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Ancestors of Lori Ann Howell

Generation No. 19

      265220. John de Doddington, born 1410. He was the son of 530440. Thomas de Doddington and 530441. Beatrix Bachelor. He married 265221. Mary Payn de Hutton.

      265221. Mary Payn de Hutton, born 1415.
Child of John de Doddington and Mary de Hutton is:
  132610 i.   John (Sir John of Kent) Doddington, born 1435; married Elizabeth Hussey.

      265222. Oliver Hussey, born 1415.
Child of Oliver Hussey is:
  132611 i.   Elizabeth Hussey, born 1440; married John (Sir John of Kent) Doddington.

      401408. Rogerus del Brooke, born Bef. 1445 in England; died in England. He was the son of 802816. Rad'us del Brooke. He married 401409. Agnes.

      401409. Agnes, born Bef. 1445 in England; died in England.
Child of Rogerus del Brooke and Agnes is:
  200704 i.   Thomas Brooke, born Abt. 1463 in England; died in England; married Agnes Venables.

      401424. Thomas Forster He was the son of 802848. Thomas Forster.
Child of Thomas Forster is:
  200712 i.   Roger Forster.

      401440. Thomas Baker, born Bef. 1500. He was the son of 802880. John Baker III.
Child of Thomas Baker is:
  200720 i.   Henry Baker, born Bef. 1500.

      401456. William Engham He was the son of 802912. William Engham and 802913. Joan Pitlesden. He married 401457. Avice Horne.

      401457. Avice Horne
Child of William Engham and Avice Horne is:
  200728 i.   Vincent Engham, died 1547; married Edith Goodneston.

      401458. William Goodneston
Child of William Goodneston is:
  200729 i.   Edith Goodneston, married Vincent Engham.

      401460. John Monins, died 1526. He was the son of 802920. John Monins and 802921. Alice Greenford. He married 401461. Battel Anstye.

      401461. Battel Anstye
Child of John Monins and Battel Anstye is:
  200730 i.   Edward Monins, died 1552; married Parnel Leverick.

      401462. Anthony Leverick, died 1510. He was the son of 802924. Thomas Leverick. He married 401463. Constance Turberville.

      401463. Constance Turberville
Child of Anthony Leverick and Constance Turberville is:
  200731 i.   Parnel Leverick, died 1556; married Edward Monins.

      401464. Thomas Honywood, born 1420; died 1475. He was the son of 802928. Alan Honywood. He married 401465. Mary Lovelace.

      401465. Mary Lovelace, died Bef. 1474. She was the daughter of 802930. William Lovelace.
Child of Thomas Honywood and Mary Lovelace is:
  200732 i.   John Honywood, born Bef. 1463; died Aft. 1534; married Alice Barnes.

      401466. William Barnes, died Bef. 1500. He married 401467. Bennett Lewknor.

      401467. Bennett Lewknor, died Aft. 1500.
Child of William Barnes and Bennett Lewknor is:
  200733 i.   Alice Barnes, married John Honywood.

      401920. Christopher Brisko, born Bet. 1351 - 1428 in Crofton Hall, England. He was the son of 803840. Isolde Brisko and 803841. Margaret Crofton.
Child of Christopher Brisko is:
  200960 i.   Robert Brisko, Sr., born Bet. 1387 - 1457 in Crofton Hall, England; married Isabel Dikes.

      401922. William Dikes, born Bet. 1356 - 1431 in Warthall Cumberland, England. He married 401923. Unk Bet. 1398 - 1463.

      401923. Unk, born Bet. 1362 - 1434.
Child of William Dikes and Unk is:
  200961 i.   Isabel Dikes, born Bet. 1393 - 1460; married Robert Brisko, Sr..

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