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The Painter & Woods Families of Fulton Co, IL

      400. Peter Mires, Sr, born Abt. 1721 in Palatine, Germany; died Aft. 1794 in PA.

Notes for Peter Mires, Sr:
Peter (Myers) (Miers)(Mires) Meyer, age 20, arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1741, on the ship "SNOW MOLLY", John Cranch, Master, from Rotterdam, Holland. All the people aboard came from Palatinate, Germany. (Source: Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XVII, "Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance".)
Notes from Licking County Ohio, 1982, Vol 1, page 339: "Originally from Germany, this branch of the Myers family fled to Holland to escape religious persecution. From Holland they emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1700. There they acquired the name of Pennsylvania Dutch."

Palatines imported in the Ship The Snow Molly, October 26, 1741
[List 88 A] A list of all the men from 16 Years of Age & Upwards from on bd The Snow Molly, John Cranch, Masr. [Qualified October 26, 1741.]
AGES Peter Smith 36; Johan Michal Graff 53; Wilhelm Fey 53; Johan Yerg Meylander 50
Jacob Shmith 31; Peter Horbagh 31; Jacob Deys 32; Henry Prell 26; Johann Peter Haas 25
Johanes Haws 18; Yerigh Willem Geeseman 23; George Funk 27; Dewald Braugler 20
Henry Shneas 17; Stephan Reep 32; Frederick Up 30; Valentine Yerkharf 24
Yerigh Bak 40; Joackim Boorger 32; Peter Meyer 20

Will I/J-191 Peter Meyer, Codorus Twp., York Co, Pa: Probated 24 Aug 1795, excr Matthias Meyer lists son Peter and other children
Child of Peter Mires, Sr is:
  200 i.   Peter Myers, Jr, born 1740 in York Co, PA; died Aft. 1828 in PA; married Catharine (Cough) Koch in York Co, PA.

      402. George Koch, born Abt. 1720; died Unknown.
Child of George Koch is:
  201 i.   Catharine (Cough) Koch, born Abt. 1744 in PA; died Unknown; married Peter Myers, Jr in York Co, PA.

      404. Philip Livingston, born Jan 15, 1716 in Albany, NY; died Jun 12, 1778 in York, PA. He was the son of 808. 2nd Lord of the Manor Philip Livingston and 809. Catherine Van Brugh. He married 405. Christina Ten Broech Apr 14, 1740 in Albany, Albany, NY.

      405. Christina Ten Broech, born Dec 30, 1718 in Albany, NY; died Jun 29, 1801. She was the daughter of 810. Dirck Ten Broech and 811. Margarita Grietje Cuyler.

Notes for Philip Livingston:
Signed the Declaration of Independence
A delegate to the First Continental Congress in 1774 and the Second in 1775
Yale Graduated in 1737
Child of Philip Livingston and Christina Ten Broech is:
  202 i.   Philip Livingston, born May 28, 1741; died Nov 02, 1787 in New York, NY; married Sarah Johnson Jun 29, 1768 in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

      432. Nathaniel Hill, born May 07, 1676 in Dorchester, Plymouth, Mass; died Abt. 1730 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass. He was the son of 864. Johnathan Hill and 865. Mary Hill Basset. He married 433. Hannah Conant May 30, 1710 in Beverly, Essex, Mass.

      433. Hannah Conant, born Jan 25, 1686 in Beverly, Essex, Mass; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 866. Nathaniel Conant and 867. Hannah Mansfield.
Children of Nathaniel Hill and Hannah Conant are:
  i.   David Hill, born Dec 12, 1712 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass; died Unknown.
  216 ii.   Abijah Hill, born Dec 23, 1714 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.; died Unknown; married Sarah Lawson May 12, 1749 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.
  iii.   Mary Hill, born Jun 24, 1717 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass; died Unknown.
  iv.   Ebenezer Hill, born Aug 20, 1719 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass; died Sep 24, 1807.
  v.   Josiah Hill, born May 22, 1722 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass; died Aug 31, 1805 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.
  vi.   Hannah Hill, born Jul 14, 1725 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass; died 1774 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.

      434. David Lawson, born Abt. 1690 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass; died Unknown. He married 435. Eleanor Smith Apr 25, 1716 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA.

      435. Eleanor Smith, died Unknown.
Child of David Lawson and Eleanor Smith is:
  217 i.   Sarah Lawson, born Abt. 1717 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass; died Unknown; married Abijah Hill May 12, 1749 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.

      440. Thomas Ackerson, born Bef. Mar 03, 1706 in NY; died Unknown. He was the son of 880. Cornelis Ackerson and 881. Willemptje Vlierboom. He married 441. Elisabeth Myer 1731 in Dutch Reformed Church, New York, NY.

      441. Elisabeth Myer, born Jan 27, 1714 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, NY; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 882. Ide Myyer and 883. Geertruyd Van Dalssen.

More About Thomas Ackerson:
Fact 2: Mar 03, 1706, Baptisted at NY Dutch Reform Church
Relationship: Woods

More About Elisabeth Myer:
Fact 2: Jan 27, 1714, Baptized
Relationship: Woods
Children of Thomas Ackerson and Elisabeth Myer are:
  i.   Welmpie Ackerson, born Feb 19, 1732; died Unknown.
  ii.   Chrestiena Ackerson, born Jul 19, 1734; died Unknown.
  iii.   Cornelis Ackerson, born Nov 18, 1736; died Unknown.
  iv.   Ide Ackerson, born Dec 15, 1739; died Unknown.
  v.   Jan Ackerson, born Jun 05, 1742; died Unknown.
  vi.   Thomas Ackerson, born Dec 26, 1744; died Unknown.
  220 vii.   Abraham Ackerson, born Mar 02, 1747 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York; died Sep 28, 1834 in Wesley, Washington County, Ohio; married Dirckje Westervelt 1771 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, NY.
  viii.   Elisabeth Ackerson, born Jan 19, 1750; died Bef. Apr 1756.
  ix.   Elisabeth Ackerson, born Apr 08, 1756; died Unknown.

      442. Gerrit Westervelt, born Bef. May 03, 1724 in Schraalenburg, NJ; died Unknown. He was the son of 884. Jan Westervelt and 885. Dirckie Huyberse Blaeuvelt. He married 443. Maria Brouwer Sep 11, 1743 in Schraalenburg, Bergen, NJ.

      443. Maria Brouwer, born Abt. 1728; died Unknown.

More About Gerrit Westervelt:
Relationship: Woods

More About Maria Brouwer:
Relationship: Woods
Children of Gerrit Westervelt and Maria Brouwer are:
  i.   Lea Westervelt, born Mar 24, 1749 in Schraalenburg; died Unknown; married Jacob Eckerson; born Feb 10, 1742 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, New York; died Jun 07, 1838.
  221 ii.   Dirckje Westervelt, born Oct 05, 1750 in Schraalenburg, New Jersey; died 1815 in Probably Ohio; married Abraham Ackerson 1771 in Tappan, Rockland Cty, NY.

      444. Thomas Eckerson, born Bef. Jan 07, 1708 in NY; died Bef. 1779. He was the son of 888. Jan Eckerson and 889. Marie Janse Van Aernum. He married 445. Maria (Des Marets) Demarest Apr 06, 1732 in Schraalenburg, Bergen, NJ.

      445. Maria (Des Marets) Demarest, born Bef. Jan 04, 1713; died 1793. She was the daughter of 890. David S. Demarest and 891. Matie De Baun.

More About Thomas Eckerson:
Relationship: Woods

More About Maria (Des Marets) Demarest:
Baptism: Jan 04, 1713, RDC Hackensak, Bergen, NJ
Children of Thomas Eckerson and Maria Demarest are:
  i.   Maetje Eckerson, born Apr 12, 1733; died Unknown.
  ii.   Jan Eckerson, born Nov 18, 1735; died Unknown.
  iii.   David Eckerson, born Bef. Feb 05, 1738; died Unknown.
  iv.   Jacob Eckerson, born Jan 06, 1740; died Unknown.
  v.   Sara Eckerson, born Oct 31, 1742; died Unknown.
  vi.   Thomas Eckerson, born Sep 08, 1745; died Unknown.
  222 vii.   Edward T. Eckerson, born May 29, 1747 in Schraalenburg, NJ; died Feb 25, 1828; married (1) Trientje Alyea; met (2) Catrina Hymer Feb 28, 1803.
  viii.   Elisabeth Eckerson, born Nov 08, 1749; died Unknown.
  ix.   Petrus Eckerson, born Apr 26, 1753; died Unknown.
  x.   Maria Eckerson, born Jan 09, 1757; died Unknown.

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