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Dalgetty Family
Robin Lee (Dalgetty)Morgenroth
September 28, 2001

In research of the history of my fathers family the Dalgetty's found the surname is descended from the Pictish Race in the 15th Century B.C. The Pictish migrated from the north west part of France sailed to Ireland and there they were refused permission to land. The king of Ireland granted them land located on the Eastern Part of Scotland, with that their Kings marry Irish Princesses.
In the years 724 A.D. according to the Roman History Nechtan who was recorded as the First Pictish King was expelled from Pictland. The Picts compressed by invasion of the Orcadian Vikings from the north were left territory on the eastern coast of Scotland from Aberdeenshire to South of Edinburgh.
A village that lies on the east coast of Scotland called Dalgetty stood at the head of Dalgetty Bay, where Pope Alexander III founded the Church of Dalgetty. During the middle ages the original village was destroyed, but the ruins still mark its site were it stood. In the early sixties the new town of Dalgetty Bay came into existence.
During the 16th, 17th and the 18th centuries Scotland was ravaged by religious conflict, between the Presbyterianism, and the Church of Scotland. The Churches rejected those who could not past THE TEST of taking an oath to the Churches. Many Scots failing the test were either hanged or banished to the Colonies, Australia,the Carolines or other parts of the world.
In about the year 1632 during the disputes over the lands between Scotland and England a Capitan Dugald Dalgetty, later a Major from the area of Drumthwacht in the regiments. Its was said that was a braggart and a the if is one of the most celebrated Scots man during this period of time as written in the novel titled A LEGEND OF MONTROSE BY SIR WALTER SCOTT. Apparently Scot was related to a man by the name of Delgatty, who fought the wars at this time in Scotland history.
The surname Dalgetty is listed under the Clan McDuff under the surname. Apparently McDuff was the laird of the land and the Dalgettys had land under him during the 17th century. Although the surname Dalgetty is listed under the Clan Mcduff their tartan falls under the Clan Hay.
Over the years the spelling of the family name has had several variations such as: DALGETY, DALGATY, DALGETTY, DELGATY, DALGETTIE, DALGITY, DELGETIE, DELGATTY and some even dropped the Dal or the Del and adapted the name Getty or Gety. EXAMPLE:John Dalgetie fathers name John Dalgety was the sons name. This happened to distinguish one family from another even though they were related also they know which family owned which land.
My fathers direct ancestors have been traced to John Dalgetie who was born in Angus, Scotland ( Aberdeenshire ) in about the year 1631 he married Eleanor Ogilvey in about 1950. They had four children who are: Dalgetie first name unknown, born April 5, 1654 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, James Dalgety born Abt. 1956 in Angus, Scotland, John Dalgitie born November 28, 1658 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, and Peter Dalgitie born November 28, 1658 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
My Great Great Grandfather was William James Dalgety born Abt. 1840 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland he married Mary Nairn born Abt. 1842 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland on June 20th, 1862
in Brechin, Angus, Scotland, they had six children who are: David Dalgety, William Dalgetty, John Dalgetty, James Dalgety, Frederick Dalgetty, and Margaret ( Maggie ) Dalgetty all born in Brechin, Angus, Scotland.
William James Dalgety was a Colonel in the British Army along along with his brother David Dalgety. They fought against Russia with the Turkish, French and English forces during the Crimea War in the years from 1854 to 1856. His brother David Dalgety was decorated with two metals during the Crimea War on in 1854 and the other in 1855.
In the 1900's some of my father family started to emigrate some to Canada and some to Ireland,and other parts of the world.


My Grandfather David Dalgetty born August 11th, 1889 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland and his brother William Dalgetty born September 12, 1887 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland emigrated to Canada in 1909 from Scotland.
My Grandfather David and his brother William settled in the Community of Wardlow, Alberta which is in the Drumheller/Hanna area of Alberta, were they had a homestead on a quarter of land ( NW 1/4 of 33-28-11). The homestead consisted of a well built house and other buildings. They did dairy farming and were well equipped with machinery and horses for other types of farming.
Two uncles of my grandfather and his brother, John and James Dalgetty sons of William James and Mary (Nairn) emigrated to Canada in 1906.
My grandfather David Dalgetty was a plumber by trade in Scotland, and his brother William was a carpenter by trade in Scotland. Used their skills as a plumber and carpenter doing considerable work in helping built a town called Sheerness, located west of Wardlow, as well as farming.
My Great grandmother, Isabella (Reid) Dalgetty, and two her daughters Edith and Lily Dalgetty were the first of the immediate family to come to Canada and join them on the homestead in Wardlow. Edith Dalgetty married George Lockey, and Lily Dalgetty married Cecil Madge who farmed in this area. My Great grandfather David Dalgety joined them shortly after.
In 1921, my grandmother Isabella Robb ( maternal grandmother) and my father David Robb joined the rest of the family in Wardlow, Alberta. My grandfather David and my grandmother Isabella were married on March 9, 1921 in Canada. My father attended the Heatherbloom School when he arrived in Canada, which was north west of the farm.
My grandmother Isabella and my grandfather David had two children born after she arrived in Canada a son William Hugh born in 1922, and a daughter Jane Anne Isabella (Jean) born in 1924.
On the road home from Hanna to Wardlow shortly after the birth of their daughter Jane Anne Isabella ( Jean ) my grandmother Isabella past away due to complications. My grandmother Isabella Robb Dalgetty was buried in the Berry Creek Cemetery on April 30, 1924, located approximately six miles south of the Community of Wardlow, Alberta.
Shortly after the death of my grandmother in the year of 1924, the Dalgetty family moved into Drumheller, Alberta. They rented their land for a few years and then because of draught and other conditions at that time abandoned their. The Dalgetty family moved into Calgary a few years later were my great grandparents David and Isabella (Reid ) Dalgetty owned a chicken farm.


Cecil Richard Madge was born in London, Ontario, Canada, October 23, 1896. He came to Calgary at the age of 2 1/2 with his parents Mr. & Mrs. Richard Madge. They lived with Fred Madge at Sheppard, Alberta, before moving to the Wardlow/Berry Creek district of Alberta. Their homestead was located south of Richdale at NW 1/4 of 34-29-12. He married Lily Dalgetty April 27, 1921, they had four children Cecil Maurice (Morris) born in 1922, Wilfred David (Wilf) born July 1923, Richard Alesander (Richie) born 1924, and Isabella Reid (Ella) born 1928. They lived in the Wardlow/Berry Creek district for many years before moving to Calgary.

John Dalgetty

John Dalgetty born in Brechin, Angus, Scotland in about 1879 was the third son of William James and Mary (Nairn) Dalgetty. John Dalgetty and his brother James born about 1873 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland emigrated to Canada between the years of 1905and 1906. John Dalgetty was a plaster by trade in Scotland.
According to the homestead records obtained from the Provincial Archives in Edmonton, Alberta they first came to Calgary and lived in the Bankview District of Calgary. My grandfather and his brother came to live first when they arrived in Canada in 1909.
About the year 1910 John Dalgetty moved from Calgary to the Carstairs area of Alberta were he was a homesteader. Later he moved from the Carstairs area and went to homestead in the Berry Creek/Wardlow area of Alberta were my grandfather David and his brother William joined him and later either purchased or rented land from him in about the year 1912 or later. John moved back to Calgary settling in the Bankview District of Calgary. My grandfather's brother William left the homestead for a short while in search of work in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Listed in the homestead records is a David M. Dalgetty who apparently was born in Canada in the early 1900's, had a homestead in Olds, Alberta.

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