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Ancestors of Jared Michael Maxwell

      22753. Ann Winston, born Abt. 1622 in Belton, Suffolk, England; died Aft. 1640. She was the daughter of 45506. Henry Winston and 45507. Margery Keble.
Child of Richard Clarke and Ann Winston is:
  11376 i.   Richard Clark, born Abt. 1640 in Essex, England; died 01 Apr 1697 in New Jersey; married Elizabeth 1660.

      22758. John Stratton, born Bef. 1628; died Unknown.
Child of John Stratton is:
  11379 i.   Abigail Stratton, born Bef. 1648; died Aft. 1663; married Henry Norris Bef. 1663.

      22796. William Curtis, born 17 May 1540 in Nazeing, Essex, England; died 17 May 1585 in England2717. He was the son of 45592. John Curtis and 45593. Elizabeth Welles. He married 22797. Agnes Bef. 1565 in Nazeing, Essex, England.

      22797. Agnes, born Abt. 1540 in Nazeing, Essex, England2717; died 09 Jul 1585 in England2717.
Children of William Curtis and Agnes are:
  11398 i.   Thomas Curtis, born Bef. 25 Aug 1560 in Nazeing, Essex, England; died 11 Dec 1631 in Ash, Sandwich, Kent, England; married (1) Mary Camp 24 Aug 1585 in Nanzing, Essex, England; married (2) Mary Shelley 03 Jul 1596 in Nanzing, Essex, England; married (3) Bennett Lott 22 Dec 1612 in Sandwich, Kent, England; married (4) Richardene Noyes Bet. 1617 - 1618 in Ash, Kent, England.
  12104 ii.   John Curtis, born 15 Sep 1577 in Nazeing, Essex, England; died 1639 in Wethersfield, Connecticut; married Elizabeth Hutchins 19 Apr 1610 in Nazeing, Essex, England.

      24064. Vicar William Eddye, born 1559 in Bristol, Somersetshire, England; died 23 Nov 1616 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. He married 24065. Mary Fosten 20 Nov 1587 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

      24065. Mary Fosten, born 19 Sep 1568 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died 18 Jul 1611 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. She was the daughter of 48130. John Fosten and 48131. Ellen Munn.

Notes for Vicar William Eddye:
William Eddye earned his B.A. degree from Trinity College, University of Cambridge in England, in 1583. In 1586, he earned his M.A. He served as the curate at Thurston, Suffolk, England from 1583-86 and as the Vicar of Cranbrook from 12 January 1591 till 1616.
Children of William Eddye and Mary Fosten are:
  i.   Nathaniel Eddye, born Bef. 30 Mar 1589; died Unknown.
  More About Nathaniel Eddye:
Christening: 30 Mar 1589, Staplehurst, Kent, England

  ii.   Mary Eddye, born 19 Sep 1591 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Aft. 1640 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.
  iii.   Phineas Eddye, born 23 Sep 1593 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Bef. 07 Jun 1641 in Portsmouth, England.
  iv.   John Eddye, born 27 Mar 1597 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died 12 Oct 1684 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
  v.   Eleanor Eddye, born 05 Aug 1599 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Abt. Oct 1610 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.
  vi.   Abigail Eddye, born Oct 1601 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died 20 Mar 1686/87 in Charleston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
  vii.   Anna Eddye, born Abt. May 1603 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Unknown.
  viii.   Elizabeth Eddye, born Dec 1606 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died 1616 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.
  12032 ix.   Samuel Eddye, born Bef. 15 May 1608 in England; died 12 Nov 1682 in Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Savery Bef. Apr 1637.
  x.   Zacharias Eddye, born Abt. Mar 1609/10 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Unknown.
  xi.   Nathaniel Eddye, born 18 Jul 1611 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died 27 Jul 1611 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

      24066. Thomas Savery, born Bef. 1576; died Aft. 1607. He was the son of 48132. Robert Savery. He married 24067. Mary Woodrorke 26 Jan 1595/96.

      24067. Mary Woodrorke, born Bef. 1580; died Aft. May 1607.
Child of Thomas Savery and Mary Woodrorke is:
  12033 i.   Elizabeth Savery, born Abt. May 1607 in England; died 24 May 1689 in Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; married Samuel Eddye Bef. Apr 1637.

      24068. John Ellis, born 28 Nov 1596 in Tweksbury, Glouchester, England; died 23 Mar 1675/76 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He married 24069. Blandina Masterson Abt. 1621 in London, Middlesex, England.

      24069. Blandina Masterson, born 1598 in Scotton, York, England; died 06 Mar 1653/54 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 48138. Edmund Masterson and 48139. Joan Bechyng.
Child of John Ellis and Blandina Masterson is:
  12034 i.   Lt. John Ellis, born 14 Sep 1623 in Bishop's Gate, London, England; died 02 Apr 1697 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Freeman 20 Aug 1645 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

      24070. Edmund Freeman, born 25 Jul 1596 in Pulborough, Sussex, England; died 21 Jun 1682 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. He was the son of 48140. Edmund Freeman and 48141. Alice Cole. He married 24071. Benet Hodsoll 16 Jun 1617 in Cowfold, Sussex, England.

      24071. Benet Hodsoll, born 25 Aug 1596 in Sussex, England; died 12 Apr 1630 in Pulborough, Sussex, England.
Child of Edmund Freeman and Benet Hodsoll is:
  12035 i.   Elizabeth Freeman, born 11 Apr 1624 in Sussex, England; died 24 Jun 1692 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts; married Lt. John Ellis 20 Aug 1645 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

      24072. Giles Rickard, born Abt. 1597; died Unknown. He married 24073. Judith Cogan Bef. 1624.

      24073. Judith Cogan, born Abt. 1594; died 1661 in Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 48146. Henry Cogan and 48147. Joan Boridge.
Child of Giles Rickard and Judith Cogan is:
  12036 i.   Giles Rickard, born Abt. 1624 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died 25 Jun 1699 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; married Hannah Dunham 31 Oct 1651 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

      24076. Francis Cooke, born Abt. 1583 in Essex, England; died 07 Apr 1663 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He married 24077. Hester Mahieu 30 Jun 1603 in Leyden, Holland.

      24077. Hester Mahieu, born Abt. 1584 in Canterbury, England; died 18 Jun 1666 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 48154. Jacques Mahieu and 48155. Jennie.

Notes for Francis Cooke:
"There is conflicting evidence about the birth of Francis Cooke. A note scribbled in Bradford's Journal says Francis Cooke died above the age of 80, meaning he was born before 1583. However, in August 1643, he was in a list of men of Plymouth between the age of 16 and 60 allowed to bear arms. This means he was born after 1583. Also, he was married in Leyden in 1603, so he probably would have been at least 21 at the time. This means a birth before 1583. The fact that all these records seem to conflict suggests that Francis Cook was probably born in 1583. "
He had been living in Holland about eight years prior to the coming of the rest of the Pilgrims. On the 25 April 1603, he is described in Dutch records as a "woolcomber." From 1603 till the Pilgrims arrived in Leyden, Francis and Hester were members of the French Walloon church. In 1606 they left for a trip to Norwich, England. They returned in 1607 to have their son baptized, In 1608 they rejoined communion with the Walloon Church in Leyden. Sometime between 1611 and 1618, they began communion with the Pilgrims' Separatist church in Leyden. In 1620, Francis and his son John went to America the "Mayflower," leaving his wife and younger children to come after the colony was established.
"William Bradford recorded his list of passengers that came over in the Mayflower: "Francis Cooke and his son John, but his wife and other children came afterwards". Later in 1651, he writes "Francis Cooke is still living, a very old man, and hath seen his children's children have children. After his wife came over with other of his children; he hath three still living by her, all married and have five children, so their increase is eight. And his son John which came over with him is married, and hath four children living."
(1) "Mayflower Families for Five Generations: Francis Cooke, volume 12," Ralph V. Wood, Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1996.
(2) "The Mayflower Marriage Records at Leyden and Amsterdam: Francis Cooke", Mayflower Descendant, George Bowman, 8:48-50.
(3) "The Pilgrims and Other English in Leiden Records: Some New Pilgrim Documents," Jeremy D. Bangs, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 143(1989):195-199.
He is the tenth great-grandfather of President George Herbert Walker Bush. and sixth great-grandfather to President William Howard Taft.
Children of Francis Cooke and Hester Mahieu are:
  i.   Jane Cooke, born Bet. 1604 - 1608 in Leyden, Holland; died 08 Jun 1666 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Experience Mitchell 01 Jun 1627 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; born Abt. 1606 in Leyden, Holland; died Bef. 14 May 1689 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
  Notes for Experience Mitchell:
Experience Mitchell came to America as one of the passengers of the "Ann and Little James," in June 1622.
The inventory of his will was done on 14 May 1689. He mentioned his wife Mary, his son Edward Mitchell of Bridgewater, his son John Mitchell and his son John's son John Mitchell. He also mentioned his daughters Mercy Shaw, Sarah Haward and Hannah Haward. He mentioned his grandson Thomas Mitchell and his granddaughter Mary Mitchell.

  ii.   Josiah Cooke, born Abt. 1610 in Leyden2718; died 17 Oct 1673 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts2718; married Elizabeth Ring 16 Sep 1635 in Plymouth, Massachusetts2718; born Bef. 23 Feb 1602/03 in Ufford, Suffolk, England2718; died 28 Dec 1687 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts2718.
  iii.   Deacon John Cooke, born 1612 in Leyden, Holland; died 23 Nov 1695 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts2719; married Sarah Warren 28 Mar 1634 in Plymouth, Massachusetts2720; born 1615 in England; died 25 Jul 1686.
  Notes for Deacon John Cooke:
John Cooke came to America in 1620, on the "Mayflower." In 1644, he served in a military company to deal with Indian problems in Plymouth. He was excommunicated in 1657 for being a Baptist, and he moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. where he served as an occasional Baptist Preacher. He was the last surviving male member of the Mayflower.

  Notes for Sarah Warren:
Sarah came from England in the "Anne" to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Her Mother-in-Law to be, Hester (Mahieu) Cooke, came on the same ship.

  12038 iv.   Jacob Cooke, born 1618 in Leyden, Holland; died 16 Dec 1675 in Massachusetts; married (1) Damarius Hopkins 10 Jun 1646 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; married (2) Elizabeth Lettice 18 Nov 1669 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

      24078. Stephen Hopkins, born Abt. 1578 in Hampshire, England; died Bef. 17 Jul 1644 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He married 24079. Elizabeth Fisher 19 Feb 1616/17 in Whitechapel, London, England.

      24079. Elizabeth Fisher, born Abt. 1596 in England; died Jul 1644 in Plymouth, Massachusetts2721.

Notes for Stephen Hopkins:
Stephen Hopkins arrived in America in 1620 on the Mayflower. He was the fourteenth signer of the Mayflower Compact.
The following information is extracted from Caleb Johnson's Web Page:
"The Mayflower Quarterly has published a number of factually baseless articles on Stephen Hopkins' genealogy, most recently in the November 1997 and August 1998 issues. These articles should not be used by anyone concerned about genealogical accuracy;
they were briefly corrected in the November 1998 issue, page 350-351 and 353. Additionally, there is a highly erroneous biography published by Margaret Hodges, titled Hopkins of the Mayflower: Portrait of a Dissenter. The genealogical information in these works are flat out wrong, and easily proven so with primary source documentation.
"Stephen Hopkins was not from Wortley, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, as has been previously published in numerous books and articles, and the claim he married a woman named Constance Dudley is complete fiction."
"The baptism records of Stephen Hopkins' children Giles and Constance, as well as an additional child Elizabeth, were discovered in the parish registers of Hursley, Hampshire, England." The Hursley parish register for 1606 showing Constance Hopkins' baptism in the original records says: "undecimo de May, Constancia filia Steph. Hopkins fuit baptizata", which translates into English as "Eleventh day of May, Constance daughter of Steph. Hopkins was baptized."
"And there in Hursley, on 9 May 1613, Mary Hopkins the wife of Stephen was buried. Mary's children Giles, Constance, and Elizabeth are all named in her probate estate papers dated 10 May 1613 and on file at the Hampshire Records Office (file: 1613AD/046).
"The claim Stephen had a son William is based on Wotton-under-Edge records, and is invalid since that Hopkins family had no connection with the Mayflower. The claim that Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower had a son Stephen baptized at St. Stephen Coleman Street, London on 22 December 1609 is also wrong--no such baptism record exists. This baptism is apparently an error for a real baptism which is found on 3 December 1609 at the parish of St. Katherine Coleman, London. This child died on 19 February 1609/10, and the father had another child named John Hopkins, baptized on 14 April 1611. Since Stephen Hopkins the Mayflower passenger was in Virginia at the time this child was conceived and later baptized, he could not have fathered it. The name Stephen Hopkins is quite common--there are at least five of them in London during this time period. This is just another man named Stephen Hopkins, and there is no connection with the Mayflower passenger of the same name. "
"Stephen Hopkins was one of only a few passengers on the Mayflower to have made a prior trip to America. He came in 1609 on the "Sea Venture," headed for Jamestown, Virginia. But instead, they were marooned on an island following a hurricane, and the 150 passengers were stranded for nine months. Hopkins led an uprising, challenging the governor's authority, and was sentenced to
death. But he begged and moaned about the ruin of his wife and children, and so was pardoned out of sympathy.
The company eventually managed to build a ship, and escaped the island. After spending several years in Jamestown, Hopkins returned to England sometime between 1613 and 1617.
"Stephen Hopkins brought with him on the Mayflower his wife Elizabeth, children Giles and Constance by his first marriage, and Damaris by his second marriage. A son Oceanus was born while the Mayflower was at sea. Stephen participated in the early exploring missions and was an "ambassador" along with Myles Standish for early Indian relations."
"Another little-known reference to Stephen Hopkins, which also alludes to his two servants (Edward Doty and Edward Leister), is found in the Minutes for the Council of New England, on 5 May 1623 (reprinted from Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, April 1867, pp. 93-94): "Touching the difference between Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Peirce, Mr. Hopkins alleadgeth that hee hath paid to Mr Peirce for Transportation of himselfe and two persons more, and Likewise for his goods, wch Peirce acknowledgeth, but alleadgeth, that by reason of his unfortunate returne, the rest of the passengers that went upon the Like Conditions have been contented to allow unto 40s a person towards his Loss, and therefore desireth that Master Hopkyns may doe the like, which Mr. Hopkins at length agreed unto, soe as Mr. Peirce and his Associates will accept of 6 for 3 passengers out of 20 his Adventure wch he hath in their Joynt Stock. And therefore they both pray that the Councell will bee pleased to write to the Associates to accept thereof, which they are pleased to doe."
"In 1636, Hopkins was fined for the battery of John Tisdale, in 1637 he was found guilty of allowing men to drink on a Sunday at his house, and in 1638 he was fined for not dealing fairly with an apprentice-girl, Dorothy Temple. He was also charged with several other minor crimes, including selling glass at too high a price, selling illegal intoxicants, and allowing men to get drunk at his house. However, this in no way indicated he was disloyal to the Colony -- in fact he was Assistant governor from 1633 until 1636, and he volunteered to fight in the Pequot War of 1637. "
Caleb Johnson, "The True Origins of Mayflower Passenger Stephen Hopkins," The American Genealogist, 73(1998):161-171.
John D. Austin, "Mayflower Families for Five Generations: Stephen Hopkins, volume 6" (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1992).
Eugene Aubrey Stratton, "Plymouth Colony, Its History and Its People, 1620-1691" (Ancestor Publishers, Salt Lake City, 1986).
William Bradford and Edward Winslow. "A Relation or Journal of the Beginning and Proceedings of the English Plantation settled at Plymouth . . ." (John Bellamie: London, 1622).
William Bradford, "Of Plymouth Plantation, ed. Samuel Morison" (New York: Random House, 1952). Annie Lash Jester, Adventurers of Purse and Person--Virginia 1607-1625, pg. 213-217.
Mayflower Web Pages, by Caleb Johnson 1998
Wiliam Strachey gives an account of Stephen Hopkins in his book, "Purchas His Pilgrims," vol. iv., pg. 1734, ed. 1625, in the section entitled, "The Most Dreadful Tempest." He states that the "Sea Adventure," was wrecked near Bermuda on 28 July 1609. He said the minister appointed Stephen Hopkins as the "Clarke," to read the Psalms and Scriptures on Sundays. He said Stephen was, "A fellow who had much knowledge of the Scriptures, and could reason well therin." He said Hopkins led a mutiny stating, "that it was no breach of honesty, conscience, nor Religion, to decline from the obedience of the Governour, or refuse to goe any further, led by his authority (except it so pleased themselves) since the authority ceased when the wracke was committed, and with it, they were freed from the government of any man." He was brought before a Martial Court and charged with treason. He pleaded for his life and was freed. When those shipwrecked built two small boats, he was among those who sailed with them for Virginia. He quickly returned to England and later joined with the Pilgrims.
His will was written 6 June 1644. It was presented 27 July 1644 and proven on 20 August 1644.

  Notes for Elizabeth Fisher:
Elizabeth came to America on the Mayflower.
Children of Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher are:
  i.   Oceanus Hopkins, born 1620 in Mayflower, Atlantic Ocean2722; died Bef. 1625.
  ii.   Deborah Hopkins, born 1622 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts2722; died Bef. 1674; married Andrew Ring 23 Apr 1646 in Plymouth, Massachusetts2722; born Abt. 1618 in Leyden2723; died 22 Feb 1691/92 in Plymouth, Massachusetts2723.
  iii.   Caleb Hopkins, born Abt. 1623 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Bef. 1651 in Barbadoes2724
  Notes for Caleb Hopkins:
Caleb Hopkins died of starvation in Barbadoes.

  12039 iv.   Damarius Hopkins, born 1627 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Bef. 18 Nov 1669 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; married Jacob Cooke 10 Jun 1646 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  v.   Elizabeth Hopkins, born Aft. 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died 16662725
  vi.   Ruth Hopkins, born Aft. 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died Bef. 16592726

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