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Descendants of Edward Beck

Generation No. 4

4. SAMUEL4 BECK (JEFFERY BECK3 JR., JEFFERY BECK2 SR., EDWARD1 BECK) was born June 08, 1796 in S.C., and died July 03, 1876 in Rabun Co., GA. He married TABITHA LANGSTON 1811, daughter of JAMES LANGSTON.

Notes for SAMUEL BECK:
From Susan Koyle and verified

Antioch Cemetery, Warwoman, Rabun, Ga. - birth and death dates and spouse.
VitaL Rec. of Rabun County.
Will of Samuel Beck in Wills of Rabun County.
1830 Census Rabun County, Georgia-SamueL Beck listed with 1 made under 5; 1 mate between 5-15; 1 mate between 15-20; 1 mate between 30-40. 1 female under 5; 1 female between 10-15; one female between 15-20; one female between 30-40.
1840 Census Rabun County, Georgia Listed with 2 males between 5-10; 1 mate between 10-15; 1 mate between 15-20; 1 mate between 20-30; 1 mate between 40-50. 1 female under 5; 1 female between 10-15; 1 female between 40-50.
1850 Census Rabun County, Georgia #321, with wife and four children. The value of his real estate was $4,800. He was born in North Carolina. Age 54. He had one child married within the year and three children attend school. Wife Tabitha, age 54, born in South Carolina. Ary, age 21, Jasper N, age 18, Martin V B, age 16, Martha J, age 12.
1860 Census Rabun County, Georgia Listed as age 64.

1870 Census Rabun County, Georgia Listed as age 72, born in North Carolina, Lucinda age 22, Louisa age 10, James age 4, John age 1.

Received his title in the Florida War against the Seminole Indians in 1835 (Rabun County Georgia and its people, p. 107)

1836-Feb. 29, 1836, Deed from Samuel Beck to John Swafford, 256 acres on Stamp Creek. Recorded Dec. 2, 1836. Oconee County, South Carolina Deed Book 2, p. 295. (find original)

He is Listed as heir to land sold of James Langston 25 Oct 1837. VoL F-1 page 53.

1837-oct 25, 1837, deed from Samuel Beck et at to John Capehart, 207 acres on Little River. Recorded Jan. 20, 1848. (Estate of James Langston, father of Tabaitha and Wm. Davis Langston) Oconee County, South Carolina Deed Book 2, p. 527. (find original)

1822-Deed book Rabun Co., Ga. - Deed made to him by Morgan Brown of Washington County to Lot 4 of the third Land district, containing 490 acres, at the price of $350. dated Nov 28, 1822. This Lot is on Dick's Creek a short distance above where it empties into the Chattooga River. (Sketches, p. 90)

He and Tabitha Langston built their first home on Dick's Creek. It was a crude cabin of hewn Logs and puncheon floor. His holdings grew until at his death he, his sons, and son-in-Laws owned aLt of the bottom land in the Warwoman VaLLey from the Saddle Gap to the Chattooga River. (Sketches, P.90)
He became the Captain of the company of volunteers that went from this county to the Florida War and there gained the title of Colonel of a regimant. This was against the Seminoles. It started when the Seminoles refused to move and

massacred men. (Sketches, p. 90)

Bounty Land Records, National Archives Act of 1850, Warrant No. 37.902. Capt. Samuel Beck, lst Regiment Georgia Militia received a bounty Land warrant for 80 acres dated 28 May 1852. He sold this warrant to John F. Frazer Oct. 1, 1852. The warrant was turned in at Defiance, Ohio Dec. 11, 1852 by John F. Frazer.

Bounty Land Records, National Archives Act of 1855, Warrant No. 40.645. Samuel Beck, Capt. Georgia Militia in Creek War received a bounty Land warrant for 80 acres dated 23 August 1856. He sold this warrant to Marcus Bear, Sarah Bear, Elizabeth Bear, John Bear and Fred Bear 1 Oct. 1856. The warrant was turned in at Pickaway, Ohio Oct 13, 1859 by parties Listed above.

Claim for Minor Children for Bounty Land, National Archives. A claim for bounty Land for his father Capt. Samuel Beck's service in FLorida-indian War was filed by Martin V. Beck. This states that Samuel Beck was a Captain in the Second Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Cavalry commanded by General Nelson in the FLorida-Indian War. He served from 5 Oct. 1837 to 7 May 1838. He was discharged at Camp CALL, Georgia. He was 6 ft high, dark hair, black eyes, fair complexion and by occupation a farmer. This claim was denied because Samuel had already received his total acres. Dated 24 July 1905.

in 1862 he was the owner of 19 slaves. (Sketches p279) He represented the county in the Legislature as Senator in 1839, 1843, 1853, & 1854. (Sketches p9O & 296)

He was an unusually large man in body for he is said to have weighed over 300 pounds. He had ability to acquire and to keep a Large property. Besides his holdings in the Warwoman community, he became the owner of a considerable area of valuable Land in and around Clayton. He left a will in which he distributed his property among his several children. He gave to his three grandsons a tract of land on account of their being named Samuel after him. He also Left to one of his former slaves,a negro woman, Cynthia, a parcel of his platation because, as he said, she of all his servants had been the most faithful to him after being freed from slavery. (Sketches of Rabun County History)
Berry Beck and BILL Pickett were the executors of his estate. (Sketches, 93)

When the Convention was called at Milledgeville to decide what Georgia would do about Secession, he was one of the delegates from Rabun County. He was a States Rights man and was in favor of staying in the Union. He stood in opposition to Secession. (Sketches p76 & 267, 272)

He was sent to the Senate on his return from the Florida War in 1838. Georgia called for volunteers to put down the Indians. It was Colonel Beck who organized and led the company of men who went from Rabun County.(Sketches p9l)

He gave three acres of Land to the Warwoman Community Methodist Church in a deed dated 14 October 1874. This is where the current church stands. The cemetery just above the church is where Col. Beck is buried along with nearly aLL of his first descendants.(Sketches p4O6 & 407) Listed with wife in Index of North Carolina Ancestors, p. 14. Gives names, dates and spouse.

His Will Reads:

I Samuel Beck of said state and county - being advanced in life beyond the
period usually allotted unto man but possessed withal of disposing mind and
memory clear fresh and vigorous
being in excellent health mental and physical - desirous of making a just
disposition of the property real and personal with which a kind providence has
blessed me - do make thereby ordain and publish the following to be my last will
and testament thereby revoking all others by me hitherto made.
Item first - I leave unto my son Berry B. Beck the two lots of land here on he
now lives and has made improvements...

Item second I will to my son Samuel M. Beck such parts of the same time the
whole of the remaining portion of the two lots last named in item first of this will
as is not described in said item the portions willed to the said Samuel M.
embracing the saw and grist mills thereon situated it being my aim to make up in
quality what advantage my son Berry B. Beck has over Samuel M. in quantity.

Item third - I will unto my son Martin V. Beck the following described lands -----
part of lot no 15 in the third district from the lands belonging to the estates of
Drewery Wall deceased the above described land taking in the dwelling house
which I now occupy together with barn stables orchard and other improvements
on said lot and also the spring out of which I now use water.

Item fourth - the share which heretofore I have desired for my daughter Polly
namely Harriet Wall, Martha Bynam, Augustus Wall and the one known as
Lex all that is to say Lot number 14 in the 3rd district of said county........

Item fifth - I will unto my son in law William Pickett the following described lands
to wit .....
Item sixth - unto my son in law Marcus Bleckley I will the lands ......

Item seventh - of all my former slaves Lucinda alone has staid with me since
emancipation. She has waited on me cooked for me and by attending to and
taking care of my stock and much of my other property has made the same much
more profitable and available for my children. In consideration of the same I do
hereby will unto William Pickett trustee and in trust for the minor children of the
said Lucinda (being Lucinda Beck a person of color) that is in trust for Louisa
Beck, Earnis Beck, and John Beck who are minors the whole lot of land
number 18.... also do will three cows and calves one cow and calf for each....and
for each...a good sow and mare Flora together with her colt and all the
increase of said mare and colt.
Item eight- unto my son John Beck I will the parcel of land.....

Item ninth - I will unto my son Samuel M. Beck as trustee for his son Samuel
Beck a minor to Berry Beck his son Samuel Beck a minor and to Marcus
Bleckley as trustee for his son Samuel all as joint owners of the following land.
Item tenth - all of my town lots in the town of Clayton in said county I will shall be
sold by my executor herein after named.... for cash at public outcry the proceeds
to be divided....
Item eleventh the one third interest in lot number three... held by my executors
until such time as they determine shall be most advisable to sell....
Item twelfth all of my personal property I will that my said executors shall sell
Item thirteenth - all coin and money of every description which I may possess ...
divide among the persons to whom the proceeds of the sales of the town lots are
left.... those of my children not so provided for because I already have advanced
to them property which they have enjoyed or are enjoying.
Item fourteenth.- I hereby appoint and constitute my son Berry B Beck and my
son in law William Pickett the true and lawful executors...

Thus having disposed of my earthly treasures I close in hopes of a better and
more enduring substance in heaven

Note: This was signed by Samuel Beck and he drew his seal upon it.

Note the number of grandchildren named Samuel listed in the will. It would
appear that either there was much family pride in the name or everyone wanted
their son to be the elder Samuel's favorite heir.


5. i.   SAMUEL5 BECK, b. October 29, 1826, Rabun Co., GA; d. September 08, 1902, Rabun Co., GA.

  ii.   MARY BECK, b. October 25, 1812, Rabun Co., GA; d. December 10, 1909, Warwoman Baptist Church, Rabun Co., Ga.; m. (1) BURRELL WALL, September 12, 1832; m. (2) BURRELL WALL, September 13, 1832.

  iii.   JOANNA BECK, b. September 15, 1816, Rabun Co., GA; d. October 26, 1907, Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Rabun Co.,Ga; m. (1) MILES WALL, April 20, 1836; m. (2) MILES WALL, May 21, 1836.

  iv.   MAJ. JOHN BECK, b. December 23, 1819, Rabun Co., GA; d. January 24, 1873, Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Rabun Co.,Ga; m. ELIZABETH NORRIS, September 12, 1843.

  v.   BERRY B. BECK, b. August 26, 1822, RABUN COUNTY GEORGIA; d. May 26, 1892, antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Rabun Co.,Ga; m. STACY BLYTHE, March 12, 1851.

  vi.   ARAH BECK, b. July 29, 1829, Rabun Co., GA; d. June 23, 1921, Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Rabun Co.,Ga; m. JOHN MARCUS BLECKLEY, 1851.

  vii.   JASPER BECK, b. May 10, 1832, RABUN COUNTY GEORGIA; d. CIVIL WAR.

  viii.   MARTIN V. BECK, b. October 16, 1834, RABUN COUNTY GEORGIA; d. February 03, 1921, Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery, Rabun Co.,Ga; m. ELIZABETH UNKNOWN.

  ix.   MARTHA BECK, b. February 25, 1838, Rabun Co., GA; m. WILLIAM PICKETT.

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