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Ancestors of DeWitt T. Methvin IV

      344. Joshua Blanchard, born July 8, 1718 in Boston, MA102; died 1786 in Boston, MA. He was the son of 688. Joshua Blanchard and 689. Sarah Loring. He married 345. Elizabeth Hunt November 26, 1745.

      345. Elizabeth Hunt, born September 22, 1724 in Boston, MA; died January 1807 in Boston, MA. She was the daughter of 690. Samuel Hunt and 691. Mary Langdon.
Children of Joshua Blanchard and Elizabeth Hunt are:
  i.   Joshua Blanchard, born August 13, 1746; died Unknown.
  ii.   Samuel Blanchard, born June 18, 1747 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  iii.   Joshua Blanchard, born April 5, 1751 in Boston, MA; died Unknown; married Peggy Savage Pollard; died Unknown.
  iv.   Sarah Blanchard, born May 13, 1752 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  v.   John Dixwell Blanchard, born January 21, 1753 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  vi.   Mary Blanchard, born July 19, 1754 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  vii.   Samuel Blanchard, born February 29, 1756 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  viii.   Catherine Blanchard, born August 29, 1760 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.
  172 ix.   Thomas Orlando Blanchard, born October 2, 1761 in Boston, MA; died 1824 in Natchez, Ms; married Amy Newton.
  x.   Mary Blanchard, born November 27, 1763 in Boston, MA; died Unknown.

      346. Thomas Newton, born May 15, 1742 in Norfolk, VA; died September 11, 1807. He was the son of 692. Thomas Newton and 693. Amy Hutchings. He married 347. Martha Tucker October 17, 1767.

      347. Martha Tucker, born January 9, 1741/42; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 694. Robert Tucker and 695. Joanna Corbin.
Children of Thomas Newton and Martha Tucker are:
  i.   Thomas Newton, born November 21, 1768; died October 7, 1847; married (1) FNU Myers; died Unknown; married (2) Margaret Jordan Pool; died Unknown.
  ii.   Robert Tucker Newton, born August 13, 1771; died Abt. 1772.
  173 iii.   Amy Newton, born June 1, 1775 in Norfolk, Virginia; died December 8, 1846 in Boyce, Rapides Parish, LA; married Thomas Orlando Blanchard.
  iv.   Sarah Newton, born December 11, 1776; died Unknown; married James Taylor; died Unknown.
  v.   Martha Tucker Newton, born November 11, 1780; died Unknown; married Theodorick Armistead; died Unknown.
  vi.   Joanna Tucker Newton, born October 23, 1784; died Unknown; married William Armistead; died Unknown.
  vii.   George Newton, born July 21, 1786; died Unknown; married Courtney T. Norton; died Unknown.
  viii.   Mary A. Newton, born January 24, 1788; died 1826; married William Lindsay; died Unknown.
  ix.   Caroline E. Newton, born July 7, 1790; died 1793.
  x.   John Tucker Newton, born July 7, 1792; died 1792.

      348. James Bludworth, Sr., born 1742 in New Hanover Co., NC; died August 17, 1799 in Long Creek/New Hanover Co., NC. He was the son of 696. Timothy Bloodworth, Sr. and 697. Margaret Evans. He married 349. Ann Poitevant.

      349. Ann Poitevant, died Unknown. She was the daughter of 698. James Poitevant and 699. Margaret Devane.
Child of James Bludworth and Ann Poitevant is:
  174 i.   James Bludworth, Jr., born 1779 in New Hanover County, N.C.; died 1852 in Natchitoches, LA; married Marie Aimee Rouquier September 9, 1806 in Natchitoches, LA.

      350. J. Francois Rouquier103, born Abt. 1759 in Puylaroque, Bishopric of Cahors, Quercy, France; died January 13, 1808 in Natchitoches, LA. He was the son of 700. Mirre Rouquier and 701. Marie Combecove. He married 351. Marie Louise Prudhomme January 5, 1782 in Natchitoches, LA104.

      351. Marie Louise Prudhomme, born October 9, 1760 in Natchitoches, LA.105; died 1825 in Natchitoches, LA.. She was the daughter of 368. Jean Baptiste Prudhomme and 369. Marie Henriette Josephe Colantin.
Children of J. Rouquier and Marie Prudhomme are:
  i.   Annita Rouquier, born in Natchitoches Parish, LA106; died Unknown.
  ii.   Jean Marie Francois Rouquier, born November 4, 1782 in Natchitoches Parish, LA107; died Abt. 1845108; married (1) Marie Elisabeth Buard August 15, 1811 in Natchitoches, LA109; born 1795; died 1823110; married (2) Therese Anne Longino March 9, 1837 in Natchitoches Parish, LA111,112; died Unknown.
  iii.   Marie Rouquier, born September 17, 1784 in Natchitoches Parish, LA113; died Unknown.
  iv.   Marie Anne Rouquier114,115, born July 21, 1786 in Natchitoches Parish, LA; died 1831 in La Rochelle, France116; married Charles Roque Pavie August 8, 1807 in Natchitoches, LA117; born in Bordeaux, France; died Unknown.
  175 v.   Marie Aimee Rouquier, born 1789; died 1825; married James Bludworth, Jr. September 9, 1806 in Natchitoches, LA.
  vi.   Marie Josephine Marcelite Rouquier118, born November 25, 1789 in Natchitoches, LA119; died December 7, 1844120; married Jean F. Cortes January 16, 1808 in Natchitoches, LA121; born in Etcharry, Basses-Pyrenees, France; died Unknown.
  vii.   Marie Josephe Henriette Rouquier, born July 9, 1792 in Natchitoches Parish, LA122; died 1878 in San Francisco, CA123; married John C. Carr December 23, 1809 in Natchitoches, LA124; born in Liverpool, England125,126; died Unknown in San Francisco, CA127.

      356. Richard Lake, born 1730 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; died 1800 in Greene Co., GA. He was the son of 712. Abraham Lake and 713. Elizabeth Lake. He married 357. Elizabeth Lanning 1753.

      357. Elizabeth Lanning, born 1733 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; died June 2, 1810 in Putnam Co., GA. She was the daughter of 714. Joseph Lanning and 715. Anna LNU.
Children of Richard Lake and Elizabeth Lanning are:
  178 i.   Abraham Lake, born January 14, 1784 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; died June 2, 1866 in Monroe Co./Forsyth, GA; married Elizabeth Acree.
  ii.   Nancy Lake, died Unknown.
  iii.   Sarah Lake, died Unknown.
  iv.   Polly Lake, died Unknown.
  v.   Justus Lake, died Unknown.
  vi.   Joseph Lake, died Unknown.
  vii.   James Lake, died Unknown.
  viii.   Elizabeth Lake, died Unknown.

      358. William Acree, born 1760 in Greene Co., GA; died August 10, 1809 in Greene Co., GA.
Child of William Acree is:
  179 i.   Elizabeth Acree, born February 14, 1793 in Greene Co., GA; died February 18, 1861 in Monroe Co./Forsyth, GA; married Abraham Lake.

      360. Moses Hyams, born Abt. 1726 in Damniz, Poland128; died August 17, 1796 in London, England. He married 361. Judith Isaacks Abt. 1752 in Dublin, Ireland129.

      361. Judith Isaacks, born in Germany130,131; died Unknown.
Children of Moses Hyams and Judith Isaacks are:
  i.   Solomon M. Hyams, born 1753 in Dublin, Ireland; died July 28, 1837 in Charleston, SC132; married (1) Unknown Bef. 1811; died Bef. 1811; married (2) Catherine Unknown June 20, 1811; born January 11, 1785; died July 11, 1831.
  ii.   David Hyams, born Bet. 1754 - 1762; died Unknown; married Rebecca Maysor December 1798 in Charleston, SC133; born 1777; died December 14, 1852134.
  iii.   Hannah Hyams, born Bet. 1754 - 1762; died Unknown; married Montague Jackson March 2, 1811135; died Unknown.
  iv.   Catherine Hyams, born Bet. 1755 - 1756 in Ireland; died January 7, 1844 in London136; married (1) C. A. Plomer Abt. 1780 in Dieppe, Calais, France137,138; died Unknown; married (2) Antonio Broglio October 2, 1799 in Venice, Italy139; died Unknown.
  v.   Isaac Hyams, born 1762; died December 26, 1830; married Catherine Unknown; born January 1785; died June 12, 1831.
  180 vi.   Samuel Meyers Hyams, Sr., born June 9, 1766 in London, England; died May 30, 1843 in Natchitoches, LA; married Miriam Levy 1795 in Charleston, SC.
  vii.   Joseph Hyams, born 1767; died Unknown.
  viii.   Judah Hyams, born 1768; died Unknown.

      362. Eleazur Levy, born in Holland; died Unknown.
Children of Eleazur Levy are:
  181 i.   Miriam Levy, born 1780 in Charleston, SC; died January 19, 1821 in Charleston, SC; married Samuel Meyers Hyams, Sr. 1795 in Charleston, SC.
  ii.   Eva Levy, died Unknown; married Solomon de Mendes; died Unknown.
  iii.   Jacob Levy140, born in New Orleans, LA; died Unknown; married Miriam Lopez 1805 in Stamford, CT; died July 22, 1812 in Wilmington, NC.

      364. Pierre Sebastien Prudhomme, born September 16, 1736141; died January 1787 in Natchitoches Parish, LA142. He was the son of 728. Jean Philippe Pierre Prudhomme and 729. Marie Catherine Messelier Picard. He married 365. Jeanne Chever January 8, 1751/52 in Natchitoches Parish, LA143.

      365. Jeanne Chever, born 1734 in Natchitoches Parish, LA; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 730. Guillaume Chever and 731. Therese Barbier.
Children of Pierre Prudhomme and Jeanne Chever are:
  i.   Jeanne Therese Prudhomme, born 1753 in Natchitoches Parish, LA144; died Unknown; married William Warden April 2, 1772 in Natchitoches Parish, LA145; born in Philadelphia, Pa.; died Unknown.
  ii.   Jacques Sebastien Prudhomme, born Abt. 1755; died Unknown; married Marie Louise Antoine de St. Denis February 3, 1793 in Natchitoches, La146; died Unknown.
  iii.   Marie Eleonore Prudhomme, born 1756 in Natchitoches Parish, LA147; died Unknown.
  iv.   Magdeleine Prudhomme, born 1759 in Natchitoches Parish, LA148; died Unknown.
  v.   Pierre Sebastien Prudhomme II, born Abt. 1760 in Natchitoches Parish, LA149; died Unknown; met Naillois; died Unknown.
  vi.   Catherine Prudhomme, born 1763 in Natchitoches Parish, LA150; died Unknown.
  182 vii.   Jean Baptiste Prudhomme, born 1765 in Natchitoches Parish, LA; died Unknown; married Marie Rosalie Josephe Malige.
  viii.   Marie Louise Bastien Prudhomme, born Unknown; died Unknown; married Francois Mercier; died Unknown.

      366. Joseph Malige, died Unknown. He married 367. Marie Anne Bardon.

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