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Descendants of Nicholas Sessums

Generation No. 2

      2. Thomas2 Sessums (Nicholas1) was born Abt. 1664 in Surry County, Virginia, and died 1711 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Smith. She was born 1672 in Surry County, Virginia.

Notes for Thomas Sessums:
Thomas Sessoms first appears on the 1693 Tithables List for Lawnes Creek Parish living in the household of his father, Nicholas Sessoms. (Mag. of Va. Gen., Vol. 23, No. 4, p. 65). He is next shown as living in a separate household on the Tithables List for 1697, adjoining the land of his father and that of his brother-in-law William Williams. (Mag. oF Va. Gen. Vol. 24, No. 2, p. 72). In the 1658 Tithables List, he is shown in the same location. (Mag. of Va. Gen. Vol. 24, No. 2, p. 72). Thomas appears on the 1701 Tithables List, but is listed next to William Blake (It is to be noted that William Blake, along with William Williams, was an executor of the will of Nicholas Sessoms, however no relationship has been established. It is also interesting to note that George Winn, a long time associate of the Sessoms Family, as it will be shown later, is shown as living in the household of William Williams). (Mag. of Va. Gen. Vol. 24, No. 3, P. 71). Thomas continues to appear in the Tithables List for Lawnes' Creek Parish through 1703 with no change except that on the 1703 list. a Goodchile is shown as living in his household. Tithables Lists are not available for Surry County, Virginia after 1704.
When Thomas Sessoms was born, when he married, the birthrate of his children, nor the exact date of his death are not recorded because the records of Lawnes Creek Parish, where this information would be available, is extent. However, from existing records we can deduct most of this information.
Considering that he was at least 16 years old when he first appeared on the 1693 Tithables List as living in the household of his father (only males 16 years or older were listed), he would have been born around 1677 when Nicholas was married to his first wife, Hannah.
He was probably married near the time he was listed on the 1697 census as living in a separate household. We know that he was married by 1700, for we find this: "Elizabeth Sessoms, wife of Thomas Sessoms, appearing in court and relinquishing her right of dower of, in and to a parcel of land sold by her husband to Nathaniel Harrison it is omitted to record." (Surry County Order Book 1691-1713, p 210).
The Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Sessoms, declared in the above deed was Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith, long time associate of Nicholas Sessoms. This relationship is confirmed in the Smith family History in the Virginia State Library, Richmond. According to researcher Doris V. Stone in a letter to this compiler, this history states that Thomas Sessoms married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith and his first wife Margaret (Blow) Smith. This history also shows that Thomas and Elizabeth moved to Chowan County, North Carolina, and after the death of Thomas, Elizabeth married James Boon.
The records abstracted below give proof of these relationships:
In a deed dated 8 February 1729, Nicholas Smith conveys 100 acres of land "for good will and affection" to his nephew Richard Sessoms. This deed is witnessed by Samuel Sessoms and others. (Bertie Co., N.C. Dead Book C, p. 129). It is to be noted that Nicholas Smith was named as son in the will of his father Richard Smith and Richard Smith and Elizabeth Boon were given a cow.
SMITH, Richard: Leg.- To wife, Mary Smith, my whole est. and make her Exerx. To Elizabeth Boun and Richard Sessoms each a cow. To son, Richard Smith, the Plantation I live on at my wife's decease. To sons, Thomas Smith and Nicholas Smith, the land where Thomas Smith now lives. The rest of est. to wife, Mary. Wit: Will. Davidson, Robert Booth. Made: 24 Feb., 1712. Prob: 20 May, 1713. Bk. 6, p. 144.

Records of a court held for the Precinct of Chowan (N.C.) at the house off William Branch the 3rd Tuesday in April A.D. 1711 states this: "Elizabeth Sessoms (spelled Sessions) prays letter of administrations of goods and credit of Thomas Sessoms. Granted as prayed." (Chowan, N.C. Deed Book A, #1, p. 107-109).
Elizabeth is named as wife of James Boon in several Chowan County deeds. For example: "James Boon off Chowan Precinct and Elizabeth, his wife. to Richard Barefield (residence not given), 31 March 1718, 20 pounds sterling, 250 acres more or less on Chowan River, adjoining Peter Evans, the main road, Gum branch and the river. We bind ourselves in the full sum of 50 pounds sterling. Reg. 18 April 1718". (Dead Book B, #1, Chowun County, N.C.).
From the above, we can conclude that Thomas Sessoms is without doubt the son of Nicholas Sessoms; that he was born ca. 1677; that his mother was Hannah Culmer Lane Sessoms; that his wife was Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith and Richard's first wife Margaret (Blow) Smith; that he and Elizabeth moved to Chowan County, N.C. sometime before 1711 since he died before 1711, and after his death Elizabeth married James Boon.
Where Thomas and Elizabeth Sessoms settled in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina when they moved from Surry County, Virginia is not shown in the records. However, it was most certainly on Weecaunse Creek, for we find this: "James Boon of Chowan Precinct to Nicholas Sessoms of ye same precinct, 13 October 1718, 40 pounds sterling, 400 acres more or less joining James Boon, etc. (Deed Book # , Chowan Co., N.C., p 187) Then this: "James Boon off Chowan Precinct to Nicholas of ye same precinct, 13 October 1718, 100 pound sterling 575 acres at mouth off Bear Swamp, joining George Winn and ye Branch, etc." (Deed Book W, #i, p. 388) (The mention off George Winn is important since George Winn is located on the map, page 27a, showing his land as being on Weecaunse Creek)
We also find that in a deed dated 9 July 1722, George Winn, Chowan Precinct and Rose, his wife, sell 200 acres off land to John Mitchell, joining, among others, Thomas Sessoms, Jr. and Bear Swamp. As these deeds indicate, James Boon (who married Elizabeth Smith Sessoms), Nicholas Sessoms and Thomas Sessoms, Jr. were living on adjoining lands on Bear Swamp near George Winn. On the map, page 27b, please note that Weecaunse Creek is a subsidiary off the Chowan River, and that the Chowan River is formed from the Black Water River and Nottoway River in Virginia and changes names at the Virginia/North Carolina line.
Based on the above, it is the contention of this compiler that Thomas and Elizabeth Sessoms moved down the Black Water River where they were living in Virginia to Chowan County, North Carolina, some time before the death off Thomas, circa 1711, settled near George Winn and when Thomas died, Elizabeth then married James Boon.
(Bertie County was formed from Chowan County in 1722, and the land owned by James Boon, George Winn, John Mitchell, and the Sessoms fell within the new County of Bertie.
The Bertie County records from 1720 through 1757, show that in addition to Nicholas and Thomas, other Sessoms were living in Bertie County. These were Thomas Jr., Richard, John, Samuel, Culmer and Walter. Also William and Hannah Williams' sons must have moved from Surry County to Chowan County, North Carolina about this time, because deeds now find them living near the Sessoms, John Mitchell, George Winn and James Boon.
It is evident from the above Thomas and Elizabeth Sessoms and their children were the vanguard of an exodus of their friends and kin from Virginia to North Carolina.

Although he left no will and the records of Lawnes Creek Parish were destroyed, from existing records, the children of Thomas and Elizabeth have been identified as follows: Thomas, Nicholas, Richard, Culmer and Samuel.

Children of Thomas Sessums and Elizabeth Smith are:
+ 7 i.   Samuel3 Sessoms, born 1698 in chowan County, North Carolina.
  8 ii.   Mary Sessoms, born 1690.
  9 iii.   John Sessoms, born Abt. 1693.
  10 iv.   William Sessoms.
  11 v.   Nicholas Sessoms.
  Notes for Nicholas Sessoms:
Nicholas Sessoms is possibly the second son of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith Sessoms, because according to Colonial tradition, the second son was named after the father of the husband.
Nicholas is first shown on the records of Chowan County, North Carolina when he buys 400 acres of land from his father-in-law, James Boon in 1718. This land adjoins James Boon and Long Branch (Chowan Co. Deed Book W, 1, p. 387, 13 October 1718); and on the same date he buys another 575 acres from Boon "at the north of Bear Swamp, joining George Winn and ye branch" (Deed Book W, 1, p. 388).
In 1718, Nicholas sells 100 acres of this land to John Mitchell, who is most likely his brother-in-law. (Deed Book B, 1, p. 615). In 1719, he sells 80 acres to John Williams, son of William Williams who married Ann Sessoms; and in the same year he sells 100 acres to James Boon. (Deed Book B, p 618 and p. 627).
(When Bertie County was formed from Chowan County in 1722, Nicholas' land, along with the other Sessoms, John Williams, John Mitchell and George Winn, fell within the new county.)
Bertie County records indicate that Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth sold 80 acres to James Page adjoining John Williams (Bertie Co., Deed Book A, p 147). In 1724, he witnessed a deed between Jacob Lewis and John Marner (Deed Book A, p. 255) and another deed between John Sweeney and Captain John Van Pelt (Deed Book O, p. 19). Bertie County records further reveal that Nicholas was granted 420 acres of land by patent dated 1 February 1725, (Deed Book F, p. 350).
So, by 1725, Nicholas was a large landowner. He was also active in county affairs. The Bertie County Court minutes from 1724 through 1739, lists Nicholas four times: Acknowledging deeds, laying off roads, and as overseer of juries.
In the Court minutes for 1740 through 1762, he is mentioned another four times to include the settlement of the estate of John Mitchell, his widow and seven orphans.
In a Court held on 9 September 1742, at the house of Ino Cullins near Red Bend, the records state that "Nicholas Sessums proved his rights to wit:
Nicholas Sessums, Elizabeth Sessums, Samuel Sizemore, Elizabeth Sessums , Ivy Rachel Sessums , Luranna Sessums Nicholas Sessums Jr., Wi1iam Sessums , Anna Sessums Sarah Sessums, Grace Sessums, white persons."
As his will shows, these are Nicholas' wife and children. (Although Samuel Sizemore was shown several times in deeds and other documents with the Sessoms, his relationship was not determined by the compiler.)
In 1744, Edgecombe County was formed from Bertie County and Nicholas was living in that part off Bertie which included the new county. There are several Edgecombe County land transactions between Nicholas and other parties from 1745 through 1753, including this one which names his wife Elizabeth and shows the location of his land: "Nicholas Sessoms and his wife Elizabeth to Samuel Sizemore of Edgecombe County, 20 February 1753, 5 pounds sterling of Great Britain, 140 acres on E. side off Coneto Swamp, Witnesses among others, William Sessoms and Nicholas Sessoms Jr.
The last name of Nicholas' wife Elizabeth has not been identified.
[Note of Kyle VanLandingham: Nicholas Sessums' wife was Elizabeth Hooker, daughter of William Hooker, Sr., of Chowan Co., NC. Elizabeth was first married to Samuel Sizemore, and had one son, Samuel, Jr. After Samuel's death, Elizabeth married Nicholas Sessums. See Hugh Buckner Johnston, "Sizemore of North Carolina and Georgia," Georgia Genealogical Magazine, pp. 140-l4l, Spring, 1981.]
Nicholas Sessoms died between the time his will was made on May 22, 1764, and when it was probated in the October, 1764 Court. This will, which names his wife Elizabeth and his children is quoted below:
"SESSUMS, Nicholas - May 28, 1764. Oct Ct., 1764. Wife: ELIZABETH SESSUMS, use of my whole estate her lifetime; son: THOMAS SESSUMS, furniture, my wearing clothes, 1/2 my still, 1/2 my orchard, horse, and mare for use on plantation; daus: ELIZABETH DUFFIELD, RACHEL PARKER, LURANA DUNN, ANN DUNN, SARAH MARLEY, 5 S each; sons: WILLIAM SESSOMS, 100 A of land joining SIZEMORE'S line in Contenea in Edgecombe Co; NICHOLAS SESSUMS, whole off my estate after my wife 's decease to take care of his younger bro. THOMAS SESSUMS during his life; 1/2 my still and orchard shall help maintain my wife. Exr: NICHOLAS SESSUMS. Wit: JOHN SKINNER, BENJAMIN FAIRCLOTH. "

  12 vi.   Culmer Sessoms.
  13 vii.   Richard Sessoms.

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