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Index of Individuals


Adams, Arthur M(b. Feb 24, 1893, d. date unknown)
Adams, Jesse(d. date unknown)


Agnew, Mitchell
Agnew, Ruby


Alburty, Daniel(d. date unknown)
Alburty, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Alburty, Henry(d. date unknown)
Alburty, John S.(d. date unknown)
Alburty, Sarah(b. Apr 11, 1824, d. May 12, 1899) Includes Notes


Alexander, J G(d. date unknown)


Allen, Otha Ruth(d. date unknown)


Allgood, Lois Gertrude


Anderson, Branby Peden
Anderson, Bryian Peden
Anderson, Michael


Armstrong, Kathy DeAnn
Armstrong, Kelly Dawn
Armstrong, Krissi Dale
Armstrong, Roger Dale


Arrington, Blanche Emily
Arrington, Emmitt T(b. Abt. 1885, d. Abt. 1927)
Arrington, Mary Georgia Gracie Lee
Arrington, Thomas(b. Abt. 1845, d. Abt. 1926)


Auxier, Laura


Baker, Ellis Jackson(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Ball, Jewell(d. date unknown)


Ballew, Harrel
Ballew, Sandra Kay


Bars, James R(d. date unknown)
Bars, Sarah Adeline(b. Apr 23, 1876, d. Feb 23, 1949)


Barthel, Gideon Henry(d. date unknown)


Bateman, Ardecie Ann(b. 1842, d. 1880)


Bauer, Mary


Baumann, Hannelore Ingrid


Bean, David Johnson(b. Sep 30, 1853, d. Dec 24, 1939)
Bean, Mary Ann(b. Dec 25, 1876, d. Oct 24, 1939) Includes Notes


Beaufort, Henry(b. Abt. 1376, d. 1447)
Beaufort, Jane(b. Abt. 1401, d. date unknown)


Benbow, Susanah(d. date unknown)


Benton, Betty


Beroth, Mary(d. date unknown)


Beyer, Unknown


Birney, Neil


Black, Albert G(d. date unknown)


Blair, Ennice(d. 1956)


Blakely, Velma Rayetta


Blankenship, Unknown


Blanton, Dora Geneva(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Blanton, William(d. date unknown)


Blevins, Christopher Chad
Blevins, Steven Kirk


Blissit, Myrtice(d. date unknown)


Bonds, Cecil(d. date unknown)
Bonds, Connie Sue
Bonds, Deborah Anne
Bonds, Manford O'Neill
Bonds, Mike Tracy


Bonhoste, Hester(d. date unknown)


Boston, Winnie(d. date unknown)


Bourland, Bobby(d. date unknown)
Bourland, Johnna


Bowden, Belle(d. date unknown)


Bowen, Richard(b. 1580, d. 1674)
Bowen, Sarah(b. 1634, d. 1676)


Brashears, Allen, Jr
Brashears, Allen, Sr.(d. date unknown)


Bray, Amanda
Bray, Don
Bray, Jennifer


Brown, Beverly
Brown, Esther
Brown, Jane
Brown, Leona Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Brown, Leonard(b. 1902, d. 1985)
Brown, Phillip C.
Brown, Velma


Brummett, Paul Keller


Burch, Cynthia Valinda(d. date unknown)


Burk, Mary Elizabeth Josephine(b. Feb 16, 1853, d. May 23, 1901)
Burk, Rachel(b. Feb 13, 1839, d. Oct 1909)


Burkhalter, Elizabeth A(b. Abt. 1820, d. date unknown)
Burkhalter, John(d. date unknown)


Burrow, John Luke


Burrows, Sue
Burrows, Thomas
Burrows, Thomas Jr


Burton, Lesley D


Bush, J I(d. date unknown)


Butler, Lucile


Cain, Beulah Bernice
Cain, James(d. date unknown)


Calvert, Ann(b. Nov 1650, d. Aug 17, 1697) Includes Notes
Calvert, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Eol(d. date unknown)
Calvert, George(b. 1579, d. date unknown)
Calvert, Jannet(d. date unknown)
Calvert, John(d. date unknown)
Calvert, John(d. date unknown)
Calvert, John(b. Abt. 1587, d. date unknown)
Calvert, Leonard(b. Abt. 1550, d. date unknown)
Calvert, Leonard(b. Abt. 1618, d. date unknown)
Calvert, Margaret(b. Jul 4, 1661, d. Oct 1, 1687) Includes Notes
Calvert, Mary(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Robert(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Thomas(b. 1617, d. 1685)


Calvin, William H(d. date unknown)


Campbell, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Carr, Earl
Carr, Jo Ann


Carter, Myrtle Almedia
Carter, William(d. date unknown)


Cassel, Margaret Anne
Cassel, Virgil H


Cecil, Virginia


Chambers, T. C.(d. date unknown)


Champlin, Barbara Jean


Chandler, John(d. date unknown)
Chandler, Mary(d. date unknown)
Chandler, Rachael(d. date unknown)


Cheek, Veta Mae


Chenoweth, Cecil Clair
Chenoweth, Clifford Leon(b. May 14, 1910, d. Nov 9, 1913)
Chenoweth, John William(b. Jan 21, 1873, d. Apr 25, 1943)
Chenoweth, Mertie Pearl(b. Jan 8, 1901, d. date unknown)
Chenoweth, Vida Viola


Clark, Maltilda Angeline(d. date unknown)


Clary, Annie Bellel
Clary, Forest
Clary, Glenola
Clary, Marvin(d. date unknown)


Clem, Myrtle(d. date unknown)


Cochran, John A.(d. date unknown)


Coleman, Violet


Collier, Beulah


Colwell, James Alexander(d. date unknown)


Connelly, Harry(d. date unknown)


Conner, John Abraham(b. Mar 2, 1871, d. Sep 19, 1931)


Conoway, Thomas(b. Jun 28, 1682, d. date unknown)


Cook, Grace(b. 1673, d. May 1741) Includes Notes
Cook, William(d. date unknown)


Cornish, Catherine(b. Abt. 1602, d. Oct 17, 1697)
Cornish, Henry(d. date unknown)


Cox, Loyd Clemon(b. Mar 1, 1902, d. date unknown)
Cox, Mary Senora
Cox, Narcissas Orella(d. date unknown)


Crampton, Ancible(d. date unknown)


Crossland, Grace(d. date unknown)


Cruz, Mary(d. date unknown)


Culver, Linda Jane


Cummings, James L.(d. date unknown)


Currey, Mahala(b. Feb 14, 1818, d. Feb 6, 1898)
Currey, Nathan(d. date unknown)


Curry, Calvin Stuart
Curry, Clayton Spencer
Curry, Michael Joe
Curry, Ralph Loren


Dalton, A. Berry(d. date unknown)


Daniel, Albert(d. date unknown)
Daniel, Mary(b. 1818, d. date unknown)


Davenport, Alicia


Daves, Calvin
Daves, Melvin
Daves, William Oliver(d. 1978)


Davis, Elinor(b. 1741, d. 1806)
Davis, James(d. date unknown)
Davis, Jana


Dean, Lola May(d. date unknown)


Deeble, Jo Ann

Del Manley

Del Manley, Raynel


DeWald, Clara Estell


Dickey, Elizabeth(b. Apr 22, 1798, d. Oct 12, 1862)


Dixon, William, Jr.(d. date unknown)
Dixon, William, Sr.(d. date unknown)


Dodson, Candice Rebecca(d. date unknown)
Dodson, Lottie Jane(d. date unknown)


Donaldson, Lonnie Alan
Donaldson, Randy Alan
Donaldson, Rebecca Ann
Donaldson, Richard Alan
Donaldson, Robert Lee


Doty, Pamela Ann


Douthit, Abraham, Jr.(b. Apr 11, 1794, d. Feb 17, 1863) Includes Notes
Douthit, Abraham, Sr.(b. Mar 9, 1762, d. 1828) Includes Notes
Douthit, Agnes Myra
Douthit, Alan Russell
Douthit, Alonzo(b. Jun 1883, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Amanda(b. Aug 1873, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Amanda Jane
Douthit, Amos(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Andrew(b. Mar 29, 1829, d. Aug 13, 1916)
Douthit, Annie Margaret(b. Jan 27, 1889, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Artlissa M.(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Avra(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Benjamin Franklin(b. Oct 24, 1847, d. Dec 13, 1912)
Douthit, Benjamin Ware(b. Dec 14, 1814, d. Apr 1850)
Douthit, Benjamin Weaver(b. Feb 3, 1855, d. Jun 25, 1919)
Douthit, Bootsie
Douthit, Brian Charles
Douthit, Calvin Riley(b. Mar 15, 1876, d. Jun 8, 1946)
Douthit, Carl Decatur, Jr.
Douthit, Carl Decatur, Sr.(b. Nov 16, 1880, d. Jan 6, 1937)
Douthit, Carl Staton
Douthit, Carol Lee
Douthit, Carrie
Douthit, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Christopher Morgan
Douthit, Clarence Ephner(b. Jul 26, 1895, d. Dec 23, 1960)
Douthit, Cora
Douthit, Darwin Cox
Douthit, David(b. Mar 24, 1809, d. date unknown)
Douthit, David
Douthit, David Wayne
Douthit, Dennis Lee(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Dianne
Douthit, Dora(b. Jan 9, 1879, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Doris Hellon
Douthit, Edwin William(b. Mar 17, 1890, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Elender(b. Jan 22, 1801, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Elisabeth(b. Oct 12, 1797, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Elizabeth(b. Apr 29, 1739, d. 1790)
Douthit, Elizabeth(b. May 29, 1825, d. 1907)
Douthit, Elizabeth Ann(b. Jun 28, 1840, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Erin Elizabeth
Douthit, Evan(b. Dec 15, 1769, d. 1849) Includes Notes
Douthit, Evan(b. Mar 3, 1811, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Fannie(b. 1895, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Fannie Lee(b. Dec 7, 1880, d. date unknown)
Douthit, George Clide(b. Aug 11, 1883, d. Apr 28, 1906)
Douthit, George Maxwell
Douthit, George Nathaniel(b. Jan 2, 1856, d. Aug 21, 1924) Includes Notes
Douthit, George Oscar(b. Feb 17, 1887, d. date unknown)
Douthit, George Washington(b. Sep 11, 1851, d. Oct 4, 1942)
Douthit, Hannah(b. Mar 4, 1806, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Harvey
Douthit, Hemmie(b. Nov 7, 1896, d. Jun 1, 1901)
Douthit, Henry(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Henry Abraham(b. Aug 20, 1846, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Henry Burton(b. Jul 26, 1823, d. Nov 12, 1882)
Douthit, Herbert Finis
Douthit, Howell Ahaze(b. Sep 5, 1885, d. Apr 11, 1895)
Douthit, Hugh Eight(b. Feb 14, 1899, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Isaac(b. Aug 10, 1756, d. 1823)
Douthit, Jack
Douthit, Jack David
Douthit, Jacob(b. Jul 23, 1765, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Jacob(b. Abt. 1792, d. date unknown)
Douthit, James(d. date unknown)
Douthit, James(b. Dec 25, 1749, d. 1780)
Douthit, James(b. Sep 29, 1812, d. 1851)
Douthit, James Ervin(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Douthit, James Henderson(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Douthit, James Isaac(b. Oct 12, 1850, d. Aug 9, 1885)
Douthit, James Marion(b. Jan 1, 1825, d. Jun 19, 1886)
Douthit, James Thomas(b. Sep 29, 1880, d. date unknown)
Douthit, James Winston
Douthit, Janis Wray
Douthit, Jennifer Jan
Douthit, Jewel Effiline(b. Nov 20, 1890, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Jewell
Douthit, John(b. Oct 25, 1792, d. 1878)
Douthit, John I(b. Nov 11, 1853, d. date unknown)
Douthit, John Nathaniel(b. Jun 6, 1882, d. date unknown)
Douthit, John R.(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Douthit, John Ray
Douthit, John, Jr.(b. Apr 10, 1740, d. Jun 9, 1813)
Douthit, John, Sr.(b. May 4, 1709, d. Feb 22, 1784) Includes Notes
Douthit, Johnathan(b. Mar 22, 1804, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Jones C.(b. 1841, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Kathy Sue
Douthit, Lawrence Lee
Douthit, Lee Andrew(b. May 17, 1891, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Lena(b. Jan 7, 1879, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Lennie(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Lennie Hellon(b. May 6, 1911, d. Jun 2, 1963)
Douthit, Levi(b. May 17, 1891, d. date unknown)
Douthit, M. M. Elizabeth(b. Oct 23, 1843, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Mae Mary(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Mahalia(b. Feb 3, 1855, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Martha(b. Dec 19, 1841, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Mary(b. 1768, d. 1794)
Douthit, Mary(b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Mary
Douthit, Mary Emeline(b. Apr 5, 1843, d. Oct 13, 1898)
Douthit, Mary Will
Douthit, Melissa Ann(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Michael Wayne(b. Jan 10, 1957, d. Jan 10, 1957)
Douthit, Minerva(b. Nov 1887, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Minnie Belle(b. Sep 27, 1893, d. Sep 25, 1967)
Douthit, Morgan Ray
Douthit, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Nancy(b. Oct 26, 1794, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Nancy(b. Nov 1, 1817, d. Sep 27, 1894)
Douthit, Nancy Ann
Douthit, Nancy Valinda(b. Sep 16, 1851, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Pamela Kay
Douthit, Raymond
Douthit, Rebecca(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Rebecca(b. Mar 9, 1762, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Richard Dale
Douthit, Riley Marion(b. Apr 26, 1875, d. Mar 11, 1950)
Douthit, Robert Andrew(b. 1683, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Douthit, Rose Mary
Douthit, Ruby
Douthit, Russell Allen
Douthit, Sally J.(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Sarah(b. Mar 10, 1759, d. 1821)
Douthit, Sarah(b. Oct 22, 1799, d. 1902)
Douthit, Sarah(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Sarah Eveline(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Sarah Jane(b. Jun 26, 1838, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Sarah May(b. Apr 19, 1878, d. Dec 20, 1944) Includes Notes
Douthit, Sheride Arron(b. 1893, d. date unknown)
Douthit, Spencer Marion(b. Aug 8, 1848, d. Mar 22, 1900)
Douthit, Susan(b. Jul 3, 1821, d. Oct 19, 1883)
Douthit, Susan Kay
Douthit, Thomas(b. Oct 12, 1819, d. Jan 7, 1897) Includes Notes
Douthit, Thomas Job(b. Feb 4, 1759, d. Mar 31, 1819)
Douthit, Tom
Douthit, Unas(d. date unknown)
Douthit, Virgil Link(b. Jul 18, 1897, d. Feb 4, 1956)
Douthit, William Andrew(b. Nov 5, 1848, d. date unknown)
Douthit, William B.(b. Abt. 1819, d. date unknown)
Douthit, William Henry(b. Jul 30, 1897, d. date unknown)
Douthit, William, Sr.(b. Dec 27, 1746, d. 1799)
Douthit, Zaddock(b. Nov 19, 1831, d. Jan 14, 1895)
Douthit, Zaddock Winn(b. Mar 1893, d. date unknown)


Doverspike, Gurdon


Draper, Ossie William(d. date unknown)


Duckworth, ???(d. date unknown)


Duger, Cletus
Duger, Wylie(d. date unknown)


Dunigan, Patricia Ann


Durling, Brady Lane
Durling, Brenda Sue
Durling, Donna Elizabeth
Durling, Howard Leon
Durling, Howard Wayne


EdwardIII, King of England(b. 1312, d. 1377)


Elrod, Christopher, Jr.(b. 1757, d. 1827)
Elrod, Christopher, Sr.(b. 1721, d. 1785)


English, Ann(d. date unknown)


Ethridge, Unknown(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Everson, Gene
Everson, Karla


Falco, Anthony J.
Falco, Jerry Doyle


Farndell, Jane(d. date unknown)


Farr, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Faye, Rebecca


Feemster, Minos B(d. date unknown)


Fields, Mary Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Flemons, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Floyd, Anna Cora


Forsyth, Desy(d. date unknown)


Fort, Anne(d. date unknown)
Fort, Macajah(d. date unknown)


Fox, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Frey, Johann Peter(d. date unknown)
Frey, Maria Sarah(b. 1758, d. 1822)


Fritz, Georgie(d. date unknown)


Fuller, David(b. 1667, d. 1750)
Fuller, Jacob(b. 1692, d. date unknown)
Fuller, Jacob(b. 1735, d. date unknown)
Fuller, Jonathan(b. 1643, d. 1707)
Fuller, Mehitable(b. 1767, d. 1843)


Gardner, Angela Dawn
Gardner, Donald Wayne
Gardner, Janiece Marie
Gardner, Michelle Denyse
Gardner, Richard Todd
Gardner, Warren Scott(b. Apr 14, 1964, d. Apr 17, 1964)
Gardner, Warren Scott


Garvin, Kenneth


Gaunt", John "of (Prince of England)(b. 1339, d. 1398)


Gauntt, America Lou Iva(d. date unknown)


Gibson, Daniel Wayne
Gibson, Jill Marie
Gibson, Karen Fay
Gibson, Roger Wayne


Gill, John Gaston(d. date unknown)


Gilliam, Willy(d. date unknown)


Gish, Beverly Ruth
Gish, Debbie Sue
Gish, Emmett Cody
Gish, Jinnifer Lynn
Gish, Steve Derral


Glasford, Hugh(d. date unknown)
Glasford, Jane(d. date unknown)


Goble, Bill(d. date unknown)
Goble, Billy
Goble, Clifford
Goble, Donnie
Goble, Eddie
Goble, Joyce Marie
Goble, Mary
Goble, Wayne
Goble, Wendal


Goodwin, Leona Kay


Gordon, Sherry


Grant, Hannah(d. date unknown)
Grant, James A(b. Dec 16, 1840, d. date unknown)
Grant, Mary Susan(b. Dec 5, 1878, d. Aug 22, 1929) Includes Notes
Grant, Nannie(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Grant, Obediah Charles(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Grant, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Grant, William Ansley, Dr.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Grant, William Ansley, Jr.


Gregg, Ann(d. date unknown)
Gregg, John(b. 1716, d. 1788)
Gregg, Rebecca(b. 1758, d. 1822)
Gregg, Uknown(d. date unknown)
Gregg, Uknown(d. date unknown)


Griffith, Ellen(b. 1560, d. date unknown)
Griffith, John(b. Abt. 1518, d. date unknown)


Grooms, Veda


Guerrard, Anna(d. date unknown)


Halford, Buryl(d. date unknown)


Hamitt, James W.(d. date unknown)
Hamitt, Thomas R.(d. date unknown)
Hamitt, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Hamm, Zilphia(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Hancock, Thirza Marie(d. date unknown)


Hansford, Jeanette


Hardin, Annie(d. date unknown)


Hargrove, Emma Clay(b. Apr 24, 1859, d. Jul 18, 1916)


Harper, Susannah(d. date unknown)


Hart, Minnie Estella


Hathcock, John(d. date unknown)


Hathcox, James H(d. date unknown)


Hays, George William(b. Nov 23, 1903, d. Jan 26, 1966)


Heath, Connie


Henson, Floyd


Hernandz, Josephia


Hester, Alice(d. date unknown)
Hester, Dorothy Ann(d. Btn. 1875 - 1878)
Hester, R.(d. date unknown)
Hester, Rhoda Lee(d. Jan 3, 1892)


Hickman, Rosetta


Hill, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Hill, Helen
Hill, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Hix, Helen
Hix, John(d. date unknown)
Hix, John Everett
Hix, Mary


Hodges, Ruby Atlanta(d. date unknown)


Holbrooks, Cecil
Holbrooks, Cecil
Holbrooks, Celia
Holbrooks, Dana
Holbrooks, Debbie Michelle
Holbrooks, Dena
Holbrooks, Ginnie
Holbrooks, Jana
Holbrooks, Lawrence Clarence
Holbrooks, Robert Clifton
Holbrooks, Samuel David
Holbrooks, Ulan
Holbrooks, Unkown(d. date unknown)


Holdridge, Ermilee


Holland, Kevin Stowe
Holland, Lisa Nicole
Holland, Pamela Jo


Holleyman, Harriett Cofield(b. Mar 31, 1799, d. May 16, 1867)
Holleyman, Herrmon(d. date unknown)
Holleyman, Jeremiah(d. date unknown)


Hollingsworth, Abel Benjamin(b. Jul 21, 1861, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Abraham(b. Mar 19, 1686/87, d. Oct 1748)
Hollingsworth, Absolum(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Amy Alice
Hollingsworth, Ann(b. Dec 28, 1680, d. Abt. Oct 27, 1712)
Hollingsworth, Ann(b. Jul 6, 1701, d. 1708)
Hollingsworth, Aquilla(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Aquilla(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Aquilla(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Benjamin III(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Benjamin, Jr.(b. 1786, d. 1829)
Hollingsworth, Benjamin, Sr.(b. 1755, d. 1816) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Bobby
Hollingsworth, Bobby
Hollingsworth, Cadmus(b. Nov 21, 1895, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Catherine(b. Jul 1663, d. Aug 29, 1746)
Hollingsworth, Charles Andy Jefferson(b. Apr 18, 1855, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Daniel Barton(b. Oct 16, 1862, d. Dec 1, 1949)
Hollingsworth, Donald
Hollingsworth, Doris Sue
Hollingsworth, Edward Ezra(b. Feb 28, 1867, d. Jul 1, 1899) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Elias(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Elias(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Elias, Sr.(b. 1730, d. 1795) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Elizabeth(b. Nov 8, 1694, d. Sep 8, 1738) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Josephine(b. Dec 22, 1846, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Ellie(b. Jan 20, 1890, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Emmitt(b. Apr 9, 1894, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Enoch(b. Jun 7, 1675, d. Aug 24, 1687)
Hollingsworth, Enoch(b. 1688, d. Sep 26, 1690)
Hollingsworth, Francis Marcile
Hollingsworth, Glenn(b. Apr 20, 1891, d. Sep 5, 1964)
Hollingsworth, Grace(b. Mar 9, 1710/11, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Hannah(b. Jan 17, 1696/97, d. Jan 1777) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Henry(b. Abt. 1598, d. Abt. 1631)
Hollingsworth, Henry(b. Mar 25, 1656, d. Bef. Sep 1658)
Hollingsworth, Henry(b. Sep 7, 1658, d. Mar 1, 1720/21)
Hollingsworth, Henry(b. 1795, d. 1845)
Hollingsworth, Ileene
Hollingsworth, Isaac(b. Jun 16, 1693, d. 1699)
Hollingsworth, Ivy Lee(b. 1895, d. 1966)
Hollingsworth, Jacob(b. Jan 4, 1703/04, d. Bef. May 5, 1766)
Hollingsworth, Jacob(b. Btn. 1742 - 1745, d. 1826)
Hollingsworth, James Daniel(b. Dec 1822, d. 1903) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, James Posey(b. May 19, 1853, d. 1890) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, James Vernon
Hollingsworth, Jennie(b. Feb 6, 1899, d. Aug 11, 1900) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Jessie(b. Jan 9, 1893, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, John Valentine(b. Apr 19, 1684, d. Apr 22, 1722)
Hollingsworth, John Wesley(b. Sep 27, 1851, d. Sep 15, 1855)
Hollingsworth, Joseph(b. May 11, 1709, d. Bef. 1757)
Hollingsworth, Joshua Stevens(b. 1842, d. 1914)
Hollingsworth, Jospeh(b. Jul 10, 1686, d. 1732) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Martha Ann Cornelia(b. Jul 9, 1849, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Mary(b. Mar 25, 1656, d. 1746)
Hollingsworth, Matthew Lee
Hollingsworth, Michael Noel(b. May 29, 1957, d. Btn. 1982 - 1983)
Hollingsworth, Milley(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Noel(b. Jul 3, 1888, d. Jun 26, 1979) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Phoebe(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Pierce(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Posey(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Rhoda(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Robert(b. Btn. 1547 - 1576, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Robert Asberry(b. Dec 15, 1843, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Samuel III(b. 1770, d. 1817)
Hollingsworth, Samuel, Jr.(b. 1707, d. 1751)
Hollingsworth, Samuel, Sr.(b. Mar 27, 1673, d. Aug 30, 1748)
Hollingsworth, Sarah(b. Aug 7, 1706, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Stanley Grant
Hollingsworth, Thomas(b. Jul 1, 1661, d. Apr 2, 1727) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Thomas(b. Dec 23, 1698, d. Sep 1, 1753)
Hollingsworth, Valentine, Jr.(b. Jan 12, 1676/77, d. Mar 1757)
Hollingsworth, Valentine, Sr.(b. Aug 15, 1632, d. Oct 13, 1710) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Victoria Adelaide(b. Nov 19, 1858, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Wilbur Noel(b. Feb 23, 1931, d. May 26, 1947) Includes Notes
Hollingsworth, Will Ed(b. Feb 22, 1903, d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, William(d. date unknown)
Hollingsworth, Willy Columbus(b. Nov 26, 1865, d. date unknown)


Hollis, A J(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Amy(b. Jul 1896, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Andrew(b. 1863, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Arthur Oscar(b. Oct 19, 1875, d. Jan 16, 1948)
Hollis, Birdie(b. May 1894, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Birdie Mae
Hollis, Christine
Hollis, Christy Ann
Hollis, Clifton
Hollis, Connie
Hollis, Corine Mae
Hollis, Daniel(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Derinnie Frank(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Hollis, E M(b. Sep 15, 1881, d. Oct 23, 1899)
Hollis, Earl
Hollis, Elizabeth Amanda(b. Sep 16, 1823, d. Aug 15, 1853)
Hollis, Ella(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Emma(b. Dec 1887, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Emma W(b. 1875, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Eston
Hollis, George(b. Oct 14, 1899, d. Jul 2, 1922) Includes Notes
Hollis, Gladys
Hollis, Harry(b. Aft. 1835, d. date unknown)
Hollis, James
Hollis, James Eugene
Hollis, James Ira(b. 1872, d. 1949)
Hollis, James Madison(b. Sep 16, 1823, d. Aft. 1880)
Hollis, James Robert(d. date unknown)
Hollis, Jeff(d. date unknown)
Hollis, John H(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Hollis, John J(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Hollis, John Rilley
Hollis, John Robert(b. Feb 19, 1833, d. Nov 13, 1902) Includes Notes
Hollis, John William(b. Jan 1884, d. date unknown)
Hollis, John William
Hollis, Joseph(b. Aug 14, 1851, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Joseph Andrew Includes Pictures
Hollis, Joseph Howell(d. Btn. Jan 1968 - Dec 1969) Includes Notes
Hollis, Joseph Howell
Hollis, Joseph Ira(b. Dec 1879, d. Aft. 1900)
Hollis, Joseph Post(b. Mar 6, 1821, d. Oct 23, 1892)
Hollis, Leonard
Hollis, Lesley
Hollis, Lieuticia C.(b. Feb 12, 1819, d. Aug 15, 1870)
Hollis, Lillie
Hollis, Lola(b. Apr 1898, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Lonnie Jackson(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hollis, M L(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Mary Jane(b. Dec 18, 1830, d. Sep 1866)
Hollis, Mary Viola(b. Abt. 1867, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Matthew H.(b. 1871, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Maurine
Hollis, Mitsuko
Hollis, Nancy Ann(b. Nov 27, 1817, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Nancy R(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Nettie(b. Mar 1890, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Olive(d. date unknown)
Hollis, Preston
Hollis, Ruther(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Ruthie(b. Sep 18, 1878, d. Aug 15, 1953)
Hollis, Ruthy T(b. Dec 16, 1834, d. Feb 4, 1869)
Hollis, S L(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Sarah Aiko
Hollis, Sarah Emeline(b. Jul 26, 1827, d. Aug 10, 1856)
Hollis, Stacey
Hollis, Susan An Elizabeth(b. Dec 22, 1844, d. Aug 2, 1931)
Hollis, Tennessee Pearl(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Thomas Jefferson(b. Jan 1886, d. date unknown)
Hollis, Thomas Joseph
Hollis, Thomas P(b. Sep 24, 1829, d. Oct 23, 1829)
Hollis, Tinnie Lora(b. Jul 1891, d. Aug 1967)
Hollis, William(b. Abt. 1788, d. Oct 4, 1865) Includes Notes
Hollis, William B(b. Jan 8, 1826, d. Oct 5, 1865)
Hollis, William Edward(b. 1843, d. Feb 1881)
Hollis, William Jefferson(b. Oct 13, 1859, d. Aug 5, 1942) Includes Pictures
Hollis, William Virgil(b. Abt. 1870, d. Jun 2, 1933)


Holt, Brian Thomas


Hope, Ellen DeMoss(d. date unknown)
Hope, Jane Madison(d. date unknown)
Hope, Pamela(d. date unknown)


Hopkins, Elijas(d. date unknown)


Horland, Crinda Lorae
Horland, Darwin


Horn, Christopher Columbus(d. date unknown)
Horn, James Arthur
Horn, Jessie Ransom(d. date unknown)
Horn, Jessie Ray
Horn, Melissa Lynne
Horn, Natalie Renne
Horn, Shirley D
Horn, Wanda Jo


Horne, Gewel


Howard, Philip(d. date unknown)


Huddleston, Beatrice


Hudson, Anne Sue(b. May 6, 1864, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hudson, Bill


Huggins, Addie(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Albert True(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Alice(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Alice Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Amanda Josephine(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Amanda Josephine(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Ann(b. Aft. 1779, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Aulbie Demain, Jr.
Huggins, Aulbie Demain, Sr.(b. Mar 5, 1903, d. 1963)
Huggins, Baby Boy
Huggins, Belton(b. Aft. 1842, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Benjamin(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, Benjamin(b. Abt. 1759, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Bessie Loveless
Huggins, Beulah Benton(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Billie Don
Huggins, Billie Jack
Huggins, Celia Lousia(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Chappel Loveless(b. Apr 6, 1891, d. Apr 29, 1964) Includes Notes
Huggins, Chappel Loveless, Jr.
Huggins, Charlied(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Chester
Huggins, Chester, Jr.
Huggins, Claudie B
Huggins, Cleta Joyce
Huggins, Clifton
Huggins, Coty Beatrice
Huggins, Coty Bee
Huggins, Denatem
Huggins, Dora Elizabeth(b. Dec 24, 1868, d. Oct 2, 1964)
Huggins, Eli(b. 1752, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Eliza A. E.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Elizabeth Ann(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Elizabeth B.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Elizabeth Simmons(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Elmer
Huggins, Erwin Stanley(b. Nov 10, 1873, d. 1914)
Huggins, Etheridge(b. Oct 17, 1899, d. Oct 17, 1899)
Huggins, Eva Myra Maybell(b. May 27, 1887, d. Feb 10, 1939)
Huggins, Fairey Verner(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Frances(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Frances Alexandria(b. Jan 31, 1878, d. May 4, 1926) Includes Notes
Huggins, Frances Inez
Huggins, Freddie Lee
Huggins, George(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, George(b. Abt. 1725, d. Jan 28, 1774) Includes Notes
Huggins, George(b. Apr 14, 1778, d. Dec 28, 1857) Includes Notes
Huggins, George Allen(d. date unknown)
Huggins, George Anderson(d. date unknown)
Huggins, George Daniel Chandler(b. Jul 14, 1806, d. date unknown)
Huggins, George Harvey(b. Jul 16, 1867, d. Jan 5, 1939)
Huggins, George N.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, George Samuel Briley(b. Jul 18, 1831, d. Nov 28, 1914) Includes Notes
Huggins, George Samuel Martin(b. Aft. 1842, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Hannah(b. 1776, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Hannah H. E.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Harry Douglas(b. Nov 24, 1895, d. Sep 6, 1972) Includes Notes
Huggins, Harry Hillard
Huggins, Hermon Holleyman(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Hester Hannah(b. Jan 16, 1803, d. May 15, 1853)
Huggins, Horace
Huggins, Humphrey(b. Abt. 1727, d. date unknown)
Huggins, James
Huggins, James Henry(d. date unknown)
Huggins, James Henry Montgomery(d. date unknown)
Huggins, James Moses
Huggins, Jane G.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Jarrett Harmon(b. Jan 22, 1893, d. Jan 2, 1968) Includes Notes
Huggins, John(b. Abt. 1670, d. Nov 1743) Includes Notes
Huggins, John (Captain)(b. Jan 12, 1747/48, d. Jul 13, 1825) Includes Notes
Huggins, John Bonhoste(b. Bef. 1792, d. date unknown)
Huggins, John Durant(d. date unknown)
Huggins, John Guerrard(b. Abt. 1757, d. date unknown)
Huggins, John Samuel(b. Mar 30, 1810, d. Apr 10, 1879) Includes Notes
Huggins, John Samuel, Jr.(b. Dec 2, 1877, d. date unknown)
Huggins, John Samuel, Sr.(b. Jan 7, 1852, d. Oct 23, 1926)
Huggins, John Wesley(b. Aug 8, 1875, d. Jul 29, 1949) Includes Notes
Huggins, Johnanna Jeanette
Huggins, Johnnie Mable
Huggins, Joseph(b. Abt. 1718, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Joseph(b. Abt. 1750, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Joseph
Huggins, Judith(b. Aft. 1727, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Kamper Floyd
Huggins, Lena Mae(b. Mar 1, 1926, d. Feb 4, 1945)
Huggins, Leston
Huggins, Leta Belle
Huggins, Letitia Nelson(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Lottie Emily(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Louise Caroline(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Lula Mae
Huggins, Lydia(b. Feb 6, 1877, d. 1905) Includes Notes
Huggins, Mabel(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Magdalone
Huggins, Magnus
Huggins, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Margaret Kennedy(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Margaret R.(b. Oct 13, 1883, d. May 30, 1955) Includes Notes
Huggins, Marie
Huggins, Marion
Huggins, Mark(b. Abt. 1724, d. Abt. 1788) Includes Notes
Huggins, Mark(b. Abt. 1752, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Mary(b. Aft. 1727, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Mary A. A. L. S.(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Mary Ella(b. Oct 22, 1870, d. Nov 24, 1941) Includes Notes
Huggins, Massabeau
Huggins, Maude(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Mildred
Huggins, Milton
Huggins, MItty Armenta
Huggins, Moses(b. Apr 15, 1881, d. May 1881)
Huggins, Moses Elmer A. C.(b. Jul 14, 1841, d. Btn. Oct 21 - 24, 1909) Includes Notes
Huggins, Nancy(b. 1780, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Nathan(b. Abt. 1755, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Nathaniel(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, Nieta Faye
Huggins, Norma Ann
Huggins, Olivia(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Otto
Huggins, Priscilla(b. Aft. 1727, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Renate Diane
Huggins, Robert Thomas(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Rosanna(d. date unknown)
Huggins, Samuel(b. Jun 15, 1761, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, Samuel(b. Feb 9, 1775, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Samuel O'Neal
Huggins, Samuel O'Neal
Huggins, Stanley Reese
Huggins, Tea Boti(b. Aft. 1842, d. date unknown)
Huggins, Tonlis
Huggins, Vera
Huggins, Violet
Huggins, Wallace
Huggins, Walter(d. date unknown)
Huggins, William(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, William Jackson(d. date unknown)
Huggins, William James Timmons(d. date unknown)
Huggins, William Montgomery(d. date unknown)
Huggins, William Sylvester Andrew(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Huggins, Willie E(b. Feb 1, 1870, d. Btn. 1878 - 1879)
Huggins, Willis V.(b. May 26, 1885, d. Jan 10, 1888)
Huggins, Wilma
Huggins, Zilpha Ann(d. date unknown)


Hughes, Beulah Mittie(d. date unknown)
Hughes, Pet(b. Sep 12, 1856, d. date unknown)


Hulet, Sherlie


Hunt, Callie
Hunt, Mary(d. 1871) Includes Notes


Hutchinson, Unknown


Ingram, Isaac Crowe(d. date unknown)


Isoda, Masako
Isoda, Ziko(d. Sep 17, 1985)


Jackson, Billie Ruth


James, Aaron Prescott
James, Anna Mae
James, Azarriah(d. date unknown)
James, Baby Boy(b. Dec 25, 1898, d. date unknown)
James, Baby Girl(b. Jul 28, 1941, d. Jul 28, 1941)
James, Benjamin Joseph
James, Bobby Ray
James, Cecil Ray(b. Jan 1, 1933, d. Feb 12, 1974)
James, Daniel Azarriah(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
James, Daniel Joseph
James, Daniel Ray
James, Dannievay(b. Apr 21, 1905, d. Mar 6, 1981) Includes Notes
James, David Alan
James, Douglas Eugene
James, Geneva Lee
James, Greta Faye
James, Ira Earl(b. May 1891, d. Dec 14, 1921)
James, Jewel Dean(b. Jun 24, 1928, d. Nov 27, 1991)
James, Joseph Cullen(b. Dec 16, 1908, d. Jun 3, 1992)
James, Kenneth W(b. Apr 24, 1931, d. Feb 28, 1995) Includes Notes
James, Leroy
James, Linda Jewel
James, Margaret Ann
James, Micheal David
James, Myrtle May(b. May 11, 1890, d. May 13, 1890)
James, Naomi Gaile
James, Nora Ruth
James, Patrica Ann
James, Peter Alexander
James, Peter Alexander, Jr
James, Philip Andrew
James, Roger Dale
James, Ruth Elizabeth
James, Teresa Gay
James, Thomas Danivay
James, Vernon Daniel(b. Oct 22, 1929, d. Jun 7, 1950)
James, Walter Kris
James, William Oliver
James, William Owen(b. Oct 7, 1896, d. Jan 15, 1961)
James, Willie Jewel(b. Dec 24, 1938, d. Jul 5, 1975)


Jarmon, Camilla Estelle(d. Nov 1929)


Jarnigan, Debra


Jarvis, Mary(d. date unknown)
Jarvis, Nancy(b. 1793, d. date unknown)
Jarvis, Valinda(b. Bef. 1790, d. 1839)
Jarvis, Zadock(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Jobe, Joram(d. date unknown)
Jobe, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Jobe, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Jobe, Virgil(d. date unknown)


Johnson, Alfred(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Amos Granville
Johnson, August Alfred(b. Jan 28, 1928, d. Jan 31, 1928) Includes Notes
Johnson, Calvin Marshall(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Diane
Johnson, Frances Louise
Johnson, Granville Amos(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Johnson, Kathy
Johnson, Kelly Linton
Johnson, Marshall Linton(b. Oct 18, 1935, d. Nov 3, 1948) Includes Notes
Johnson, Michael Steven
Johnson, Ruby Charlotte


Johnston, Horace


Jones, Martha Dee(d. date unknown)
Jones, Mary Phoebe(d. date unknown)
Jones, Nellie
Jones, Zelpha(d. date unknown)


Joseph, Frank(d. date unknown)
Joseph, Mary Magdalene(b. Oct 25, 1842, d. Oct 30, 1913)


Keathley, Morris Sheppard(d. 1959)


Kellam, Marguerite


Kennedy, Daniel(d. date unknown)


Kenny, Julia A.(b. 1871, d. 1969)
Kenny, Martha Jane(d. date unknown)


Kenworthy, Tamar(d. date unknown)


Kerr, Charles Michael
Kerr, David Leroy
Kerr, Ramon Douglas
Kerr, Raymon D


King, Anne Rebecca(d. date unknown)
King, Benjamin Franklin(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
King, Catherine(d. date unknown)
King, Charles(d. date unknown)
King, Elizabeth(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
King, Faye
King, George(b. Mar 26, 1727, d. date unknown)
King, George Washington(b. Jun 16, 1795, d. Aug 8, 1870)
King, Hannah(b. Jul 26, 1732, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
King, James Harvey(d. date unknown)
King, Martha Matilda(d. date unknown)
King, Mary(d. date unknown)
King, Nathaniel Whitfield(d. date unknown)
King, Samuel(b. Abt. 1680, d. Oct 20, 1749) Includes Notes
King, Samuel(b. Oct 3, 1768, d. date unknown)
King, Samuel Thomas(b. 1797, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
King, Thomas(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Kirk, Adrian Derwood
Kirk, Charles Alan


Kohara, Aiko Katherine(b. Aug 30, 1929, d. Jan 7, 1993) Includes Notes
Kohara, Daughter1
Kohara, Daughter2
Kohara, Hisaki
Kohara, Hromi
Kohara, Kamekichi(d. May 20, 1992)
Kohara, Katusike
Kohara, Kazuyuki
Kohara, Keichi
Kohara, Kiku
Kohara, Masami
Kohara, Masaru
Kohara, Matutaro
Kohara, Minokichi(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Kohara, Naoki
Kohara, Sada
Kohara, Sakutaro(d. date unknown) Includes Pictures
Kohara, Takazou
Kohara, Takeziro
Kohara, Yoko
Kohara, Yooko
Kohara, Yoshio
Kohara, Yuki
Kohara, Yumi


Kohler, Edmund(d. date unknown)


Lamasquis, Alma(d. Jun 9, 1982)


Lambert, Amy
Lambert, Anna(d. date unknown)
Lambert, Dickie Lynn
Lambert, Gary Duane
Lambert, John Herman
Lambert, Ldoyce
Lambert, Sherrill Gene


Lanceford, Pat


Lewis, Ronald Dale
Lewis, Unknown
Lewis, William Orville(b. Dec 17, 1905, d. Dec 11, 1962)


Little, Effie Hugh(d. date unknown)


Lumpkin, Catherine(b. Mar 9, 1834, d. Jan 31, 1906)


Luna, Adella


Luno, John(d. 1974)


Lynn, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Lynn, Minnie Mae(d. 1976)


Mabry, Byrdie Batavia(b. Oct 24, 1872, d. Mar 25, 1956)


Malone, Unknown


Manley, Elbert Lee
Manley, Randel Dan
Manley, Regina Ann
Manley, Ronnie Lee


Markland, Mary(b. 1753, d. 1804)
Markland, Mathew(d. date unknown)


Marriott, Charles Henry(d. date unknown)
Marriott, Donna Fay
Marriott, Dorothy June
Marriott, Eula Estell
Marriott, Mary Dean
Marriott, Orval L
Marriott, Sally Ann
Marriott, Tressa May


Martinez, Christina


Massey, John William(d. date unknown)
Massey, Martha(d. date unknown)


Maybry, Adeline May(b. Abt. 1876, d. Mar 4, 1964)


Mayes, Walter Darel


McCulloch, Catherine(d. date unknown)
McCulloch, Sarah(b. Jul 31, 1774, d. 1878)


McCullough, Mourine(d. date unknown)


McDaniel, Andrew(b. Mar 19, 1904, d. Mar 1948)
McDaniel, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
McDaniel, Corbin Grant(b. Aug 24, 1906, d. Jan 13, 1959)
McDaniel, Effie(b. Mar 12, 1899, d. May 5, 1931)
McDaniel, Goldie Izola(b. Mar 25, 1914, d. Mar 13, 1997)
McDaniel, Jeff(b. Jul 10, 1901, d. Btn. 1979 - 1980)
McDaniel, Joe(b. Apr 15, 1910, d. Aug 1990)
McDaniel, Lemuel Benjamin(d. date unknown)
McDaniel, Melissa Virgie(b. Aug 14, 1897, d. May 15, 1984)
McDaniel, Ozie
McDaniel, Reuben Benjamin(b. Aug 19, 1895, d. Jul 15, 1959)
McDaniel, Romie(b. Feb 6, 1909, d. Mar 1995)


McDonald, Edith Ruby
McDonald, Erma
McDonald, Gene
McDonald, Glen
McDonald, Jack
McDonald, Martin(d. date unknown)
McDonald, Mattie Lorene(d. date unknown)


McElroy, W J(d. date unknown)


McGothlin, Thelma


McKisk, ???(d. date unknown)


McMahan, Morris Owen


McMinn, Virgie


McPhearson, John(b. Abt. 1860, d. Abt. 1921)
McPhearson, Sophie(b. Abt. 1885, d. Abt. 1962)


McPherson, Rose(d. date unknown)


Melton, Lueticia(d. date unknown)


Menzel, Ronald Martin


Meyer, Alan Noel(b. Oct 26, 1961, d. May 8, 1985)
Meyer, Andon Louis(b. Jul 5, 1844, d. Sep 24, 1919) Includes Notes
Meyer, Arleta Kay
Meyer, August
Meyer, August Moses Alexander(b. Jul 15, 1900, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Bea Agnes
Meyer, Bryon(d. Dec 3, 1999)
Meyer, Catherine Suzanne
Meyer, David
Meyer, David William
Meyer, Edwin Max
Meyer, Ervin Truman(b. Apr 6, 1904, d. Dec 2, 1974)
Meyer, Fannie Margaret
Meyer, Franklin Joseph(b. Jan 19, 1906, d. Nov 1979)
Meyer, George August(b. Mar 5, 1873, d. Aug 13, 1945)
Meyer, Gilbert
Meyer, Henry(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Henry
Meyer, Henry August
Meyer, Henry Preston
Meyer, Herman Hortle(b. May 27, 1899, d. Nov 1984)
Meyer, Ida(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Imo Knox
Meyer, Iris
Meyer, Joe
Meyer, John(d. date unknown)
Meyer, John Wesley(b. May 5, 1920, d. Feb 19, 1985)
Meyer, John Wesley, Jr.
Meyer, Joseph(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Joseph Wayne
Meyer, Judy May
Meyer, Kay Lynn
Meyer, Kelly Winston
Meyer, Kenneth(d. date unknown)
Meyer, Lacy Frank
Meyer, Lecil Ray
Meyer, Lisa
Meyer, Lori
Meyer, Louis(b. 1878, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Mary(b. 1882, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Mary Ida(b. Jul 9, 1917, d. Dec 7, 1917)
Meyer, Mary Magdaline
Meyer, Nettie Mae
Meyer, Neva Dell
Meyer, Odell(b. Sep 26, 1912, d. Jan 6, 1977)
Meyer, Pauline
Meyer, Pendell(b. Nov 6, 1914, d. Nov 7, 1914)
Meyer, Robert Sledge
Meyer, Ruby Orabel(b. Nov 24, 1901, d. Apr 5, 1977) Includes Notes
Meyer, Stephen August(b. Apr 5, 1960, d. Jan 20, 1967)
Meyer, Thelma
Meyer, Truman
Meyer, Velma Ora
Meyer, Vera Lou Ella(b. May 24, 1907, d. Jun 19, 1945)
Meyer, Verti Forest(b. Nov 11, 1899, d. date unknown)
Meyer, Wayne
Meyer, Wilford
Meyer, Wilfred Lee
Meyer, X A
Meyer, Xavier August(b. 1868, d. date unknown)


Mikkelsen, Olaf G(b. Dec 14, 1905, d. Jul 29, 1979)


Miller, Charles Eugene
Miller, Charles Wilson
Miller, Danielle Jo
Miller, Danny Keith
Miller, Iona Louis(d. 1976)
Miller, Jeffery Gene
Miller, Julie Nicole
Miller, LaCinda Dawn
Miller, Mary Edith(d. date unknown)
Miller, Rebecca Lynne
Miller, Woodrow Wilson


Minor, Myrtle Maud


Mixon, A. B.(d. date unknown)


Mondine, Clarissa Harpo(b. 1776, d. date unknown)


Montgomery, Catherine Letitia(b. Abt. 1780, d. Oct 21, 1827) Includes Notes
Montgomery, Samuel Allen(d. date unknown)


Moore, Janice
Moore, Trudy


Morgan, Jesse


Morris, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Moses, Jewel Liane(d. date unknown)


Murrel, Susanna(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Nation, Daniel Addison
Nation, Paul Edward II
Nation, Paul Edward III
Nation, Wayne


Nations, Fannie Adaline(d. date unknown)


Newsom, Thomas F.(d. date unknown)


Nicohols, Alma(b. Abt. 1882, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Nimo, Jewel


Nugent, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Okumura, Mitsuko


Oldham, Lola


Oliver, Burce Everet(b. Jul 4, 1893, d. Jan 1962)
Oliver, Doran Edgar(b. Jul 9, 1888, d. Jan 16, 1965)
Oliver, Kate Emma(b. Dec 15, 1891, d. Dec 23, 1984)
Oliver, Marcus Doran(b. Feb 19, 1848, d. Mar 27, 1940) Includes Notes
Oliver, Murrel Emmet(b. Jul 30, 1901, d. May 5, 1958)
Oliver, Nancy(b. Abt. 1838, d. date unknown)
Oliver, Nellie Burnley(b. Jul 1, 1885, d. Dec 22, 1935)
Oliver, Olive Blanche(b. Nov 29, 1886, d. May 3, 1968)
Oliver, Paul Eldon(b. Sep 22, 1895, d. Apr 1, 1946)


O'Neal, Unknown


Orr, Rebecca(d. date unknown)


Parker, Joan(d. date unknown)
Parker, Melissa(b. Jul 20, 1823, d. May 23, 1892)


Parks, George(d. date unknown)


Peak, Clary(d. date unknown)


Pearson, John Henry(d. date unknown)


Penny, Alexander(d. date unknown)
Penny, Jessica Gay
Penny, John Alexander(b. 1837, d. May 1907)
Penny, Leantine(d. date unknown)
Penny, Mary Frances(b. Jul 1860, d. date unknown)


Phillips, Catherine(b. Mar 15, 1826, d. Aug 2, 1871)
Phillips, Pearl(d. date unknown)


Pierce, Dinah Susannah(d. date unknown)
Pierce, Franklin(d. date unknown)


Pietrie, Sara Elizabeth(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Pittman, Angie
Pittman, Dora
Pittman, Dorothy
Pittman, Floy
Pittman, Griff(b. Nov 24, 1922, d. Mar 27, 1997)
Pittman, Jack Neff(b. Dec 31, 1920, d. Oct 1985)
Pittman, Jack Neff Jr
Pittman, Jackie
Pittman, Lilla
Pittman, Louise
Pittman, Nola Juan
Pittman, Robert Willard(d. 1975)
Pittman, Robert Willard Jr(d. 1964)
Pittman, Sammie Jo
Pittman, Sharla
Pittman, Wayne
Pittman, Willard
Pittman, William Ray


Posey, Phoebe(d. date unknown)


Pratt, Cheryl Lynn
Pratt, Wilford


Preston, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1685, d. Aft. 1732)


Prichard, Stanley Ernest III
Prichard, Stanley Ernest, Jr.


Priscilla, Mabel(d. date unknown)


Pruitt, Martha Jane(b. 1840, d. 1873) Includes Notes


Quigley, Jacqueline Ann
Quigley, Scottie Gene
Quigley, Stanley Giles
Quigley, Steven G.


Rash, Allie
Rash, Cora B
Rash, Lee(d. date unknown)
Rash, Matt
Rash, Roy
Rash, Theo
Rash, Troy


Redden, Oran Clarence
Redden, Ramey Joe
Redden, W Joe


Ree, Ann(b. 1628, d. Apr 1, 1671)
Ree, Nicholas(d. 1641)
Ree, Valentine(d. date unknown)


Reed, Betty Jane


Reeder, Ruth(d. date unknown)


Reel, Carl
Reel, Charles
Reel, James
Reel, Thomas E


Reynolds, Elizabeth Cisco(b. 1835, d. 1924)
Reynolds, Mary Polly(d. date unknown)
Reynolds, William Edward(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Rhoades, Anna Louise
Rhoades, Becky Sue
Rhoades, Eldon Lee(b. Oct 7, 1947, d. May 28, 1984)
Rhoades, Ginny LaNell
Rhoades, Leon George
Rhoades, Misti Gail
Rhoades, Shellee Renee
Rhoades, Sherry Aloyse
Rhoades, Steven Lee
Rhoades, Travis Lee
Rhoades, Warren(d. date unknown)


Riddle, Stephen(b. 1730, d. 1807)


Rizzatto, Anthony Joseph
Rizzatto, Anthony Michael
Rizzatto, Nicholas Michael
Rizzatto, Raiden Hunter


Roberson, Allie(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Bud(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Chase(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Effie(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Joe Lee(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Mattie(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Muaditt(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Nell(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Ocie(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Rutha T(b. Abt. 1793, d. Dec 31, 1869)
Roberson, Trudy(d. date unknown)
Roberson, Turner J.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Rodgers, Bonnie Lou


Ross, Terry


Rosson, John(d. date unknown)


Row, Jackie C.
Row, Jason Clay


Rowland, Orvil Kenneth


Russell, Irene(d. date unknown)
Russell, Joe(d. date unknown)


Salyer, Leona


Sanchez, Noe


Satterwhite, Edward(d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Francis M.(b. Apr 24, 1848, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Isaac W.(b. Feb 15, 1815, d. Sep 1, 1881)
Satterwhite, James Marshall(b. Oct 9, 1840, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, John Henry C.(b. Jul 4, 1846, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Joseph Thomas(b. Mar 1, 1842, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Mary Jane T.(b. Sep 3, 1852, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Nancy P.(b. Sep 7, 1858, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Ruthy A. E.(b. Nov 21, 1844, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Sara Eugenia Penelope(b. Feb 21, 1854, d. date unknown)
Satterwhite, Sarah(b. Jul 1820, d. Aft. 1900)
Satterwhite, William Washington(b. May 23, 1839, d. date unknown)


Sawyer, ?


Scarbor, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Scott, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Scott, Levara
Scott, Lovie
Scott, Mary(b. 1721, d. 1794)


Seaton, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Seaton, Francis(d. date unknown)


Self, Unknown


Severance, Paul(d. date unknown)


Shelby, Bran
Shelby, Jerry Mack
Shelby, Jim
Shelby, Laura Lou
Shelby, Mack(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Shelby, Mary Blix
Shelby, Susan


Short, Edith Orvella
Short, John Lester(b. Jul 1898, d. date unknown)


Siens, Henry Burton(d. date unknown)


Simmons, Elizabeth White(b. 1755, d. Bef. 1808) Includes Notes


Sites, Megan Michelle
Sites, Michael Cade
Sites, Michael Ray
Sites, Ray
Sites, Sheila Kay


Smith, Carolyn Sue
Smith, Cheryl
Smith, Faye Andria
Smith, Helen Louise
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Kevin Wayne
Smith, Lynn(d. Sep 25, 1980)
Smith, Mary E(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Smith, Pamela Kay
Smith, Tina Michelle
Smith, Tobi Lynn
Smith, Unknown
Smith, Virgil Lee


Snarr, Willie


Soelle, Aaltje(b. 1724, d. 1804)


Somers, Winnie(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Standifer, Dell


Starr, James N(d. date unknown)


Steinefield, Jean


Stephenson, C(b. Oct 21, 1873, d. date unknown)
Stephenson, Cecelia(b. Dec 31, 1898, d. Mar 1991) Includes Notes
Stephenson, E H(b. Dec 15, 1881, d. date unknown)
Stephenson, Henry Harrison, Jr.(b. Feb 13, 1922, d. Abt. 1997)
Stephenson, Henry Harrison, Sr. (Dr.)(b. Aug 15, 1876, d. Mar 9, 1932) Includes Notes
Stephenson, James(b. Jul 21, 1839, d. Apr 1903)
Stephenson, James P(b. Mar 5, 1875, d. Nov)
Stephenson, John W(b. Sep 19, 1870, d. date unknown)
Stephenson, Marguerite(b. Mar 2, 1904, d. Apr 1990) Includes Notes
Stephenson, Mary Blanche(b. Oct 8, 1900, d. Jul 24, 1969) Includes Notes
Stephenson, Mary T Iora(b. May 20, 1878, d. date unknown)
Stephenson, S B(b. Feb 20, 1872, d. Aug 29, 1875)


Stivers, Annie E(b. Apr 14, 1884, d. Nov 4, 1904)
Stivers, Eugene
Stivers, Floyd Ralph(b. Oct 12, 1912, d. Oct 17, 1970)
Stivers, Frank Rufus(d. 1955)
Stivers, Grace(d. date unknown)
Stivers, John Ray(b. Dec 18, 1893, d. Sep 16, 1965)
Stivers, John Rufus(b. Jan 3, 1842, d. Oct 21, 1906) Includes Notes
Stivers, Mable(b. Sep 13, 1891, d. date unknown)
Stivers, MacKvay(b. Aug 31, 1898, d. Apr 4, 1964)
Stivers, William Floyd(b. Dec 25, 1886, d. Apr 23, 1971)


Stoehr, Casper(d. date unknown)
Stoehr, Mary Catherine(b. 1762, d. Aug 5, 1794)


Stout, Della(d. date unknown)
Stout, Osburn(d. date unknown)


Stradling, Henry(b. Abt. 1425, d. Abt. 1450)
Stradling, Jane(b. 1478, d. date unknown)
Stradling, Thomas(b. 1448, d. 1480)


Stringer, Jefferson(d. date unknown)
Stringer, Melissa(b. Abt. 1834, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Strout, Millie(d. date unknown)


Stubblefield, Hubert(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Stubblefield, Jack


Sturgill, Isaac(d. date unknown)


Swint, Aubrey G(d. date unknown)
Swint, Jerry
Swint, Joseph Daniel


Talbot, Mary Mildred(d. date unknown)


Tankersley, Mary Francis(b. Oct 24, 1868, d. 1937)


Tatum, Anna Glea


Taylor, Dorthy Fern
Taylor, Elias Blume
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, John(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Mary


Thacker, Doris Jean
Thacker, Luther


Thornton, Albert A(b. Feb 13, 1868, d. Apr 11, 1894) Includes Notes
Thornton, Alice Alverette(b. Mar 31, 1870, d. Mar 13, 1918)
Thornton, Alisha
Thornton, Arthur Leamon(b. Aug 23, 1900, d. Apr 6, 1957)
Thornton, Arthur Neal
Thornton, Beatrice T(b. Feb 24, 1903, d. Jun 8, 1985) Includes Notes
Thornton, Betty Lou
Thornton, Billy Gene
Thornton, Carroll Gene
Thornton, Charla Kay
Thornton, Charles Everett
Thornton, Chester Earl Includes Pictures
Thornton, Dale Lavon
Thornton, Daniel
Thornton, David William Includes Pictures
Thornton, Edith Emma
Thornton, Emily Ann(b. Oct 16, 1858, d. Jun 16, 1911)
Thornton, Everett
Thornton, Fred(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Thornton, Fred(b. 1920, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Thornton, Gwynne Vee
Thornton, Helen
Thornton, James S(b. May 10, 1866, d. 1907)
Thornton, Janetta Ann
Thornton, Jean
Thornton, Jo Lynne
Thornton, John
Thornton, Karen Lee
Thornton, Kenneth(d. Btn. Jun - Dec 1985)
Thornton, Leslie Alan
Thornton, Lewis
Thornton, Lisa Arlene
Thornton, Loretta
Thornton, Margarette
Thornton, Marie
Thornton, Mary Elizabeth(b. Apr 10, 1860, d. Jan 24, 1927)
Thornton, Opal(d. date unknown)
Thornton, Pamela Dee
Thornton, Pamela Suzanne
Thornton, Ranger Thomas
Thornton, Robert Dale
Thornton, Ruth(b. 1895, d. 1932)
Thornton, Sandra Sue
Thornton, Sarah Estella(b. Nov 27, 1873, d. Nov 1934)
Thornton, Sena M
Thornton, Sonny
Thornton, Sylvia
Thornton, Thomas Everett(b. Mar 14, 1875, d. Jan 26, 1950) Includes Notes
Thornton, Twin of Beatrice(b. Feb 24, 1903, d. Feb 24, 1903)
Thornton, Vera Alta(b. Sep 2, 1901, d. Jun 1977)
Thornton, Virginia Renea
Thornton, Wayne(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Thornton, William(b. Mar 9, 1834, d. Jan 31, 1906) Includes Notes
Thornton, William Harrell
Thornton, William M(b. Jan 22, 1864, d. 1913) Includes Notes


Tidwell, Clara


Timmons, Elizabeth(d. Nov 21, 1888)
Timmons, William James(d. date unknown)


Tonis, Danniele
Tonis, Eric


Trammell, Bernice
Trammell, Donny
Trammell, Hettie Beth
Trammell, M J
Trammell, Mary
Trammell, O E(d. date unknown)
Trammell, Orid
Trammell, Raymond
Trammell, Vera


Tribble, Carolyn


Tubbs, Glessie Iona(b. Nov 12, 1892, d. Nov 19, 1984)
Tubbs, Searcy Lee


Underwood, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Unknown, A L(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Alice(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Angeline(d. Sep 9, 1895)
Unknown, Ann(b. Abt. 1600, d. date unknown)
Unknown, Audry L(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Beatrice
Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty Jo
Unknown, Birdie(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Bonnie
Unknown, Brantley
Unknown, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Clara(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Corine(b. Abt. 1888, d. date unknown)
Unknown, Dovie(d. date unknown)
Unknown, E. J.(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Elene
Unknown, Elinor(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1690, d. Aft. 1733) Includes Notes
Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Emily Jane(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Eva(d. date unknown)
Unknown, First Wife
Unknown, Francis
Unknown, Fumiko
Unknown, Futaba(d. Aug 25, 1996)
Unknown, Glenda
Unknown, Gloria
Unknown, Grace(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Grazyua
Unknown, Hazel
Unknown, Howard
Unknown, Isabella(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Jane(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Jim
Unknown, Kathy
Unknown, Lucy(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Ludie
Unknown, Maggie(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Marjorie(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Martha Ann(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Mary(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Mary
Unknown, Masako
Unknown, Maxie
Unknown, Mildred(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Nao(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Nell
Unknown, Nola Mae
Unknown, Ollie
Unknown, Pamela
Unknown, Peggy
Unknown, Robbie
Unknown, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Seiko
Unknown, Susan(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Tamara
Unknown, Unknown(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Unknown


Varner, Merrill


Vawter, Art(d. date unknown)


Vermillion, Amber Liegh
Vermillion, Belinda Marie
Vermillion, Charity Angel
Vermillion, Chester Ray Includes Pictures
Vermillion, Ebber(d. date unknown)
Vermillion, First Baby
Vermillion, Jack Ray
Vermillion, Jerry Allen
Vermillion, Jimmy Keith
Vermillion, Patricia Kay


Voight, Charles(d. date unknown)


Waldrop, James Aubrey(d. date unknown)
Waldrop, Myrtle Anna(b. Sep 10, 1908, d. Jul 17, 1981) Includes Notes


Walk, Catharina(d. date unknown)


Walker, Gary Lee
Walker, James David
Walker, Melvina(d. date unknown)
Walker, William Sherman


Wall, James(d. date unknown)


Wallace, Doc(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Edith
Wallace, Leland


Walther, Mollie(d. date unknown)


Ward, David Frank(d. date unknown)
Ward, Ellis(d. 1907)
Ward, Jack(d. 1912)


Webster, Eleanor Ruth


West, Rebecca Myrtle


White, Bessie Mae
White, Kirby(d. date unknown)


Whitehead, Frances Ollene
Whitehead, James Harold
Whitehead, Lowell Ellis(b. May 6, 1936, d. Apr 1985)
Whitehead, Olen Ellis


Whitfield, Anne(b. 1768, d. date unknown)


Whitmore, Edy
Whitmore, Jason


Wiatt, Martha(d. date unknown)


Wicker, Mercy(d. date unknown)


Wiewel, Brenda Ann
Wiewel, Joseph Don
Wiewel, Tamara Kay


Wiley, Don
Wiley, Michelle
Wiley, Stephanie


William, Martha(b. Apr 26, 1898, d. date unknown)


Williams, Bertha
Williams, Gladys Frick
Williams, John(d. date unknown)
Williams, Josie Ann(d. date unknown)
Williams, Lowell Thompson
Williams, Resin(d. date unknown)


Williamson, Charley(b. 1865, d. Aft. 1930) Includes Notes
Williamson, Della(b. 1893, d. date unknown)
Williamson, Ernest(b. May 26, 1900, d. May 12, 1971)
Williamson, Forrest(b. 1892, d. date unknown)
Williamson, Pauline
Williamson, Ralph(b. Mar 6, 1897, d. date unknown)
Williamson, Ralph
Williamson, Walter(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Wilson, Aramenta Levina Mary Jane(b. Apr 30, 1850, d. Oct 1, 1903)
Wilson, Elizabeth Polly(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Ellen Theodora(b. Abt. 1862, d. Btn. 1878 - 1899)
Wilson, Fannie Anna(b. Jun 7, 1871, d. Aug 26, 1919)
Wilson, Frances E Vermell(b. Abt. 1854, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Harvey(b. Mar 15, 1824, d. Apr 17, 1909) Includes Notes
Wilson, Henry(b. Sep 4, 1763, d. Nov 22, 1838) Includes Notes
Wilson, Jane M(b. Abt. 1838, d. date unknown)
Wilson, John, Jr.(d. Nov 1822)
Wilson, John, Sr.(b. Btn. 1735 - 1740, d. 1802)
Wilson, Lewis(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Linda Ann
Wilson, Margaret A Ella(b. Abt. 1859, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Martha J. S. A.(b. Abt. 1852, d. Btn. 1852 - 1862)
Wilson, Mary(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Rebeccah Lucy(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Robert Burton(b. Abt. 1778, d. Jul 1842)
Wilson, Sarah(b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Susannah(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Zona(d. date unknown)


Winsett, A Monroe
Winsett, Alfred Abran
Winsett, Betty Y-Vonne
Winsett, Dorothy Jane(b. Btn. 1928 - 1933, d. date unknown)
Winsett, Essie Rowine
Winsett, Micky Gene(b. Btn. 1929 - 1934, d. date unknown)
Winsett, Monrad Lynn
Winsett, Shirley Knoxine


Wolfe, Lyla Rae


Wooten, ?(d. date unknown)


Young, Brian Cole
Young, Buck C.
Young, Jerry Lynn
Young, Marsh Ann
Young, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Young, Stanley Buck
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