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Ancestors of Richard Melbourne Kempton

      45. Thankful Hamblen, born 06 August 1715 in Barnstable, Mass.36. She was the daughter of 90. Ebenezer Hamblen and 91. Thankful Hamblen.

Marriage Notes for Joseph Bangs and Thankful Hamblen:
From Harwick Mass, Vital records in Mayflower Descendant Vol 19, April 1917, No2;

July 5 day 1735 there is an intention of marriage between Joseph Banges of Harwick 7 Thankfull Hamblen of Barnstable now entered here in this Book

More About Joseph Bangs and Thankful Hamblen:
Marriage: 18 September 173537
Children of Joseph Bangs and Thankful Hamblen are:
  i.   Tabitha Bangs, born 20 September 1736 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.37
  ii.   Ellice or Alice Bangs, born Abt. 1737 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.37
  iii.   Hannah Bangs, born 21 June 1738 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.37
  iv.   Lemuel Bangs, born 31 December 1739 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.37
  v.   Lydia Bangs, born 05 October 1741 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.37
  22 vi.   Joseph Bangs, born 22 April 1743 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass; died 1801; married (1) Mary Pitts 02 July 1766 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada; married (2) Lydia Gorham 23 December 1790 in Liverpool, N.S. Canada.
  vii.   Jonathan Bangs, born 1744 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.
  More About Jonathan Bangs:
Baptism: 09 December 174437

  viii.   Heman Bangs, born 1748 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.
  More About Heman Bangs:
Baptism: 03 April 174837

  ix.   Thankful Bangs, born 1750 in Harwick, Barnstable, Mass.
  More About Thankful Bangs:
Baptism: 12 May 175037

      46. Jabez Gorham, born 1725 in Fairfield, Conn; died 13 December 1804 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada38. He was the son of 92. Jabez Gorham and 93. (--------------). He married 47. Mary Burbank.

      47. Mary Burbank, born 24 July 1730 in Plymouth, Mass39; died 14 September 1811 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada. She was the daughter of 94. Timothy Burbank and 95. Mary Kempton.

Notes for Jabez Gorham:
Notes from John Howland of the Mayflower Vol. I, Pages 310-311:

The death date on his tombstone is said to be in error.
Jabez spent his chilhood in Fairfield, Conn. His father died before 1739 and Jabez returned to Barnstable to live with relatives. He was called "of Barnstable" at the time of his marriage.
Capt. Jabez Gorham was a fisherman and mariner.
He was a Proprietor of Liverpool Township, owning one and one-half shares. His name appears on the confirfing grant of 1764.
The first mention of Liverpool in the Legistative Journals of the House at Halifax, N.S., is dated 1761, when Jabez Gorham and his brother-in-law, Timothy Burbank, were "praying for a bounty on fish.
Simeon Perkins Diary 18 August 1767--- attended a lecture at Jabez Goreham's when he and eight of his children were baptized.
Jabez was listed with a family of eight in the Hunt-Perkins census of 1785.
He embraced the "New Lights" religious faith, 16 February 1796.
No probate records were found for Jabez Gorham.
The present Registry of Deeds office sits almost over the foundation of Jabez Gorham's house in Liverpool.

Perkins Diary entries from T. B. Smith Geneologies, Queens County, Nova Scotia:

Perkins, July 4, 1775: Capt. Davis arrived from Plymouth Sunday night, bringing Capt. David Bray, Capt. William Freeman, Jabez Gorham, Joseph Trible, and wife, and Catherine Doggett.
Perkins, Oct 12, 1775: Jabez Gorham is digging poatoes for me. A very squally day.
Perkins, July 6, 1777: Capt. Gorham sails for Halifax.
Perkins, July 22, 1777: Capt. Gorham arrives from Halifax,
Perkins, Sept 10, 1777: Capt. Gorham arrives from Halifax.
Perkins, Nov 27, 1777: Capt. Bradford, Capt. Hopkins, and Capt. Gorham, all sail for Halifax.
Perkins, Jan 12, 1778: Capt. Gorham sails for boards of the sloop Elizabeth's cargo. Capt. William Freeman went with him, he having bought Mr. Tinkham's third. She anchors below.
Perkins, Jan 15, 1778: Capt. Gorham is gone.

More About Jabez Gorham:
Baptism: October 1725, Fairfield, Conn40
Burial: Old Cemetery, Main St., Liverpool, N.S.40
Children of Jabez Gorham and Mary Burbank are:
  i.   James Gorham, born 23 July 1751 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  Notes for James Gorham:
died young.

  ii.   Jabez Gorham, born 13 September 1753 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  Notes for Jabez Gorham:
Died young.

  iii.   Mary Gorham, born 23 July 1755 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  iv.   Jabez Gorham, born 14 May 1757 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  v.   Hannah Gorham, born 14 February 1759 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  vi.   James Gorham, born 07 September 1760 in Plymouth, Mass.41
  vii.   Lucy Gorham, born 02 September 1762 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada41
  viii.   Mercy Gorham, born 04 October 1764 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada41
  23 ix.   Lydia Gorham, born 05 January 1767 in Liverpool,Queens, N.S., Canada; married Joseph Bangs 23 December 1790 in Liverpool, N.S. Canada.
  x.   Prince Gorham, born 05 January 1767 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada41
  xi.   Isaac Gorham, born 13 July 1769 in Liverpool, Queens, N.S., Canada41
  xii.   John Gorham, born 29 September 1771 in Liverpool,Queens, N.S., Canada41

      52. Hans Curth Reyer, born Abt. 24 March 1712/13 in Germany; died Bef. June 1782 in Germany. He was the son of 104. Johann Christian Reyer. He married 53. Anna Katherina Schmitten.

      53. Anna Katherina Schmitten, born Abt. 1723 in Germany; died 10 June 1782 in Germany.
Child of Hans Reyer and Anna Schmitten is:
  26 i.   Conrad Ryer, born 06 November 1757 in Niederthalhausen, Hesse, Germany; died 19 July 1835 in Ohio, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada; married (1) Fanny Horton; married (2) Abigail Hater 25 February 1788 in Christ Church, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

      58. John McKerlie
Child of John McKerlie is:
  29 i.   Mary McKerlie, born Abt. 1795; died 01 February 1882 in Jordon Bay, Shelburne , N.S; married John McKenzie.

      60. Duncan McLean, born in Scotland.

Notes for Duncan McLean:
Was drummer for 76 Scotch Highlander Regiment during Revolutionary War.
Child of Duncan McLean is:
  30 i.   James McLean, born 1792 in Jordon Bay, N.S., Canada; died 26 March 1878; married Eleanor Crocheron 28 December 1821 in Christ Church, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

      62. Abraham Crocheron, born 09 January 1771 in Staten Island, Richmond, N.Y.; died 1812. He was the son of 124. John Crocheron and 125. Jane Jones. He married 63. Peninah Berry 03 December 179142.

      63. Peninah Berry42, born 16 August 177042; died January 1844 in Shelburne Co.42. She was the daughter of 126. Ebenezer Berry.

Notes for Abraham Crocheron:
Notes from Shelburne County Genealogical Society;
Was a master mariner.......copy from 'The Crocheron Family of Staten Island" by Charlotte Megill Hix: Abraham Crocheron was a master mariner and sailed in vessels out of the port of Shelbourne. From a Lists of Ships and Vessels entered inward at the Naval Office at Shelburne, on 2 May 1796, the Schooner Sally, of 43 tons, Abraham Crocheron, Master, arrived from Philadelphia with flour and corn. On 3 November 1805, the schooner Star, of 33 tons, Abraham Crocheron, Master, arrived from New York with flour, crackers and corn, and on 5 September 1808, the brigantine Britannia, of 98 tons, Abraham Crocheron, Master, arrived from Boston with a cargo of pork, beef, rice and beans. from the list of vessels owned in Shelbourne on 5 July 1805, it is found that Abraham Crocheron owned the schooner Two Brothers, and was engaged in trade with the port of New York. In 1800 he owned a share in the brig. Nelson. He did not receive a grant of land in Shelburne which indicates that he arrived following the distribution of land grants. In 1799, from Town Records, Abraham Crocheron was on the petit jury.

More About Abraham Crocheron and Peninah Berry:
Marriage: 03 December 179142
Children of Abraham Crocheron and Peninah Berry are:
  31 i.   Eleanor Crocheron, born 07 August 1800; died 11 August 1835; married James McLean 28 December 1821 in Christ Church, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  ii.   Abraham Guyon Crocheron, born 07 October 1795.
  iii.   John Crocheron, born 12 July 1798.
  iv.   Jennet Berry Crocheron, born 12 June 1803.
  v.   Elizabeth Crocheron, born 07 May 1806.
  vi.   Peninnah Crocheron, born 07 October 1808.

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