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Descendants of Lawrence Anderson

Generation No. 5

10. THOMAS SHIRLEY5 ANDERSON (WILLIAM4, JAMES3, LAWRENCE2, LAWRENCE1) was born February 08, 1779 in Cumberland Co., VA2, and died October 08, 1858 in Jackson Co., TN.3,4. He married JUDITH ROBINSON5 1807 in Jackson Co., TN., daughter of EDWARD ROBINSON and ANNA MEADOR.

Notes for T
History of Jackson County
By James Paul Anderson)

      Thomas Shirley Anderson, Sr. (b. February 8, 1779; d. October 8, 1858, settled on Blackburn's Fork in Jackson County, Tennessee as early as 1806. He was the second of fourteen (14) children born to William (1735-1805) and Catherine Shirley Anderson (1760-1833) in Cumberlan County, Virginia. In 1807, Thomas married Judith (Judy) Robinson (b. May 9, 1785- d. November 5, 1868) the daughter of Edward Robinson, Jr., and Annah Meador Robinson.

      Traveling with Thomas were his brothers Joel Anderson (1781-186?) and Garland Anderson (1783-1850), also many members of the Robinson family, including the parents of Judith Anderson. Their means of transportation was by wagons drawn of oxen. As they traveled through the Cumberland Mountians, Annah Robinson gave birth to a son. No name could be more proper for this son than Cumberland Robinson.

      The Spring Creek Baptist Church received by experience, Thomas Anderson, the first Sunday fo September 1813. Many members of the family became a part of the Spring Creek Baptist Church, including Annah (Anny) Robinson.
      Thomas Shirley Anderson received grants for land and at his death, owned 1200 acres of land, approximately 400 acres on the east side and 800 acres on the west side of Blackburn's Fork Creek. Their house and barn and other out houses' were built of logs. The house stood beside a spring along side the creek, while the barn and other out houses were located where the Whitson Smith house presently stands. Some of the log out houses were standing in the 1950's. The Old Anderson Cemetary is about 200 yards from the creek, on the east side located on the bank overlooking the grounds of the home site. Thomas Shirley and Judith Anderson are buried there, along with many family members. Following the death of here husband, Judith Anderson spent her last days with here son, Silas Caleb Anderson, near Silver Point.

      Their children were: William James "Short Billy" (1808-1890), married 1/ Polly Lynn, married 2/ Martha Wallis, married 3/ Judy Gibson. Garland "Gallant" (1810-1868) married Sarah Jones. Edward "Ned" (1811-1855) married Lucinda Mahaney. Frances "Fanny" (1812-?) married John Warrick Reynolds. Catherine "Katie" (1814-?) married Ransom P. Mahaney. Ann "Annie" (1816-1892) married Joshua Bartlett. Thomas Shirley Jr. (1818-1861) married Louisa Alexander. Paul Thomas (1821-1866) married Susie Johnson. Silas Caleb (1823-1866) married Jane Wilson. Frances Marion (1825-1903) married Frances Almeda Ritchie.
      As the children married, their father gave each child $10 to start housekeeping, and a cow and calf valued at $10. "Gallant", "Ned", "Annie", and Thomas Jr. moved to Buffalo Valley to buy land for 35 cents an acre as early as 1838. Silas Caleb later went to Sivler Point and Fanny died in Missouri. William "Short Billy", Katherine, Paul and Francis remained in Jackson County. In later life, Francis went to DeKalb County, where he died.

Note** Gallant Anderson was in Buffalo Valley by 1838 (150 acre land grant in 1838). Could have been there by 1835.

Exctract of the will of Thomas Shirley Anderson

Subject: Thomas Shirley Anderson- Jackson County, (Gainesboro) Tennessee

Thomas Anderson died in Jackson County, 8th day of October, 1858, leaving his wido Judith Anderson (Jackson County, Tennessee)

Heirs:      Paul Anderson (Jackson County)
      Francis M. Anderson (Jackson County)
      William T. Anderson (Jackson County)
      Garland Anderson (Putnam County)
      Anna Bartlett, wife of Joshua Bartlett (Putnam County)
      Silas Anderson (Arkansas)
      Katherine Mahaney, wife of Ransom P. Mahaney (Jackson County)
      Edward Anderson (deceased)
      Fanny Reynolds (deceased), wife of John Warrick Reynolds (Missouri)
Grandchildren: Children of Edward Anderson (deceased)
            Anna Karr Anderson (Jackson County)
            Vancil Wales Anderson
            Adelaide Jones, wife of Alfred Jones
            Josephine Waller, wife of Richard Waller
            Thomas Anderson
            Elizabeth Anderson
            Jane Anderson
      Cinderella, wife of Edward was the guardian of above children.

Grandchildren: Children of Fanny Reynolds (deceased)
            James E. Reynolds ( Clinton County, Missouri)
            Anna C. Peters, wife of William Peters (Clay County,                   Missouri)
            John S. Reynolds (Missouri)
            Jonas A. Reynolds (Missouri)
            Louisa Clark, wife of Isaac F. Clark (Missouri)
Paul and Francis M. Anderson were appointed administrators.

At the time of his death, Thomas Anderson possessed several tracts of land in Jackson County on Blackburn's Fork of Roaring River. The deceased at the time of his death possessed of and had title to twelve (12) Negroes, to wit,

Isaact, age about 56 years
Jane, age about 48 years
Ailse, aboutn 37 years
Bird, about 17 years
Vircy, about 12 years
Jane, about 11 years
Paul, about 13 years
Mundy, about 9 years
Julia Ann, about 7 years
Patsy, about 5 years
Sarah, about 3 years,
Carr, about 2-1/2 months

Being unable to divid his possessions equally, they were sold at auction.

Title to the Negro boy, Bird ($1430) and Negro girl, Sarah ($466) to Thomas Haile.
Negro boy, Isaac ($700) to Joshua Bartlett
Negro woman, Vina ($1300) to Hames R. Tolbert
Negro girl, Jane ($1170) to Henry Richmond
Negro woman, Alsy and her child, Carr ($875) to Ridley Draper
Negro boy, ($360) to Paul Thomas Anderson
Negro woman, Jin (Jane)($600) to Judith Anderson
Negro girl Patsy ($600) to William Darwin
Negro girl, Julia Ann ($605) to J.W. Cruthers
Negro boy, Mundy ($1050) to J.W. Cruthers

Paul Anderson purchased the land for the sum of $1500

Sale held the 2nt day of April, 1859.

Thomas Anderson gave each child, as they married, $10 to start housekeeping, and a cow and calf valued at $10. Some he gave a negro, which was valued at $900 of which was charged to their part in the dividing of the inheritance.

Extracted from a Chancery Court Record Dated December 6, 1858, Jackson County, Tennessee

Children of T
12. i.   FRANCES (FANNIE)6 ANDERSON, b. October 20, 1805, Jackson County, TN; d. June 07, 1845, Liberty, Clay County, MO.
13. ii.   WILLIAM JAMES ANDERSON, b. February 12, 1808, Jackson County, TN; d. 1890, Jackson County, TN.
14. iii.   GARLAND ANDERSON, b. 1810, Jackson County, TN; d. 1868, Putnam County, TN.
15. iv.   EDWARD ROBINSON ANDERSON, b. 1811, Jackson County, TN; d. 1858, Putnam County, TN.
16. v.   CATHERINE ANDERSON, b. 1814, Jackson County, TN; d. Aft. 1880, Jackson County, TN.
17. vi.   ANNA MEADOR ANDERSON, b. March 16, 1816, Jackson County, TN; d. June 16, 1892, Buffalo Valley, Putnam County, TN.
18. vii.   THOMAS SHIRLEY ANDERSON JR., b. May 29, 1818, Jackson County, TN; d. June 26, 1861, Putnam County, TN.
19. viii.   PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON, b. May 01, 1821, Jackson County, TN; d. October 31, 1866, Jackson County, TN.
20. ix.   SILAS CALEB ANDERSON, b. October 25, 1825, Jackson County, TN; d. July 30, 1889.
21. x.   FRANCIS MARION ANDERSON, b. February 03, 1827, Jackson County, TN; d. November 03, 1903, Smithville, DeKalb County, TN.

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