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Descendants of Leonard Mourer

      28. Paton (Peyton)4 Mowrer (Philip3 Mowry, Leonard2 Mourer, Jurg1 Maurer) was born December 06, 1827 in Highland Co OH., and died December 03, 1865 in New Vienna, Clinton Co. Oh.. He married Amelia Dorsey Sellman August 27, 1846 in Brown, Co. OH., daughter of John Sellman and Hanna Reynolds. She was born May 26, 1822 in Brown Co, OH. Jackson Twp., and died March 13, 1896 in Chicago, IL..

Notes for Paton (Peyton) Mowrer:
Many thanks to Andrea DeVience a Leonard Mourer line co-researcher for her research which has been very valuable getting through some of the stone walls in this Mourer line. Andrea's husband Mark DeVience is related to this line through his grandmother: Margaret A. Mowrer wife of John Ludwig. Paton is most likley named after his uncle Paton Hough (brother-in-law of his father Philip Mowry). His marrage license list his name as; Peyton Mouree. His Army Civil War disability discarge application record, list his name as 3rd. Corp. Paten Mowrer Co. "G" 79th OH. INF. and was born in Highland Co. OH. 6ft.& 1 1/2 tall, sandy complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, and blacksmith, Discharged with a disability on 22 Jan. 1863 in Gallatin,TN. Paton Mowrer is found on the 1850 Brown Co. OH. Fincastle Twp. census, age 27-b.1823 born in OH., blacksmith with wife; Ameldia D. age 27-b.1823 born in OH. with son; Ethan A. age 1 b.-1849 born in OH. Payton Mowrer's brother; Samuel age 18-b.1832 born in OH., blacksmith, is living in the same household. Pay Mory is found on the 1860 clinton Co. OH. age 32-b.1828 born OH. blacksmith, with wife; Almelia age 37-b.1823 born in OH., Children: Ethan A. age 11, Erie (John) age 9, Sarah age 6, Nancy age4, & Rufus age 1. Payton's brother Samuel is living several households away on same census. After Payton died in 1865 his widow Amelia Mourer, is found on the 1870 Livingston CO. IL. census age 48 and with children; Ethan (works on R.R.), Eri (John), Sarah, & Rufus. Widow Amelia Mourer is found on the 1880 McLean Co. IL. census, age 58, she and her parents born in OH. with children; Sarah age 26, Rufus age 20 (clerk in Dry. G. Store), John (Eri) age 29 (R.R. Conductor). John's wife; Mary A. age 25 and their children; William age 5 & John P. age 3.

More About Paton (Peyton) Mowrer:
Burial: New Vienna, Clinton Co. Oh.

More About Amelia Dorsey Sellman:
Burial: Oak Woods Cemetery
Children of Paton Mowrer and Amelia Sellman are:
+ 95 i.   Ethan Allen5 Mowrer, born October 13, 1848 in Brown Co, OH. Jackson Twp.; died March 22, 1924 in BANGER, MI..
+ 96 ii.   Eri John Mowrer, born November 03, 1850 in Brown Co, OH. Jackson Twp.; died December 24, 1899 in Chigago, IL.
  97 iii.   Sarah Mowrer, born October 07, 1853 in Ohio; died April 15, 1933 in St. Petersburg, FL.. She married George King Abt. 1898; born Abt. 1857 in Canada.
  Notes for Sarah Mowrer:
Sarah was living with her youngest brother in Florida at the time of her death.

  More About Sarah Mowrer:
Burial: Royal Oak Cemetery, ST. Petersburg , FL.

  98 iv.   Nancy Mowrer, born Abt. 1856; died Bef. 1870.
  Notes for Nancy Mowrer:
Nancy is most likely named after her grandmother; Nancy Bond Mowry

+ 99 v.   Rufus Mowrer, born July 11, 1859 in Clinton Co. OH.; died December 31, 1941 in St. Petersburg, FL. Mound Park Hospital.

      29. Jeremiah (Jerry)4 Mowry (Philip3, Leonard2 Mourer, Jurg1 Maurer) was born March 28, 1830 in Oh., and died February 13, 1907 in Clinton Co. Oh.. He married (1) Rachel Cross November 26, 1851 in Brown Co. OH.. She died May 08, 1857. He married (2) Susanna Burris Abt. 1865. She died March 27, 1873 in Fincastle, Brown Co. OH.. He married (3) Ruth Hannah Young November 28, 1875 in Ada, Hardin Co. OH.. She died August 27, 1915 in Highland, Co. OH..

Notes for Jeremiah (Jerry) Mowry:
Jeremiah is listed as Jerry on the 1850 Highland Co. OH. census, age 20, born Ohio, living with his father. He is found as Jeremiah Mower on the 1870 Brown Co. OH. census with wife; Susanna age 20 b. OH., son Wilson age 4 b. Oh., dau. Sarah age 2 b. Oh., & dau. Jeming ? age 11/12 b. Oh. He is found on the 1880 Brown Co. OH. census as Jeremiah Moury age 51 b. OH. father b. PA. (wrong) and mother b. Ky. with wife; (Ruth) Hannah age 42 b. OH, son; Wilson S. age 14 & son; (James) Franklin age 8. He is found on the 1900 Clinton Co.OH. census as; Jeremiah Mowrey age 74 b. OH. father b. VA. mother b. KY. and his wife Ruth H. (Hannah) age 64, she and her parents b. VA. with son James F. (Franklin) age ?. Jeremiah served in the Civil War as a Private in Co. A 60th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf. and he and his 3rd wife Ruth received a pension. Andria DeVience a co-researcher of Leonard Mourer's line, sent for and received his & Ruth's Civil War Pension records, which consisted of 90 plus pages of paper work. She has shared the said data with this author, many thanks. This data gives a lot of information on Jeremiah's 3 wives, family and friends through many of the affidavits given in his file. Jeremiah states; he was in a battle at Harpers Ferry and his regiment surrendered. Was taken to Annapolis Md, then Balt, Md., was paroled and sent to Camp Douglas IL. via train. While the train was stopped at Allegheny City. he and others got off for a drink of water. The train whistled for departure and he and others ran to the train. He fell through a Cattle Guard while getting on the train, was knocked unconscious, cracked 3 ribs & injured his left eye. Was taken off at Pittsburgh for 3 days then to Camp Douglas for 21 days. Claimed he was partially invalid and unable to work with out pain there after. Jeremiah was 6 ft. & 1 in. tall, 165 lbs, sandy hair, & gray eyes.
His wife Ruth applied for and received his pension after his death in 1907. Jeremiah is buried at Wesly Chaple Cemetery, Highland Co. OH. with name on stone as: "J.M. Mowry Mar. 28 1830 - Feb. 13 1907- At Rest". With one empty space to the right of his stone is; William Stilwell & wife Louvina Mowry Stilwell. Louvina Mowry is a daughter of: Abel (aka.A.R.) Mowry who is buried in the Mowrystown Cemetery. Abel's father John Mowry & Jeremiah Mowry were brothers. There are two empty spaces to the left side of Jeremiah's stone. This author feels Jeremiah's 2nd wife Susanna Burris and their daughter that died young may be buried next to him.

More About Jeremiah (Jerry) Mowry:
Burial: Wesly Chaple Cemetery, Highland Co. OH.

Notes for Susanna Burris:
Also was known as "Louisa" in her daughter Sarah's obiturary. Susanna Burris was sister to James Burris. See notes under Ruth Young Mowry.

Notes for Ruth Hannah Young:
Ruth applied for and received Jeremiah's Civil War pension soon after his death in1907. There is a lot of paperwork with Ruth's pension application. She states in pension papers she was never married before she married Jeremiah and that she was entirely deaf. Ruth Young Mowry was a sister to Sarah Young Burris wife of James Burris. James and Sarah states in pension papers: at time of Ruth's death, 27 Aug. 1915 she made her home with them the past eight years. Ruth states in these records, sic; " My husband owned a small piece of land that he sold the last of farming 1907 for $500.00. The said property was in Clinton Co. OH.. I moved back to Highland CO. his former home." James Bussis list his relationship to Ruth as a brother-in law. Ruth's brother (Thomas H.) Heaton Young gives a affidavit in Ruth's behalf in said papers. Ruth Mowry is buried next to her sister Sarah Burris and brother-in-law James Burris. This author feels the marriage of Ruth and Jeremiah was of companionship. He being partially invalid and she being deaf.
Children of Jeremiah Mowry and Susanna Burris are:
+ 100 i.   Wilson5 Mowry, born October 26, 1866; died September 17, 1911.
+ 101 ii.   Sarah E. Mowry, born February 14, 1868 in Fincastle, Brown Co. OH.; died December 27, 1951.
  102 iii.   Jermia Mowry, born Abt. 1869.
  Notes for Jermia Mowry:
Jermia appears to have died young as she is not on the 1880 census.

  103 iv.   John Franklin Mowry, born July 06, 1872.
  Notes for John Franklin Mowry:
Signed his name as Frank Mowry. Most likely known as by that name in the community.

      30. Samuel4 Mowrer (Philip3 Mowry, Leonard2 Mourer, Jurg1 Maurer) was born January 1833 in Oh., and died 1916. He married Mary Elizabeth Austin November 09, 1857 in Brown Co. OH.. She was born February 1832 in Oh., and died 1932.

Notes for Samuel Mowrer:
Samuel Mowrer age 18-b.1832 is found living with his brother Paton Mowrer on the 1850 Brown Co. OH. census under surname spelling Mowrer and both are listed as blacksmiths. Samuel Mowry is listed on the 1860 Clinton Co. OH. census age 25-b.1835 & wife Mary age 22-b.1838 and a blacksmith. Samuel Mower age 36-b.1834 & wife Mary age 32-b.1838 with dau. Estella age 6-b.1864 are found the 1870 Preble Co. OH. census and a blacksmith. Samuel Mower is found on the 1880 Montgomery Co. OH. (age 48-b.1832 his father born in VA. and mother born in KY. & wife Mary E. age 43-b.1837, father born in OH. & mother born in OH. with children: Mattie age 6-b.1874, Oscar R. age 5-b.1875 & Jessie T. (son) age 2-b.1878. Samuel Mowry is found on the 1900 Clinton, Co. OH. census born Jan. 1833 age 67 married 45 years, father and mother born in VA. Wife (Mary) Elizabeth born Feb. 1832 age 65 married 45 years mother of 6 children & 3 living at time of census. She & her parents born in OH. Samuel Mowry is found on the 1910 Clinton CO. OH. census, age 77, married 1 time for 53 years He was born in OH. and father born VA. and mother born New Jersey. Wife Mary E. age 73, mother of 6 chilren and 3 living at time of census. She and and her parents born OH. Samuel's line of Mowrer surname appears to have died out as his sons Jesse & Oscar had no children.

More About Samuel Mowrer:
Burial: Clinton, Co. OH.
Children of Samuel Mowrer and Mary Austin are:
  104 i.   Estella5 Mowrer, born Abt. 1864.
  Notes for Estella Mowrer:
Estella, age 6 is listed on the 1870 Preble Co. OH. census only. Apparently died young.

+ 105 ii.   Martha (Mattie) Mowrer, born Abt. 1874.
  106 iii.   Oscar Wylie Mowrer, born Abt. 1875 in Preble, Co. OH.; died 1952. He married Jessie M. Henton April 22, 1899; born 1875 in Hoagland, OH.; died 1952.
  Notes for Oscar Wylie Mowrer:
Oscar & Jessie are living in Warren Co. OH. on the 1910,1920 & Montgomery Co. OH. on1930 census and married 24 years. No children listed on any census.

  More About Oscar Wylie Mowrer:
Burial: Clinton, Co. OH.

  More About Jessie M. Henton:
Burial: Clinton, Co. OH.

  107 iv.   Jesse Tilson Mowrer, born Abt. 1877 in Oh.; died 1928.
  Notes for Jesse Tilson Mowrer:
Jesse's WW 1 draft registration card list his full name and living with his brother Oscar Mowrer as a farm hand in Warren Co. OH. He is found as a lodger on the Montgomery Co. OH. city of Dayton census. Age 40 and single. Apparently Jesse never married.

      31. John W.4 Mowery (Philip3 Mowry, Leonard2 Mourer, Jurg1 Maurer) was born August 28, 1834 in Highland Co OH., and died September 23, 1915 in Near New Vinna, Highland Co OH.. He married Nancy Ellen Achor December 20, 1866 in Highland Co. OH., daughter of Jacob Achor and Rebeca Walton. She was born August 28, 1841 in Near New Vienna, Highland, Co. OH., and died March 25, 1922 in Highland Co. OH..

Notes for John W. Mowery:
John's surname spelled MOURY and living with his parents on the 1850 Highland Co. OH. census age 9 (born 1841). John & Nancy Moury are listed ages 27 for both (born 1843) with children Margaret & Jacob on the 1870 Highland Co. OH. census. John Mowery's age is 39 (born 1841) & Nancy age 38 (born1842) with children Margaret & Jacob on the 1880 Highland Co. OH. census, his father born VA. John Mowrey's birth date on the 1900 Highland, Co. OH census is listed, Aug. 1830 age 59, his father born VA. and Nancy's birth date, Aug 1831 age 58 with son Jacob. John Mowry's age is 69 (born 1831) and Nancy's age is 68 (born 1832) with son Jacob on the 1910 Highland Co. OH. census. Nancy is age 81 (born 1839) on the 1920 Highland Co. Oh. census. John's gravestone list: Born 1840- Died 1915. Nancy's gravestone list; Born 1841- Died 1922. There is a lot of discrepancies on their birth dates in these records.
John enrolled in the Civil War at Lynchburg, Highland, Co. Oh. in Company "H" 39th Reg. (Groesbeck's Reg. ) Ohio Vol. Inf. on, 25 Aug 1862, and discharged, 9 July 1865. This author sent off for his Civil War records and received over 250 pages of documents. These records are from the 1880s until the time of John & Nancy's death. The following data was extracted on John & Nancy Mowery from said records. John was, 6ft. 2 in. tall, had brown-red hair, blue eyes, 139 lbs, dark complexion, and a farmer. He was 28 yrs. old at time of enlistment. He states in the fall of 1862 at Cornith, Miss he had a attack of chronic diarrhea from eating sour bread and also developed catarrh of the throat. He states while on general review, 1 Aug. 1863, at the fairgrounds at Memphis, Tenn. he was struck by a sunstroke, was removed to a hospital and remained unconscious for 4 days. He stayed in the hospital for about 2 months. He developed rheumatism in Mar. 1863 at Salt Ketchn, Miss.. Later his diarrhea became chronic and rheumatism made him unable to do much work the rest of his life.
On his affidavit of proof of birth, dated 12 Sept. 1910, he states the following. Sic: He was born Aug. 28th 1834, near Mowerystown, Highland, Co. OH. and is past 76 years old. That there was a bible record showing his age, but that it was in the care of his sister, Sarah Mowery who died in 1863 while he was in service and have never been able it find it since, although he has carefully searched for same. Never was any other record. That he lived with his father & mother, Philip and Nancy Mowery who died in April 1858 in Union Twp. Highland Co. Oh. My father died at my brothers, Nathaniel Mowerys in West Lebanon, Ind. in 1869. I lived with my father and mother in Green Twp. Clinton, Co. OH. during the years 1850,51,52,53, and 1854. From a affidavit of James D. Bobbitt member of, Bobbitt & Ruble undertakers, states; he went to the home of John Mowrey sometimes spelled John W. Mowery-Mowrey, embalmed the body on 23 Sept. 1915 and buried the body on, 26 Sept. 1915 , in Mt. Olive Cemetery.

More About John W. Mowery:
Burial: Mt. Olive Cemetery Highland Co. OH.

Notes for Nancy Ellen Achor:
Nancy applied for and received John's, Civil War pension. The following persons gave affidavits in her behalf. Most appear to be related and claim to have had a intimate relationship with Nancy. Miss Viola Brewer, Winfred Brewer, Parson Brewer ( age 31 in 1887), Samuel Brewer (Son-in-law), John F. Brewer, Joseph Achor (age 19 in 1886), Samuel G. Trenary, Silas W. Achor (age 30 in 1887), & Lemuel Achor (age 65 in 1887), Nancy received a pension in the amount of $30.00 per month until, 04 Mar. 1922 and was dropped from the roll because of death. Jerry Pruitt's research found Nancy deeded 50 acres to her grandaughter, Viola Brewer in Highland Co. OH. Union Twp. Vol. 129 page 233.

More About Nancy Ellen Achor:
Burial: Mt. Olive Cemetery
Children of John Mowery and Nancy Achor are:
+ 108 i.   Margaret Emma5 Mowery, born February 09, 1868 in Oh.; died 1906.
  109 ii.   Jacob F. Mowery, born June 12, 1871 in Highland Co OH.; died 1919 in Highland Co OH..
  Notes for Jacob F. Mowery:
Jacob was living with his parents up through the 1910 census. It is assumed that he never married.

  More About Jacob F. Mowery:
Burial: Mt. Olive Cemetery

      32. James4 Mowery (Philip3 Mowry, Leonard2 Mourer, Jurg1 Maurer) was born September 26, 1830 in Highland Co OH., and died May 05, 1899 in Highland Co OH. Greenfield. He married Elizabeth Reveal January 30, 1857, daughter of William Reveal and Nancy Purtee. She was born October 24, 1830 in Kty., and died July 24, 1906 in Highland Co OH..

Notes for James Mowery:
James Mowery's line has been through many hours of research by Jeannine Eiseland a descendant and this author. To date there has been no absolute data to attach the said James Mowery to the son of Philip Mowry. He has been added through the process of elimination. No other James Mowery has surfaced to date that will fit.
James & Elizabeth's date of birth has fluctuated through many years of their records. He is first found living with his parents on the 1850 census, age 15, born 1835. Elizabeth Reveal, age 19, is living with her parents on the 1850 census. James age 25, born 1835, and Elizabeth Mowrey age 24, born 1836, are found married on the 1860 Clinton, Co. OH. Westbora P.O. census, with dau. Elizabeth age 3, and son John age 1. Elizabeth Reveal Mowery's parents, WM. & Nancy Reveal are living about 12 households away on the same 1860 census in the village of Westboro OH. James, age 34, born 1836, and family are found next on the 1870 Highland, Co. OH. Greenfield, P.O. census with son, William age 12, John M. age 10, dau. Vienna age 8, & Barton age 2. James age 50, born 1830 & Elizabeth age 49, born 1831 and family are found on the 1880 Highland Co. OH. Dodson Twp. Lynchburg P.O. census. On the same census,Steven Owens, age 22 is listed as a son-in-law married to Vinie (Vienna) Mowery, age 17. James Mowery also list his father born in Ohio, this is incorrect, should be VA.
James Mowery enlisted in Co. "B" 66th Battalion Ohio National Guard and served until July 21, 1863. Was honorably discharged and joined as a private to serve 100 days in Co "G" 192nd regt. of the O.V.I. on 9 Jan. 1865 and discharged at Winchester, VA. 9 Sept. 1865. James filed for and received a disability pension for health issues incurred while in service. His widow Elizabeth received his pension after his death. J.F. Wilson a Notary Public drafts a affidavit in James behalf and states he is writing from James Mowery's dictation as he cannot read or write. He was born in Highland Co. OH. The pension papers state James was a tall, stout man, with blue eyes & brown hair. His pension papers list his surname spelling "Moury" in many documents and had resided in Clinton & Highland Cos. OH.
On May 5, 1899 James Mowery was killed by a fast moving B&O & Great Western mail train while crossing the tracts in a 2 horse wagon at Washington St. in the village of Greenfield, OH. The horses & wagon were terribly mangled and Mr. Mowery suffered a broken neck and numerous head & body injuries. His widow Elizabeth filed a claim against the Railroad and settled for a lump sum as she did not have the funds to pursue the case in court.

Notes for Elizabeth Reveal:
Elizabeth, age 19, is found on the 1850 Highland Co. OH. Dodson Twp. census living with her parents Wm. & Nancy Reveal . Elizabeth is listed on the 1900 Highland Co. OH. census as the mother of 6 children and 5 living at time of census.
Children of James Mowery and Elizabeth Reveal are:
+ 110 i.   William Simeon5 Mowery, born November 11, 1857 in Highland Co. OH.; died August 03, 1920 in Oh..
+ 111 ii.   John M. Mowery, born April 26, 1860 in Greenfield, OH.; died Aft. 1938.
+ 112 iii.   Vienna (Vinie) Mowery, born August 1862 in Oh..
+ 113 iv.   James H. Mowery, born August 25, 1871 in Oh..
+ 114 v.   Barton G. ( Bart) Mowery, born July 30, 1868 in Highland Co. OH..

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