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The Meyer-Krause-Morton site

Updated July 31, 2006

Bob Meyer

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July 29, 2006
I sure have heard from lots of people since my last note! The most exciting connection probably came from a fourth cousin on my Dad's side, Patt Dustan, in June of 2004. My great-grandfather Jacob Meyer had a brother that moved out to Oregon some time in the late 1800's. That part of the family remains in Oregon today, and I got to meet a good number of them through Patt at a family reunion in the fall of 2004. Vicki and I moved to Oregon from Wisconsin in 2001 and had no idea of any relatives on either side. It turns out that the town in Oregon we moved to (Newport) was Patt's birthplace, and the town we live in now (Seal Rock) used to be home for a number of those relatives!

As for other recent contacts:

In April of 2006: Gabriella Holcomb (spouse of Richard, a 4th cousin of mine through my Mother's side) contacted me. We've been in touch frequently since then, and they live not very far away, in California's Bay area.

March, 2006: Joy Jones was researching my 5th great grandparents on my maternal side, Amos and Mary (Gates) White. Joy brought up a number of details that seem to conflict with what I have recorded that will warrant some looking into.

October, 2005: Susan Ditmire contacted me while researching some of the first female voters in this country, in 1868 in Vineland, NJ (see links for "Women of Vineland"). Mary Elizabeth Sanderson, my 3rd great grand-aunt on my mother's side, was apparently one of those voters.

March, 2005: Ellen Baker (descendent of Josiah Goddard, Jr (my 3rd great grand-uncle) and Martha Tubbs) contacted me.

January, 2005: Ginnie Wilcox contacted me, and is descended from the Baileys that joined the Morton lineage when John Bailey married Sarah Morton in 1829 (Sarah was the sister of my great, great, great grandfather, Thomas Morton).

August, 2004: I heard from Caitrin Malone, the spouse of a descendent from my great uncle Carvel Morton. That October I got an email from Carol Buettner, descended also from Carl Buettner.

June, 2004: I heard from Jean Weghorn Burr, a descendent of Karl and Sarah (Muhleis) Buetter (Karl's sister Caroline was my great, great grandmother through the Krause part of my maternal side).

April 30, 2002
My latest contact has been with RaeEllen (Vey) Ellingson, another fourth cousin! She's related through the Meyer side. You need to go all the way back to the generation that moved here (to Wisconsin) from Germany some time in the 1800's to find our common ancestor. You can find it on the "Mathias Lahr" Gedcom tree.

March 20, 2002
I've been in contact with Allison Kurtz, who turns out to be my fourth cousin! She and I have the common ancestors of Thomas Morton and Susan Kelly - she's descended from their son, Charles Kelly Morton, and his daughter, Etabel Morton (of course, my branch of the family comes from Thomas' son, William M., and his son, Roy D.).

There are a number of ways to go on this page - my favorite is by going into the "Surname List". The program is limited to 2,000 people in there, but individuals are clearly linked, and many pictures are included.

As always, I'd like to welcome everyone to submit any comments, ideas, corrections or anything else. And if you have any family members' email addresses that you haven't given me yet, I'd sure like to have them. You'll find my phone number and email address up above and to the right.


My Family History


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Family Photos

  • Four Generations: Schumaker to Krause (66 KB)
    This is one of the "four generations" pictures - with my mother being the youngest person. In the front is Anna Marie (Schumaker) Sanderson (on the left) and Roxanne Krause (on the right), and in the back is Marie (Morton) Krause (on the left) and Pauline (Sanderson) Morton on the right. I'd estimate that this picture is from the late 1930's.
  • Krause family in the yard at the Krause farm (103 KB)
    "L to R - Grandpa (Frank) Krause, Me (Kenneth), Mother (Olga), Joyce, Myrtle, Florence Peterson, Grandma (Caroline) K., Floyd, Glenn & Evelyn Noll"
  • Four Generations: Jolsrud to Krause (75 KB)
    Another "Four Generation" picture, probably the earliest one I have. Counter-clockwise, from the bottom: Joyce Krause; Joyce's mother, Olga (Nordgard) Krause; Olga's mother, Marie (Paulson) Nordgard; and Marie's mother, Mary (Paulson) Jolsrud.
  • Floyd, Glenn and Kenneth Krause (118 KB)
    "Floyd, Glenn & myself (Kenneth)" in front of the Krause farmhouse.
  • Triple 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (180 KB)
    Another of the "Triple Golden Wedding Anniversary" pictures: George & Katie (Catherine Schwartztrauber) Krauss appear on the left, Mark & Anna Marie (Schumaker) Sanderson are in the center, and Henry & Mary Huber are on the right.
  • Pauline & Roy Morton's 50th Anniversary (27 KB)
    This one is from Pauline & Roy Morton's 50th Anniversary. I've been told that Pauline was determined to wear her original wedding dress for the occassion, but had to have it tailored slightly to be able to do so.
  • Morton Family - Roy, Pauline & kids (59 KB)
    The Morton Family: (front) Roy & Pauline, (back, l-r) Marie, Carvel (Peony), Bernard (Bud) and Mark
  • unidentified females (68 KB)
    Pair of unidentified females - would anyone know who they are?
  • Morton family (outside) - Roy, Pauline & kids (189 KB)
    This is the Morton family posing outside: Roy & Pauline Morton are sitting, and their children Mark, Marie, Bernard (Bud) and Carvel (Peony) (l-r) are standing behind them.
  • Art Brenner, Hans Hager and Glenn Krause (94 KB)
    "Art Brenner, Hans Hager & Glenn 1919" (can anyone tell me who Art Brenner is? - he keeps showing up in a lot of pictures)
  • Roy & Pauline Morton with Floyd, Mary & Rox Krause (101 KB)
    This is Roy & Pauline Morton (sitting), with Floyd Krause (standing) and Mary & Roxanne Krause sitting next to Roy & Pauline.
  • Morton family, July 5th, 1946 (198 KB)
    Morton family - July 5th, 1946 standing, back: Floyd Krause, Mark, Marie Krause, Robert (16), Carvel; standing, front: Madeline (2 ), Bunny (12), Fran, Bud, Roxanne Krause (10), Anita, Tommy (10 ), Nan; sitting: Roy, Mary Krause (3 ), Pauline
  • Pauline & Marie Morton (102 KB)
    I'm pretty sure that this is Pauline & Marie Morton - at least I believe that the woman's features match those I've seen on some of Pauline's other pictures from when she was younger. My only reason for doubt is that someone wrote "Paulina and daughter Mary Sanderson-Morton" on the picture.
  • Florence Peterson (Voorhes) (68 KB)
    "Florence Peterson (Voorhes) cousing from Grand Meadows, MN" (can anyone tell me how she's related?)
  • Pauline, Anita & Marie (70 KB)
    Pauline (Sanderson) Morton, Anita (Mense Martin) Morton (spouse of Bernard (Bud) Morton), and Marie Morton.
  • Sanderson Family, 1906 (316 KB)
    back: Roy Morton (holding Markham), John Schumaker, Christ Lantz, Henry Kropp, Mark Sanderson, Austin Sanderson, Carl Lovgren, and Frank Campbell. front: Pauline Morton, Louise Schumaker, Louise Lantz, Mrs. Kropp (cousin of Mother's), Mary Sanderson, Amelia Campbell, and Laura Lovgren. sitting on ground: Ulysses Lantz, Monte Sanderson, Aurelius Sanderson, and Pood (Campbell's dog)
  • Mary Jolsrud and daughter Nellie (103 KB)
    "Great Grandma (Mary) Jolsrud & her daughter Nellie" (can anyone tell me anything about Nellie? I hadn't heard of her before.)
  • Alfred & Olga Krause wedding picture (163 KB)
    This is a picture of Alfred & Olga (Nordgard) Krause at the time of their wedding (on June 22, 1910). Alfred died just a few years later, in January of 1919.
  • Morton Family, 1892 (132 KB)
    Mark & Mary Morton (Nan and Bopop), with kids Paul and Pauline.
  • Mimi Sanderson and Marie Morton (185 KB)
    Mary Elizabeth (Mimi) Sanderson and Marie Morton in front of new Sanderson house (house in background is house they moved from in 1924) (taken 1925-1926)
  • Lydia Magnuson and Myrtle Nordgard (73 KB)
    "Lydia Magnuson (later Nordgard) & Myrtle (Nordgard)"
  • Floyd & Marie Krause with Roxanne, Mary and Bill (53 KB)
    This is Floyd & Marie Krause with children Roxanne, Mary and Bill. Bill looks pretty young, and Fred isn't there yet, so I'd imagine that this one is from the summer of either 1947 or 1948.
  • Huddleston Monument, St. Paul's Cemetery, Ellswrth (184 KB)
    picture of the Huddleston Monument, built by Mark Sanderson in St. Paul's Cemetery in Ellsworth
  • Bernard (Bud) Morton & kids (97 KB)
    l-r: Bernard (Bud) Morton, 2 unknown females, Bernita (Bunny) and Tom Morton, and Madeline Morton (in foreground)
  • Floyd & Marie Krause with kids (116 KB)
    Here's another one of Floyd & Marie Krause with the kids: (l-r) Mary, Bill, Rox and Fred. My Mom tells me that Marie insisted on these periodic family pictures, but it's apparent that the kids didn't always share her enthusiasm.
  • Morton family - some members (72 KB)
    l-r: Frances Squires Morton, Robert Morton, Marie (Morton) Krause, Roxanne Krause, and Carvel (Peony) Morton, Nancy Morton, Madeline Nan Morton, Roy Morton, Pauline (Sanderson) Morton, and Mary Krause
  • Ted and Esther Steiner and children (87 KB)
    "Ted Steiner & family - Esther was Grandma's cousin in St. Paul" (does anyone was exactly Esther was? Was she Grandma Krause or Grandma Nordgard's cousin?)
  • Rox, Bunny, Elaine, Tom and Mary (49 KB)
    back, l-r: Roxanne Krause and Bernita (Bunny) Morton; front, l-r: Elaine Krause (I think) and Tom Morton; sitting: Mary Krause. (thanks to Bunny for the ID!!!)
  • Grandma Krause's nieces & nephews in Campbellsport (117 KB)
    "Grandma (Caroline) Krause's nieces & nephews in Campbellsport" (would anybody know any of their names?)
  • Triple Golden Wedding Anniversary - group photo(L) (680 KB)
    Triple Golden Wedding Anniversary - Sanderson, Krauss, Huber - Nov. 6, 1929, Ellsworth, WI (LEFT-hand side of picture - shows many family members & friends)
  • Triple Golden Wedding Anniversary - group photo(R) (704 KB)
    This is part of the most "comprehensive" of the pictures of the "Triple Golden Wedding Anniversary" of the Sandersons, Krauss', and Hubers that took place on Nov. 6, 1929 in Ellsworth, WI. This was quite a long picture - I was able to capture only one side of it at a time in the scanner (and unfortunately I cut off Nan Schumacher in the process). It provides a good image, though, of the number of family members and well-wishers that participated in that event.
  • Thomas Morton Sr. & family (156 KB)
    standing, l-r: John, Thomas Jr., Sarah, Mary, Cordelia, and Stephen; seated, l-r: Columbus, Thomas Sr., Frances, and Charles K. Morton. Missing were sons William M. and Cornelius, who were homesteading in Dakota Territory and prospecting for gold in the far west, respectively, at the time of this picture.
  • Roy Morton with mother Angeline(?) (80 KB)
    This is Roy Morton, certainly, and the concensus so far is that the woman is most likely his mother, Angeline. I haven't seen any other pictures of her, so I have nothing to compare her to.
  • Four Generations: Nordgard to Meyer (34 KB)
    I was lucky enough to participate in two "Four Generation" pictures: in this one, my grandpa Floyd Krause ("Boppa") is on the left; I'm sitting in my mother's (Roxanne Krause Meyer) lap; and my great-grandma Olga (Nordgard) Krause is seated on the right. This one would be from the late 1950's (1958?).
  • Declaration of Intent - Frank Frederick Krause (389 KB)
    This is the Declaration of Intent that Frank Krause was required to sign during World War I, since he was from Germany. Frank's grandson, Kenneth, told me that he was extremely upset at the time because he thought our government was going to be sending Frank back to Germany.
  • Four Generations: Morton to Meyer (33 KB)
    This is the other "Four Generation" picture I got to be in: my grandpa, Marie Krause ("Nanna") is on the left; I'm sitting in my mother's (Roxanne Krause Meyer's) lap; and my great-grandpa Roy Morton is on the right. This one is also from the late 1950's.
  • Frank & Caroline (Buettner) Krause & children (155 KB)
    This is Frank & Caroline (Buettner) Krause with their children: standing (l-r) is Laura Krause with John Noll, Alfred Krause, and William Krause with Lydia Thoms. The marital status of everyone at the time is unclear, but they were each eventually married. It's notable that Olga is not in this picture, and I've heard a number of theories about this. There were apparently some tensions between Alfred's parents and Olga at the time - either because of ethnic differences or because of Olga possibly being pregnant before they got married. It's also been noted that Alfred's suit is very wrinkled, and there's speculation that Alfred was not planning on participating in this picture until the last minute.
  • Contract to purchase Frank Krause farm (1881) (330 KB)
    This is the contract indicating that Frank Krause purchased the family farm from George Dow in 1881. There was only a small log cabin on the land at the time. Another interesting document in this regard is that of the land being originally purchased by George Dow from the Bureau of Land Management, in 1857 (this document is also included here).
  • Andor Nordgard, Alfred Krause and Hans Hager (75 KB)
    "Ma's brother Andor (Nordgard), my Dad (Alfred Krause) and Hans (Hager)"
  • Carvel Morton as captain of EHS football team-1927 (88 KB)
    Carvel Morton as captain of EHS football team-1927
  • Nordgard/Krause family picture (112 KB)
    This is a picture of the Nordgard/Krause family. According to Ken Krause's note, "L to R. Grandma (Marie Paulson) Nordgard, Birdie Larson, Merle Nordgard (Hager), Sarah Nordgard (Schmidt), John Noll, Grandma Krause (Caroline), Hans Hager, Laura Noll, (Aunt) Evelyn Noll, Vernon Noll, Floyd". I think there were a couple people missed, though.
  • unidentified child (103 KB)
    Unknown child. (Any ideas on who this might be? The picture is from the scrapbook from the Krause farm.)
  • Glenn, Kenneth, Joyce & Floyd Krause (69 KB)
    This is Kenneth, Floyd, Glenn & Joyce Krause (and not in that particular order).
  • "Three Sisters with their Mother" (123 KB)
    Minnie Halverson, Nellie Johnson, Mary Jolsrud and Marie Nordgard
  • War of the Rebellion - Wisconsin Volunteers (p. 2) (70 KB)
    Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865; 31st Regiment Infantry, Company F (William M. Morton is on page 2)
  • Merle Nordgard with nieces Joyce and Gladys (60 KB)
    "Merle (Nordgard) with Joyce & Gladys" (Merle is the sister of Olga and Ander Nordgard - Joyce is Olga's daughter, Gladys is Ander's daughter)
  • Nordgard/Krause Family Picture (144 KB)
    Myrtle & Merle Nordgard, Hans Hager, Olga (Nordgard) Krause, Nellie & Olaf Johnson, Aunt Minnie (Paulson) Halverson, Mary Jolsrud, William and Lillie Moran, Marie (Paulson) Nordgard, Kenneth Krause, John Moran, Joyce Krause, Florence Brunsberg, & Gladys Nordgard
  • Caroline & Olga Krause with children at grave (98 KB)
    "Grandma (Caroline Buettner) Krause, Mother (Olga Nordgard Krause), Joyce, Glenn, Floyd & myself (Kenneth) by my Dad's (Alfred's) grave in 1919"
  • Kenneth Krause's Confirmation Day (112 KB)
    "L to R - Glenn, Floyd, Florence & Julius Brumberd, Joyce, Nellie & Olaf Johnson (Mother's Uncle & Aunt)"
  • Floyd, Glenn & Kenneth Krause (67 KB)
    "Floyd, Glenn & me (Kenneth) - Floyd & I had our 1st air rifles"
  • Myrtle & Merle Nordgard in Church function (266 KB)
    "Myrtle & Merle in some Church affair" (can anyone tell which ones are Myrtle & Merle?)
  • Pauline Sanderson's baptism record (325 KB)
    Pauline Sanderson's baptism record from St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Ellsworth, WI (note that Mark Adolph Schumacher and Chester Krauss are listed just below her!)
  • Nordgard/Krause family in the yard at the farm (119 KB)
    "L to R. Grandma (Caroline Buettner) Krause, Great Grandma (Mary) Jolsrud, Grandma (Marie Paulson) Nordgard, Joyce (but could be Gladys), Merle, Glenn, Floyd & me (Kenneth)" (could the 2 other adults be Ander & Sarah Nordgard - Gladys' parents?)
  • Olga (Nordgard) Krause & Ella (Larson) Bach (17 KB)
    Olga (Nordgard) Krause & Ella (Larson) Bach (could anyone tell me who Ella Larson might be?)
  • Alfred Krause's record of baptism (248 KB)
    Alfred Krause's baptism record - note that Alfred's cousin Arthur Johannes Buettner is listed just above him and was baptized on the same day.
  • Cora Susanna Francisca (Buettner) Johnson (220 KB)
    Cora Susanna Francisca (Buettner) Johnson - daughter of August Buettner and Sarah Milheis (apparently there were Johnsons that married into the Buettner family as well as the Nordgard family)
  • William Krause family in Grand Meadow (248 KB)
    William Krause family in Grand Meadow - does anyone recognize anybody?
  • Krause farm (near Ellsworth) Land Patent (197 KB)
    Original Land Patent obtained by George Dow in 1857 from the Bureau of Land Management for land near Ellsworth, of which part was sold in 1881 to Frank Krause for the farm that was in the family until 1970.

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