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Descendants of Gerrit Van Vliet

Generation No. 8

11. CHARLES8 VAN VLEET (JOHN EDWIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, ADRIAN4, GERRIT3, ADRIAN GERRISTSEN2, GERRIT1 VAN VLIET) was born December 25, 1820 in Truxton, Cortland, New York, and died February 16, 1897 in Beaver, Utah. He married RACHEL BLACK 1845 in Bridgeport, Lawrence, Illinois, daughter of JOHN BLACK and MARY CLINE. She was born February 19, 1831 in Vermillian, Richmond, Illinois, and died January 12, 1908 in Lyman, Unita, Wyoming.

Notes for C
During the year 1865, Indians throughout the territory went to war against the settlers under the leadership of Chief Black Hawk. On July 14, Robert Gillespie and Anthony Robinson had been killed near Salina in Sevier County. On July 18, the militia under Col. Warren S. Snow had routed the hostiles in Grass Valley, killing twelve of them. On July 26 the Indians attacked Glenwood, Sevier County, wounding one man and driving off cattle. They retreated through Circle Valley.
During the second week of August a wagon company of settlers approached Circle Valley where they hoped to take up land and found a settlement. They came up from Kanab under the leadership of Charles Van Vleet. Van Vleet had been born in Truxton, New York, on January 25, 1820, and as a young man moved with his family to Lawrence County, Illinois, where, in 1845, at the age of twenty-five, he married fourteen year-old Rachel Ann Black. They were baptized into the Mormon Church in 1864 and settled at Kanab, Kane County, Utah.
On or about August 14, 1865, somewhere at the head of Circleville Canyon (then known as Sevier River Canyon) south of Circle Valley, the wagon company encountered a lone rider carrying the mail from Panguitch, As it happened, the mail carrier was none other than Maximillian "Maxy" Parker.
Gardner G. Potter, the guide and scout for the wagon company, induced Maxy Parker to show them the most feasible wagon route down the canyon, and they arrived in the valley on the evening of August 16th and made camp near the base of a small hill.The wagons were pulled into a circle and the livestock were corralled in the middle. In the Van Vleet wagon, sixteen year-old Mary Ann Van Vleet had made her bed on some sacks of flour.When she heard the indians she pulled several sacks of flour over her body in an effort to hide. Several Indians climbed inside the wagon and one of them began to rip the flour sacks open with his knife. Gardner Potter leaped onto the end-gate and shot the intruder, while the second Indian attacked him with a knife and the two men grappled and tumbled out onto the ground where the second Indian was dispatched. A third Indian leaped upon the wagon tongue at the front and was shot to death by Maxy Parker. When the battle was over, the body of little Charles Van Vleet was discovered at the front of the wagon, scalped and mutilated. Mary Ann Fainted, The little boy had been the only fatality among the settlers, though several of the men had been wounded. At least six of the Indians had been killed and perhaps twice that number wounded. After the attack, Charles Van Vleet, Garnder Potter, Maxy Parker, and a few others joined the militia under Col. Warren S. Snow to pursue the renegades. After nearly a month of cat-and-mouse pursuit the Indians were encountered on September 21st camped near Fish Lake, 80 miles east of Circle Valley. During the ensuing battle, seven Indians were killed and Snow and two of his men were wounded. The Indians were completely routed and the settlers returned to Circle Valley to establish their homes. Charles Van Vleet and John James decided to form a partnership and establish a ranch together on the site where Van Vleet's little son had been killed. One report stated that the cabin they built was directly over the boy's grave, to prevent desecration of the grave by the renegades. other accounts state that the boy was buried "nearby." The two-room log cabin was constructed by Charles Van Vleet and John James, assisted by Gardner Potter (who married Mary Ann Van Vleet the following year) in the as fall of 1865, just before the onset of winter, The Van Vleet's crowded into one room, and the James family in the other. On May 1, 1866, in the midst of further Indian depredations, Rachel Van Vleet gave birth to a daughter in the cabin, whom they named Ida Mary, their first child to be born in Utah. One child had died and another had been born on the site of the cabin destined to become the home of Butch Cassidy. Continuing Indian depredations drove the Van Vleets out of Circle Valley after about a year, and they took up a ranch next to Maxy Parker on North Creek near Beaver. John James remained on the Circle Valley ranch somewhat longer, but eventually he too evacuated the cabin and returned to Kanab. By 1879, Maximillian Parker was disenchanted with life at Beaver and became determined to settle in Circle Valley. Charles Van Vleet, believing himself to be the sole owner of the ranch there after John James abandoned it, made an offer that Maxy Parker Gould not refuse: he offered to trade his ranch in Circle Valley for Parker's ranch on North Creek.
Children of C
23. i.   MARY ANN9 VAN VLEET, b. January 03, 1846, Bridgeport, Lawrence co., Illinois; d. April 03, 1936, Manilla, Daggett, Utah.
24. ii.   MARTHA JANE VAN VLEET, b. September 19, 1849, Bridgeport, Lawrence co., Illinois; d. October 14, 1872.
  iii.   LUCINDA CAROLINE VAN VLEET, b. October 31, 1852, Bridgeport, Ill.; d. May 04, 1854, Bridgeport, Ill..
  iv.   MARTIN WILLIAM VAN VLEET1, b. June 26, 1854, Bridgeport, Ill.; d. December 16, 1857, Bridgeport, Ill..
25. v.   JAMES NELSON VAN VLEET, b. April 16, 1856, Bridgeport, Ill.; d. September 26, 1929, Tulsa, Lincoln County, Wyoming.
  vi.   JOHN EDWIN VAN VLEET1, b. September 11, 1858, Bridgeport, Ill.; d. April 18, 19411; m. ARVILLA RACE1; b. Abt. 1862, Bridgeport, Lwrn, Il; d. May 27, 1902.
26. vii.   EMILY CATHERINE VAN VLEET, b. February 28, 1861, Bridgeport, Lawrence co., Illinois; d. March 18, 1922.
  viii.   CHARLES VICTOR VAN VLEET, b. March 23, 1863, Kanab, Utah; d. August 17, 1865, Circleville Canyon, Utah Killed By Indians.
  ix.   IDA MAY VAN VLEET, b. May 01, 1866, Circleville, Utah; d. October 07, 1917; m. JOESPH WALTER HUTCHINGS, December 25, 1883; b. Abt. 1862, Circle Valley, Piute, Ut.
27. x.   EUGENE RUSSELL VAN VLEET, b. June 29, 1869, Circleville, Utah; d. January 08, 1947, Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming.
28. xi.   LOTTIE ELLEN VAN VLEET, b. March 18, 1874, Circleville, Utah; d. March 11, 1896, Circleville, Utah.

12. ELIZABETH8 VAN VLEET (JOHN EDWIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, ADRIAN4, GERRIT3, ADRIAN GERRISTSEN2, GERRIT1 VAN VLIET)1 was born March 04, 1835 in Columbus, Ohio, and died February 11, 1877 in Petersburg, Indiana1. She married GEORGE WHITFIELD HAWKINS1. He was born October 10, 1826 in New Jersy, and died February 23, 1878 in Petersburg, Indiana.
Children of E
  i.   DORA9 HAWKINS1.
  iii.   JESS HAWKINS1.
  iv.   EMMA HAWKINS1.
  v.   WILLIAM HAWKINS1, b. March 12, 18581; d. December 04, 1936, Knox Co. Indiana; m. EVELYN EDWARDS1, February 25, 18801.
Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery1

Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery

Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery1

  vi.   GEORGE THOMAS HAWKINS1, b. January 24, 1872, Wheatland, Indiana1; d. January 19, 1958, Lilbourn, Missouri1; m. HATTIE BERT RUARK1, May 17, 1893, Olney, Richland Co., Illinois1.

13. NELSON8 VAN VLEET (JOHN EDWIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, ADRIAN4, GERRIT3, ADRIAN GERRISTSEN2, GERRIT1 VAN VLIET)1 was born January 05, 1837 in New York1, and died May 19, 1910 in Knox Co. Indiana. He married (1) HARRIET N. WILLIAMS1 May 27, 1866 in Knox Co. Illinois. She was born September 10, 1844 in Knox Co. Indiana, and died March 02, 1903 in Knox Co. Indiana. He married (2) L. DONALDSON1 July 19, 1905 in Knox Co. Illinois.

More About N
Marriage 2: May 27, 1866, Knox Co., Indiana1

More About N
Marriage 2: July 19, 1905, Knox Co., Indiana1
Children of N
  i.   ADDA L.9 VANVLEET1, b. July 17, 1867, Knox Co. Indiana; d. March 12, 1868, Monroe City, Indiana1.
29. ii.   JOSEPH EDWARD VAN VLEET, b. December 21, 1868, Knox Co. Indiana; d. July 08, 1946, Knox Co. Indiana.
30. iii.   JOHN H. VANVLEET, b. January 27, 1871, Knox Co. Indiana; d. June 05, 1900, Knox Co. Indiana.
  iv.   MALE VAN VLEET1, b. August 31, 1873, Monroe City, Indiana; d. August 31, 1873, Monroe City, Indiana1.
  v.   MALE VAN VLEET1, b. November 22, 1874, Monroe City, Indiana; d. November 22, 1874, Monroe City, Indiana1.
31. vi.   MAUD N. VAN VLEET, b. December 12, 1878, Knox Co. Indiana; d. 1952.

14. ISAAC JOSEPH8 VAN VLEET (JOHN EDWIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, ADRIAN4, GERRIT3, ADRIAN GERRISTSEN2, GERRIT1 VAN VLIET) was born January 23, 1862 in Claremont, Richland Co., Illinois, and died August 17, 1959 in Arcola, Douglas Co., Illinois. He married MARY EMMA MOORE October 07, 1888 in Piatt Co, Illinois. She was born January 12, 1865 in Piatt Co, Illinois, and died October 31, 1944 in Piatt Co, Illinois.

More About I
Burial: August 20, 1959, Lake Fork Cemetery, Atwood, Ill.
Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Chronic Myocarditis & Chronic Interstitial Nephritis
Occupation: Farmer
Children of I
  i.   JOHN LUTHER9 VAN VLEET1, b. December 26, 1890, Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois; d. September 12, 1965, Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois; m. MARY GRACE WREN1; b. March 16, 18992,3,4; d. April 1979, Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois..
Burial: September 15, 1965, Packville Cemetery
Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarction & Coronary Sclerosis
Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Myocardial Infarction & Coronary Sclerosis
Fact 2: Soc. Sec. #330-32-59624
Fact 3: September 15, 1965, Buried in Packville Cemetery at Atwood, Illinois4
Fact 4: Was a farmer4
Occupation: Farmer
Social Security Number: 330-32-5962

  Notes for MARY GRACE WREN:

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date
of Import: Sep 25, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Vanvleet, Mary
Birth date: Mar 16, 1899
Death date: Apr 1979
Social Security #: 358-42-4624
State of issue: IL
Zip of last payment: 61913

Fact 2: State of issue: IL5,6
Fact 3: Zip of last payment: 619137,8
Fact 4: Social Security #: 358-42-46249,10
Social Security Number: 358-42-4624 Zip of last pymnt 61913

  ii.   DELLA AUGUSTA VAN VLEET10, b. June 1891, Piatt Co, Illinois; d. December 11, 199110; m. ALBERT LAWRENCE10, June 15, 191510.
  iii.   LUCY VAN VLEET10, b. April 19, 1895, Piatt Co, Illinois; d. April 19, 1899, Piatt Co, Illinois.
  iv.   NELLY MAUDE VAN VLEET, b. July 25, 1899, Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois; d. Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois; m. HENERY WARD SILVER, September 10, 1922.
  v.   LOIS BLANCE VAN VLEET, b. September 05, 1903, Piatt Co, Illinois; d. April 23, 1979, Piatt Co, Illinois; m. HAROLD WHITFIELD BEATTY, June 18, 1927.
  vi.   DOROTHY JOSEPHINE VAN VLEET10, b. November 11, 1911, Atwood, Douglas Co, Illinois; d. August 30, 1985, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma10; m. NOAH VERN MCQUEEN10, January 31, 193110; b. November 01, 191011,12; d. March 197413,14.

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: Jan 2, 1999, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Mcqueen, Noah
Birth date: Nov 1, 1910
Death date: Mar 1974
Social Security #: 332-01-4973
State of issue: IL

Fact 1: Social Security #: 332-01-497315,16
Fact 3: State of issue: IL17,18
Social Security Number: 332-01-4973 Issued Illinois.

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