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Carol Prescott McCoy Home Page-- Welcome!

Updated March 9, 2009

Carol Prescott McCoy
Yarmouth, Maine 04096
A-United States

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Welcome! I am researching McCoy, Martin, Evans, Utz, Neander, Whiskey/Wiske, Pollock/Pollak Wollner, Boynton, Demott, Darling and Hart. Please visit Wollner and Pollock site (link below) for more.

Colonel John EVANS *1737-1834) m. abt. 1757 Rebecca Ann MARTIN from Loudon Co, VA; He came to Monongalia Co., VA in the 1760's and claimed land near Morgantown. He served as Lieutenant Governor, fought in Lord Dunmore's War and the Revolutionary War, attended the 1788 Constitutional Convention in Williamsburg, and served as Land Commissioner of Monongalia. His grave is in the Oak Grove Cemetery Morgantown.

John EVANS and Rebecca MARTIN had many children. Their son, Rawley EVANS (1777-1859) m. in 1805 Maria C. DERING (Monongalia County, WV). Their daughter, Delia Maria EVANS (1830-1900) married John William McCOY (1826-1902) of Tyler County VA, near Middlebourne in 1855 in Monongalia Co., WV. John W. McCOY was a prominent lawyer of Fairmont, WV, from about 1868 until his death. He lived on 205 Locust Avenue, next to McCoy Street.

John W. McCoy's parents Joseph McCOY, Jr.(1786-1877) and Jane MARTIN (1796-1873)married in Tyler Co., WV June 20, 1824. Joseph was born in N. Ireland and died in Wick,Tyler County, WV. He spent most of his life near Middlebourne, Tyler Co. WV.His parents, John McCoy and Esther McCarty, immigrated from Ireland in 1802. (See passenger list below.)

John William McCOY and Delia Maria McCOY's 9th child, Paul McCOY (1874-1966), was b. in 1874 in Fairmont, WV and died in Bronxville, NY. Paul became a lawyer and resided in Fairmont until the 1900s when he moved to NYC. He married Irma Constance POLLOCK (Connie)(1882-1981), on Feb. 9, 1909 at St. Thomas Church NYC. They had 3 children: John Evans, Rawley Deering and Carol.

Irma's parents Samuel Pollak (c. 1840-1883)and Julia Wollner (1851-1939)were from Austria-Hungary. They married in NYC 8 Nov 1874. Sam, a successful dry goods merchant in NYC, drowned at Long Branch, NJ 29 July 1883, leaving Julia with 6 small children- Albin J., Rudolf R., Alice Leal, Wilma Vera, Irma Constance, and Semele (not born til next April, 1884!). The children all attended college! Albin and Rudy were successful oil prospectors in CA. Alice was a successful actress and writer; Wilma and Albin also wrote. Irma was a charming hostess, mother and grandmother.

On my mother's side-- John WHISKEY (1778-1827), a British seaman was captured aboard the Macedonian during the War of 1812. He was held captive in New London, CT, but he escaped and won the heart of Elizabeth ROGERS. They married in April, 1813. By 1820 they moved to Catskill, NY. John WHISKEY died in 1829 and is buried with his family in Catskill NY. Later Betsy ROGERS WHISKEY, age 39, married Andrew (George) BRIZEE, age 19!

Johnny and Betsy WHISKEY's son, Charles Henry WISKEY moved to Bennington, VT where he married (8 April 1852) Louisa BOYNTON b. in Schatigicoke, NY. Soon after the birth of their son, Charles Mortimer WISKEY (1853-1935), the family moved to Troy, NY where Charles Henry ran an umbrella store until his death in 1877.

C. Mortimer WISKE, a famous choral director, married Emma Elisabeth DeMott 8 April 1875 and lived in NY, NJ and Bryant Pond, Maine. Emma died Christmas, 1907. Mortimer next married Frances STANLEY of NJ. Mortimer built Birch Villa in Bryant Pond in 1902! Mort's son, Prescott Barker Wiske, married Kathryn Utz, daughter of John Utz and Amalie Neander. Kathryn and Prescott had 2 children-Jane, and John Wiske.

Emma E. Demott was the daughter of William John DeMott and Emma Hart (daughter of Captain Lemuel Hart & Tabitha Darling.) The Demotts, Harts, and Darlings all lived on Long Island from the 1700s.

Family Photos

  • Matthew Joy and Jenn Moore, Wedding Day, 1999 (213 KB)
    Matt and Jenn Joy at their wedding at the Nubble Light House, York Habor, Maine, August 1999
  • Matthew and Ethan Joy August 1999 (274 KB)
    Matt and Ethan Joy, sons of Kate and Tim Joy, at Matt's wedding August, 1999
  • Reunion of Descendents Col. John Evans 1925 (383 KB)
    Part of a photo of a reunion of the descendents of Colonel John Evans in 1925. Paul McCoy, father of Rawley McCoy, is the 5th person from the left in the back row.
  • Matthew, Ethan and Amanda Joy 1998 (224 KB)
    Children of Kate McCoy Joy and Tim Joy-- Matthew, Ethan and Amanda, Summer 1998
  • John, Rawley, Carol, Connie and Paul McCoy 1920s (109 KB)
    Portrait of Paul and Connie McCoy with their children, John, Rawley and Carol in the 1920's
  • McCoy & Auer Children in 1952 (204 KB)
    Scott McCoy, Sally Auer, Billy Auer, Gari McCoy, Susie Auer with Kate McCoy in lap, Carol McCoy & "pussy willow" in chair
  • McCoys in Fairmont, WV about 1927 (68 KB)
    L to R. Ernie and Paul McCoy are seated. Standing are probably Hallie K. McCoy, wife of James McCoy. The 3rd from the left is Connie McCoy (wife of Paul). Next are Sallie and Minnie McCoy (Paul's sisters), and Kate McDonald McCoy, wife of Ernie.
  • Rawley D. McCoy (1914-1991) abt. 1918 (465 KB)
    Rawley, my father, as a child in front of his Greenwich Village home around 1918
  • Paul McCoy, Phi Kappa Psi, UWV 1896 (65 KB)
    Paul McCoy is on the extreme left in the second row of his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, at University of W. Virginia in 1896.
  • Amalie Neander Utz, Mother Kathryn Utz (185 KB)
    Amalie Neander Utz, Mother of Kathryn M. Utz, and wife of John Utz
  • University of West Virginia, Morgantown, 1896 (46 KB)
    Paul McCoy graduated from University of W. Verginia in 1898. This picture of UWV is in the 1896 yearbook, the first year that a yearbook was published by UWV.
  • John Utz & His Family (310 KB)
    John Utz, Jane V. Ferrier Neander (mother in law), Kathryn Utz & sister Alice, Amalie Neander Utz (his wife), young Teddy Utz in front
  • The McCoy cousins in Bronxville, 1952 (32 KB)
    L to R, Scott McCoy, Sallie Auer, Bill Auer, Gary McCoy (girl), Carol McCoy in front holding pussy willow, Susie Auer holding Katie McCoy in her lap. This picture was taken at Nanny and Gaga McCoy's in Bronxville.
  • Carol & Bernie Auer with Family (335 KB)
    Carol and Bernie Auer, Susie Auer in Back with Billy and Sally Auer in Front
  • Portrait of Wilma Pollock, Connie McCoy's sister (172 KB)
    Portrait of Wilma Pollock on the cover of her book, the Upps of Suffolk Street, published around 1935 by Dutton. Wilma was the sister of Irma (Connie) Pollock McCoy. Her sister, Alice, and her brother, Albin, were also authors.
  • Paul McCoy (1874- 1966) at age 16 (89 KB)
    Paul McCoy, future husband of Connie Pollock, at age 16 in Fairmont, WV 1890
  • Zinnia sketch by Jane Wiske (94 KB)
    Unfinished sketch of a Zinnia by Jane Wiske
  • Rudolf Robert Pollok, Connie McCoy's Brother (305 KB)
    Portrait of Rudolf Robert Pollok, Irma (Connie) Pollock McCoy's older brother. Rudy was an oil genius who lived in California.
  • Alice Pollock, sister of Connie Pollock McCoy (226 KB)
    Photo believed to be Alice Pollock - a successful actress in the early 20th century and writer who won the Belasco Drama award for her role in the play, the Heart of Maryland. She was said to have been very dramatic.
  • Sam Pollak Drowns (491 KB)
    Sam Pollak was a successful business merchant. He drowned tragically at the age of 40 before his family at the Jersey Shore July 29, 1883.
  • Jane Wiske & Rawley McCoy wedding announcement (497 KB)
    Jane Wiske, artist, marries Rawley Deering McCoy on October 11, 1947 at Christ Church, Bronxville, NY
  • Jane Wiske & Rawley McCoy & family on Oct 11, 1947 (201 KB)
    The group at Jane and Rawley's wedding at the home of the bride's mother, Kathryn Wiske. Seated are Jane & Rawley McCoy with Sissy (Utz) Wayman kneeling. Back L to R: Carol (McCoy)Auer (groom's sister), John Evans McCoy (groom's brother), Buddy (Utz) McGhee, Bernie Auer, Kathryn Wiske (bride's mother), Paul McGhee, Frances Wiske (C. Mortimer's widow), Betty McCoy (John's wife), Connie & Paul McCoy (groom's parents)
  • Pollak's Dollar Store, Montgomery Al (195 KB)
    In 1868-9 Sam Pollak and his brother, Ignatius, started their Dollar Store in Montgomery AL with less than $500 in capital. It grew into the successful Montgomery Fair, which exists under a different name today.
  • C. Mortimer Wiske & Emma Elisabeth DeMott (?) (155 KB)
    Shows young C. Mortimer Wiske and his lady friend, presumably Emma elisabeth Demott, his future bride
  • Borkenau, home of Ignatius Pollak in Cullman Alaba (282 KB)
    Sam Pollak's brother and business partner, Ignatius Pollak, built a beautiful home named "Borkenau", meaning pleasant meadows, in 1909 in Cullman City, Alabama. The home burned down in 1912, and was rebuilt as is shown in this photo. Supposedly Robert Pollak, the son of Ignatius, designed this version of Borkenau. It is a historic landmark in Cullman.
  • C. Mortimer Wiske Obituary with Photo (509 KB)
    Newspaper obituary of C. Mortimer Wiske, musician and choral director
  • Family of Kate and Tim Joy at Matt's Wedding (64 KB)
    Ethan Joy, Amanda Joy, Matthew Joy with their parents Kate and Tim Joy at Matthew's wedding to Jenn Moore in August 1999 at Nubble Light House in Maine.
  • Irma Constance Pollock as a girl (180 KB)
    Irma Constance (Connie) Pollock as a young girl
  • Map of Fairmont, WV showing J.W. McCoy home (1195 KB)
    This old map of Fairmont, Marion Co., WV, shows where John William McCoy lived on Locust Avenue. this map is from the late 1900's. Note that John W. McCoy lives next to J.G. Nesbit. One of J.W. McCoy's daughters, Sarah J. McCoy married Charles T. Nesbit. Looks like she married the boy next door.
  • John Evans McCoy 1937 (40 KB)
    John Evans McCoy, oldest son of Paul McCoy, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1937. An accomplished lawyer and businessman, John published a book, The Conservative Investor, at the age of 89 in 2000.
  • Grave of Rawley Evans and Maria Dering Evans (129 KB)
    Rawley Evans and Maria C. Dering Evans' grave in the Oak Cemetery at Morgantown, WV. Rawley and Maria were the parents of Delia Maria Evans who married John W. McCoy (father of Paul McCoy)
  • Map of Morgantown, WV c. 1785, showing John Evans (305 KB)
    This map, from Callahan's The Making of Morgantown, shows part of the original plan for the town in 1785. John Evans, Sr. can be seen next to his son Nimrod Evans. John Evans, Jr. has land along the Monongahela River.
  • 205 Locust Ave., Fairmont, WV- Home of John W. McC (259 KB)
    205 Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV., home of John William McCoy and Delia Maria Evans McCoy, who both died there in 1902 and 1900. Their daughters, Sallie and Minnie, lived in the home until their 90's with their sister-in-law, Kate, (formerly Kate MacDonald),who married Ernest T. McCoy. This picture was taken in 1998 by Carol P. McCoy.
  • John William McCoy and Delia Maria Evans McCoy (227 KB)
    John William McCoy (1826-1902) married Delia Maria Evans (1830-1900) on May 29, 1855 in Morgantown. Delia Evans was the daughter of Rawley Evans and Mariah C. Dering, and the granddaughter of Colonel John Evans and Rebecca Ann Martin of Morgantown. John William McCoy was the son of Joseph McCoy, Jr. who married Jane Martin in 1823 near Middlebourne, Tyler Co., VA.
  • Letter about death of Joseph McCoy on Nov, 1, 1877 (517 KB)
    Letter dated 2 Nov. 1877, Wick, Tyler Co. WV From Ralph Gorrell, husband of Mattie Esther McCoy, to his brother-in-law, John William McCoy of Fairmont, Marion Co. WV. Describes the death of Joseph McCoy, Jr. (husband of Jane Martin McCoy) at half past seven on 1 November 1877.
  • Scott & Gari McCoy with Carol McCoy in 1949 (46 KB)
    Scott McCoy and Gari Evans McCoy, children of John Evans McCoy and Betty Gardiner Carson, with their cousin, Carol Prescott McCoy, daughter of Rawley Deering McCoy and Jane Wiske McCoy.
  • Painting of Colonel John Evans' cabin (41 KB)
    This paining of Colonel John Evans' pioneer cabin appears on the cover of Core's Monongalia Story Vol. II. Col. John Evans played an important role in the early development of Morgantown, WV
  • Jane Wiske & Rawley McCoy wedding day 1947 (221 KB)
    Jane Wiske and Rawley McCoy on October, 1947 at the home of Kathryn Wiske in Bronxville, N.Y.
  • Kathryn Utz (Wiske) as a young girl (513 KB)
    Kathryn Mildred Utz as a teenager (before she married Prescott Barker Wiske)
  • Jane Wiske as a teenager (223 KB)
    Jane Wiske as a teenager around 16 years old.
  • John Wiske & Family, 1977 (383 KB)
    John Wiske with his wife, Martha, and children Paul, Prescott, Martha Stone and Ann in 1977
  • John Utz (father of Kathryn Mildred Utz) (269 KB)
    John Utz, Father of Kathryn Mildred Utz, who built many grand houses in Bronxville, N.Y.
  • Grave Stone of Johnny Whiskey in Catskills, NY (573 KB)
    Long shot of the marker of Johnny and Elizabeth Whiskey in the Old Burial Ground, Catskill, N.Y. Also, a close up of John Whiskey's stone, indicating he died in 1827. Johnny Whiskey was captured aboard the Macedonian in 1812, and escaped in New London where he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Rogers. They later removed to Catskill, N.Y. Johnny Whiskey is listed in the 1820 Census as living in Greene County, N.Y. (where Catskill is.)
  • C. Mortimer Wiske and Jane Wiske (360 KB)
    C. Mortimer Wiske (Father of Prescott Wiske) with his granddaughter Jane
  • Prescott Barker Wiske as a Young Lad (192 KB)
    Prescott Barker Wiske (future husband of Kathryn M. Utz) as a Young Lad
  • John & Rawley McCoy as Boys (15 KB)
    John and Rawley McCoy in their pre-teen years
  • Gari Evans McCoy Weber & Ron Weber, MD 1990 (52 KB)
    Gari Evans McCoy, oldest daughter of John Evans McCoy and Betty Gardiner Carson, with her husband, Dr. Ronald B. Weber at a Jazz Celebration in Florida in 1990.
  • Paul McCoy & Irma (Connie) Pollock (110 KB)
    Paul McCoy and Irma (Connie) Pollock on their wedding day, Feb. 9, 1909 in NYC
  • Connie & Paul McCoy 1927 (134 KB)
    Connie and Paul McCoy at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1927
  • John Evans McCoy with Betty Carson McCoy 1940 (237 KB)
    John Evans McCoy, oldest son of Paul McCoy and Connie Irma Pollak, with his new bride, Betty Gardiner Carson McCoy (daughter of Fred H. Carson and Wilhelmina Kupfer Carson), and their wonderful dog in 1940. John E. McCoy graduated from NY Military Academy, Dartmouth College and from Yale Law School. Betty was a graduate of Connecticut College for Women (also the alma mater of Carol Prescott McCoy, her niece.)
  • Rawley Deering McCoy as a Young Man (804 KB)
    Rawley Deering McCoy, my father, son of Paul and Connie McCoy.
  • Charles Henry Wiske (1818-1877) (146 KB)
    CH Wiske, Father of C. Mortimer Wiske, in Troy, NY
  • Gari Evans McCoy Weber with daughter Lauren Weber (49 KB)
    Gari Evans McCoy Weber with her daughter, Lauren Elizabeth Weber, in 1983. Gari is the oldest daughter of John Evans McCoy and Betty Gardiner Carson.
  • Theodore Neander Utz (130 KB)
    Portrait of young Teddy Utz, beloved brother of Kathryn Mildred Utz Wiske, and father of Cissy Wayman-Snite and Buddy McGhee
  • Charles Mortimer Wiske c. 1895 (21 KB)
    Charles Mortimer Wiske, a famous chorale director, was the son of Charles Henry Wiske and Louisa Boynton. Mort was born in 1853 in Bennington, Vermont, and died in the mid 1930s in Lewiston, Maine. He broke his hip during a fall at his beloved Birch Villa home in Bryant Pond, Maine.
  • Julia Pollock with her son Rudolf and grandson, Ru (284 KB)
    Julia Pollock, mother of Irma Constance Pollock, with Julia's second son, Rudolf R. Pollok, and his son, Roosevelt Rene Pollok in California, where Rudy lived. Photo is courtesy of Lori Pollok Muir, Julia's great grandchild.
  • View of Fairmont from McCoy Attic (237 KB)
    This picture was taken in June 2003 by Carol McCoy from the old McCoy homestead at 205 Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV. While the house is in poor repair, there are great views from the attic.
  • Katie and Carol McCoy with stray cat, 1956 (56 KB)
    Kate,age 6 and Carol McCoy, age 8, with Smoozie, a stray cat that visited them in Birch Villa, Maine in the summer of 1956.
  • Drawing by C. Mortimer Wiske (271 KB)
    This beautiful country scene was painted by C. Mortimer Wiske at age 8 in 1861.
  • Wiske Family Bible Births (76 KB)
    Birth records of Charles Mortimer Wiske born 12 Jan 1853; My Louise Wiske b. 9 Aug 1878, Prescott Barker Wiske b. 21 Nov 1887
  • Marriage of Nancy McCoy to Thos Erwin, WV 1854 (229 KB)
    Certified marriage record of Nancy McCoy (daughter Joseph McCoy and Jane Martin; sister of John William McCoy) to Thomas Erwin, Saddler in Tyler Co. WV 4 May 1854. This was Nancy's only marriage and Thomas Erwin's second marriage since he was a widow. Photocopy of this record certified in 1893 is in Nancy Erwin's Civil War Widow's Pension File for Thomas Erwin's Civil War Service in the WV Union Army; pension filed 1893; original records are at NARA in Washington, D.C.
  • Sarah McCoy Furbee's Affidavit for Nancy Erwin (291 KB)
    Sarah Jane McCoy Furbee wrote an affidavit for her sister Nancy Erwin McCoy. (They were sisters of John William McCoy.) Sarah, who was 65 then, and Nancy both lived in Mannington, Marion Co. WV. Sarah testifies that she was present at the marriage of Thomas Erwin to Nancy McCoy, and at the funeral of Thomas Erwin. She also states that Nancy Erwin never remarried. This affidavite, stamped by the US Pension Office 7 June 1893, is part of Nancy Erwin's Civil War Widow's Pension file for Thomas Erwin who served in Company P of the 6th WV Infantry. Nancy Erwin's Widow's Application File 558288 certificate number 475746 is on file at NARA in Washington, D.C. This file contains many wonderful records and affidavits from several Furbees, including Walter, James H., James S., and Guy.
  • Marker of Joseph McCoy Jr, d 1 Nov 1877 Tyler WV (61 KB)
    Photo of tombstone of Joseph McCoy, Jr., husband of Jane Martin McCoy, father of John William McCoy. Joseph died 1 Nov 1877 aged 91 years 8 months and 13 days. Photo taken by Carol P. McCoy June 2003 in the Polly Archer Confederate Cemetery south of Middlebourne, Tyler Co. WV. This cemetery is in the middle of a cow pasture in back of a dairy farm. It is removed from the Archer Chapel Cemetery, which contains the remains the Union Sympathizers in the Civil War. Joseph McCoy is buried next to his wife, Jane Martin, whose stone has fallen over. He is near to his oldest son, James Charles McCoy. Also in the confederate cemetery is Roberta Laidley, who died as a young woman, daughter of Margaret McCoy and George S. Laidley.
  • Carol McCoy Auer, Daughter of Paul & Connie McCoy (601 KB)
    Carol McCoy Auer, daughter of Paul and Connie McCoy, on the day of her wedding to Bernie M. Auer
  • Jane McCoy with Carol, Kate and baby Jane 1958 (224 KB)
    Jane McCoy with her daughters Carol, Kate and baby Jane in 1958 in their home in Bronxville, NY
  • Birch Villa, Maine, built by C. Mortimer Wiske (116 KB)
    Birch Villa in Bryant Pond, Maine. Summer residence built by C. Mortimer Wiske starting 1902.
  • Water color of a tiger lily by Jane Wiske (326 KB)
    Beautiful water color of a tiger lily painted by Jane Wiske, probably in the 1940's
  • Fairmont, WV 1915 (247 KB)
    Fairmont, WV in 1915. Fairmont was the home of John William McCoy and my grandfather, Paul McCoy
  • Water Color of a Pink Flower By Jane Wiske (178 KB)
    Another beautiful water color of a pink flower by Jane Wiske, probably in the 1940's
  • The Frigate Macedonian (Johnny Wiske's ship) 1818 (278 KB)
    Johnny Whiskey, C.H. Wiske's Father, served on the Macedonian when it was a British ship in the War of 1812. It was captured by Stephen Decatur and refitted as an American ship. Johnny Whiskey escaped in New London and married Betsy Rogers.
  • Connie and Paul McCoy in Paris, 1929 (63 KB)
    Connie (Irma Pollock) McCoy is second from the left, and Paul McCoy is third from the right. They are enjoying the festivities in a restaurant in Paris, France on May 20, 1929.
  • Connie McCoy about 1956 (11 KB)
    My grandmother, Connie McCoy (Nanny) at 119 Midland Ave., Bronxville, around 1956.
  • Joseph Melville McCoy and Ella Peterson McCoy (72 KB)
    Formal portraits of Joseph Melville McCoy (1854-1937), son of Joseph McCoy, Jr. and Jane Martin, and oldest brother of John William McCoy. He is next to his bride, Ella Peterson (1866-1951). Joseph and Ella married in Washington, D.C. in 1885. This photo is courtesy of Ellen McFarland Sutton, who is the grand-daughter of Joseph and Ella McCoy.
  • Prescott Barker Wiske (1887-1944) (121 KB)
    Prescott B. Wiske, husband of Kathryn M. Utz, in his military uniform
  • Julia, Rudy, Albin and Irma Pollock, 1922 (76 KB)
    Julia Pollak (Pollock) with her sons, Rudolph and Albin, and her daughter Irma (Connie) Mcoy. Carol McCoy, Irma's daughter, and Rue Pollok, Rudy's son are seated in front.
  • Passenger List of McCoys Arriving in 1802 (445 KB)
    NARA Series Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Philadelphia PA 1800-1882, Series 425, Roll 3, Arrivals from Jan 2-Aug 30, 1802, Lists 1-173. Ship Mohawk sailed from Londonderry to Wilmington and Philadelphia and arrived on 6 July 1802 with numerous McCoys. Passengers 52-57 were John, James, Hesther, John, Sarah and Joseph McCoy. (This family came with 2 chests and one bundle!). Presumably John and Hesther McCoy were the parents. Joseph was Joseph McCoy, Jr., who later wed Jane Martin. In a separate grouping are passengers 108-110--Jane, Abraham and Margaret McCoy, who most likely were children of John and Hesther McCoy as well. They had one chest and one bundle. (Note: both and indicate that only one John McCoy was on this vessel, however, the passenger list clearly shows there were two Johns. This McCoy family settled in the Shenandoah Valley and moved to Ohio County (later Tyler Co.) VA (later WV) about 1808.
  • Jane McCoy, Kate McCoy Joy, Carol McCoy 1999 (180 KB)
    Sisters Jane, Kate and Carol at the wedding of Matthew Joy, Kate's oldest son, August, 1999
  • Albin Pollock with his niece, Carol, & nephew, Rue (55 KB)
    Albin Pollock with his niece, Carol McCoy (later Auer) and his nephew, Rue Pollok, in 1922
  • Death Notice of Tabetha Hart 1868 (71 KB)
    Tabetha Darling Hart, widow of Lemuel Hart, died 18 June 1868 age 90 years 3 months and 1 day. She was buried in Smithtown, Long Island, NY.
  • Rudy Pollock with his son, Rue, 1922 (35 KB)
    Rudy Pollock and his son, Rue, in 1922 in California. Rudy was a hot shot at finding oil. He was sometimes called "Duke."
  • Matthew Joy with Bride and Parents on Wedding Day (604 KB)
    Matthew Paul Joy and his lovely bride Marcia on their wedding day the 12th of June 2006 with their parents, Tim and Kate Joy, at Sebasco Estates Maine.
  • Julia Pollock, Connie McCoy's Mother (19 KB)
    Julia Pollock, matriarch of the Pollock family, in a photo taken at the McCoy Family Home in Bronxville, NY in the 1920's or 1930's.
  • Mr and Mrs. Sam Pollock in Washington c. 1880 (121 KB)
    Sam Pollock and Mrs Samuel Pollock, a guest of the Holly Tree Hotel kept by Oscar and Lizzie 1879 to 1884, 514 and 18 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. These cartes de visites were kindly sent to me by Judy Schwank. We do not know for sure whether this is our Sam Pollock and Julia, but Mrs. Pollock looks very much like her daughter Alice Pollock.
  • John and Rawley McCoy with Connie McCoy, 1920s (59 KB)
    Connie McCoy with her sons, John Evans and Rawley Deering McCoy, in their Bronxville, NY home some time in the 1920s
  • George HW Neander's Discharge from the Civil War (1343 KB)
    George Henry Wilhelm Neander was a Captain in the NYS Militia from May to Aug 1861. He was in the grocery business with his brother, Theodore Neander, in NYC in the 1800s.
  • Jane Wiske in Elementary School (38 KB)
    Jane Wiske in Bronxville Elementary School about 4th Grade. Jane is against the black board. The girl to her right is her friend, Dusty Wilkins, later Dusty Myers.

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