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Ancestors of Harley Francis Woods

Generation No. 6

      40. Peter Myers, born 1721 in Palatine, Germany (Source: Penn. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XVII, page 222.); died Jun 10, 1794 in Pa.. He married 41. Catharine Cought in York Co., Pa..

      41. Catharine Cought, born Abt. 1721; died Unknown.

Notes for Peter Myers:
Peter (Myers) (Miers) Meyer, age 20, arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1741, on the ship "SNOW MOLLY", John Cranch, Master, from Rotterdam, Holland. All the people aboard came from Palatinate, Germany. (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XVII, "Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance".)
Notes from Licking County Ohio, 1982, Vol 1, page 339: "Originally from Germany, this branch of the Myers family fled to Holland to escape religious persecution. From Holland they emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1700. There they acquired the name of Pennsylvania Dutch."
Peter settled in York Co., Penn., and he married Catherine Cought. He was born in Germany and he died after 1794 in Penn.
Child of Peter Myers and Catharine Cought is:
  20 i.   Andrew Myers, Sr., born Mar 16, 1766 in Little Conewago Ck., Dover Twp, York Co., Pa.; died Unknown; married Susanna Livingston

      42. John Livingston
Children of John Livingston are:
  21 i.   Susanna Livingston, born Mar 10, 1769 in York Co., Pa.; died Unknown; married Andrew Myers, Sr.
  ii.   George Livingston

      60. Abraham Ackerson, born Mar 02, 1746/47 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York; died Sep 28, 1834 in Wesley, Washington County, Ohio. He was the son of 120. Thomas Ackerson and 121. Elisabeth Myer. He married 61. Dirckje Westervelt in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York.

      61. Dirckje Westervelt, born Oct 05, 1750 in Schraalenburg, New Jersey; died 1815 in Probably Ohio. She was the daughter of 122. Gerrit Westervelt and 123. Maria Brouwer.

Notes for Abraham Ackerson:
The said Abraham Ackerson who resided during the American Revolution at Clarkstown, Orange Cty, New York assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Private.

My ancestor's services during the Revolutionary War were as follows:
Served in Orange County, New York Militia under Colonel Gilbert Cooper. Enlisted in Clarkstown under Capt. Robert Johnson with Lieut. William Martin in 1776. Served six months then returned home in September and spent winter at home and re-enlisted in March, 1777 under Capt. Robert Johnson under Col. Sherwood. Marched to Tappon to Havverstraw, to Clarkstown and remained in that vicinity in search of Tories, Cowboys, and the enemy until the Proclamation of Peace, 1780.

Pension Papers R17, Application September 24, 1834, Washington County, Ohio.

Cooper's Regiment NY Militia February 23, 1786 - Receipt Roll
Children of Abraham Ackerson and Dirckje Westervelt are:
  i.   Elisabeth Ackerson, born Dec 16, 1771; met Issac Blauvelt Apr 29, 1787.
  30 ii.   Garret Ackerson, born Jul 02, 1775 in Clarkstown, Rockland Cty., NY; died Dec 16, 1864 in Fulton County, Illinois; married Marya Eckerson Jan 06, 1799 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York.
  iii.   Thomas Ackerson, born Abt. 1777; met Susannah Eckerson; born Dec 15, 1787.
  iv.   Jan Ackerson, born Dec 23, 1782; met Sarah Eckerson Dec 17, 1803.
  v.   Maria Ackerson, born Feb 17, 1786; met Jacob Pulis
  vi.   Jacobus Ackerson, born Nov 06, 1787; met Jane (Unknown) Ackerson

      62. Edward T. Eckerson, born May 29, 1747 in Schraalenburg, NJ; died Feb 25, 1828. He was the son of 124. Thomas Eckerson and 125. Maria (Des Marets) Demarest. He married 63. Trientje Alyea.

      63. Trientje Alyea, born Abt. 1750; died Bef. 1803. She was the daughter of 126. Jacobus Alyea and 127. Annetje Secor.
Children of Edward Eckerson and Trientje Alyea are:
  i.   Thomas Eckerson, born Jul 25, 1775; died Bef. 1781.
  ii.   Anatye Eckerson, born Dec 07, 1776; married Gerrit J. Eckerson
  31 iii.   Marya Eckerson, born Aug 16, 1778 in Schraalenburg, New Jersey; died Nov 06, 1859 in Lewistown Township, Fulton County, IL; married Garret Ackerson Jan 06, 1799 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York.
  iv.   Tyna Eckerson, born Mar 06, 1780; met Jacob Blauvelt Nov 15, 1800.
  v.   Thomas Eckerson, born Mar 14, 1781; met Regina Hill Mar 28, 1816.
  vi.   Jenny Eckerson, born Feb 08, 1782; married Albert Peterson
  vii.   Grietje Eckerson, born Apr 25, 1784; married William MacLane
  viii.   Susannah Eckerson, born Dec 15, 1787; met Thomas Ackerson; born Abt. 1777.
  ix.   Angonietje Eckerson, born May 18, 1790; met James C. Kuyper Jun 09, 1810.
  x.   Rachel Eckerson, born Oct 04, 1797; married Samuel DeClark
  xi.   Sarah Eckerson, born Oct 04, 1797.

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