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Ancestors of Wayne Carroll McGinnis

Generation No. 10

      576. Conrad Schweinhard, born Abt. 1620 in Kuensbach, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany; died Aft. 21 Jan 1672/73.
Child of Conrad Schweinhard is:
  288 i.   Hans Gabriel Schweinhart, born 1649 in Kuensbach, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany; died 27 Jul 1725 in Jungholzhausen, Baden-Wuertemberg; married (1) Eva Stutzen 21 Jan 1672/73 in Jungholzhausen, Baden-Wuertemberg; married (2) Elisabetha Barbara Appollonie Steinbach 18 Jan 1675/76 in Steinkirchen, Baden-Wuertumberg.

      578. Hans Steinbach, born Abt. 1631. He was the son of 1156. Leonhardt Steinback. He married 579. Elisabetha B. Henterich 11 Feb 1654/55 in Steinkirchen, Baden-Wuertumberg.

      579. Elisabetha B. Henterich, born Bef. 08 May 1634 in Steinkirchen, Baden-Wuertumberg. She was the daughter of 1158. Leonhard Henterich and 1159. Magdalena Feser-Poser.
Child of Hans Steinbach and Elisabetha Henterich is:
  289 i.   Elisabetha Barbara Appollonie Steinbach, born Bef. 12 Dec 1655 in Steinkirchen, Baden-Wuertumberg; died Abt. 1737 in Jungholzhausen, Baden-Wuertemberg; married Hans Gabriel Schweinhart 18 Jan 1675/76 in Steinkirchen, Baden-Wuertumberg.

      580. Hans Leonhardt Echert, born 04 Nov 1624 in Nesselback, Baden- Wuertemberg, Germany; died 18 Apr 1685 in Nesselback, Baden- Wuertemberg, Germany. He married 581. Catharina Weinman 13 Feb 1647/48 in Bachlingen Baden-Wuerttemberg.

      581. Catharina Weinman, born Abt. 1630; died 07 Dec 1689 in Nesselback, Baden- Wuertemberg, Germany.
Child of Hans Echert and Catharina Weinman is:
  290 i.   Leonhardt Michael Eckert, born 16 May 1663 in Bachlingen Baden-Wuerttemberg; died 08 May 1725 in Nesselback, Baden- Wuertemberg, Germany; married Maria Barbara Seutz-Sautz.

      582. Christof Seutz-Sautz, born in Atzenroth, Baden-Wuertemberg.
Child of Christof Seutz-Sautz is:
  291 i.   Maria Barbara Seutz-Sautz, married Leonhardt Michael Eckert.

      688. Edward Norris, born Oct 1639 in ST MARYS CO, Md.; died 1695 in Baltimore Co., Md.. He was the son of 1376. Thomas Norris and 1377. Ann Hynson. He married 689. Mary Freeman Bef. 1661.

      689. Mary Freeman, born Abt. 1640; died 1678. She was the daughter of 1378. William Freeman and 1379. Mary.
Children of Edward Norris and Mary Freeman are:
  i.   William Norris, born 1661 in AA Co., Md.; died Abt. 1715 in Lancaster Co. Va; married Martha Norris Husband; died 1696.
  344 ii.   John Norris, born 1663 in St. Mary's Co.; died 1737 in Anne Arundel Co; married (1) Elizabeth Parsons Abt. 1685; married (2) Mary Newman 03 Apr 1716.
  iii.   Mary Norris, born Abt. 1665.
  iv.   Thomas Norris, born 1668; died Abt. 1746; married Elizabeth TANEY; born in Calvert co.; died Dec 1710.
  v.   Geoffrey Norris, born 1670; died 1680.
  vi.   Elizabeth Norris, born Abt. 1672.
  vii.   Anne Norris, born 1678 in AA Co., Md.

      690. Thomas Parsons, born Abt. 1630 in England; died 1711. He married 691. Isabella Holland Abt. 1656.

      691. Isabella Holland, died 1717.
Children of Thomas Parsons and Isabella Holland are:
  i.   Isabell Parsons, born 1661; married Anthony Holland.
  ii.   Mary Parsons, born 1662 in AA CO; died 1718 in AA CO; married Mordecai Price 1683 in Anne Arundal; born 1660 in WEST RIVER AA CO; died 1715 in WEST RIVER AA CO.
  iii.   Susanna Parsons, born 1665; married Tucker.
  345 iv.   Elizabeth Parsons, born 1666; died Nov 1714; married John Norris Abt. 1685.
  v.   Sarah Parsons, born Abt. 1667.
  vi.   Hannah Parsons, born 1671.

      698. Walter Carr, born Abt. 1640. He married 699. Juliatha Daborne.

      699. Juliatha Daborne, born Abt. 1640.
Children of Walter Carr and Juliatha Daborne are:
  i.   John Carr, born Abt. 1663; married Elizabeth.
  ii.   Thomas Carr, born Abt. 1664; died Bef. 1758 in Baltimore, County; married Elizabeth Price 22 Oct 1705 in West River /Monthly meeting; born 1685 in Anne Arundal.
  349 iii.   Martha Carr, born Abt. 1670; died Mar 1710/11 in ST James Parish; married John Wyle 10 Apr 1701 in St James Parish, Herring Creek, Ann Arundel Co..
  iv.   Walter Carr, born Abt. 1672; died Abt. 1699; married Martha.
  v.   Aqilla Carr, born Abt. 1674.

      736. John Hutchins, born in England; died 02 Jul 1653. He married 737. Elizabeth.

      737. Elizabeth
Child of John Hutchins and Elizabeth is:
  368 i.   Thomas Hutchins, born 1652 in Va.; died 10 Mar 1731/32 in Kingsville Boon's Delight.; married 21 Jul 1704.

      744. William Standifer Standiford, born Abt. 1640 in Lancaster Co. Va.or Lavenham, Suffolk, England; died 1697 in Hopewell, Bush River. He was the son of 1488. Vincent Standiford. He married 745. Mary Frissell.

      745. Mary Frissell, born Abt. 1645. She was the daughter of 1490. William Frissell and 1491. Anne Porter.
Children of William Standiford and Mary Frissell are:
  i.   Samuel Standifer Standiford, born Abt. 1672; died 22 Jul 1708 in Timber Hill, Harford Co; married Mary.
  372 ii.   John Standifer, born 1679 in St. Marys Co., Md.; died Bef. 12 Apr 1720 in Baltimore Co. LOT 44; married Margaret Skelton 1699.
  iii.   Jr William Standifer Standiford, born 1678; died 1775 in LONG GREEN VALLE, BALDWIN; married Elizabeth.
  iv.   James Standifer, born Abt. 1680.
  v.   Ephraim Standifer, born Abt. 1710; died 15 Dec 1742; married Sarah.

      746. Israel Skelton, born Abt. 1650 in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England; died 1706 in Baltimore, Co., Maryland. He was the son of 1492. Samuel Skelton and 1493. Margaret Unknown. He married 747. Mary Unknown.

      747. Mary Unknown, born Abt. 1650; died 1711 in Baltimore, Co., Maryland.
Children of Israel Skelton and Mary Unknown are:
  373 i.   Margaret Skelton, born Abt. 1675; died Aft. 1734 in Baltimore County; married (1) John Standifer 1699; married (2) James Hicks Abt. 1722.
  ii.   Mary Skelton, married Samuel Bowen.

      768. GGGGGGGGF Lawrence 11 Richardson, born 1650 in AA CO., Maryland; died 03 Jun 1705 in St. John's Parrish, Baltimore co.. He was the son of 1536. GGGGGGGGGF Lawrence Richardson and 1537. Susanna Unknown. He married 769. Anne Taylor Abt. 1691.

      769. Anne Taylor, born 1672 in Baltimore County, Md.; died 13 May 1716. She was the daughter of 1538. Arthur Taylor and 1539. Margaret Hill.
Children of Lawrence Richardson and Anne Taylor are:
  384 i.   CAPT. Thomas Richardson, born 1688 in AnnArundal Co; died 21 Oct 1784 in St. John's parrish, Baltimore Co; married Sarah Standove Standiford 20 May 1720 in StJohns, StGeorges.
  ii.   111 Lawrence111 Richardson, born Abt. 1694 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died in Caswell Co. N.C.
  iii.   Samuel Richardson, born Abt. 1696.
  iv.   Benjamin Richardson, born Abt. 1698.
  v.   William Richardson, born Abt. 1699.

      770. Samuel Standifer Standiford, born Abt. 1672; died 22 Jul 1708 in Timber Hill, Harford Co.. He was the son of 744. William Standifer Standiford and 745. Mary Frissell. He married 771. Mary.

      771. Mary
Children of Samuel Standiford and Mary are:
  385 i.   Sarah Standove Standiford, born 1696; died 29 Dec 1769; married CAPT. Thomas Richardson 20 May 1720 in StJohns, StGeorges.
  ii.   Samuel Standiford, born Abt. 1700; married Ann Rollo 30 Nov 1732; born Abt. 1710.

      800. Dr Edward Jones, born 1645 in Bala, Merioneth, Wales; died 26 Feb 1736/37 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia). He married 801. Mary Wynne.

      801. Mary Wynne, born 1659 in Wrexham, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wales.
Children of Dr Jones and Mary Wynne are:
  i.   Martha Jones, born 03 Mar 1679/80 in Bala, Merioneth, Wales.
  ii.   Jonathan Jones, born 03 Nov 1680 in Bala, Merioneth, Wales.
  iii.   Edward Jones, born 17 Oct 1683 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia).
  iv.   Evan Jones, born 25 Jan 1688/89 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia).
  v.   John Jones, born 15 May 1691 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia).
  vi.   Elizabeth Jones, born 22 Jan 1692/93 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia).
  vii.   Mary Jones, born 28 Jul 1695 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia).
  400 viii.   Thomas Jones, born 30 Apr 1696 in Merion Twp., Chester Co. (Philadelphia); died 20 May 1741 in Cheltenham Twp., Philadelphia, Pa; married Cathrine Aret.

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