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Ancestors of Laura Susan Miller

Generation No. 17

      65792. Alexander Alexander469,469,469, born 1490 in Menstrie, Logie, Clakmannshire, Scotland469,469; died 1553 in Menstrie, Logie, Clakmannshire, Scotland469,469. He was the son of 131584. Andrew Alexander and 131585. Catherine Graham. He married 65793. Elizabeth Forbes.

      65793. Elizabeth Forbes469, born 1480 in Scotland469; died in Scotland469.
Child of Alexander Alexander and Elizabeth Forbes is:
  32896 i.   William B Alexander, born 1500 in Menstrie, Sterling, Scotland; died 1610 in Scotland; married (2) Elizabeth Douglas Jun 1530 in Menstry, Clackmannan, Scotland.

      74760. Philip Dethick469,469, born 1428 in Dethick Lea, Ashover, Derby, England469,469; died in Wormegay, Norfolk, England469,469. He was the son of 149520. Roger Dethick. He married 74761. Joane Audebie.

      74761. Joane Audebie469,470, born 1432 in Wormegay, Norfolk, England471,472.
Child of Philip Dethick and Joane Audebie is:
  37380 i.   John Dethick, born 1458 in Wormegay, Norfolk, England; married Joan Whatton.

      74762. Thomas Whatton473, born 1434 in Whatton, Nottingham, England473.
Child of Thomas Whatton is:
  37381 i.   Joan Whatton, born 1460 in Whatton, Nottingham, England; married John Dethick.

      74764. Richard Crowe, born 1430 in Longham County, England; died Abt. 1502. He married 74765. Marjorie.

      74765. Marjorie
Child of Richard Crowe and Marjorie is:
  37382 i.   Christopher Crowe, born 1480 in Norfolk, England; died 07 Dec 1527 in Norfolk, England; married Christian.

      74800. John Sucklings473,473, born 1440473,473; died 1515 in Woodton, Norfolk473,473. He was the son of 149600. Stephen Suckling. He married 74801. Alice.

      74801. Alice473.
Child of John Sucklings and Alice is:
  37400 i.   Robert Sucklings, born 1470 in Norwich, Norfolk, England; died 09 May 1539 in St Simons St Jude Norwich, Norfolk, England; married Mary.

      75072. John Angell, born 1470; died 1558. He married 75073. Margaret.

      75073. Margaret, died 1558 in London, England.
Child of John Angell and Margaret is:
  37536 i.   Robert Angell, born 1490 in Pecark, Northamptonshire, England; died 1563.

      75080. Edward Holland474,474, born 1512 in England474,474; died 1612 in Glossop, Darbyshire, England474,474. He was the son of 150160. Bryan Holland.
Child of Edward Holland is:
  37540 i.   John Holland, born 1559 in Glassthorpe, Derby, England; died 1578 in Dunmow Magna, Essex, England; married Barbara Bayley.

      75360. Thomas Popham475,475,476, born 1375 in Huntworth, Somerset, England477,477; died 1419 in Huntsworth, Somerset, England477,477,478. He was the son of 150720. John Popham and 150721. Dionys Powell. He married 75361. Cecilia Hugon 1415 in England478.

      75361. Cecilia Hugon479,480, born 1379 in Huntsworth, Somerset, England481,482; died 1419 in England483,484. She was the daughter of 150722. John Hugon.
Child of Thomas Popham and Cecilia Hugon is:
  37680 i.   William Popham, born 1416 in Huntsworth, Somerset, England; died 1478 in England; married Agnes Edmondes in England.

      75362. William Edmondes484, born 1428 in Huntsworth, Somerset, England484.
Child of William Edmondes is:
  37681 i.   Agnes Edmondes, born in Huntsworth, Somer, England; died 1460 in England; married William Popham in England.

      75840. Gilbert De Johnston485,485, born 1410 in Caskieben, Aber, Scotland485,485; died 1480 in Northen, Scotland485,485. He was the son of 151680. John De Johnston and 151681. Marjory Lichton Leighton. He married 75841. Elene Lichton.

      75841. Elene Lichton485, born 1394 in Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland485; died 1476 in Scotland485.
Child of Gilbert De Johnston and Elene Lichton is:
  37920 i.   Alexander Johnston, born 1434 in Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland; died 1508 in Scotland; married Agnes Gloster.

      75842. Alexander Gloster485, born 1410 in Glack, Garioch, Aberdeens, Scotland485; died in Scotland485.
Child of Alexander Gloster is:
  37921 i.   Agnes Gloster, born 1436 in Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland; died 1476 in Scotland; married Alexander Johnston.

      75846. Alexander Forbes485, born 1380 in Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland485; died 1448 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland485. He married 75847. Elizabeth Douglas.

      75847. Elizabeth Douglas485,485, born 1385 in Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland485,485; died 1435 in Yester Castle, Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland485,485. She was the daughter of 151694. George Douglas and 151695. Mary Stewart.
Child of Alexander Forbes and Elizabeth Douglas is:
  37923 i.   Margaret Forbes, born 1428 in Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; died 1460 in Y; married Alexander Meldrum.

      77312. Robert Reynolds485, born 1439 in Malston, Devonshire, Kent, England; died 1478 in Malston, Devonshire, Kent, England. He was the son of 154624. Walter Reynolds and 154625. Joanna Walrond. He married 77313. Thomasin Hatch.

      77313. Thomasin Hatch485, born 1443 in Malston, Devonshire, Kent, England485; died 1478 in Malston, Devonshire, Kent, England. She was the daughter of 154626. William Hatch and 154627. Margaret Horton.
Child of Robert Reynolds and Thomasin Hatch is:
  38656 i.   Robert Reynolds, born 1475 in East Bergholt, Kent, England; died 1524 in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.

      77328. John Harrison485,485, born 1500 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England485,485; died 1551 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England485,485. He was the son of 154656. William Harrison and 154657. Jane Colombell. He married 77329. Eliza Nynesor.

      77329. Eliza Nynesor485,485, born 1502 in England485,485; died 1555 in England485,485.
Child of John Harrison and Eliza Nynesor is:
  38664 i.   George Harrison, born 1520 in Barnard Castle, Durham, England; died 1548 in Derbyshhire, England..

      77456. Andrew Hawkins485,485, born 1421 in Faversham, Kent, England485,485; died 1453485,485. He was the son of 154912. Osbert Hawkins. He married 77457. Joan De Nash.

      77457. Joan De Nash485, born 1429 in Lanceton, Cornwall, England485; died 1454485.
Child of Andrew Hawkins and Joan De Nash is:
  38728 i.   John Hawkins, born 1450 in Tavistock, Devon, England; died 1488 in Tavistock, Plymouth, England; married Joan Amados.

      77458. William Amados485, born 1420 in Launceton, Cornwall, England485; died 1465485. He married 77459. Margaret Hawkins.

      77459. Margaret Hawkins485,485, born 1425 in Tavistock, Devonshire, England, UK485; died 1465 in England485.
Child of William Amados and Margaret Hawkins is:
  38729 i.   Joan Amados, born 1465 in Launceston, Devon, England Launceston, England; died 1554 in Tavistock, Devon, England, UK; married John Hawkins.

      77460. John Trelawney485,485, born 1450 in Tournay, Cornwall, England485,485; died 14 Nov 1513 in Tournay, Cornwall, England485,485. He was the son of 154920. John Trelawney and 154921. Candida Blanch Pownd. He married 77461. Florence Courtenay.

      77461. Florence Courtenay485,485, born 1446 in Boconnoc, Cornwall, England485,485; died 1480485,485. She was the daughter of 154922. Hugh Courtenay and 154923. Margaret Carminow.
Child of John Trelawney and Florence Courtenay is:
  38730 i.   William Trelawney, born 1474 in Launceton, Cornwall, England; died 1493 in England; married Joan Towne.

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