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View Tree for John Henry McWilliamsJohn Henry McWilliams (b. June 28, 1806, d. October 20, 1870)

John Henry McWilliams (son of William McWilliams and Eleanor CeMore) was born June 28, 1806 in Hardin Co., Ky, and died October 20, 1870 in Macon Co., Mo. He married (1) Mariah Cruiser on January 1828 in Meade County, Kentucky. He married (2) Sarah Elizabeth Rowe on December 28, 1848 in Greene County, Indiana, daughter of John Rowe.

 Includes NotesNotes for John Henry McWilliams:
From Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland County Pennsylvania
J.L. Floyd & Co., Chicago, 1911
[Similar biographical information has also appeared in Bell's work.]

William McWilliams Born: 1739, County Armagh, Ireland Died: 11 January 1819, Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland Co., PA. Buried: Chillisquaque
Father: _____ McWilliams Mother:_____ Watt
Spouse : Sarah Johnston Nicols*see spelling note under sources
Married 27 March 1771 by Rev. John Cuthbertson in York County PA
Born: 11 Jan 1754 Died: 6 Oct 1806, Chillisquaque Twp Buried: Old Churchyard, Chillisquaque
Children of William and Sarah J. (Nicols) McWilliams:
1. Hannah McWilliams b. 3 October 1771 m. John Black; d. 1833, age 75
2. James McWilliams b. 27 September 1773
3. Thomas McWilliamsb. 27 November 1775 d. 20 November 1833; bur. at Old Churchyard, Chillisquaque m. Elizabeth Davis; had 7 sons and 7 daughters
4. Mary McWilliams b. 3 October 1777m. A. Cruiser
5. Eleanor McWilliams b. 3 February 1780 m. John Scott [noted as Scout in some sources] ch: Kate (m. Tom Hoff)
6. William McWilliams b. 21 April 1782 d. 21 November 1853 m. Eleanor (?Munn?)[variously noted as DeMunn, Ce Munn; this may be "Eleanor C. Munn"?] ch. Thomas, Frank, Rhoda, Sam, John, William
7. John McWilliams b. 28 June 1784, Chillisquaque d. 30 July 1849, Chillisquaque m. Maria Cruiser; b. 31 May 1785; d. 28 September 1838; 8 children
Sources for the above abstract are:
1 - Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland County
J.L. Floyd & Co., 1911
2 - Daughters of the American Revolution membership application by Alyce
Jane McWilliams of Beaumont, Texas approved March 21, 1968.
3 - LDS computer records as of 1995 as provided by individual researchers.
4. York County Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. III which abstracted information from Register of Marriages and Baptisms performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson, 1751-1791 by S. Hellen Fields, 1934, reprinted 1983 (Gen. Publishing Co.).
[Rev. Cuthbertson spelled the Nicol name three ways over a span of 18 years -- Nickle, Nicol and Nicols. It has also been seen as Nichols.]

James and John McWilliams families who were in Hardin County starting in 1801 and as it concerns John,in Meade County starting about 1830.

1850 KY census for the Cruise surname in 1850? AIS listed a Issac pg 232 and Bejamin pg 229 in Meade Co KY. But only the index not listing children with ages and birthplace.

Per Meade Co., KY marriage records, John McWilliams married Mariah Cruise in January 1828.

Meade County, KY census for 1850 shows a Susan, age 15, Duleena, age 13, Patsy, age 7,John, age 5 months, all born in Indiana. Also listed are a John, age 45, and Elizabeth, age 25.

John McWilliams abt 1810 d.1870 Indania children:Ingo 1829,Elijah b.1833, Dulcenia b.1837 md. Illinois to Robert Still. There are other children

For many years I've been searching for the parents of my ancestor, John McWilliams. The 1870 Federal Census of Macon Co., MO lists household members:

John McWilliams b. KY, age 64
Sarah E. McWilliams b. KY, age 45
Mary C. McWilliams b. IN, age 18
Nancy A. McWilliams b. IN, age 15
John Rorve? (or Rowe?) b. KY, age 70, invalid

I think his middle initial was H. Also, I think his son John's full name was John Harvey McWilliams, and I'm about 90% certain that I have the right spouses for him. I have more info that I need to input into the McWilliams branch, but I'll send this for now.

Sources include: 1870 census of Macon Co., MO--Ten Mile Twp.; 1850 census of Meade Co., KY--John's family is listed twice--once with wife Sarah and again with wife Elizabeth and same children--obviously the same family; Macon Co., MO Marriage records; Greene Co., IN Marriage listing; e-mails from Georgia Hartwell and Sharon Williams; PRF submitted by Georgia Hartwell; Schuyler Co., IL Marriage listings online.

Faith Wong

When I looked at the information in your letter regarding <1 William McWilliams b: March 21, 1773 in Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland Co. PA> I thought "of course -- that's the missing link! and would agree with your statements about this William. However, upon checking dates, it appears we need to look at all aspects so let's take these one at a time. I love finding cousins but am also a stickler on accuracy and proof so hope you'll put up with a review of information.

I don't know what you have in the genealogy portion of your website listings so for this email, will be basing the John part on what I noted originally in the World Tree. Consequently some of my comments may be out of date, but will try cover the information on John McWilliams, born 1784, son of William and Sarah. What immediately stood out to me was the date shown for John and his supposed location in Kentucky. Then noticed those "obscure references" which come from an old handwritten history and currently under question as to who they actually refer to. All I could say was 'what is Alan doing to this poor guy?' Hope you'll keep that to yourself! Alan has collected a tremendous amount of information but I was so concerned if he had added years to a person's life and given him a new wife just to make a connection, that his database work may be very questionable. I have hounded him for years about sources so know it will be resolved. Well, with that little b! ackground out of the way, here is what I have about this John McWilliams.
- - - - -
John McWilliams, son of William and Sarah (Nicol) McWilliams of Northumberland Co., PA, was born there in 1784 just as you show. However, he died in July 1849, not 1859. This is documented through family records in the line of his son William, born 17 March 1821 in Pennsylvania and sourced to cemetery records, written information by William's son Benjamin and two handed-down family histories in that line. The date of death seems to be verifiable from photos of John's, and his wife's, headstones taken in the Chillisquaque, Pennsylvania church cemetery. The index to the photos states that John's headstone reads "Memory of John (W or N?) McWilliams who was born June 28, 1784. Died July 30, 1849. Aged 67 years, 1 month, 2 days." That appears to be what I can see in the photo. Additionally, the book "History of the Chillisquaque Church" by Rev. W.G. Finney, 1926, includes a summary of inscriptions of tombstones in the cemetery which lists John as 184! 9. That gives 75 years of less wear to any translation difficulties at least.

Additionally, it does not appear that this particular John McWilliams, of which there many so named, was ever in Kentucky. That is based upon the family group sheet provided by the Woods family of Kansas, showing he and Maria (Cruiser) had the following children, supposedly born in PA.
Name born
1. Sarah 27 Feb 1811
2. Jane C. 18 Jul 1813
3. Maria 1 Jan 1816
4. Eleanor 24 Oct 1818
5. William H. 17 Mar 1821
6. John C. 24 March 1824
7. Hannah 5 Aug 1827
8. James K. 24 Sep 1836

The sheet includes the following notes from the two handwritten histories, which are apparently from the early 1900s:
"All the above except William H. and James K. are buried with parents around monument and markers in Chillisquaque Cemetery in one plot."

"William H. & wife and James K. followed their sons Benjamin, Francis Marion & James Anthony to Missouri and Wm., and wife are buried in the Barton Cemetery at Barton County, Missouri. (Liberal, MO)"

he McWilliams couple sent a summary which appears to agree with your listings through Ingo Dosier McWilliams, born 1828 in Hardin County, KY, part of which follows:

"Ingo Dosier McWilliams born December 11, 1828 in Hardin County, Kentucky. died August 23, 1899 in Fredericktown, MO. Married Angeline Sears December 14, 1852 in Lawrence County, Indiana. They had 13 children that we have discovered.

"GGG Grandfather John Henry McWilliams born June 28, 1806 in Kentucky;
died October 20, 1870 in Macon County, MO. Married Maria Cruiser Jan 1828 in Meade County, Kentucky. They had four children that we have discovered. Ingo Dosier, Elijah born 1833 in Kentucky, Susan born 1835 in Indiana and Dulcenia Perlica born January 26, 1837 in Indiana.
Elijah married a Sarah and had a son named Howard born 1861 in Indiana.
Susan married Peter Snorder no known children.
Dulcenia Perlica married Robert Still and had three children . . ." etc.

They did not list sources in their letter but wanted to know if I had info on that John McWilliams may have been born to William and Sarah in 1806 when she was 52 years of age and four months prior to her decease. Her last recorded child was born in 1797. I won't pretend to have all the answers but this doesn't seem possible from any information I have seen.

At the same time, it seems to show that this John did not end up in Kentucky, marrying a woman some 40 years younger than he, and having 3 children after he was permanently settled in Pennsylvania.

With two independent people taking their research to the Northumberland area, it seems there must be some basis for going there. Your information on William, born 1773, appeared to be the missing link. William b1739 and Sarah McWilliams are shown having a son named William. This is one of the sons for which I have very limited information. All I seem to find on his children are the first names of six children, including a John. Looking at a range of possible birth dates and lack of information, it certainly looks possible this John may be who we are looking for. We need to compare data however to see if this matches.

You show
<1 William McWilliams b: March 21, 1773 in Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland Co. PA
.. +Eleanor CeMore>

My info has:
William McWilliams, born 21 April 1782, died 21 Nov 1853
married Eleanor CeMunn

The dates here are from the book "Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland County Pennsylvania" Floyd, 1911. The spouses' name is from the handwritten history previously mentioned, and which I have often questioned. It is quite possible that the name you give is the correct name. Otherwise it would be a cruel coincidence of similar names. Since the Cemunn name seems to be non-existant in Pennsylvania, my original theory from the writing was that it may have actually stated Eleanor C. Munn, with a small circle as the period which has been mis-translated as an "e". The Munn name is noted in early Pennsylvania so that was a possibility. Recent research, which by the way has uncovered a couple of new items, seemed to indicate the Cemunn name was a phonetic spelling, or misspelling of the name "Seaman" which does appear in the area at the time in question. Just threw those tidbits in to show people are reviewing and ch! ecking information. One example is we have just recently proven the that daughter Eleanor did marry John SCOUT. (Some trouble-maker questioned that from the handwriting - but she was right so- I'm sorry ) And of course, I suppose it is possible we are looking at two entirely different Williams here too, and thus the need for good research.

Back to the dates, it looks as though each of the above Williams needs checked out further. Floyd's information, for which there is no given original source, seems to agree with group sheets I have been sent so I tend to believe it is the source for those regarding William and Sarah and their children. I have no idea how to confirm or deny the dates given in Floyd's book so guess I'll leave that up to you! Floyd's information shows William & Sarah having a son James in September 1773. As far as I know, there is no record of a marriage or children for that James who is reported to have moved to what I believe was his sister's home in Pennsylvania where he died at an unknown date.

Well, have gone on much too long for a brief review of information ----
Hope we can speed up connections with the McWilliams couple I mentioned to see where they got John Henry McW birthdate of 1806 and location of Kentucky. You may want to check your sources for the date of birth of 1773 William McWilliams. Otherwise not really sure what to do next. If you confirm that date, we may need to look at the neighboring McWilliamses....Don't go changing it without proof though. We don't need to be quick Mormons around here-- (that's an inside joke I suppose) And I'll ask you about Hardin county another time - my head's gettin' dizzy as it is!

I take care of my 94 year old mother so have gotten this in between our morning and noon routine if it seems to jump around. Will look forward to your comments or corrections. Some of this stuff takes a while but I'm a firm believer there's information out there somewhere. Well, I'd probably exclude Ireland from that statement but that's another story. . .


More About John Henry McWilliams and Mariah Cruiser:
Marriage: January 1828, Meade County, Kentucky.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for John Henry McWilliams and Mariah Cruiser:
Per Meade Co., KY marriage records, John
McWilliams married Mariah Cruise in
January 1828.

More About John Henry McWilliams and Sarah Elizabeth Rowe:
Marriage: December 28, 1848, Greene County, Indiana.

Children of John Henry McWilliams and Mariah Cruiser are:
  1. +Ingo Dosier McWilliams, b. December 11, 1828, Hardin Co., KY, d. August 23, 1899, Fredricktown, MO.
  2. +Elijah McWilliams, b. 1833, Kentucky, d. date unknown.
  3. +Susan McWilliams, b. 1835, Indiana, d. date unknown.
  4. +Dulcenia Perlica McWilliams, b. January 16, 1837, Indiana, d. January 08, 1911, Davies County, MO.
  5. Patsy McWilliams, b. 1843, Indiana, d. date unknown.

Children of John Henry McWilliams and Sarah Elizabeth Rowe are:
  1. +John McWilliams, b. 1850, Indiana, d. Aft. 1905, Shelby Co,, MO.
  2. +Mary C. McWilliams, b. Abt. 1852, Indiana, d. November 08, 1880, Macom County, MO,.
  3. +Nancy A. McWilliams, b. 1856, Indiana, d. date unknown.
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