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Descendants of Jacob Miller

      65. Charles4 Miller (James3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born 1836. He married Elizabeth. She was born 1834 in Tennessee.
Children of Charles Miller and Elizabeth are:
  124 i.   John D.5 Miller, born 1856.
  125 ii.   Emily C. Miller, born 1858.
+ 126 iii.   James Monroe Miller, born 1861.
+ 127 iv.   Samantha Apsil Miller, born 1862 in Saline County, Illinois; died November 24, 1906 in Oregon Co. Mo.
  128 v.   Martha A. Miller, born 1865.
  129 vi.   Henry J. Miller, born 1867; died May 16, 1873 in Saline County, Illinois.
  Notes for Henry J. Miller:
Henry died in an accidental shooting at the age of 6 years. In an article found in the Saline County Genealogical Society's
collection of old Gallatin/Saline county newspaper articles stated:

Friday 9 May 1873

Sad Accedent; A sad accident occurred in this county on Tuesday afternoon last, resulting from the accidental discharging of gun in the hands of Bailey Miller, which instantly killed his little cousin, aged about six years, son of Charles Miller. The particulars as we learned it from persons that attended the Coroners investigation are about as follows: Bailey Miller, aged about 15 years, and another boy, were returning from a squirrel hunt and when nearing home, cocked their gun to shoot a bird, but did not do so. Soon after they entered the enclosure, and seated themselves near the foot of a tree. While sitting there, little Henry Miller came running down the hill from the house to them, and when quite close, Bailey Miller, who had the gun in his hand remarked, "If he were an Indian, couldn't I shoot him", at the same time bringing the gun to his face. His companion shouted that the gun was cocked-- but too late! The deed was done and the little innocent boy was in the agonies of death. Baileysays his intenion was to snap the triggers and frighten Henry, and had forgotten the gun was cocked. Mr William Gaskins, Coroner for this county, summoned a jury on Wednesday Morning, who held an investigation, and the verdit was death from the accidental discharge of a gun in the hands of Bailey Miller.

We hope this sad case may prove a warning to old and young in this vicinity, and prevent the careless handling of fire arms.

  130 vii.   Matilda Miller, born March 28, 1870.
  131 viii.   Rebecca Miller, born 1876.
  132 ix.   Ada L. Miller, born 1878.

      67. Apcelia4 Miller (James3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born 1840. She married John Curtner November 18, 1860 in Saline County, Illinois, son of Duncan Curtner and Nancy Harris. He was born September 19, 1836, and died March 06, 1899.

Notes for Apcelia Miller:
Marriage listed as Apsil Miller in Illinois database
Children of Apcelia Miller and John Curtner are:
  133 i.   Almira5 Curtner, born 1863.
  134 ii.   Viletta Curtner, born 1868.
  135 iii.   Charlie Curtner, born 1866.
  136 iv.   Azariah Curtner, born 1872.
  137 v.   Lucy Curtner, born March 02, 1875.
  138 vi.   Nancy Jane Curtner, born 1877.
  139 vii.   Marshall Curtner, born July 07, 1878; died August 17, 1882.
  More About Marshall Curtner:
Fact 1: Buried at South America Cemetary

  140 viii.   Viola Curtner, born June 29, 1880; died September 09, 1882.
  More About Viola Curtner:
Fact 1: Buried at South America Cemetary

  141 ix.   William Curtner, born 1872; died July 17, 1887.
  More About William Curtner:
Fact 1: buried at South America Cemetary

  142 x.   John Curtner.
  143 xi.   Minnie Curtner, born 1876.

      68. Absalom4 Miller (James3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born April 15, 1841 in South America, Saline County, Illinois, and died September 27, 1892 in South America, Saline County, Illinois. He married Mary Jane Abney October 15, 1863, daughter of Abner Abney and Nancy. She was born April 13, 1848 in South America, Saline County, Illinois, and died November 25, 1898 in South America, Saline County, Illinois.

Notes for Absalom Miller:
South America was a populated area North of the Present day Carrier Mills, Illinois
Absolem and Mary Jane donated the land for South America Church, know as "The United Baptist Church of South America" on 7/16/1858. The adjoining cemetery was donated by
John and Nancy Brothers. Some information recovered from the corner stone of the church
when it was demolished shows that James Willis Miller and his Wife Rebecca sold an acre of ground to Absolem Miller, Clairborn Holmes and WE Harris as Trustees of the United Baptist Church for $30.00 in Feb 17, 1883.

More About Absalom Miller:
Fact 1: Variant of Spelling Absalom
Children of Absalom Miller and Mary Abney are:
  144 i.   Albert M.5 Miller, born April 02, 1866. He married Lizzie E. Garrison February 11, 18865.
  145 ii.   Vienna Miller, born April 15, 1867.
  146 iii.   Willis Miller, born September 01, 1869; died November 18, 1884 in South America, Saline County, Illinois.
  147 iv.   Arkwright Miller, born October 08, 1876 in Saline County, Illinois; died August 09, 1951 in Saline County, Illinois. He married Indiana Tanner February 27, 1898 in Williamson county, Illinois; born October 03, 1879 in Williamson County, Illinois; died October 02, 1931.
  Notes for Arkwright Miller:
Arkright( Ark R. on gravestone) is buried at South America Cemetery just out side of Carrier Mills, Ill.

  Notes for Indiana Tanner:
Also known as Indy. gravestone says INDA

+ 148 v.   Noah James Miller, born February 19, 1871; died August 24, 1949 in South America, Saline County Illinois.
  149 vi.   Catherine Miller, born August 06, 1872; died February 17, 1947 in Saline County, Illinois. She married Frank Harris; born 1871; died 1966 in Saline County, Illinois.
  More About Frank Harris:
Burial: 1966, Coal Banks Cemetery

      69. Almira4 Miller (James3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born March 11, 1848, and died May 25, 1913 in Illinois. She married William S. Blackman October 27, 1867 in Illinois, son of John Blackman and Margaret Empson. He was born February 08, 1840, and died May 17, 1915 in Illinois.

Notes for William S. Blackman:
William S. Blackman was Rev. Blackman the author of "Boy from Battleford" which was based on his Civil War experiences.
Children of Almira Miller and William Blackman are:
  150 i.   John F.5 Blackman, born 1868; died 1868.
  More About John F. Blackman:
Fact 1: Died at 2 months of Age

  151 ii.   Margaret Elizabeth Blackman, born 1869; died 1886.
  More About Margaret Elizabeth Blackman:
Fact 1: Buried at Salem Cemetary

  152 iii.   Lee Blackman.
  More About Lee Blackman:
Fact 1: Died at 3 months of Age

  153 iv.   Carry Lavina Blackman.
  More About Carry Lavina Blackman:
Fact 1: died at 2 months of Age

      70. John N.4 Miller (James3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born August 12, 1846, and died November 02, 1917 in South America Cemetery, Carrier Mills, Illinois. He married Matilda Curtner Sullivan.

Notes for Matilda Curtner Sullivan:
Note:Matilda Curtner's first marriage: 3/30/1864 Saline County by Harmon Thompson, married A.N. "Pitt" Sullivan. They had a daughter, Nancy, born 1866. Pitt Sullivan was murdered by his brother-in-law, Daniel Curtner. Nancy was reared as the first child of John and Matilda
Children of John Miller and Matilda Sullivan are:
  154 i.   Nancy Sullivan5 Miller, born 1866; Stepchild.
+ 155 ii.   Lewis M Miller, born May 05, 1870; died 1930 in South America Cemetery, Carrier Mills, Illinois.
  156 iii.   Elizabeth Miller, born February 1872.
  157 iv.   Eliza Miller, born 1874.
  158 v.   Frank Miller, born November 03, 1878.
  159 vi.   Melvina Miller, born October 03, 1881.

      80. Sarah J.4 Miller (Stephen3, Absalom2, Jacob1) was born December 01, 1845, and died June 27, 1906 in Illinois. She married Richard D. Ozment October 11, 1865 in Saline County, Il. by W.D. Russell, son of Richard Ozment and Rebecca Eddins. He was born March 04, 1841, and died September 06, 1925 in Saline County Illinois.
Children of Sarah Miller and Richard Ozment are:
  160 i.   Mary Jane5 Ozment, born May 1867.
  161 ii.   Marshall Ozment, born October 04, 1868.
  162 iii.   Sina Ozment, born March 21, 1870.
  163 iv.   Ella Ozment, born September 1879.
  164 v.   Columbus C. Ozment, born August 1881.
  165 vi.   Jr. Richard D. Ozment, born January 1887.
  166 vii.   Carles B. Ozment, born August 12, 1887.

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