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Descendants of Daniel Malone

Generation No. 1

1. DANIEL1 MALONE was born in Virginia, and died Abt. 1795 in Halifax Co., Virginia. He married SARAH.

Lived in Lunenburg and Halifax Co., Virginia, owning land there along Lawson's
Creek, Lunenburg Co., Va. At his death owned land in Greene Co., Ga.

LWT identifies his children, some of whom lived in Ga. and died in Greene and
Morgan Co.'s Ga.

In his LWT he states: "I will that 1 negro man named Toney be sold."

Reference Brunswick Co. Va. Deed Book 7, pg. 167-8 dtd 7-29-1762 William
Melone of Dinwiddie Co. Va. to George Malone of Brunswick Co.,Va. for 5
shillings "one Negro fellow Toney". and acreage on the north side of Taylors
Creek; the land on which he now lives, having been granted to the said William
Malone in Williamsburg. Signed, William Malone and Ann (X) Malone, Witness:
Samuel Marshall, Robert Bailey, John Bailey.

Randolph Malone of Malone and Allied Families gives this Daniel's wife as Sarah
Sullivant. I am very amazed that in the naming pattern of this family it is
not found that they use the name of Sarah in their naming patterns, which is
unusual for the Malones.

The DeKalb Co. Ala. Malones of 1850 are said to be all descendants of Daniel
Malone of Halifax Co., Va.

1798 census of Greene Co., Ga.:

       Children of DANIEL MALONE and SARAH are:


ii.   NATHANIEL MALONE, b. Virginia.

By father's LWT, Nathaniel Malone is still single in 1795, as wording of father
Daniel's will says "To my son, Nathaniel 1 negro girl named Molley and l negro
boy named Tom, for his support, to be taken in the hand of them that he makes
choice of to live with, as long as he lives a single life, and if he marries,
to have possession of them." Also, he may have still been a minor, by this

3. iii.   DRURY MALONE, b. Virginia.

4. iv.   JOHN MALONE, b. Virginia; d. Abt. 1816, Greene Co., Georgia.

v.   DANIEL MALONE JR., b. Virginia.

Is named as son of Daniel Malone by his 1795 Halifax Co., Va. will "To my son
Daniel, all the land that lies above the mouth of Shepherd's Branch and above
the mouth of Thomas's spring branch, adjoining his sister Beckie's.

In Halifax Co., Va. will book 3, pg. 277 is estate return of Daniel, Sr.'s
estate, showing Clement Trainum (husband of sister Elizabeth) as Daniel Jr.'s
guardian, Daniel receiving his portion of his father's estate part in bonds not
yet collected and balance in cash (L32, 16 shillings, 4.5 pence).

Whether this could be the Daniel Malone, Esq. found in the records of Jones
Co., Georgia is unknown.

He could also be the Daniel Malone, d. ca. 1819 in the Walton, Newton, Jackson,
Jasper Co., Ga. area with orphans Mirandy Clinton Malone and Artemissa Malone.

5. vi.   JAMERSON MALONE, b. Virginia; d. Bef. 1820, Morgan Co., Georgia.

vii.   PETER MALONE, b. Virginia.

This son of Daniel Malone is named as s/o Daniel in his LWT, 1795 Halifax Co.,
Virginia "to my son Peter Malone, 1 shilling"

This is probably the Peter Malone who sold negro man named Bob to Richard
Sansom, Greene Co., Ga. 1792 as adm. of estate of Featherston Cross, Edgefield
Co., SC. (Richard Sansom was in Lunenburg Co., Va. tithes and listed with
Daniel Malone and Peter Malone as "overseer". A Peter Malone also seen in early
deeds Columbia Co., Ga. (Richard Sansom registered his stock mark in Greene
Co., Ga. 1787.)

Said to have married Ann Hardin(g), d/o Thomas and Phoebe (Beasley) Harding.

Listed on 1798 census of Greene Co., Ga. in Upper Battalion, Major Daniel's
Battalion with 8 whites, no slaves.

Malone and Allied Families Second and Revised Edition, by Randolph A. Malone
cites research of John Riley Malone as source of this information below:

Lunenburg Co., Va. Deed Book 13, pg. 19 dtd. 5-8-1777--Daniel Malone deed of
gift to my son, Peter Malone, 200 acres in Lunenburg Co. on the north side of
Church Road, south side of Great Road going to land of Mark Andrews and Warren

Same deed book, above, pg. 151-Amrose Beuford/Burford/Blewford to Josiah
Purdue, land adj. to Peter Malone on S. side of Great Road, witn. John Ward,
Peter Melone, Edward Murphy

Same Deed Book, above, pg. 183 (12-12-1778) Isiah Purdue to Drury Murrell, both
of Lunenburg Co., for L10 and horse, 24 acres adj. to Peter Melone,Mark Andrews
and Murrell. Wit. John Cureton, Jr., John Cureton, Sr. and William Tucker.

Same Deed Book, pg. 319 dtd. 11-10-1779.
Peter Melone deeds to Charles Thompson, both of Lunenburg Co., for L2300, 206
acres on Willingham's Road, along lines of Drury Murrell, Thomas Harper, Thomas
Harding, James Reynolds and Richard Stone. Signed, Peter Malone. Wife Ann
released dower. Rec. 5-11-1780. In 1780 Northampton Co., NC a Charles
Thompson was a witness of the will of a John Thompson, Robert Melone, Admr.
with a William Thompson, Sr. Also, Peter Malone's brother, John Malone
named a son, Thompson Malone. Significance if any unknown.

(Richard Sansom in his last will and testament named one of his daughters,
Polly Stone, 1817 Jasper Co., Ga.)

Lunenburg Co., Va. Will Book 3, pg. 87. dtd 4-4-1870: Will of Thomas Harding;
wife, unnamed. to son, William 10 shilling, to son Robert, 10 shillings, to
daughter ANN MALONE a negro; to daughter Mary Harding, a negro; to son Thomas,
negros and stock; to son, Ellick, negroes and stock; to son, Benjamin, negroes;
to son, Siah; to wife; to son, Edward...etc.

Will Book 3 (above co.) pg. 103 dtd. 9-14-1781, proved 3-14-1782; Will of
Thomas Harding, Jr....lists brothers, Ellick; William; Robert; sisters Mary,
Ann Harding. Peter Malone;s son, Lemuel Malone. Exec. William Harding, Robert
Harding, Peter Malone. Witness, John Ward, Seth Ward, Dice Ward...Security at
probation of will: Robert Beasley, Daniel Malone.

Lunenburg Co., Va. Deed Book 13, pg. 507. Will of Lucy (Lucretia Jones, widow
of Reps Jones, names daughters/child Lucretia Parish, Thomas Jones, Mary Jones,
Anne Melone and Martha Jones, the estate devised me by my late husband Reps
Jones per his will 4-12-1773. Wit.: Charles Hamlin, Drury Majors.

Unable to locate a marriage document of thid Peter Melone.
Said to have son Samuel who married Ann HARDING, a son, Lemuel who was inwill
of Thomas Harding, Jr. (above) and Ivey Malone who is a possible son.

viii.   MARY MALONE, b. Virginia; d. Abt. 1831, Greene Co., Georgia; m. JAMES IRVINE, December 26, 1791, Halifax Co., Virginia.

Notes for MARY MALONE:
Named as d/o Daniel Malone in his 1795 Halifax Co., Va. will as: "To my
daughter Mary Irvine, one negro woman named Milly"

A William and John Irvine were witnesses to Daniel's LWT, indicating Mary
married either John or William Irvine(g) son, James (Marriage records of
Halifax Co., Va.: Mary Malone to James Irvine 12-26(29)-1791).

Possibly is the Mary Irving who died app. April, 1831 in Greene Co., Ga.
Source: Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal, (Milledgeville)
Newspaper 1809-1840 Volume Four, 1829-1835) by Fred R. and Emilie K. Hartz
Issue Thursday, April 21, 1831: Legal Notices: Georgia, Greene Co., Four months
after date, application will be made to the Inferior Court of said county, when
sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell the property of Mary Irving,
late of said county, deceased. Margaret Barnett, Administratrix.

Also, same source: Issue of Tuesday, April 7, 1835 Legal Notices: Georgia,
Morgan County: Four months after date, application will be made to the Inferior
Court of said county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell the
property of William Irving,insane, for his benefit. Signed Van Leonard (he
married Frances Malone on 13 May 1836, Baldwin Co., Ga.).

ix.   REBECCA MALONE, b. Virginia; m. JOHN ANDREWS, April 13, 1785, Virginia.

In the LWT of Daniel Malone, he identifies his daughter as "to my daughter
Becky Andrews, part of my land and plantation whereon I now live, as follows:
all the land lying below the mouth of Sherpherd's Branch and below the mouth of
Thomas Spring Branch."

She married John Andrews. "A" John Andrews was Surety of marriage of an
Elizabeth Andrews to Harper Malone, 4-5-1804 in Sussex Co., Va. How these
people relate/if any relation exists, is unknown.

Also, son Daniel was willed land "adj. to his sister Beckie's"

In the marriage records of Lunenburg Co., Va. there is an 1812 marriage (28 Dec
1812) between a Cicily W. Andrews and a John Smith. This could possibly be a
d/o of Becky Andrews, naming a child after her sister-in-law Cicely/Sisely
Johnston Malone.

x.   MARTHA MALONE, b. Virginia; m. WILLIAM HARDING, Bef. 1795, Virginia.

In Daniel's 1795 Halifax Co., Va. will, dtd 11-23-1795 he states: "to my
daughter Patty Harding, 1 shilling".

She is said to have married William Hardin(g) brother of Ann Hardin(g) who
married Patty's brother Peter Malone.

An old query in Georgia Pioneers Vol. IV, No. 1, Feb. 1967 issue asks if a
Martha Hardin, of Columbia Co., Ga. who made a deed of gift to children
Erasmus, Thomas, William, James, John, Daniel, and Nancy Rutledge in 1810 is
the same Martha Hardin who sold 164 A. of land to William Moore, with her
husband William Harding, in Lunenburg Co., Va. in 1789. This query came from a
Mrs. J.L. Reitch, Thicket, Texas. This is probably Daniel's daughter from the
naming pattern of her children (her father Daniel, and his father, Thomas
Harding), and from the location of the 1789 deed.

Malone and Allied Families Second Edition pg. 204 (by Randolph A. Malone)
states Martha Malone Hardin married second, John Willingham.

xi.   SUSANNAH MALONE, b. Virginia; d. Bef. November 1795; m. JOHN REYNOLDS, Bef. 1795, Virginia.

Is named in Daniel Malone's 1795 Halifax Co., Va. will as "to my daughter
Susannah Reynolds, dec'd. 1 shilling" His will witnessed by James Reynolds.

In Vol. 1 Malone and Allied Families, it suggests that this couple moved to
Columbia Co., Ga. Since the known James Reynolds of Georgia was father of
Nancy Reynolds who married Sherrod Malone of Wilkes and Jasper Co., Ga. I
wondered if the d/o Daniel Malone wasn't somehow related to the wife of Sherrod
Malone. Susannah Reynolds apparently had heirs to inherit the one shilling.

This would explain some of the problems sorting out various Malones who descend
from Daniel of Halifax Co., Va. having records in Jasper Co., Ga., such as the
Daniel Malone who witnessed a 1809 deed between James Augustus Tippins and the
original deed of that land to Tippens by a Patience Sauls. Also refer to
Northampton Co., NC Will Book 2, pg. 601, dtd. 5-15-1807 of Charles Thompson.
He lists legatee Frances Sauls, and this deed was witnessed by Charles Malone.
Daniel Malone's grandson (son of John) was named "Thompson" Malone.

xii.   ELIZABETH MALONE, b. Abt. 1770, Virginia; d. Abt. 1835, Morgan Co., Ga.; m. CLEMENT TRAINUM, January 04, 1787, Lunenburg Co., Virginia.

Is named in Daniel Malone's 1795 Halifax Co., Va. will as "to my daughter
Elizabeth Tranum, one negro girl named Ritter, living on my plantation in

Also, Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville)
Newspapers 1809-1840, Volume 4, 1829-1835 by Fred R. and Emilie K. Hartz: Issue
Tuesday, 23 June 1835.Legal Notice. Georgia, Morgan County- Clement Malone
applies for letters of administration of the estate of Elizabeth Trainum, late
of said county, deceased." Signed John W. Porter, C.C.O.

Clement Malone a proven son of John Malone, Elizabeth's brother, therefore
Elizabeth's presence in Morgan Co., Ga. indicates the possiblity Mary Irving in
Morgan Co., Ga. could also be a d/o Daniel Malone.

Elizabeth Trainum, widow, is in the 1830 census of Morgan Co., Ga.

Males 10 under 15 =1
15 under 20 =1
Females 10 under 15=1
15 under 20=1
50 under 60=1

The 1830 census indicates Elizabeth Malone Trainum was born 1770-1780. Since
the recorded marriage date of Elizabeth Malone to Clement Trainum is
established as 4 Jan 1787, Lunenburg Co., Va. she most likely was closer to 60
than 50 (which would indicate a marriage at age 7 and renders it highly
unlikely she was born in 1780.)

Fact 1: Abt. 1835, Morgan Co., Georgia

6. xiii.   BANNISTER MALONE, b. 1770-1780, Virginia; d. Aft. 1820, Adair Co., Ky..

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