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Descendants of Daniel Malone

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 MALONE (DANIEL1). He married SUSANNAH TUCK July 22, 1785 in Halifax Co., Va..

Son, Thomas Malone named as son in Daniel's LWT, Will Book 3, pg 206
Halifax Co., Va. dtd. 11-23-1795 proved Dec. 1795

Received by will, negro girl named "Nelly"

Married 1st, Susannah Tuck 7-22-1785, d/o Thomas and Sarah Tuck.
Will of Thomas Tuck, 1798 in Halifax Co., Va. and named daughter, Susannah
Malone, leaving her slaves and other items. Married second Nancy Dunkley on
8-18-1801 in Halifax Co., Va. Names his children 7-25-1808 in deed of gift,
"unto my four sons, John, Henry, Nathaniel and William Malone the hole (sic) of
wife's legacy left to her by her father".

Walton Co., Ga.

One research of KNOTT genealogy says that Elizabeth Malone who married John
Knott in 1827 in Walton Co., Ga. was a d/o Thomas Malone and Susannah Tuck
Malone. The Elizabeth Malone, widow of Walton Co., Ga. in the 1820 and 1830
censuses of Walton Co., Ga. was w/o Daniel Malone. Her son, Mirandy Clinton
Malone md. Nancy Drummond in Walton Co., Ga. in 1833.

In 1810 census of Southern District, Halifax Co., Va.
In 1820 census of Columbia Co., Ga. as:
pg. 027 Thomas Malone 2 males 0-10
2 males 0-16
1 male 18-26
1 male 45 and over
1 female under 10
1 female 10-16
1 female 26-45

In 1830 census of Columbia Co., Ga. as:
pg. 336 Thomas Malone 1 male 10-15
1 male 20-30
1 male 60-70
1 female 50-60

In 1837 in Columbia Co., Ga. identifies himself as "Thomas Malone Sr. of
Columbia Co., Ga." Granted POA to a N. E. Gacey to represent him in Christian
Co., Ky. in the matter of his son, William, dec;d.

In 1838 he is in the records of DeKalb Co., Ala. when he grants his son, Thomas
S. Malone POA to handle his heirship in son, William's Christian Co., Ky.
estate. He died before the 1840 census of DeKalb Co., Ala.

       Children of THOMAS MALONE and SUSANNAH TUCK are:

i.   JOHN3 MALONE, b. Abt. 1786, Halifax Co., Va..

Notes for JOHN MALONE:
Randolph A. Malone states this son is found as a tithable in the Southern
District in the 1810 Halifax Co., Va. census, and is missing in the 1820
census. No other information.

ii.   HENRY MALONE, b. Abt. 1788, Halifax Co., Va..

Shows in 1810 census of Halifax Co., Va. in Southern District with one
tithable. Randy Malone of Malone and Allied Families believes he is the Henry
Malone in the 1812 records of Columbia Co., Ga. There are Henry Malone estate
records in Columbia Co., Ga. in 1820-22. No further information

iii.   NATHANIEL MALONE, b. Abt. 1788, Halifax Co., Va..

He is administrator of his brother's estate in DeKalb Co., Ala. in 1850
He was in the Alabama census of 1840 aged 40-50 with wife aged 40-50, one son
under 5, one son 5-10; one dau. 5-10; and 2 daughters 10-15.

1850 census of DeKalb Co., Ala. shows him on oage 366 with Nathaniel Malone,
aged 61, farmer; wife, Jane 56 b. Ga.; Bennett Malone, aged 18, b. Ala. and
daughter, Malissa aged 16, and son, John aged 14.

iv.   WILLIAM MALONE, b. 1790-1791, Halifax Co., Va..

Not of age in 1810 census of Southern District, Halifax Co., Va.

Moved to Christian Co., Ky with wife Mary Prescott and died intestate in 1837.
In 1837 Columbia Co., Ga. his father Thomas Malone gave N.E. Gacey POA to
represent him in Christian Co., Ky in estate matter of his son, William.
His wife, Mary Prescott Malone is found in 1840 census of Christian Co., Ky.
age 40-50 with one daughter aged 15-20. No other information

Sources: Malone and Allied Families, Vol. II (soon to be published 1995)

v.   THOMAS S. MALONE, b. Abt. 1801, Halifax Co., Va..

Is found in the 1838 DeKalb Co., Ala. records with his father Thomas Malone and
Nancy Malone (Nancy Dunkley, 2nd wife) when granted POA to Thomas S. Malone to
handle heirship of William Malone's estate in Christian Co., Ky. Later in the
document he is referred to as his son, Thomas Malone, Jr. indicating the
elder Thomas was also Thomas S. Malone.

In 1840, granted POA to Moses Dunkley to sell interest in land in Halifax Co.,

Died in DeKalb Co., Ala. in 1850 after the census taken. (DeKalb Co., Ala.
census, 1850 page 372, aged 49 b. Va. (Thomas Malone, m. 49 b. Va. (farmer)
lives alone.) Administrator of his estate: Nathaniel Malone, his brother,
December, 1850 and named as next of kin.

3. DRURY2 MALONE (DANIEL1) was born in Virginia. He married SISLEY JOHNSTON Bef. 1770 in Virginia, daughter of JOSEPH JOHNSTON and MARY.

By his father's LWT in Halifax Co., Va., it states "To my son Drury, 100 acres
of land in Georgia, being part of the land whereon he now lives, on the north
side of Old Town Creek. Also, a negro girl named Molly, for moving my effects
to Georgia."

Some researchers have Drury married to a woman named Cecily, living in Greene
and Morgan Co.'s Georgia.

Deed dtd 7-12-1770 in Lunenburg Co. Va. Deed Book 11 from Josiah Foster and
wife Elizabeth and Drury Melone and wife Sisley of Lunenburg Co, Cumberland
Parish to Charles Sullivant of Cornwall Parish, Charlotte Co., Va. land in
Cumberland Parish on both sides of Meherrin River bounded by lines of Isaac
Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Stephen Wood and Henry Robinson on north side of the
river, and on the south side of the river by David Johnson and John Cox, it
being that tract wheron Joseph Johnson, dec'd formerly lived; it being that
tract of land Joseph Johnson dec'd gave to his daughters Elizabeth and Sisley
by his last will. Wit.: Wm Gordon, Peter Harlee, Mat Hobson.

This deed assists in identifying wife of Drury Melone as Sisley Johnston, d/o
Joseph Johnston of Lunenburg, Cumberland Parish, Va.

Stephen Wood is apparent husband of Sisley's sister, Anne. By estate accounts,
Will Book 2, Lunenburg Co., Va. pg. 273 it is apparent he was guardian of the

By LWT of her father, Sisley is identified as thus: " To my daughter, Sisley, 2
negro boys named Samson and Jamey, 1 bed and furniture, 2 cows and calves, Also
1 gray mare named Fanny and one side saddle" Also by wording of the Will,
which leaves the land of Joseph Johnston, at death of his wife, to
daughter Charity, and if Charity dies without heirs of her body to be
equally divided between Sisley and Elizabeth, is indicative that Mary
Johnston and Charity Johnston were probably both deceased by 1770 with the
land descending to them. It is apparent that some of their siblings lived
adjacent to them.

       Children of DRURY MALONE and SISLEY JOHNSTON are:

i.   MARY ANN3 MALONE, b. Abt. 1762, Virginia; d. 1867, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama.

Randy Malone includes this child as a d/o Drury Malone. I do not believe this
to be correct. If she is, she is not a d/o Drury Malone by his wife, Sisely
Johnston, as in 1762 Sisely Johnston was still a minor. (Reference her father's
will) The first proof of Drury and Sisely as being married is about

Since the last will and testament of Isham Malone Sr. (who is Randy Malone's
direct ancestor) lists a daughter, Molly it is my bet that it is she who is
Mary Ann Malone who married Alexander Harralson. Since this Mary Ann
Harralson is 94 in the 1860 census of Tallapoosa Co., Ala. her birthdate makes
her too old to be Drury and Sisely's daughter. Since Molly is a common Irish
knickname for Mary, my bet is she is Isham's daughter and a sister of George
Malone who d. 1818 in Jasper Co., Ga.

7. ii.   DAVID MALONE, b. Abt. 1770, Halifax Co., Va..

iii.   DRURY MALONE JR., b. 1770-1780, Halifax Co., Va.

He is probably the Drury Malone listed in 1800 census of Edgefield Co., SC
He is in DeKalb Co., Ala. census in 1830 aged 50-60 with wife, 40-50.
and a son, and daughter aged 20-30.

He is probably one of the sons listed in the 1798 Census of 1st (Upper
Battallion) of Greene Co., Ga. with his father and brother, David.

4. JOHN2 MALONE (DANIEL1) was born in Virginia, and died Abt. 1816 in Greene Co., Georgia. He married MARTHA KING February 03, 1801 in Charlotte Co., Virginia.

Notes for JOHN MALONE:
Estate sales of John prove him to be a s/o Daniel Malone, as this John lived in
Greene Co., Ga. with a negro slave named Will as part of his estate. In Daniel
Malone's last will and testament he states "To my son John, the balance of said
tract of land and also one negro man named Will". Land referred to was balance
of land in Greene Co., Georgia, part of which was given to John's brother,
Drury Malone.

Married in Charlotte Co., Virginia Patsey King 2-3-1801.
John and Patsey's children, Doctor R., Clement, Young Gressom and John Malone,
Jr. are identified by estate returns of John Malone, dec'd estate in Greene
Co., Ga., ordinary minutes.

Notes for MARTHA KING:
Married 2nd Arthur Lovins after death of John Malone, and Arthur Lovins was
guardian of John's children for awhile, then Arthur also died, with Martha
Lovins then again resuming the guardianship of her children.

Ref. Ordinary Records Greene Co. Georgia 1816-1823.

       Children of JOHN MALONE and MARTHA KING are:

8. i.   THOMPSON3 MALONE, b. 1802, Georgia; d. 1860-1870, Georgia.

9. ii.   CLEMENT MALONE, b. 1804, Virginia; d. Aft. 1850, Alabama?.

10. iii.   YOUNG GRESSOM MALONE, b. 1805-1807, Penfield, Greene Co., Georgia; d. 1866, Henry Co., Alabama.

11. iv.   DOCTOR R. MALONE, b. Abt. 1808, Georgia; d. 1861, Georgia.

12. v.   JOHN MALONE JR., b. 1812, Penfield, Greene Co., Georgia; d. Aft. 1870, Georgia.
5. JAMERSON2 MALONE (DANIEL1) was born in Virginia, and died Bef. 1820 in Morgan Co., Georgia. He married USLA Bef. 1820.

By his father, Daniel Malone's LWT, 1795 in Halifax Co., Va. named as son, "To
my son, Jamison, a negro man named Harry, furnishings and livestock."

May be the Jamerson/Jamison Malone of Morgan Co., Ga. whose "Orphans of
Jamerson Malone" drew in the 1820 land lottery of Georgia, living at the time in
Leonard's district, Morgan Co., Ga. (Drew Lot 82, Sect. 7, Gwinnett Co., Ga.)
Widow of Jamerson/Jamison is possibly named Usla, as a widow named Usla Malone
drew land in land lottery from same district as the orphans of Jamerson/Jamison
Malone. (Drew land lot 120, Sect. 26, Irwin Co., Ga.)

Listed on 1798 census of Greene Co, Ga. with brothers Drury, Peter, John and
Daniel and an unknown David Malone, 1st Battalion, Major Daniel's Battallion
(*upper battalion) with 4 whites, no slaves.

In 1800 census of Edgefield Dist., SC.
pg. 162 "Jemison Malone"

2 males under 10
1 male 16-26
1 female 16-26

pg. 185

"Jemmerson Malone"
2 males under 10
1 male 26-45
one female under 10
one female 16-26. (lives adj. to a Drury Malone)

pg. 185
Drury Malone
2 males 10-16
1 male over 45
1 female 10-16
one female 16-26
one female over 45.

Dies before 1819 when his orphans drew land in Gwinnett Co., Georgia.
Early deeds to Gwinnett Co., Ga. were lost in courthouse fire about 1871.

Notes for USLA:
Is not a proven wife of Jamerson Malone, but is listed as a widow, residing in
same county and district of "Orphans of Jamerson Malone" in the 1820 land
lottery from Leonard's district, Morgan Co., Ga.

Randolph A. Malone, author of Malone and Allied Families, Second and Revised
Edition (1996) identifies Jamerson's issue as Sarah Malone married Anthony
Randolph Peeler and Johnson Malone married Permetia., and lived in Union Parish,
La. in the 1850 census with Usla, aged 70. (Birth date circa 1780).
This would roughly coincide with a Jamerson Malone, with a female aged 16-26 in
the 1800 census of Edgefield Dist., SC, most likely a wife.

Union Parish, La. census, 1850

pg. 356: Johnson Malone, 44 b. SC; Bermetia 37 b. SC; Ruth 17 b. Ala.;
Marian 13 (male) b. Ala.; Jane, 9 b. Ala.; Louisa 7, b. Ala.; Benjamin, 5, b.
Ala.; George, 1 b. Ala.; U. Malone, 70 f. b. Va.

(Malones in same co., 1850)

pg. 355.
James Malone, 48, farmer b. Ga.; Louisa 44, b. Ga.; James, 20 b. Ga.;
William, 18 b. Ala.; Daniel 16 b. Ala.; Janes 14 b. Ala.; Mary, 12 b. Ala.;
Martha, 10 b. Ala.; Alfred. 8 b. Ala.

pg. 356
Henry Malone, 26 farmer b. SC; Nancy 25 b. Ga.

       Children of JAMERSON MALONE and USLA are:



ii.   JOHNSON MALONE, b. Abt. 1806, SC.


6. BANNISTER2 MALONE (DANIEL1) was born 1770-1780 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1820 in Adair Co., Ky.. He married MARTHA MILLER August 12, 1804 in Adair Co., Kentucky.

Listed as son of Daniel Malone in his 1795 LWT, Halifax Co., Va. "To my son
Bannister, 2 negro boys, Reuben and Jack, furnishings and livestock.

Bannister Malone is believed to be the Bannister Malone who md. Martha Miller
circa 1801 in Adair Co., Ky.

Malone and Allied Families, Second and Revised Edition by Randolph Malone, give
Bannister's children as: Benjamin, b. ca. 1805 Ky., married a Sarah
Benjamin lived Williamson Co., Ky. 1850-descendants to Columbus, Lowndes Co.,
Ms.; 2) Jordan Allen Malone md. Letitia Crenshaw Andrews. Lived Williamson Co.,
Tn. through 1870 census. 3) Sally Malone md. Adair Co., Ky. William Patten.

Is said to have married second Delina Dillingham 18 Sept. 1823 in Adair Co.,
In 1799 Cumberland Co., Ky. Tax list
and had 100 acres on Cumberland River with one horse and one cow.
On 12-24-1798 was "entitled to" 200 acres on south side of Cumberland River in
Green Co., Ky.

In 7-16-1812 he was security with John Ingram for John Hancock, constable in
Adair Co., Ky. which was formed from Green Co. in 1802.

On 4-6-1813 "Banister Malone and hands to assist Robert Todd in surveying a
road from Columbia to Greensburg"

Had young children still residing with him in Adair Co., Ky.

1820 Kentucky Census-Adair Co., Ky.
pg. 003
Banister Malone-2 males under 10
1 male 26-45
1 female under 10
1 female 10-16
1 female 16-26

1830 Kentucky Census-Adair Co., Ky.

pg. 030

Bannister Malone-1 male under 5
1 male 50-60 *if Banister, born 1770-1780
1 female 5-10
1 female 20-30 *second wife, Delina?

Source: Malone and Allied Families, Second and Revised Edition by Randolph
Malone, pg. 200. Not provable by me in any legal records.

Martha Miller, d/o Joseph Miller, 1st wife of Bannister Malone.

       Children of BANNISTER MALONE and MARTHA MILLER are:

i.   JORDAN ALLEN3 MALONE, b. September 15, 1804, Adair Co., Kentucky; d. August 23, 1888, Crawford, Mississippi.

Malone and Allied Families, Second and Revised Edition by Randolph A. Malone,
page 200 gives this son of Bannister Malone marrying in Willliamson Co., Tn.
9-18-1859 a Letitia Crenshaw Andrews, d/o Tapley and Nancy (Ragsdale) Andrews.
Also, stated Jordan Allen Malone lived in Williamson Co., Tn. through the 1870
census of Williamson Co., Tn, listed as a farmer b. Ky. Also listed date of
death found on this group sheet.

ii.   BENJAMIN MALONE, b. Abt. 1805, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1850.


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