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Descendants of Matthias Kolb - Ten Generations

Generation No. 2

      2. Peter2 Kolb (Matthias1) was born Abt. 1726 in /Germany, and died Unknown. He married Catherina Winter Abt. 1746. She died Unknown.

More About Peter Kolb and Catherina Winter:
Marriage: Abt. 1746
Children of Peter Kolb and Catherina Winter are:
  8 i.   Catherine3 Kolb, born January 04, 1746/47 in New Hanover Township, Montgomery Co.,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  9 ii.   Elizabeth Kolb, born December 23, 1748 in New Hanover Township, Montgomery Co.,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  10 iii.   Maria Gertraud Kolb, born November 21, 1750 in New Hanover Township, Montgomery Co.,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  11 iv.   Ana Margretha Kolb, born July 26, 1752 in Rockland Township, Berks,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  12 v.   Anna Maria Kolb, born February 13, 1755 in Rockland Township, Berks,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.

      3. Christophel2 Kolb (Matthias1) was born June 06, 1727 in /Germany, and died February 01, 1809 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania. He married Marie Catherina Leise Abt. 1760. She was born 1737, and died September 16, 1806 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.

Notes for Christophel Kolb:
CHRISTOHEL KOLB aka: Stophel Kolb....aka: Christopher Kolb....aka: Kolb changed to Culp

Christopher was born in Germany, and immigrated to Philadelphia, PA., tho his name did not appear on the ship passenger list of the Phoenix with his father and brother, Peter. The name of "Christoph (X)Kolbe is on the ship passenger list of the Friendship which debarked it's passengers at Philadelphia on Nov 2, 1744, juat a day short of 2 weeks after the Phoenix had landed. The ship Friendship had the same origin and route out of Rotterdam and the Phoenix.
He signed a will in Dec 1805 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA> He died on Feb 01 1809 in Adams Co. His obituary appeared inthe Star & Republican Banner, A Gettysburg newspaper. Grequently appears in records as Christopher, or Stophel, tho his name was probably Christophel.
....(The information above came from Robert B Angstadt, March 02, Helen Sanders)

Robert B. Angstadt shows marriage date as abt 1760. Some of the data about children came from the St. James Lutheran Church register, page 41, record of Christophel Kolb family. Found by sister of Lois Faulconer. (Beverly Griffith)

Christophel enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in May 1777 under the command of Capt. James Brown's Co. 7th Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia, which was under the command of Col John Boyd. He was living in Lancaster Co. at the time.
Christophel was buried in the family plot in the churchyard at the Trinity Reformed Church in Gettysburg, PA. When this plot was abandoned the remains were lifted and interred in the Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA.
In 1759 the name of Christophel (or Stophel) Kolb, later changed to Culp, appeared on the tax assessor's list of Rockland Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. He lived there until shortly before the Revolutionary War when he and his family moved to Lancaster Co., PA.
On May 16, 1787, he purchased a tract of land, containing 239 acres, 15 perches, lying to the east and south of Gettysburg, PA, from Robert Scott, for the sum of 478 pounds. At that time, Adams Co. was a part of York Co. This particular region around Gettysburg, consisting of all of Cumberland Twp. and parts of Straban, Franklin, Freedom and Highland Twps. was then known as the Manor of the Maske, having been established by a warrent of the Penns in 1740. Through these townships flowed Marsh Creek and many settlements had been made in these townships prior to 1740.
According to Adams County History, Christophel Kolb, with family, moved from Lancaster Co. to Adams Co. in 1787. This record further shows that he appears as one of the original taxpayers of Cumberland Twp. in 1799, at which time the assessed value of his property was $916. The name of Christian Culp, 3rd son of Christophel also appears, his occupation being listed as wheelwright and the assessed value of his property was shown as $207.
Christophel lived on this farm or plantation, as it was then described in the deed, until June 13, 1798, when it was sold to his second son, Peter for the sum of 720 pounds, payment being made by sixteen bonds for 45 pounds each.
After acquiring ownership of the farm, Peter executed a bond performance on June 30, 1798, in which he set forth the manner in which he would provide for his father and mother and his fathers sister-in-law Sophie during their lifetime.
Upon the death of Peter in 1841, the farm passed into the possession of his son Henry, he having previously leased it. In acquiring it he took advantage of the option provided in his father's will, whereby any of the children could purchase it.
At the time of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 to 3, 1863, this farm was occupied by the Confederate Army, who formed their east line of defense across its acres. At the extreme southern portion of the farm was a fairly high hill which was occupied by both the Union and Confederate Armies and on whose slopes some of the fiercest fighting of the battle occured. This is now known as Culp's Hill.
At the foot of the hill there is a spring, now known as Spangler's Spring, where, under cover of darkness, soldiers from both Union and Confederate Armies came and drank side by side of its water.
Carrying out their intention to preserve the Battlefield as a National Park, the U.S. Government acquired portions of the Culp Farm at times to add to land already purchased, so that the various lines of the Battle of Gettysburg would be complete.
In February, 1896, Culp's Hill and the land lying west of it to the Baltimore Pike was acquired. Desiring to make an avenue along the eastern line which the Confederate Army had held, a strip of land extending from East Middle St. in Gettysburg south to the foot of Culp's Hill was purchased in 1900.
Finally, the land lying west of East Confederate Ave, extending south from East Middle St to the foot of Culp's Hill, was purchased in April, 1910, while the land lying east of the avenue, extending south from East Middle St. to the foot of Culp's hill and beyond and east to Rock creek, was acquired in July, 1910.
It is in this latter tract, a short distance east of the Avenue and south of East Middle St., that the original farm house, spring house and barn stand. A Marker placed at the entrance to the lane leading to the buildings bears the inscription, "Culp House". It is occupied by a farmer, secured by the National Park Commission, to keep the land cultivated and planted with the various crops from year to year.
....compiled by Charles Curtis Culp, completed in 1954.....
..Will of Christophel Kolb, dated Dec 1805...Sworn statement by witnesses to the will, ( one was Francis Stahlschmidt), dated Feb 21, 1809.
...One source mentions a son named Stephen, but no record can be found of him and he is not mentioned in Christophel's will....
****All of the above received from Helen Sanders***

More About Christophel Kolb:
Burial: 1809, Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania
Cemetery: Family plot in churchyeard at Trinity Reformed Church...remains lifted and interred in Evergreen Cemetery
Comment 1: 9 children 4 sons and 5 daughters
Comment 2: 1759, on tax assessor's list in Rockland Township, Bucks,/Pennsylvania
Immigration: November 02, 1744, The name "Christoph (X) Kolbe" on passenger list of the Friendship out of Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA
Military service: May 1777, enlisted in Revolutionary Army under commander of Capt James Crown's Co. 7th Battalion, Pennsylvanis Militia, which was under the command of Col John Boyd
Name Variations: Christopher
Property: May 16, 1787, bought farm in Gettysburg,PA (at that time in York County)
Residence 1: May 1777, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Residence 2: Bet. May 16, 1787 - June 30, 1798, Lived on farm in Gettysburg
Will: December 1805, Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania

More About Christophel Kolb and Marie Leise:
Marriage: Abt. 1760
Children of Christophel Kolb and Marie Leise are:
  13 i.   Anna Elizabeth3 Kolb, born November 25, 1761 in Berks County,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown. She married Adam Hartman; died Unknown.
  More About Anna Elizabeth Kolb:
Baptism: Anna Elizabeth Kolb (called Elizabeth)

  14 ii.   Christophel Kolb, Jr, born February 05, 1764 in Berks County,/Pennsylvania; died September 17, 1796 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.
  More About Christophel Kolb, Jr:
Comment 1: never married

+ 15 iii.   Johan Peter Kolb, born September 08, 1766 in Rockland Township, Berks,/Pennsylvania; died September 05, 1841 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.
+ 16 iv.   Johan Christian Kolb/Culp, born April 24, 1769 in Rockland Township, Berks,/Pennsylvania; died August 26, 1838 in Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania.
+ 17 v.   Matthias Kolb, born October 18, 1771 in /Pennsylvania; died May 06, 1846 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.
  18 vi.   Maria Catharina Kolb, born April 29, 1774 in Berks County,/Pennsylvania; died Bef. April 12, 1839 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.
  More About Maria Catharina Kolb:
Baptism: Maria Catharina Kolb (called Catherine)

  19 vii.   Anna Maria Kolb, born August 05, 1778 in Berks County,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown. She married George Stallsmith; died Unknown.
  More About Anna Maria Kolb:
Baptism: Anna Maria Kolb (called Mary)

  20 viii.   Maria Barbara Kolb, born January 21, 1781 in Berks County,/Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  More About Maria Barbara Kolb:
Baptism: Maria Barbara Kolb (called Barbara)

+ 21 ix.   Susanna Kolb/Culp, born December 20, 1783; died November 27, 1835 in Gettysburg, Adams,/Pennsylvania.

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