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Ancestors of William Huffman Miller

      3918. Henry Isham127, born 1628 in England127; died 1675 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., VA127. He was the son of 7836. William Isham and 7837. Mary Brett. He married 3919. Katherine Royall Banks WFT Est. 1641-1669127.

      3919. Katherine Royall Banks127, born Abt. 1610 in Canterbury, England127; died December 1686 in VA127.

  Notes for Katherine Royall Banks:
WILL OF KATHERINE ISHAM, Henrico County, Virginia,
Will Date: 10 Oct. 1686 Probated: 01 Dec. 1686

To grandson William RANDOLPH 20 pounds sterling.
To grandson Henry RANDOLPH 5 pounds sterling.
To granddaughters Mary RANDOLPH and Elizabeth RANDOLPH, each 5 pounds sterling.
All such money is now in hands of son in law William RANDOLPH.
Residue of money in hands of my son in law William RANDOLPH to go to my daughters Mary RANDOLPH and Anne EPES equally.
The above two daughters to divide what is in my trunk and each to have two silver salt cellars.
To Mary RANDOLPH, my wedding ring, best feather bed, my best silver tandard, and 15 shillings to buy mourning ring.
To grandson Joseph ROYALL, one servant named John Townes, for the time he has to serve, and my samll silver tankard.
To every child of my son ROYALL, two silver spoons.
To loving son Joseph ROYALL, my best tankard.
To grandson Richard DENNIS, one of my best cows and two silver spoons.
To grandson Isham EPES, my negro man Dick.
To grandson Francis EPES, my best silver tankard but one.
To child my daughter Anne EPES now goes with, my largest silver porringer and great cups.
My sealed ring, great hoop ring, pair of silver clasps, and silver bodkin to daughter Anne EPES.
To grandson Richard PERRIN, 1 feather bed and furniture.
To granddaughter Sarah ROYALL, a yearling heifer.
To granddaughters, Katherine FARRAR; Mary, Sarah, and Anne PERRIN each two silver spoons, and to Katherine FARRAR on guinney, and to Anne PERRIN one silver porridge.
To granddaughter Sarah DENNIS, two silver spoons and one pair of dowlass sheets.
To daughters Sarah WILKINSON and Katherine PERRIN, all my wearing clothes.
To loving friend Mary PARKER, six ells of best dowlass and as much of finest serge to make gown and petticoat.
To grandson Maiden MARSHALL, one heifer two years old.
To my son Joseph ROYALL, all my land.
All my crop of corn to my executors, except enough to buy two gravestones, one to cover me, and other my dear dec'd. husband.
All the rest to be divided between my four children: Sarah WILKINSON, Joseph ROYALL, Katherine PERRIN, and Anne EPES, and to each 15 shilling for mourning ring.
My body to be buried near my dear husband on my own plantation.

Executors: son Joseph ROYALL and son in law Francis EPES.
Witnesses: Nath. HILL and Littlebury EPES.

Source: Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia, Part One 1654-1737; abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

NOTE: William and Mary ( ISHAM ) RANDOLPH, received the bulk of Henry ISHAM Sr.'s estate though Henry ISHAM Jr.'s will, he died d.s.p.. Henry ISHAM Jr.'s will dated 13 Nov. 1678, probated 01 Feb. 1678 ( sic. ) Henrico, in Apr. 1680 in London. Mentions his estate Doggums, in Charles City Co., Va., to be divied between sisters Mrs. Mary RANDOLPH and Mrs. Anne ISHAM. Half brother Joseph ROYALL, mother Catharine ISHAM. Gives a gold ring about twelve shilling price to, Richard PERRIN & Wife, John WILKINSON & Wife, William BRYD & Wife. Rest of his estate to William RANDOLPH, names him sole executor.

Child of Henry Isham and Katherine Banks is:
  1959 i.   Mary Isham, born 1660; died 1735 in Henrico Co, VA, "Turkey Island"; married William Randolph WFT Est. 1668-1696.

      3926. Augustine Warner128, born 1611128; died 1674128. He married 3927. Mary Warner, Sr WFT Est. 1642-1667 in UNK128.

      3927. Mary Warner, Sr128, born WFT Est. 1602-1624128; died WFT Est. 1646-1712128.
Child of Augustine Warner and Mary Warner is:
  1963 i.   Sarah Warner, born WFT Est. 1632-1660; died WFT Est. 1663-1742; married Lawrence Townley WFT Est. 1663-1697.

      3936. William Carter129, born WFT Est. 1562-1591 in Casstown, Herfordshire, England129; died WFT Est. 1616-1676 in England129.
Child of William Carter is:
  1968 i.   John Carter, born 1613 in New Gate Christ Church, London, Middlesex, England; died June 10, 1699 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia; married (1) Sarah Ludlow; married (2) Sarah Ludlowe WFT Est. 1654-1667.

      3938. Gabriel Ludlow130, born February 10, 1586/87 in Dinton, Wiltshire, England130; died September 24, 1644130. He was the son of 7876. Thomas Ludlow and 7877. Jane Mary Pyle. He married 3939. Phyllis (Unknown) WFT Est. 1621-1656130.

      3939. Phyllis (Unknown)130, born Abt. 1590130; died WFT Est. 1669-1690130.
Children of Gabriel Ludlow and Phyllis (Unknown) are:
  i.   Sarah Ludlow130, born Abt. 1669 in England130; died WFT Est. 1670-1763 in Virginia130; married John Carter; born 1613 in New Gate Christ Church, London, Middlesex, England131; died June 10, 1699 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia.
  Notes for John Carter:
John Carter, immigrated to Virginia from England in 1625 aboard the "Prosperous". Living in James City, no one know why he came to the Virginia colony, perhaps to leave the political strife in Great Britain, possible to better his station in an already hard world. Within a year his neighbors were so taken with his character, they asked him to represent them at the House of Burgesses.
In 1642, after acquiring some 13,500 acres in the Northern Neck between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers building his family estate called "Corotoman". He became a successful planter and businessman, also serving first as an elected Burgess, and then, as a member of the Governor's Council.

Marrying in 1650, his first wife, Jane Glyn, gave him three children, George, who dies young, Elizabeth and John II. After the early death of his wife, he married Eleanor Eltonhead Brocas in 1656. It was about this time he was elected to the House of Burgesses that automatically made him the commander of the local militia. This militia was responsible for ridding the area of the last of the Rappahannock Indians that brought to its commander more accolades. Eleanor died the next year leaving no children.

His third wife, Anne Carter, daughter of Cleve Carter of England, whom he married in 1658, died within the first year of their marriage, leaving no children.

In 1660, he married Sarah Ludlow, and had two more children, Sarah, who died young, and Robert Carter. Sarah Ludlow Carter died in early 1668 and her family had inscribed on her tombstone, "May her descendants make their mother's virtues and graces the pattern of their lives and actions". Little did anyone realize to what great heights her son Robert would achieve.

John Carter took a fifth wife marrying Elizabeth Shirley in late 1668. A son, Charles, was born in 1669. That same year John died. As a young man, Charles moved to England to live and died there sometime after 1690. John Carter the émigré, achieved prominence, wealth, political power, material goods and social prestige that he had earned for himself, but his sons and grandsons were to carve out an empire, such as he had never envisioned.

Upon his death, John's main estate, holdings and slaves went to his oldest son, John II, with

6,000 English pound's going to his wife, Elizabeth.

  More About John Carter:
Burial: Christ Church, Lancaster, Virginia

  1969 ii.   Sarah Ludlowe, born 1635 in Maiden, Wiltshire, England; died 1668 in Lancaster Co, VA, "Corotoman"; married John Carter WFT Est. 1654-1667.

      3940. William Armistead132, born WFT Est. 1601-1623 in England132; died Bef. April 04, 1666132. He was the son of 7880. Anthony Armistead and 7881. Frances Thompson. He married 3941. Anne Ellis WFT Est. 1629-1656132.

      3941. Anne Ellis132, born Abt. 1615 in England132; died WFT Est. 1639-1709132.
Child of William Armistead and Anne Ellis is:
  1970 i.   John Armistead, born Abt. 1635 in Gloucester Co, VA, "Hesse"; died Aft. 1697 in MD; married Judith Robinson Abt. 1660 in MD.

      3958. William Bernard
Child of William Bernard is:
  1979 i.   Elizabeth BERNARD, born Abt. 1664; married Thomas TODD.

      3960. Robert Spottiswoode, born 1596 in Dunipage, Sterlingshire, Scotland; died January 16, 1645/46 in St. Andrews, Scotland. He was the son of 7920. John Spottiswoode and 7921. Rachel Lindsay. He married 3961. Berthia (Bertha) Morrison June 06, 1629.

      3961. Berthia (Bertha) Morrison, born Abt. 1609 in Preston Grange, Scotland; died November 17, 1639. She was the daughter of 7922. Alexander Morrison and 7923. Helenora Maule.

Notes for Robert Spottiswoode:
Robert Spotswood, Lord President of the College of Justice (Court of Sessions) and Sec. for Scotland; member of Privy-Council to James VI, of Scotland and Author of the "Practicks of the Laws of Scotland"; who was one of the eight eminent lawyers executed by Parliament of Scotland, Which (according to Sir Walter Scott) consisted wholly of Covenanters. While he was at private prayer on the scaffold he was interrupted by the Presbyterian minister in attendance, who asked if he did not desire his prayers and those of the people. Sir Robert replied that he earnestly desired the prayers of the people but not those of the preacher;for that, in his opinion, God had expressed his displeasure against Scotland by sending a lying spirit into the prophets.

Sir Robert Spottiswoode
1596 - 1646

Judge and royalist. Born near Mid Calder, Spottiswoode was educated at the Universities of Glasgow and Oxford and then in France. He assisted his father, Archbishop John Spottiswoode (1565 - 1639) in the compilation of his book "History of the Church of Scotland" (published in 1655). He had inherited his father's lands at New Abbey (Dumfries and Galloway).

He was appointed a Privy Counsellor by King James VI and then a judge as Lord New Abbey (1622). He became Lord President of the Court of Session, Scotland's superior court, in 1633, and was appointed Secretary for Scotland (1636). He is noted for his great work "Practicks of the Law of Scotland".

Spottiswoode supported King Charles I against the Covenanters and was forced to resign his position and flee to England (1638). He returned to fight alongside James Graham, Marquis of Montrose (1612-50), at the Battle of Philiphaugh (1645) but was captured and beheaded the following year at the Mercat Cross in St. Andrews. He was posthumously pardoned on the restoration of King Charles II (1660).

©1995-2002 Gazetteer for Scotland. Supported by:
The Robertson Trust, The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland,
The Royal Scottish Geographical Society, The Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh.

Child of Robert Spottiswoode and Berthia Morrison is:
  1980 i.   Robert Spottswood, born September 17, 1637 in Edinburg, Midlothian, Scotland; died in Tangier; married Catherine Mercer Elliot.

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