Spring Mill State Park

Since the 1930's the descendants of Thomas Hamer Jr. and his sons: Hugh, Thomas

L., James, and Joseph; and daughter, Nancy Hamer Jennings Crowfoot, have met in

formal reunions at Spring Mill Park in Lawrence County, Indiana. Before that

time there were many informal family gatherings.

Accounts of previous family reunions:



The decedents of the four Hamer men that came to Indiana met on June 2 at Spring

Mill Park, Mitchell, Indiana.

Due to high gas prices and hot weather, the group was one of the smallest that

has attended in years.

Financial Report:

Starting Balance for 2007    $316.00


Food, Ice and Charcoal......... 19.53

‘08 Shelter House Rental......  50.00

Balance for 2008                $246.47

Officers elected for 2008:

President – Glenn Hamer

Secretary - Eric Hamer

Treasurer - Norma Ritter


Datha J. Walters reported the death of her mother, Dona Rose Evans Morrow, died March 25, 2007

Bob Farley reported the birth of his first GGC, London Arabella Sturgeon born

October 17, 2006

Next year’s reunion will be June 7, 2008 at the Sycamore Shelter House (at the

end of the parking lot).

Those attending this year were:

Norma Ritter – Bedford, IN

Joyce Tolliver Wilson - Mitchell, IN

Eric, Bev, Corey, Brady, Chase, & Luke Hamer - Mitchell, IN

George & Jane Wilcox, Mitchell, IN

Neal & Melanie Wayman - Washington, IN

Glenn & Linda Hamer - Mitchell, IN


2006 HAMER REUNION – June 3, 2006

The Hamer Family clan met in the Sycamore Shelter House at Spring Mill State

Park on June 3 at noon. With a cool breeze blowing through the shelter house

some 25 related kinfolks gathered around the tables to eat grilled hamburgers,

hot dogs and a variety of covered dishes.

Officers for 2007 were elected:

Glenn Hamer, President

Eric Hamer, Secretary

Norma Ritter, Treasurer

Financial Report for 2006:

Starting Balance ........... $460.00


Stamps, cards & labels ..... $38.00

Food ................................. 56.00

Shelter .............................. 50.00

Total .............................. $144.00

Balance to start 2007 ...... $316.00

No deaths were reported for the year.

Two births were announced:

Luke Jared Hamer born to Eric & Bev Hamer on March 31, 2006.

He is Glenn & Linda Hamer’s grandson.

Haeven Lorelai born to Brig & Jamie Del Fierro on April 12, 2006.

She is Norma Ritter’s great granddaughter.

Information was shared about two buildings in Lawrence County.

The old drug store building on the corner of Main and Ninth Street in downtown

Mitchell that was razed was the building that the town fathers met in the upper

rooms to discuss important events. Hugh and Thomas Hamer were some of those town


fathers that met there from time to time.

The Lawrence County Museum moved to a new building on the town square of

Bedford. When the buildings face was removed to the original facing the name

"Hamer Smith" was revealed at the top. This building was a funeral home ran by

Frank Hamer and a Smith.

Those attending were:

Mike and Charlene Thomas of Washington, Indiana.

Sarah Thomas, Ryliegh Dillon and Kim Smith of Washington, Indiana.

Norma Ritter of Bedford, Indiana.

George and Jane Wilcox of Mitchell, Indiana.

Howard and June Smith of Campbellsburg, Indiana

Joe and LaDonna (Cook) King of Vallejo, California.

Ken and Edna Cook of New Harmony, Utah.

Melanie Wayman of Washington, Indiana.

Tom Matteson and Tammy Coan of Petersburg, Indiana.

Eric, Bev, Corey, Brandy, Chase and Luke Hamer of Mitchell, Indiana.

Glenn and Linda Hamer of Mitchell, Indiana.

Next Years Reunion will be held on June 2, 2007 at the Sycamore Shelter House.



The Hamer Family Reunion was held at Spring Mill State Park on June 25, 2005

with 25 people attending. Everyone enjoyed sharing and getting to know one

another. We shared in a meal and many walked through the village.

The Elected Officers for 2006 are:

Glenn Hamer- President

Eric Hamer- Secretary

Norma Ritter- Treasurer


Financial Report for 2005

Starting Balance ------- Total $ 548.00

Expenses: Stamps - $ 23.00

Food - $ 51.00

Shelter Rental - $ 50.00 (for 2006)

Total Expenses --------- Total $ 124.00

Balance $ 424.00

Donations for 2005 -------------- $ 36.00

Ending Balance --------- Total $ 460.00


We did not have a white elephant sale this and we won’t have one next year,

because our finances are in great shape. Next Years Reunion will be held on June

3, 2006 at the Sycamore Shelter House. This shelter house is located at the end

of the parking lot and has a rest room in it. Have a good year and see you all

next summer.


Those attending the 2005 Hamer Reunion were:

John & Linda Sears, Centennial, CO - Thomas L. Hamer

Molly Sears, Centennial, CO - Thomas L. Hamer

Paul & son Andrew Sears, Raleigh, NC - Thomas L. Hamer

Cheryl & Staci Talley, Arlington, TX - Thomas L. Hamer

John Matt, Cassie, & Braden Sears, Gerogetown, TX - Thomas L. Hamer

Joan & Samantha McLainln, Cedar Hill, TX - Thomas L. Hamer

Josh Sears, Littleton, CO - Thomas L. Hamer

Otto & Loetta Hamer, Murray, KY - Joseph Hamer

Richard & Datha Walters, Carmel, IN - Joseph Hamer

Eric, Bev & sons, Corey, Brandy, & Chase Hamer, Mitchell, IN - Joseph Hamer

Norma Ritter, Bedford, IN - Hugh Hamer

Glenn & Linda Hamer, Mitchell, IN - Joseph Hamer



Those who passed away (deaths):

Harold Cook - February 2003

Hobart Darold Cook - March 21, 2003

Those who came into this world (births):

Ryleigh Eileen Dillon- Born to Sarah Thomas and Dennis Dillon on July 31 2003

Grant Logan Padgett - Born to Samuel and Melissa Wayman Padgett April 16, 2002

The elected officers stayed the same with:

Glenn Hamer - President

Eric Hamer - Secretary

Norma Ritter - Treasurer

The Cook Family from California and Wyoming joined us this year for the reunion

to help make it one of the best attended reunions in several years. We had a

very good time visiting with relatives we hadn't seen before.

We held a White Elephant auction which was a lot of enjoyment.

We hope to see everyone there next year. Next year’s reunion will be held on

June 25, 2005 at the Donaldson Shelter House.

Financial Report 2004 showed a balance 85.00 .

Expenses for 2004:

Stamps & Labels....................... 32.00

Food & Supplies for Reunion........55.00

Total Expenses.......................... 87.00 (2.00) in the red

Auction and donations:

New Balance............................600.00

Money in red............................. - 2.00

Rental of Shelter for 2005 ......... - 50.00

Balance.................................$ 548.00


Edith S. Cook - Nashville, TN

Don and Sandra Wilson - Indianapolis, IN

Erik and Jill Scott and Family - Alexandria, IN

Dino (Harry) S. Passehl - Louisville, KY

Walter Elliott and Lynda Cook and Family - Buford, WY

Kenneth E. Cook, Sr. - Arroyo Grande, CA

Norma Ritter - Bedford, IN

Helen M. Cook - New Palestine, IN

Cheryl L. Wheeler - New Palestine, IN

Bill and Linda K. Willis - Columbus, OH

Melanie Wayman - Washington, IN

Opal A. Burton - Owingsville, KY

Mary Oakley - Paoli, IN

George and Jane Wilcox - Mitchell, IN

Karen Rodrigues - Pismo Beach, CA

Angela Stratton - Midway Park, NC

LaDonna King and Children - Vallejo, CA

Jo Ellen and Lee Marks - Cumberland, IN

Mike and Charlene Thomas and Family - Washington, IN

Josh and Tracy Thomas - Washington, IN

Glenn and Linda Hamer - Mitchell, IN



Those who have passed away:

Carol Sue Miller - February 14, 2003

Pearl Edmonson Knight - May 1, 2003


Matteson Eileen Padgett "Ellie" born June 28, 2003, to Samuel L. and Melissa

Wayman) Padgett of Plainville (Davies Co.) IN.

Officers for 2004 are:

Glenn Hamer - President

Eric Hamer - Secretary

Norma Ritter - Treasurer

Next years reunion will be held on the last Saturday of June June 2004) under

the trees by Sycamore Shelter House.

Those that attended the 2003 reunion were:

Norma Ritter - Bedford, IN

Mike, Charlene, Sarah Thomas and guest Dennis Dillon - Washington, IN

Eric, Bev, Corey, Brady, Chase Hamer and Kelsie Sampson - Mitchell, IN

Otto and Loetta Hamer - Murray, KY

David and Carol Padgett - Carmel, I

Keith Padgett - West Chester, PA

Glenn and Linda Hamer - Mitchell, IN

George and Jane Wilcox - Mitchell, IN


HAMER REUNION 2002 - August 3, 2002

Spring Mill State Park, Indiana

Under the hot summer sun in high humidity a small number of the Hamer clan met

for the annual reunion. Those attending were: David and Carol Padgett of Carmel,

Indiana; George and Jane Wilcox of Mitchell, Indiana; Norma Ritter of Bedford,

Indiana; Sarah Ritter of Mitchell, Indiana; Ted and Charlene Yulich and

granddaughter Jennifer of Kansas City, Kansas; Glenn and Linda Hamer of

Mitchell, Indiana. Guests with the Yulich's were Ron and Connie Watkins of

Plainfield, Indiana. A short meeting followed the meal. Elected as officers for

this coming year were: Glenn Hamer - president; Norma Ritter - treasurer. A

discussion was held about what to do for next year's reunion. It was decided to

hold the reunion on June 28th under the trees near the creek and the Sycamore

Shelter House by the big parking lot. Bring your own lawn chairs if you wish.

Next year will be a cookout. Hamburgers and hot dogs fixed on the grill. These

meats will be furnished. If you want something else please bring it. Please

bring covered dishes, desserts, and your own drinks. We will hold a white

elephant sale to replenish our treasury. The white elephant gifts will be

auctioned off then used as prizes in a bingo game. Winner of each game may trade

their gift with anyone else's. There will also be games for the children. In

order to plan better we will need RSVP's from those planing to attend the 2003


Those who have gone from our presence are: Maxine Chapman - August 9, 2001; Lois

Winniger - September 27, 2001.

After the meeting we adjourned in order to participate in the many activities

the park had going during their Harvest Days including the saw mill in



Hamer Reunion 2001 - June 9, 2001

Spring Mill State Park, Indiana

It was a beautiful summer day as sixteen descendants of Hugh and Joseph Hamer

gathered at the Donaldson Shelter House to share in fried chicken, ham, and

several covered dishes. No descendants from James or Thomas were present this

year. Several descendants had written, e- mailed or called to give regrets about

not being able to attend this year.

New descendants (births) were announced:

1. Brock Matteson, September 28, 2000, born to Bill Gene & Melinda Rose


The grandson of Tom Matteson and Cynthia Cassell.

2. Leah Christine Padgett, July 20, 1999 and Blake

Andrew Padgett, October 28, 2000, born to Samuel Leon Padgett and

Melissa Wayman.

Grandchildren of Neal Wayman and Melanie Matteson.

Both are:

The great grandchildren of Eugene Matteson and Eileen Best.

The great, great grandchildren of Hobert Best and Daisy Cook.

The great, great, great, grandchildren of Thomas Alvin Cook and Anna

Laura Hamer.

The great, great, great, great grandchildren of George Washington Hamer

(Little George) and Sarah Jane Denny.

The great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren of Joseph Hamer and

Evaline Wood.

3. Michael James Tucker, November 21, 2000, born to James Tucker and

Katherine Adel Meyer. Grandson of Lynn Meyer and Mary Annette


The great grandson of William McMullen and Mary Catherine Evans.

The great, great grandson of Albert Evans and Ethel Robinson.

The great, great, great grandson of Elijah Evans and Angeline Hamer.

The great, great, great, great grandson of Thomas L. Hamer and Hannah


Descendants who have entered eternal life were remembered:

1. Becky Meinberg, April 1, 1998.

2. Priscilla Hinshaw Knight, July 31, 2000.

3. John McDonald, October 28, 2000.

Discussion was held concerning how often (yearly or every other year) we should

hold our reunions since the numbers have been down the last several years. It

was decided to hold them every year but move the date to the later part of the

summer to see if we could get more people. Next years date is August 3, 2002 at

Sycamore Shelter House at the end of the parking lot by the lake.

Officers for the new year were elected:

President - Glenn Hamer

Vice President - George Wilcox

Secretary - Charlene Thomas

Treasurer - Norma Ritter

Charlene Thomas read some poems that she had written. The hat was passed for

donations and food items were sold for a total of $27.00

Descendants attending from the Hugh Hamer line were: George and Jane Wilcox

Descendants from the Joseph Hamer line were:

Glenn & Linda Hamer

Tim Nicholson

Clyde Nicholson

Floyd Nicholson

Mike & Charlene Thomas

Melanie Wayman and Leah Padgett

Eric, Bev, Corey, Brady and Chase Hamer

One guest - Sharon Jones

The meeting broke up about 2:00 p.m.


Hamer Reunion 2000 - June 24, 2000

Spring Mill State Park, Indiana

It was a rainy morning, but the rain stopped as the descendants of Hugh,

Thomas, James, and Joseph gathered in the Oak Ridge Shelter House of

Spring Mill State Park, Indiana.

Some 35 people came together to share in a meal and stories. Fourteen

families were represented. The furthest anyone came was from Kansas

City, Kansas. Everyone shared a little about themselves, and which of

the four brothers they were descended from.

From the Hugh Hamer line: George and Jane Wilcox; Norma Ritter.

From the Thomas L. Hamer line: David Padgett.

From the James Hamer line: Ted and Charlene Yulich.

From the Joseph Hamer line: Tom and Cynthia Matteson; Tim and Melanie

Wayman; Mike and Charlene Thomas; Josh and Vikie Thomas; Sarah Thomas; Bill and

Mary Ann Mann; Bill and Wanita Goller (Wanita is also related to Thomas Hamer,

Sr.); Eric and Beverly Hamer; Otto and Loetta Hamer; Glenn and Linda Hamer.

Elections were held. President: Glenn Hamer; Vice President: Bill Goller;

Secretary: Eric Hamer; Treasurer: Norma Ritter.

Old pictures and information was passed around and shared. An auction

of white elephant items were sold to help raise money for the next

year. New acquaintances were made and old ones renewed. Group photos

were taken.

The meeting broke up around 3:00 pm so folks could tour the village and

cemetery. Dulcimers were being played in the village tavern. As people

departed for their trips home all agreed to bring others next year.

The Hamer Reunion for next year will be held on June 9, 2001

12:00 noon Donaldson Shelter House Spring Mill State Park


Hamer Cemetery Reunion 1999 - July 16, 1999

Descendants of mill owners return to park


Times-Mail News Editor

MITCHELL -- They come from cities around the country to get together once a year

for a family reunion. Such gatherings are about food, fellowship, reminiscing

and learning babies' names. But, for descendants of Hugh Hamer, gathered this

weekend at Spring Mill State Park, the annual reunion has been about something

else - work. But that four-letter word isn't scaring away the estimated 50

people this year's reunion attracted. The Hamer family is building a shelter at

Hamer Cemetery inside the park. "It's been as much fun as everything we do

together," said Georgia Lucas of Atlanta, Ga. "We're a very close family." In

the way of a quick history lesson, Hugh Hamer and his brother Thomas, back

around 1832, had become the owners of the village and grist mill at Spring Mill.

Hugh set aside a tract of land to be used for the burial of those people who

lived and died in the area. These days, the cemetery is only for the descendants

of those who were buried there in those earlier times. Those descendants include

Lucas, as well as her siblings: John "Butch" Hamer of St. Louis, Doris Hamer of

Tucson, Ariz., Jackie Childers of Bedford and Helen Lahrman of Brownstown. Hugh

Hamer was their great great grandfather. All of them, along with their children

and grandchildren are spending the weekend at Spring Mill, putting the finishing

touches on the cemetery's new shelter and looking toward a Sunday dedication

ceremony at the cemetery where many of the family say they, too, will one day be

buried. The group used to gather at the home of their parents, John Sr. and

Lottie, near Brownstown. But their father died and their mother's health

declined, so they began gathering in Kentucky. This year, however, the reunion

returned to Indiana. Childers said, "I thought for the last reunion of the

century, we should go back to our roots and let our children and grandchildren

know where we originated." Then, too, there was the other reason to bring the

family to Spring Mill - the shelter. John estimated that 500 to 600 hours have

gone into the work, and there were occasions when as many as a dozen family

members were working on it at once. No electricity is available at the cemetery,

so they've been doing much of the work with hand tools. When John Hamer Sr.

died, his children established a memorial fund. They hadn't decided on a use for

the money, but they knew their father and their uncle, Frank Hamer, had been

very interested in the cemetery and its maintenance. Then Priscilla Knight of

Mitchell, a sister to John Sr. and Frank, came up with the idea of building a

shelter at the cemetery. John Jr. said, "It was really her idea to have a spot,

that whenever she went out there to visit, to have a cool spot to sit down and

rest and contemplate things." Priscilla's nieces and nephews, including Frank's

daughter, bought into the idea, and John Jr., who works as an engineer, used his

computer to design the structure. Spring Mill property manager Mark Young said

the family requested permission from the Division of State Parks and Reservoir

Management to build the shelter. The approval was granted with the stipulation

that the Hamer family provide all the materials and do all the construction

themselves. Young said the state is responsible for general maintenance at the

cemetery. The responsibility was transferred from the Hamer Cemetery Association

to the state in 1933. He said the association had lost some cemetery records in

a fire. "The cemetery is still active," Young said, "but you have to be a direct

descendant of the Hamers or one of the other families (already there) to be

buried there." The park, in 1987-88, did an inventory of burials at the

cemetery, using any still-legible information that was on headstones. A complete

inventory is difficult to achieve. "We suspect there were burial sites where

people just used wood for the headstones," Young said. "We suspect the cemetery

may be fuller than what it looks like." The park has applied for grant money

that would allow the use of new technology to assist with a survey of burial

sites. The procedure is non-invasive, according to Young, who said the

technologies will utilize shock waves to determine whether the soil had ever

been disturbed in certain areas. "We're fairly confident we're going to be

getting the funds," Young said.


Hamer Reunion 1997 - July 1, 1997

Reunion main story By Mary G. Johnson

Times-Mail Staff Writer

Bedford, Indiana

It's a time for remembering and making new memories, a time to look at old

pictures and take new pictures, a time to celebrate the living and memorialize

the dead, a time to gather together by birthright. A family reunion can be

joyous and happy, sad and lonely all at the same time. Blood ties can span miles

and years, bringing together people who share both genetic and remembered

heritage. While an empty chair can be haunting when the reunion comes following

a death in a family, death can actually bring a family closer together ...

Hamer Family

While the Quinn reunion was under way, the Hamer family was holding a reunion in

Spring Mill's Donaldson Shelter House. Priscilla Hamer Knight, 89, one of the

oldest members of the Hamer clan, wasn't feeling well enough to make it. She is

the great-granddaughter of Hugh Hamer, who operated the mill at Spring Mill

until his death in 1872. When she goes to the reunion and looks around

remembering those who used to be there and have died, she thinks, "Gee, of this

generation, I'm it." At the other end of the age spectrum, Corey Hamer spent

time at the family reunion blowing bubbles. Corey will be 2 in August. Priscilla

knows the family history. Corey doesn't even fully understand what a family is,

let alone a family reunion. By the time he is interested in learning about his

ancestors and getting acquainted with his kin, Priscilla will have joined the

other Hamers in the Hamer family cemetery at the park. It will be up to the rest

of the clan to share the family stories with him. "I guess the older we get the

more we cherish our heritage." said George Wilcox, 72, R.2, Mitchell,

great-great-grandson of Hugh Hamer, who remembers coming to Hamer reunions when

he was a boy. In those days Wilcox and the other younger Hamers would explore

the park after dinner instead of listening to the old stories. And that hasn't

changed. Following dinner at the 1997 Hamer reunion, younger family members went

off to explore Donaldson Cave. The older ones sat and talked, looked over a long

chart showing all the different branches of the family, held a business meeting

to elect officers, then a white elephant sale to raise money for the next

reunion and a memorial service. The Rev. Glenn Hamer, 47, Mitchell, said the

family descends from four brothers, Hugh and Thomas who ran the mill at Spring

Mill and Joseph and James who ran the mill that once stood at Avoca. He is a

descendant of Joseph. The family is widely scattered. Reunions began in the

1930s, but were discontinued during World War II. They resumed in the early

1980s and for a while Hamers were traveling great distances to come to the

reunions. Not now. Now those who attend are from this area for the most part.

There are 139 on the list of relatives, but only about 25 attended the reunion

this year. The Hamers have tried to attract more family members to the reunion.

"We had them dress in old fashioned clothes," said Glenn. "We had some come and

play the older instruments, the dulcimers, bagpipes. We tried to organize games

and activities that kids might like, badminton, horseshoes. We've tried

everything. "We understand people from great distances can't take their vacation

every year to come back for the reunion. Our hope is every other year or every

third year. It's the young folks we can't pull in no matter what we plan ...

They don't seem as interested in their roots," said Glenn. David Padgett, 51,

Carmel, a descendant of Thomas L. Hamer, said "Everybody goes off in their

different direction. You graduate from college. You don't bring it back home.

You go off and do what's best for your new family." Padgett comes to be in

Spring Mill and to be with his family. "That's the drawing card for me: my

heritage with Spring Mill and the family meetings that we have and talk about

yesteryear. It's still a thrill to walk through the park and just kind of get a

feel, a sense of what it was like to live here 100 years ago." But some young

people catch fire for family history and heritage early on. Glenn's son, Eric

Hamer, 23, Mitchell, who is Corey's father, used to visit the Hamer Cemetery in

the park regularly starting when he was 16. It was a place where he could talk

out his troubles to the tombstones of his relatives. He kept doing it until he

met his wife and got married. "My friends always thought it was odd. I never

thought anything of it. Neither did my father. He realized that was the only

place I had I felt like we had roots." These ties with the past and present

"give me the feeling that our family actually has some history. We aren't just

out here alone. We have a history and a past behind us and our relatives have

done great things and in the future hopefully will do other things," said Eric.

He hopes to be buried in the Hamer Cemetery one day if there are plots

available. "Maybe some years down the road some kid will sit at my tombstone,"

he said.


Hamer Family Reunion 1996 - June 29, 1996

Excerpts from Newsletter

In the business meeting which followed the meal, Reunion President David

Padgett, told the group that he had tentatively gotten the Donaldson Shelter for

the June 28, 1997 Reunion. He received several replies from his Family Tree

request. He said that the goal was to have a family tree available for everyone.

Phyllis Riess stated that she had received letters from Clarice DeWreede's son,

from Mary Sears, and from Delma McDonald, who had been instrumental in

organizing the first reunion. Jane Wilcox , George Wilcox, Melanie Wayman, and

Priscilla Knight gave ideas for activities. David Padgett and Phyllis Riess

commented on the newsletter. Information on James Hamer and Nancy Hamer Crowfoot

was sought. June Smith brought a collection of old photos to identify. Eric

Hamer made a treasury report. Election of officers was had: Melanie Wayman,

pres.; David Padgett, vice pres.; Eric Hamer, treas.; Phyllis Riess, newsletter

/ secretary. Rev. Glenn Hamer conducted a prayer service for deceased: Oren

Hamer Wilcox, b. 3 Aug 1920, d. 24 Jan 1996, Hugh Hamer; Mary Ann Wilcox, b. 12

Nov, 1932, d. 23 Jan 1996, Hugh Hamer; Leland Burton, d. Oct 1995, Hugh Hamer;

Clifford Burton, b. 4 Jul 1914, d. 8 Jan 1996, Joseph Hamer; Hobart Franklin

Cook, d April 1996, Joseph Hamer. Following the meeting Otto Hamer conducted a

white elephant auction.


Hamer Family Reunion 1995 - June 25, 1995

Excerpts from Newsletter

A brief business meeting was conducted by Reunion President, David Padgett. A

family newsletter will be sent out. Families were asked to submit their family

lines to David Padgett with the idea of getting all these together and

distributing copies. Next year's reunion will be held June 29, 1996, at the

Sycamore Shelter at Spring Mill State Park. Officers for the 1996 reunion were

elected: David Padgett, Carmel, IN, pres.; Melanie Wayman, Washington, IN, vice

pres.; Eric Hamer, Mitchell, IN, treas.; Phyllis Riess, Galesburg, IL,

newsletter ed/ secretary. Otto Hamer conducted a white elephant sale. Rev. Glenn

Hamer conducted a memorial service for those who died during last year: Chester

Knight, b. 10 Feb 1906, d. 15 Sep, 1994, Mitchell, Hugh Hamer; Charles Burton,

b. 6 Sep 1919, d. 13 Nov 1994, Joseph Hamer; Barbara Fisher, b. 20 Apr 1948, d.

2 Jan 1995, Mitchell, Hugh Hamer; Paul F. Evans, b. 29 Jul 1919, d. 5 Mar 1995,

Evansville, Thomas L. Hamer. Attending from Indiana were: Ellis Fisher, Eric and

Bev Hamer, Glenn and Linda Hamer, Matthew Johnson, Priscilla Knight, George and

Jane Wilcox, and Tawnie Batchelor, all of Mitchell; Mary Catherine McMullen of

Vincennes; Mary Oakley of Paoli; David, Carol and Chris Padgett of Carmel; Josh

and Vickie Thomas of Washington; Michael , Charlene and Sarah Thomas of Oakland

City; Opal Burton of French Lick; Robert and Joyce Farley of Jeffersonville.

Those from out of state were: Otto and Loetta Hamer of Murray, KY; Keith and

Becky Padgett of Westchester, PA; and Phyllis Riess of Galesburg, IL.


Hamer Family Reunion 1985 - August 10, 1985

Excerpts from Minutes

Rev. Glenn A. Hamer gave the noon blessing over a bounteous pitch-in dinner.

Thomas Hamer made the motion that the meeting be held at the Butternut

Shelterhouse in Spring Mill State Park next year. It was voted to retain the

reunion every year on the second Saturday of August. It will be August 9, 1986,

at noon... Glenn announced a few things that he had available... Jane Wilcox was

elected president and yours truly (Eileen Matteson) is still your secretary and

correspondent ... An auction was called by Otto Hamer, assisted by Linda Hamer

and Melanie Wayman.. Bertha Burton celebrated her 91st birthday and was the

oldest to receive a gift. Clarice DeWreede came the farthest from San Jose,

California. The youngest was Lisa Hamer, five months, from Florida. Robert

Farley had some interesting material on how to tell how you are related by a

cousin chart. Dawn Smith had a beautiful family tree done in calligraphy. Emma

Roegge explained that she had some more information from England background from

her D.A.R. membership... There were 64 registered in attendance. Those attending

from out of state were: Ray and Audra Young and Thomas and Roxanne Hamer, Ohio;

Bob and Pat Gustafson and Ray Weaver, Illinois; Hugh Hamer and June, Dawn, and

Lee Ann Smith, New York; Otto and Loetta Hamer, Kentucky; Clarice and John

DeWreede, California; Thomas Hamer and Mary and children from Florida. Those

from Indiana were: Emma Roegge, Seymour; Donna Mohler and daughters and Thelma

Mohler, Boonville; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Farley and daughter, Jeffersonville; Mary

Ann wilcox and Doris Owens, Indianapolis; Mr. & Mrs. John Hamer and Helen

Lahrman, Brownstown; Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thomas and family, Oakland City; Melanie

Wayman and family and Eileen Matteson, Washington; Bertha Burton and Sarah

Miller, Bloomington; Paul Evans and Eloise Brown, Evansville; Pauline Taylor,

Beech Grove; Loretta Wadsworth, Plainville; Rev. & Mrs. Glenn Hamer and son,

West Baden Springs; Georgia Hamer Wilcox, Barbara Fisher, Matthew Johnson, Mr. &

Mrs. George Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. Hamer Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Knight, Frank V.

Hamer, and Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sanders, all of Mitchell.


Hamer Reunion 1942 - Fall of 1942

Mitchell Tribune

Hamer Family Reunion Held at Spring Mill Park. Group Meets at Home of

Forefathers for Dinner and Social Time; Memorial Services Held.

The annual Hamer family reunion was held at Spring Mill Park, Sunday, with many

members of the family and friends present. These reunions at the park are in the

nature of a homecoming for the Hamer family, and the founders of the Lawrence

County branch of the family lived in Spring Mill Village. A basket dinner was

served at noonand during the afternoon, Miss Mary Hamer of Mitchell read

memorials to Mrs. Addie Houston and Charles Evans, members of the family who

have passed away within the year. The remainder of the afternoon was spend

informally. In the group were: Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Mann, Mr. & Mrs. Frank V. Hamer,

Mrs. L.C. Ralston of Orleans; Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Sears and family, J. Frank

Hamer, Mrs. Molly Sylvester, Mrs. Myra Lucas of Bedford; Mr. & Mrs. Alfred

Andrews of Lawrenceport; Mr. & Mrs. John Hamer and family and Miss Barbara

Havens of Brownstown; Miss Mary Hamer of Mitchell; Mr. & Mrs. Orin Wilcox and

family, and Mrs. Alma Hamer of Tunnelton; Mrs. John Hinshaw and daughter of New

Castle; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackwell of Louisville. Plans were made to hold the

1943 reunion at the Park, the second Sunday of August.


Hamer Reunion 1938 - September 4, 1938

Mitchell Tribune

Mitchell, Indiana

Meeting for the tenth consecutive year in the historic Spring Mill Park, the

Hamer association held the annual reunion on Sunday, September 4. The

association is composed of descendants of the Colonel Hugh Hamer and Thomas

Hamer families. The noon dinner was served in the lower shelter house of the

park, which is situated in a beautiful grove of virgin timber. An impressive

memorial for the late John R. Riley of Bedford, who has passed away since the

last meeting, was given by Mrs. Nelson Sears. Mrs. John Padgett of Anderson gave

a brief talk on "The Early Women of the Hamer Family". The remainder of the

program was devoted to reminiscence and enjoyment of the park and pioneer

village. The reunion group included: J. Frank Hamer, Mrs. Myra Lucas, Mr. & Mrs.

Nelson Sears and family of Bedford; Miss Letty Armstrong, Mrs. Alma Hamer, Mr. &

Mrs. Oren Wilcox and family, Mr. & Mrs. John Hamer and family, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph

Hamer and family of Mitchell; Mr. & Mrs. Albert Evans and family, Washington;

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Padgett, Mrs. John Padgett, of Anderson; Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Hamer and family, Cincinnati, O.; Mrs. Emma Rhoades and family of Columbus; Mr.

& Mrs. James Hamer, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Carter, Mrs. Addie Parker, Mrs. Maude

Hamer Wesner of Seymour; Miss Helen Hayden, George Akers of Louisville; Mr. &

Mrs. Robert Blackwell and daughter, Mrs. Jesse Lindenberger, Miss Harriet

Lindenberger of Louisville, Ky.; Mr. & Mrs. Frank V. Hamer and family, Prof. and

Mrs. L. G. Ralston of Orleans; Mr. & Mrs. John Hinshaw and daughter, Atlanta,

Ga. Mrs. Frank Hamer of this city was unable to attend because of illness. The

officers of the association included Frank V. Hamer, Tunnelton, president; Oran

Wilcox, Tunnelton, vice president; Mrs. Frank V. Hamer, secretary-treasurer;

Miss Mary Hamer. Mitchell, historian.


Hamer Reunion 1933 - September 1933

Mitchell Tribune

Mitchell, Indiana

The fourth annual Hamer Cemetery Association meeting was held Sunday at Spring

Mill State Park with approximately fifty direct descendants of the old residents

of Spring Mill who lie in that hallowed spot, overlooking Spring Mill village,

known as the 'Old Hamer Cemetery". A bountiful dinner was enjoyed in the shelter

of the park after which the annual business meeting was held. Frank V. Hamer,

president of the organization, presided. The election of officers resulted in

the re-election of the old officers, Frank V. Hamer, president; Oren wilcox,

vice-president; Mrs. Frank V. Hamer, secretary-treasurer. Charles A. Deturk, of

Indianapolis, assistant general superintendent of parks of the State

Conservation Department was an honored guest. He brought the glad tidings that

the state would take over the Hamer cemetery to make it a beauty spot of the

park and insure its perpetual upkeep. He had the blue prints with him to show

the proposed improvement. The plat will be encircled with an old style post and

railing fence with large gate and pedestrian gate and native stone posts. It is

planned to use native shrubbery and old fashioned flowers that will insure

blooms the entire season. Following Mr. Deturk's talk the Hamer Cemetery

Association was dissolved, and the Hamer Family Reunion to meet annually was

organized. The membership to be the descendants of the Hamers , as well as

others buried in this cemetery. Rev. Joel Lee Jones made a splendid address

which was replete with eulogies of Col. Hugh Hamer and other old time settlers.

He also conducted an impressive memorial service, sacred to the memory of Gus A.

Hamer, one of the most prominent members of this organization, who met such a

tragic death several weeks ago in Vincennes. There were inpromptu talks by J.

Frank Hamer of this city, first president and instigator of the organization,

grandson of the late Hugh Hamer, who was born in the lower Hamer house of Spring

Mill Village; Robert Hamer, of Cincinnati, Ohio, son of Bruce Hamer, youngest

son of Hugh Hamer, who also recalled that he was born in the lower Hamer house;

James M. Hamer, scion of Joseph Hamer, Seymour, and Robert Blackwell,

Louisville, Ky., scion of Thomas Hamer. William Lynn, sexton the past four years

of the Hamer Cemetery, grandson of the late Jimmy Lynn, who formerly owned the

Donaldson land, and was an old time wood carder, was commended for the interest

he has taken in keeping the cemetery in order. There were relatives present from

Bedford, Mitchell, Rivervale, and Orange County. The out-of-town guests

included: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hamer and their children, Carol and Chester Hamer

and the latters' son Tom, and Miss Nancy Hamer of Cincinnati, Ohio; Mr. & Mrs.

James Hamer, Mr. & Mrs. John Williams, Mrs. Maude Hamer Wesner, and Miss D.

Parker, Seymour; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blackwell and daughter Lucille of Louisville,

Ky., Miss Golda Riber of Dayton, Ohio, Charles A. Deturk of Indianapolis, and

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Mann of Orleans.

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