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* McKinstrys Wilsons - Strouds - Cannys - Shipleys of Iowa*

Updated January 27, 2010

Welcome to my home page.

We all find it difficult to obtain data from some family members. My main objective was to collect stories & memories. Perhaps ID theft is one of a genealogists walls that prevents the sharing. What a shame! However I was successful in putting together several books containing some great memories and photos. I do believe it is going to be more difficult in the future to trace blood lines for several reasons, regardless of genetic blood testing. I am saddened to know many photos hit the burn piles. Also divorce or other is a genealogist wall preventing our obtaining photos and data.

However in looking back at my self, I also was begrudging in my promise to my mother. Promising her genealogy efforts would be transferred to the computer then in to books. I have now completed that task and now I am hooked on genealogy. It is my wish to share and collect other data that enhances, adds or removes errors. Our main blood lines are through the following surnames names... McKinstry, Wilson, Wilcutt, Bartlett, Gregory Fleming,Hurst,Philipps, Scott, and Robinson Families.

As of February 19, 2008 I am still in the middle of "The Canny's". Because of my step children I have also started a little research and documentation of the Shipley genealogy.

If you have ever seen the movie the gangs of New-York you will get a more clear picture of some of the agony our fore fathers experienced. Also as we look at the pages of our country's history we find we too caused agony for others. Even John Adams and his wife fought hard and long for our countries freedom with out much thanks. We also have our example of the native Indian being ill treated. Ironically by the very hands of those trying to escape oppression and/or religious persecution. I guess man will always be what he is.

I would like to encourage everyone to purchase spiral note books or a tape recorder for your memories. The point I am trying to make is this: As a thought or memory comes to your mind, you have the tool to record it handy. Also please ID those photos. We all live Novels of History, Mystery, Drama and yes Humor.

While I am sharing thoughts read "The Dash" by Linda Ellis.

March 19, 2008 I just posted a link to the Donner Part chapter 8. Reason being is because of a Col. McKinstry being mentioned in it but more important it's story. I have not connected any dots to Col. McKinstry but one can not help but wonder. Also you will find new links about the trails and the Covered wagons that took our Ancestors West.

June of 2008 I finished the 5 books of the Strouds of Chariton, Iowa and will be placing a copy of all 5 in the Chariton Genealogy Library. I have done the same with the McKinstry books to the Genealogy library in Anamosa, Iowa and the Wilson books in Knoxville, Iowa. The only books I have not donated were "The Book of Memories" (Wilson) and The book of poems (Wilson). The book of memories I believe to be the favorite of my Wilson side of the family. Full of stories photos and documentation rather than genealogy.

My last family effort will be the Canny family - my wife's mothers side of the family out of Ottumwa, Iowa. I did a video tape of this family several years ago, but I wish to put this family too into genealogy books. "God Willing"!

My dear family and those that visit this site, please come back often. Visit with me and share your ideas or suggestions with me. If you object to what I do here, please tell me that too.

Note; September 27, 2008 Rosemary & I delivered the Stroud books to the Chariton, Iowa Genealogy Society. We met 4 nice people that day.


James Wilson McKinstry

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Family Photos

  • Catharine Elizabeth ( Canny ) Stroud (32 KB)
    This is Catharine Elizabeth ( Canny ) Stroud - Another great mother. I have been told many wonderful stories about this mother and grandmother. The stories come from her children - grandchildren and even myself. I sat at her bedside when she died and shared a moment I will never forget. She was very brave in her last painful moments. Once I had asked Catharine what she did when she needed a little peace during her mothering years. She responded with; "I would go out behind the chicken house and sit." As I sat beside her death bed I said; Catharine would you like to go out behind the chicken house for awhile? She said yes. With that she took one last breath and died........
  • 7-Marguerite ( Wilson ) McKinstry (35 KB)
    My mother and the person who started the genealogy of her family. She was the 7th child born to Tuck & Bertha Wilson of Knoxville, Iowa.
  • James Delbert Stroud (31 KB)
    James Delbert Stroud was a talented man from what I am told by family. Not only was he a good provider for his family - he was a piano-man. He traveled Iowa with his group when he was a young man. That is how he met his wife Catharine ( Canny ) in Ottumwa, Iowa. For years he still entertained locally at dances. He wrote and published one song. Family has told me he didn't talk much, but could recite pages of poems and such. I knew J.D. Stroud but never really shared a moment with him like I did his wife Catharine. However I will be placing many comments and short stories about J. D. - Including his song and at least one of his High School poems......
  • Bratton Unkfirst name of husband to Amanda Stroud (209 KB)
    We are seeking Descendants of Bratton & Amanda ( Stroud ) Bratton. Cause of Death for Amanda Stroud: consumption per 1880 Census Generation No. 1 1. Bratton1 He married Amanda Edna Stroud, daughter of Adam Stroud and Hannah Whitinger. She was born Abt. 1849 in IN.. Notes for Amanda Edna Stroud: From the genealogy works of Ramona page 37 of 196 Notes for AMANDA EDNA STROUD: I have a picture which I received from Pat (Meador) Daniels that has a note, "Aunt Amanda and first husband Bratton." Pat said the writing of the note looked to be that of Myrtle (Stroud) Meador. Pat said she doesn't know if Bratton is the husband's first or surname. Pat doesn't know where they lived, nor if they ever moved back to Indiana. (I had found an Amanda Bratton in Indiana censuses.) At this time I am trying to find out what the censuse year and other was.
  • James Coon Stroud (31 KB)
    This is a photo of a very young -James Coon Stroud his father was (James Ghant stroud he was born 05 Nov 1876 in Mercer Co. MO., and died 17 Jan 1939 in Chariton Lucas County, Iowa. He married Bertha Homsher or Hamsher 20 Aug 1903 in Chariton, Iowa. She was born 1884 in Iowa. These two were the parents of James Delbert Stroud. There is more about James Coon Stroud but there always is.
  • 5-Mary MIldred ( Wilson ) Priaux (25 KB)
    My Aunt Mildred had two children daughters Neva and Norma. Mildred was the 5th child born to Tuck and Bertha Wilson I owe much to the way she wrote and what she wrote about. All of my books owe her much! Mildred was a farmers wife but also a school teacher and farmer. This aunt of mine left many words in spiral note books. Some of these were gifts to her sister, my mother Marguerite ( Wilson ) McKinstry. Mildred's writings told of family along with stories and gave a little time line as to what was going on in our world. Mildred must have had spiral note books all over the house and even in their car. I have tried to use part of her way of writing. Including some time line material or a brief description of things and places in my stories of family. I will place a few of these in photo format JPEGs. These pages come from several of my books. There was more than one author to these books of mine. I will try to give you a sprinkling of pages written by myself and others. I will start with a poem that I feel expresses what is important about our living and genealogy. It is not the date we were born, died or married that is so important, It is the novel that we all live! In other words the DASH between the date of birth and the date we die! The poem is "THE DASH" by Linda Ellis. _________JWMcK March 28, 2007
  • Page 1 of 2 Almira or Elmira Constable dies at 101 (61 KB)
    Almira ( Constable ) Stroud dies at the age of 101
  • Bertha Homsher with husband Rex Retherford (31 KB)
    Bertha Homsher or Hamsher & James Coon Stroud father & mother to James Delbert Stroud were married 20 Aug 1903 Were divorced at an unknown date. I also have no record of the wedding date of Bertha & J. D. Stepfather Rex Retherford.
  • The poem "The Dash is one of the best written. (137 KB)
    I have used this poem in all of my books. I believe it to be one of the best ever written. Each of us lives a Novel, there are of course good and bad novels... JWMCK March 29, 2007
  • Page 2 of Stories & Memories of Ernest W. McKinstr (96 KB)
  • Page 2 of 2 Almira or Elmira Constable dies at age (40 KB)
    News clipping with photo Obit dies at the age of 101
  • James Coon Stroud to the right side of two friends (21 KB)
    This photograph is of James Coon Stroud to the right side of two unknown friends. James Coons father was James Ghant Stroud & his mother was Almira or Elmira "Myra" Constable. We believe the spelling of her name was Almira. We also believe she was at least mostly of Cherokee Indian blood.
  • Wilson Book of Memories-Outhouses 1 (337 KB)
    Aunt Mildred ( Wilson ) Priaux writes about outhouses. This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK March 30, 2007
  • Emil Lowe husband to Luella Emma McKinstry Note; (28 KB)
  • Unknown # 6 could be a Stroud or a Canny (120 KB)
    Unknown photograph from a Box of mixed Strouds & Canny photos. If anyone has a clue please let me know.
  • James Ghant Stroud father of James Coon Stroud (12 KB)
    This photo is of James Ghant Stroud - husband to Almira ( Constable ) Stroud and father of James Coon Stroud the grandfather to our James Delbert Stroud. James Stroud ( Bet. 05 Feb 1790 - 1792 ) & Elizabeth Haun ( 26 Oct 1795 )were James Ghant's parents. Which makes them the Great grandparents of our James Delbert Stroud. We can travel back in time to the early 1700's.
  • Wilson Book of Memories-Outhouses 2 (309 KB)
    Aunt Mildred ( Wilson ) Priaux writes about outhouses continues. This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK MARCH 30, 2007
  • Luella Emma McKinstry Half sister to Ernest W. McK (40 KB)
  • Richard Keith Stroud age 4 born in 1910 (505 KB)
    Richard Stroud was the brother of James D. Stroud of Chariton, Iowa Lucas County Anyone from this family please contact me.
  • Almira ( Constable ) Stroud as a young woman (12 KB)
    This is a photo of Almira ( Constable ) Stroud wife of James Ghant Stroud grandmother of our James Delbert Stroud. James Delbert & his brother lived with his grandparents after the divorce of his father James Coon Stroud & Bertha Homsher or Hamsher. Almira ( Constable ) Strouds parents were - Abraham Constable & Elizabeth Cline.
  • Wilson-Tuck Wilson & President Taft 1 (285 KB)
    Tuck Wilson a guard to Taft in Knoxville, Iowa by Madge ( Wilson ) Sterling. This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK MARCH 30, 2007
  • Emil Lowe (24 KB)
    Photo was sent to Dema McKinstry daughter of Ernest McKinstry in the 1960s.
  • Wilson-Tuck Wilson & President Taft 2 (289 KB)
    Tuck Wilson a guard to Taft in Knoxville, Iowa by Madge ( Wilson ) Sterling. This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK MARCH 30, 2007
  • Luella McKinstry (26 KB)
    Step sister to Ernest W. McKinstry
  • School photo about 1910 in Ottumwa, Iowa (124 KB)
    There are three Canny family members in this photo. The Canny identies are on the photo. It is my hopes that another Canny or another family that knew them will contact me with perhaps another name added. Trying to save the photos from the burn piles and other such distructive attitudes!
  • Post card from Mrs. Lora Lee ( Coon ) Sailing (1 KB)
    This little post card informs us of many things.... The Stroud Bible infromation & it's location at one time. Note by James W. McKinstry; It was written to a Mrs. Bessie Walker Route II Box443 Springville Missouri. The only Walker I have in the Stroud genealogy is a John William Walker with no children listed. John Walker married a Katie Watson who's parents were Francis M. Watson & Nancy ( Stroud ). Nancy C. Strouds parents were John Hahn Stroud & Lavisea or Louisa Leak. No parents on Francis Walker. Nancy was the sister to Emeline was born December 29, 1862 named after no doubt Emeline was born December 29, 1827 . JWMcKinstry 2007 In the upper left hand corner we see; Talked with Mrs. G. C. Dake ? last nite by phone. Date Sept. 26, Sat. post mark 1936 Dear Mrs. Walker, Your letter received yesterday - yesterday received letter from your mother at Neodesha - will write her later - My name is Lora Lee Coon, daughter of George James Coon, who was the son of William G. Coon and Emeline Stroud - Emeline was born December 29, 1827 Married to W.M. G. Coon, December 16, 1852 - Died June 6, 1900. George John Coon was born July 15, 1858 died August 17, 1932. I think Emeline was the daughter of James & Elizabeth Haun Stroud - married June 18, 1815. I have records from Stroud family Bible from John Stroud born July 15, 1758. Plan to come by & see you - will drop a card if I know in time Thanks for your letter. Location of the Stroud Bible at this time was with a John Stroud born July 15, 1858. Lora Lee Coon was the daughter of George James Coon who was the son of William G. Coon. Lora Lee Coon was the wife of Charles Sailing. Lora Lee Coon contains Lee as a middle name. ( Is this another name in reference to a connection to the word of mouth handed down story that the Stroud family was related in some way to General Lee? Emeline was born December 29, 1827 was believed to be the daughter
  • McKinstry Louella (3 KB)
    Step sister of Ernest W. McKinstry wife of Emil Lowe.
  • Shipley James E. we will share data & photos (49 KB)
    We are in search of data—photos of the following Sur names blood line of Shipley -Ross - Downing - Strickler & Kingston. The main State we have found connected to these family members are Bel Air Maryland—Sullivan County, Tennessee—Shenandoah County, Virginia—Putnam County, Missouri—Marshalltown, Iowa— Unionville, Butler County, Missouri— Gillman, Iowa—Millerton, Corydon, Iowa— Winston-Salem, North Carolina—Des Moines, Iowa— Unionville Missouri— Mountain City Tennesse— Chariton— Iowa— and other. Please visit my home page at for other searches & information. Some family photos of these sur names will come into my hands some time this year. We wish to share and gather more information and have hopes that a few stories and the histories of these family members will come our way. Descendants of Eli Shipley 1 Eli Shipley 1754 - 1821 .. +Elizabeth Kingston 1756 - 1847 ........ 2 Joshua Shipley 1793 - 1860 .. +Mary Strickler 1790 - 1879 ..3 Benjamin Shipley 1815 - 1885 .. +Nancy Jane 1817 - 1880 ..4 Shipley Nathan 1848 - .. +Elizabeth Downing 1860 - 1949 .. 5 Cloe Shipley .. 5 Orville Shipley .. 5 Cleveland (Cleve) Shipley 1885 - 1964 .. +Flossie May Ross 1906 - 1939 ..6 Royce Shipley .. 6 [1] James Edwin Shipley 1937 - 1995
  • John Haun Stroud 1817 - 1881 a (149 KB)
    This is a photo taken from from the book, "Gone Home" by E. Derr, Holt Co., MO. John was the husband of Sarah Morrison and the brother of James Ghant Stroud. His 2nd wife was Lavisa or Louisa(Leak) Stroud
  • Sterling Betty ( Matheson ) & Glenn (47 KB)
    Betty Ann Matheson past away August 23, 2008 Glenn Sterling pasted away several years ago.
  • Sarah Bartlett & Michael L. Wilson family members (491 KB)
    Some of the family of Sarah Bartlett & Michael L. Wilson
  • Everette & Madge ( Wilson ) Sterling Cover Sheet (44 KB)
    Cover sheet of Madge & Everette Sterling. My Aunt was a great poet and sharing of family events and feelings. I can not put all of the pages out of the Wilson books for you to view. However I place a few.
  • Michael L. Wilson & Sarah Bartlet's farm (292 KB)
    Plat map of the location of Michael L. Wilson & Sarah Bartlet's farm.
  • Sterling Glenn; From the Wilson Book of Poems (46 KB)
    There are 124 pages of poems and other in this book. The first book was put together by cousins Wilma & Gwen. In about 2004 I copied what they had into a book with photos & additions.
  • Tombstone of Benjamin Wilson husband to Nancy Clea (43 KB)
  • Wilson-Trip down memory lane 1 (259 KB)
    Isabel ( Wilson ) Cecil wrote this letter to her brother Scott Wilson, recalling the times of being a child. This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK MARCH 30, 2007
  • Wilson-Trip down memory lane 2 (309 KB)
    Isabel ( Wilson ) Cecil wrote this letter to her brother Scott Wilson, recalling the times of being a child. continued.This page came out of "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Descendant's Book of Memories" I published this book in 2004. Many of these books are in Wilson Descendants homes. ____ JWMCK March 30, 2007
  • Playing Little at the willows (323 KB)
    My mother Marguerite( Wilson ) McKinstry remembers playing "Little" at the Willows. Also hitchiking to Cedar Rapids and meeting Art Linkletter the man on the street at that time.
  • The Alusive Stroud Bible would be simular (47 KB)
    The Stroud Bible was last seen in the home of a John Stroud. The Bible may disappear again but we now have at least most of it's family data in our Family Tree genealogy records Thanks again to the efforts of Bernal Meador and others that still live today. Bernal Meador viewed & copied infromation from this Bible in the home of John Stroud in 1976. You may read more in "The Story of Craig County, Olkahoma, It's People and Places, 1984. We owe a Mr. Bernal Meador much for his work copying information from this Bible in 1976. He has given us a great deal of it's family data contents.
  • Wilson-The Gold Watch (254 KB)
    This was written by Madge ( Wilson ) Sterling and the page came out of the "Tuck & Bertha Wilson's Book of Memories". Many of these books are in Wilson family members homes. JWMCK 30, 2007.
  • Grave site of Michael L. Wilson (250 KB)
    The grave site of Michael L. Wilson was found by cousin Douglas Wilson. Here you will find some explaination and our on going search for the parents of our great great grandathers parents.
  • Little Jimmy Introduction 1 Which is also you host (129 KB)
    "Little Jimmy" is the begining of my story, that is yet to be completed. I am however up to the age of about 21. Wow! where did the time go? JWMCK MARCH 30, 2007
  • Unknown # 2 Stroud album photo of 12 people (117 KB)
    Another Long shot, is a group photo of we assume of the Stroud family because it was found in a Stroud home. However because photos were exchanged from one family to the other this and other photos may not be. In my opinion this most certainly looks like a reunion photo of generations. Do you have any photos that resemble anyone in this photo?
  • Uncle Scott & Uncle Wayne group photo cowboys (186 KB)
    I love this photo of young boys playing cowboys. Please note the guns are sticks. I have also placed the known names of these cowboys from Knoxville, Iowa. 1 photo hangs in my home and 2 others in cousins homes. I made this grouping in 2005.
  • "Little Jimmy" 2 Your host of course. (441 KB)
    Here is the first page of me "Little Jimmy" some of these pages are in the the books of "The McKinstrys of Anamosa, Iowa".
  • Unknown # 3 Stroud album photo (142 KB)
    This long shot maybe a Goin or Stroud from Kingfisher, Oklahoma from the information we have. Do you have a photo of these folks with Identification?
  • Tombstone of Nancy (Clearwater) Wilson (47 KB)
  • Uncle Scott & Uncle Wayne group photo cowboys IDs (246 KB)
    This grouping of photos was the best I could do of my Uncle Scott & Uncle Wayne photo. A note the two ponies were Ted & Ned given by grandpa Tuck Wilson to his two sons. The boys broke the ponies themselves.
  • McKinstry - Cover of McKinstrys of Anamosa, Iowa (227 KB)
    This is the cover of Volume # 1 of The McKinstrys of Anamosa, Iowa. On this cover are the children of Ernest & Elsie McKinstry.
  • Unknown # 4 Stroud album photo (195 KB)
    This family may be of the Goin or Stroud family it was found in an album at Mound City, Missouri. Do you have a match with a Identification?
  • James Wilson McKinstry Ancesors as of January 2010 (138 KB)
    This only shows my Ancestors on my fathers side of the family not the Wilsons.
  • Sarah ( Bartlett ) with husband Othe Hendrix (160 KB)
    Sarah Bartlett was my great great grandmother & wife to Michael L. Wilson. She married twice after the death of Michael L. Wilson. Othe was her last husband.
  • Ernest McKinstry was a Guard at the Anamosa Prison (272 KB)
    This is a page out of Volume # 1 of the McKinstrys of Anamosa, Iowa.
  • Unknown # 5 Stroud album photo (52 KB)
    Another photo that escaped the burn pile with out an identification. This may be 3 photos of Goin or Stroud women. I only know these photos came from a Stroud home. Do you have a matching photo with an identification?
  • A Grandpa Jim Production (75 KB)
    An Icon I use in books - Video & DVDs
  • How the McKinstry & Wilson books came about 2 (367 KB)
    This explains the events and circumstances that caused these books to become a reality.
  • Unknown # 5 Stroud album photo several photos (102 KB)
    Take a close look at these escapes from the burn pile. These too came from a Stroud album. Do you have a matching photo with an Idenification?
  • Page 20 of Little Jimmy How my brother got his nam (86 KB)
    How my brother Steve got his name.
  • How the McKinstry & Wilson books came about. 1 (449 KB)
    This explains the events and circumstances that caused these books to become a reality.
  • Page 12 of Stories & Memories of Ernest W. McKinst (74 KB)
    This is a page out of one of my McKinstry genealogy books that can be viewed at the Anamosa genealogy library.
  • Stroud Family photo album of 18 Indenified people (1 KB)
    Stroud Family - This family photograph not only escaped the burn Piles It delivered identifications. In one case I now have with Nora Dobkins a census 1910 indicating she was Cherokee or at least part. Thirteenth Census of the United States; Indian Poplulation. If you can add more to this find please do.
  • Page 7 of Stories & Memories of Ernest W. McKinstr (101 KB)
    This is also a page out of my McKinstry genealogy books that may be viewed in the Anamosa genealogy library.
  • Your host Grandpa Jim - Who is also "Little Jimmy" (28 KB)
    This is my logo.It was done in "Progresso Mexico"
  • The McKinstry book cover to be replaced with the l (55 KB)
    The book cover of the McKinstry's of Anamosa, Iowa.
  • Page 2 of Stories & Memories of Ernest W. McKinstr (96 KB)

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