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Ancestors of Sarah Mildred STROUT

      583. Mary Yates

Notes for Richard Higgins:
Possible parents of Mary Higgins, unverified by MFSH.
Child of Richard Higgins and Mary Yates is:
  291 i.   Mary Higgins, died Aft. 1722; married Joseph Snow.

      616. Humphrey Woodbury, born Abt. 1609 in England. He was the son of 1232. John Woodbury, Jr. and 1233. Joanna Humphrey. He married 617. Elizabeth Hunter.

      617. Elizabeth Hunter
Child of Humphrey Woodbury and Elizabeth Hunter is:
  308 i.   Isaac Woodbury, born 1643; married Mary Wickes.

      620. John Woodbury He married 621. Elizabeth (Woodbury).

      621. Elizabeth (Woodbury)
Child of John Woodbury and Elizabeth (Woodbury) is:
  310 i.   Ebenezer Woodbury, married Hannah Dodge 05 15 1690.

      622. John Dodge, born 1636 in Salem, MA; died 1723 in Beverly, MA. He was the son of 1244. William Dodge and 1245. Mary Conant. He married 623. Sarah Proctor 04 10 1659 in Essex, MA.

      623. Sarah Proctor, born 1645 in Salem, MA; died 02 08 1705/06 in Salem, MA. She was the daughter of 1246. John Proctor and 1247. Martha Harper.
Child of John Dodge and Sarah Proctor is:
  311 i.   Hannah Dodge, born 07 02 1671 in Beverly, MA; married Ebenezer Woodbury 05 15 1690.

      632. John Brown I (Source: (1) Amunsey-Hopkins Genealogy., (2) Amunsey-Hopkins Genealogy.), died Aft. 1660. He was the son of 1264. Richard Brown. He married 633. Margaret Hayward.

      633. Margaret Hayward She was the daughter of 1266. Frances Hayward.

Notes for John Brown I:
Settled near Pemaquid Pt. (now Bristol, ME).
Children of John Brown and Margaret Hayward are:
  316 i.   John Brown II, married Elizabeth Ingersol.
  363 ii.   Eme Brown, born 1645 in New Harbor, Bristol?; died Abt. 1725 in Gloucester, MA; married Nicholas Denning, Jr..

      636. Samuel ELWELL, born Abt. 1636 in Dorchester, MA; died 11 24 1696 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He was the son of 720. Robert ELWELL and 721. Joane (ELWELL). He married 637. Esther DUTCH 06 07 1658.

      637. Esther DUTCH, born Abt. 1639; died 09 06 1721 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. She was the daughter of 1274. Osmund DUTCH and 1275. Grace PRATTE.

Notes for Samuel ELWELL:
      The following information, dates given for Samuel and Esther, and children's info from FTM CD 194, MA and ME genealogies, Vol. 1, Elwell of Gloucester (from Nichols Davis, 1956) unless otherwise noted. Samuel took the Freeman's Oath in June, 1664. He testified twice against others for fishing on Sunday, but was himself fined for it at least twice. In one hearing his father and his son's father-in-law, William Vinson, testified against him. His mother-in-law, Grace Pratte Dutch lived with him and Esther for about 10 years after her husband died. For more on this see notes for Grace and Osmund Dutch.
      Samuel's estate was less than 20 pounds and "found to be insolvent and one-third given to the widow was to revert to the creditors upon her death. Aquietus against the creditors was given her on May 1, 1699. She sold an island of upland and a neck of land, about two acres, to John Smith in 1698." Davis sites Essex Probate and Deed records as his sources.
      There is no evidence of the last child, Thomas, "except a statement that his house lot in Gloucester is referred to in the description of the location of his brother Ebenezer's." (Davis sites New England historical and Gen. Register, 53:29)
      "Esther Elwell and her father-in-law were witnesses in the case of Jackson v. Somes in 1660...On October 30, 1692, Esther Elwell was one of several Gloucester women carried to Ipswich jail charged with witchcraft, but she was released on November 7, the unhappy delusion being on the wane."
Children of Samuel ELWELL and Esther DUTCH are:
  318 i.   Jacob ELWELL, born 08 10 1662 in Gloucester, MA; died 05 11 1710 in Gloucester, MA; married Abigail VINSON 07 05 1686.
  ii.   Samuel Elwell, Jr., born 03 04 1659/60 in Gloucester, Essex, MA; died 1726 in Branford, CT; married Sarah Wheadon in ? New Haven, CT; born 04 23 1666 in New Haven, CT.
  iii.   Robert Elwell, born 12 13 1664 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.
  iv.   Esther Elwell, born 08 25 1667 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.
  v.   Sarah Elwell, born 03 25 1670 in Gloucester, Essex, MA; died 04 03 1670 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.
  vi.   Ebenezer Elwell, born 02 28 1670/71 in Gloucester, Essex, MA; died Bef. 1723; married Jean Elwell 01 02 1694/95; died 04 05 1723.
  vii.   Hannah Elwell, born 08 11 1674 in Gloucester, Essex, MA; married Joseph Gardner 01 02 1694/95.
  viii.   Elizabeth Elwell, born 07 30 1678.
  ix.   Thomas Elwell

      638. William VINSON, born Abt. 1610 in England??; died 09 17 1690 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He married 639. Rachel PARSONS or VARNEY 06 10 1661 in Gloucester, MA.

      639. Rachel PARSONS or VARNEY, died 02 15 1706/07 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

Notes for William VINSON:
      All info, names and dates, etc. from Nicholas Davis on FTM CD194, Vinson of Gloucester unless otherwise noted. Davis notes Essex probate, deeds and various records. William was a potter and was shown to be in Salem, MA by 1636 when he was sued along with John Pride, by Mr. Babb. A Salem land grant beleieved to have been written by Roger Conant in 1637 says that he was married and had arrived in New England with his mother and cousin, Anthony Buxton. "Vinson was born about 1610, his age being given n depositions as aout forty-seven in 1658, about fifty-three in 1663 and about sixty-five in 1673. There is no further record of his mother..." He had land in Salem but settled in Gloucester and lived there until his death.
      "Gloucester was then, as now, promarily a fishing community, but Vinson seems to have stuck to the land and his trade and soon became an important factor in the town's affairs. He took the Freeman's Oath in 1643 and in 1646 served the first of several terms as selectman. In 1646 he was chosen by the town to keep the ordinary or inn, but his license forbade the sale of wine. He was a member of the county grand jury in the years 1648, 1649, 1655, 1667, and 1672 and was on juries of inquest in 1673 and 1681. He was the town's constable in 1658, but his most important appointment was as 'commissioner to end small causes,' or lacal justice, his term beginning in 1657. His subscription of (2 pounds) toward the salary of Rev. Mr. Millett in 1658 was exceeded by only one Gloucester church member. He was dismissed from military training in 1668, paying 3d. a year to the foot company, and in 1677 he had the elderly man's job of tythingman."
      He first had land near Little Good Harbor, but sold it on Dec. 28, 1651 and bought (or received a grant) at what was known as Vinson's or Ellery's cove. He gave 2 acre house lots to his sons-in-law, William Ellery and James Gardner. "In addition to being a potter and an innkeeper, Vinson owned a grist-mill which he sold with about three and a half acres of land on the mill-pond and rights in the mill-stream to Rev. John Everson for (55 pounds) on May 25, 1664.
      "Vinson was constantly in the courts and seems to have been very much the censor of public and private morals. He is found informing the authorities of , or testivying against, the wicked who 'lived from their wives,' stayed away from meeting, sailed out of the harbor on the Lord's day (two cases), disturbed the church at meeting-time, spoke against Mr. Perkins, the parson, at town meeting, 'spoke disagreeably' of Mr. Blinman, Mr. Perkins and Mr. Millett (clergy), and produced children too soon after marriage. It is a pleasant contrast to find him testifying to the good character of John Johnson, sr., in 1660.
      "He was also frequent as plaintiff or defendant in the civil side of the courts. Twice his zeal got him into trouble. In 1649 he said that his servant Susan Matchett was not virtuous, and Anthony Day, the young woman's prospective husband, haled Vinson into court and produced a confession of error. Christopher Avery sued him for defamation in 1655, Vinson having said that Christopher was so drunk that he drank ink for liquor and 'dand'ed another man's wife on his knee.'" Davis lists several other suits he was involved in as well.
      William had 5 sons, all of whom died before him. His second son, John, was lost at sea and while Willim took out administration on his estate, he made provisions in his will for him in the hope he was still alive and would return. Three of the sons all died in December of 1675, presumably during an epidemic (possibly small pox).
      "Sarah Vinson, William Vinson's first wife, had a taste for religious controversy. In 1652 Mrs. Holgrave persuaded her to come to her hous on Sunday to read good books instead of goin to church where Mr. Perkins preached, Mrs. Holgrave saying pungently that Perkins 'was fitter to be a Ladies Chambermaid that a Preacher.' In 1659, although William, foreseeing trouble, attempted to persuade her to stay at home, Sarah went to church and, hands on the door-posts, prevented the parson, with whom she had had an argument, from entering the building, saying 'if you goe into teach gere you must leave yoar head be hinde you.' Naturally this behavior scandalized the people of Gloucester and Sarah had to answer for it in court. She had been accused of witchcraft in 1653 by one Edmund Marshall who was promptly sued for defamation by her husband and ordered by the court to make acknowledgment of his fault at the meeting-houses of Gloucester, Salem and Ipswich within fourteen days. She was about forty years old in 1660, probably an underestimate." (Edmund Marshall had also accused Grace Pratte Elwell-Jacob's grandmother - of witchcraft in 1653 and had to publicly withdraw the statement. see notes for Grace.)

  Notes for Rachel PARSONS or VARNEY:
      Also from Davis: It is known that Rachel was the daughter of Bridget Varney, who was married to William Varney. However, he could not determine if she was William's daughter or a daughter to Bridget's first husband who was named Parsons. Rachel's brother or half-brother, Jeffrey Parsons, married William Vinson's first daughter, Sarah. Jeffrey was born about 1637 and Rachel was the youngest child of Bridget. However, if this is true then Rachel would have been less than 13 when her first child, John Cook, was born. The estimate on Jeffrey's age, like many others, may be off by several years.
      "In 1649 the Varneys were 'given liberty to reside in this jurisdiction,' and Rachel was already married to Thomas Cook who wasgiven like liberty at the same time. Cook was a troublesome character. In 1649 he was before the court for saying that Mr. Norton, the minister, 'taught what was false' and for reproaching the ordinance of baptism-'if he had children he would not have them so played the fools withal.' William Varney was his bondsman. He seems to have left Ipswich for the iron-works at Lynn immediately after this incident for in February, 1649/50, Thomas Cook 'sometime of Ipswich' was drunk at Lynn and later in 1650 his name was presented to the court by Lynn for the same offense. Death prevented temporal punishment, however, for at the same court Rachel, wife of Thomas Cook, deceased, sometime inhabiting Ipswich, brought in his slight inventory of 35 (ponds) on September 17, 1650. By Cook, Rachel had a son, John Cook, born in 1650. John Gorum of Hammersmith (the iron-works) acknowledged judgment to the widow Rachel Cook in December, 1650. Soon Rachel Cook married a second and more unpleasant husband and apparently with her eyes open, for on March 26, 1650, Joseph Langton had been fined for excessive drinking. Langton was presented in 1652 for 'evil usage of a little child of his wife,' little John Cook, lying on straw with but a piece of sail-cloth to cover it in his cradle, having been beaten to keep him quiet. The court ordered the baby to be placed in the care of his Varney grandparents. Langton remained on earth or in the jurisdiction long enough to beget two daughters, but as there is no record of him after 1652 he must have soon died or deserted his family. Apparently Rachel reverted to the name Cook after the departure of Langton and as Rachel Cook she was married to her third husbnad, William Vinson, the stern moralist on June 10, 1661....In her widowhood Rachel Vinson, like her predecessor Sarah Vinson but in a more dangerous time, was accused of witchcraft. With Mary (her daughter), she was lodged in Ipswich gaol from which she was released on September 24, 1692, on bonds for her appearance. Before she could be tried, however, the delusion collapsed and she escaped the fate of so many victims." Esther Dutch Elwell, mother-in-law to Rachel's dau. Abigail, was jailed about a month later for witchcraft, see notes on Samuel Elwell.
Children of William VINSON and Rachel VARNEY are:
  319 i.   Abigail VINSON, born 05 08 1668 in Gloucester, Essex, MA; married Jacob ELWELL 07 05 1686.
  ii.   Thomas Vinson, born 04 01 1662; died 12 31 1675 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.

      640. John ALLEN
Child of John ALLEN is:
  320 i.   Robert ALLEN, married Hannah WHITE.

      642. John WHITE He married 643. Lucy (WHITE).

      643. Lucy (WHITE)
Child of John WHITE and Lucy (WHITE) is:
  321 i.   Hannah WHITE, married Robert ALLEN.

      680. George Ingersol, born Abt. 1618 in England; died 1693. He was the son of 1360. Richard Ingersol and 1361. Anne Langley. He married 681. Elizabeth (Ingersol) Abt. 1642 in Salem, MA.

      681. Elizabeth (Ingersol)

More About George Ingersol:
Date born 2: 1618
Child of George Ingersol is:
Children of George Ingersol and Elizabeth (Ingersol) are:
  340 i.   Joseph Ingersol, born 10 04 1646 in Gloucester, MA.
  356 ii.   John Ingersol, Sr., born 1644 in Salem, MA; married (1) Deborah Gunnison..

      692. Thomas Jones He married 693. Ann (Jones).

      693. Ann (Jones)
Child of Thomas Jones and Ann (Jones) is:
  346 i.   Robert Jones, born Abt. 1633 in ?Newbury; married Joanna Osgood.

      694. William Osgood (Source: WFT #3882.), born Abt. 1609 in Herrell, England; died 03 15 1699/00 in Salisbury, MA. He was the son of 1388. Christopher Osgood, Jr. and 1389. Elizabeth Brockwell. He married 695. Elizabeth Clere.

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