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Descendants of LORENTZ Mö(h)RING, Sr., by John A. Mehring

Generation No. 2

      3. LORENTZ2 Mö(h)RING, JR. (LORENTZ1) was born Bet. 1500 - 1513 in of Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria, and died Abt. 1586 in Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria. He met ANNA ?. She was born Unknown, and died in Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria.

Notes for LORENTZ Mö(h)RING, JR.:
LORENTZ Mö(H)RING, JR., (Aka. Möhring, Mörich, Morigk), of Gülchsheim über Hermmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria.
He married ____?. Evang. Lutherans.
.. Children: Valentin (i) & dau.__? (ii).
Lorentz was found in Gülchsheim, Mfr., between 1583-1586. After the death of his mother Margaretha, Lorentz Möring
received Inheritance and purchased part of one Courtyard Farm in Gülchsheim, Mfr., Bavaria, along with Michael Ott
and wife, Margaretha and Hans Kleinschrod and wife, Barbara, members of the family.
In Estate Book #669 (S. 155-156) of Dec. 19, 1586 in Gülchsheim, Mfr ., it is mentioned that Lorentz's sons are living
in Gülchsheim, Mfr., Bavaria, Germany.

Notes: Continued from Margaretha & Lorentz Mö(h)ring, Sr. & Lorentz Mö(h)ring, Jr. & his wife-Anna :

-- ( C H A N G E Text to read) -

1a3 - BERTHOLD II (I) of Zähringen-Swabia-Carinthia, Count of the Ortenau, of the Breis & Augst Districts, Noble
of NEUFFEN, Duke of Zäringen-Villingen, to Weilheim (1078), of Teck, of Württemberg, Baliff of Prüm
(1099-1103), Region Duke of Swabia, Duke & Heir of Rheinfelden (1092), Duke of the Alamannen (received
the Rights in Ulm, 1093), titular Duke of Carinthia, Duke of Burgundy, Margrave of Verona, of Baden, b. Abt.
1065 d. 4-12-1111. Buried Monastery St. Peter in the Schwarzwald. He m. 1079, AGNES, Countess & Heiress
of Rheinfelden, ducal Princess of Swabia, of Germany, b. 5-12-1060, d. 12-19-1111, a dau. of Rudolf, Count of
Rheinfelden, Duke of Swabia, anti-King of Germany (b. Abt. 1030 Rheinfelden, Swabia, Germany, d. 10-15-1080,
a Desc. of Charlemagne and Alfred, the Great. & 2nd Wife- Maud of Franken of Salian dynasty, Imp. Princess\
of the Holy Roman Empire, b. Abt. 1044 Franken, Germany, d. 5-12- 1060 (dau. of Henry III, the Black / the Pious
of Franken, Holy Roman Emperor (1039), b. 10-29-1017, d. 10-05-1056 & (m. 1043 in Ingelheim) & Agnes of
Poitou, ducal Princess of Aquitaine, dau. of Wilhelm V of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine & Agnes, Princess of
..Children: Luitgard (i), Judith (ii), Petrissa (iii), Konrad I ( iv), Rudolf (v), Agnes (vi), Friedrich I (vii) & Gerhard
of Zähringen (viii).
Upon Berthold, Duke of Rheinfelden's death Abt. 1080, Berthold II, Duke of Zähringen, through Rights of his
wife, Mathilda of Rheinfelden, became legal Heir in 1092 of the Rheinfelden stem possessions, especially
many possessions in East Juran Burgundy. Towards the choice of the Hohenstaufen, Friedrich I (1050-1105),
succeeding his brother-in-law, Berchtold of Rheinfelden, Berthold II of Zäringen was chosen for the Swabian
Dukes' Seat. In 1093, Berthold II visited the Diet numerous times ("that man in worldly hire"); Duke Berthold II
and the counts- "equal how his brother be subject to religion" - Bishop Gebhard III of Zäringen, Bishop of Konstanz.
Berthold II as Duke of Swabia was a strong champion for his party. Finally in 1096 through Agreement of the
party head of the long-lacked peace of the Swabian lands was made happy, which Berthold II held, when the
Hohenstaufen dukedom of Swabia was renounced. First, formal came to Berthold II, the ducal dignity in the
Districts of Swabia, where his House possessions stood (Breisgau, the Ortenau, the Black Forest and the
north slope of the Swabian Alps and the District about the Teck), besides the Empire Jurisdiction of a Bailiff
over same, and through Italian trade, the Town of Zürich, Switzeland bloomed (including the Protection
Rights of it, the great Cathedral and the Frauen Cathedral) under his bailiffship and the territory dear to him.
Also, he was Possessor of the Stronghold Castle Hohenwiel).
From 1096 onward, Berthold II appears in the records of Emperor Heinrich IV, later with Emp. Heinrich V and
the Swabian dukes Friedrich I and II of Hohenstaufen, who became emperors. He held in relation on his
attachment on the first named king of Pope Paschalis II in 1103, which he himself severely reproached.
In 1106, he went to Cologne on important service for Emperor Heinrich V.
Berthold II, his wife and successor, Berthold III, Konrad I and Berthold V are buried in the Monastery St. Peter
(on the southern border of the Kandel Mountains not far from Zäringen and Freiburg in the Black Forest), which
his father founded (Bd. I, S. 589), which he was responsible for the transplanting of the Weilheimer Monastery.
The posthumous fame of this heroic man flourished strong and writers have recorded his Deeds well.
1a3d - Konrad I of Zähringen, Prince of Swabia-Carinthia-Baden, Duke of Zähringen, b. Abt. 1100 Switzerland,
d. 1-08-1152. He m. Clemence, Contessa de Montpelgard, b. Abt. 1105 Luxembourg, d. 12-08-1158, a
dau. of Godefroi I, Comte de Namur & Ermesende de Luxembourg.
.. Children: Berthold IV, Duke of Zähringen (b. Abt. 1134 Swi tzerland, d. 12-08-1186 Germany (i),
Adalbert I of Zähringen, Duke of Teck (b. Abt. 1142, d. Af t. 1195) (ii) & Clementia, ducal Princess of
Zähringen (d. Bef. 1167) (iii)..
1a3d1 - BERTHOLD IV of Zähringen, Duke of the Alamannen, of Carinthia, of Teck, of Provence, Prince of
Württemberg, Noble & Count of Neuffen, Region Duke of Swabia, Count of Marstetten, Kirchberg,
Nimburg, Neuenburg (b. Emmendingen), Weissenhorn (1152-1186 ), Duke of Zäringen, Duke & Rector
of Burgundy (1-12-1152), d. 12-08-1886. He m. (1) Hedwig, Countess of Froburg, b. Abt. 1134 in Switzerland,
d. Bef. 1183, a dau. of Hermann I, Count of Froburg of the Buch District of Switzerland. He m. (2) 1183,
Ida, Countess of the Elsass, Princess of Lothringen, Contessa de Boulogne, b. Abt. 1160, d. 1216, a dau.
of Mathaeus, Count of the Elsass, Duke of Lothringen, Comte de Boulogne & Flanders (d. 1173) (Taf. 9/II)
Marie, Countess of Blois-Champagne, Princess of England ( d. 1180) (Taf. 59/II).
..Children: Berthold V (i) & Konrad of Zäringen (ii)..
NOTES: (for Berthold IV)
The dispute about the Bailiff between Basel and St. Blasien was terminated on Apr. 10, 1141 in Strassburg
before Konrad III in the presence of the Cardinal Legate Theodewin, Bishop Ortlieb of Bassel gave the Bailiffship
to Abbot Berthold of St. Blasien, Duke of Zäringen and he held then chanting of four courtyards. (Stumpf, 3435:
Trovillat Mon. de Bale I 282, N. 186).
In East Juran Burgundy, comprehend Berthold IV's rule diocese - Empire Jurisdictioon of a Bailiff and he invested
Rights on the Bishopric Lausanne, (Berthold IV being Protector of the Monastery Haut-Cret in the Deacon Office Vivis
(Reg. 1160), Haut orive in the Deacon Office Freiburg (Reg. 1157), Peterlingen in the Deacon Office Wiflisburg (Reg.
1177, 1179). The Bishopric's Genf, Sitten, the tract of land between the Sane and Aar (part of the Uechtlands, the Uff
District), the County Klein Burgundy east of Aar (of Thun by the Aarwangen ), and finally belonging to his House, the
Empire Bailiffship of Zürich. The bestowal of the regalis and the bailiffships in these bishopric's Genf, Sittn and
Lausanne are the contents of his Chancellories in Burgundy during this period of time. In 1171, the emperor procured
for him and his minor son, Berthold V, through the Archbishop of Trier, the Canon's Fief of Henry, Count of Namur (Henry
was a brother of Berthold IV's mother). Duke Berthold IV founded Abt. 1175, the Town Neuenburg am Rhein.
1a3d1a - BERTHOLD V of Zäringen, Count of Marstetten, of Kirchberg, of Nimberg, Neuenburg, Count of NEUFFEN, of
Weissenhorn, Duke of Württemberg, of Rheinfelden, of Carinthia, of Verona, of ZäRINGEN-TECK, Duke of the
Alamannen, Duke of Swabia, Duke & Rector of Burgundy, of Provence (1186), titular KING of GERMANY
(Sep. 1197-Mar. 1198), d.2-18-1218. He m. (1) Abt. 1190, Beatrix, Princess of Ivrea, Carolingian Princess of
Italy, Countess of Macon, Duchess & Heiress of Burgundy, Queen of Germany, Empress of the H.R. Empire,
b. 1143-45, d. Abt. 1192, a dau. of Rainold II, Prince of Ivrea, Carolingian Prince of Italy, Count of Macon, Duke
of Burgundy (1127) (d. 1148) (Taf. 27/II) & Agathe, ducal Princess of Lothringen, a widow of Friedrich I (III),
Barbarossa, Count of Beuren, Prince of Hohenstaufen, Count of Speyer & Worms, Prince of Franken, of
Rheinfelden, Duke of Swabia (1147), King of Germany (1152 ), H.R.E. (1152), b. 1122, drowned 6-10-1190 while
bathing in the River Salephy by Seleucia, Asia. He m. ( 2) Clementia, Countess of Auxonne, d. Abt. 8-1235, a
dau. of Stephan, Count of Auxonne (Schöpflin, a.a.O. 1, 163).
.. Children: Agnes (i) & Anna, Countesses & Co-Heiresses ( ii)..
Towards Emp. Heinrich VI's death, Sept. 18, 1197, Duke Berthold V of Zäringen was chosen King in Cologne. On May
28, 1200, Duke Berthold V appeared in Speyer am Rhein and gave his explanation to his Consent in favour of Emperor
Philipp in writing to Pope Innnocenz III, which the pope acknowledged in 1201, (Reg. Innoc. III de negotio einp. ep. ur.
62 bei Baluz 1, 715. Wegen dr Zeit vergl. Rainaldus z. J. 1201, S. 23. D as Schreiben steht auch im Corpus juris Canonici,
cap. 34 X. de electione (1,6) vrgl. oben S. 11. Andere Schreiben des Papstes an den Herzog stebe bei Bluz nr. 98, 158.
171) came often under pointed warnings of Emperor Otto IV (of Este, Duke of Saxony, of Bavaria, of Braunschweig-
Lüneburg, King of Germany (1198-1208), H.R.E. (1209) (1177-1218) (Taf. 11/ I), that he along with other Swabian
noblemen were loyal o the Hohenstaufen party. Power and wealth about his life was to him very bad and because he
received the dignity of a King, the crown had cost him too much. In 1208 he bought the Bailiffship of the Monastery
St. Gallen.
Fortress Castle Hohenwiel changed hands from Emperor Heinrich IV (Count of Büren-Hohenstaufen), to Berthold V,
Count of Zähringen, to the Dukes of Swabia, until it came into the possession of the Klingenberg clan, which kept it
from 1273 to 1538.
1a3d1a1 - AGNES, Heiress of ZäHRINGEN, b. 1184 Zähringen, Swabia, Germany, d. 5-10-1239. She m. EGINO V, Count of
URACH, b. 1168 in Urach, Baden, Germany, a son of Egon III, Count of Urach (b. 1122, d. 7-25-1196) & Kunigunde,
Countess of Wasserberg (b. 1130); Gdson of Egon III, Count of Urach (b. 1085) & Edith ___? (b. 1095); Gt.Gdson of
Egon II, Count of Urach (b. 1055) & Kunigunde ___? (b. 1060); 2nd Gt.Gdson of ___?, Count of Urach (b. 1026); 3rd
Gt.Gdson of Egon I, Count of Urach & Bertha, Countess of Calw.
..Childen: Yolande, Countess of Urach-Arberg (i), Kunigunde, Countess of Urach (ii), Egino VI, Count of Urach,
(iii) & Heilwig, Countess of Urach (iv).
NOTES: (A brother of Egino V, Count of Urach, 1168-):
Conrad "Blessed", Count of Urach, Cistercian monastery monk of Villers, in Brabant, Abbot 1209), chosen Abbot of Clairvaux
(1214), Abbot of Citeaux (1217) & Cardinal Bishop of Porto & Santa Rufina (1-08-1219); chosen by the cardinals, 3-18-1227 as
the new pope; he declined the papacy, b. Abt. 1170, d. 9-29-1227 at Bari. Buried in the Abbey at Clairvaux. Liturgial Feast
on September 30th..
1a3d1a1a - Yolande, Countess of Urach, to Arberg, b. Abt. 1200.
1a3d1a1b - Kunigunde, Countess of Urach, b. Abt. 1205 in Freiburg, Baden, Germany.
1a3d1a1c - EGINO VI, Count of URACH, to FREIBURG, b. 1209, d. 7-25-127 6. He m. ADELHEID. Countess of NEUFFEN
(Aka. Niefen), later, a Nun to Günterstal, b. 1211in Villingen, Baden, Germany, d. 9-06-1283, a dau. of
HEINRICH I, Count of NEUFFEN, to Achalm & Justingen (b. Abt. 1165/1170, d. Abt. 1246) & ADELHEID,
Countess of WINNENDEN-ROHRSDORF, Heiress dau. of Gottfried, Count of Winnenden, of Rohrsdorf;
Gddau. of BERTOLD I of NEUFFEN-WEISSENHORN, NEUFFEN, Noble & Count of Weissenhorn, Count of
ACHALM (1170-1182), Count of NEUFFEN (1198-1221) (b. 1160, d. Abt. 2-21-1221, Buried Zweifalten) &
ADELHEID, Countess & Heiress of GAMERTINGEN-HETTINGEN, to ACHALM (d. Abt. 3-10-1208, a dau. of
Adalbert, Count of Gamertingen-Hettingen, of Achalm; Gt.Gddau. of LIUTFRIED, Count of NEUFFEN (d. Bef.
1150) & ____?; 2nd Gt.Gddau. of EGINO of NEUFFEN, Count of SULMETINGEN (d. 11-14-1147) & WERNTRUD
___?, (d. Abt. 7-22-1140/1150).
..Children: Konrad I (i), Elisabeth (ii) & Heinrich I, Count of Urach-Freiburg, to Fürstenberg (iii)..
1a3d1a1c1 - Konrad I of Urach, Count of Freiburg, b. Abt. 1220-, d. 127 2. He m. Sofie, Countess of Hohenzollern, b. Abt. 1240.
1a3d1a1c2 - Elisabeth of Urach, Countess of Freiburg, b. 1252, d. 1312. She m. Gottfried I, Count of Habsburg, to Laufenburg,
b. 1243.
1a3d1a1c3 - HEINRICH I of URACH-FREIBURG, Count of FüRSTENBERG, b. 122 7, d. 1-06-1284. he m. AGNES, Countess of
1a3d1a1d - Heilwig, Countess of Urach.
1a3d1a2 - ANNA, Heiress of Zähringen. She m. ULRICH III, Count of KYBURG (Aka. Kiburg).
..Children: Hedwig of Kyburg (i)..
1a3d1a2a - HEDWIG, Countess of KYBUIRG, b. Abt. 1192, d. 1260. She m. ALBRECHT IV "The Wise, Count of HABSBURG,
b. Abt. 1188, d. 1240.
..Children: Rudolph I of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor ( b. 5-01-1218) (i), Hartman (ii), Albrecht (iii), Clementia
(iv), Marta, a nun (v) & Kunigunde of Habsburg (vi)..

The Alaholfings were a noble family of Alamannia in the Early Middle Ages. The family rose in the Carolingian Empire to
possess lands in not only Alamannia, but Bavaria, Franconia and Italy. Their original power base was around
the upper Neckar and Danube rivers. The Ahalolfings are divided into two groups, the older and the younger. It is not
certain how the two groups are related. The older group descends from a Berthold who was the joint founder, with Hnabi,
of Reichenau Abbey in 724. His most famous descendant was Cadolah, Duke of Friuli, who defended the Pannonians plains
in Italy from the Avars. The younger branch of the family itself contains two branches. Richardis, the empress of Charles the
Fat, descends from Erchanger. Her sister married Berthold II and was the mother of the other branch of the family, which
included the famous Erchanger, Duke of Swabia, and his brother Berthold II. The Ahalolfings died out when Berthold III died
in 973. (Source: ).
Butilin, Duke, then King of the Alamannia (536-554), b. Abt. 516, d. 554. He m. ___?.
.. Children: Leutharius I (i).
1 - Leutharius I, Duke of Alamanni, b. Abt. 520 Swabia, Germany, d. 554. He m. ____?.
..Children: Leutharius II (i)..
Leutfried I, Duke, 4th King of the Alamanni (570-587), b. Abt. 545 Swabia, Germany, d. 587. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Leutharius II (i, Uncilen (ii) & Gunzo, of the Alamanni (iii) .
1 - Leuthari I, Duke of Alamannia, b. Abt. 560 France, d. 587. He m. Abt. 589, Gerberge, Princess de
Bourgogne, b. Abt. 576 France, a dau. of Richemir, Duc de Bourgogne & Gerrude, Princess of
Neustria. .. Children..
2 - Uncilen, Duke of the Alamanni (588), b. Abt. 565 Swabia, Germany, d. Abt. 607. . He m. ___?, de
Bourgogne, b. Abt. 615 France.
..Children: Chrodebert (i), Gunzo (ii) & Leutfred III, King of the Alamanni (iii).
2a - Chrodebert, Duke of Alamanni, b. Abt. 594 Swabia, Germany, d. Abt. 639. He m. ___?.
.. Children: Leutfried II, King of Alamanni (i).
2a1 - Leutfried II, King of Alamanni, b. 620, d. 673-695. He m. ____?.
..Children: Willeharius, Duke of the Alamanni (i).
2a1 - Willeharius, Duke of the Alamanni, b. 650, d. 712. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Lantfried I (i) & Theudebald, Dukes of Alamanni (ii).
2a1a - Lantfried I, Duke of Alamanni, b. Abt. 680, d. 730. He m. ___?.
.. Children: Lantfried II, Duke of Alamanni (i).
2a1a1 - Lantfried II, Duke of Alamanni, b. Abt. 700, d. 749. He m. ____?
..Children: Gerold I, King of Alamanni (i)..
2a1a1a - GEROLD I, Count of SWABIA (Vinzgau), Prince of Bavaria, Mark Count, Duke & Cup Bearer of the
Alamannia, King of ALAMANNI, Margrave of Swabia, b. 730, d. 779 fell in Battle against the
Avars. Buried Monastery Reichenau in the Black Forest, Baden, Germany. He m. 757 in France,
EMMA, Princess of Alamanni, b. 739, d. 789 in France, a dau. of HNABI (Nebi), Duke of the Alamanni
(b. Abt. 690 Bavaria, Germany) & HERESWINTHA (Hersuinde), Princess in Bavaria, Germany.
.. Children: Hildegard (i), Eric (ii), Gerold II (iii), Berchtold (iv), Erchanger (v), Audolf (vi), Marquart (vii),
Burchard (viii), Hadrian (ix) & Udalrich (I) II de Alamannia (x)..
Gerold I of Vinzgau (730-779), played a significant role in the integration of Bavaria into the Frankish Kingdom.
Being related to the family of the Agilolfings, he was appointed Prefect of Bavaria after the deposition of Duke
Tassilo III in 788. Gerold I and his son Eric fell in battle against the Avars. He was succeeded by his surviving
sons Gerold II and Udalrich I (II) (Ulrich) of Swabia-Alamannia..
2a1a1a1 - HILDEGARD, Priness of Alamannia, Countess of Swabia (Vinzgau ), b. 758 Aachen, Rheinland-Pfalz,
Germany. d. 4-30-783 Thionville, Moselle, Lorraine, France, Buried St. Arnoul Abbey, Metz, France.
She m. Abt. 771 in Aachen, Germany as the 3rd Wife of- CHARLEMAGNE (Aka. Karl the Gross), King
of the Franks (768), crowned Imperator Augustus by Pope Leo II, Holy Roman Emperor of the
Western Empire (12-25-800), b, 4-02-742, d. 1-28-814 Aachen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Buried in
the Cathedral at Aachen, Germany, a son of Pepin III the Short of Heristal, Liege, Belgium, Mayor
of the Palace, House Stewart of Austrasis, Neustria, Burgundy, Swabia & Thüringen, King of France
(751), (b. Abt. 714, d. 9-24-768 St. Denis, Austrasia, France) & Berta (Bertrada), Countess of Laon
(b. 720, d. 7-12-783, dau. of Heribert, Count of Laon; Gddau. of Martin, Count of Laon; Gdson of
Charles Martel of Heristal, King of the Franks (b. 688, d. 10-22-741 Quierzy on the Oise) & Chrotrude,
Princess of Germany (b. 690).
..Hildegard bore Charlemagne 9 children: Charles "the Younger" (i), Adelheid (ii), Rotrud (iii), Pippin I
(iv), Lothar (v), Louis I (vi), Bertha (vii), Gisela (v iii) & Hildegard of the Franks (ix)..
2a1a1a1a - Charles "the Younger", Prince of the Franks, King of Neustria, b. 772.
2a1a1a1b - Adelheid, Princess of the Franks, b. 773.
2a1a1a1c - Rotrud, Princess of the Franks, b. 775 Aachen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, d 6-06-810. She m. 800,
Rricon I, Cmte de Maine, b. Abt. 770 Maine, Normandy, F rance.
.. Children: Roricon II (Rorick) de Maine (i).
2a1a1a1c1 - Roricon II (Rorick), Comte de Maine, b. 804 Maine, Normandy, France.
2a1a1a1d - Pippin I "Carlomann" of the Franks, King of Italy, b. 4-777.
2a1a1a1e - Lothar, Prince of the Franks, b. 4-16-778 (Twin) Casseeuil-sur- Garonne, Gironde, France.
2a1a1a1f - Louis I "the Pious" of the Franks, King of the Franks, b. 4-16 -778 (Twin) Casseuil-sur-Garonne,
Gironde, France.
2a1a1a1g - Bertha, Princess of the Franks, b. Abt. 779 Aachen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, d. 3-11-825/26.
She m. Angilbert, the Saint, Count de Poitou (Ponthieu ), b. Abt. 760 Ponthieu, Somme, Picardy,
.. Children: Arsende (i) & Nithard de Ponthieu (ii).
2a1a1a1g1 - Arsende de Ponthieu, b. Abt. 796 Ponthieu, Somme, Picardy, Fra nce.
2a2a2a1g2 - Nithard the Chronicler de Ponthieu, b. Abt. 795 Crecyen Ponthieu, Picardy, France.
2a1a1a1h - Gisela, Princess of the Franks, b. Bef. 5-781.
2a1a1a1i - Hildegard, Princess of the Franks, b. Aft. 6-08-782.
2a1a1a2 - Eric of Swabia-Vinzgau, b. France.
2a1a1a3 - Gerold II de Alamannia of Swabia-Vinzgau, near France.
2a1a1a4 - Berchtold de ALAMANNIA, Prince of BAVARIA, Duke of ALAMANNIA, Count in the AUGSTGAU (897),
Noble of NEUFFEN, Count of NELLENBURG, of SULMETINGEN, Pfalz Count of SWABIA. He married
.. Children: Adalbert (i), Engelbold (ii), Eberhard I (iii), Kunigunde (iv), Ruodpert (vi), Anselm (vii),
Egino (viii) & Burchard de Alamannia (ix)..
Berchtold was Count of kingly Fiefs in the August District.
2a1a1a4a - ADALBERT de Alamannia, Duke of Alamannia, Count in the Augstgau, Noble of NEUFFEN, of
Nellenburg, of Sulmetingen, Count of Zäringen, of MARCHTAL (Obermarchtal, Württemberg),
Count of SWABIA, Empire Bailiff of the Monastery Reichenau, d. 954. He married ____?.
..Children: Berchtold (i), Guntram (ii), Liutfrid (iii), Eberhard (iv), Hugo (v), Diepold (vi), Saint Ulrich
(vii), Manegold (viii) & Thietpold (ix)..
In 882 the Village Möhringen is then mentioned in Docu's. as "Mereheninga". Under this designation it was
named under sovereign Adalbert of Marchtal, out of the House of Alaholfinger, that the Administration of the
oldest district territories of the Baar of the olden Alamannish Dukes, brought in union. For his faithfulness to
King and Empire, Adalbert was invested with the Fief Swabia, by Otto II the Great.
Adalbert's Berthold V, the last of his direct history, had a great territory in the Scherra Districts, under it also
Möhringen, which he Donated to the Monastery Reichenau. Through the monastery the villages out of the
belongings of the Succession of the Alaholfingerish histories, which the entire remaining Baar belonged,
became the possession of the Dukes of Zä(h)ringen. When Berthold V died in 973, it became the possession
of the Monastery Reichenau. When Adalbert died, he bequeathed 60 Villages in the Baar and in the Breis
Districts to the Monastery Reichenau on the Bodensee, where he was Empire Bailiff (Ref: #49, S. 150).
"The Jurisdiction of a Bailiff was a respected, desired and hereditary office, composed of high nobility in which
he bestowed dignity on the Monastery Convents. Sometimes, the Bailiff was also the Monastery Abbot himself,
and he ruled the lands. To him stood also the industrial management in the Town, to give away and to forbid.
Since he was Prelate, considering himself later than a reigning prince, he had the Rights to make levies and
Statute Orders. The Bailiff then did not pay official Tribute money to the monasteries".
"The people in their folklore say that the Knight Möringen (Aka. Möhringen, Marien) had one great stand on the
Monastery Reichenau".
2a1a1a5 - ERCHANGER
2a1a1a6 - Adulf
2a1a1a7 - Marquart
2a1a1a8 - Berchard
2a1a1a9 - Hadrian of Alamanni, Count d' Orleans, b. Abt. 770 France.
2a1a1a10 - Udalrich (I) II of Alamannia, Count of Argengau, b. Abt. 770 in Argengau, Switzerland, d. Bef. 824.
He m. Suzanna, Countess de Paris, b. Abt 789 Paris, Seine, Ile-de-France, France.
.. Children: Ulrich III (i) & Wulgrim (ii)..
2a1a1a10a - Ulrich III of Alamannia, Count of Argengau & Linzgau, b. Abt. 820 Argengau, Switzerland, d. Aft. 885.
He m. Berta, Countess de ___?, b. Abt. 825 Switzerland.
..Children: Ulrich IV (i)..
2a1a1a10a1 - Ulrich IV, Count of Argengau & Linzgau, b. Abt. 845 Argengau, Switzerland.
2a1a1a10b - Wulgrim de Alamannia, Comte de Angouleme, b. Abt. 820 Maine, Normandy, France, d. 5-03-886
Angouleme, Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France. He m. Abt. 845 Angouleme, France, Rosalinda
(Sancha), Countess of Toulouse, b. Abt. 825 Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France.
.. Children: Guillaume I (i(), Aldouin (ii) & Aminiana d' Angouleme (iii).
2a1a1a10b1 - Guillaume I d' Angouleme, Comte de Perigord, b. Abt. 868 Perigord, Limousin, Poitou, France.
2a1a1a10b2 - Aldouin , Count de Angouleme, b. Abt. 866 Angouleme, Charente, France.
2a1a1a10b3 - Aminiana (Munia) d' Angouleme, b. Abt. 865 Angouleme, Charente, France.
2a1b - Theudebald, Duke of Alamanni, d. 744. He m. ___?.
3 - Gunzo, Duke, 6th King of Alamanni, b. Abt. 570, d. 615. He m. ____?.
Gunzo acceeded 613, succeeded his brother, Uncilien; titled 6th King of Alamanni.
Leutharius III, Duke of the Alamanni, b. Abt. 600 in Alamanni Territory; later Swabia, Germany, d. Abt.
689. He m. ___?, de Bourgogne, b. Abt. 615 France.
..Children: Gottfried (i), Duke (i) & Eticho I, Duc d'Alsace (ii).

1 - Gottfried, Duke of the Alamanni, b. Abt. 640 Germany, d. 709. He m. Regentrude, Princess of the
Bavarians, b. Abt. 652 France.
..Children: Lentfroi (i), Houching (ii), Theutbold (iii) & Oatillo of the Alamanni (iv).
1a - Lentfroi, Duke of the Alamanni, d. Abt. 727.
1b - Houching, Duke of the Alamanni, b. Abt. 660 Germany, d. 709. He m. Berthe d' Austrasie, b. Abt.
686 France.
1b1 -
1c - Theutbold, Duke of the Alamanni, b. Abt. 679 Germany, d. Abt. 710.
1d - Oatillo of the Alamanni, Count of Thurgau.
2 - Eticho I, Prince of Alamanni, Duc d' Alsace (662), b. Abt. 645 France, d. 2-20-690. He m. Abt. 666,
Berswinde d' Austrasie, b. Abt. 653 France.
.. Children: Odile d' Alsace (b. Abt. 660 Frence) (i), Adalbert II, Duke d' Alsace (b. Abt. 673 France (ii),
Eticho II, Comte de Nordgau (b. Abt. 675 France) (iii) & Hugues d' Alsace (b. Abt. 681 France)..
StaatArchiven, Baden-Württemberg,
All 13 volumn's by this author, John A. Mehring (Mö(h)ring) placed in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.,
in 1984 & 1985 (verified on site in the box with the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Collection, by my younger brother,
Richard C. Mehring, retired Architect from the U.S. Dept. of Interior..
John A. Mehring, May 16, 1994. E-MAIL: (old-

More About LORENTZ Mö(h)RING, JR.:
Burial: Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria

Notes for ANNA ?:
Anna ____?. She m. Lorentz Mö(h)ring, Jr., n. Bet. 1500-1513 Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr.,
Bavaria, Germany.
.. Children: Valentin (i) & a Dau. (ii). Evang. Lutherans.
NOTES: Cont'd from Lorentz, Sr. & Wife., to Lorentz Mö(h)ring, Jr., & wife Anna, etc.:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Merovingian dukes
Butilin (539-554)
Leuthari I (Bef. 552-554)
Haming (539-554)
Lantachar (until 548, Avenches diocese)
Magnachar (565, Avenches diocese)
Vaefar (573, Avenches diocese)
Leutfred (until 588)
Uncilin (588-607)
Gunzo (613)
Chrodobert (630)
Leuthari II (642)
Gotfrid (until 709)
Willehari (709-712, in Ortenau)
Lantfrid (709-730)
Theudebald (709-744)

Miscellaneous houses
Burchard I (909-911, Hunfriding)
Erchanger (915-917, Ahalofinger)
Burchard II (917-926, Hunfriding)
Hermann (926-949, Conradine)
Liudolf (950-954, Ottonian), only son of Otto I the Great, King of Germany, from his wife
Eadgyth, dau. of Edward the Elder, King of England.
Burchard III (954-973, Hunfriding)
Otto I (973-982, Ottonian).

Conrad I (982-997)
Hermann II (997-1003)
Hermann III (1003-12)

House of Babenberg (Wittelsbacher)
Ernest I (1012-15)
Ernest II (1015-30)
Hermann IV (1030-38)

Miscellaneous houses
Henry I (1038-45, Salian), King of the Romans from 1039 & Holy Roman Emperor from 1046
Otto II (1045-48, Ottonian)
Otto III (1048-57, Schweinfurt)
Rudolf I (1057-79, of Rheinfelden), then son,
Berthold I (1079-90, of Rheinfelden)

House of Hohenstaufen
Frederick I (1079-1105)
Frederick II (1105-47)
Frederick III (1147-52), King of the Romans from 1152 & Holy Roman Emperor from 1155.
Frederick IV (1152-67)
Frederick V (1167-70)
Frederick VI (1170-91)
Conrad II (1191-96)
Philip I (1196-1208), King from 1198.

House of Guelph
Otto IV (1208-12),King of the Romans from 1208 & Holy Roman Emperor from 1209.

Hohenstaufen restored
Frederick VII (1212-16), King of the Romans from 1212 & Holy Roman Emperor from 1220.
Henry II (12161-35), King from 1220
Conrad III (1235-54), King from 1237
Conrad IV (Conradin) (1254-68), King of Sicily and Jerusalem.

House of Habsburg
Rudolf II (1289-90)
John (1290-1313)

See also-
Dukes of Swabia family tree.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Hunfried, Count of Swabia, b. Abt. 800, d. Aft. 823. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Adalbert 9i).
1 - Adalbert I, Count of Swabia. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Adalbert II (i).
1a - Adalbert II, Count of Swabia. He m. Judith, Princess of Swabia-Friuli, b. Abt. 840, d. Aft. 902, a dau. of
Eberhard, Duke of Friuli (b. Abt. 820, d. 864. Buried Abt. 864 in Cysoing) & Gisele, Princess of France
(b. Abt. 820, d. 7-01-874); Gddau. of Hunroch of Friuli & Engeltron of ___?.
Judith of Fuili-Swabia m. (2) Abt. 910, Arnulf, Duke of Bavaria, d. 7-14-937 Regensburg, Bavaria, a
son of Luitpold, Duke of Bavaria & Kunigunde of ___?. She m. ( 3) Abt. 875, Konrad, Duke of Burgundy.
.. Children: Adalbert III (i).
1a1 - Adalbert III, Count of Swabia, to the Zürichgau. He m. ___?, Countess of Nellenburg of Zürich, Switzerland.
.. Children: Eberhard II, Count of Swabia, to Nellenburg (i)..
The Counts of Nellenburg were also the Nobles of the Land Countship. The Castle Nellenburg by Stockach, was
head possession with "Burchardingern" related Counts of Nellenburg. They founded the Benedictiner Monastery
Allerheiligen bei Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The old Count of Nellenburg died out in 1105, then the Rule and
Names of the Counts of Bürglen, about 1170, out of the Counts of Veringen. Before 1256 the area to Nellenburg
and Stockach belonged to the Hegau. 1422 came the Land Rule and the County on the Nobles of Tengen. 1465-
1805 this property belonged to the Habsburgs in Austria through sale, as part of Schwäbisch-Östereichs.
In 1805 came the Austrian Empire of the rule of the Nobles and Towns were placed on Württemberg. 1810 on
Baden and about 1951/52 to Baden-Württemberg.
1a1a - Eberhard I (II) of Swabia, Count of Nellenburg, b. 867, d. 1-27-898/99. He m. Gisela, Baroness of
Zürichgau, Princess of Nellenburg, b. 869.
.. Children: Regilindis (i) & Eberhard III of Nellenburg (ii). .
1a1a1 - Regilinda of Swabia-Nellenburg, Princess of Sulichgau, b. 889, d. Aft. 926. She m. Burkhard of
Ivrea, b. Abt. 885, d. 4-29-926 in Ivrea.
.. Children..
1a1a2 - Eberhard II (III), Count of Nellenburg, b. 890, d. 995. He m. Gisela, Princess of Nellenburg.
.. Children: Eberhard IV (i), Gebhard (ii), Mangold (ii i) & Gottfried II of Nellenburg (iv)..
1a1a2a - Eberhard III (IV), Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 940, d. 995 . He m. Hedwig, Princess of Lothringen
.. Children: Eberhard V of Nellenburg (i)..
1a1a2a1 - Eberhard IV (V), Count of Nellenburg. He m. Ita, Princess of Alshausen, a dau. of Wolfrat II, Count
of Alshausen & Hiltrud, Princess of Alshausen..
.. Children: Adalbert of Nellenburg (i)..
1a1a2a1a - Adalbert, Count of Nellenburg, to Mörsberg. He m. Mathilde, Princess of Mömpelgard., a dau. of
Dietrich III of Bar, Count of Mömpelgard & Irmtrud, Princess of Burgundy.
.. Children: Mathilde (i) & Irmtrud of Mörsberg (ii).
1a1a2a1a1 - Mathilde, Princess of Mörsberg.
1a1a2a1a2 - Irmtrud, Princess of Mörsberg.
1a1a2b - Gebhard, Count of Nellenburg. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Eberhard of Nellenburg (i).
1a1a2c - Mangold I, Count of Nellenbug, Count im Zürichgau, b. Abt. 940, d. 5-28-991. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Eberhard (i) & Irmgard of Nellenburg (ii)..
1a1a2c1 - Eberhard V (Eppo), Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 980, d. Aft. 2- 08-1041. He m. Hedwig, Countess
of Egisheim (b. Abt. 990, d. Abt. 1012, a dau. of Gerhard, Count of Egisheim & Brigida, Princess
of Bavaria.
.. Children: Burkhard II (i), Manegold II (ii), Eberhard of Nellenburg (iii)..
1a1a2c1a - Burkhard II, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1009, . 6-18-1053.
1a1a2c1b - Manegold II, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1010, d. 8-17-1030.
1a1a2c1c - Eberhard, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1015, d. 3-25-1075. He m. Ida, Countess of Alshausen,
b. Abt. 1025.
.. Children: Adelhaid (i), Udo (ii), Eberhard (iii), Ekkehard (iv), Heinrich (v), Burkhard III (vi),
Adalbert (vii) & Irmengard of Nellenburg (viii).
1a1a2c1c1 - Adelhaid, Countess ofNellenburg, b. Abt. 1030. She m. ____?, Count of Lauffen.
1a1a2c1c2 - Udo, Count of Nellenburg, b. 1030/35, d. 11-11-1078.
1a1a2c1c3 - Eberhard (VII), Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1035, d. 6-09-1075. He m. ____?.
..Children: Dietrich (i) & Adalbert II (ii).
1a1a2c1c3a - Dietrich, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1060, d. Abt. 6-06-1108. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Eberhard VIII of Nellenburg-Bürglen ( i)..
1a1a2c1c3a1 - Eberhard VIII ofNellenburg, Baron of Bürglen.
1a1a2c1a4 - Ekkehard, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1035/40, d. 11-28-1088 .
1a1a2c1a5 - Heinrich, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1040, d. 6-09-1075.
1a1a2c1a6 - Burkhard III, Count of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 1050, d. Abt. 1105. He m. Hedwig (Hadewich),
Countess of Saxony, d. Abt. 2-26-1105.
1a1a2c1c7 - Adalbert of Nellenburg, Count of Mörsberg, b. Abt. 1050. He m. Mechtild, Princess of Bar-le-duc.
.. Children: Mechtilde of Mörsberg (i)..
1a1a2c1c7a - Mechtilde, Countess of Mörsberg, b. Abt. 1075. She m. Meginhard, Count of (** Sponheim),
b. Abt. 1075.
.. Children: Mathilda of (** Sponheim) (i)..
1a1a2c1c7a1 - Mathilde, Countess of Sponheim.

1a1a2c1c8 - Irmengard, Countess of Nellenburg. She m. Diethelm II, Count of Toggenburg.
.. Children..
1a1a2c2 - Irmgard, Countess of Nellenburg, b. Abt. 990. She m. Werner, Count of Winterthur.
.. Children..
1a1a2d - Gottfried I, Count in the Zürichgau, b. 940, d. 11-12-995.
Eberhard, Count of Nellenburg, b. 1243, d. Abt. 1273. He m. ____?.
1 - Manegold, Count of Nellenburg. He m. Agnes, Countess of Eschenbach, a dau. of Walter, Count of
Eschenbach & Kunigunde, Countess of Schwarzenberg.
.. Children: Agnes of Nellenburg (i).
1a - Agnes, Countess of Nellenburg, d. 1325.
Eberhard, Count of Nellenburg, b. 1010 at Castle Nellenburg by Stockach, Baden, Germany,
d. 1-25-1078 Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He m. ____?.
.. Children: Udo (i) & Ekkehard II of Nellenburg (ii)..
He founded the Benediktiner Monastery Allerheiligen in Schaffhaussen, Switzerland in 1049.
1 - Udo, Count of Nellenburg, Archbishop of Trier (1067-1077), b. 1030/3 5, d. 11-11-1078 in Tübingen,
Baden, Germany.
2 - Ekkehard II, Count of Nellenburg, Abbot the Monastery Reichenau (1071-1088), b. Abt. 1035/40,
d. 11-24-1088.
John A. Mehring (1-717-642-8153)
28 Tree Top Trail,
Fairfield, PA 17320-8237, USA
...(Old E-mails:
Children of LORENTZ Mö(h)RING and ANNA ? are:
  10 i.   Dau.3 Mö(h)ring, born Bet. 1531 - 1551. She married Unknown.
  Notes for Dau. Mö(h)ring:
Dau. Mö(h)ring, b. est. Bet. 1531 - 1551; d. ___; m. ____?
In 1561, Residence - Pfahlenheim, Mfr., Bavaria. Evang. Lutherans.


+ 11 ii.   VALENTIN Mö(h)RING, Joh., Sr., born Abt. 1540 in Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria; died Abt. 1602 in Gülchsheim über Hemmersheim, Mfr., Bavaria.

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