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I am researching the following surnames: Mc Meekin, Zilic, Mc Gee, Borresen, Ojer, Smith, Lepper, Swanson, Anderson
Lester Charles Mc Meekin was born in Chicago, IL,in 1917, to Charles Mc Meekin and Esther (Anderson) Mc Meekin. Esther was originally from Burlington?, Iowa.
Lester was married c1940, and a child they had went to Fiske Grammar school in Chicago, IL in the late 1940's.
This child was in the first grade there in 1949.
I am trying to find the whereabouts of this child.


James Darrell Mc Meekin
16541 S. Brigitte Ct.
Orland Hills, IL 60477
United States
Fax: 708-424-1136
Report Section:

James D Mc Meekin - InterneTree

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