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Index of Individuals


?, Carol
?, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
?, Kathy
?, Margery(b. WFT Est. 1653-1676, d. WFT Est. 1697-1748)
?, Mary(d. date unknown)
?, Tonya


???, Cindy
???, Edna
???, Emily(d. date unknown)
???, Jane(b. Abt. 1760, d. Aft. 1810)
???, Jonathan Pendley(d. date unknown)
???, Mary(d. date unknown)


?Unknown, Celia(b. 1795, d. date unknown)


Adkins, Paula


Alexander, B.J.(d. date unknown)
Alexander, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Allen, Ingaboo(d. date unknown)


Allred, Chuck(d. date unknown)


Anderson, David(b. January 12, 1802, d. date unknown)
Anderson, Elizabeth(b. April 16, 1799, d. date unknown)
Anderson, James(b. April 04, 1806, d. date unknown)
Anderson, Mary(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Nancy Katherine(b. December 26, 1811, d. date unknown)
Anderson, Patrick "Henry"(b. March 07, 1817, d. date unknown)
Anderson, Robert(b. October 12, 1800, d. date unknown)
Anderson, Sarah Sallie(b. April 17, 1808, d. date unknown)
Anderson, William(d. date unknown)
Anderson, William(b. January 12, 1802, d. date unknown)


Andrews, C.C.(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Andrews, Elias L.(b. 1862, d. date unknown)
Andrews, Martha(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Andrews, Mary E.(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Andrews, Reuben W.(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Andrews, Vickie


Anglin, Norris
Anglin, William




Armour, Louise(d. date unknown)


Atkins, Ben
Atkins, Burley
Atkins, Eva Mae(d. date unknown)
Atkins, Garonia
Atkins, Lisa
Atkins, Pam
Atkins, Paul(b. September 19, 1900, d. May 24, 1989)
Atkins, Wanda
Atkins, Willie


Austin, David


Averett, Fay


Bagley, Erma A.(b. September 25, 1906, d. date unknown)
Bagley, Sherry Ann
Bagley, Susan Kay
Bagley, Thomas Harvey(d. date unknown)
Bagley, Thomas Hudon
Bagley, Traci Leigh


Baker, Harry(d. date unknown)
Baker, Sarah Emily(b. January 28, 1832, d. October 08, 1911)


Baldwin, David E.(b. June 01, 1890, d. September 06, 1969)




Barnes, Helen
Barnes, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Barrett, William


Barton, Mitchell Tatum(d. date unknown)
Barton, Wanda Joanne


Bates, Arthur(d. date unknown)
Bates, Bartle
Bates, Bartle Autrell, Jr.
Bates, Fanny(b. Abt. 1784, d. date unknown)
Bates, Wesley Aaron


Bearden, Hattie(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Sarah Omer(d. date unknown)


Beetle, Imogene


Bell, Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Berrong, Jamie
Berrong, Janet
Berrong, Lisa Elaine
Berrong, Michelle
Berrong, Randy
Berrong, W. Henry(b. May 08, 1928, d. December 07, 1984)


Bertrim, Burice Douglas
Bertrim, Gary


Beth, Gail, or Ruth(d. date unknown)




Biddy, Mary Caroline(b. 1826, d. December 29, 1875)
Biddy, Mashack(d. date unknown)
Biddy, Peggy Margaret(b. 1808, d. date unknown)


Bird, Abraham,Jr.(b. 1733, d. date unknown)
Bird, Amos(b. 1737, d. date unknown)
Bird, Andrew(b. Abt. 1730, d. date unknown)
Bird, Magdalena(b. Abt. 1739, d. date unknown)
Bird, Mary(b. Abt. 1731, d. Aft. 1780)
Bird, Mounce,Sr.(b. 1735, d. May 1793)


Bishop, Malivie(d. date unknown)


Blackwell, Agnes(d. date unknown)


Blanton, Annie(d. date unknown)


Bogart, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Boothe, Dustin
Boothe, Keegan
Boothe, Shane
Boothe, Tara
Boothe, Tim


Bostick, Marie


Bowen, Robert Luke
Bowen, Walter


Bower, Chuck


Bowles, Mourning(d. date unknown)


Bowman, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Bowman, Gaynell
Bowman, George(d. date unknown)


Bozeman, Edna Grace


Bradley, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Bragg, Cheryl


Bramblett, Abel(d. date unknown)
Bramblett, Arboth R.(b. January 24, 1891, d. January 12, 1964)
Bramblett, Edith(b. October 28, 1914, d. June 11, 1972)
Bramblett, Elise Levern
Bramblett, Flora(d. date unknown)
Bramblett, Florrie
Bramblett, Frank,Jr.
Bramblett, George Washington(b. November 15, 1885, d. November 23, 1970)
Bramblett, Grace
Bramblett, Guy Weldon(b. March 19, 1912, d. January 16, 1989)
Bramblett, Hally
Bramblett, James Edwin
Bramblett, Josephine(d. date unknown)
Bramblett, Judy
Bramblett, Mark Anthony
Bramblett, Maude(d. date unknown)
Bramblett, Michael
Bramblett, Phillips Brooks
Bramblett, Sandra
Bramblett, Sandra Janice
Bramblett, Shirley R.
Bramblett, Susan
Bramblett, Thad
Bramblett, Tobias
Bramblett, Wendell Louise
Bramblett, Willis Frank
Bramblett, Willis T.


Brannon(d. date unknown)


Brock, Consuela(d. date unknown)


Brooks, Charles Durham(d. date unknown)
Brooks, Ruth Wynell
Brooks, Stanley Brooks(d. date unknown)
Brooks, Tina
Brooks, Turner(d. date unknown)


Brown, Charles W.(d. date unknown)
Brown, David
Brown, Died at birth(d. date unknown)
Brown, Harlan Everett(d. date unknown)
Brown, Helen
Brown, Lee
Brown, Mary(d. date unknown)
Brown, Norris Wayne(d. date unknown)
Brown, Phil


Bryan, Deborah(d. date unknown)


Bryant, Bethany
Bryant, Brody Augustus
Bryant, Cheyenne
Bryant, Dakota
Bryant, Egbert
Bryant, Elizabeth(b. March 18, 1877, d. December 12, 1917) Includes Notes
Bryant, Jennifer
Bryant, Joe
Bryant, Jonah Augustus


Buckner, Jesse(d. date unknown)


Burk, Cora(d. date unknown)


Byrd, ?(b. Abt. 1709, d. 1750)
Byrd, Abraham(d. date unknown)
Byrd, Lina Ann(d. date unknown)


Cafiero, Joseph Mose(b. February 03, 1906, d. date unknown)
Cafiero, Joseph Mose,Jr.


Cagle, Timothy


Callahan, Alice K.(b. August 17, 1912, d. June 28, 1991)


Cannon, Mary(d. date unknown)


Cantrell, Etta Faye(d. date unknown)
Cantrell, Evalina(d. date unknown)
Cantrell, Evalina(d. date unknown)
Cantrell, Thomas A.(d. date unknown)


Cape, Jennie(b. August 12, 1895, d. May 03, 1971)


Carlton, Dennis


Carnes, Ellen


Carver, Robert J. (Dr.)


Chadwick, Angie Marie
Chadwick, Billy
Chadwick, Helen
Chadwick, Lindsay(d. date unknown)
Chadwick, Mary
Chadwick, Penny
Chadwick, Ruby
Chadwick, Sara
Chadwick, Teddy
Chadwick, William Thomas


Chambers, Bertha
Chambers, Robin(b. June 22, 1885, d. November 18, 1962)


Chamblee, Issie(d. date unknown)


Chandler, Keith


Chapman, Kendra
Chapman, Robert
Chapman, Tiffany


Charles, Richard


Chastain, Joseph Hartsel(d. date unknown)


Cheney, Mark




Clayton, Effie(d. date unknown)
Clayton, Issac(d. date unknown)
Clayton, Mary Ellen(d. date unknown)


Clements, Thomas Chandler
Clements, Thomas Scott


Cochran, Alfred M.(b. Abt. 1871, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Alfred McKinney(b. December 15, 1827, d. February 1907)
Cochran, Alma
Cochran, Amanda Louella(b. May 14, 1893, d. June 1969)
Cochran, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Andrew(b. Abt. 1754, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Andrew(b. Abt. 1777, d. Bef. October 21, 1817)
Cochran, Andrew(b. Abt. 1790, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Anna Woods(b. March 27, 1797, d. March 12, 1822)
Cochran, Annie R.
Cochran, Bill
Cochran, Bonziel Oziel(b. March 16, 1921, d. June 03, 1921)
Cochran, Brenda Kay
Cochran, Bronwyn
Cochran, Broughton Lee
Cochran, C.P.(b. Abt. 1911, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Carrie Ethel(b. January 21, 1901, d. December 24, 1980)
Cochran, Casey
Cochran, Casey Mathison
Cochran, Celia Ann(b. Abt. 1843, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Chad Kylon
Cochran, Charis Joy
Cochran, Christina Alease
Cochran, Clara Marjorie
Cochran, Claudia Rena
Cochran, Clifford(b. 1896, d. 1987)
Cochran, Clure D.
Cochran, Coy
Cochran, Daniel Kimsey(b. January 03, 1849, d. October 11, 1924)
Cochran, Delmar
Cochran, Edward(b. August 26, 1931, d. November 03, 1948)
Cochran, Edward Watson
Cochran, Edwin
Cochran, Elbert Valentine
Cochran, Elisha Franklin(b. March 22, 1884, d. December 26, 1970)
Cochran, Elisha Gilbert
Cochran, Emmett Broughton
Cochran, Evan L.
Cochran, Fanny Ward(b. February 28, 1802, d. December 22, 1846)
Cochran, Florence Geneva
Cochran, Francis(b. Abt. 1792, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Francis A.(b. April 24, 1882, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Francis Marion(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Francis Marion(b. 1872, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Gene
Cochran, George(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Gladys Duvell
Cochran, Harriett A.(b. Abt. 1853, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Herman
Cochran, Horace D.(b. December 28, 1906, d. June 06, 1973)
Cochran, Infant
Cochran, Infant son(b. April 13, 1918, d. April 13, 1918)
Cochran, Ivan Kimsey(b. 1876, d. October 24, 1964)
Cochran, James(d. date unknown)
Cochran, James(d. date unknown)
Cochran, James(b. Abt. 1757, d. February 1806)
Cochran, James(b. Abt. 1780, d. date unknown)
Cochran, James(b. December 04, 1787, d. September 25, 1861)
Cochran, James(b. November 12, 1807, d. December 22, 1846)
Cochran, James Donald
Cochran, James Duel(b. December 29, 1921, d. March 24, 1988)
Cochran, James Elias "Cap"(d. date unknown)
Cochran, James Fabian
Cochran, James Franklin(b. August 29, 1858, d. February 07, 1953)
Cochran, James Kelch
Cochran, James Mathis(b. September 27, 1891, d. August 15, 1958)
Cochran, James Robert(b. 1792, d. Abt. 1877)
Cochran, James Shawn
Cochran, James Terrell(b. November 1877, d. date unknown)
Cochran, James W.(b. 1783, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jane(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jane(b. Abt. 1789, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jane(b. February 21, 1790, d. November 06, 1839)
Cochran, Jesse Junior(b. August 16, 1912, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jesse Nevils(b. March 03, 1869, d. May 09, 1944)
Cochran, Joel Patrick
Cochran, John(d. date unknown)
Cochran, John(d. date unknown)
Cochran, John(b. 1746, d. July 05, 1823)
Cochran, John(b. Bef. 1756, d. Aft. November 24, 1793)
Cochran, John(b. November 20, 1791, d. September 23, 1872)
Cochran, John(b. Abt. 1796, d. date unknown)
Cochran, John Gamble(b. November 26, 1799, d. August 17, 1866)
Cochran, John T.(b. Abt. 1875, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Johnny(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Julia(b. Abt. 1873, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Julia Mae(b. 1899, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Julie Marie
Cochran, Karen
Cochran, Kathryn
Cochran, Kathryn Naomi
Cochran, Kevin
Cochran, Lamar
Cochran, Laura(b. February 25, 1882, d. June 18, 1908)
Cochran, Laura Ether(b. September 14, 1894, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Laura J.(b. July 1883, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Levi L.(b. December 1890, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Lillie Belle(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Lillie Estelle(b. September 19, 1900, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Lindsey Hope
Cochran, Lois Lorraine
Cochran, Louis T.(b. August 26, 1873, d. February 06, 1966)
Cochran, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Mark Wright
Cochran, Martha(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Martha(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Martha(b. August 26, 1775, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Mary Alice(b. November 03, 1900, d. February 19, 1993)
Cochran, Mary L.
Cochran, Mary Lee
Cochran, Mary Polly(b. Abt. 1794, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Melissa Holbrook
Cochran, Minnie Pearle(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Mirtie Louise
Cochran, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Nevils Holcomb(b. 1815, d. December 26, 1863)
Cochran, Pearle B.(b. December 29, 1897, d. November 24, 1968)
Cochran, Peggy Marie
Cochran, Rachel(b. Abt. 1788, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Ralph
Cochran, Robert(b. September 01, 1785, d. July 10, 1857)
Cochran, Robert(b. June 28, 1795, d. January 06, 1859)
Cochran, Robert(b. March 28, 1823, d. June 17, 1864)
Cochran, Roxie
Cochran, Roy R.(b. July 30, 1912, d. February 01, 1967)
Cochran, Ruby B.
Cochran, Ruby Claudine
Cochran, Ruby Mae(b. January 13, 1903, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Rufus M.(b. Abt. 1903, d. January 23, 1934)
Cochran, Ruth O'Neal(b. March 20, 1915, d. January 07, 1964)
Cochran, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Samuel(b. Aft. October 1722, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Cochran, Samuel(b. April 22, 1775, d. October 03, 1847)
Cochran, Samuel(b. Abt. 1781, d. 1810)
Cochran, Samuel(b. Abt. 1782, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Samuel Faustine
Cochran, Sara A.(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Sarah(b. March 22, 1792, d. October 10, 1849)
Cochran, Sarah Jane(b. Abt. 1841, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Sarah Sally(b. Abt. 1773, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Sophrony Adeline(b. January 1879, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Stanley Joe
Cochran, Susannah(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Terrell Bryson(b. September 09, 1817, d. November 27, 1868)
Cochran, Thelma L.
Cochran, Theodore Jesse
Cochran, Trina(b. July 17, 1952, d. June 24, 2002)
Cochran, Unknown(b. August 09, 1812, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Unknown
Cochran, Unknown
Cochran, Unknown
Cochran, Vance
Cochran, Vickie Regina
Cochran, Vina(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Violet(b. Abt. 1851, d. date unknown)
Cochran, W. Farist(b. December 06, 1900, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Wiley Franklin(b. January 11, 1847, d. December 13, 1915)
Cochran, Wiley Posey(b. Abt. 1872, d. date unknown)
Cochran, William(d. date unknown)
Cochran, William(d. date unknown)
Cochran, William(b. May 15, 1753, d. April 24, 1821)
Cochran, William(b. December 05, 1804, d. November 20, 1873)
Cochran, William C.(b. August 06, 1814, d. January 01, 1896)
Cochran, William Jessie(d. date unknown)
Cochran, William N.(b. January 09, 1888, d. August 21, 1966)
Cochran, William S.(b. September 23, 1848, d. date unknown)
Cochran, William Scott(b. March 04, 1796, d. Aft. 1823)


Cofer, James III
Cofer, James, Jr.
Cofer, Kelli Amanda


Cole, Augusta(b. Abt. 1870, d. November 08, 1899)


Collett, Emma Virginia(b. March 28, 1883, d. January 30, 1972)
Collett, Johny Carolyn
Collett, Teresea Leora
Collett, Tony Lee
Collett, Walter
Collett, William Franklin


Coltrane, Huldah A.(b. February 19, 1846, d. date unknown)


Cook, James(d. date unknown)
Cook, Mary(b. 1694, d. May 1781)
Cook, Wade A.(d. date unknown)


Corbett, Frances Lucille


Cox, Charlie
Cox, son


Creamer, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1815, d. date unknown)


Crews, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Croy, Martha Louise
Croy, Mary Cathrine(d. date unknown)
Croy, Susan
Croy, William Isaac


Cruse, Delilah(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Emaline(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Cruse, James K. P.(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Cruse, John(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Cruse, John L.(b. 1813, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Josephine Clementine(b. 1841, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Louisa A.(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Lucinda M.(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Maranda E.(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Cruse, Pinkney(b. 1835, d. date unknown)


Cummins, ???(d. date unknown)


Curtis, Cade Lisha
Curtis, Chilsie Kay
Curtis, Corey Alvin
Curtis, Donald Alvin


Cynthia(d. date unknown)


Danger, Miles(d. date unknown)


Darby, Elizabeth
Darby, Nancy Adeline(b. February 16, 1865, d. September 18, 1945)
Darby, Reuben W.(d. date unknown)


David, Susan C.(d. date unknown)
David, William(d. date unknown)


Davis, Sue


Dawson, Henery(d. date unknown)
Dawson, James M.(d. date unknown)
Dawson, Jim K.(d. date unknown)
Dawson, Ruby Jeanette
Dawson, Wallace Mckay "Bud"(b. December 17, 1915, d. October 08, 1992)


Delay, Randy Edward Ray
Delay, Rockie Lee II
Delay, Rocky Lee




Denning, Spicey(d. date unknown)


Densmore, Abe(b. WFT Est. 1875-1901, d. date unknown)
Densmore, David(b. WFT Est. 1875-1901, d. date unknown)
Densmore, John Lummus(b. March 15, 1854, d. February 03, 1927)
Densmore, Masigener (Masina)(b. October 15, 1873, d. date unknown)
Densmore, Sallie(b. WFT Est. 1875-1901, d. date unknown)
Densmore, Stephen(b. August 24, 1877, d. date unknown)


Dilbeck, Dudley
Dilbeck, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Dilbeck, Emory E.(b. September 08, 1894, d. May 03, 1968)
Dilbeck, Estelle
Dilbeck, Geraldine(Gerri)
Dilbeck, Gertrude(b. April 14, 1921, d. September 03, 1998)
Dilbeck, John H.(d. date unknown)
Dilbeck, Joiner Lewis(b. July 15, 1928, d. July 01, 1948)
Dilbeck, Juanita
Dilbeck, Lloyd
Dilbeck, Mary Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Dilbeck, Narcissus Caroline(b. WFT Est. 1814-1838, d. WFT Est. 1860-1909)
Dilbeck, Narcissus Caroline
Dilbeck, Richard(d. date unknown)
Dilbeck, Shirley


Dillard, Mary(d. date unknown)
Dillard, Modena Martha(d. date unknown)
Dillard, Thursia(d. date unknown)


Dixon, Cynthia Ann


Dobson, ?(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Cora(b. December 05, 1892, d. August 16, 1982)
Dobson, Cynthia Lucinda ( Lucile)(Cindy)(b. August 26, 1880, d. August 17, 1946)
Dobson, Emily Mae(b. May 10, 1887, d. October 07, 1955)
Dobson, James B.(b. May 1899, d. date unknown)
Dobson, Jasper Elsby(b. January 05, 1848, d. September 30, 1922)
Dobson, Jasper N.(b. April 24, 1878, d. May 07, 1951)
Dobson, Lillie(b. September 1889, d. October 02, 1981)
Dobson, Linda(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Lovey T.(b. October 1890, d. date unknown)
Dobson, Martha(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Miles N.(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Radie(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Texie(d. date unknown)
Dobson, Walsie(b. October 1896, d. date unknown)
Dobson, Walter Homer(b. October 10, 1896, d. February 15, 1988)


Dora(d. date unknown)


Doss, Annie Mae(d. date unknown)
Doss, Joseph W.(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)


Douhy, Theodicia Lynn(b. June 13, 1763, d. September 30, 1830)


Drummond, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Duckett, Annie Maud
Duckett, Daisy Lee(b. March 04, 1919, d. November 12, 1984)
Duckett, David Harris(b. February 19, 1894, d. June 03, 1956)
Duckett, Joseph Luther
Duckett, Sam Vincent
Duckett, Stella Mae


Duncan, ???(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Dunlap, John(d. date unknown)
Dunlap, Martha Ann(b. April 28, 1813, d. April 28, 1896)


Durham, Agnes May(b. July 14, 1900, d. June 20, 1928)
Durham, Alice Bessie(b. December 1879, d. date unknown)
Durham, Amy(d. date unknown)
Durham, Ann Tietjen
Durham, Archibald Benson(b. February 01, 1835, d. January 23, 1932)
Durham, Arthur(d. date unknown)
Durham, Artie Masdelle(b. April 01, 1898, d. April 18, 1899)
Durham, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Durham, Betty Joe
Durham, Bonner Millwee(b. November 26, 1892, d. date unknown)
Durham, Broughton Grogan(b. June 26, 1903, d. date unknown)
Durham, Cassie Viola
Durham, Charles(d. date unknown)
Durham, Charles(d. January 13, 1834)
Durham, Charles A.,Jr.(d. date unknown)
Durham, Charles Lawrence(d. date unknown)
Durham, Charles Lawrence(b. December 20, 1859, d. April 30, 1938)
Durham, Charles Lee(d. date unknown)
Durham, Charles Newton(b. January 21, 1874, d. date unknown)
Durham, Charles,Jr.(b. May 11, 1810, d. November 19, 1884)
Durham, Dale Corbett
Durham, Delilah(d. date unknown)
Durham, Earl Anderson(b. July 15, 1864, d. March 05, 1938)
Durham, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Durham, Ethel Vera(b. August 24, 1894, d. date unknown)
Durham, Forest Hallman(b. April 11, 1907, d. date unknown)
Durham, Fulton(d. date unknown)
Durham, Harrison(d. date unknown)
Durham, Harvey Jordan(b. September 22, 1904, d. date unknown)
Durham, Helena Tietjen
Durham, Henry Oscar(b. July 25, 1878, d. date unknown)
Durham, Henry Oscar, Jr.(b. October 07, 1906, d. date unknown)
Durham, J.E.(d. date unknown)
Durham, Jacqueline Louise
Durham, James Benson(b. August 18, 1861, d. March 14, 1938)
Durham, Jeremiah(d. date unknown)
Durham, Jessie Donald
Durham, John B.(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Durham, Joseph(d. January 25, 1859)
Durham, Joseph Clinton(d. date unknown)
Durham, Joseph Terrell(b. September 13, 1902, d. date unknown)
Durham, Julius Hawthorne(b. March 26, 1872, d. date unknown)
Durham, Julius O.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Durham, Julius Orlando R.(b. September 15, 1872, d. January 09, 1898)
Durham, Kiziah C.(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Durham, Lemuel Hendrix(b. 1843, d. August 14, 1862) Includes Notes
Durham, Lorena(d. date unknown)
Durham, Lorenzo Young(b. August 25, 1847, d. February 11, 1920)
Durham, Lucy(d. date unknown)
Durham, Macon Lindsey(b. October 03, 1896, d. date unknown)
Durham, Marcus E.(b. October 02, 1874, d. date unknown)
Durham, Margaret Ann(b. 1841, d. date unknown)
Durham, Margaret Millwee
Durham, Margie Nell
Durham, Martha Evelyn(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Durham, Mary(d. date unknown)
Durham, Mary E.(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Durham, Mary Ellen
Durham, Mary Jane(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Durham, Milton(d. date unknown)
Durham, Myrtle Indiana(b. March 19, 1888, d. December 26, 1968)
Durham, Myrtle Indianna(d. date unknown)
Durham, Nan A.(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Durham, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Durham, Ollie Gertrude(b. June 22, 1890, d. date unknown)
Durham, Patsy(d. date unknown)
Durham, Polly Mary(d. date unknown)
Durham, Rhoda(d. date unknown)
Durham, Rhoda A. M.(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Durham, Sallie(d. date unknown)
Durham, Sarah A.(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Durham, Sarah Anna(b. June 03, 1868, d. date unknown)
Durham, Sarah J.(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Durham, Thomas A.(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Durham, Wade Hampton(b. February 09, 1866, d. date unknown)
Durham, Wilbyn Scolds(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Durham, William L. K.(b. 1845, d. date unknown)


Dye, Randy


E., Nancy(b. 1852, d. date unknown)


Echols, Jennie
Echols, Rhonda Louise


Edmondson, Robert


Edwards, Angie Machell
Edwards, Brandy Gail
Edwards, Cynthia Anne
Edwards, David Lee
Edwards, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elvis Lamar
Edwards, Jackie Barbara
Edwards, Joyce Branda
Edwards, Laura Lynn
Edwards, Martha(b. 1763, d. July 19, 1824)
Edwards, Martha A.(d. May 23, 1898)
Edwards, Mary(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Othella(d. date unknown)
Edwards, P. M.(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Rebecca Ann
Edwards, Rosa Lee(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Ruby Arlivia
Edwards, Shawn Casey
Edwards, Sylvester
Edwards, William Charles


Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Elizabeth(b. 1851, d. date unknown)


Ellington, James(d. date unknown)
Ellington, Mary(d. date unknown)


Ellis, Barbara
Ellis, Barbara Jean
Ellis, Bonnie
Ellis, Eliza Jane(d. date unknown)
Ellis, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Ellis, Emma(d. date unknown)
Ellis, Frank
Ellis, Frank Edward
Ellis, Otis(d. date unknown)
Ellis, Otis(b. February 21, 1913, d. June 01, 1967)
Ellis, Rachel
Ellis, Rachel


Erwin, Lee(d. date unknown)


Etta, Frances(b. November 10, 1881, d. March 07, 1975)


Evans, Angela
Evans, Cory William
Evans, Ricky William
Evans, Ross Sterling, Jr.


Fain, Junior


Farr, Bass
Farr, Kerry Anne
Farr, Pamela Lee
Farr, Patricia Nichelle
Farr, Ricky


Farriba, Rebecca(d. date unknown)


Fendley, Elizabeth(b. April 27, 1820, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Emanuel(b. September 15, 1818, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Francis F.(b. April 07, 1822, d. date unknown)
Fendley, James Jefferson(b. March 30, 1829, d. date unknown)
Fendley, James R.(b. September 03, 1797, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Margaret(b. August 25, 1824, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Margaret(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Mary Ann Caroline(b. January 15, 1831, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Mary Ann Caroline(b. January 15, 1842, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Nancy C.(b. February 28, 1838, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Rev.William Andrew(b. January 26, 1832, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Samuel R.(b. March 14, 1834, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Waddy T.(b. February 04, 1827, d. date unknown)
Fendley, Walter Webster(b. May 20, 1841, d. date unknown)


Fields, Kenneth


Fisher, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Floyd, Audrey
Floyd, Audrey
Floyd, Carroll
Floyd, Carroll
Floyd, Eddie
Floyd, Eddie
Floyd, Elaine
Floyd, J. T.
Floyd, J. T.
Floyd, Jared
Floyd, Jared
Floyd, Lavonda
Floyd, Nalanna
Floyd, Nolan
Floyd, Nolan
Floyd, Nolanna


Ford, Jeannie Howard(d. date unknown)


Fortune, Mary(d. date unknown)


Foster, Brice
Foster, Cole
Foster, Dewey
Foster, Erwin Jackson(d. date unknown)
Foster, Frances
Foster, Ivy
Foster, J. Arvil
Foster, Jimmy
Foster, Lois
Foster, Loy
Foster, Nora
Foster, Willie(d. date unknown)


Fouts, Ben(d. date unknown)
Fouts, Gabriel(d. date unknown)
Fouts, Hallmon(b. July 06, 1891, d. August 03, 1935)
Fouts, Harley E.(b. August 11, 1893, d. September 15, 1940)
Fouts, Henry(d. date unknown)
Fouts, John(b. February 19, 1868, d. August 27, 1939)


Fowler, Alice(d. date unknown)
Fowler, Kannon Christopher


Freeland, Armenia(b. October 16, 1795, d. 1838)
Freeland, Elizabeth(b. 1800, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Francis(b. February 27, 1807, d. date unknown)
Freeland, John Kingsbury(b. May 13, 1762, d. January 12, 1851)
Freeland, John Sampson(b. 1811, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Mary(b. 1815, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Priscilla(b. 1802, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Rufus Freeland(b. Abt. 1799, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Wesley(b. 1812, d. date unknown)


Fuller, Judy
Fuller, Mary(d. date unknown)
Fuller, Mary(d. date unknown)
Fuller, Mary(d. date unknown)


Funk, Mary(d. date unknown)


Gable, Elizabeth Solicit(d. March 1925)


Gamble, Sarah Margaret(b. May 27, 1768, d. June 18, 1845)


Garnett, Ada Lou(b. September 03, 1886, d. date unknown)
Garnett, Andrew H.(d. date unknown)
Garnett, Edith Blanch(b. April 10, 1878, d. December 15, 1915)
Garnett, Lewis William(b. December 16, 1881, d. date unknown)
Garnett, Martha Elizabeth(b. January 15, 1896, d. date unknown)
Garnett, Roy Charles(b. February 18, 1884, d. date unknown)
Garnett, Sylvan Bert(b. December 07, 1879, d. date unknown)


Garrett(d. date unknown)


Geer, W.H.(d. date unknown)


Gentry, Lewis(d. date unknown)




Gilleland, Ruby


Gilligan, Dayna
Gilligan, Emily
Gilligan, Patrick


Gilmore, Lillian Maudell(b. July 01, 1900, d. August 07, 1967)


Gilstrap, ???(d. date unknown)


Gore, Amelia(b. WFT Est. 1750-1773, d. Abt. 1800)
Gore, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Gore, Athabiah(b. WFT Est. 1750-1774, d. date unknown)
Gore, Joseph III(b. WFT Est. 1740-1772, d. September 1775)


Goss, Annie(b. Bet. 1870 - 1893, d. date unknown)
Goss, David(b. WFT Est. 1870-1893, d. date unknown)
Goss, Emily(d. date unknown)
Goss, Minnie(b. WFT Est. 1870-1893, d. date unknown)
Goss, W.P.(b. WFT Est. 1835-1866, d. WFT Est. 1889-1927)


Graham, Austin
Graham, Hunter
Graham, Marty


Gravitt, Michelle


Green, Clarence Henry
Green, James Clarence
Green, James Garston
Green, James Joseph(d. date unknown)
Green, Marcus Milton(b. April 09, 1899, d. December 28, 1961)
Green, Martha Evelyn(b. February 07, 1928, d. January 23, 2001)
Green, Mary Eleene(b. February 03, 1934, d. February 17, 2003)
Green, Mary Eleene
Green, Patricia
Green, Shadrack(d. date unknown)
Green, Susie(b. February 18, 1892, d. August 21, 1979)


Greenway, Earnest(d. date unknown)


Greeson, Greg
Greeson, Larry
Greeson, Larry,Jr.


Greggs, John Wesley(d. date unknown)


Griffin, Altany(d. date unknown)
Griffin, Wallace Sylester
Griffin, William F. II


Grogan, Alfred C.(b. December 26, 1844, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Bartholomew(b. 1742, d. 1819)
Grogan, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Grogan, Eda (Eady)(b. August 13, 1858, d. February 20, 1918)
Grogan, Elizabeth Matilda(b. September 18, 1832, d. November 22, 1883)
Grogan, Harriett Catherine(b. March 26, 1837, d. October 08, 1909)
Grogan, Jack(d. date unknown)
Grogan, Jim(d. date unknown)
Grogan, John(d. date unknown)
Grogan, John(b. 1774, d. 1851)
Grogan, John Jefferson(b. June 13, 1857, d. August 06, 1918)
Grogan, John Lewis(b. July 13, 1828, d. July 29, 1885)
Grogan, Johnnie W.(d. date unknown)
Grogan, Joseph(b. February 18, 1841, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Martha(d. date unknown)
Grogan, Mary (Polly)(b. June 02, 1822, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Mary Caroline(b. March 19, 1854, d. April 03, 1936)
Grogan, Perry W.(b. September 15, 1824, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Richard(b. WFT Est. 1847-1876, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Richard Greenberry(b. 1800, d. 1879)
Grogan, Richard Greenberry(b. March 11, 1835, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Sarah (Sally)(b. June 02, 1822, d. date unknown)
Grogan, Thomas(b. 1725, d. 1790)
Grogan, Thomas W.(b. October 31, 1820, d. date unknown)
Grogan, W.J.(d. date unknown)
Grogan, Will(d. date unknown)
Grogan, William(b. October 29, 1826, d. date unknown)
Grogan, William


Groover, Rupert Earl
Groover, Una(d. date unknown)


Gulledge, Randall Starr
Gulledge, Tara


Hackney, Georgianna(d. date unknown)


Haggerty, Joseph(d. date unknown)


Hall, Joe(d. date unknown)
Hall, Prue(d. date unknown)


Hamilton, Harrison(d. date unknown)


Hammond, Ray
Hammond, son


Hampton, Rebecca(d. date unknown)


Hanady, Mary(b. March 13, 1795, d. September 29, 1871)


Hardiman, Teresa


Hardin, Lizzie(d. date unknown)


Harper, Matilda(d. date unknown)


Harris, Bryan David
Harris, Dirk
Harris, Ira(d. date unknown)
Harris, James Clayton
Harris, James Otis
Harris, Oliver Tribble
Harris, Ottis(b. September 09, 1909, d. date unknown)
Harris, Teresa


Harrison, James III
Harrison, James, Jr.(b. December 24, 1908, d. date unknown)
Harrison, Martha Washington
Harrison, Martha Washington


Hawkins, ???(d. date unknown)
Hawkins, Aubrey Lamar
Hawkins, Mary Linda
Hawkins, Minnie T.(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Hawkins, Robert(d. date unknown)
Hawkins, Samantha Virginia(d. date unknown)


Hawthorne, Sarah Ann(b. November 14, 1849, d. December 29, 1932)


Hays, Julia Ann(b. September 25, 1825, d. May 18, 1901)
Hays, William Hillary, Jr.(d. date unknown)


Heard, Bud Lee(d. date unknown)
Heard, Cheyenne Gabrielle
Heard, Gregory Hugh
Heard, Harold
Heard, Hugh
Heard, James
Heard, Jason
Heard, Pavan Matha
Heard, Phillip Jefferson


Heath, Lillie(d. date unknown)
Heath, Willie C.


Hembree, Laura H.(b. March 28, 1878, d. September 01, 1934)


Henson, Melian "Matilda"(b. Abt. 1843, d. date unknown)


Hester, Edith L.


Hicks, Linda


Hightower, Francis Miranda (Maria)(b. September 11, 1868, d. August 29, 1948)


Hill, Almon Clyde(b. December 01, 1905, d. date unknown)
Hill, Duell(d. date unknown)
Hill, Joel T.(d. date unknown)
Hill, Linda Gail


Hite, Mary(d. date unknown)


Holbert, Idus(b. 1883, d. 1950)


Holbrook, Absolom(d. date unknown)
Holbrook, Gene Bramblett
Holbrook, Gene Bramblett
Holbrook, Georgia
Holbrook, Georgia
Holbrook, Hannah(b. November 27, 1875, d. July 14, 1934)
Holbrook, Hannah
Holbrook, India Judy(d. date unknown)
Holbrook, John(d. date unknown)
Holbrook, John
Holbrook, John
Holbrook, Kaleb
Holbrook, Karen Eleene
Holbrook, Kasay
Holbrook, Kathryn
Holbrook, Keith Gene
Holbrook, Keith Gene
Holbrook, Mark Jason
Holbrook, Mark Jason
Holbrook, Marla
Holbrook, Marla
Holbrook, Nancy Polly(b. October 12, 1825, d. April 06, 1903)
Holbrook, Neecie Melissa "Lissie"(b. May 29, 1858, d. January 02, 1943)
Holbrook, Orelle
Holbrook, Orelle
Holbrook, Ross(d. date unknown)
Holbrook, Ross(d. date unknown)
Holbrook, Wynelle
Holbrook, Wynelle


Holcomb, Bessie Mae
Holcomb, Linamel


Holden, June
Holden, Lavada Melinda(d. date unknown)
Holden, Richard


Holder, Terry


Holt, Nanie(d. May 18, 1907)


Holtzclaw, Lorene


Hood, Caroline
Hood, David
Hood, Dean
Hood, Duane
Hood, Ezell
Hood, Linda
Hood, Margie Ann
Hood, William Jesse
Hood, Zack


Hope, James Claude(d. date unknown)


Howell, Eliza Jane(b. April 14, 1843, d. July 31, 1925)


Huffman, Evelyn


Huggins, David J.(b. 1828, d. date unknown)
Huggins, George W. W.(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Huggins, John L.(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Josephine S.(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Martha E.(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Matilda Clementine(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Nancy E.(b. 1858, d. date unknown)


Hughes, Linda


Hunt, Hansell(b. July 22, 1878, d. December 22, 1909)


Hutto, Lavia Mae


Hyde, Flossie(d. date unknown)


Ingram, H.T. (Rev.)(d. date unknown)
Ingram, James Sanford(d. date unknown)
Ingram, Mattie Munervia(b. April 16, 1906, d. April 17, 1991)


Ira, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Isackes, Anna Morgan
Isackes, Carol Elizabeth
Isackes, Richard Morgan


Issac(d. date unknown)




Jenkins, Sarah(d. date unknown)




Joel, Lewis Francis(b. December 10, 1838, d. February 09, 1890)
Joel, Lewis Francis(b. February 05, 1901, d. date unknown)
Joel, Mary Wilma
Joel, Ruth Elizabeth
Joel, Son(b. July 01, 1902, d. date unknown)
Joel, William Ruddell(b. May 30, 1879, d. March 04, 1963)


Johnson, Brenda
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Phereby(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Jones, Brandy
Jones, Charles
Jones, Eris
Jones, Henry(d. date unknown)
Jones, James Carter
Jones, Jamie
Jones, Jenna Kathryn
Jones, Lisa
Jones, Magdalene(b. WFT Est. 1691-1717, d. WFT Est. 1741-1786)
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Rebecca Lauren
Jones, Ryan Christopher
Jones, Sandy
Jones, Stephen Blake
Jones, Syrena(d. date unknown)


Jordon, Marion L.(d. date unknown)


Jr., John Rudolph Holbrook(d. date unknown)
Jr., John Rudolph Holbrook
Jr., Thomas Clements






Kelch, Virginia


Key, Montene


Keys, Marjorie May


Kimbel, Agnes(d. date unknown)


Kingery, Catherine(d. date unknown)


L., Sarah(b. 1882, d. date unknown)


Lang, Buddy


Lark, Vicki


Lathem, Connie
Lathem, Frances
Lathem, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Lathem, Martha
Lathem, Martha
Lathem, Myra


Lawrence, Tom(d. date unknown)


Lawson, Matthew(d. date unknown)


Lawton, Charles C.
Lawton, Ella Linnea


Lay, Henry Grady(d. date unknown)


Leath, Christine


Ledbetter, Bert Almon
Ledbetter, Dana Lane
Ledbetter, Herbert Atwood
Ledbetter, Lewis
Ledbetter, Luke
Ledbetter, Marsha
Ledbetter, Martha Jane(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Ledbetter, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Ledbetter, Nina Elizabeth
Ledbetter, Wesley


Lee, Audrey(d. date unknown)
Lee, Furman(b. January 23, 1913, d. November 23, 1944)
Lee, Plummer


Lewis, Gary


Lindsey, Cassie Viola(d. date unknown)
Lindsey, Martha(b. November 13, 1813, d. October 11, 1887)


Lingerfelt, xxxxxx


Lipscomb, Dewey H.(b. April 1898, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Edith E.(b. February 1887, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Edwin S.(b. 1901, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Emory William(b. September 18, 1882, d. April 26, 1959)
Lipscomb, Etta(b. April 1885, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Ida L.(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Joseph p.(b. 1905, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Mary Emily(b. February 21, 1889, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Myrtle R.(b. June 1895, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Naomi(b. December 1892, d. date unknown)
Lipscomb, Thomas L.(b. December 18, 1852, d. May 27, 1912)
Lipscomb, Thomas L., Jr.(b. December 09, 1890, d. date unknown)


Little, Donald


Logan, Bobbie Sue
Logan, Laura Anne
Logan, Roy Lanier




Long, Cathy
Long, Mittie(d. September 27, 1905)


Looper, Kathy Esther


Lovelace, Velma Lois


Lucille(d. date unknown)




Lummus, Pearl(d. date unknown)


Lunsford, Margaret Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


M., Arletha(b. July 25, 1886, d. August 1983)


Majors, Nancy Arletha(d. date unknown)


Malone, Janie Dell(b. October 30, 1904, d. October 28, 1978)


Maloney, Bonnie
Maloney, Clara Jane
Maloney, Jefferson Lee
Maloney, Lee
Maloney, Sandra


Mansfield, Jean


Maquire, ( UK )


Marks, James Benton(b. January 11, 1892, d. October 1977)
Marks, Jim(d. date unknown)
Marks, Ruby Beaulah


Martha(b. 1792, d. date unknown)


Martin, Becky
Martin, Duffy(d. date unknown)
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Ewell(d. date unknown)
Martin, Franklin
Martin, Jane
Martin, Margaret(b. Abt. 1790, d. date unknown)
Martin, Mary
Martin, Ralph
Martin, Sarah
Martin, T.J.
Martin, Tommy


Mary(d. date unknown)


Mashburn, Sybil


Mason, James William(b. Abt. 1782, d. Aft. 1857)
Mason, Sarah Frances(d. date unknown)


Mathis, Larkin


Mathison, Linda Jean
Mathison, Orville Lewis


Mauney, Virginia Dare(b. December 25, 1919, d. December 03, 1970)


Mayhugh, Julia Ann(d. March 1888)
Mayhugh, Labon D.(d. date unknown)


McBrayer, James
McBrayer, James
McBrayer, Jimmy
McBrayer, Jimmy
McBrayer, Son
McBrayer, Son


McCaslin, William D.(d. date unknown)


McClanahan, Andrew(b. Bef. 1741, d. date unknown)
McClanahan, James(b. 1795, d. Bef. February 28, 1838)
McClanahan, Matty(d. date unknown)
McClanahan, Robert(b. 1789, d. 1836)
McClanahan, Samuel(d. date unknown)
McClanahan, Sarah(b. Abt. 1785, d. date unknown)
McClanahan, Thomas(b. 1794, d. date unknown)


McConnell, Brandon Nelson
McConnell, Brittany Dealyn
McConnell, Dustin Joshua
McConnell, Edmond W.
McConnell, Edmund W.
McConnell, George Milson(b. September 30, 1873, d. February 25, 1955)
McConnell, Hazel
McConnell, Hazel Elizabeth
McConnell, James Homer, Jr.
McConnell, James Homer, Sr.(b. August 25, 1930, d. March 18, 2003)
McConnell, Janice
McConnell, Janice Leigh
McConnell, Margie
McConnell, Rilla
McConnell, Tisha EvaMarie
McConnell, William Nelson (Rev.)(b. July 24, 1901, d. August 23, 1984)
McConnell, William Ross(d. June 02, 1914)


McCulley, Bill
McCulley, John Wilson
McCulley, Margaret Anne
McCulley, Peggy
McCulley, Wes Wright
McCulley, William Newton


McDaniel, Maggie Mary(d. date unknown)


McGaha, Cecil


McGee, Amy
McGee, Cody
McGee, Cory Matthew
McGee, David (Rev.)
McGee, Donnie
McGee, Elijah(d. date unknown)
McGee, Kyle
McGee, Todd (Rev.)
McGee, Tyler
McGee, Wendy


McIntosh, Howard(d. date unknown)


McIntyre, Unknown
McIntyre, Vivian




Mealor, Betty


Medsker, Frank(d. date unknown)


Meller, David


Merritt, Edwin(d. date unknown)


Miller, Lona(d. date unknown)


Millwee, Martha Jane(b. May 07, 1838, d. April 24, 1899)


Mock, George(d. date unknown)


Monk, Chris




Mosher, Sally(d. date unknown)


Mourning, ????(b. Abt. 1779, d. Aft. 1855)


Mulherrin, John(d. date unknown)


Mundy, Angela
Mundy, Jerry
Mundy, Jerry, Jr.
Mundy, Jim
Mundy, Wayne




Myers, Cora Lee
Myers, Jimmy
Myers, L. J.
Myers, Lettie(d. date unknown)
Myers, Meryl
Myers, Phil


Nancy(d. date unknown)


Nellie(d. date unknown)


Nevill, Joseph(d. date unknown)


Newing, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Nichols, James(d. date unknown)
Nichols, T.R.(d. June 18, 1908)
Nichols, Urilla Margaret(b. January 20, 1859, d. March 26, 1877)


Nix, Aldazarah Huldah Missouri(b. June 27, 1883, d. date unknown)
Nix, Bobby
Nix, Bobby Franklin(b. February 11, 1937, d. June 1973)
Nix, Clara Mae
Nix, Cynthia Della Paralee(b. March 09, 1906, d. date unknown)
Nix, Deborah
Nix, Emily
Nix, Emmer Leora
Nix, Enoch Lafayette(b. April 22, 1904, d. December 25, 1988)
Nix, Ethan
Nix, Frances Callaway(b. May 16, 1845, d. December 03, 1924)
Nix, Frances L.(b. July 12, 1875, d. date unknown)
Nix, Francis Fermon(b. June 14, 1910, d. September 1984) Includes Notes
Nix, Jannie Dianne
Nix, Jessie Diana(b. July 05, 1908, d. date unknown)
Nix, John Callaway(b. June 15, 1919, d. June 1983) Includes Notes
Nix, Little son(b. March 04, 1877, d. date unknown)
Nix, Lucresa Elmina T.(b. April 28, 1878, d. date unknown)
Nix, Marty
Nix, Mary E.D.(b. October 16, 1879, d. date unknown)
Nix, Molly
Nix, Morris
Nix, Neecie EmmaLou
Nix, Rodney(b. November 14, 1962, d. November 1973)
Nix, Valentine(d. date unknown)
Nix, Wineford C. T.(b. April 18, 1881, d. date unknown)


Noaks, Mary(d. date unknown)


Norreu, Daniel


Olympia, Nick


Orr, Betty Fay
Orr, Sam(d. date unknown)


Otwell, Chesley(d. date unknown)
Otwell, Edwin(b. June 29, 1905, d. date unknown)
Otwell, Jane


Owen, G.L.


Owenby, Myra(b. July 21, 1874, d. 1959)


Padgett, Cathrine(d. date unknown)
Padgett, Millie(d. date unknown)


Palmer, Clara(d. February 21, 1911)


Parker, Rhonda


Parks, Amanda Hannah(b. February 04, 1850, d. January 07, 1953)
Parks, Annie(d. date unknown)


Parris, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Parris, Ruth


Parrish, Jeannette


Parsons, Douglas


Parton, Harriett(b. Abt. 1862, d. date unknown)
Parton, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Pate, Barbara
Pate, Betty Ann
Pate, Bobby
Pate, Daniel Clyde
Pate, Hubert C.(b. June 16, 1920, d. March 30, 1930)


Patterson, Alton B. (Tony )


Patton, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1750, d. Bef. 1785)


Payne, Vivian R.


Pearson, George
Pearson, George Harold
Pearson, Kenneth Leneal
Pearson, Peggy
Pearson, Sandra Joyce


Pendley, Alexis Adonnis
Pendley, Ashlee Bryson
Pendley, Burma Faye
Pendley, Daniel Major(b. November 28, 1941, d. August 06, 1997) Includes Notes
Pendley, Daniel Major
Pendley, Daniel Major, Jr.(b. July 19, 1969, d. July 19, 1969)
Pendley, Daniel Major,Jr.(b. July 19, 1969, d. July 19, 1969)
Pendley, Furman Lee
Pendley, Furman Lee
Pendley, Garland Guy
Pendley, Infant
Pendley, Ivy Grace
Pendley, James Harold
Pendley, James Maynard(b. June 1931, d. August 29, 1994)
Pendley, James Richard
Pendley, James Victor
Pendley, Jeremy Vess
Pendley, John Daniel(d. date unknown)
Pendley, John Daniel(b. July 19, 1881, d. 1954)
Pendley, John Daniel
Pendley, John Vincent
Pendley, Joseph Martin(b. September 28, 1968, d. September 28, 1968)
Pendley, Justin Vaun
Pendley, Marcus
Pendley, Martha Lee
Pendley, McKenzie Faith
Pendley, Mozelle
Pendley, Mozelle
Pendley, Nancy Lou
Pendley, Randall Harrison
Pendley, Samuel Hayden
Pendley, Stacie Dawn
Pendley, Wendell Vester(d. date unknown)


Pernesia(b. 1821, d. date unknown)


Peterson, Barbara
Peterson, Nancy


Pettett, Elias(d. date unknown)
Pettett, James Jackie(b. September 25, 1870, d. date unknown)
Pettett, Jasper(d. date unknown)
Pettett, John Elias(b. February 14, 1851, d. December 17, 1908)
Pettett, Mary Elizabeth(b. November 13, 1865, d. December 31, 1952)


Phillips, Angeline(b. February 08, 1856, d. September 18, 1911)
Phillips, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Phillips, William(d. date unknown)


Pirkle, Mae(d. date unknown)
Pirkle, Marsha Lane
Pirkle, Marshall(b. October 28, 1918, d. December 10, 1977)
Pirkle, Taylor(d. date unknown)


Pitts, Iona Versilla(b. December 24, 1900, d. April 03, 1992)


Poole, Brenda Gail
Poole, Noble


Porter, Ellen(b. Abt. 1870, d. date unknown)


Powell, Anne(b. Abt. 1724, d. date unknown)


Pritchard, Lou Beatrice(d. date unknown)


Pruitt, Almon(d. date unknown)
Pruitt, Brian
Pruitt, Chris
Pruitt, Chuck
Pruitt, Clint
Pruitt, Cora Lee
Pruitt, Danny
Pruitt, Dylan
Pruitt, Ernest Jr.
Pruitt, Female
Pruitt, Gail
Pruitt, Janice
Pruitt, Jason
Pruitt, Judy Christine
Pruitt, Justin
Pruitt, Leanne
Pruitt, Mary
Pruitt, Melvin
Pruitt, Shirley


Purcell, Agnes Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Purcell, William A.(b. November 25, 1876, d. December 16, 1942)


R., Lucinda(d. date unknown)


Rader, Alexander(d. date unknown)


Ralston, Hannah Kate
Ralston, John Cody
Ralston, Terry Douglas


Randall, Mike


Redd, Arminda(d. date unknown)
Redd, Martha M.(b. June 18, 1862, d. February 27, 1937)


Reece, Lidie
Reece, Mary(d. date unknown)


Reed, Jeannette(d. date unknown)


Reeves, Charles
Reeves, child
Reeves, dau.
Reeves, Grady(d. January 20, 1967)


Reevis, ?(d. date unknown)


Revis, Mahala M.(b. 1833, d. date unknown)


Roden, D.C.
Roden, Jennifer
Roden, Thomas Clinton


Roe, Ancelum(d. date unknown)
Roe, Ancil Coleman(d. date unknown)
Roe, Anselum(d. date unknown)
Roe, Ella Adaline(d. date unknown)
Roe, Ella Adeline(d. date unknown)
Roe, James Ancil(d. date unknown)
Roe, James Ancil(d. date unknown)
Roe, John(d. date unknown)
Roe, John(d. date unknown)


Rogers, Lucy
Rogers, Mary Jo


Rollins, James Daniel(d. date unknown)
Rollins, Sara Evelyn Estelle(b. November 20, 1899, d. December 01, 1991)
Rollins, Sarah (Sally)(d. date unknown)
Rollins, Sarah Evelyn Estelle(b. November 20, 1899, d. December 01, 1991)
Rollins, Solomon Franklin(d. date unknown)


Roper, ???(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Roper, Alice(d. date unknown)
Roper, Ben P.(b. August 04, 1868, d. February 25, 1943)
Roper, Frank(d. date unknown)
Roper, Kate(d. date unknown)
Roper, Mack(d. date unknown)
Roper, Shaun
Roper, Stanley


Ross, Amy Leigh
Ross, James Henry
Ross, Judith Ann


Rowe, Lulu(d. date unknown)


Rowland, Emilee Paige Rowland
Rowland, Joseph Gentry
Rowland, Lynn Allison




Ruddell, 3-11-1857
Ruddell, Abraham(b. 1776, d. 1857)
Ruddell, Agnes(b. August 18, 1817, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Agnes
Ruddell, Alfred Lafayette(b. November 17, 1866, d. March 22, 1912)
Ruddell, Alfred Mark(b. March 08, 1904, d. May 18, 1904)
Ruddell, Alma(b. May 1903, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Ambrose(b. August 13, 1831, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Amelia(b. December 27, 1824, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Andrew(b. 1768, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Andrew(b. 1771, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Ann(b. September 20, 1754, d. June 10, 1795)
Ruddell, Archible ( Archibald )(b. 1727, d. Abt. 1787)
Ruddell, Armenia(b. June 26, 1829, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Baby(b. 1777, d. 1780)
Ruddell, Bessie(b. May 13, 1893, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Beverly Anne
Ruddell, Billy Ray
Ruddell, Brandy Nicole
Ruddell, C.L.
Ruddell, Carrie D.(b. May 12, 1886, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Catherine(b. Abt. 1762, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Charles Edward(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Charles Hays(b. February 25, 1868, d. October 04, 1954)
Ruddell, Chloe Joann
Ruddell, Cindy
Ruddell, Clara (Chear)(b. Abt. 1756, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Clara Ann ( Clarissa )(b. 1735, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Clara Ann (Clarissa)(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Clare(b. 1774, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Clella(b. March 03, 1883, d. February 28, 1886)
Ruddell, Clifford(b. August 06, 1906, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Cornelius(b. 1717, d. April 1798)
Ruddell, Daughter(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, David(b. November 24, 1823, d. August 29, 1906)
Ruddell, David Livingston
Ruddell, Deborah(b. Abt. 1759, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Dianah(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Died at birth(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Dorothy Jane
Ruddell, Doyle Frank
Ruddell, Eda(b. 1888, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Eda Katie(b. December 23, 1904, d. June 19, 1970)
Ruddell, Edward
Ruddell, Edward R.(d. March 14, 1967)
Ruddell, Elanor(b. 1757, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(b. 1741, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(b. January 23, 1763, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1767, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Elizabeth(b. August 26, 1776, d. 1852)
Ruddell, Emaline ( Emily )(b. July 03, 1895, d. March 13, 1968)
Ruddell, Erle Carroll(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Esther(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Ethel Stirrett(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Eugene
Ruddell, Evelyn Grace(b. October 24, 1934, d. July 14, 1944)
Ruddell, Ferdinand(b. October 03, 1856, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Frances(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Francis Edward(b. July 29, 1860, d. July 1934)
Ruddell, Francis Kathryn (Katie)(b. July 23, 1895, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Francis Marion(b. August 08, 1827, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Gabriel James
Ruddell, Gary
Ruddell, George(b. Abt. 1740, d. 1807)
Ruddell, George(b. February 14, 1757, d. 1846)
Ruddell, George Harrison(b. December 26, 1821, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, George,Jr.(b. 1765, d. Abt. 1833)
Ruddell, Gilead(b. September 17, 1828, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Grady(b. June 14, 1907, d. November 22, 1909)
Ruddell, Grant(b. November 12, 1865, d. March 23, 1939)
Ruddell, Gregory
Ruddell, Gregory Jerome
Ruddell, Harry Livingston(b. April 09, 1875, d. December 10, 1962)
Ruddell, Hester Ann(b. November 13, 1846, d. May 06, 1942)
Ruddell, Hiram(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Ingaboo(b. 1779, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Ioma(b. June 01, 1904, d. January 16, 1990)
Ruddell, Isaac(b. 1729, d. February 1812) Includes Notes
Ruddell, Isaac(b. 1765, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, James Alfred(b. March 30, 1888, d. May 15, 1969)
Ruddell, James Broughton(b. November 02, 1939, d. January 10, 1949)
Ruddell, James David
Ruddell, James Davis McKinley(b. WFT Est. 1886-1910, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, James Livingston
Ruddell, James Neely(b. March 03, 1826, d. November 18, 1900)
Ruddell, James Richard(b. September 05, 1870, d. 1953)
Ruddell, James Samuel(b. October 02, 1898, d. December 21, 1990)
Ruddell, James, Jr.(d. November 19, 1838)
Ruddell, James, Sr.(b. September 24, 1752, d. November 19, 1836)
Ruddell, Jewel P.
Ruddell, John(b. Abt. 1752, d. Abt. 1800)
Ruddell, John(b. December 08, 1760, d. 1824)
Ruddell, John Dunlap(b. August 24, 1836, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, John Frank
Ruddell, John Freeland(b. September 06, 1823, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, John Leslie(b. February 02, 1902, d. February 17, 1979)
Ruddell, John M.(b. October 02, 1855, d. June 09, 1927)
Ruddell, John Mathis(b. January 11, 1884, d. February 04, 1970)
Ruddell, John Mulherrin(b. September 28, 1812, d. August 28, 1896)
Ruddell, John RIchard(b. October 14, 1878, d. December 27, 1957)
Ruddell, John Ruddell(b. Abt. 1755, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, John, Jr.(b. 1716, d. 1749)
Ruddell, John, Sr.(b. 1695, d. May 17, 1781)
Ruddell, Joseph(b. 1851, d. 1858)
Ruddell, Julia(b. June 18, 1888, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Kelly Ford
Ruddell, Kyle Destarte(Star)
Ruddell, Lillian(b. September 16, 1890, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Linna Teany(b. May 02, 1815, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Logan Hodges(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Lois Rosebud(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Lulu(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Martha(b. April 01, 1859, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Martha Anabel(b. July 12, 1898, d. 1969)
Ruddell, Martha Lucinda(b. July 22, 1874, d. October 26, 1937)
Ruddell, Martha M.(b. February 17, 1892, d. December 28, 1963)
Ruddell, Martha M.
Ruddell, Martha Walker(b. July 11, 1844, d. June 05, 1879)
Ruddell, Mary (Polly )(b. April 30, 1831, d. September 29, 1870)
Ruddell, Mary Ann(b. February 1773, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Mary Elizabeth(b. March 02, 1872, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Mary Elizabeth (Mina)(b. June 02, 1851, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Mary Frances(b. August 08, 1858, d. 1935)
Ruddell, Mary Freeland(b. October 19, 1818, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Mary Lois(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Mary Malinda(b. 1886, d. 1954)
Ruddell, Mittie(b. October 28, 1895, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Neal(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Neal Broughton
Ruddell, Permelia Matilda ( Tildie )(b. June 16, 1852, d. November 23, 1933)
Ruddell, Polly(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Preston Doyle
Ruddell, Rosa Kate(b. February 22, 1937, d. August 04, 1986)
Ruddell, Rosa May
Ruddell, Rosa Millie Masina(b. February 03, 1886, d. June 09, 1965)
Ruddell, Ruby Hays(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Sarah Elizabeth(b. March 22, 1909, d. February 22, 1996) Includes Notes
Ruddell, Sarah H.( Sallie )(b. March 05, 1850, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Sarah Louise(b. March 31, 1863, d. February 22, 1933)
Ruddell, Shird James(b. March 04, 1854, d. March 16, 1932)
Ruddell, Simon(b. WFT Est. 1644-1673, d. WFT Est. 1696-1736)
Ruddell, Sina(b. March 29, 1879, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Sina Caroline(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Son(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Stella May(b. April 18, 1871, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Stephen(b. March 19, 1765, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Stephen(b. September 19, 1768, d. October 12, 1845)
Ruddell, Stephen(b. March 16, 1821, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Stephen(b. 1878, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Stephen Espey(b. June 02, 1861, d. September 07, 1938)
Ruddell, Stephen, Sr.(b. 1725, d. August 1800)
Ruddell, Sylvester(b. January 15, 1820, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Tate Ford
Ruddell, Theresa(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Tollyan ( Polly )(b. March 11, 1857, d. July 07, 1931)
Ruddell, Vera M.
Ruddell, Vernita Ava(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Walcia Inez(b. June 27, 1909, d. February 14, 1943)
Ruddell, Walter Thurston(b. March 19, 1907, d. June 20, 1986)
Ruddell, Washington Lightfoot(b. May 02, 1849, d. January 01, 1926)
Ruddell, Washington Lightfoot(b. WFT Est. 1870-1899, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, Wendy
Ruddell, William(b. 1766, d. date unknown)
Ruddell, William Anderson(b. January 08, 1817, d. December 30, 1909)
Ruddell, William David(b. January 22, 1877, d. February 27, 1957)
Ruddell, William David (Bill)(b. March 14, 1868, d. April 28, 1927)
Ruddell, William George(b. February 05, 1791, d. 1871)
Ruddell, William Lee(d. date unknown)
Ruddell, William Preston
Ruddell, William Ralph
Ruddell, Wynell


Rupert, Loma A.(b. August 17, 1898, d. November 04, 1945)


Rush, Emily Catherine(b. May 1849, d. date unknown)


Ruyledge, Gladys Ivey


Samples, Mildred
Samples, Ralph(d. date unknown)
Samples, Ruth
Samples, Thomas M.(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Samples, Trudy


Sampson(d. date unknown)


Sams, Albert Joel(b. November 21, 1900, d. December 1963) Includes Notes
Sams, Alma E.(b. September 23, 1898, d. date unknown)
Sams, Amanda America(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Sams, Andrew Jackson(b. January 25, 1859, d. January 26, 1932)
Sams, Anne(b. Abt. 1760, d. date unknown)
Sams, Annie B.(b. April 1893, d. date unknown)
Sams, Arthur Hill(b. April 25, 1891, d. date unknown)
Sams, Arthur R.(b. September 13, 1885, d. April 30, 1947)
Sams, Asa B. W.(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Sams, Barbara
Sams, Betty
Sams, Brenda
Sams, Canzada Miranda(b. January 16, 1852, d. January 08, 1928)
Sams, Carl T.(b. September 1886, d. date unknown)
Sams, Charles(b. August 27, 1894, d. date unknown)
Sams, Charles A.(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Sams, Charles Trot(b. July 03, 1935, d. January 21, 1992)
Sams, Cicero E.(b. November 1884, d. date unknown)
Sams, Cicero M.(b. March 11, 1853, d. December 11, 1896)
Sams, Columbus S.(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Sams, Cynthia(b. 1813, d. date unknown)
Sams, Darrin
Sams, Delitha(b. January 22, 1801, d. date unknown)
Sams, Doctor B.(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Sams, Doctor B. B.(b. August 1848, d. date unknown)
Sams, Donna Susan
Sams, Doshia(b. May 14, 1905, d. date unknown)
Sams, Edmund(b. November 13, 1752, d. July 16, 1845)
Sams, Edna Grace
Sams, Elijah(b. 1760, d. date unknown)
Sams, Elimira(b. 1818, d. date unknown)
Sams, Elizabeth B.(b. March 1892, d. date unknown)
Sams, Elizabeth Betsy(b. 1813, d. date unknown)
Sams, Ethel(b. March 1887, d. date unknown)
Sams, Frances(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Sams, Frances Helen
Sams, Frank
Sams, Gabriel(b. 1800, d. date unknown)
Sams, George S.(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Sams, George W.(b. August 28, 1868, d. date unknown)
Sams, George W.W.(b. April 1864, d. date unknown)
Sams, Glen Everett(b. April 11, 1935, d. February 09, 1981)
Sams, Green Lee(b. 1770, d. date unknown)
Sams, Harriet Naomi(b. March 20, 1891, d. March 28, 1970)
Sams, Herbert Durell(b. July 03, 1906, d. June 26, 1955)
Sams, Herbert Lee
Sams, Hoyt M.
Sams, Hoyt Sams
Sams, Hurshel(b. June 21, 1909, d. February 28, 1979)
Sams, James(b. 1749, d. 1820)
Sams, James A.(b. August 21, 1898, d. date unknown)
Sams, James Asa(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Sams, James Brown(b. 1793, d. date unknown)
Sams, James Carter(b. January 08, 1860, d. July 31, 1939)
Sams, James Henry(b. May 05, 1934, d. May 05, 1934)
Sams, James Joseph B.(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Sams, James Walter(b. October 01, 1897, d. date unknown)
Sams, James, Sr.(b. 1686, d. December 06, 1726)
Sams, James,Jr.(b. 1719, d. December 05, 1768)
Sams, James,Jr.(b. 1775, d. 1837)
Sams, Jamie
Sams, Jane A.(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Sams, Jeff
Sams, Jerry
Sams, John(b. 1725, d. date unknown)
Sams, John(b. 1749, d. 1822)
Sams, John(b. 1767, d. date unknown)
Sams, John Brown(b. 1774, d. 1853)
Sams, John Irwin(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Sams, John Price(b. 1802, d. date unknown)
Sams, John R.(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Sams, Joseph(b. 1756, d. date unknown)
Sams, Judy
Sams, Kimberly Anne
Sams, Lancelot(b. March 29, 1784, d. date unknown)
Sams, Larry
Sams, Lela(b. July 06, 1889, d. date unknown)
Sams, Lena B.(b. September 1890, d. date unknown)
Sams, Leora Estelle(b. 1906, d. date unknown)
Sams, Leroy(b. 1798, d. date unknown)
Sams, Lewis A.(b. 1840, d. May 16, 1863)
Sams, Linda
Sams, Littleberry(b. 1754, d. 1770)
Sams, Louisa(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Sams, Maggie Stella(b. January 20, 1889, d. March 01, 1981)
Sams, Maggie V.(b. August 1883, d. date unknown)
Sams, Mamie M.(b. April 1888, d. date unknown)
Sams, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Sams, Marion H.(b. 1878, d. date unknown)
Sams, Martha(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Sams, Martha "Polly"(b. 1795, d. date unknown)
Sams, Martha Elizabeth(b. 1816, d. date unknown)
Sams, Martha J.(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Sams, Mary(b. August 28, 1723, d. date unknown)
Sams, Mary Agnes(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Sams, Mary Elizabeth(b. May 30, 1893, d. October 06, 1974)
Sams, Mary M.(b. January 07, 1862, d. October 28, 1940)
Sams, Mattie C.(b. November 1899, d. date unknown)
Sams, Maurie(b. November 07, 1891, d. date unknown)
Sams, Media P.(b. June 1888, d. date unknown)
Sams, Michael(b. 1791, d. date unknown)
Sams, Mildred Maybelle(b. June 25, 1889, d. June 07, 1946)
Sams, Mitty(b. October 14, 1900, d. date unknown)
Sams, Nancy(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Sams, Nancy Bell
Sams, Olivia L.(b. April 1892, d. date unknown)
Sams, Orra(b. October 28, 1804, d. date unknown)
Sams, Peggy A.M.(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Sams, Perliman(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Sams, Perline
Sams, Phebe Ann(d. date unknown)
Sams, Ralph
Sams, Ralph Sams
Sams, Reuben(b. 1786, d. June 1838) Includes Notes
Sams, Reuben Esquire(b. May 26, 1811, d. February 01, 1895) Includes Notes
Sams, Reuben F.(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Sams, Reuben W.(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Sams, Rice(b. 1766, d. 1812)
Sams, Richard(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Sams, Rita
Sams, Robert
Sams, Rose Caroline(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Sams, Samuel Tate(b. March 05, 1856, d. date unknown)
Sams, Sarah C.(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Sams, Savannah(b. August 1878, d. date unknown)
Sams, Stella(b. May 09, 1896, d. July 03, 1971)
Sams, Susan Pliner(b. September 06, 1869, d. date unknown)
Sams, Terry
Sams, Thomas Mitchel(b. August 14, 1885, d. October 03, 1923)
Sams, Unna Lee(b. October 05, 1886, d. date unknown)
Sams, Velva(b. September 1890, d. date unknown)
Sams, Virginia(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Sams, W. Katherine(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Sams, Wanda
Sams, Warren(b. 1772, d. date unknown)
Sams, Warren(b. 1797, d. date unknown)
Sams, Wayne
Sams, William H.(b. March 1888, d. date unknown)
Sams, William Hackley(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
Sams, William J.(b. December 02, 1833, d. June 13, 1862)
Sams, William J.(b. September 25, 1871, d. May 29, 1911)
Sams, William J.(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Sams, William Lewis(b. 1808, d. date unknown)
Sams, William N.(b. April 17, 1830, d. April 07, 1908)
Sams, William, Sr.(b. 1717, d. 1779)
Sams, William,Jr.(b. 1755, d. 1825)
Sams, Winnie J.
Sams, Zedy T.(b. August 02, 1908, d. date unknown)


Sanders, Penelope(d. date unknown)


Sandling, Clarinda(b. November 26, 1856, d. February 08, 1933)
Sandling, Frances M.(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Sandling, John(b. 1825, d. June 27, 1862)
Sandling, Jonathan(b. WFT Est. 1774-1803, d. date unknown)
Sandling, Mesina(b. March 01, 1823, d. May 23, 1886)
Sandling, Mesina Agnes(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Sandling, Nancy Lodeon(b. 1854, d. Abt. October 1870)
Sandling, Stephen A.(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Sandling, Thomas M(b. Abt. May 1850, d. date unknown)


Sarah(d. date unknown)


Schemwig, Kyle
Schemwig, Steve


Scott, Joey
Scott, Margaret Frances(b. Bet. 1753 - 1762, d. September 02, 1840)


Sears, Ann


Sharp, George(d. date unknown)
Sharp, Maude Ethel(d. date unknown)


Shephard, Thomas Edgar(d. date unknown)


Shirley, Jessie Vera(b. February 04, 1900, d. date unknown)


Shoemake, Brenda
Shoemake, Sanford


Siebert, Francis(d. date unknown)


Siffert, Bob
Siffert, Jan


Silvers, Carrie Lee
Silvers, Harold


Simpson, David
Simpson, Royce(b. June 12, 1921, d. September 04, 1985)
Simpson, Wayne


Smallwood, Andrew
Smallwood, Brantley
Smallwood, Charles Larry, Jr.
Smallwood, Charles Larry, Sr.(b. November 29, 1934, d. June 1981)
Smallwood, Joel Thomas(b. July 19, 1883, d. September 25, 1954)
Smallwood, Lauren
Smallwood, Michael Enoch
Smallwood, Nathan
Smallwood, Shelby
Smallwood, Sheri Dianne
Smallwood, Taylor


Smith, Albert(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Smith, Almer B.(d. date unknown)
Smith, Brenda Sue
Smith, C.W.
Smith, Elizabeth(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Smith, Francis
Smith, George(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Smith, Henry(b. 1821, d. date unknown)
Smith, Henry(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Smith, Leola
Smith, Nelson(d. date unknown)
Smith, Poley(d. date unknown)
Smith, Richard(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Smith, Terri Marie
Smith, Tony Leann
Smith, Traci Kay
Smith, William(b. 1846, d. date unknown)


Sosebee, Belle
Sosebee, Retha Mae
Sosebee, Retha Mae
Sosebee, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Squaw, Indian(d. date unknown)


Sr., Ernest Pruitt
Sr., Herbert Ledbetter


Stancil, Betty Lorine
Stancil, Donald Hugh
Stancil, J.L.(b. March 07, 1923, d. date unknown)
Stancil, Jannie Lynne
Stancil, Lucretia
Stancil, Tammy
Stancil, Vandever(d. date unknown)


Stanley, Luna(d. date unknown)


Stephens, ???(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Stephens, Bertha
Stephens, Clyde
Stephens, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Stephens, Eva
Stephens, Gurtie
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Joe
Stephens, Katrina
Stephens, Lila
Stephens, Mary
Stephens, Paul
Stephens, Pink(d. date unknown)
Stephens, Rosie
Stephens, Susie


Stevens, Deborah Ann
Stevens, Elizabeth Marie


Stewart, Frank(d. date unknown)
Stewart, Rilla(b. 1894, d. 1980)


Strickland, Grace(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Shane
Strickland, Timothy Shane


Stroup, Eula(d. date unknown)


Suddeth, Clara Bess(d. date unknown)


Susan(b. 1856, d. date unknown)


Tallant, Alfred
Tallant, Alfred Carroll(b. May 12, 1896, d. May 17, 1965)
Tallant, Ara Jean
Tallant, Athene
Tallant, Carl(d. date unknown)
Tallant, Essie(d. date unknown)
Tallant, Geroge
Tallant, Ingram
Tallant, J. Carroll
Tallant, Jackie
Tallant, Lee Anne
Tallant, Leigh Anne
Tallant, Matha
Tallant, Ruth
Tallant, Toy
Tallant, Toy Ingram


Talley, Ary Anne(d. date unknown)




Tatum, ?


Thackson, Nepton C.(d. date unknown)


Thaggard, Sara(d. date unknown)


Thomas, Brent Howard
Thomas, Daphne Lynn
Thomas, David Oliver
Thomas, Emily Jane
Thomas, Greta Leigh
Thomas, J. Hoke
Thomas, James David
Thomas, James Oliver, Jr.
Thomas, James OLiver, Sr.(d. date unknown)
Thomas, Joe
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Mark Leslie
Thomas, Matthew Alan
Thomas, Nancy Louise
Thomas, William Gary


Thomason, Adam
Thomason, Russ
Thomason, Steve


Tietjen, Helena(b. July 08, 1886, d. July 12, 1932) Includes Notes


Tillerson, James(d. date unknown)
Tillerson, Mary Alice(d. date unknown)


Tinsley, Ransom Foster(d. date unknown)


Todd, Benjamin(d. date unknown)


Tolbott, Katheryne Allyn(b. Abt. 1689, d. date unknown)


Tribble, A. K.(d. date unknown)
Tribble, Anthony Lynn
Tribble, Arcadia(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Ayla-Linnea Indiana
Tribble, Benjamin N.(b. Abt. 1833, d. 1861)
Tribble, Benjamine H.(d. date unknown)
Tribble, Benjamine H.,Jr.(b. Abt. 1790, d. March 10, 1863)
Tribble, Charles Lamar
Tribble, Charlie(b. October 16, 1882, d. April 1963)
Tribble, Cheryl Diane
Tribble, Cheryl Jan
Tribble, Cindy Lee
Tribble, Darlene Lawrette
Tribble, David Lamar
Tribble, Deanna Orgia
Tribble, Dianne
Tribble, Dora Bell(b. April 11, 1874, d. April 12, 1961)
Tribble, Dorothy Little
Tribble, Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1870)
Tribble, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1830, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Eric
Tribble, Erika Leigh
Tribble, Fairy Kathryn
Tribble, Fern Orene
Tribble, Hailey
Tribble, Helen Elizabeth
Tribble, Helen Grace
Tribble, Infant(b. August 30, 1867, d. August 30, 1867)
Tribble, James Lewis(b. 1868, d. 1934)
Tribble, James Stephen
Tribble, James W.(b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown)
Tribble, James Washington(b. May 27, 1851, d. July 14, 1919)
Tribble, Jerry Dennis
Tribble, Jerry Dennis,Jr.
Tribble, Joe
Tribble, Josiah(b. Abt. 1825, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Lawrence Newton
Tribble, Linton Hadden(b. December 03, 1893, d. July 09, 1982)
Tribble, Linton Hadden, Jr.
Tribble, Louise
Tribble, Margie(b. March 16, 1917, d. April 07, 1917)
Tribble, Martha Ellen(b. 1879, d. 1950)
Tribble, Martha Evelyn
Tribble, Mary(b. Abt. 1829, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Mary Magdeline(b. May 21, 1871, d. June 24, 1951)
Tribble, Matas(b. March 19, 1926, d. July 09, 1932)
Tribble, Melody
Tribble, Miriam Elizabeth
Tribble, Nancy Matha
Tribble, Pam
Tribble, Pledger Washington(b. August 19, 1887, d. November 21, 1976)
Tribble, PLedger Washington, Jr.
Tribble, Rachel Karen
Tribble, Robert(b. December 01, 1921, d. May 13, 1998)
Tribble, Robert,Jr.
Tribble, Rudolph Newton(b. January 28, 1918, d. February 05, 1965)
Tribble, Rudy
Tribble, Ruth Ellen(b. February 12, 1915, d. September 08, 1917)
Tribble, Sam
Tribble, Sam,Jr.
Tribble, Sandra Dianne
Tribble, Sanford(b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Sarah E.(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Shadrack(d. date unknown)
Tribble, Shandi Nichelle
Tribble, Shannon Lamar
Tribble, Thomas C.(b. Abt. 1819, d. date unknown)
Tribble, Thomas Preston(b. 1876, d. 1952)
Tribble, Tina Ann
Tribble, Velvie Little(b. July 27, 1890, d. April 11, 1969)
Tribble, William Carl,Jr.
Tribble, William Carl,Sr.
Tribble, William Newton(b. July 05, 1848, d. May 11, 1924)
Tribble, XXXX(d. date unknown)
Tribble, XXXX(d. date unknown)
Tribble, XXXX(d. date unknown)
Tribble, XXXX(d. date unknown)


Trustee, _________


Turner(d. date unknown)
Turner, Queen Ester(d. date unknown)
Turner, Sharon
Turner, Solinar(d. date unknown)


Unden, Terri


Unknown(d. date unknown)
Unknown(d. date unknown)




Unknown, Annie(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Emma(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Jane(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Mollie(d. date unknown)


unknown, name


Unknown, Name
Unknown, Rebeka(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Sophrona(b. November 09, 1849, d. March 25, 1920)


Vanbidder, ???(d. date unknown)


Vandiver, ?


Vaughan, Edwin


Vesta, Sarah(b. August 05, 1863, d. December 18, 1927)




Vogles, Billie


Waddell, Robert(d. date unknown)


Walker, William Thomas(d. date unknown)


Walkup, Robert K.(d. date unknown)


Wallace, Emaline J.(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Jess(d. date unknown)


Ward, Arthur Lowell(b. January 22, 1891, d. date unknown)
Ward, Charles F.(d. date unknown)
Ward, Earl Raymond(b. February 18, 1886, d. date unknown)
Ward, Guy E.(b. June 26, 1885, d. date unknown)
Ward, Harry L.(d. date unknown)
Ward, Iva(b. December 26, 1880, d. date unknown)
Ward, Julia(b. September 20, 1884, d. date unknown)
Ward, Ophelia(b. July 25, 1882, d. date unknown)
Ward, Ralph O.(b. January 16, 1887, d. date unknown)
Ward, Vernon B.(b. July 17, 1888, d. date unknown)
Ward, Walter B.(d. date unknown)


Ware, Charlotte(d. date unknown)


Warner, William Adam(d. date unknown)


Warren, Mary Agnes(b. Abt. 1756, d. date unknown)


Watkins, Haley
Watkins, Hannah
Watkins, Hollyn
Watkins, Mark


Watson, Mary(d. date unknown)


Weaver, ?(b. March 22, 1892, d. March 22, 1892)
Weaver, dau.
Weaver, Elizabeth(b. April 25, 1882, d. March 11, 1941)
Weaver, Glenn
Weaver, John(b. March 22, 1892, d. October 06, 1978)
Weaver, Peter ( Boy )(b. 1882, d. date unknown)
Weaver, Peter III(d. date unknown)
Weaver, Rosa ( Rosie ) Melinda
Weaver, Samuel III(b. January 22, 1872, d. 1943)
Weaver, Virginia
Weaver, Walter(d. date unknown)


Webb, Gregory Bruce
Webb, Mary(b. Abt. 1723, d. date unknown)
Webb, Shanna
Webb, Willis Leonard


Wehunt, Lois E.
Wehunt, Will(d. date unknown)


Welchel, Carl E.(d. date unknown)




Wertz, Helen(b. WFT Est. 1840-1861, d. WFT Est. 1882-1935)


West, Jake(d. date unknown)
West, Loye
West, Shirley Ann


Westbrook, Orpha(d. date unknown)


Wheeler, Ethel(d. date unknown)
Wheeler, Kelly


Whidden, Nannie June


White, James Wesley


Whitmer, Beverly Ann
Whitmer, Chester Anderson(d. date unknown)


Whitmire, Catherine(b. October 17, 1800, d. date unknown)
Whitmire, Elizabeth? Linnie(d. date unknown)
Whitmire, Malinda(b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown)


Wieman, Mark
Wieman, Natalie Rose
Wieman, Tyler Thomas


Williams, Clarka(d. date unknown)
Williams, Edith(b. 1801, d. Abt. 1871)
Williams, George(d. date unknown)
Williams, J.B.
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Lilly(d. date unknown)
Williams, Mac Belle(d. date unknown)
Williams, Neecie Lathem(d. date unknown)
Williams, Polly(d. date unknown)
Williams, Robert(d. date unknown)
Williams, Scott
Williams, Wash(b. WFT Est. 1842-1862, d. WFT Est. 1877-1933)


Wilsap, William(d. date unknown)


Wilson, Benjamin, Sr.(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Dave(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Elizabeth(d. February 12, 1905)
Wilson, Evelyn
Wilson, James(b. Aft. 1781, d. date unknown)
Wilson, John(b. Abt. 1750, d. date unknown)
Wilson, John Lockwood(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Kristie Elaine
Wilson, Kristy Elaine
Wilson, Leona(b. September 18, 1917, d. October 11, 1978)
Wilson, Minnie(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Tommy


Wise, Isabella(b. WFT Est. 1783-1806, d. date unknown)


Wofford, Martha Cornelia(b. March 07, 1878, d. date unknown)


Wolfe, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Wood, Ruth R.(d. date unknown)


Woodall, Ronald


Woods, Ann(d. date unknown)
Woods, Mary(d. date unknown)
Woods, Melody
Woods, Sarah(b. 1726, d. Aft. August 20, 1776)


Worley, Gene


Wright, Arthur
Wright, Darron
Wright, Devin
Wright, Dustin
Wright, Edgar S. III(b. April 29, 1943, d. November 1979)
Wright, Edgar S. IV
Wright, James(d. date unknown)
Wright, Jim(d. date unknown)
Wright, Martha
Wright, Martha
Wright, Mary Annette
Wright, Sarah Mariah(d. date unknown)


Wyatt, James Franklin


Yandle, Dorothy Jasmine
Yandle, Thomas Bruce III
Yandle, Thomas Bruce IV


Yates, Samuel


Young, Mary J.(d. date unknown)
Young, Nancy Anne(d. date unknown)
Young, Rebecca(b. September 12, 1812, d. July 14, 1896)


Zeigler, Rachel(d. date unknown)
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