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View Tree for Gulielmus SmithGulielmus Smith (b. Abt. 1735, d. April 1814)

Gulielmus Smith was born Abt. 1735 in Hanover County, VA, and died April 1814 in Warren County, NC.

 Includes NotesNotes for Gulielmus Smith:
Descendants of Gulielmus Smith

Generation No. 1

1. GULIELMUS2 SMITH (POSSIBLE EDMUND1) was born Abt. 1735 in Hanover Co, VA, and died Bet. March 10 - May, 1814 in Warren Co, NC. He married UNKNOWN SPOUSE Abt. 1750 in Hanover Co, VA.

GULIELMUS SMITH, some say GULIELMUS is Latin and some French, but all agree it means WILLIAM. It is not his middle name, he has none, but can be found under Gulielmus or William depending on the document. It is not known who his parents were, but I believe he was born in Hanover Co, VA in about 1735. He moved from Hanover Co, VA to Granville Co, NC around 1766. I believe he went there for free or cheap land from the Military. (I just recently found out that many people were leaving Hanover Co, VA because of the Indian problem they were having there, this may be one of the reasons so many from that area left and went to Granville Co, NC.) He was a wealthy land and slave owner in VA, as well as NC. He was very active in Granville Co, NC. He is listed in numerous court reports and his estate was enormous upon his death. He is listed in Granville Co. on tax rolls of 1769, 1771, 1784, and 1785. He is listed in DAR for having served in the NC Militia in 1775 in the Revolutionary War. In May 1776, he is listed in court records of Granville Co. as a Juror. On January 15, 1787, he and John MACON, John Williams DANIEL, Pleasant HENDERSON, and Benjamin HAWKINS reported as Commissioners for the Dividing Line between Granville County and the new Warren County. He is listed on three various Warren Co. court records for 1794, and three in 1795, one in 1796, one in 1810, and one in 1813. He is listed on the tax rolls in Warren Co. for 1811, 1812, and 1813. His Will is recorded in Warren Co, NC on May 10, 1814. He leaves a wealthy estate in NC when he dies in 1814, where his son, Wiley or Willie, as he is refereed to sometimes, inherits much of his father's estate, but he was not the oldest son . This may be that the others had or planned to moved away. Many of his children were born in Hanover County, VA or Granville County, NC. Many were married in Granville/Warren Co, NC and many moved to Claiborne and Campbell County, TN. It is not known where Gulielmus is buried but I believe he is either buried on the last plantation he owned in NC or in VA, in a Family Cemetery.

Historical Facts About Hanover County, VA

Hanover County is located in the east-central Piedmont and Coastal Plain areas of VA, between the Chickahominy and Pamunkey Rivers. It is approximately 90 miles S of Washington, D.C. and 12 miles N of Richmond. It is a part of the greater Richmond metropolitan area. The County land area is 471 square miles and is bordered by the Counties of Caroline, King William, New Kent, Henrico, Goochland, Spotsylvania and Louisa. There is one incorporated town in the County, which is the Town of Ashland (

The County was settled by planters and plantation owners. It was officially formed on November 26, 1720. Gulielmus Smith was born about 1735. Patrick Henry was born in Hanover County in 1736. Patrick began his law career with an impassioned plea against the King (known as the Parson's Cause case) at Hanover Courthouse. He also worked at the Hanover Tavern, located across the street from the Courthouse. Hanover County was named for King George I of England, who was Elector of Hanover in Germany when he came to the throne. Tobacco barges came up the Pamunkey River to Hanovertown to load and unload goods in an area that had been the home of the Chickahominy and Pamunkey Indians, whose reservations are located nearby.

During the Revolution, Lord Cornwallis stayed at Hanover Tavern on his way to Yorktown (it's said that he left without paying his bill), while General Washington followed a short time later for a stay (and it's said that he did pay his bill). Colonel Tarleton and General Lafayette traversed the County several times. The Copt de Rochambeau also marched through the Courthouse on the way to Yorktown. Dolley Madison was a resident of Hanover during this same period.

Vice President Henry Clay of Kentucky was born in Hanover, as was South Carolina Senator Thomas Sumpter. Edmund Ruffin, the great agronomist, was also born in Hanover. It was Mr. Ruffin who fired the first shot on Ft. Sumpter, beginning the War Between the States. (It was said that he later became so distraught over the Confederacy having lost the war, that he took his own life rather then live under the Union.)

Hanover County played a major role in the Civil War. Many battles of the war were fought in Hanover, including some of the bloodiest conflicts as the Union tried to take Richmond. Those battles include Mechanicsville, first and second Cold Harbor, North Anna, Hanover Courthouse, Gaines Mill, Seven Days and Watt House.
Per Hanover County Government Online

There is an interesting court case posted about Hezakiah STRUM, following the death of Mary Mcgeehee GOOCH, wife of Gideon GOOCH of Granville Co, NC. Hezekiah married Gideon's daughter, Susannah, and lived on a neighboring 80 acre parcel of land in Island Creek District. This is proven by tax records. After the death of Gideon, Hezekiah moved to Gideon GOOCH's farm, where his two slaves, joined the other three slaves of Mary GOOCH's, to work the farm jointly. At that time, many of Mary's children had moved to White Co, TN. Apparently, Mary's heirs sued Hezekiah since he took over the farm and property for his own. A deposition by a man named JOHNSON relates that before Hezekiah came to live with Mary, she kept a plentiful table, but afterwards, she was destitute. Rachel STRUM, comments in her deposition on Mary's drinking. Rachel my have been Hezekiah's second wife but not proven. No marriage bond is found. It is unclear whether Mary's downfall was Hezekiah or her drinking. Hezekiah's father was Christian STRUM from PA.
per James Mahar
This is the same land that Gulielmus owned upon his death. Gulielmus knew how to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Gulielmus's wife is not known. Back then, women were not allowed to own or sell property and I believe this is the reason that she is not mentioned in any of the documents. Also, there is a strong possibility that she was either Mulatto or Indian. It has always been rumored in the family that there was Indian blood in us but none has been proven. Smith is a German name. One would think that we would be blond haired, blue eyed, fair skin, but we have olive skin, high cheek bones, and dark hair. Gulielmus's wife is not named in his will, indicating that she had already died. But she must have moved with the family to Granville Co, NC. After moving, Gulielmus had more children born to him in Granville and Warren County, NC.

War of 1812:
this is a Gulielmus C. Smith, who I have a picture of. He may have been related to Gulielmus but have not connected him yet.

GULIELMUS SMITH, Original Will, NC State Archives:
In the Name of God Amen, I, Gulielmus SMITH of Warren County State of NC being of Sound Mind & Memory, do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament in the manner and form following (To Wit) -
Item, I give to My Daughter, Nancy WIGGINS, Two Negro Girls named Prisey & Phily, to her, her Heirs and Assigns forever.
Item, I give to My Son, Edmund SMITH, two Negroes named Phil and Ned, to him, his Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item, I give to My Son, Wiley SMITH, my Land and Plantation Houses and all that appertaineth thereunto also two Negroes named Dudley & Judah, to him, his Heirs and Assigns forever.
Item, I give to My Daughter, Elizabeth MOSS, four Negroes named Old Jo., Old Tamer. and Little Tamer and Liley. to her, her Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item, I give to My Son, Robert SMITH, one Negro Man named Sam, to him, his Heirs & Assigns forever.
Item, I give to My Three Grandsons, Jones SMITH, Eldridge SMITH & Thomas SMITH, Sons of Thos. Smith, two Negroes named Jenney & Henney, to them, their Heirs & Assigns forever. My desire is that in case either of them should die before they come up age or have Issue that the Survivor, Survivours, shall equally shared the same and in case they should all die before they come of age or have Issue, my desire is that they shall be equally divided between my own Children. My desire is that the two Negroes, Genney and Henney, be sold at my death and that the money be at interest until they, my Grandchildren come of age.
Item, I give to My Son, Jackey SMITH, one Negro woman named Amey, to him, his Heirs and Assigns forever.
Item, I give to Grandson, Jaculin WIGGINS, one Negro Boy named Ben, to him, his Heirs & Assigns forever.
My desire is that at my death, that the rest of my Negroes not mentioned in this Will with all the rest of my Estate together with the Stock of all kinds, household furnitures and plantation tools, be sold and all my just debts paid out of the same and in case there should not be enough to pay my just debts, my wish is that each of the Legatees above mentioned, shall pay in proportion to what their Legasey is and in case there is any more than will pay my debts, the over plus is to be equally divided between all my own Children.
I do hereby Nominate and appoint Frederick WIGGINS and my son, Wiley SMITH, my Sole Executors to this my Last Will and Testament.

I witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Tenth day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen.

Witness Gulielmus SMITH (Seal)
John DANIEL Jurat
Francis TUCKER Jurat

GULIELMUS SMITH Will, Warren County May Term 1814
This Will of Gulielmus SMITH was proven by the Subscribing Witness to the Exrs herein named qualified according to Law & ordered to be Recorded.
Test. W. GREEN C. W. Co.

Inventory of GULIELMUS SMITH, Warren County May Term 1814
This Inventory was returned in open court by F. WIGGINS & W. SMITH, Ex'r to wit, & recorded according to _______?

Test. W. GREEN Clk

List or Inventory of the Estate of Gulielmus SMITH dec'd Taken this 15th day of March 1814 To Wit Two Negro Girls named Prissey & Pheby Will'd to Nancy WIGGINS, Two Negroes Named Phil and Ned to Edmond SMITH, one Negro Boy Named James to Ransom SMITH, the Land and Plantation Housed and all that appertaineth thereunto to Wiley SMITH also two Negroes Named Dudley and Judah, Four Negroes Named Old Joe, Old Tamer and little Tamer and Liley to Elizabeth MOSS, One Negro Man Named Sam to Robert SMITH, Two Negroes named Jinney & Henny, to his three grandsons, Jones SMITH, Eldridge SMITH & Thomas SMITH, sons of Thomas SMITH, One Negro Woman named Amey to Jackey SMITH, One Negro Boy Named Poen to his Grandson, Jaquelin WIGGINS. The remainder of the Estate not Will'd away but left to be Sold, To Wit, Four Negroes named Lucy, Hinton, Harbert & Milley, Four head of Herfer, two cows, about Twenty Six head of hogs and two Sows and pigs, Plantation Tolls, one horse cart, Four Axes, Seven Hoes, three plow --Do--, Four Grubing --Do--, Three Harrow --Do--, Three Iron Wedges, one lock chain, one Black Smith Anvil, one vice, Five hammers with some other black Smith tools, on pair Stillards, Two Steel Traps, one Sythe, and Two old Sythe blades, one Cuting (sic) Knife and parcel of old Iron Plunder, one Foot Adds, Two Drawing Knives, to Augers, one claw hammer, one Cooper Jointer, on Howel, one Crows, one Taper bit, one round Shave, a little remnant of leather, one land Sive, Seventeen open head tubs, on Hogshead, two tight casks, on half Bushel, Household Furniture, One Desk, two tables, one cupboard, two chests, Seven Chairs, two guns, three beds & three bedsteads, three under Sheets, Four Counterpains, two bed quilts, two Blankets, two table clothes, two towels, Four Jugs, two Butter pots, one pair Lealer, one Chamber pot, one Spice Morter, Two Candle Sticks, one pair Snuffers, three pewter baxons, two --Do-- Dishes, three --Do-- plates, four --Do-- spoons, one Earthen Dish, Five cups & Seven Saucers, Four tea spoons, two Razors, Hone & Straps, one Salt Seller, Half Doyon(?) knives, Forks, one looking Glass, one pair Tongs. One Shovel, one Pinter, candle Mold, about one Bushell Salt, one Saddle & Bridle, two Smoothing Irons, a five loads of powder & shot. three books, one loom, two Slays, one pair Harness, three cotton Wheels, one Flax --Do--, Four pair Cards, Two pots, one
Dutch Oven, one Frying pan, two Water Pails, one Marking tub, one brass skillet, one iron --Do--, one pair harness & iron traces, one Trow, two plain, one Crosscut Saw, one hand --Do-- one Tennant --Do--, one pair Hand mill Stones, the half of one Still, the Crop of Corn & Fodder, Some Cotton, Some Wheat, Some bacon, one raw hide, some Hogs lard, Some Soap, one Mill bag, Two Bells, one Flax Huckle(?), Twenty one Shillings & six pence VA Money in Cash, three chisels, one deer skin.

Frederick WIGGINS

Account of the Sale of the Estate of Gulielmus Smith, dec'd. Sold on the 3rd & 4th day of June A.D. 1814.

Willie SMITH Two Grubing Hoes
Bennett MOSS Two Grubing Hoes
Howell MOSS 3 Hinding Hoes
Willie SMITH 3 Hilling Hoes & 2 Hinding Hoes
Dr. John HARE(Hart) 3 Hanon Hoes
Bennett MOSS 3 Plow Hoes
Col. Phillp HARRISON? 1 Prow and 1 Wedge
Samuel MOSS 1 Pair Wedges
Dr. John HARE (Hart) 1 Chopping Axe
William STAMPER 2 Axes
Willie SMITH 1 Handian(?) & Drawing Knife
John DANIEL, Sr. 1 Cross Cut Saw
Vinssant VAUGHAN 1 Sash Saw
George FLEMING 1 Fort Adds (?)
Hundley WIGGINS 2 Augers 3 Chifish(?) 1 Gonge
----Do------ 1 Pair Compasses
Thomas WIGGINS 1 Claw Hammer & other things
John WIGGINS 1 lot of old(?) from plunder (?)
Col. James VAUGHAN Tongs Shovel & pan handle
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Steel Trap
Col. James VAUGHAN 2 Cutting Knives
William GILLIAM Black Smith tools Hammers
Richard BULLOCK Another lot ---Do---
Dr. Joseph HAWKINS 3 Hammers
-------Do------ 3 Hammers
John WALDEN 1 Anvil
John WORTHAM 1 Vice
B. MOSS for Dr HARE 1 Lossers Horil(?)
Hundley WIGGINS 1 Pair Scales & Weights
William W. REAVIS 3 Open Head Tubs
B. MOSS for Wm. GILLIAM 2 Bush Hooks
Frederick WIGGINS Plains & c
--------Do-------- 2 Sythe blades & Chains
Col. James VAUGHAN Jointer & Crows
James ELLINGTON 2 Skillets-
Richard FLEMING 1 Pair Flat Irons
Handley WIGGINS 4 Barrels
John WIGGINS 3 Barrels large
Hundley WIGGINS 5 Barrels Grindstone & tool box
Obadiah EARLE 5 Open Head Tubs
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Spinning Wheel
John DANIEL, Sr. 1 Spinning Wheel
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Spinning Wheel
Solomon GREEN 1 Wheat Seive
Col. James VAUGHAN 1 Black Cow
--------Do----------- 1 Red Cow
Hundley WIGGINS 2 Sows & pigs
Frederick WIGGINS Black Sow & Sow with pig
Major Phillp HAWKINS 12 Hogs first choice
Hundley WIGGINS 11 Hogs second choice
Bennet SMITH 1 Negro Woman Jinney 1 Girl Hanna
Edmund SMITH 1 Negro Girl Lucy
Stephen REAVIS 1 Negro Boy Hinton
Gulielmus WIGGINS 1 Negro Boy Harbert
Harrel WIGGINS 1 Negro Girl Molley
John CLARK 1 Bay Horse
Willie SMITH 1 Axe
Obediah EARLE 1 Dark bay Mare & Colt
Charles ALLEN 1 Bay Stud Colt
Hundley WIGGINS 1 bed & furniture
John DANIEL, Sr. 1 bed stead & cord
Hundley WIGGINS 1 bed bedstead & furniture
Samuel MOSS 1 bed bedstead & furniture
George PURDUE 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 1 at $4-1 p barrel
John CUNINGHAM 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 2 at $4-5 p barrel
Willie SMITH 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 3 at $4-6 p barrels
John CUNINGHAM 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 4 at $4-7 p barrels
---------Do---------- 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 5 at $4-10 p barrels
---------Do---------- 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 6 at $4-10 p barrels
James R. JOHNSTON 1 lot of Corn 3 barrels N'o 7 at $4-10 p barrels
John CUNINGHAM Residue of Corn 1 Barrel at $4-10 p barrel
Joseph DANIEL Half of one still
Wilie SMITH 1 Desk
----------Do--------- 1 Cupboard
Samuel MOSS 1 Black Walnut Table
Hundley WIGGINS 1 Pine Table
Spotswood BARWITH(?) 1 lot of lumber
Willie SMITH 1 Shot Gun
Samuel MOSS 1 Shot Gun
Col. James HAWKINS 1 lock chain
Vincent VAUGHAN 1 Pair Stilliards
Willie SMITH 1 Flax Huckle
George FLEMING 1 parcel of leather
William STAMPER 1 Ran Hido ?
Col. Joseph HAWKINS 1 little jug
William GILLIAM 1 little jug
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Flax Wheel
Hundley WIGGINS 1 Pine Box
William W. REAVIS 1 half bushel
Edmund SMITH 1 Saddle & Bridle
James JOHNSTON 1 Deer Skin
Howell MOSS 1 Earthen Dish & plate
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Spice Morter & pestle
John WIGGINS 1 Chamber Pot &c
William STAMPER 1 Pewter Candle Mold
Thomas WIGGINS Candlestick & snuffer
William GILLIAM 1 Razor Case & Strop
Samuel MOSS File Fleamy(?) & pepper box
Willie SMITH 1 looking Glass
Frederick WIGGINS 2 pair Cotton Cards
Vinsint VAUGHAN 1 pair Cotton Card
John CUNINGHAM 1 pair Cotton Card
Vinsint VAUGHAN 1 lot of Pinter (?) N'o 1
John DANIEL, Sr. 1 lot of Pinter (?) N'o 2
Hundley WIGGINS 1 set of knives & forks
John WIGGINS 1 Candle Stick & Tongs
Bennett MOSS 1 Iron pot & hooks
---------Do--------- 1 Iron Pot & hooks
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Frying Pan
Willie SMITH 2 Piggons(?) & Dutch Oven
Thomas WIGGINS 1 Churn
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Goard & some Fat
Bennett MOSS 1 Firkin of Fat
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Salamander & Dray
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Wheat Bidddle & Search
Willie SMITH 1 Bag of Soap
----------Do--------- 7 Chairs
----------Do--------- 5 pecks of Salt
Frederick WIGGINS 1 Loom
Samuel MOSS 1 Slay
John CUNINGHAM Parcel Wheat
Bennet MOSS 1 Pine Chest
William STAMPER Parcel of Cotton
Samuel MOSS Parcel of Cotton
Thomas WIGGINS 1 Sythe and Cradle
Samuel MOSS 1 Prayer Book
Willie SMITH 2 Books
John WIGGINS Set Cups Saucers & Spoons
Edmund SMITH 1 Horse Cart
Col. Joseph HAWKINS Parcel Fodder
Edmund SMITH 1 pair harness & traces
Richard FLEMING 2 1/2 pair harness
Frederick WIGGINS 1 marking tub and pigg___?
John FLEMING 1 Bell
Willie SMITH 1 Bell
John DANIEL, Sr. 1 Pair Handmill Stones
Samuel MOSS 50lbs Bacon at 16 1/4 Cents per pound $8
---------Do------ 51lbs Bacon at 17 1/4 Cents per pound $8
Willie SMITH 52lbs Bacon at 17 1/2 Cents per pound $8
Samuel MOSS 52lbs Bacon at 17 3/4 Cents per pound $9
William M. REAVIS 45lbs Bacon at 17 1/2 Cents per pound $8
Willie SMITH 1 Butter Pot
Frederick WIGGINS Half Barrel Corn
John WIGGINS 2 jugs of Butter fat
----Do------ 1 pinter Bacon

Errors Excepted

Frederick WIGGINS}
Wilie SMITH} Exec's

Warren County August Term 1814
This acct was returned on oath by F. WIGGINS Ec'r and Received pursuant
__________? M. Gr__l O_ CL

The Estate of Gulielmus SMITH

To cash paid for proving the will __? 2.0
To cash paid for Direct Tax for year 1814 9.75
To cash paid for Public Tax for year 1813 4.48
To cash paid to F. SATERWHITE}
for crying the property (at sale)- 5.0
To cash paid for a prov'd act Due F. TUCKER} 6.75
To cash paid for Balance-
of a Bond Due Jas. HAMBLETON 476.0
To cash paid for a proved act. Due Dr. HARE}
To cash paid for three notes Due Dr. HARE- 63.24
To cash paid to Wm. ROBARDS for advice 4.0
To cash paid to James BULLOCK}
a Bond Due him for- 120.57
To cash paid for a proved act. Due John DANIEL 1.43 1/3
To cash paid for a proved act. Due S. BURREL 3.73 1/3
To cash paid for a proved act. Due}
Wm STAMPER- 3.00
To cash paid for a proved act. Due}
Hundley WIGGINS- 17.25
To cash paid for a proved act. Due myself 9.44
To cash paid for a proved act. Due Wm. GILLIAM 7.61 1/2

We, the subscribers appointed commissioners by Warren County Court May 1817, to Deam (sic) over the Acct. of Frederick WIGGINS Executor of Gulielmus SMITH, have deamed the above acct. & find the several ___? there of supported by Vouchers. Given under our Hands this 7th Day of November 1817.


In Acct. with Frederick WIGGINS Executor, By amt. of Articles Sold on 3 June 1814, $1741 9__?
five per cent allowed on the $1741.77 by the court.

Warren County November Court 1817
This Account was duly returned by the Executors and ordered to be recorded.
Wm. GREEN ___ Clk

The following people were at the estate sale of Gulielmus Smith on the 3rd & 4th day of June 1814.

Charles ALLEN Spotswood BARWITH(?) Richard BULLOCK John CLARK
William GILLIAM Solomon GREEN Dr. John HARE John HARE
Col. Phillp HARRISON? Major Phillp HAWKINS Col Joseph HAWKINS James HAWKINS
Samuel MOSS George PURDUE Stephen REAVIS William M. REAVIS William W. REAVIS Bennett SMITH Edmund SMITH Willie SMITH

The following were people with debts to Gulielmus SMITHs estate or owed from his estate as of Aug 1814.
F. SATERWHITE for crying the property (at sale) F. TUCKER James HAMBLETON
Dr. HARE William ROBARDS for advice James BULLOCK John DANIEL

Henderson Distr
Giulelmas Smith

1749 - by Lemuel Lanier

Willium Smith
Thos. Smith
Robert Smith
Moses Smith

1750 - by Lemuel Lanier
Moses Smith
Thos. Smith
William Smith
Robt. Smith

1752 by unknown
Wilm. Smith

1754 - on 4 July by Osborn Jeffreys
William Smith and Edward Tucker
James Smith and Nathaniel Smith
Loewick Alford Jr. and Miak Smith
William Smith "Tabs Ck."

Undated but before 1764 (Shocco District)
Araham Smith
Undated - by Jonathan White
William Smith

1755 Tax List
William Smith 1-0-1
Wm Sisson, Peter Smith &Negro Philis 2-1-3
Thos. Smith Negros Jack, Peter & Judy 1-3-4
Nathanael Smith 1-0-1
Thomas Smith 1-0-1
Littleton Spivy, Samuel Suller & Stephen Smith 3-0-0
John Smith 1-0-1
Wm Smith 1-0-1
John Smith 1-0-1
Wm Smith & Edward Tucker 2-0-2
Samuel Smith & Negro Peter 1-1-2
Richard Smith 1-0-1
Henry Smith 1-0-1
Wm Smith & John Smith 2-0-2
James Smith & Son Drury 2-0-2
James Smith, sons Nathl. & Drury 3-0-3

Burial: April 1814, I believe it is on one of his plantations in Granville/Warren Co, NC. I went to Granville to do research and found out that most likely his plantation is under water now, being Kerr Lake.


Not much is known about Jaculin Smith, son of Gulielmus Smith. He might have been born either in Hanover Co, VA or Granville/Warren Co, NC. He is sometimes refered to as Jackey Smith. His birth and death dates are not known, but he must have died after his father's Will was made since he is mentioned in it....I give to my son, Jackey SMITH, one Negro woman named Amey, to him, his Heirs and Assigns forever.

2. ii. NANCY JANE SMITH, b. 1752, Hanover Co, NC; d. 1836, Warren Co, NC.
3. iii. SARAH SMITH, b. Abt. 1754, Hanover Co, NC; d. Bef. December 1783, Granville Co, NC.
4. iv. EDMUND SMITH, b. 1756, Hanover Co, VA; d. SC.
5. v. THOMAS J. SMITH, SR., b. 1760, Hanover Co, VA; d. Bef. April 1814, Granville Co, NC.
6. vi. RANSOM D. SMITH, b. April 11, 1761, Hanover Co, VA; d. August 12, 1855, Sequatchie Valley, Marion Co, TN.
7. vii. WILEY SMITH, b. 1763, Hanover Co, VA; d. December 21, 1839, Campbell Co, TN.
8. viii. ROBERT C. SMITH, b. 1766, NutBush Creek, Granville Co, NC; d. December 10, 1840, Campbell Co, TN.
9. ix. ELIZABETH SMITH, b. 1775, Granville Co, NC; d. Hickman Co, TN.

Children of Gulielmus Smith are:
  1. Jaculin Smith, d. date unknown.
  2. +Sarah Smith, b. Abt. 1754, Hanover County, Va, d. Bef. December 1783, Granville County, NC.
  3. +Edmund Smith, b. Abt. 1756, Hanover County, Va, d. date unknown.
  4. +Thomas J. Smith, b. 1760, Granville County, NC, d. Bef. April 1814.
  5. +Wiley Smith, b. 1763, Hanover County, Va, d. December 21, 1839, Campbell County, Tennessee.
  6. +Elizabeth Smith, b. 1775, Granville County, North Carolina, d. date unknown.
  7. +Ransom D. Smith, b. April 11, 1761, Hanover County, VA, d. August 12, 1855, Marion County, Tennessee.
  8. +Nancy Jane Smith, b. 1752, Hanover County, Va, d. 1836, Warren County, NC.
  9. +Robert C. Smith, b. 1766, Granville County, North Carolina, d. December 10, 1840, Campbell County, Tennessee257.
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