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Ancestors of William Edward Mohrhardt

Generation No. 5

      16. Christian Friedrich Morhard, born October 31, 1840 in Germany; died December 30, 1889 in Oberschwarndorf, Germany. He was the son of 32. Christian Friedrich Mohrhardt and 33. Unknown Unknown. He married 17. Albertine Johanne Flogaus April 17, 1865 in Oberschwandorf, Germany.

      17. Albertine Johanne Flogaus, born September 30, 1846 in Ausdingerin, Germany; died May 15, 1932 in Germany.

Notes for Christian Friedrich Morhard:
Died of Lungenentzundung - means pneumonia

More About Christian Friedrich Morhard:
Occupation: Zeugmacher Osdf - repaired farm machinery
Children of Christian Morhard and Albertine Flogaus are:
  8 i.   Johannes John Mohrhardt, born July 10, 1866 in Oberschwarndorf, Germany; died Unknown; married Margareth Feuchter Abt. 1891 in United States.
  ii.   Martin J. Mohrhardt, born October 6, 1867 in Germany; died January 4, 1948 in Lansing, Michigan; married Maude Acker 1891 in Grand Rapids, Michigan; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  iii.   Christian Friedrich Mohrhardt, born February 8, 1869 in Oberscwandorf, Germany; died May 6, 1949 in Lansing Michigan; married Pauline Albertina Broedersdorf November 3, 1894 in Grand Rapids, Michigan; born November 29, 1876 in Grand Rapids, Michigan; died May 11, 1971.
  More About Christian Friedrich Mohrhardt:
Burial: Evergreen, Lansing, Michigan
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Emigration: 1889, To America
Medical Information: Had stomach cancer

  More About Pauline Albertina Broedersdorf:
Medical Information: Broke her hip and was in Ingham Med. Center but never healed well enough to go home. She died in Dobie Rd. Nursing Home. In 1907 had peritonitis ill for 3 mths.
Residence: 1904, Moved from Grand Rapids to Lake Odessa

  iv.   Wilhelmine Mohrhardt, born November 7, 1870 in Germany; died June 24, 1941; married Gottlieb Schottle August 24, 1891 in Oberschwandorf, Germany; born February 26, 1865; died 1945 in Oberschwandorf, Germany.
  More About Gottlieb Schottle:
Occupation: Sawed wood in Oberschwandorf, Germany

  v.   Gottlob Ernst Mohrhardt, born January 8, 1875 in Germany; died February 27, 1941; married Katharine Brenner November 30, 1899 in Oberschwandorf, Germany; born June 11, 1877 in Germany; died March 12, 1953.
  More About Gottlob Ernst Mohrhardt:
Occupation: Farmer who also did work in the woods

  vi.   Emil Leonhardt Mohrhardt, born September 15, 1877.

      18. Michael Feuchter, born 1834 in Germany; died 1898 in Coldwater, MI. He married 19. Barbra Marie Sackreiter 1864 in Germany.

      19. Barbra Marie Sackreiter, born March 27, 1839 in Wurttemburg Germany; died June 19, 1919 in At her home in Coldwater, MI.

More About Michael Feuchter:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI
Emigration: 1883, Left Germany for USA

  Notes for Barbra Marie Sackreiter:
Had 3 sons die in infancy

More About Barbra Marie Sackreiter:
Burial: 1919, Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI
Emigration: 1883, Left Germany for USA
Children of Michael Feuchter and Barbra Sackreiter are:
  i.   Marie B. Feuchter, born August 3, 1865 in Wurttemburg Germany; died August 1, 1946 in Battle Creek, MI in Leila Post Hospital; married Charles M. Rapp April 4, 1885 in Sturgis, MI; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  9 ii.   Margareth Feuchter, born August 1866 in Germany; died 1955; married Johannes John Mohrhardt Abt. 1891 in United States.
  iii.   Caroline Feuchter, born 1868 in Germany; died 1950.
  More About Caroline Feuchter:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI

  iv.   Katharina Feuchter, born 1877; died 1891.
  More About Katharina Feuchter:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI

  v.   Friedrich Feuchter, born 1881 in Germany; died 1924.
  More About Friedrich Feuchter:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI

  vi.   Carl Feuchter, born 1884; died 1928.
  Notes for Carl Feuchter:
In Coldwater Michigan newspaper it was noted that he was drunk many times and spent time in jail.

  More About Carl Feuchter:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, MI

      20. Charles Locke, born March 2, 1829; died May 18, 1909. He married 21. Sarah Head Abt. 1850.

      21. Sarah Head, born 1830 in England; died 1871.

More About Charles Locke:
Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara Ontario
Occupation: 1871, Clockmaker
Religion: 1871, W. Methodist

More About Sarah Head:
Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara Ontario
Children of Charles Locke and Sarah Head are:
  10 i.   Benjamin Locke, born Abt. 1852 in Pickering, Ontario; died February 21, 1901 in Tara, Ontario; married Mary Ann Downey April 23, 1873 in Dunbarton, Ontario, Canada.
  ii.   Elizabeth Ann Locke, born 1856 in Pickering, Ontario; died Unknown; married Adam Alex August 5, 1876 in Pickering, Ontario; born 1851 in Pickering, Ontario; died Unknown.
  More About Elizabeth Ann Locke:
Religion: 1876, Methodist

  More About Adam Alex:
Occupation: 1876, Farmer
Religion: 1876, Methodist

  iii.   Sarah Jane Locke, born 1854 in Canada; died 1933; married John Hamilton March 6, 1878 in Arran, Ontario; born 1854 in Canada; died 1932.
  More About Sarah Jane Locke:
Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara, Ontario
Religion: March 6, 1878, Methodist
Residence: March 6, 1878, Arran

  More About John Hamilton:
Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara, Ontario
Occupation: March 6, 1878, Farmer
Religion: March 6, 1878, Presbyterian
Residence: March 6, 1878, Twp. of Derby, Ontario

  iv.   Mary Ann Locke, born 1853; died Unknown.

      22. George A. Downey, born Abt. 1832 in Ontario; died December 15, 1872 in Pickering, Ontario. He married 23. Mary Jane Parsons Unknown.

      23. Mary Jane Parsons, born Abt. 1833 in England; died Unknown.

More About George A. Downey:
Cause of Death: Typhoid Symptoms x 2 weeks
Occupation: 1872, Labourer
Children of George Downey and Mary Parsons are:
  11 i.   Mary Ann Downey, born February 16, 1854 in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada; died March 6, 1933 in Tara, Ontario; married (1) Robert Doig in Tara, Ontario, Canada; married (2) Benjamin Locke April 23, 1873 in Dunbarton, Ontario, Canada; married (3) David Harris September 9, 1902 in Tara, Ontario.
  ii.   William George Downey, born October 27, 1854 in Ontario; died March 29, 1938 in Bowmanville, Ontario, reg. #1938-05-013231; married Isabella Elizabeth Smith August 6, 1882 in Whitby, Ontario; born July 1, 1863 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died May 25, 1899 in Bowmanville, Ontario.
  More About William George Downey:
Burial: Bowmanville Cemetery (Section E)
Occupation: 1901, Corporation Labourer
Residence: 1901, Elgin St. Bowmanville, Ontario - 4 room house

  iii.   Alonzo John Downey, born Abt. 1859 in Ontario; died Unknown; married Catherine Walker; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Alonzo John Downey:
Occupation: 1881, Painter

  More About Catherine Walker:
Education: 1887, Signed birth registration with an X
Residence: 1887, 130 Agnes Street, Toronto, Ontario

  iv.   Alice Downey, born Abt. 1861; died Unknown.
  v.   Robert Downey, born Abt. 1866 in Ontario.
  More About Robert Downey:
Occupation: 1881, Painter

  vi.   Maud Downey, born Abt. 1873.
  vii.   John ? Downey, born Unknown.

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