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Descendants of Leonard Mourer

Generation No. 1

      1. Leonard2 Mourer (Jurg1 Maurer) was born Abt. 1760 in Shenandoah Co. Va., and died Bef. October 01, 1823 in Highland Co. OH.. He married Elizabeth Sheetz February 07, 1782 in Shenandoah Co. VA., daughter of Mathias Sheetz and Ann Nunnemacher. She was born Abt. 1762 in Shenandoah Co. Va., and died 1844 in Highland Co. OH..

Notes for Leonard Mourer:
Leonard has various surname spellings in records such as; Mowrer, Mourer, Mowery, Mowry. The most used spelling was Mourer and the majority of his line forward, assumed the surname spelling , MOURER.
In his father's will, he was to receive the lower place with the Stone Spring House (178 acres) when he became of age. (See map and copy of his father's will in front. also see photo of stone spring house. ) The land was located at the east side at the base of Little North Mountain & Sheffer Gap. Stover Run ran through the property and is a south branch of Pughs Run. McNishes Run is a north branch of Pughs Run and Pughs Run then empties in the Shenandoah River about 1 mile north of Woodstock, VA. It is estimated that he received this property about 1781. In his mother's will, he is appointed administrator of her estate. (See copy of will in front.)
Leonard was drafted in the Rev. War for 3 months and he paid Frederick Bish to serve as a substitute in his place. Frederick Bish also served as a substitute for 3 months for Leonard's brother-in-law, Samuel Rodeheffer in same manner. From Frederick Bish's (sometimes called Bush) pension records he was born in Strasburg, Germany in July 1758 and came to America at 6 years old and was living in Shenandoah Co. Va. After the war Frederick moved to Green Co. Pa. then later moved to Highland Co. OH. because all his children and friends moved there.
Leonard Mourer married Elizabeth Sheetz (Sheetzin) in Feb. 7 1782 by; Rev. Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg in Shenandoah Co. VA. Elizabeth Sheetz's parents were Mathais Sheetz and Ann Barbara Nunnemacher. During the year of 1766 Mathais Sheetz and family and a Mr. Taylor and family were riding in a wagon and were attacked by a roving band of hostile Indians. During the attack Mr. Sheetz & Mr. Taylor was killed. The women and children fought off the pursuing Indians with axes and other objects that were in the wagon, escaping with their lives to the fort in Millerstown ( now Woodstock, VA. ) More can be read about this event in the book titled "History Of Shenandoah CO. VA." by; Dr. John Wayland, pages 73 & 153.
Rev. Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg b.1746, was a ordained minister in the Evangelical & Lutheran Church. He enlisted in the Rev. War and formed the 8th Reg. Virginia Colonial Line. He rose to the rank of General and received several Military Warrants, ( land patents), one of which was in Highland, Co. OH. The Highland, Co. OH. warrant # 2219 was located in Liberty Twp. north of Hillsboro, the county seat and encompassed 1000 acres. He lived in a cabin for a brief period about the 1806 time frame.
Leonard is listed in Shenandoah Co., Va. records: standing guard at the jail, court witness and paying taxes through 1810. He is listed on the 1810 census in Shenandoah Co., Va.
The following is from the authors of, "The Descendants of Philip Wilkin, Sr." by; John S. Wilkin & John T. Young Jr.. A great publication of Godfrey Wilkin's family genealogy, father of said Philip Wilkin Sr.. Godfrey Wilkin's family was living about 1/2 mile north of Leonard Mourer and family in Shenandoah Co. VA. Godfrey's children, Henry and Philip Wilkin Sr. emigrated to Highland Co. OH. in the fall of 1802. Many families of the community soon emigrated to Highland Co. OH. in the years that followed. From John S. Wilkin & John T.Young Jr.'s publication, it gives a reprint of a diary on the trip to Highland Co. OH. from the Shenandoah Valley by; Col. Wm. Keyes. Col. Wm. Keyes states they went south down the valley, then over the Allegheny mountains, Greenbrier hills, Sewell & Gauley mountains, Kanawha rivers, and crossed over to Ohio at Point Plesant. This southern route appears to have closely followed routes known today as the, Old Valley Pike ( Route 11) south to Route 60 & Route 35 west in West Virginia. Col. Keyes stated the trip took about 8 weeks of constant travel, except Sundays.
Leonard Mourer's daughter Barbara Mourer Saum and son-in-law Jacob Saum emigrated to Highland Co. OH. about the 1805-1806 time frame and he received a land patient in 1807.
A Wagon Train was formed in the summer of 1810 in Shenandoah Co., Va. that consisted of 40 local families that emigrated to Highland Co., Oh. Following is a partial list of surnames that were in this Wagon Train; Orebaugh, Wilkins, Kibler, Mourer, Wardlaw, Lantz, Layman, Surber, Hoop, Coffman, Saum, Stroup Glasscock, Stout, Gibler, Borden, Ruble, Davidson, Roush, Collins, Rader, Sonner, & Pulliam. The list is from a book: Marriages Of Shenandoah Co. Va. 1882-1915 Part 1. Leonard Mourer and his entire family were with this Wagon Train. That same year a Wagon Train was formed with local families that went to: Harrison Co. IN. Leonard's nephews; George & his brother Jacob Mourer and families were with this Wagon Train.
Margarette Hisey Marshall born 1902, related the following story to me that was handed down through the family from her grandmother Lucy Boyer Hisey. Lucy Boyer Hisey was a small child when this Wagon Train went to Highland Co. Oh. She remembered families packing wagons with their most valuable possessions and selling items that could not be taken with them. Some things were given to their friends and neighbors. It was such a sad time among everyone. When the wagons left the Narrow Passage Creek area (where she lived) and traveled to Woodstock Va. for assembly, she remembered her family and others walked behind the wagons down what is, Senedo Road today, to Mowery's turn (See picture Of Solomon Mowery's house, section 1) and waved to them good by as they disappeared over Burners hill which is no longer there since the road has changed. Most of these people would never see each other again. There were many wagon trains that left Shenandoah CO. Va in the early 1800s that went to Ohio & Indiana. It appears the early families that went west, sent word back about their new life and the abundance of cheap land. This in turn caused the emigration to perpetuate.
One of my school teachers related to me what her grandmother told her about the reason so many families went west. This area was first settled by families that was prosperous or influential and they received large land holdings which usually were the choice sites. These families lived here for many decades and became the power brokers and money lenders in the community. Some were slave owners. Leonard Mourer, like many of the families in Shenandoah Co. VA. in the late 1700s time frame, were struggling to make ends meet. Court records show people were in court constantly for not paying their notes or trying to get a extension on their notes.
During the 1750-1780s, Lord Fairfax was issuing Land Grants in the Northern Neck of Virginia. These Land Grants were not free. They were bought with a down payment and a yearly Quit Rent (Fee) until the late 1780s. After the choice land was granted, the more remote and undesirable land was granted to the later arrivals. In Shenandoah Co. Va., majority of the families were German , spoke German, lived in their own little cells and carried on their German customs. In order to survive in the community, they had to deal with the power brokers for loans and favors as there were no banks. The German families were often referred to as "THE DUMB DUTCH" and were exploited in many ways.
In 1806, construction began on the Great National Pike starting at Cumberland, Md. and eventually ending at Vandalia, IL. Mass migration to the west took this route soon after this completion.
On 3 Sept. 1810, Leonard Mourer & Elizabeth sold his 178 1/2 acres in Shenandoah, Co., Va. to Philip Wiseman, son of Nicholas, for $2,166.66.
Leonard and his entire family, moved with the Wagon Train aforesaid in the summer of 1810 to Highland Co. OH. Which route this wagon train took is unknown. Leonard and family were most likely living nearby his son-in-law Jacob Saum who had moved there years earlier. Leonard was about 50 years old.
T-Deed book 1, page 316-317, Leonard Mourer purchased what is known as the "Coke Survey" of 666 2/3 acres for $1161.00 in Highland Co. OH. from, James Earl Jr. of Easton, Talbot Co. Md. dated 27 Nov. 1810. Leonard sold his 178&1/2 acres in Virginia for $2,166.66.
Leonard Mowry and his son Jacob Mowry are listed on the 1811 census for Highland Co. OH. Concord Township, 1811 Election Polls, and 1814 Tax List.
18 Sept. 1816 Leonard & Elizabeth Mourer sold 40 acres to John Graham for $160.00. Same day Leonard & Elizabeth sold 60 acres to John Clark for $240.00.
On 3 Nov. 1818 Leonard & Elizabeth stated in court records that they were getting old and wanted to dispose of their property. They contracted with their children to convey certain tracts of land to them. In consideration of the conveyances, each child was to pay Leonard & Elizabeth $25.00 yearly during the life of the parents and surviving parent. On 23 Nov. 1818 Leonard & Elizabeth sold to their son David Mourer, 86 acres for $160.00. The same day Leonard & Elizabeth sold to their sons: Philip Mourer, 100 acres for $200.00. Jacob Mourer, 132 acres for $207.76. Son-in-law, Paton Hough 86 acres for $160.00. John Mourer 138 acres for $270.75. George Mourer 138 acres for $270.75. William Mourer 86 acres for $160.00.
Leonard Mourer wrote a will on; Nov. 4 1820, (See copy). In the will he left his daughter, Barbara Mourer Sooms (Saum) .50 cents and was to receive the money only after his youngest sons become of age. The rest of the residue of his estate to be divided among his other children. This author has noted his daughter Barbara was not included in the sale of land and agreement mentioned above. Some animosity must have developed between Leonard and his daughter Barbara through the years. Sometime during the 1830s, Jacob & Barbara Mourer Saum moved to Lee Co. IA. Leonard Mourer's estate was appraised by Andrew Badgely, John Graham and John Slone (Sloan) on Nov. 1 1823. Was Proven; 29 Mar 1828 in Concord Township, Highland Co., Ohio.
Leonard's line has a lot of loose ends that needs researching after the early 1900s. Men, who were in the Civil War, were exposed to other lifestyles and other parts of our great country which led then to move to other areas. MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED ON THIS LINE. If you have data or find errors, please contact the author. This is a work in progress endeavor. The Author ask that if you have data that will add to this research, please share it with him. The exact address and phone number can be accessed through the Internet.
Robert S. Mowery
Woodstock, Va.

Several historical publications give a brief history on the founding of Mowrystown, OH. This author and Highland, Co. OH. historian, JERRY PRUITT, have found some of the founding history of Mowrystown to be in error in these publications. Jerry Pruitt moved with his mother to Mowrystown when he was a small child and has lived there most of his life. Jerry's mother became interested in the local history and has written many articles in the community newspapers. Through the years, Jerry got involved in his mother's literary work and soon become an avid researcher on, military land patents, names of the early settlers, family history and early real estate transactions. Jerry's research has focused mainly in the lower Highland Co. OH. area, namely the village of Mowrystown, and the Townships of: Clay, White Oak, Concord and adjoining Brown county area.
One history book reads, The village of Mowrystown was platted by Samuel Bell, May 29, 1829 and named in honor of; Squire Abraham Mowry a large land owner. Ten days after the town was platted, a son, Abraham W. Mowry was born to Squire Mowry and his wife Mary. The son survived until June 18,1917. His wife Sarah, born in 1834, died April 28,1908.
This Author and historian, Jerry E. Pruitt have done extensive research into the said Abraham & Mary Mowry as a large land owner in the early 1800s, in Highland Co. OH. No land transaction records have been found on the said Abraham & Mary in Highland Co. OH. Deed Books. Their son, Abraham and wife Sarah Mowry's dates of birth and death are those of; Abel R. Mowry and his wife Sarah Badgley Mowry. Abel R. Mowry is also listed as Abraham Mowry in some records and was the son of John & Levinia Riley Mourer.
Research of land transactions in the Highland, Co. OH. deed books, by this author and historian Jerry E. Pruitt, have determined the village of Mowrystown was named after; LEONARD MOURER and family. Leonard's surname and his children's are spelled; Mowry-Mowery-Moury & Mourer in many records that are found in Highland, Co. OH. Leonard Mourer's descendants use the surname spelling; Mourer - Mowrer - Mowry & Mowery.
The early English speaking people had difficulty pronouncing German surnames that ended with a hard "R". They tended to sing out the "Mourer" surname such as; "Morry". The family surname was pronounced Mowry in the community in the 1800s.
Listed below is a chronological order of land transactions from the early deed books in Highland,Co. OH. on Leonard Mourer and his children. These records will give a more accurate view on the founding of Mowrystown, OH. The spelling of Mowrystown will be listed as they are found in the deeds below.
The very early deed books in Highland, Co. OH. were transcribed from the original books in the late 1880s & early 1890s. The deed books listed below with the letter "T' are ones that were transcribed. This author feels there may be mistakes that were made during the copying of the old books to new ones, such as money paid and amount of acreage listed. Records list Leonard Mourer bought 666 2/3 acres. When viewing the deed records below on the land sales among his children and others, you will find when adding the total acreage, it was about 872 + acres. Also the original Coke Survey may have been in error on acreage amount.
T-Deed Book 1, pages 316 &317, 27 Nov. 1810, Leonard Mowery bought 666 2/3 acres from James Earl Jr. of the town of Easton, Talbort, Co. MD. for $1161.00. This land was part of the Virginia Military Land District the U.S. Government set aside in Highland, Co. OH. for officers that served in the Rev. War. The deed, states the land was originally granted to; Thos. Jefferson, President of the U.S.A. on Feb. 21 1806, then to Levin Marshall assignee of William Marshall, assignee of James Earl Jr. assignee of Peyton Short who was assignee of Calvin Coke. Same tract of land that was conveyed by Levin Marshall to said James Earl JR. 1 Nov. 1809. This property is referred to as the; COKE SURVEY # 2050 on land maps and deed records Highland Co. OH. See copy of survey.
Calvin Coke was a Ensign from Virginia in the Rev. War and received the land via; a Rev. War Land Bounty.
T-Deed Book 3 , pages 414 & 415, 18 Sept. 1816, Leonard and Elizabeth Mowrey sold 40 acres to, John Graham for $40.00. The same day they sold 60 acres to, John Clark for $240.00. Both parcels were part of the Coke survey # 2050.
T-Deed Book 4, pages 507, 508, 526, 527 & 528, 23 Nov. 1818, Leonard Mourer & Elizabeth sold 86 3/4 acres to their son-in-law, Paton Hough for $160.00. The same day they sold 86 3/4 acres to their son, David Mourer for $160.00. The same day they sold 100 acres to their son, Philip Mourer for $200.00. The same day sold 138 acres to their son, John Mourer for $270.00.
T-Deed Book 6, page 60, 23 Nov. 1818, Leonard Mourer and Elizabeth sold 138 acres & 115 poles to their son, Jacob Mourer for $207.75. The same day sold to son George Mourer 138 acres for $220.25. The same day they sold 86 acres to their son William Mourer for $160.00.
T-Deed Book 8, page 311-313, 17 Oct. 1820, Paton Hough, administrator of the estate of, William Mourer deceased, sold William Mourer's personal property and 86 acres of land at public auction to pay bills. Samuel Bell was highest bidder at $172.00. $2.00 per acre.
T-Deed Book 10, pages 40-44, 12 June 1823, Paton Hough & Sophia sold 84 poles to George Barngrover for $3.00. The same day, Jacob & Barbara Mowrer sold 2 acres & 100 poles to George Barngrover for $10.00. The same day, David Mourer sold 18 1/2 acres & 10 poles to George Barngrover. Calvin Coke survey mentioned in all 3 deeds.
Historian Jerry Pruitt's research finds the 3 partials of real estate listed above, to be the land George Barngrover built his Grist Mill on. This mill was constructed after the 12 June 1823 date as George Barngrover did not have possession of the property until that date. One history book states; George Barngrover built the mill before 1812. This is surely in error.
T-Deed Book 5, pages 576 - 578, 11 Oct. 1827, Philip & Nancy Mourer sold 128 acres & 195 poles to Jacob Mcfadden for $300.00. Land that was originally patented to Seven (Levin) Marshel # 2050. This Author notes that Philip originally bought 100 acres and feels there was a error during transcription of deed records. On 25 Oct. 1827, George & Sally Mourer sold 12 acres to Jacob McFadden for $300.00
Deed Book S, 20 Oct 1827, George Barngrover sold the Grist Mill and property to Samuel Bell for $2061.00. George Barngrover owned the mill just over 5 years.
T-Deed Book 5, pages 485 & 486, 13 Mar. 1829, David Mourer sold the real estate that became the village of: MOWRYSTOWN, to Samuel Bell for; $300.00. No acreage is listed on deed, just the surveyors coordinates. The acreage was about 21 acres. The land was part of the 86 3/4 acres that David bought from his father, Leonard Mourer.
Deed Book T, pages 249 & 249, On 29 Mar. 1829, Samuel Bell records a drawn plat of; "Mowreys Town", in the Highland Co. OH. deed books. The plat gives the surveyors coordinates of the lot numbers, streets and alleyways. These records spell the the village name; "MOWREYS TOWN" .
Historian Jerry Pruitt states, Samuel Bell was b.1785 - d. 9 Oct. 1858. Samuel Bell became the first Auditor of the county, elected by the people. Later he served as County Clerk about 1818 and later became a Judge. Court records show Samuel Bell bought and sold large numbers of real estate properties and became a very important and influential person in the community. Samuel Bell was also a lender of money to persons in the community, as there were no banks in this time frame. Samuel Bell was one of the persons you went to in the community, if you needed a big favor in the mid 1800s.
T-Deed Book 1, pages 477-478, 27 July 1829, James Clark & wife Barbara late widow of Jacob Mourer deceased, sold her Dower to Samuel Bell for $25.00. (This deed is most likely for securing a loan in the amount of $25.00.)
Deed Book 1, page 367, 10 Nov. 1832, David Mourer sold a lot on south side of main street of Mourer Town, to Eli A. Collins for $15.00.
Deed Book 2, page 12, 20 July 1833, David Mourer sold a 1 acre lot, beginning at a corner of Mowrey Town, to Robert Kincade for $15.00.
Deed Book 2, page 59-60, 7 Sept. 1833, Peter Collins of Clermont Co. OH. the guardian of ; Elizabeth, Leonard, Isaac, Aseneth, Jacob, & Polly Mourer, infant children of Jacob Mourer deceased, sold to the highest bidder, James Long, 132 acres (minis the widows dower,) land that Jacob Mourer deceased bought from his father, Leonard Mourer. Jacob Mourer married Barbara Collins who was sister to Peter Collins. Eli A. Collins is listed as a witness and his relationship to Peter & Barbara Collins Mourer is unknown. Calvin Coke survey is mentioned.
Deed Book 3, page 222-223, On 9 Sept. 1833, Samuel Bell & Lucy, sold lots 1, 24 and 4 to George Mourey in Mourey Town, for $16.12 & 1/2 cents.
Deed Book 6, pages 222-223. On 24 Sept. 1833, George & Sally Mourer sold lot # 24 in Mourer Town to James L. Riley. No purchase amount listed on deed.
Deed Book 2, page 119, On 24 Sept. 1833, George & Sally Mourer sold lot # 1 in Mourey Town to John Smith for $15.00.
Deed Book 2, page 172, On 7 Oct. 1833, David Mourer sold lot #2 in Mourertown to Eli. A. Collins for $15.00.
Deed Book 2, pages 120-121, On 7 Feb. 1834, John & Levinia Mourer sold 138 acres & 115 poles to John Smith for $297.75. Same day, David Mourer sold the remaining part of the original 86 3/4 acres David bought from his father, to John Smith for $151.14. Both of these deeds was put up for securing a loan. Both properties were sold later to other individuals below.
Deed Book 7, pages 260-261, On 8 Aug 1834 (listed 1824 in error), Robert Kinkade & wife Mary sold 1 acre to John Mourer for $300.00. The land was original part of the Coke Survey # 2050 that started at the NW. corner of Mourertown.
Deed Book 1, page 748-749, On 9 Nov. 1834, David Mourer sold lot # 3 in Mourer Town to Joseph Moch for $15.00.
Deed Book 6, page 537, On 29 Nov. 1834, Samuel Bell sold lot # 7 in Mourey Town to John Mourey for $5.00.
Deed Book 7, page 186, On 17 Jan 1835, David Mourer sold lot # 6 in Mourer Town to John Mourer for $15.00.
Deed Book 4, pages 83-84, On 14 Dec. 1835, John & Levina Mourer sold 90 acres to William Fenwick for $500.00. Part of Coke survey # 2050.
Deed Book 4, page 340, On 20 Oct 1836, George & Sarah Mourer sold 126 acres & 115 poles to Joseph Helsley for $700.00. This was part of 138 acres George bought from his father Leonard, less the 12 acres George sold to Jacob Mcfadden.
Deed Book 7, pages 362-363, On 29 Feb. 1837, John & Levina Mourer sold 1 acre starting at NW. corner of Mourertown to John Lewis & Wlliam Martin for $250.00.
Deed Book 5, pages 441-442, On 11 Sept 1837, John & Mary Partridge sold 100 acres to George Mourer for $400.00. This land was not part of the Coke survey # 2050 that Leonard Mourer bought. It joined the outside line of the Coke Survey on the NW. side. Was part of the origional Murphy survey # 12549.
Deed Book 7, page 261, On 19 Dec. 1838, John & Mary Lewis and William & Abigail Martin sold the 1 acre lot that they bought from John Mourer, to Paten Hough for $300.00.
Deed Book 6, pages 532-533, On 20 Dec. 1838, John & Lavina Mourer sold lot # 7 in Mourertown to David Fenwick for $20.00.
Deed Book 7, page 187, On 6 April 1839, John & Lavina Mourer sold lot # 6 in Mourer Town to John Overstake for $40.00.
Deed Book 9, page 222, On 1 June 1839, David Pettyjohn sold 110 acres to David Mourer for $600.00. Historian Jerry Pruitt states this land was part of the McCormick survey # 10868, which was some distance west of the Coke Survey.
Deed Book 15, pages 561-562, On 31 Aug. 1841 David Mourer sold 46 1/2 acres to David Fenwick for $700.00. Same day, David sold lot # 11 in Mourytown to J.J. Furstenburger for $20.00.
Deed Book 9, page 219, On 3 Sept 1841, George & Sarah Mourer sold 95 acres to James L. Rilea for $800.00.
Deed Book 9, page 304, On 7 Oct 1841, Samuel & Isabel Mahaffey sold 81 acres to George Mourer for $600.00. Historian Jerry Pruitt states this land was part of the George McCormick survey # 10868 and was next to his brother David Mourer.
Deed Book 15, page 99, On 23 Aug 1847, Sarah Mourer widow of George Mourer deceased, sold her dower of 20 acres to David Fenwick for $100.00. This land was part of the 81 acres they bought from Samuel Mahaffey and was originally George McCormick's survey # 10868.
Deed Book 17, 1848, Aseneth Mourer Chaney, Mary Mourer Camerer, Elizabeth Mourer Doyle, Jacob Mourer & Isaac Mourer, children and heirs of Jacob Mourer deceased, sold 132 acres to, James Long. $25.00 was paid to each child.
Deed Book 15, page 100, On 27 July 1848, John Ross of Brown Co. OH. executor of the estate of George Mourer deceased, sold 81 acres to David Fenwick for $255.00. John Ross was a brother to Sarah Ross Mourer and the land was part of the original George McCormick survey #10868.
Deed Book 18, page 223, On 14 Mar. 1851, David Mourer sold 53 1/2 acres to John M. Badgley for $695.00. The land was originally part of McCormick survey # 10868.
By the 1850's, Leonard Mourer and his children had sold off most of the original Calvin Coke Survey land of 666 3/4 acres. By the 1860's, most of Leonard Mourer's descendants had left Highland,Co. OH. and moved west.

Notes for Elizabeth Sheetz:
Elizabeth was a daughter of Mathais & Barbara Nunnemacher Sheetz. Mathais Sheetz applied for a 1000 acre land grant from Lord Fairfax before 1766. The center part of said grant is located near the village of Calvary Va. (about 2 miles west of Woodstock Va.) Mathias and his family operated a grist mill on Narrow Passage Creek which ran through the grant property. In 1766 Mathais Sheetz and a Mr. Taylor were killed in a Indian raid at his plantation. Mathais's wife and children escaped to a fort in Woodstock, Va. ( See: History of Shenandoah Co. Va. By: John Wayland. Pages 72 & 153 ). In March 1768 Mathais's widow received the grant to the land from Lord Fairfax's Office. Widow Barbara Sheetz with her sons Jacob & Henry operated the mill until her death in 1805. Her sons operated the mill decades later. Elizabeth Sheetz Mourer had a brother Henry Sheetz who had 7 known children one of which was a daughter named Susanna Sheetz. Susannah Sheetz (1791-1863) married George Valentine Roads (Rhodes) in Shenandoah Co. VA. May 14, 1813. Soon after this date, George & Susannah Sheetz Roads moved to Highland CO. OH. George V. & Susan Roads ages 58 & 59 respectively are found with children: Ephriam, George, Catherine & Susan on the 1850 Highland Co. OH. Liberty Twp. census.
Children of Leonard Mourer and Elizabeth Sheetz are:
+ 2 i.   Barbara3 Mourer, born Abt. 1782 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died Abt. 1862 in Jones Co. IA..
+ 3 ii.   Jacob Mourer, born Abt. 1783 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died Abt. 1826 in Highland Co. OH..
  4 iii.   David Mourer, born November 1790 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died October 11, 1852 in Highland Co. OH..
  Notes for David Mourer:
David was unmarried and had no children. David received 86 3/4 acres from his father Leonard. On 13 Mar. 1829, David sold about 21 acres a part of the said 86 3/4 acres to Samuel Bell. This is the land Samuel Bell plated the village of Mowrystown, Ohio on 29 Mar. 1829. See survey map in front of this section. Court records list: On Nov. 2 1846 David was desirous of having someone live with him and entered into a contract with his widowed sister-in-law Sarah Ross Mourer (wife of George) and her oldest son Lazarus Mourer. Through this contract, Sarah and her son Lazarus were to gain full title to the said 107 acres. More can be read on this in court records filed Mar.13 1854 Highland Co. OH. Lazarus Mowrer vs. Philip Mowrer. civil Record 1, page 73.

+ 5 iv.   Sophia Mourer, born Abt. 1793 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died August 20, 1873 in Laclede, Mo..
  6 v.   William Mourer, born Abt. 1795 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died Bef. April 01, 1820 in Highland Co. OH..
  Notes for William Mourer:
William died young , unmarried and no known children. William bought 86 3/4 acres from his father Leonard and was sold after his death by; Paton Hough (his brother-in-law) the administrator of his estate in 1822.

+ 7 vi.   Philip Mowry, born Abt. 1799 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died 1869 in West Lebanon, IN..
+ 8 vii.   John Mourer, born Abt. 1802 in Shenandoah Co. Va..
+ 9 viii.   George Mourer, born Abt. 1804 in Shenandoah Co. Va.; died Abt. 1842 in Highland Co. OH..

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