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* The McAllasters of America*

Updated June 29, 2009


Richard McAllaster, his wife, Ann (Miller)and their two
small sons arrived in America in 1739. Their son Archibald
was about two years old the winter of 1738-39 when they
left Ireland. Their other son, John was born on the
Atlantic Ocean during their crossing.
They first settled in Londonderry, New Hampshire where my
great-great-greatgrandfather, William McAllaster (1741) was
born, but very shortly they relocated to a "New" settlement
which is now Bedford, New Hampshire .


* * * * Special Announcement * * * *

A quote of the late Clark McAllaster of Lyons,Kansas ,

"The McAllaster clan may not be the greatest family in the
world, but it's sure way yonder ahead of whoever is second!"


(CMA Family Line HE02)

We are just getting this FAMILY RECORD started, and we need
all the help and information we can get.
So far there has been no family relationship established
between the families of Richard McAllaster and Henry Edward
McAllaster. However,both of these families do spell their
surnames the same, and we know this spelling is quite unique
and rare.
If you are a part of this Mendocino County McAllaster
Family please let us hear from you . Infact we would be
proud to hear from any of our McAllaster families.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you have a comment , suggestion , or question PLEASE let us
hear from you .
Ole cousin Ray , My E-MAIL address is

* * * * * *

Barbara (McAllaster) Corbin, We thank you for the UP-DATE and all of the fine information you sent to us for the Benjamin Edwin McAllaster (b.1863) family.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* * * * *GOOD NEWS* * * * *

I now have a "Scanner", and I am learning how to use it. As time goes by, I now will be adding newer pictures to our PHOTO SECTION. Will you PLEASE let me know if you have someone in mind whose picture you would like to see here in our Web Page. I will sure try to get it added. ALSO, please let others know
about "our" McAllaster Web Page.

Thank You, Ole Cousin Ray

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We wish to welcome James W. Corbin and Paula J. (Corbin) Merrill
into our McAllaster Family Record.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ALSO I would like for you to view our Report of
McAllaster Branch of Our Family. Birdsall was a
railroad man.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Charles Ray McAllaster

801 Corder Rd.
Warner Robins, GA 31088
A-United States

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Family Photos

  • KANSAS - - - - The Cousins Picture of 1911 (73 KB)
    If you, or your Grandparents are a KANSAS McALLASTER , then YOUR ANCESTOR should be in this picture. NUMBERED from LEFT to RIGHT - - -Front Row- - - 1. Benjamin Howell McAllaster b.1903 2. Laura Jane McAllaster b. 1900 3. Myra Jane McAllaster b. 1898 4. Lester Everett Bean b. 1901 - - -Middle Row- - - 1. Rollin Marquis McAllaster b. 1892 2. Myra Etta McAllaster b. 1887 3. James Albert McAllaster b. 1885 4. Mabel M. McAllaster b. 1882 5. Wilford Hensley McAllaster b. 1886 - - -Back Row- - - 1. Clara Maude McAllaster b. 1893 2. Ernest Edwin McAllaster b. 1894 3. Glen Edwin McAllaster b. 1892 4. Guy Cary McAllaster b. 1896 5. Florence McAllaster b. 1897 6. Edwin Sabinos McAllaster b. 1899 * * * RECENTLY I was informed by Barbara (McAllaster) Corbin that this photo was taken December 26, 1911
  • John, LaRue & Mildred (17 KB)
    John Paul Nuest(Now deceased), LaRue (McAllaster)Webb Nuest, and Mildred McAllaster enjoying the 1996 FAMILY REUNION. John died February 16, 1997.
  • The Warren James McAllaster Family (32 KB)
    This picrure is of my grandparents , my aunt and my father * * * FRONT ROW Warren James McAllaster and Mary Bell (ORM) McAllaster BACK ROW Myra Jean McAllaster and Edwin Sabinos McAllaster
  • Elva McAllaster (13 KB)
    Elva Arlene McAllaster 1922 - 1997 Gone, but Not Forgotten.
  • This is a good picture of Bob & Sandra McAllaster (25 KB)
    Robert Carol McAllaster II, and his wife, Sandra Jean (Monachino) McAllaster.
  • Birdsall McAllaster (18 KB)
    Many of us have heard a lot of stories about Birdsall Allen McAllaster. He was a "Land Commissioner" for Union Pacific Rail Road. In Kansas most of grandparents & some of our parents knew Birdsall. His name appears on many of the land titles in Rice County, Kansas.
  • David & Tina's Wedding - (McALLASTER FAMILY) (78 KB)
    Wedding day, June 10,2000. This is all of Our Georgia McAllasters,except one. There are now twenty of us all together.
  • Janie, Altha, and Howard (22 KB)
    Janette Renee Jeffires, Altha McAllaster, and Howard McAllaster Jeffires. Celebrating at Altha's 100th birthday. August 2000.
  • Alan & Jackie McAllaster (12 KB)
    Alan Dow & Jacquelin Lee (Mullin) McAllaster. This picture was taken in Sterling, Kansas at our 1990 Family Reunion. Alan is the grandson of Birdsall McAllaster. He & Jackie live in Walnut Creek, California. They have three grown children.
  • Some fine looking McAllasters (91 KB)
    Brothers & sister. LEFT to RIGHT - Dan McAllaster, Carol McAllaster, Anna Louise (McAllaster) Wyatt, and Ansel McAllaster (deceased).
  • BROTHER Jimmie (40 KB)
    Jimmie Dwayne Redford * Lean an Trim, and in his prime. This picture was takrn in Warner Robins, GA. Jimmie, do you recall what year it was taken ?
  • Bill and Linda Golding Family (28 KB)
    FRONT ROW L to R Linda Lou (McAllaster) Golding, and Billy Don "Bill" Golding. BACK ROW L to R Kristin Golding, and Randy Golding. This family lives in Nickerson, Kansas.
  • Ansel & his mother, Altha in 1990. (17 KB)
    He has a mighty proud look on his face. This is Ansel Howard McAllaster, with his mother, Altha Margaret (Brayton) McAllaster. This is one of my favorite McAllaster pictures.
  • Family Reunion 1996 - Uncle Ben's Bunch (30 KB)
    This is at Lyons, Kansas 1996, and we call this group the Uncle Ben & Aunt Ben branch of our family.
  • My Sister (34 KB)
    This was my one & only sister, Lois E. (McAllaster) Simmonds. About 1997 she developed Alzhelmer's Disease. This is my last picture of her. Picture was taken in Wichita, Kansas, June of 2003. Lois died March 26, 2004.
  • Wes McAllaster (10 KB)
    Wesley Eugene McAllaster is the great-grandson of Wilford Hensley and "Mayme" (LaFever)McAllaster. Wes and his wife, Mindi, live in LaGrande, Oregon, where they both teach at Eastern Oregon University. Wes is the Head Base Ball Coach there. See article in "Related Links".
  • Clark McAllaster (8 KB)
    James Clark McAllaster, 1925 -1991. He was a family man. He loved his family, and all of his family loved him. Clark & his family hosted us two of the finest family reunions we could ever have. We will forever remember Clark McAllaster.
  • The Four "Brothers", again. (27 KB)
    We are getting a little older. Pictured LEFT to RIGHT - Ray McAllaster, Jackie Redford, Jimmie Redford, and Bobby Redford. Picture was taken June 2003.
  • Ronnie McAllaster - El Centro , California (9 KB)
    Ronald Eugene McAllaster (46 years ago). A 1957 graduate from Central Union High School in El Centro, California. Ron is the son of John B. and Hazel (Netto) McAllaster. He married Lynn Nice in 1961. Notice also our picture of Wes McAllaster, the Base Ball Coach. He is Ron & Lynn's son.
  • Wendale & Donna McAllaster - 1990 (24 KB)
    Wendale Elmer & Donna Lee (Rhodes) McAllaster. A fine looking couple. Wendale, the reason I chose this picture is because you look so young, and robust. Are you enjoying your retirement ?
  • KANSAS 1996 - Uncle Charlie's Bunch (36 KB)
    The Uncle Charlie & Aunt "Ily" branch. These two, Charles and Emily McAllaster were both McAllasters even BEFORE they married. The "Green Branch" is part of this family line. - - - THIS IS A POUR PICTURE, if any of you have a better picture of this group please send me a COPY.
  • Ray, Jackie, and Della (23 KB)
    A TEST
  • The WEBMASTER & his brothers. (19 KB)
    L to R - - Jimmie Redford, Bobbie Redford, Ray McAllaster, and Jackie Redford. We are all McAllaster cousins by birth, but brothers by choice. We were Grandma McA's boys, and we were all raised together. Picture taken in 1996.
  • Donna Lee McAllaster (16 KB)
    Donna Lee (Rhodes) McAllaster. This was the year at our family reunion that all of this family wore their stripped shirts. All very pretty.
  • Col. Claudia McAllaster (23 KB)
    Army Reservist Col. Claudia McAllaster checks the ears of Brittney Porter while deployed at the Kitzingen Army Health Clinic.
  • Dan & Faye McAllaster - 2000 (25 KB)
    Daniel Forrest & Vanita Faye (Johnson) McAllaster. Dan & Faye now live in Beaverton, Oregon. Faye is one of the ones that helped me get started in my genealogy hobby.
  • "Dick" & Anna Lou (McAllaster) Wyatt (14 KB)
    Richard Curtis "Dick" Wyatt & Anna Louise (McAllaster) Wyatt. They live in (or near) Dodge City, Kansas. This picture was taken August 2000.
  • Allan & Evelyn McAllaster (25 KB)
    Allan Ruthven & Evelyn Alice (Smith) McAllaster. They now live in retirement in Owen, Wisconsin. Allan, also has recorded much of our family genealogy.
  • Altha McAllaster (11 KB)
    This lovely lady will always be remembered. It was about 10 years ago that Altha sent me this picture. The picture was taken just prior to her 92 birthday.
  • Glen McAllaster (1892-1948) (13 KB)
    Glen Edwin McAllaster in Little River, Kansas. Picture was taken ca 1933, Glen was about 41 years old at this time.
  • A Happy Bunch Gathered at the 1996 Reunion (31 KB)
    Everybody is feeling good. - LEFT to RIGHT, Max Bishop, Joellyn Bishop, "Doc" Wendale McAllaster, James McAllaster, Mildred McAllaster & "EJ" Green.
  • Curtis Eugene McAllaster (32 KB)
    This is a picture of Curtis "at work" in his office in San Diego, California. He is the son of Nellie Faye & the late Clark McAllaster.
  • E.J. & Arline Green - 1996 (13 KB)
    Evan Jackson "EJ" & Arline Virginia (Baker) Green. Across the great flat prairie, they live in Tribune, Kansas. (NOTE : I am not sure if they call EJ's wife Arline, or Virginia. Some of you let me know.)
    This is my friend Robert "Bob" McAllaster. He and his wife, Wendie live in Kailua, Hawaii Islands. Bob, if you read this, please E-MAIL me. I want to know something about your father. I have not heard from him in a long while.
  • Max & Joellyn Bishop (19 KB)
    Max Delmer & Joellyn Judith (Jaeger) Bishop. Joellyn is one of the "Green Branch" of our McAllaster family. Her mother was Lena (Green) Jaeger.
  • Little Sister & Her Brother (20 KB)
    LaRue Edna McAllaster, and her older brother, Clarence Edwin McAllaster. I like this picture.It appears that she sure loves this older brother. Picture was taken ca 1937. Clarence is 8 years old, and LaRue is almost 5 years old.
  • Robert Carol McAllaster FAMILY (30 KB)
    The family of Robert Carol & Sue (Henry) McAllaster, with his mother, Altha, in the center, setting. Picture was taken August 2000 at Altha's 100 birthday celebration.
  • Mildred & James McAllaster, & Lois Simmonds. (22 KB)
    At our 1996 Family Reunion. James & Mildred McAllaster, & Lois Elberta (McAllaster) Simmonds.
  • NEWLY WED , Loren & LaRue (23 KB)
    Loren Webb and LaRue (McAllaster) Webb on their wedding day. Picture was taken in Little River, Kansas , June 4, 1950.
  • Lucile McAllaster (10 KB)
    Lucile Margaret (Feldman) McAllaster, 1925 - 1991. She was the wife Edwin Charles McAllaster
  • Katie McAllaster Weaver (12 KB)
    Kathryn Carol (McAllaster) Weaver. Lives in California. Katie is the great-granddaughter of Birdsall Allen McAllaster. She is Married to Mark Lee Weaver.
  • Henry & Beth Manwarren (22 KB)
    "Hank" & Beth (McAllaster) Manwarren at the Family Reunion in August 2000. Now desceased. About one year after this picture was taken, Hank & Beth were killed in a airplane crash on July 21, 2001.
  • John & Teresa Hammersmith Family, with Altha. (21 KB)
    Family of John David & Teresa Sue (McAllaster)Hammersmith,taken with Altha McAllaster in 2000 on her 100th birthday celebration. FRONT ROW L to R Zack Hammersmith, Jonathon Hammersmith, Altha McAllaster, and Nick Hammersmith. BACK ROW L to R Melissa, Teresa, and John Hammersmith.
  • Father & Youngest Daughter (19 KB)
    Alan Dow McAllaster & His Daughter "Katie". This picture was taken in 1974
  • Dale & Lila Hunter (15 KB)
    Dale E. & Lila B. (Tharp) Hunter. Taken in August of 2000. Without a doubt Dale is a McAllaster. He is the son of Lloyd C. Hunter & Laura Jane (McAllaster) Hunter.
  • Robert & Lois Higgins - 2000 (16 KB)
    Robert Norman & Lois Nadyne (Hunter) Higgins. Lois is the daughter of Lloyd C. & Laura Jane (McAllaster) Hunter.
  • "Rick" McAllaster & his little sister, "Katie". (21 KB)
    Kathryn Carol "Katie" McAllaster, and Richard Alan "Rick" McAllaster. Picture was taken about 1977. Walnut Grove, California
  • The Uncle Warren Branch (24 KB)
    The Uncle Warren & Aunt Mary branch is the smallest branch. It is my BUNCH. Pictured L to R , Back row, John Simmonds, Sandra Simmonds, Eunice McAllaster, Eunice Hunter & Art Hunter. Front row Lois Simmonds,(myself) Ray McAllaster, Ester Morey, Hazel Gum & Yvonne Hokr. Taken in 1996
  • John Simmonds, my favorite nephew. (10 KB)
    John William Simmonds. * * * His name is Simmonds, but he is a McALLASTER. I tell John that he is 65% McAllaster & 45% Simmonds. He is a fine gentleman, 110%.
  • Laura McAllaster (10 KB)
    Also, In the "Related Files", we have a small article about Laura.
  • Amy McAllaster (13 KB)
    Amy Kristine McAllaster. She was raised in the State of New Mexico. Amy is the daughter of Mark McAllaster, and Barbara Gayle (Neaderhiser) McAllaster. Her grandparents are Mildred McAllaster & the late James McAllaster.
  • LaRue Edna McAllaster Webb Nuest (31 KB)
    LaRue & her two daughters,Dixie and Diana. They are celebrating LaRue's 70th birthday. Please notice the beautiful quilt in the background.
  • Daniel Forrest McAllaster Family (22 KB)
    Dan & Faye, and all of their family, gathered around his mother, Altha, setted in center. L to R FRONT ROW Stacy Butler, Altha McAllaster, and Shannon Millican. BACK ROW Faye McAllaster, Todd Butler, Dan McAllaster, Bill Butler, Debbie Butler, and David Millican. Taken August 2000.
  • Glen Edwin McAllaster, & his children. (14 KB)
    Glen and his children in about 1933. Sitting on his lap is Clarence and LaRue.
  • Walter F. & Brenda (McAllaster) Honea Family (30 KB)
    Walter & Brenda (McAllaster) Honea, and their family. BACK ROW L to R Brittany Renee Artman, Brenda Lynn (McAllaster) Honea, and Walter Franklin Honea, Jr. IN FRONT L to R Dylan Andrew Honea, and Brendan Ryan Artman. August 2000.
  • Part of the MENDOCINO COUNTY California Branch (40 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT Abigail Conlin,6 yrs. old,Cynthia L. "Cindy" (McAllaster) Smith, Shelly E. (Smith) Conlin, and Wyatt D. Conlin, 4 1/2 yrs. old. BACK RIGHT is: Gerald D. "Jerry" Smith.
  • The Eladio & Sherry (Redford) Cruz Family (17 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT - 1. Sherolyn Carman Cruz, 2. Esther Ruth Cruz, 3. Mary Faith Cruz, 4. Sherolyn Kay "Sherry" (Redford) Cruz, 5. Eladio Ephram Cruz, 6. and Eladio Cruz. * "Sherry's" Great-great-grandmother McAllaster lived with them the first four years of Sherrys life.

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Related Files

  • PLANE CRASH - Beth & Hank Manwarren - IOWA (5 KB)
    Local Newspaper Stories
  • The John Wentworth McAllaster Family (7 KB)
    John Wentworth McAllaster Settled in the State of Vermont
  • Elva McAllaster (6 KB)
    IN alumni MEMORY -- Dr. Elva McAllaster '44
  • FROG CALLS - - - They had frogs, frogs, frogs. (1 KB)
    Jackie McAllaster, of Walnut Creek, California tells HOW they got rid of unwanted frogs. Jackie is the wife of Alan Dow McAllaster,who is one of our Birdsall Allen McAllaster BRANCH. Alan died June 29, 2003. Jackie, you have our deepest sympathy.
  • Altha McAllaster Has Past into Heaven (6 KB)
    The oldest member of our McAllaster family has died. Everyone loved Altha, and she will never be forgotten. God let her live here on earth for over 102 years, but now she can play a piano in Heaven.
  • The GAGE Side of My Family (28 KB)
    Descendants of John Gage (1606-1671)
  • Jenny McAllaster is BACK HOME in Lyons (5 KB)
    Working with Dr. Matt Schlotterback at the Lyons Medical Center.
  • A Few Decendants of Angus McAllister (23 KB)
    Angus McAllister and his family came to America in 1718.The families of Richard McAllaster, and Angus McAllister are NOT related, but there are some of this BRANCH that spell their surname "McAllaster", as we do.This file is only a few of his descendants. (CMA Family Line A01)
  • OUR McALLASTERS, by William M. Worth (95 KB)
    DESCENDANTS of RICHARD McALLASTER and ANN MILLER, as compiled by William M. Worth, now deceased. He lived in Clarksville, Tennessee.
  • The Life of James Leierer -- Seattle Pacific Univ. (3 KB)
    James is the husband of Iladeen G. McAllaster. They reside in Langley, Washington. They have been married for OVER 50 years. We are proud of them both.
  • McAllaster Family Deaths (R04 Line) (24 KB)
    I have made this list to start at the year of 1984. If you would prefer that we carried the list on back, please let me know. Also, I am sure that I may have skipped, or overlooked some names. Let me know about it, and I will add their names.
  • Our McKinney Ancestors (31 KB)
    The McAllasters that married McKinneys. Both Richard McAllaster, and Angus McAllister families married into the McKinney family, although the two McAllaster families were not related to one another.
  • Descendants of Benjamin McAllaster (32 KB)
    This is the BIRDSALL ALLEN McALLASTER Family Line. He, and his father Benjamin were "Land Commissioners" for the Union Pacific Railroad.The small town of McAllaster, Kansas was named after ether Birdsall, or his father Benjamin.
  • Richard L. McAllaster, & his wife, Beverley (Voth) (3 KB)
    Medicine Lodge, Kansas is where this McAllaster family call home. This is where they raised their family, and they are proud to be a part of this community
  • McAllaster-Ruediger Marriage (6 KB)
    Laura M. McAllaster and Jeffrey E. Ruediger wed October 9, 2004 in Dallas, Texas.
  • SHE IS IN THE ARMY NOW, for a while. (4 KB)
    Dr. Claudia McAllaster is the other doctor in our McAllaster family. She is also a Colonel in the U. S. Army Reserve. Recenty she was called, with her unit, for active duty in Germany. Her tour took her to a Army Health Clinic in Kitzingen, Germany.
  • Genealogy Record - Our LeeFamily of North Florida (268 KB)
    Family Records of Our Lee Family of North Florida. Present research indicates that this family are DESCENDANTS of Walter Washington Lee. If you are a part of this family, please let us know.

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