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View Tree for Seth Manes ISeth Manes I (b. February 24, 1761, d. 1852)

Seth Manes I (son of William Manes II and ?) was born February 24, 1761 in Bedford County, Virginia, and died 1852 in Near Rogersville in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Susan "Patsy" Fields on 1781 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

 Includes NotesNotes for Seth Manes I:
Information Received from Tom Manes on October 1998

The Family of Seth Manis
Seth Manis
Seth Manis born Feb 1762 in Bedford Co. Va.,and died 1852 in Hawkins Co. Tenn. at the age of 90, Married Susan "Patsy" Feilds, born 1763, died 1853 in Hawkins Co. Tenn., age of 90. Both are buried on the old home place, north of Rogersville, Tennessee.

Jacob Wilson Manes - born 1782
William Manis - Born 1782
George Manes - born 1785
Jesse Manis - born 1790
Elizabeth Manis - born 1794
John Manis - born 1795
James Manis
Tempa Manes - born between 1800-1810

The records of a court hearing, held in Hawkins County, Tenn. June7,1832 in order for Seth Manis to Obtain a Revolutionary War Pension shows the Seth was born Feburary,1762, in Bedford county Va. This record shows that he moved from Va. to Moore County, NC. No definite date of this of his arrival has been established.

We have found no actual proof, but I feel, as others do, that Seth was the son Of William, born 1735. If he was early age, for William was found on the banks of the Bear Creek in Moore County in 1765. We do know that Seth was there on Sept. 1,1780, at the age of 18, for that was when he entered the Service of his county. Seth, at the age of 28, was not included as the head of a family in 1790 census. He was either missed of was possibly living with William, who had 16 people living in his house at the time.

Letter written in 1920 by Seth's grandson, Samuel Jasper Manes, states that his grandother's name was Patsy Fields. No record of this marriage was found in Moore County. Patsy was born in 1763.

It is hard to set the date that Seth moved from Moore County to Hawkins County, Tenn. Jacob Wilson and William Seths first and second sons, were borns in Moore County. Census records show that Seth's third son, John, was born about 1795 in Tenn, so Seth was the in 1795. He was also included in the 1800 tax list, Hawkins County, Tenn.

All of the Manis Family may not have moved have moved at one time. In a biographical sketch on Seth's grandson, Dalzel Manis, it is stated ths his parents, Williamand Lydia (Lawson) Manis, were natives of the Old North State, but after their marriage moved to Tenn. The age of William in 1795 would have been 13 yrs, to young to leave behind. William, however, may have gone back to NC, to get married. William first child was born about 1800 in Tennessee.

Seth lived 7 miles North of Rogersville, Tennessee, on the Notrth Side of the Clinch Mountain. The records show that in 1831, Seth's sons William, John,and Jesse, all acquired land on the North side of the Clinch Mountain.

Seth didn't show up in the census records until 1840, in Hawkins Co. He was also listed on this census as a Revolutionary War pensioner, age 78. Another record shows that Seth was still drawing his pension of $20.00 per annul in 1840.

The sith Federal census - 1840
Hawkins County, Tennessee
Seth Manis b.1760 - 1770
One female b.1760 - 1770

The biograghical sketch on Seth's grandson, Dalzel Manis,shows that Seth and his wife both died at the age of 90, putting the date of Seth's death in the year 1852, and his wife Patsy, in the year 1853. Both are buried on the North side of Clinch Mountain.

Excerpts from letter written by Samuel Jasper Manes to Jesse D Gustin in 1920.
"Grandfather Seth MAnes was in the Revolutionary War."
"Grandfather Manes had 6 boys. His name was Seth. Grandmothers name was Patsy Fields. My fathers name was Jacob, then William, John,George, James, and Jesse."

"Fathers brothers, all but George, lived and died in Tenn. George got imminsley rich and died in Searcy County, Arkansas."

"My grandfather Seth Manes, was very peculiar man-had his price on everything. I remember his priceon corn was 50 cents, no difference how low it got nor how high it got, just 50 cents was all he would take."

"After a few years,he had stored up a big lot of corn and a dry year came. One day, ten wagons drove up, drawn by two yoke of oxen. Each had come about 75 miles after corn. That was quite a distance over the rough roads of Tennessee (approx.1795). Grandfather told themthey could not buy his corn. They insisted that they had come a long way and care nothing for the priceand had the money to pay him. He said, "I know you have the money,and that is just why you can't have my corn. My price for corn is 50 cents per bushel, n more no less, but i have neibours here that haven't any money and the can't buy corn just anywhere like you men that have money, and I am going to save the corn for them away and sold all his corn to the poor neighbors on credit, and that trait has cropped out occasionally all along the line in the Manes Family.

Declaration of Seth Manis in order to obtain the benifite of the Act of Congress of the 7th June,1832.
HAWKINS COUNTY) On the 24th day of November,1835,personally appeared in open court Seth Manis, resident of Hawkins county and State of Tennessee, age 73 and 9 monthswho, being first duly sworn according to law,doth on his oath make the following declatation in order to obtain the benifit the provision made by the act of Congress passes June 7th,1832.

That he enter the service of the United States in the year 1780, the first of September, under the command of Caaptain Williams in the regiment of Col. Casswell in Moore County, State of North Carolina.

"We met at Bar Creek, a tributary streamof Deep River, I was drafted in the service. We march for the poupose of intercepting small parties of Tories and British which were going through the county and doing mischief. We went on through Chatham County aand some other Counties which I do not recollect. We crossed Cape Fear River twice in our route, we went on on towards Williamington. We marched a Southwest coursemarched were outling Tories near Peedee River when we met with one Fannin, at a place called Baties Bridge. We, in the actin, had to retreat. We collected together after the Battle and marched towards Moore County where we arrived about the first of Janurary,1781. I served in the capacity of Private. I was gone four months."

"I volunteered myself again first of Feburary,1781 under Captain Williams and Col. Butler to go after Fannin and his men. The report was he was a going to attack Hillsborough. I went out of Moore County, State of North Carolina amd marchedfor Hillsbourgh. We attacked Fannin at Lindsy Mill where we had a sharp action with Him. Hw retreated and we did not take him nor any of his men. We recruted out forces ans still cautiously pursued him and his men on down towards Willington until our Col. thought it dangerous to follow him any further. We returned to Hillsborough, lay there for sometime,scouted about through the County after Tories and guarding the Town and neighborhood. We thenmarched Tories and guarding the town and neighborhood. We then marched for Moore County. We arrived home first of May,1781. I received no dischrge, was dissmissed and returned home, being gone four months."

I served in the capacity of private sometime in the month of September,1781, I think about the middle as well as I now recolect. I volunteered myself again under Captain Williams and Col. Butler to march to Yorktown against the British. We marched on to Hillsborough where we were stationed in waiting for Levies to come and join us but, while we lay there,we received news that Cornwallis surrendered and we did not go. We then marched back and I was discharged, being gone onemonth and never was out anymore."

This declarant says he always served with an embodied Corps, called into service by compitent authority, that he was either in the field, on march, or in Camp and that for time during in the field, on march, or in Camp and that for the time during which the service was performed he was not imploied in any civil pursuit. This declarant says he has no documentary evidence of his service nor knows of no one who can prove the same by. The Clergyman who presides over the Church to which he belongs is in another County and at some considerable distance, so he can not without a great deal of (trouble-?) procure one to sign his declaration. He hereby relinquishes every claim to to a pension or annuity whatever exerpt the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of any state whatever.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Documentation for MILITARY RECORD was in "Pension records in National Archives; Pension Case No. S 2739; Pension Certificate 30780; pension paid at Jonesborough, Tennessee Agency.

It says he was born in Bedford County, VA in Feb. 1762. That he enrolled in the war awarded a pension of $20.00 per annum, commenced March 4, 1931, Act of June 7, 1932, Jonesborough Tennesse Agency. On Certificate No. 30780. the names for his parents are not shown. He enlised in Moore County, North Carolina September 1, 1780 and served four months as private in Captain Willimans Company, Colonel Caswell's North Carolina Regiment and was in a skrimish at 'Baties Bridge' He enlisted Feb. 1, 1781 , served as private inn Captains Williams' Comany, Colonel Butler's North Carolina Regiment and was discharged May 1, 1781. He enlisted thwe middle of Sept. 1781, served one month as private in Captain Williams' Company, Colonel Butler's North Carolina Regiment and was in the battle of Lindley's (Tom Manes?)

New Information added by Hollie Miller 11:08pm, December 6, 2006
from website:

Sworn to and subscribed this 24th. day of November, 1835 in Open Court.
W. B. Mitchell, Clerk
Seth (his X mark) Manis

State of Tennessee
Hawkins County on this 25th day of November, 1835, personally appeared John Gunter, Green B. Mitchell Alexander Mabe, William Mabe before me, Lewis Mitchell, an acting Justice of the Peace for said County and made oath that "We are well acquaint with Seth Manis who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be 73 years 9 months of age, that he is and has been for some years a respectable member of the Baptist Episcopal Church that he is reported and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a revolutionary soldier and we concur in that opinion Sworn to and subscribed before me the date above written.
John (X) Gunter
Greenberry Mitchell
William (X) Mabe
Alexander (X) Mabe
for Hawkins County S. Tennessee

Questions proposed to Seth Manis, applicant for a pension
1st question -
Answer: I was born in Bedford County, State of Virginia, 1762.

2nd question
Answer: I have none.

3rd question
Answer: Moore County, State of North Carolina, from there I moved to the State of Tennessee, Hawkins
County, where I now live.

4th question
Answer: I was drafted one, and volunteered twice.

5th question
Answer: Colo. Caswell, Colo. Butler, Capt. Williams.

6th question
Answer: I never received any.

7th question
Answer: John Gunter, Greenberry Mitchel, William Mabe, Alexander Mabe, John Parrott, Anderson Fields, George Rogers, Esq.

And the said Court do hereby declare their Opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the Interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states and the Court further certifies that it appears to them that John Gunter, Green B. Mitchell, William Mabe, Alexander Mabe, who has signed the foregoing Certificate, are residents of Hawkin County and are Creditable persons and that there statement is entitled to credit.

State of Tennessee
Hawkins County
L Stokely D. Mitchell Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Hawkins County and State aforesaid do certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of said court in the matter of the application of Seth Manis for a pension.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Sea] of Office at office this 25th day of November, 1835. S.D. Mitchell, Clk. by W.B. Mitchell. D.Clk.

Descendants of Seth Maness

Generation No. 1

1. SETH4 MANESS (WILLIAM (PA TO NC)3, WILLIAM (START LINE)2, JOHN1)1 was born February 24, 1761 in Bedford, Co., VA1, and died 1852 in Hawkins CO. Tennessee. He married (1) SUSAN "PATSY" FIELDS Abt. 1781 in North Carolina. She was born Abt. 1763 in Cumberland Co. NC, and died 1842 in Hawkins Co. TN. He married (2) SUSAN PATSY FIELDS Abt. 1782 in Mooore Co.Nc. She was born 1763, and died 1853 in Hawkins CO. Tennessee.

Notes for SETH MANESS:

Moore County Library Historical Room- - - - -Seth Maness (Manis) was born in Bedford County, Virginia in the year 1761. This is show by his application for a Revolutionary War Pension. In this declaration he also states that he was in Moore County, NC in the year 1781. It is most likely that he was closely related to the Revolutionary War Soldier, William Maness Jr., who was the subject of an article in the "Robbins Record" (September 18, 1975). Two of the seven children of Seth Maness and Patsy Fields (from Holland) were born in Moore County: William b. ca 1782 and Jacob Wilson b. ca 1781. Sometime after 1781, Seth migrated to Tennessee where he died in 1852. He is buried on the old homeplace, North of Rogersville, Tenn; in Hawkins Co. It is believed that none of his direct descendents are in Moore Co. However, they are numbered in the hundreds in other states. The following declaration in order to obtain a pension is from the research material of Mr. E.V. Breazeale, P.O. Box 1001 S.S. Station, Springfield, Missouri. 65805
/s/ Wilmer Maness

Seth Maness was a Missionary Baptist Preacher from Richland in 1891-in Missouri. Notes f rom Ken Maness Internet Tree dared 10/3/99. Ken obtained a copy of a DAR application for Seth Maness in Aug/ 1996. The dar chapter is in Russellville, Arkansas and the membership was approved for the appliant in June 1986. Lineage furnished was: Seth Manes(Manis) b. Feb. 1762, Bedford., Va. Susan "Patsy" Fields b. circa 1763 , North Carolina, George R. Manes b. circa 1785, Moore Co. NC, D. 1835, Searcy,Co. ARK, Malinda--b. circa1787, TN,. d. 1864, Searcy Co. AR married ca 1808, TN.
Claiborn Laffette Manes, b. 20 Nov. 1814, Rhea Co. TN d. 21 Nov 1884, Searcy Co. AR
Sarah Sample b. 14/15 July 1824, Bradley Co. TN d. 11 June 1895, Searcy Co. AR married ca 1838, Bradley Co. TN*. Penned notation here says 1st child was born in 1839 Lewis Hamilton Manes, b. 27 Jan. 1858, Searcy Co. AR d. 5 Dec. 1937, Cherolee Co. OK married Sarah Frances Delk b. 1 Nov. 1857, Searcy Co. AR d. 26 Aug. 1902, Searcy Co. AR and was married ca 1878, Searcy Co. AR.
Joseph David Noah Taylor b/ 9 Aug. 1879, McCulloch Co. TZ d. 9 Oct. 1956, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co. OK. married Rhoda Ann Manes born 5 June 1884, Searcy Co. AR died 12 April 1980, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co. OK and was married 8 Jan. 1811, in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co. OK.
The application has a description of Seth's REV. WAR services. Documentation for MILITARY RECORD was "Pension records in National Archives, Pension Case No. S2739, Pension Certificate 30780; pension paid at Jonesborough, Tennessee Agency. Shirley Elder, 3608 Lynnwood Drive, Arlington, TX 76013.
It says he was born in Bedford Co.Va. Feb. 1762. That he enrolled in the war awarded a pension of $20.00 per annum, commenced March 4, 1831. Aat of June 7, 1832, Jonesborough, Tennessee Agency. On Certificate NO30780. The names for his parents are not shown. He enlisted in Moore Co. NC Sept. 1, 1780 and seved four months as private in Capt. William's Co. Colonel Caswell's NC Regiment and was in a skirmish at" Baties Bridge". He enlisted February 1 1871, served as private in Capt. William's Co. Colomel Butler's NC Regiment and was discharged May 1, 1782. He enlisted the middle of Sept. 1781, served on month as private in Capt/ Wm's Co.Colonel Butler's NC Reg. and was in battle of Lindley's Mill.
Now it says that he was allowed pension on his application executed Nov. 24, 1835, at which time he was a rsident of Hawkins Co. TN. Here is another number S2739. His name was signed with an X.
In 1835, his neighbors signed a statement that they knew he was in the War. Some I can read. They are as follows: John Mitchell ESQ, Thomas Sullivan, ESW, Ezekiel Sullivan, ESQ, Zachariah Mine?, Robert Rogers, ESQ, James Hicks, John Parrett, William Bloomer, Hiriam Gholson, ________Johsson, Pleasant Begley, James Kenner, , James Rogers. Lee Valley PO. More Facts about Seth Maness: Fact 1: Served in the Rev. War . Fact 2: Moved from NC to TN before1796. Fact 3: Buried in old home place , North of Rogersville, TN on the north side of Clinch MT,
Info from Rootsweb Maness List, by Merry Scott< ms.cott>

Children of SETH MANESS and SUSAN FIELDS are:
i. WILLIAM5 MANESS, b. Abt. 1783.
ii. JESSE MANESS, b. 1787, Moore Co.NC; d. May 25, 1846, Moore Co.NC; m. ALICE ALVERY LAWSON; b. Abt. 1800, Moore Co.NC.
iii. ELIZABETH MANESS, b. 1790, Moore Co.NC; m. JAMES FIELDS; b. Abt. 1791, Moore Co.NC.
iv. JOHN MANESS, b. 1793; d. June 1856, Moore Co.NC; m. CELIA NELSON; b. Abt. 1800, Moore Co.NC.
v. TEMPA MANESS, b. 1800, Moore Co.NC; m. JOHN GUNTER; b. Abt. 1796, Moore Co.NC.
vi. JAMES MANESS, b. 1802.

Children of SETH MANESS and SUSAN FIELDS are:
vii. JACOB WLLSON5 MANESS, b. 1782.
viii. WILLIAM MANESS, b. 1783.
2. ix. GEORGE R. MANESS, b. 1785; d. 1852.
x. JAMES MANESS, b. 1796.

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE R.5 MANESS (SETH4, WILLIAM (PA TO NC)3, WILLIAM (START LINE)2, JOHN1) was born 1785, and died 1852. He married MALINDA DAWSON/LAWSON Abt. 1809 in Moore Co. NC. She was born Abt. 1787, and died 1864.

ii. LARKIN H. MANESS, b. Abt. 1812.
iii. ALLISON MANESS, b. Abt. 1813.
iv. CLAYBOURN LAFAYETTE MANESS, b. November 20, 1814, Moore Co.NC; m. SARAH SAMPLE; b. Abt. 1819, Moore Co.NC.
3. v. WILLIAN L. MANESS, b. 1822, Moore Co.NC; d. 1885, Moore Co.NC.
vi. GEORGE S. MANESS, b. Abt. 1831.
vii. HARRIET MANESS, b. August 24, 1832, Moore Co.NC; m. JAMES CLAYBORN MC NAIR; b. Abt. 1829, Moore Co.NC.
viii. JOHN WESLEY MANESS, b. October 15, 1835, Moore Co.NC; m. HARRIET ALMEDA MCNAIR; b. Abt. 1838, Moore Co.NC.

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAN L.6 MANESS (GEORGE R.5, SETH4, WILLIAM (PA TO NC)3, WILLIAM (START LINE)2, JOHN1) was born 1822 in Moore Co.NC, and died 1885 in Moore Co.NC. He married MARTHA MELINDA MC NAIR Abt. 1847 in Moore Co.Nc. She was born January 06, 1823 in Moore Co.NC.

i. MARY ANN7 MANESS, b. Abt. 1848.
ii. MALINDA JANE MANESS, b. Abt. 1850.
iii. JOHN W. MANESS, b. May 1851.
iv. GEORGE C. MANESS, b. April 1852.
v. DAVID A. MANESS, b. October 1853.
vi. WILLIAM B. MANESS, b. November 1854.
4. vii. NICHOLAS MANESS, b. December 1855, Moore Co.NC; d. November 22, 1905, Moore Co.NC.

Generation No. 4

4. NICHOLAS7 MANESS (WILLIAN L.6, GEORGE R.5, SETH4, WILLIAM (PA TO NC)3, WILLIAM (START LINE)2, JOHN1) was born December 1855 in Moore Co.NC, and died November 22, 1905 in Moore Co.NC. He married MELISSA RHODES. She was born October 01, 1854 in Moore Co.NC.

i. JOHN W.8 MANESS, b. December 1876.
ii. WILLIAM(BILL) MANESS, b. May 20, 1878.
iii. LOU ADA MANESS, b. December 1882.
iv. GROVER CLEVELAND MANESS, b. January 20, 1884, Moore Co.NC; m. OLA ODESSA KIRKLAND, Abt. 1926, Mooore Co.Nc; b. July 05, 1900, Moore Co.NC.
v. ELIZABETH MANESS, b. May 1889.
vi. MINNIE BELL MANESS, b. November 27, 1891.
vii. ANNIE ETTA MANESS, b. July 1894.


1. Frances Maness Flowers, "Maness040798.FTW," Started Compiling info in 1967 from muy notes and records, Date of Import: Aug 20, 1999.

More About Seth Manes I:
Fact 1: 1852, is buried on the north side of Clinch Mountian on the old home place.
Fact 2: 1795, Moved from NC to TN before.

More About Seth Manes I and Susan "Patsy" Fields:
Marriage: 1781, Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Children of Seth Manes I and Susan "Patsy" Fields are:
  1. +William Manes, b. 1782, Moore County, N.C., d. 1842, Henry Co., Tennessee.
  2. +Jacob Wilson Manes, b. Bet. 1782 - 1783, Moore County, N.C., d. January 05, 1853, Mountain Grove, Ozark Co., Missouri.
  3. +George R. Manes, b. 1785, Moore County NC, d. 1853, Searcy County , Ark..
  4. +Jesse Manis, b. 1790, Hawkins County, Tennessee, d. May 25, 1846, Hawkins Co., Tennessee.
  5. Elizabeth Manis, b. 1794, NC, d. November 13, 1859, carter Co., KY.
  6. +John Manis, b. Bet. 1794 - 1795, Hawkins County, Tennessee, d. June 1856, Hawkins Co., Tennessee.
  7. Tempa Manes, b. Bet. 1800 - 1810, Hawkins County, TN, d. date unknown, Searcy Co., AK.
  8. James Manis, b. date unknown, Hawkins County, Tennessee, d. date unknown, Tennessee.
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