worth S. Ray, pg. 35
Listed as a Tenessee Pioneer (1782)

      Children of A
13. i.   JENNIE3 MATHES, b. January 01, 1770, Fredrick County, VA.
14. ii.   MIRIAM MATHES, b. October 28, 1771, Fredrick County, VA; d. 1830.
15. iii.   ALEXANDER MATHES III, b. October 05, 1775, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. February 12, 1865, Washington County, TN.
16. iv.   ALLEN HARVEY MATHES, b. October 19, 1773, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. March 29, 1848, Davidson Co., TN.
17. v.   GEORGE LEITH MATHES, b. September 24, 1779, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1838, Washington County, TN.
18. vi.   GRACE MATHES, b. January 19, 1782, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1811, Washington County, TN.
vii.   JEREMIAH MATHES, b. January 29, 1784, Washington County, TN; m. ELIZABETH LUSK.
Notes for J
Was first child of Alexander II born in Washington Co.,Tennessee, moved to KY, where he married and died.

19. viii.   JOHN MATHES, b. April 04, 1786, Washington County, TN; d. Aft. 1850.
ix.   EBENEZER LEITH MATHES, b. May 11, 1789, Washington County, TN; d. January 05, 1868, Washington County, TN; m. NANCY ANN NELSON.
Notes for E
Ebenezer Leith Mathes occupied a position of prominence in his community. According to Dr. Dobson's Sketch he was an elder in Salem Church for 40 years, a Trustee of Washington College for 46 years and secretary most of that time, served as a civil magistrate of Washington Co. for 36 years. Before the Civil War he freed his slaves as they reached 21, sent them to Liberia and maintained them for the first year, and during the war he was an uncompromising "Union Man". He had no children and at his death he left one-half his estate to the church and college, and interest to be used as he directed. A memorial was placed in Salem Church to his memory, with the inscription, "The Lord Loveth A Cheerful Giver". Another quotation states: "During the Civil War most of the desendants of the Mathes family were on the Union side. There was an Ebenezer Mathes, a very wealthy man for that country, who 'set his negros free' before the war by sending some of them to Liberia and some to the free soil states to the North'. At his death since the war he left all his property to charitable causes, excepting some small legacies to relatives. It is believed his contributions to colonization purposes was for colonization of Negros to Liberia, Africa.
He was listed in tax list of 1814 and 1819 and 1850 census of Washington Co., TN. Researched by: Waltman and Leath.

Marriage Notes for E
They were cousins.

x.   ELIZABETH ANN MATHES, b. July 21, 1792, Washington County, TN; d. Bef. 1806, young age in TN.
Notes for E
Died young.

20. xi.   RACHEL MATHES, b. March 06, 1795, Washington County, TN; d. Abt. 1840.

4. GEORGE2 MATHEWS (ALEXANDER A. MATHEWS1 MATHES , SR.) was born Abt. 1741. He married NANCY ELIZABETH WOOD Abt. 1785.

Notes for G
George Mathes -- From Lost State of Franklin, by Samuel Cole Williams:
"Occurrences on the Border -- 1788. On Friday Aug. 8, a party of 31 under Captain Fain, a part of the guard of Houston Station, joined a party of settlers, crossed the Little Tennessee at a point about nine miles distant. . . . The Indians surrounded them, drove them into the river, killed 16 and wounded 4. The Indians had taken possession of the ford, and as whites endeavored to swim across the stream many were slaughtered in the water." George Mathes was one of the 16 killed.
With his brothers, Alexander Jr., Allen and Jeremiah, he emigrated to upper East TN about 1780, where he married and lived a short time in the neighborhood of Leesburg. Later going to Blount Co., he was one of the pioneers.
Another story from the book "Life As It Is": During a raid of the indians the settlers ran into a blockhouse some miles below Maryville. After a siege of some days the Indians withdrew, and George Mathes and his brother-in-law Anderson volunteered to go and look for food. The Indians suprised them and they were overtaken and tomahawked to death by John Watts, a half-breed chief, notorious for his bloodthirsty deeds and character.

      Children of G
22. ii.   WILLIAM MATHES, b. July 20, 1787, Jonesboro,Jefferson County, TN; d. May 25, 1844, Jefferson County, TN.

5. JEREMIAH2 MATHES (ALEXANDER A. MATHEWS1) was born 1748 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, and died in Jefferson County, TN. He married ELIZABETH LEITH October 09, 1788 in Greene County, TN.

Notes for J
Jeremiah Mathes, Minute Book 1, Jefferson Co., TN, refers to the first legislative act passed in what is now the State of Tennessee.
"BE IT REMEMBERED That in pursuance of an Ordinance of Excellency William Blount, Governor of the Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio circumscribing the counties of Greene and Hawkins and laying off two new counties, to-wit, the counties of Jefferson and Knox, a court was opened and held in and for said County of Jefferson at the house of Jeremiah Mathews, on Monday the 23rd day of July, 1792 when the following Justices of the Peace, having been commissioned and qualified on the 11th day of June preceding, appeared and took their oaths, to-wit, Alexander Outlaw, George Doherty, James Roddye, John Blackburn, James Lea, Joseph Wilson, Josiah Jackson, Andrew Henderson, Amos Balch and Wm. Cox, Esquires."
Jeremiah Mathes m. Oct. 9, 1788, Elizabeth Leith, bond signed by Alexander Mathews and A. M. Yancey -- (Jefferson Co., TN Marriage Bond Book 1792 - 1840 No. 673) The home of Jeremiah Mathes was about 4 1/2 miles West of Dandridge.

Marriage Notes for J
Jeremiah was appointed guardian of of his wifes son Josiah Leath, Jr.

      Children of J
i.   POLLY3 MATHES, b. Abt. 1789, Green Co., TN; m. GEORGE DOHERTY , JR., August 10, 1806, Jefferson County, TN.
Notes for P
WFT CD # 5 Tree # 3906 shows Polly as George Doherty, Sr.'s second wife, after Priscilla Goforth died in 1805 Polly married him in 1806 until Dec. 3, 1923 when he married Sally Randols.

Notes for G
Col. George Doherty was the son of General George Doherty and Priscilla Goforth See Record of Jefferson Co., Tn Marriage Bonds book 1792-1840, No. 673.
Research by Gilbert Archer Mathes.

Marriage Notes for P
Found on FTM Marriage CD #229.


6. JANET O'NEAL2 MATHEWS (ALEXANDER A. MATHEWS1 MATHES , SR.) was born July 20, 1747 in Frederick Co., VA, and died April 23, 1818 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN. She married JOHN BLACKBURN April 02, 1765 in Frederick Co., VA, son of BENJAMIN BLACKBURN and MARY.

Notes for J
Janet (Jane) O'Neal was bound to Alexander Mathews on August 28, 1750, during a court held in Shenandoah County.

Notes for J
Buried Old Cemetary, Dandridge, TN, was a Farmer, Reverend, Justice of the Peace, in 1773 lived on Beaver Creek, Abingdon, VA, he was involved in politics and the Presbyterian Church, he was in the Revolutionary War and is named on a monument in Dandridge, TN.

      Children of J
i.   ALEXANDER3 BLACKBURN, b. January 05, 1766, Frederick Co., VA; d. 1786, Babson's Ferry, Dandridge, TN.
Notes for A
He was killed by Indians and is said to be the first person buried in Old Cemetary, Dandridge, TN, he was a farmer.

ii.   BENJAMIN BLACKBURN, b. March 08, 1767, Frederick Co., VA; d. 1785, VA.
Notes for B
Died when 18.

iii.   MARY BLACKBURN, b. November 01, 1768, Frederick Co., VA; d. 1846, Unknown; m. JAMES MOYERS, November 03, 1789.

iv.   ANDREW BLACKBURN, b. December 13, 1770, Rosebridge Co., VA; d. 1844, Unknown; m. (1) MARGARET SAMPLES, 1791; m. (2) CATHRINE MCGIRK, 1802.

v.   WILLIAM BLACKBURN, b. October 07, 1772, Rosebridge Co., VA; d. 1856, Unknown; m. (1) AMY SAMPLES, 1798; m. (2) NANCY HANKINS, 1819.

vi.   GRIZELLE BLACKBURN, b. October 27, 1774, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. July 25, 1862, Unknown; m. GIDION BLACKBURN, October 03, 1793.
Notes for G
She was a Teacher (Missionary to the Cherokees), in 1810 lived in TN, in 1833 lived in Macoupin Co., IL. When they moved to IL they freed their slaves, this is on record at Carlinville, IL Court House. She was Presbyterian.

Marriage Notes for G
They were cousins.

vii.   GEORGE BLACKBURN, b. May 26, 1776, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. Unknown; m. MARTHA NEELY, 1800.

viii.   JOHN BLACKBURN , JR., b. March 24, 1778, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. 1840, Unknown; m. ELIZABETH MCGIRK, 1804.

ix.   JAMES BLACKBURN, b. October 02, 1782, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. November 13, 1860, Unknown; m. CATHRINE JAMISON, January 10, 1805.

x.   NANCY GLORIAN BLACKBURN, b. April 07, 1785, Long Creek, Jefferson Co., TN; d. September 26, 1851, Summerville, Macoupin Co., IL; m. JOHN CARSON, June 21, 1804.
Notes for N
She was a Presbyterian housewife who at home, buried Blackburn Bridge Cemetary in Summerville, IL.

xi.   JANE BLACKBURN, b. June 03, 1789, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. 1840, Unknown; m. THOMAS SNOODY, September 06, 1804.

xii.   EDWARD BLACKBURN, b. June 03, 1789, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. September 25, 1853, Unknown; m. MARGARET MCGIRK, 1804.

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