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* McAnally/Jackson Family Home Page*

Updated December 9, 2010

see Jackson Y-DNA Surname Project

This home page contains family histories on the McAnally, Herndon, Halberstadt, Farley, Poe and Peterson surnames. Most of the action takes place in Indiana (Franklin and Sullivan Counties), Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio (Hamilton County) and South Dakota. The ancestors on my father's side have been researched for the most part back to the old country because much of the research had been done and all I did was connect to a relative in the family history. This was true for most of my pedigree chart except for my surname, McAnally. On my mother's side we have just discovered (December 2003) that the family lore about Albert Ingham changing his name to his mother's maiden name was true. He was an educated man from Connecticut and Martha Jane was an illiterate young girl from the hills of Kentucky who bore him thirteen children. Also just recently have determined that Martha's parents were Alford and Sarah E. Vaughn Collins.
We cannot find the ancestors of William McAnally b. 1798 in Tennessee. We think he died in Franklin County, Indiana in 1888 but can't find any records of death or burial location. He appeared on the five consecutive censuses from 1830 to 1870 but did not appear on the actual 1880 census for Franklin Co., Indiana, so we do not know where his parents were born. John A. McAnally, my 2nd great-grandfather, was born in Franklin County, Kentucky in 1819. William and Nancy Poe McAnally were not married until 1823. All evidence indicates that John A. was living with this couple, so we assumed he was William's son by another woman in an earlier marriage, born out of wedlock to Nancy, William's brother, or William's nephew? We searched all of these alternatives but to our great surprise through the recent Y-DNA McAnally surname project we have learned that I am not related to William McAnally. Additionally my DNA does not match any of the McAnally linages that have been DNA tested and further the uniqueness of my marker values implies that I am related to or actually am a Jackson. A test on my second cousin once removed Charles Lester McAnally proved that the paternal event occurred with John A. McAnally. It now appears that John A. McAnally was "raised" by William and Nancy Poe McAnally and was a son of an unknown Jackson male.
Descendants of Peter Peterson that connects to my Peterson family has been transcribed by me into the Family Tree Maker format from an original family history done by B.F. Peterson and Bell McKeown of Philo, Illinois in 1924. I have chosen not to merge it with "My Family History" because of a 2000 individual limit in this web site format. Corrected some errors in transcribing 09/12/03.

Diana Weed has added 133 more individuals to the Halberstadt Descendant Report connecting at James Clinton Halbertstadt and Eleanor Johnson.

A new group of related files have been added, all are of McAnally branches and are placed here in hopes it will help eventually in the McAnally DNA Surname Project.

Charles Leslie McAnally my second cousin once removed has matched 37/37 to Luther Jackson which implies that we have a common Jackson ancestor sometime between now and 1750.


John Ronald McAnally

506 North Tyler Road
St. Charles, Illinois 60174
A-United States

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My Family History


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Family Photos

  • John A. McAnally (9 KB)
    Civil War Veteran:Private John McAnally, Company H of the 85th Infantry of Indiana Regiment of the United States Volunteers was enlisted by Captain Crawford on the fourth day of January, 1864 to serve three years. He was born in Franklin County in the state of Kentucky, is forty four years of age, five feet eight inches high, dark complexion, hazel eyes, gray hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer. He is incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Brights disease of the kidneys contracted in the service. Unfit for service. Degree of diability total. The above was written on May 17, 1865 when he was discharged from the army. He was injured at Snake Creek Gap in Georgia when a log rolled over him and damaged his lower back. Later on May 13, 1864 at Rasaca, Georgia he reinjured his back while charging at the Rebel works with his rifle. From that day onward he spent the rest of his enlistment in various hospitals in Nashville, TN: Louisville, KY: and Jeffersonville, IN. At the time of his enlistment he had five sons and a daughter. The two oldest sons, Thomas and Cary enlisted near the same time that John did. That left a three month pregnant Mary his wife with 10 year old John Mason, seven year old William Wallace, four year old Sidney (girl), and yet to be born James Ellsworth.
  • John and Delilah Peterson (15 KB)
    John is the father of Edith Anne Peterson who is the wife of John Mason McAnally. Delilah is his second wife and Edith's step mother. Susan Halberstadt was the first wife, dying in 1857 when Edith was but three years old.
  • Eva Louise Eaton Farley (5 KB)
    Eva married Forrest Silvers Farley. She is the mother of Estella Farley McAnally who married William J. McAnally. Eva and Forrest Farley and Edith Anne Peterson McAnally all three of the living grandparents went with their children to South Dakota to homestead in 1908.
  • Homestead in South Dakota about 1912 (13 KB)
    The McAnally and Farley families in Meade County South Dakota. Ernest McAnally at the top. Back row L>R. Clarence Farley, Eva Eaton Farley, Henrietta Farley, Mildred McAnally, Edna Farley McCloney, Opal Copeland, Nell Farley Laney, Nell Copeland Farley, Edith Peterson McAnally. 2 row- Harry Farley, Reba McAnally Foreman, Forest Farley, Ronald McAnally, Estella Farley McAnally, Paul McAnally on lap, William J.McAnally,and Jim McCloney.
  • 25th Wedding Anniverary 1950 Foreman (17 KB)
    L-to-R back row:William J.McAnally, unknown, Bill Falls, Eva McAnally Hixon, Carolyn Hixon Lobbia, Almina Ingham McAnally, face of Ronald McAnally; L-to-R Middle row: cut off Estella Farley McAnally, Glad Falls, unknown; Bottom row L-to-R: Garland Hixon, Rita Foreman, Reba McAnally Foreman, Wayne Foreman.
  • 50th Wedding Anniverary McAnally (17 KB)
    Gertrude McAnally Harless, William J.McAnally, and Estella Farley McAnally.
  • Charles Jefferson McAnally (54 KB)
    Charles Jefferson McAnally married Blanche O. Patton on September 14, 1912. He is a son of James Ellsworth McAnally.
  • Edna Farley McCloney (16 KB)
    Edna Farley
  • Unknown Individauals From the William Wallace line (16 KB)
    Do you know who these people are?
  • James Ellsworth McAnally Family (43 KB)
    James Ellsworth McAnally Family left to right Charles son age 24, Martha McGarvey McAnally, daughter Bonnie age 18, son Sam on chair age 10, James Ellsworth, and son Gilbert age 27. Martha died in 1915. Picture is from Judy McAnally.
  • Hymera School-Teacher Maggie Magrew-1893/4 (166 KB)
    Back row:George Peterson, William J.McAnally, Claude Halberstadt, Ott Thompson, John French, Guss McDaniel, Winnie Cochran, Gertrude McAnally, June Botts, Myrtle Cochran, Sophia Thompson, Effie McAnally, Josie Thomas. 2nd row:Eiph McDaniel, Omer McAnally, Oscar McDaniel, John McDaniel, Jim Peterson, Elbert Peterson, Roscoe Peterson, Albert Peterson, Ellen Hunter, Annie Peterson, Fammy Peterson, Stella Thompson, Ollie Halberstadt, Grace McDaniel, Maggie Hayes. Boy in front of Oscar McDaniel not named. 3rd Row: Ben McAnally, Gilbert McAnally, Walter French, George Stewart, Buck Thomas, Oscar Halberstadt, Nora Mahan, Myrtle Guard, Minnie French, Issie Patton, Molly McAnally, Axie McDaniel, Ada McAnally, Ida Thomas, Fannie Peterson, Nora Peterson.
  • Enos Street family ca. 1905 (20 KB)
    Left to Right: Bert Otto Street b.June 7, 1892; Enos Jonal Street b.December 27, 1864; Gertrude Louella Street b.April 26, 1889; Orville Olo Street b. 1895.
  • Sam McAnally in Fairbanks School (138 KB)
    Sam McAnally a son of James Ellsworth McAnally fourth from the right.
  • Harold "Ben" Leroy McAnally (23 KB)
    Harold McAnally and Gertrude Louella Street McAnally
  • Hymera, Sullivan County, Indiana-1909 (75 KB)
    Ed Wilkins gave me this photo.
  • John Mason McAnally family (39 KB)
    McAnally fiddlers
  • Anoka, NE 8th Grade Graduation (12 KB)
    Gertrude McAnally Harless with her 8th grade class graduation.
  • McAnally and Harless children 1912 (22 KB)
    Back row:Left to right; Mildred McAnally, Ernest McAnally, Reba McAnally. Front row: Left to right; Ronald McAnally, Roy Harless, and Ralph Harless.
  • The Francis and Rachael Boyle McAnally Family (46 KB)
    Thomas J., Lemuel Albert, and Ira Francis with their parents.
  • The Gertrude McAnally Harless SD Homestead (89 KB)
    Grandma went to visit her !/2 Aunt . Aunt Fanny Holbert and her husband Ed Holbert. Decided she liked it in S.D. and stayed. One of Aunt FAnnys daughters was named ETHYL and Ethyl married a HERNDON , The child in the baby carriage is Virgil Herndon son of Ethyl. Grandma took a lot of pride in the fact that her homestead was made of wood and not sod. Roxie
  • Sons of James Ellsworth McAnally (25 KB)
    Left to right Sam, Gilbert and Charlie McAnally
  • William J. (Bid) and Ora Estella Farley McAnally (6 KB)
    They homesteaded in two locations in South Dakota, he worked as a field hand some summers,they moved back to Hymera and had a livery stable for awhile and then he worked at a bakery in Terre Haute in his last job. Grandmother Mc told about the first winter days she was left alone with the children in South Dakota. They used buffalo chips to burn in the heating stove(no trees). It seems the ones she gathered were not dried out but just frozen and when they started to burn.........whewwww.
  • The Farley Family in South Dakota -abt 1909 (52 KB)
    Back row: Jim McCloney,Harry Farley. 2nd row: Edna Farley McCloney, Myrtle Farley, Lee Farley, Nell Farley Laney, Estella Farley McAnally holding Mildred McAnally. 3rd row: Clarence Farley, Nell Copeland Farley, Forrest Farley holding Ernest McAnally, Reba McAnally, Eve Eaton Farley, with Leslie Farley between Nell Copeland Farley and Forrest Farley.
  • John Mason McAnally Family (55 KB)
    John Mason McAnally Family
  • Gertrude McAnally Harless in 1905 (28 KB)
    Pretty Woman
  • Forrest Farley (17 KB)
    Forrest Silvers Farley b.1854 d.1934 Known as a great fiddle player.
  • The Farley Brothers (15 KB)
    Left to right: Clarence (Bim), Lee, and Harry Farley.
  • Boyles (17 KB)
  • Forrest Silvers Farley (10 KB)
    Tin Type photo of Forrest Farley
  • Lloyd Harless (15 KB)
    Lloyd Harless
  • Do you know who this is? (33 KB)
    Picture without a name. This is a tin type from my fathers side of the family so it must be a McAnally, Peterson, Farley, Eaton, Herndon, Halberstadt, Silvers, or Webb.
  • Anna Gertrude McAnally Harless-A True Pioneer (33 KB)
    Gertrude McAnally was born in 1879 in Hymera, Indiana, and went west to South Dakota to homestead and teach school. Her homestead was in Gregory County near Dixon, but her first school was in Anoka, Nebraska. She came back on weekends to her claim shanty. The next year she taught school near her homestead in a little shack. When her new school house was built, she and the "big boys" of the school loaded the benches, the stove and the books into "Teachers Buggy" and moved into the school house. The books were all different. Each pupil brought what he had. Some of the pupils were of Bohemian background and did not speak English. By the next year, another school opened a few miles away and a young man from West Virginia was the teacher. Loyd Harless had a four mile walk to court Gertrude. By the next year they were married, and they raised a family of eight children.
  • McAnally's in SD-1912 (53 KB)
    Back row: Ernest McAnally, William J. McAnally, Clarence Farley. 2nd row: Edith Peterson McAnally, Opal Copeland, Nell Copeland Farley, Edna Farley McCloney, Nell Farley Laney, Eva Eaton Farley. 3rd row: Ronald McAnally, Estella Farley McAnally, Pete McAnally on her lap, Mildred McAnally, Henrietta Farley, Jim McCloney. 4th row: Harry Farley, Reba McAnally, Forrest Farley.
  • Horace LeRoy McAnally (12 KB)
    Horace LeRoy McAnally son of Charles Jefferson and Blanche O. Patton McAnally
  • John Mason McAnally Family -Earlier (26 KB)
    Back row is William J. and Gertrude McAnally. Seated are John Mason and Edith Anne with the little child on her lap that we think is Golda Bertha McAnally.
  • William J. McAnally Family abt 1935 (17 KB)
    L-R top row: William J.(Bid) McAnally, Paul (Pete) McAnally, Wayne Foreman, Ernest (Kern) McAnally, Ronald (Runt) McAnally, Garland (Wash) Hixon, Howard Wright. L-R second row: Eva McAnally Hixon, Reba McAnally Foreman, Estella Farley McAnally, Mildred McAnally Wright. L-R third row: John (Jack) McAnally, Almina Ingham McAnally, Francis McAnally, Rita Foreman, Annebel Wright.

Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees


Related Files

  • Descendants of William Henry McAnally (6 KB)
    This family migrated from Kentucky to Minnesota.
  • Descendants of Hamilton McAnally (7 KB)
    This file includes some notes and e-mail messages on this family. I have a copy of "The McAnallys Descendants of Hamilton and Winifred" by Thomas McAnally. Only the first three generations are included in this file.
  • Descendants of Charles McAnally of Scotland (29 KB)
    This file is a combination of all kinds of information-GEDCOMs, e-mails, and books.
  • Descendants of Richard Farley (18 KB)
    This is a 16 generation file on the Farley surname. The most recent history is from a family history report done by the Forrest Silvers Farley family dated 15 of July, 1967 with my grandmother Ora Estella Farley McAnally's signature and notarized on the 26 September 1967. That history goes back to Joseph Farley and Mary Forest in the early 1700's which matches up to records in the Family History Center of LDS. From Joseph the FHC record goes back to Richard Farley in the early 1500's.
  • The Descendants of John Nalley (6 KB)
    Jesse Nally changed his name to McAnally just after the Civil War because of a discussion with his uncle William C. Nally. This McAnally family was found because of a my DNA match with Luther Jackson and his connection to this family. Strange??
  • Descendants of William Herndon (36 KB)
    This is a family history report that traces the Herndon family from England to Franklin County Indiana. Mary Herndon McAnally my 2nd great grandmother the daughter of Thomas Herndon is individual number 7 at the 6th generation.
  • George Ross Halberstadt Descendant Report (9 KB)
    George Ross is a son of John Halberstadt. This file courtesy of Patty Rogers.
  • Ancestors of Andrew Poe/Pfau (58 KB)
    The Andrew Poe family lived next door to the Cyrus Boyles family. None of Andrew’s ancestors connect to our Poe family.William and Francis Marion McAnally brothers married respectively the Boyle sisters Elizabeth and Rachael. We had thought that the McAnally brothers had gone to live with Poe relatives after Nancy Poe their mother died in 1844. Now we have no explanation as to how William and Elizabeth met each other since they were married first. Additionally this Poe/Pfau family has shown connection to the famous Indian fighters Adam and Andrew Poe and it makes the family lore of a connection in our family doubtful
  • Descendants of David McAnelly (1 KB)
    Cathy McAnelly Updike’s family is a possible connection to our McAnally family. We are working together to prove or disprove this connection. These McAnelly families have lived in Lincoln, Marion, Washington, Madison, Anderson, Casey and Adair Counties of Kentucky.
  • The John McAnelly Family (17 KB)
    Gaylon S. McAnelly published his excellant book in 1977 tracing his ancestors back to John and Mary Clark McAnelly. John entered the US from Antrim, Nothern Ireland Steptember 29, 1792. There seems to be some family lore that this family came originally from Scotland. I have a hardbound copy of this book of 269 pages. This file is just a preliminary to the extensive history in the book.

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